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  • Al-Qaeda’s End?

    Danish authorities have just sunk another plot to strike the West.

    According to press reports, “Denmark’s intelligence service says it has arrested four people plotting what it called an ‘imminent’ terrorist attack against the Jyllands-Posten newspaper, which printed controversial cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. The head of the agency, Jakob Scharf, described some of the suspects as ‘militant Islamists.’ He said the group had been planning to enter the newspaper’s building and kill as many people as possible.”

    It sounds like another “homegrown” plot. We have seen all too many of these of late. They are consistent with the pattern of recent extremist activities—the throw-the-spaghetti-at-the-wall strategy—just do something, anything! Osama bin Laden launched his terror campaign by going after the “far” enemy: the U.S. and Europe. When that didn’t work, he turned his sights on the “near” enemy fomenting attacks in Muslim countries. According to a recent report by the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point, that has only hastened the decline of his cause. External pressures and internal divisions have taken their toll. The report describes the jihadi movement, helmed by al-Qaeda, as “one that lacks coherence and unity, despite its claims to the contrary.” Bin Laden’s organization has suffered reversals on virtually every front and shows “clear signs of decline.”

    The Taliban lost its state. Islamists who rebelled against the Saudi regime were driven into the remote deserts of Yemen. Israel still stands. And the U.S. remains a force to be reckoned with in the Middle East. One of al-Qaeda’s greatest strategic errors, the report says, was its willingness to sanction the killing of Muslims by Muslims. Most of the innocents killed in the Long War were slaughtered by “holy” warriors. Such attacks, the report concludes, “delegitimize the group in the eyes of the Umma—the global Islamic community of believers and al-Qaida’s hoped-for constituency.”

    Yet the war is far from over. The enemy is resilient. And bin Laden remains popular among the most extremist elements of the Islamist movement. The most recent string of attacks is a sign of weakness, a flailing movement desperate to show that it’s still in the game.

    The U.S. can help end al-Qaeda once for all by finishing the job in Afghanistan, pressing the Pakistanis to root out the last al-Qaeda sanctuaries in their country, and continuing vigorous counterterrorism activities at home and abroad. All these activities are key to bringing the Long War to an end.

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    5 Responses to Al-Qaeda’s End?

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    2. West Texan says:

      The fight against islamist terror groups was long overdue years before al Qaeda's murderous attacks on U.S. soil. It's for this reason such festering evil now demands more clean-up. I wish we'd taken care of it during my watch thus freeing our young service members from having to shoulder today's greater burden. But unfortunately political hindsight reigned supreme while I was on active duty.

      HF provides a great national forum for real world policy concerns. For this I'm much appreciative. I've joined a local blog at http://crimelawandjustice.blogspot.com. Covers a few related topics.

    3. George Semel East Ha says:

      It seems to me that Al Qaeda misunderstood the United States in a very damaging way in that sense, the 9/11 attacks were a Pyrrhic victory for them. Before 9/11 America looked at terror as a law enforcement problem. And we didn't much care that the blew up the odd car or themselves, 9/11 comes and well they like another foe gotten the American People angry, And when you get the American People Angry watch out, The United States can project power in ways that no other nation state on earth can, even with our current internal problems. We use Robots to attack these guys were ever and when every we find them and the hunting has been good. Over all this has been a very strange war, then again President George W. Bush said it would be and like no other in history, We Kill them, yet we are also rebuilding Iraq and Afghanistan. at the same time, no scorched earth. Yet as the Army calls it the long war, one that will go on in some form or manner for another 50 or so years. Like the cold war, this one is dealing with a foe who are any thing but rational, At least the Soviet were never that foolish.

    4. Chris says:

      We the People all stand as one to protect ourselves from further terrorist attacks. We have been complacent for too long and the terrorist groups have been able to attack us from the outside and also from within our own borders!! Time to stand strong against the spread of terrorism in this country. Stand strong for our God, our country and our future!! This is a website now that is uniting fellow Christians and patriots, and American citizens to make our concerns known and our faith stronger!! Go to: http://www.PatrioticChristiansToday.com and join together. I hope all the followers of The Heritage Foundation will support this cause.

    5. neel123 says:

      The Frankenstein of Islamic terrorism is an American gift to the modern world. When these Pakistan trained, Saudi funded and CIA armed Muslims fought against the Soviets in Afghanistan, they were given red carpet welcome by the American administrations. But when these same people turned their guns against the US and its allies, they are called terrorists …….. this is immoral, unethical and hypocrisy of the worst kind ….. !

      An entire nation of Iraq was destroyed by the US and its allies on the basis of fabricated intelligence, and there is hardly any moral or ethical dilemma as far as the US State Dept. or the Pentagon is concerned.

      The US Presidents always take moral high ground and leading role in preventing global nuclear proliferation, while the whistle blowers like Richard Barlow and Sibel Edmonds in the US State Dept. are gagged, removed from service and persecuted.

      The AfPak war on terror has been reduced to a cat and mouse game between the US and its long time accomplice Pakistan. The Americans are groping in the dark for a strategy to defeat terrorism while making adjustments with the immoral ways of Pakistan, which is playing a double game.

      As things stand today, the US have lost credibility to lead the world.

      It is high time the Americans take some drastic and concrete steps to reverse the trend.

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