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  • Morning Bell: A Conservative New Year’s Resolution

    This year has been quite a journey for conservatives.

    An overzealous liberal majority in Congress, revved up by their Christmas Eve health care victory in the House of Representatives, greeted 2010 with an agenda that was far left and far removed from the will of the American people.

    From Obamacare and the New START to defense cuts and tax hikes, we conservatives have had our work cut out for us this past year. Yes, we lost important battles in Congress – Obamacare is now the law of the land and we have a new START Treaty. But conservatives have continued the debate and expanded it.

    It is no longer just about health care, harmful treaties, tax hikes, defense cuts or any one item in between. It is about America’s First Principles.

    Click here to help Heritage to carry the debate into 2011 with your year-end gift today!

    Take a moment and reflect on what we as a nation have seen unfold over the past twelve months. Across the country, people who had never before been engaged in politics have sprung to action. They’re calling for fiscal sanity, individual responsibility, and limited government – all Constitutional principles. And it’s working.

    While liberals try to place us on a road to serfdom, conservatives are winning where it matters most – and not just at the ballot box. We are winning the war of ideas. And liberals are taking notice.

    In recent months, the Obama administration has begun to take ideas directly from the conservative playbook.

    • On national security, they’ve canceled civilian trials for terrorists, kept Guantanamo Bay open, and extended key provisions of the Patriot Act;
    • On federal spending, they have proposed a federal pay freeze as a first step towards fiscal sanity;
    • On immigration, the Left has abandoned its pursuit of comprehensive immigration reform; and
    • On economic recovery, they have admitted that the Obama tax hikes are wrong for America.

    Each of these ideas can be found in The Heritage Foundation’s Solutions for America, a comprehensive policy guide for getting our nation back on the right track. But there are over 120 policy recommendations outlined in our Solutions for America. And much remains to be done.

    My hope is that the new Congress will follow through on this momentum and fulfill the conservative mandate that handed them victory in November. Standing firmly on principles, conservatives can push for repealing Obamacare, rein in government spending and regulations, stop all tax hikes and return power to the people by getting control of the federal government.

    And in this battle of ideas, The Heritage Foundation will be on the front lines, making sure that all in power know the truth about the policies they recommend and the people they affect.

    That’s why I hope you’ll continue to stand with us by helping us to reach our year end goal with your tax-deductible contribution before Midnight on December 31st. Join us as we bid farewell to 2010 and help us to prepare for the many challenges that await conservatives in the coming year.

    From all of us at The Heritage Foundation, thank you. And have a very happy and healthy New Year.


    Ed Feulner

    Edwin J. Feulner

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    17 Responses to Morning Bell: A Conservative New Year’s Resolution

    1. George Colgrove, VA says:

      This is not a win for us – we are being conned.

      >> On national security, they’ve canceled civilian trials for terrorists, kept Guantanamo Bay open, and extended key provisions of the Patriot Act;

      - They have made no structural changes to the out of control (rather uncontrollable) national security/intelligence community to make it lean and mean and responsive to the American needs.

      - They have not done anything to seal up our national secrets. The federal employees who have leaked millions of documents are still at their desks. Over a third of the federal workforce has high level clearances – no private sector corporation would run their operations like that.

      - Boarders are still open

      >> On federal spending, they have proposed a federal pay freeze as a first step towards fiscal sanity

      - But that is it! The 2011 (still proposed) budget has nearly a trillion dollar increase in spending over 2010!

      - The freeze looks good on paper, but the feds still get their steps and nothing is stopping them from getting in-seat promotions to compensate. In addition, the federal government is still hiring like mad. All this was is a loss of the small 2011 COLA (That is it!) For a start, we need an indefinite step freeze and a hiring freeze to make any measurable difference.

      >> On immigration, the Left has abandoned its pursuit of comprehensive immigration reform.

      - Boarders are still Open

      >>On economic recovery, they have admitted that the Obama tax hikes are wrong for America.

      - The business community is still on their target and people (housholds) who earn over $250,000 are still on their hit list.

      Nothing has changed – they just added sugar coating to placate the masses. Obama with the aid of the leftist are going to go to each and every federal office to use the willing, eager and easy to comply federal workforce to implement his agenda via executive fiat. Until Obama is out of office and the federal workforce is significantly shrunken and weakened, we will not see the end to this out-of-control agenda.

    2. Carol says:

      For two years it was Bushe's fault this morning I heard it is the Republicans fault. We will be hearing this for the next two years. Blame game. All from the worst President of the 20 and 21 century so far.

      We still have a long way to go so a worst could still be coming but so far blame every one but where the buck stops.

    3. LibertyAtStake, Alex says:

      Here's what's left, then:

      * On national security, Get them to drop the PC nonsense and identify the enemy by name;

      * On federal spending, implement a 20% across-board baseline cut in all federal spending;

      * On immigration, build the damn wall; and

      * On economic recovery, turn policy over to Lawrence Kudlow.

      Happy 2011.

      "Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

    4. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      12-30-10 FROM – Ken Jarvis – LVKen7@Gmail.com

      Bonnie California on December 29th, 2010 at 9:55am said:

      Liberals, with huge help from the mainstream media,

      *** MURDOCH'S Fox New is THE "mainstream media,"

      and HE never helps Obama.


      *** I thought everyone KNEW that

      Cheney was "tied" to to “big oil”.

      He has been on Haliburton's payroll for a LONG Time.


      Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI on December 29th, 2010 at 12:57pm said:

      Ken – you still haven’t defined “rich”.

      *** Obama defined it – Anyone making OVER $250,000 a year.


      Bobbie on December 29th, 2010 at 6:19pm said:

      Ken Jarvis, why do you support a government that continually deletes every opportunity there was to work to earn wealth on our own?

      *** No.


      Why are you so envious and jealous?

      *** I don't think I am.

      I don't think I have ever said that.


      Rich people became that way by using their brains and hard work and figuring things out without holding the hand of government. They did that before they became rich which tells me we all had the potential the government is destroying.

      *** Some did.


      Some work harder than others have to but it’s all in the cards. Most people understand that, respect it and do what’s responsible to live the way they want or can without you or your government telling them how.

      You wrote in an earlier comment “give rich have what they want” sarcastically of course.

      *** Why is it that when the HF or MURDOCH

      say that – it is NOT Sarcasm?

      Look at what the RICH are against.

      Things they don't need.

      Soc Sec, Medicare, HCare for ALL, Minimum Wage, Labor Unions,

      GOOD PUBLIC Schools.

      Now it is YOUR turn,

      tell me what the RICH are FOR. Thanks


    5. calvincarter says:

      If you currently have pre-existing conditions like me that have prevented you from being able to qualify for health insurance for at least six months you will have coverage options under new health care. Check "Wise Health Insurance" to find how to get quality insurance for dollars.

    6. Jeff, Fountain Hills says:

      Please note and remind the membership of Lenin's New Economic Policy slogan of the early 1920's: one step backward, two steps forward. As his communism struggled to get off the ground, he realized that he needed limited capitalism for a time to help that startup.

      Similarly, Obama and his Democrats need power to wreak their havoc. Obama may start to sing a conservative tune on some things, but it's only a tactic. He is a commited leftist who's shown that he is no less motivated than Lenin to transform the United States. He has amply demonstrated his complete lack of regard for the United States and the exceptionalism afforded its people by its constitution.

    7. Tricia Arizona says:

      Strange, but I don't feel like we're winning. Harry Reed and his minions always seem to have a new trick up their sleeves. I know they are trying to wear us down and I'm afraid that it could work. Not on me because I would rather die than give in to a life of serfdom, which is what the liberals have in mind for us. It seems truly evil and hard to imagine such evil exists. I guess I just believed that we would always be protected even though we are surrounded by it. We the People have just awakened to a terrible nightmare. We won't go down without a fight.

    8. William F. Cavender says:

      Take nothing at face value from Obama. His motivation is always – always – his own power.

      From my med school time in Chicago and growing up in Batavis, I learned Chicago style a long time ago.

      No wonder, BO wants his campaign from there. He feels at home with the long established corruption.

      For your consideration: when Emmanuel has a statue put up to himself as mayor, if it will be life sized, no one will be able to see it.


    9. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      As the old expression goes, "we have won the battle but not the war" now we need to regroup and lay out the stradegy to win the war, next battle is Nov. 2012 and those RINO's and Dem's who insist on destroying this Nation need to be put on notice, WE THE PEOPLE, will not perish under their mandates and illegal actions, as Linclon said We will preserver and make this a stronger nation.

    10. Roger / Clarence, NY says:

      I appreciate what you are doing on behalf of Americans who believe in the principle of rugged individualism in the pursuit of their dreams, and in keeping America strong and secure as a world leader for righteousnes, peace and prosperity. But we lack one thing. America as a nation needs to heed the Word of our Creator, Jehovah, which can be found in the following two Scripture passages: Proverbs 14:34 and 2Chronicles 7:14. In short we need to repent of our individual and national sins and return unto GOD with a "Godly sorrow that leads to repentance." This MUST be our starting point! Without this we have no hope.

    11. Bobbie says:

      Ken, your answer "no" to the first question does not give an answer.

      You must be jealous and envious or you wouldn't assume the term "rich." Nobody should be given what they "want" through government. How low of a person. Anybody who "wants" should be working to "get" what it is they "want." I agree with the rich of what you wrote the rich are against as these programs eliminate freedoms and personal responsibility, but "good public education" is not one of them. Since my children were educated in various public schools I've found no such thing as "good public education." The youth are victims of confusion as parental upbringing is contrast to government education.

      Parental upbringing consists of personal responsibility which government does not respect, encourage or influence.

      The RICH, like many of us poor people, are FOR the freedom to prosper or at least live free from government dependency.

      Can I help you with anything else, Mr. Jarvis?

    12. Bobbie says:

      Oh and Mr. Jarvis? sounds like Mr. Murdoch is helping Obama understand America everyday!


      Quite evident, things have not changed in d.c. the electorate's msg

      was loud and clear, no cooperation with the obamanation, just sit

      tight till the newbies get there. no such thing happened. PRAY those

      on their way are able to find sufficient spine to say no in a meaningful

      fashion. the task is a tough one, as is the condition we find our NATION.

    14. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      12-31-10 FROM – Ken Jarvis – LVKen7@Gmail.com

      Happy New Year


      The Rich don't need Consumer Protection -

      therefore, MURDOCH and the GOP Oppose it.

      Elizabeth Warren SHOULD HEAD IT.


      A Report from the RICH.

      "While the United States has suffered the worst recession in living memory, I find that I have very few financial concerns. Many of my friends are in the same position:

      Most of us attended private schools and good universities, and we will be able to provide these same opportunities to our own children.

      No one in my immediate circle has a family member serving in Afghanistan or Iraq."

      And they had NO TAX INCREASE.


    15. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      I think that we should have people who mean what they say and say what they mean.

      Republicans, Democrats, and Tea Partyers, seem NOT to want Social Security benefits cut. It's a Hobson's choice, either cut benefits, or raise taxes. Half of those

      polled prefer to raise taxes rather than cut benefits. If people running for Senator,

      and Representative, could make the promise of "one and done," what's that? One term, and done, and damn the consequences.

    16. Pingback: ~JP NYE Blog… | Just Piper

    17. Bobbie says:

      Happy New Year and to you, Mr. Jarvis. I noticed a Merry Christmas earlier, too! Yes, it put a smile on my face as it was a nice surprise to read that from you. May the new year be filled with revelation, honesty and decency in diplomacy.

      but Mr. Jarvis? you didn't give me an answer to comprehend in regard to your answer "no.". and as far as your "report on the rich" which you put no name on, who cares? that's your jealousy, Mr. Jarvis…

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