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  • Yearly Archives: 2010

    Mayor Bloomberg Imposes a Victim Tax on New Yorkers

    Starting next summer, New Yorkers will get hit with a tax that is hard to believe even in the already overly-taxed metropolis of Manhattan. Firefighters will begin charging accident victims for their emergency services to the tune of hundreds of dollars, even if the victim was not at fault. Mayor … More

    The Obama Stimulus Super Train to Nowhere

    Obama Replaces Costly High-Speed Rail Plan With High-Speed Bus Plan Yesterday, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood rescinded nearly $1.2 billion in stimulus funds from Wisconsin and Ohio after the states’ respective newly-elected governors, Scott Walker and John Kasich respectively, said they would follow through on their campaign promise not to waste … More

    Morning Bell: There is No Tax Deal

    On Wednesday, Vice President Joe Biden reportedly told House Democrats that the tax deal cut with Republicans was a “take it or leave it” proposition that could not be changed. But by last night, after fierce opposition from his leftist base, President Barack Obama was singing a different tune, telling … More

    The Myth of American Isolationism

    If there is one thing that the left and the right often agree about these days when it comes to the Founding, it is that the Founders were isolationists. Look no further than George Washington, we are told: he proclaimed neutrality in the war between Britain and France, and he … More

    Lunch With Heritage Online Chat on the Drilling Moratorium

    This week we are joined by Energy and Environment Research Associate Nick Loris. He will take questions about the little-publicized reinstatement of the the offshore oil drilling moratorium. This is especially bad for the Gulf of Mexico region that is still reeling from the BP disaster. Nick has written extensively … More

    Louisiana Senator Blocks NOAA Nominee Over De Facto Drilling Ban

    Drilling for oil

    Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) announced today he would block the confirmation of Dr. Scott Doney to be chief scientist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration due to “concerns over scientific integrity at federal agencies and the White House.” These concerns stem from the recent Gulf offshore drilling moratorium and … More

    Arizona Immigration Law in the Supreme Court: Employers Who Knowingly Hire Illegal Aliens

    The oral arguments in the Supreme Court on Wednesday in U.S. Chamber of Commerce v. Whiting were an interesting mix of tap dancing, political correctness, and duplicity. In Whiting, the Chamber of Commerce sued the state of Arizona over its 2007 Legal Arizona Workers Act, which (1) authorizes the suspension … More

    Midterm Meltdown: A Story of the Youth Vote in 2010

    When I look back to the election of 2008, one of the main things I recall is the excitement on campus for the Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama.  Staff and faculty donations for the Democrats outnumbered Republicans 3 to 1.  Obama-Biden campaign signs covered the campus, and chants of “Yes … More

    Meet Katya, a New Mata Hari

    On December 5, British security detained Katya Zatuliveter, also known as the “British Anne Champan.” Anne, or Anya, was a redheaded Russian spy arrested in the U.S. and sent back home packing—to a meeting with Vladimir Putin, which led to a lucrative career on Russian TV. Now, it’s Katya’s turn: … More

    The Next Stage of Proliferation

    Since the end of the Cold War, the United States and Russia have dismantled over 75 percent of their nuclear weapons. Yet the spread of nuclear weapons has continued apace. The latest issue of the Journal of International Security Affairs provides insight into the question of the next stage of … More