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  • Yearly Archives: 2010

    A Voluntary Earmark Ban is Only Half the Battle

    “There will be no earmarks in the 112th Congress. Period.” That is what House Majority Leader-elect Eric Cantor (R-VA) tweeted in response to a Politico article last week reporting that some GOP House members were contemplating breaking their no-earmark pledge. Good for Cantor. Ending earmarking is an essential step toward … More

    Terrorists Strike at Sweden: What about US?

    Yes, the terrorists are trying to kill us. Breaking news from the Christian Science Monitor reports, “Two explosions rocked central Stockholm Saturday evening in what Swedish police have called a terrorist attack. One man, who appears to have been a suicide bomber, was killed, and two people were injured. The … More

    The Other War Front: Economic Development in Afghanistan

    The U.S. military has undergone a crash course in economic development while fighting the war in Afghanistan, and development agencies could stand to learn some of the military’s lessons. Take for example the National Guard unit out of Indiana. The unit is called an “Agribusiness Development Team” and is teaching … More

    House and Senate Cloakroom: December 13-17, 2010

    House Cloakroom: December 13-17, 2010 Analysis: The House is scheduled to be in session this week but the agenda is unclear as a waiting game ensues to see what action the Senate takes on the proposed tax relief deal framework proposed by the Obama administration. Right now there is no … More

    Morning Bell: Liberals Leave The Reservation

    Any piece of legislation must be both constitutional and improve the condition of the American people. When President Obama and Congressional Republicans first announced their tax deal early last week, our reaction was to hold our noses against its bad elements; on balance, we thought the extension of the current … More

    Liu Xiaobo and the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize

    The adamant refusal of the Chinese Communist government to allow Liu Xiaobo to travel to Oslo to receive the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize is more than disgraceful—it is a flagrant violation by the Chinese regime of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the UN General Assembly, including China. … More

    O, Christmas Tree! O, Taxing Tree!

    Capitol Christmas Tree 2010

    The tax bill (still being drafted in secret) is becoming a lobbyist’s dream, just in time for Christmas. The Democrat opposition to President Obama’s compromise has increased the negotiating power of every Representative and Senator, especially the Democrats. The vote by the House Democrat Caucus to denounce the unwritten bill … More

    Heritage’s Luce Award Goes to James Buckley

    James L. Buckley, the former U.S. senator and federal judge who for 40 years advanced the conservative cause in all three branches of the federal government, last night received the Clare Boothe Luce Award, which is The Heritage Foundation’s highest honor for contributions to the movement. “Jim Buckley has devoted … More

    Historical Precedent: Treaties and Lame Duck Sessions

    As newly-elected members of the Senate pointed out in a letter to Majority Leader Reid: “no bilateral strategic arms reduction treaty with the Soviet Union or Russia has ever been ratified during a lame duck session.”  Let’s go further: Has any major bilateral U.S. treaty ever been ratified during a … More

    Side Effects: Number of Waivers Grows As a Result of Obamacare Authors’ Sloppy Handiwork

    Side Effects

    Jamie Dupree recently reported for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that the number of waivers granted by the Obama Administration for a certain provision in the new health care law has now reached 222. That’s double the amount of just three weeks ago. The waivers apply to a provision of Obamacare prohibiting … More