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  • After Amnesty: Getting Immigration Reform Right

    In 1986, there were 2.7 million illegal immigrants inside the United States. They were granted a one-time amnesty. Illegal immigration crisis solved? Hardly. More than twenty years later there were around 12 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. How does the left want to solve this problem? More amnesty. This would work about as well as it did the last time.

    Since the recession began, the number of illegal immigrants in the U.S. has actually fallen, thus proving amnesty-or-deportation is a false choice. Illegal immigrants can, and do, choose to go home voluntarily. Now that the left’s latest amnesty attempt, the DREAM Act, has been defeated what should the next Congress do to fix our broken immigration system. Heritage scholar Jena Baker McNeill writes:

    Securing the border. While substantial work has been done to secure the southern border, there are still significant actions that need to be taken in terms of ensuring that the technologies and infrastructure on the ground can work to assist Border Patrol agents in doing their jobs. Deployment of additional key technologies as well as robust cooperation between U.S. and Mexican law enforcement are vital for gaining control of the border.
    Enforcement of immigration laws. Enforcement of current immigration laws inside the U.S. would discourage illegal immigration and the employment of illegal labor. Recent actions by the Administration, however, have degraded enforcement policies even further—including the Administration’s recent announcement that it would not enforce the law against “non-criminal” illegal aliens. Congress should insist on robust enforcement of immigration laws.
    Emphasize legal immigration. The process by which individuals enter the country legally should be fair, orderly, and efficient—welcoming those who abide by immigration laws and denying entry and advantages to those who violate the law. Reforms in visa services are important for achieving this goal. The U.S. should pilot truly temporary worker programs that allow for a market-driven source of legal labor.

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    27 Responses to After Amnesty: Getting Immigration Reform Right

    1. Mark Groves, Brandon says:

      Equality requires equal enforcement of our laws on Citizens and illegal aliens alike, lifting illegal aliens above the law is NOT EQUAL! Demand equality or bow in slavery!

      The legal term is 'illegal alien', so why is there a debate about what to call them?

      The problem is we don't know which group the government will favor or demonize next, that is NOT their job, they are supposed to administer justice blindly and equally, why aren't they?

    2. R Holland, Chandler, says:

      Forget technologies, build the wall, build it now.

      Enforce all the laws all the time.

    3. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      When talking about immigration most are lumping illegals and legals together. I am firmly in favor of inforcing laws on the books both against illegal's and the people who continue to hire them, this should also include individual home owners. I do not allow anyone to do work on my property who cannot show poof that they are here legally. I do not patronize businesses who hire them, we have laws and we also have 2 large groups of unemployed, the young are unemployed as are those over 50. Yes some illegals are leaving BUT there are many who are getting food stamps, medicaid, section 8 housing etc. there are also those who have entered into fraudulent marriages in order to get a green card, and NO ONE checks on this like they did in the past, they've been told not to.

    4. Denni9s Georgia says:

      I have worked in law enforcement for 37 years, and have yet found the page with a list of names that laws do no apply to. I have always been under the impression that laws, rule, regulations or what ever you want to call them apply to all people. It sure seems like a page has been hidden and only surfaced with obama nd dems controll, illegal alliens are exempt from obeying the laws of this country. They are entitled to all privilidges and free programs of this country. Guess obama is above the laws of this country also.

    5. Angela, AZ says:

      When are we going to say out loud that refusal to secure our borders and uphold our immigration laws is directly related to plans for a future North American Union (NAU)? There will be NO borders between the U.S., Mexico and Canada. Wake up folks.

    6. Marilyn Morse Red Ba says:

      You have to understand that so long as our government promises to provide any kind of legalization now or down the road under to guise of (if you have no criminal backround)they will still keep coming knowing that once here they can stay. Ever sinced we have been using the race card white Americans that have been waiting on line OUTSIDE of the country, have now turned into as high as fourteen years while we allow the Mexicans to stay that have jumped the line. If there is a racial devide there it sits. According to the numbers we are over crouded now, which means honest people of other countries may be refused entry eventually. Considering we now have one in seven Mexicans here now, the melting pot will be diminished. Do you think that fair to our people that faught, died, worked hard to build this country. As their families are left out of this country in favor of one sect of people?

    7. Oscar Byington says:

      The Government should round up all bar none illegals and deport them and restart the Bracero program which worked well in the 40's up to the 60's.

      Also what the Government should do is tighten up the border crossings to where no Mexicans come across unless they have the proper documentation irregardless.

      The illegals are draining our system while the Mexican government is sitting back laughing at the dumb US administration.

    8. Joseph says:

      Legal immigration is 125,000 epople per month . For what, we do not need additional labor . what is so hard to understand about that. a constant flood of cheap labor stifles innovation and keeps wages under pressure . We do not want this ! We want the wages of low and medium skilled labor to rise up to the market level. If the market level is deemed too high by the market then innovation will kick in and automation will be developed to substitute for human labor.

    9. Ralph McGee, Eatonvi says:

      "non-criminal" illegal immigrants……wait….what?

    10. John Lambert, N.C. says:

      The key to any successful law is enforcement. Our immigration laws were very successful until the govt., quit enforcing them! The next big failure in our system was when the govt., started issuing entitlements to illegals. That was the major impetus for businesses to start hiring illegals and the go ahead signal for illegals to flood across the border. It is apparent to me and most law abiding citizens in this country, that the U.S. govt., has been encouraging illegal immigration into this country, not discouraging it. If it were not so, then why would the legislators be trying to write new immigration laws that would make it easier for illegals to stay in our country? Why would the govt., risk open borders and subject the citizens of this country to serious security issues? Why is this govt., not enforcing our immigration laws currently on the books?

    11. Lisa, Texas says:

      As someone who has been paying the fees and filing all the appropriate paperwork to get my fiancee a Visa to enter the United States, let me tell you what really needs to be looked at. This is fact,,,experienced first-hand. The US agents who work in the Consulate's Office expecting bribes from those who want to enter. Unfortunately, I did not realize this was expected. My fiance told me but I chose to believe this would not occur on US property (even if it was in a foreign country). We didn't pay and we didn't get the Visa. So when someone says "if they (the illegal) would only do it the right way" realize that possibly they did and they didn't know to pay the bribe. And yes, I have reported it to numerous agencies, congressman, etc. and no response. They know….

    12. Lee Danforth says:

      This, and former, administrations have not supported the Border Patrol, as evidenced by the non-enforcement of illegal activities by aliens (they cross the border – illegally!). Apparently, the administration and Border Patrol brass send patrol agents into the field with orders to utilize non-lethal weaponry as a primary tool of engagement of the bandits and thugs along the border. They send the agents into the field with rubber bullets! Whether or not the recently murdered patrol agent, Brian Terry, had to defend himself from the perpetrators of his murder with this ineffective method of engagement is still under debate, but the fact that rubber bullets are issued in what amounts to a war zone is an inexcuseable, really unfathomable exercise in law enforcement.

    13. Rita California says:

      I totally agree with 'Oscar and 'Joseph'. Could not say it better.

    14. Edward H, Texas says:

      All the laws, all the time. That's the only way. Our political leadership needs to get off this old story of not being 'able' to police the border and our cities and work places. The fact is, politics panders both to employers (who like cheap unprotesting labor) and minorities (who want to get their kin into the country) by selectively NOT upholding our own laws. We the People have to put a stop to this nonsense by DEMANDING that our politicians get off the fence and uphold the laws of our coutry as they are supposed to.

    15. gene Alaska says:

      There should be no legal immigration untill all of the Americans are back to work! I have worked with illegals in Calif. A few were hard working reliable honest people. The majority were lieing, stealing unreliable crooks who never did there work properly. You couldnt put anything down for 5 minutes, it would be gone. One tried to rape our office girl. He was caught sent to prison and deported. A month after he was deported he was back asking for his job back!!!! If you go to Mexico illegally you get 2 years first offense 10 years second offense. You may not survive the first year in a Mexican Prison!! The people who employ them here take advantage of them and should be deported along with them. That would put an immediate stop to the illegals coming here for work.

    16. Carol,AZ says:

      I listened to Pres.Obamas', quasi-Christmas messeage.

      He had the gutts to say:

      "We need comprehensive immigration reform" and threw-in the recent loss," of the amnesty Act."

      His speak was peppered with;

      :" We need to secure our border" IF, "we can sit down to the table and negotiate terms for: " all these kids who are here in America, as illegals…. because their parent never borther to, got legal, ….and once again we are splintering this country right down the middle over ethnic racial lines. I'm sick of it.

      We pay for cable in SP, listen to endless recording on public messaging . This website and many other now has a spanish options. Who decides these things? ( which is why this W.S. won't be getting a donation from me).

      Do YOU get to decide when you pay for this window dressings?.

      YOUR stuck with the school bills , the entitlements and the medical bills. But whos' listening?

      Give every educational advantage to the thousands of legal kids in foster care.Thaousands more who's parents are unemployed.

      Eliminate every incentive in every state starting with rabid CA that wrote the book on the word sanctuary.

      our borders will be secured after swearing in, without this useless piece of leadership called our President, Janet Nobody, and the last jokers Holder and Morton.

      America stand up for your State Rights , our country

      Under the laws,still means, ILLEGAL IS against the law dispite WHAT spin this useless leadership is trying to insist upon all of us

      .How can some states cave on this issue? We have 14% and 17% unemployment in some area of the country.

      If you do know of a business that is employing illegal workers call NIS or Sheriff's hotline and leave a message. That's the most American thing you could ever do for your country.

      Free-up jobs for the unemployed millions of your nameless , faceless brothers and sisters who need our help now.

    17. Betty florida says:

      what is needed 6' fence rasor wire on top and elctfiy it and see how many will climb over it

    18. S. J. Jens, Arizona says:

      12 million illegals?? Maybe 10 years ago – now it's 40 million and growing (this info was from one of the La Raza teachers). 5,000 illegals had been crossing the AZ border daily and now we have the drug cartels, human smugglers, drop houses and the corridor they use (which we have been warned not to enter) coming up from Mexico to within a few miles from Phoenix. Our law enforcement officers have laid their lives on the line and have prices on their heads, they are overwhelmed and some have been shot and killed by these illegals. The Federal government and Homeland Security refuse to do anything to protect us – but they did file a lawsuit against us for protecting ourselves since they refused to do so. Amnesty – NO, Dream ACT – NO NO. Seal the border, build the fence and put armed guards on the U.S. side of the border!!!

    19. Edward Peterson Sale says:

      Stop all public assistance (AKA vote buying) and they will self deport. Why should American taxpayers support citizens of another country. That's nuts. Mexico won't, they jail illegal aliens or worse.

      This approach should be adopted by Heritage. Right now, the politicians are geting away with grand larceny.

    20. Edward Peterson Sale says:

      Stop all public assistance (AKA vote buying) for illegal aliens and they will deport themselves.

      It is the only practical solution, just like the only practical solution to stop Congressional corruption is term limits.

      Heritage should adopt these positions and publicize them.

    21. richie c. INDY says:

      Who in the hell were the 55 senators who voted for th nightmare act? They should be voted out of office immediately, and then charged with treason. The swamp is only half drained.

    22. Will - Ky. says:

      I own property in Southern Arizona, every Senator, Congressman and President should have to spend a week along the border, that would change their thinking on illegals, it is a shame how our Government treat our Border Patrol Agents, these men put their lives on the line every day to protect the people of this country and are not allowed to return fire when fired upon from across the border, they are required to turn their eyes on areas that are well know for illegal entrance, many of these agents are friends and I know what they have to do to keep their jobs, I ask one question, (WHY) does our Government refuse to enforce the very laws on our books that would stop this problem, why all the dream act bullshit, we already have legal paths to enter this country, the reason illegals cross the border is because it takes time to come here legal, just try going to Mexico Illegal, your ass in in trouble big time, why should we be any different, we must stop being the open arms country, at least until we get our workers back to jobs, one reason companies want these illegal workers is they can pay lower wages, ever wonder where all these illegals get money to stay here, OUR OWN SORRY ASS GOVERNMENT LEADERS give them welfare, housing and healthcare and turn thieir eyes so our own workers are put out of work, in November we made a big dent in the removal of scum that allowed this to happen, all it takes is a few more elections to get the message across to our elected officials that if they refuse to uphold the peoples wishes, they are out on their butts, how can we have any chance of a summer work force to help our own young people have jobs to help pay for college when we have these leaches from across the border taking all the jobs. I think every American family who has a person or knows of a person who has been out of work for months have trouble understanding why our own Government would uphold illegal workers when we cannot feed their own famlies, it is shameful, we should all go to Washington, personally kick the asses of any elected official who refuses to uphold the laws of this country, illegals are here illegal, THEY ARE BREAKING THE LAWS OF THIS LAND- no exceptions

    23. Doug Nicholson, NC says:

      Angela, you are absolutely correct! Regarding the failed so-called Dream Act, the Dems are trying an end run called the SPP or Security and Prosperity Partnership which will usher in the ALREADY AGREED UPON (by all 3 countries) North American Union! This thing isn't even supposed to go before Congress; they're just declaring it a done deal! These people have to have HUGE ONES to try and put this over on the American people without even a Congressional vote! Here's the link to a WND article by Jerome Corsi: http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pag
      If you want a video description of what they're trying, here's a link to a Lou Dobbs story about it when he was still on CNN:

    24. jason glen arbor, MI says:


      when faced with deportation, even illegal immigrants choose to return to mexico and FOLLOW THE LAWS AND REGULATIONS regarding becoming legal immigrants.

      another method to enforce entails the use of force to stem the tide of illegal immigration! arming border patrol officers appears to have failed in stemming the influx. border agents are killed; american citizens who own property are gunned down! i say it's time to return incoming fire! border agents are issued side arms


      and comparing the above ideas to communist aggressions in berlin or russia is a fallacy too. these countries used methods of armed aggression as a means of KEEPING PEOPLE IN respective regimes: while americans authorities are concerned with KEEPING PEOPLE OUT!!!!!!!!!

    25. Jerry Plainfield Il. says:

      I didn't vote for Obama because I knew he would need the illegal alien vote to get re elected. Deport all illegal aliens don't reward them.Pres. Obama and his minions Reid and Pelosi want the hispanic vote and could care less about "US" the Citizens they are supposed to represent. I suggest Obama, Reid and Pelosi move to Mexico and run for office there. Oh wait they can't , Mexico actually protects it's Citizens and enforces their laws!

    26. On point #3, see my 13 suggestions for reform of legal immigration http://www.nationofimmigrators.com/?p=377

    27. Thomas Delaney, Miss says:

      The legislation is in place to resolve the problem of millions of illegal immigrants now in the U.S. The solution is merely enforcement of Federal Form I-9. For a quick, easy-to-read primer on the subject, visit http://www.goi9.com.

      An article in the 01/20/11 WSJ indicates the Obama administration has ramped up enforcement significantly. Nevertheless, employers would change their ways if they believed the laws behind Federal Form I-9 (they were passed in 1986 and are still in force) might be applied to them. No jobs, no illegal immigrants.

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