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  • Obamacare is Already Unraveling

    With all the talk about forcing people to buy health insurance, health insurance exchanges, and high-risk pools, it is often forgotten that most of what Obamacare really is, is just a massive expansion of an existing and already failing entitlement program. Of the 34 million Americans who gain health insurance through Obamacare, over half (18 million) will receive it through Medicaid.

    In its current form, Medicaid is already bankrupting states across the country. Obamacare only further overloads this already broken system by expanding Medicaid eligibility to include all Americans under 133 percent of the federal poverty level. While Obamacare will pay for all of the benefit expansion for the first three years, and 90% of it after that, Obamacare never pays for any of the state administrative costs for adding those 18 million Americans to their welfare rolls. That amounts to billions in unfunded federal mandates for states to absorb.

    Worse, current Medicaid enrollees already have trouble finding doctors who will see them because, nationwide, Medicaid pays only 56% as much as private coverage does. And what state Medicaid programs do pay doctors for shrinks every day. Bloomberg reports:

    Washington State may not pay for glasses anymore. Massachusetts already chopped dentures. As of Oct. 1, North Carolina no longer covers surgery for the clinically obese.

    Governors nationwide are taking a scalpel to Medicaid, the jointly run state and federal health-care program for 48 million poor Americans, half of whom are children. The single biggest expense for states, Medicaid consumes about 22 percent of their total $1.6 trillion in expenditures, more than what is allocated to elementary and secondary education, according to a National Governors Association report.

    In California, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger proposed $980 million in savings on Medi-Cal, which covers 7.5 million people, after previously slicing $110 million for acupuncture, chiropractic and dental services in 2009. His Dec. 6 proposal included $100-a-day copayments for hospital stays and a limit of 10 doctor visits a year.

    Arizona will reduce payments to doctors, hospitals and ambulance services by 5 percent beginning April 1, according to Monica Coury, a spokeswoman for the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System, the Medicaid agency. … The state stopped paying for heart, liver and other transplants on Oct. 1, prompting criticism of Governor Jan Brewer, a Republican.

    “We are the only state that has cut transplant care,” state Representative Anna Tovar, a Democrat from Tolleson who received a stem-cell transplant, said in a telephone interview. “Who are they to put a figure on a person’s life?”

    Tovar asks a great question: “Who are they to put a figure on a person’s life?” But when the government takes over health care, which is what Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion is, putting a price on a person’s life is exactly what happens.

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    20 Responses to Obamacare is Already Unraveling

    1. Jon, Tx says:

      Obamacare illustrates the major problems in government today. We have a severe national debt problem. In the next five years, we could have the same public unrest that is now occurring in Ireland and Greece. The entitlements are the major budget items. Obama took 500 billion dollars out of poorly funded Medicare in order to provide a new entitlement for 30 million people. We protested, wrote letters and continually phoned legislators. We even had our August 2009 shouting matches with those who are supposed to represent us. The desires of the people were completely ignored in Obamacare. Obamacare was written in the back offices of congress without any input from Republicans. The cost estimates provided by the CBO are for the first 10 years only. In the first four years, funds are taken in but little funds are spent for medical care. This distorts the true cost of Obamacare. The CBO would not give a cost estimate for the second ten years. Current estimates show that Obamacare will bust the budget. We cannot trust the Democrats. End of life counseling was taken out of the bill due to the protests of the American People. It was put back in as an administrative rule several days ago. During a congressional break, the Democrats appointed Dr Berwick to be the head of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid. Dr Berwick will be the primary person implementing Obamacare. He has not attended a single congressional hearing on his appointment. The Washington Examiner states that “Berwick is best known for his starry-eyed comments about Britain’s National Health Service, a system that frequently denies care to the old, and whose bureaucratic inflexibility results in ambulances actually driving around in circles in order to hold down hospital wait times.”

      Seniors are convinced that the 500 billion dollars taken out of Medicare and the end of life counseling will result of a rationing of medical care for seniors. The Democrats will not pull the plug on grandma. They simply will not even plug grandma in. Obamacare gives the states an unfunded mandate. Much of the cost of Obamacare will be borne by the states by the rapid expansion of people on Medicaid. My general practice physician has advised me that he will cease providing medical care in the next two years as he sees Washington getting between him and his patients. I could go on for pages. The above comments are representative of the dictatorial efforts of the Democrats in providing an ill conceived system that will bust the national debt and provide poor medical care for all. The American People were lied to, ignored, and called names. What about the hardworking Americans that are paying the bills. “We the ‘angry’ People” will celebrate when Obamacare fails. We frankly don’t care what the Democrats will have to say about the failure of Obamacare.

    2. josephpatel says:

      I have read somewhere on the news that something like "Wise Health Insurance" is offering lowest health insurance rate for low and middle income families so search online and find them.

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    4. Dave Miller - Chelse says:

      Nothing ever is simple, including how we address rising costs in Healthcare. However, its more than difficult to imagine how a large Government intervention therein is going to do anything beyond further complicating the situation. A good first step for limited Government involvement would be taking down the barriers of competition that has long held insurance providers hostage to State laws prohibiting the sale of healthcare insurance policies across ALL State lines — allow competition to help drive down costs!

    5. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      So, "death panels" are back in ObamaCare through the same old back door

      deals it took to pass the monstrosity in the first place. Now, all the left

      pundants are parroting the same distorted lie that this was passed under Bush. The fact is this so called "death panels" issue was passed by the Dem controlled Congress in 2007, vetoed by Bush soon as it was passed, but the

      veto was overridden by the same Dems. Just another example of the lies and distortions the left uses to try to fool the American people and blame everything on Bush to hide the Obama agenda.

    6. AWM -NW Indiana says:

      @josephpatel – This is obviously spam…..please: do not let scum of the earth spammers anywhere close toThe Foundry!

      Those parasites will infest one of the brightest sources of truth, and make into something more akin to the bulletin board at the local health-food store!

    7. Thunderman,CA says:

      It's not only the health insurance fiasco that is destroying America.It's the over paid union members that are entitled to maximum benefits,premium health care coverage and a retirement plan that is far beyond reasonable.

      It would take an act of congress for a union member to be fired for incompetence,

      as they are protected under union laws.The majority of the unions are controlled by the mafia and the democratic party.

      There in it self is the rub. They are destroying the economy of America by continually giving themselves raises with money that does not exist.

      Limit the powers of the unions and you will see a recovery.Until then, stay in

      your apathetic trance,while they destroy America.One perc at a time.

    8. Jill, California says:

      Thanks to Obamacare, my insurance premiums keep going up dramatically each billing cycle. It's insane.

    9. Efrain Toledo 3517 M says:

      Have not seen any comment about the health system in Mexico,a total failure and of course,run by the government.Use as a political tool,those in charge of it,end up very wealthy at the end of the six years of one presidency but the regular citizen,the one that the system was created for,does not benefit in any way.

      The mexican upper middle class,including many politicians,come to this country for medical treatment,anyday you go to La Joya or Houston,you will find them there getting check ups from their doctors.Too bad that due to Obamacare,they no longer will have that alternative.

      Thank you for all your articles,good and accurate information.


      Efrain Toledo

    10. Daver, Ft. Worth says:

      There are no perfect answers (100% effective for all situations) but there are some very obvious actions that would assist in cost relief for everyone:

      A) Tort reform–it would result in a 2% to 3% reduction in across the board healthcare costs. Don't believe it? Why did 100's of doctors relocate to Texas once some legal restraints were added.

      B) HIPPA–nothing but a cost adder for everyone. The amount of money spent on notices, filing and compliance is a complete waste of money that everyone pays for throughout. Is fining out Grandma has shingles really worth millions to anyone?

      C) Drug patents are not well suited to both reward drug companies for developing new solutions and minimize patient expense to use the medicines–because the development and FDA testing is included in 20 year "payback" period.

      D) TIme is $. Offering cash upfront–incentivizes 40% discounts to providers–that's essentially wasted cost to insurers–pay on time and the providers can charge far less.

      E) Stop treating illegals, hypochondriacs, and prisoners at the same levels and standards that tax-payers and insureds are treated and it will incentivize people not to be in those categories–as long as you reward "bad behavior" you will get more of it!

    11. Penny R. Freeman Sou says:

      Good I'm very glad to see that monstrosity beginning to fall apart already. WE DON'T WANT OR NEED IT! I'm a disabled person who lost my job in 2006 and I'm guessing because of my age and health issues (and the possibility that I had seizures during interviews) wasn't able to find work again. When my doctor told me to file for disability he might as well have kicked me in the stomach. I want to work, but can't drive and there is no mass transit in this area. So now I'm on SS disability payments and Medicare. Even that is a joke. I pay more now to cover the Medicare and supplemental insurance and the part D drug coverage than I paid when I still had my COBRA from my last job. And my income is less than 1/4 what it was then. I'd rather have my own private insurance, but have found that even high-risk pools are beyond what income I have. And just think-that's Medicare. Medicaid is a nightmare compared to Medicare. I know because I once worked for a dentist who took Medicaid patients once a month. They didn't get much in the way of treatment because he didn't get much in the way of pay. And the way they pay doctors is even worse now! I have epilepsy and see a neurologist twice a year at least. Do you know what Medicare paid him for an office visit? A GRAND $25! My youngest son is now 38 and I paid his pediatrician more than that when he was still seeing him. I'd say not only is the way they run the Medicare and Medicaid ridiculous, their pay scales are on the antique side. It's past time the government got out of the way and let US , the American public, deal with this on our own. NO WE DON'T WANT OR NEED OBAMACARE THAT PELOSI PROCLAIMED "We have to pass it to find out what's in it." And just think the bankrupt state of California re-elected that twit! No wonder the rest of the world thinks Americans are idiots.

    12. Pamela Troy (San Fra says:

      Well, see, Brewer is getting criticism for those cuts because it was Brewer who made those cuts.

      She's kind of like someone who is opposed to the notion of publicly funded fire departments getting into office, defunding the local fire department to the point where it can no longer afford ladders, hoses, and fire-engines, then triumphantly pointing at their subsequent inability to fight fires as proof that the public sector doesn't work.

    13. Len, Alexandria,KY says:

      Ok let's see Early panels to unravel all that is still unknown about Obummar Care and let the public raise up to Defund it and Replace it… I also would like to see a REAL investigation on Freddie and Fannie to include Raines, Johnson, Barney Frank, Chris Dudd , Gorelick and all who were so lavishly "bought" by F&F while condoning their actions…

    14. Carol S Key says:

      We must take care of ourselves by individually concerning ourselves with our health. It is not a government's responsibility to pick up the pieces for our bad habits (smoking, obesity, lack of exercise). When or if we remove our collective "entitlement mentality" and return to the self-reliance of our ancestors only then will we stop spending.

      The last time I read them, none of our country's governmental documents provided for health insurance as a human "right"…they weren't dumb or short-sighted back then but knew that human rights were limited and specific. Life is not about fairness but about its existence…you have it or you don't. Maintaining it is your issue!

    15. Colo43 says:

      Exactly my thought- Obama and his death panel.

      let her go and talk to her Boss.

      with out knowing the exact numbers, how many are illegals that are benefiting from Obama and his policies.

    16. Bobbie says:

      “ObamaScare is Already Unraveling” and because it did nothing but blatantly mislead the public, arrests should be made and it should be scratched.


    17. jane hughes, san ant says:

      Catastrophy is easy to predict with ObamaCare, which has nothing to do with decreasing cost, increasing access, and insuring the uninsured as much as it is the utilization of the false promise of healthcare insurance to usurpe 17% of the private sector economy for centralized controll. The real tragedy is the lack of coherent leadership which can outline the common sense reform desperately needed to sustain the finest health care in the world while reforming the system. There are many plans out there. One of them is found on http://www.usaHealthalert.org which is one physician's plan. There are many such plans around the country. Until all of us citizens realize there are better and necessary solutions, the energy needed to propell Congress forward to repeal and replace is not as vibrant as it might be.

    18. Wes in cincy says:

      If the American voter has any sense at all they should not vote for any Democrat until that party is returned to the moderates. The far-left will destroy us.

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    20. The Reaper, Hell says:

      We just held a death panel meeting, and decided that it is time for all Democrats in Washington (especially those living at 1600 Pennsylvania), and a number of the Republicans there (some sort of horned variant of the species, Rhinos, I think) to opt for the "early retirement" plan. I will be visiting them in their sleep over the next few weeks, in order for them to realize their very well earned reward.

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