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  • Deep-Water Drilling Permits Down 88% in Gulf Since Obama Lifted Moratorium

    This week’s announcement that 13 oil companies can resume activity in the Gulf of Mexico provided some hope the Obama administration might finally begin to approve drilling new permits. It couldn’t come soon enough.

    Since the administration’s drilling moratorium was lifted in October, deep-water permit issuance is down 88 percent with only two new permits in that time. It’s only slightly better for shallow-water permits, which weren’t subjected to the moratorium, but are still down 11 percent.

    The Gulf Permit Index, produced by GNO, Inc., in Louisiana, monitors the number of drilling permits being issued by the U.S. Department of Interior’s Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation, and Enforcement (BOEMRE).

    The agency announced Monday that 13 oil companies “may resume previously approved exploration and production activities without submitting revised plans.”

    Gregory Rusovich, chairman of the Business Council of Greater New Orleans and the River Region, said it’s a step in the right direction, but not nearly enough:

    “We’re pleased that BOEMRE has stated that it is doing away with unnecessary hindrances. But we still are not seeing improvements in the number of deep-water permits being approved on a monthly basis. Without changes to the permitting process, we still face an uphill battle. And we will continue to track BOEMRE’s actions as opposed to its words.”

    Investor’s Business Daily reports that “regulators have made it nearly impossible for oil firms to restart operations and have slapped strict new rules on drilling even in shallow waters.” Former president of Shell Oil, John Hofmeister, told CNN that “the moratorium is now lifted in name only,” warning that “the less we drill in the Gulf of Mexico the more dependent we become on crude oil from other countries.”

    “The federal government has estimated that U.S. offshore oil production could drop 13% in 2011 because of regulatory delays and other new rules being put in place,” according to the Wall Street Journal. “Before the BP oil spill, offshore production this year was projected to increase by 6%.”

    The National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill is set to release its report about last April’s explosion Tuesday, shining the spotlight once again on offshore oil drilling.

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    23 Responses to Deep-Water Drilling Permits Down 88% in Gulf Since Obama Lifted Moratorium

    1. Quality Research, Ph says:

      Although drilling for oil resources benefits the whole economy, it will also produce a long term effect to the environment. http://www.qualityresearch.org.uk

    2. Bobbie says:

      What to do? What to do? Anything registering Mr. President? Gol, how can we improve productivity in America? What to do. What to do.

      I get no clear picture as to why you stall? Why you sit on your thumbs? Why you hate Americans so bad, you will corrupt everything that keeps us free…

      Care to share with America your agenda yet, Mr. President? The lines we read are very accurate so far while you silently carry out your agenda.

    3. Bruce, Mesa says:

      Why are we alarmed about the slow uptick in drilling permits? Are there any deep water drilling rigs sitting around in the Gulf, unused?? I doubt it. What is more troubling is that when China, Russia and other foreign nations move into the Gulf, will the Big Bad EPA harass them like they do our domestic industry? If not, WHY not??

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    5. Ken says:

      It's all part of the liberal agenda. Run oil companies out of business so Soros, Gore and the like can get rich from their Eco friendly investments!

    6. Mike_K, California says:

      This administration has an ideological opposition to fossil fuel and has no common sense. The global warming crowd is in charge and, until we get a new president, we will see a rapid decline in energy independence and a spike in cost. They will try to implement the cap and trade policy by regulation. This is a group of people who will spend hours discussing global warming as the snow piles up against the windows. They might begin to focus when the brownouts arrive next summer but it will take decades to replace the aging infrastructure that supports this networked economy. I see no sign of any interest in these basic tasks of government. When environmentalists support building nuclear power plants, I will start to listen to them and respect their motives. This is still anti-capitalism in one more disguise.

    7. BunnyMomRocks, Calif says:

      @Bruce, yes, there are oil rigs sitting unused in the GOM. Companies were willing to sit out the moratorium with the hope that new drilling permits would be issued. But with a de facto moratorium still in place drilling rigs are leaving the GOM and going elsewhere (ie Africa). These rigs will be re-assigned for years to come the drilling US capacity in the GOM will be diminished. I agree with you though, foreign countries will continue to drill in the GOM with no regard to new US drilling regulations.

    8. RebeccaH says:

      I expect energy companies are reluctant to commit to expensive deep-water drilling in our waters because they don't know what President Flip-Flop will do next.

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    10. Jack says:

      Bobbie. You are a fool. As Head of the country one of his primary concerns is protecting our ecosystems. Clearly the offshore drilling industry didn't have a solid response plan to well bursts. You must have some money invested in companies that are in moratorium, or work for one of those companies. In that case, too freaking bad. The tourist and fishing industries in Louisiana are hurting because of BP. Obama is protecting them. Why should he choose oil companies over those industries?

    11. texasron, Texas says:

      Drill baby drill.

      Then, to reduce pollution, eliminate the ethanol subsidies. Vehicle gas mileage rates would improve 15% and the pollution caused to produce the ethanol would be gone. A side benefit is that this also would reduce the cost of food, plastics, and derivatives. Even the environmentalists now agree this is true so why aren't the politicians doing something about it? I'm sure there is some benefit to politicians.

    12. Bobbie says:

      Why are we alarmed about the slow uptick in drilling permits? Because we need jobs!

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    14. Pam says:

      We waited out the moratorium, but no one said that permits would take nearly as long as the moratorium. Lots of jobs are at stake here, plus the well being of entire Gulf Coast Communities that depend on salaries from the O&G workers! Come on Mr. President, surely you can't so daft as to not recognize this! Get off your asses Washington!

    15. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      Jack – Have you ever been down here, near or under an
      offshore rig? If you had, you would see an "ecosystem" that is just as healthy and
      vibrant as any other system on earth.

      Oil companies do have a proper response plan in place. In the case of the BP spill, Obama's ignored the matter for the first few days while the oil gushed, then refused help from countries overseas. Obama continued to ignore the advice of oil companies and the locals that know how to react to such a spill. Their are still no true answers as to why the blow-out, nor why the BOP that almost never fails, failed and still months latter, remains sittng in the open, exposed to weather, behind government controled fences, with no results of the so called

      Obama delibertly prevented local officals from taking steps to protect our marshes with the contrived actions by the Obama controled government agencies such as USCG, USFWS, EPA, and so on. Today, government officals are down here lying about why their is still thousand of barrels of oil in our marshes that they claimed does not exist.

      The tourist and fishing indurtries here, which I'm sure you know nothing about, were hurt not because of BP, but because of Obama. What Obama did was take photo opt trips, sat down and pretend to eat and talk with locals, then lied directly to their faces. He did absolutely nothing to "protect". Obama's appointed lackey that was to "help" those that needed help, continues to find new and inventive ways not to provide that help.

      What's "too freaking bad" is the fact that we all have "money invested" in oil and gas production. Every part of our lives have daily contact with petroleum and its by-products. You are the one too "foolish" to recognize that if Obama's plan
      to destroy the oil industry is achived, the American way of life cannot survive. That's exactly what Obama meant when he said he wanted to "transform"
      this nation". Yea, transform it into his idea of total government control , i.e. COMMUNISM.

      Those like you and your ilk either delibertly refuse to accept what Obama is doing or are delibertly supporting the fact that as in the past, Obama will not
      let this "crises be wasted". Obama is using it to end oil exploration and development so that more of the citizens will turn to government control.
      You're the fool!

    16. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Thank you LLoyd. I have a friend you works for Hornbeck Off-Shore that said exactly the same as you New Years weekend. The gulf citizens are hurting and given it appears permits are not being issued on land or the sea we the people will soon be spending $5 plus a gallon for gas. The subsequent recession will make the current recession seem like an ice cream social.

      Wonder what "Jack on" will say when this happens. No doubt he will blame Bush

    17. Bobbie says:

      Obama is protecting BP according to JACK!

      Wrong as usual, Jack. I live in the northland of America and have no personal investment in oil. If you live in America you would be fighting for America, instead of holding true, your faith in rhetoric.

      ps when the president allows the world to drill here but us, sends a clear picture we are dealing with bull crap and trouble making hypocrites. Local and state taxes make more the profit than the oil owners. Grow up Jack, there's still time…

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