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  • Beijing Drops the Other Shoe?

    Yesterday, Heritage China expert Dean Cheng mused that something must be up. He wrote, “As the world rang in 2011, one of the lesser noticed events is the absence of a Chinese defense white paper for 2010. The biennial public explanation of Chinese military capabilities and intentions was due out by the end of December. Yet as of Tuesday morning, no report has been released. This is a striking omission, as the Chinese government and the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) have been assiduous in producing these reports in a timely manner.”

    Cheng thought maybe the Chinese had something to hide. There are a couple of high-level U.S.–Chinese meetings on the calendar: a visit of Secretary of Defense Robert Gates next week, followed by President Hu Jintao’s coming to America. So Cheng wondered that “there may be something to the report or its context that the Chinese are hesitant to highlight.”

    Well, now a Japanese news network seems hot on the trail of what that might be, reporting that the “Chinese military will consider launching a preemptive nuclear strike if the country finds itself faced with a critical situation in a war with another nuclear state, internal documents showed Wednesday.”

    The news that Beijing is more than willing to pull the nuclear trigger is a sobering story indeed.

    Surely, it will come as a major embarrassment to President Obama, who was leading the high-fives after the Senate ratified the New START nuclear agreement, hailing how this was the first step on the “road to zero”—a world without nuclear weapons. The fact that the Chinese proclaim they have no interest in getting rid of nuclear weapons—except perhaps in an exchange of mushroom clouds—makes the White House look pretty foolish.

    This headline comes on top of news out of the Russian Duma that it intends to declare that the New START agreement does indeed limit U.S. missile defense—which the White House assured the Senate in the debate over ratification that it did not. William Chedsey reports for Newsmax.com that “Russia’s legislature says the New START nuclear arms treaty ratified last month by the U.S. Senate restricts the U.S. from building and operating missile defenses against nuclear attacks.

    All this news could not make the White House look more silly. And there is more, including recent reports of Chinese ballistic missiles designed to take out U.S. carrier strike groups and fresh evidence of a new Chinese stealth fighter aircraft.

    So here the Administration plans to “engage” with China having cut U.S. missile defense programs by 15 percent its first year in office, axing its only stealth fighter in production (the F-22), and signed a treaty with Russia that ensures that the U.S. will become a lesser nuclear power.

    No wonder Chinese officials did not want to highlight what they are up to—as far as what the U.S. is doing, Beijing must be very happy with the way things are going.

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    15 Responses to Beijing Drops the Other Shoe?

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    2. Patrick Greer SC says:

      I guess these clods we have in power are greasing the skids even more towards America's eminent downfall. People who refer to themselves as Americans are bleeding her out though she is fighting tooth and nail. Treason pure and simple treason.

    3. William Downey, JD L says:

      this information does not make the Obama Administration and those in the Senate who support the treaty look silly. They appear incompetent and spineless.

    4. Jeff Nebraska says:

      And the mainstream media have reported it as a great accomplishment. My God please save us.

    5. Lee Henderson, IN says:

      I agree with Patrick Greer. It might be worthwhile to try Obama, Pelosi, Reid and probably others in this Administration for treason. I think there's enough evidence to show that their intent is the destruction of our Constitutional Republic through unelected "czars", judicial malfeasance, legislation not in the public interest, financial ruin, forced surrender of our sovereignty, life-destroying executive orders and unilateral disarmament. Perhaps we need a massive petition to the newly elected Congress? What would be more effective in returning the government to "We, the People"?

    6. Tim AZ says:

      It's time to abandon mutually assured economic destruction and return to mutually assured nuclear destruction. China is leading the way. We must at the least match China militarily in order to keep them in check. The question is can we afford two more years of an international game of patty cake while the one carries out his internal war against the American Citizenry? Have you had enough yet?

    7. R Holland, Chandler, says:

      You can bet your sweet bippie that you won't see this news on the regular MSM news sources.

    8. Richard, Gilbert AZ says:

      Having the world's best military and intelligent patriotic leaders will be the best defense we could ever have. Unfortunately, our current leaders are severely lacking. The USA should use the talents and gifts given to us by GOD.

    9. Ray Tompkins-Oklahom says:

      In the rush to have another legislative "victory" during the recent lame dusk session of Congress, the White House was either lying or totally out of the loop.

      The Russian Duma has now made it clear. This administration has bargined away our nuclear defense capability, both in Europe and elsewhere…the Senate should revisit START, with an amendment to the preamble of the Theaty, which expresses the view that Nuclear defense protection in paramount and threrefore not included.

    10. s.carroll says:

      God help us all. this you well not see on any of our T. V. news , just keep giving us information , I personally do not purchase any thing made in China!!!!!!!

    11. Matt, CO says:

      I don't think the list ought to be limited to Obama, Pelosi and Reid. Hoyer, Graham, Weiner and those who voted for the Treaty must be tried for Treason as well.

      May God save, protect and bless us, the U.S.A. I pray that all who recognize talents and gifts from God, use them!

      Thank you Heritage for being here! You can bet my membership will be renewed!

    12. Old Colonel says:

      To paraphrase a quote often attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte: "When your enemy is making a grievous mistake, don't attempt to correct him."

    13. Anon, MA says:

      Concerning the Japanese story about Chinese preemptive strikes….First, this is not a new "policy" or a new story. The document appears to be the book, "The Second Artillery Campaign Science" dated 2004. This book, and its references to reducing the nuclear threshold, is referred to in Michael Chase et al, "Chinese Theater and Strategic Missile Force Modernization and its Implications for the United States", The Journal of Strategic Studies Vol. 32, No. 1, 67–114, February 2009. Second, this document probably reflects what the PLA will recommend to the political leadership if core Chinese targets are attacked with conventional missiles. The political leadership will then have to decide whether to accept the PLA's recommendation for nuclear use or whether to preserve the current the no-first use policy.

    14. Satish Chandra, Buff says:

      I. I am India's expert in strategic defence and the father of India's strategic program, including the Integrated Guided Missile Development Program. In my blog titled 'Nuclear Supremacy For India Over U.S.', which can be found by a Yahoo search with the title, I have described how the C.I.A. keeps India poor, weak and enslaved: "India's greatest scientist and greatest living Indian publicly tortured in Harvard seminar, systematically and totally starved for up to 3 weeks at a time, made semi-starved and homeless and even blind for years, kept under 24-hour audio and video surveillance as well as surveillance of communications and electrical typewriter and computer use, document creation and photocopying, etc., by satellite for more than past 3 decades, systematically harassed and in poverty and neutralised and robbed of his work at the cost of hundreds of millions of dollars per year, robbed of crores in his money and property in India by C.I.A.-RAW, forced back into exile in the U.S., all with full cooperation and participation of India's RAW and India's C.I.A.-RAW-controlled prime ministers, politicians and media — to keep India poor, weak and enslaved" and how this means the nuclear destruction of New Delhi and then the coast-to-coast destruction of the United States.

      II. The sabotage of India's space program is but one part of the sabotage of India's defence and economy. I am India's expert in strategic defence and the father of India's strategic program including the Integrated Guided Missile Development Program and in my blog titled 'Nuclear Supremacy for India Over U.S.', which can be found by a Yahoo search with the title, I have described who has been committing this sabotage and how. But for this sabotage, India at this moment will have nuclear supremacy over the United States and economic superiority over the United States on a per capita basis.

      Since the C.I.A. has been committing the above sabotage directly as well as through RAW and the Tamil snakes such as K. Subrahmanyam, the Tamil snakes at Bharat-Rakshak have started a thread titled 'Saudi Arabia and Its Impact on Indian Security' to divert attention from the C.I.A. as the enemy and make Saudi Arabia the enemy instead.

      When the ISRO chairman K. Radhakrishnan in April 2010 congratulated ISRO employees for successfully developing a cryogenic engine BEFORE it was flown, I knew that he knew it was going to fail, as it did on April 15, 2010. The "eminent national experts" body he has constituted to go into the failure of December 25, 2010 consists almost entirely of fellow Tamils including R. Chidambaram who sabotaged India's nuclear weapons program (see below).

      III. I am India's expert in strategic defence and the father of India's strategic program including the Integrated Guided Missile Development Program and I have repeatedly said in my blog titled 'Nuclear Supremacy for India Over U.S.', which can be found by a Yahoo search with the title, that there is no substitute for full-yield explosive tests of nuclear weapons.

      In a press release dated November 24, 2010 I said: Besides C.I.A.-RAW disinformation about R. Chidambaram's sense of superiority to white countries in designing thermonuclear weapons being responsible for the failed 1998 thermonuclear weapon test, Russian and French help has been offered with thermonuclear weapons designs and to test the weapon(s) in a laboratory — so as to bring India's strategic program at its most vital core under control of white countries and keep the inferior Indian njggers in their place.

      In a press release dated November 26, 2010 I said: When I say there is no substitute for full yield explosive tests of nuclear weapons, I say this from a purely engineering point of view and not for demonstrating to the world that our weapons work. As I said in a letter to the press after the 1998 tests when R. Chidambaram claimed that his computer models enable him to build higher yield weapons which need not undergo explosive tests, 'One could not legitimately rely on an automobile engine developed on that basis if your life depended on its working the very first time it is ever used, much less a nuclear weapon'. This applies to both computer models and laboratory models. What happens in a high energy lab is a highly imperfect laboratory model of a nuclear weapon which does not take account of a multitude of things. If computer models and laboratory models were sufficient, there will be no need for flight tests of missiles and jet aircraft, etc.

      The Physics of what happens in a nuclear explosion cannot adequately be replicated in a high energy lab. Laboratory models of missiles and jet aircraft may not have this deficiency but laboratory models of nuclear weapons do.

      In a press release dated November 29, 2010 I said: It is now being put out that a "fix" has been applied to the 1998 failed thermonuclear weapon design and there is no need for an explosive test of the "fixed" design because the designers have "confidence" it will work. But it is a very foolish designer who does not test his "fix" with an explosive test. Didn't R. Chidambaram have confidence in his 1998 design which failed? There has been no "fix" until the weapon is shown to work in an explosive test — shown as much to the designer as to the world. A designer who says it is not necessary is too stupid to design even a toaster, much less a nuclear weapon.

      See my blog, above, for the rest.

      Satish Chandra

    15. Lamar Carnes - Kerrv says:

      Certainly China has always been a nuclear type threat to the free world. Since when has Communism changed? Marxism, Leninism and/or Mao style Communism is a belligerant force to deal with by the free world today!

      I have always wondered why our nation was "bent" on getting so heavily involved in trade with this nation. It seemed for years now that there has been a very large push to develop trade on a scale that equals or surpasses that which we conducted with Japan.

      Why is this? Why especially since China is a real "enemy" and a "threat" to our total way of life. Why are we making this nation prosperous? Why are we helping at break neck speed this Communist leadership to become a major world power? Of course, there are millions of people in China who are "not for" their type of government at all. Especially the millions and millions of Christians in that nation, not to speak of other groups! But as you know the "ones" who have the control of the power (guns, weapons, police forces, military forces) are the one's who prevent freedom of the people! Rising up against the "monster" is to bring total destruction of the mass of people under this powerful Communistic bloc of egotistical maniacs.

      Yet, our Business Corporations, our President's and our Congress have been cooperating on building up this monster for years, both Democratic and Republican party members! I still raise the question "Why"? What sinister plot is going on here? Is there a reasonable "dogma" printed on this issue by the government of the U..S.? If so, I would like to read it. For now, I see nothing but "clouds" on the horizon when it comes to China and our future!

      Lamar Carnes

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