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  • Morning Bell: Merry Christmas, Moscow

    In the spring of 2009, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton handed Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov a plastic button that was supposed to read “reset” on both sides, once in English and once in Russian. But while the Obama Administration got the English part right, the State Department got the Russian word for “reset” wrong, instead emblazoning the button with the word “overload.”

    With the Senate set to ratify New START sometime today, that error might just prove prophetic as already identifiable flaws in the treaty grant the Russians numerous opportunities to pressure for restrictions to American missile defense capabilities. The Senators voting for this treaty should be vigilant to resist any further erosion of our sovereign right to self-defense.

    The first order of business will be to ensure that President Barack Obama follows through on the promises he made in his letter to the Senate to fully develop a U.S. missile defense system in Europe. Senators should also monitor any new rounds of nuclear and defense arms negotiations with Russia to make sure they do not repeat the mistakes of New START. Already there are troubling reports of negotiations about further U.S. reductions of launchers and warheads. With the rise of China and other nuclear states, the U.S. should not undertake any further nuclear reductions that would favor Russia as strongly as New START does or would increase U.S. vulnerability to those that possess nuclear weapons now or in the future.

    Unfortunately, further undoing the viability of our nuclear arsenal appears to be exactly what is next on the foreign policy agenda. The New York Times reports today that the White House plans to press ahead with President Obama’s campaign promise to bring the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) up for another vote. President Bill Clinton first brought the CTBT to the Senate in 1999, where it fell more than 15 votes short of ratification. The Senate rejected ratification in 1999 for good reasons, and the ratification of New START only makes those reasons more pertinent today. The effectiveness of the U.S. nuclear deterrence posture has declined in recent years through atrophy within the weapons complex, and the United States has no margin for error. Ratification of the CTBT, on top of New START, would be nothing less than gambling with the survival of the United States.

    The Obama Administration will certainly take even more unilateral steps toward nuclear disarmament. Their combined nonproliferation and nuclear disarmament policy is now clear: The policy requires that the U.S. take an additional unilateral step toward nuclear disarmament in order to prove its good intentions in response to each additional adverse development in the realm of nonproliferation. This misguided policy will significantly increase the likelihood of the use of nuclear weapons against both the U.S. and its allies.

    To mitigate the harm done by New START, Congress should insist on reversing this President’s cuts to missile defense programs, expediently move to build comprehensive missile defenses, and commit to developing a new generation of nuclear weapons suitable to meet U.S. security needs as rapidly as possible.

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    39 Responses to Morning Bell: Merry Christmas, Moscow

    1. G-Man, Virginia says:

      First DADT, now New START. This Administration and Senate will stop at nothing to weaken United States national defenses.

      DADT is flawed because 1) the decision doesn’t strengthen the Country’s national defenses, 2) the Armed Forces will suffer from yet more social experimentation, 3) it creates a special class of individual within the Armed Forces, and 4) it works against formulation of a cohesive fighting force capable of protecting our freedom and liberty. Time will prove these reasons TRUE. I don’t glorify my sin, but it saddens me that the persistent minority want protected status, and legal justification for theirs.

      Secondly, it is clear from history and the recent Rianovosti articles that the Russians clearly see us as their adversaries and they are acting upon that understanding. The New START places maniacal, self-imposed limits on America’s ability to advance its missile defense programs, and fails to deter proliferation. Only the naive would think that we should attempt to change the Russian world-view by weakening our nuclear arsenals or missile defense programs by ratifying New START.

      Further, based on facts from our Founding and our history America is more trusted to possess nuclear weapons than the former Soviets. Because of the Christian values that America was founded upon a case can be made that America places a high/er value on human life than the majority of Russians. It is possible to cite examples where America has gone astray [E.g. Roe v. Wade], but in the case of Roe v. Wade the sanctity of life was denigrated by an un-elected, activist Court – NOT – by the majority of Americans!

      The Russians understand one thing and one thing only: STRENGTH. Only when the United States is strong can it influence the world for liberty and freedom.

      U. S. Senate, you vote to ratify New START at your own political peril. Freedom loving Americans won’t stand for the weakening of their Country. We can’t wait until 2012 to hold YOU accountable, and to help complete the restoration of our Country!

    2. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      The Reason -

      Murdoch, HF, and GOP oppose the START Treaty is -

      There is NO profit in Peace.

    3. Indy Voter says:

      The GOP folded like a house of cards, was this part of the tax extension deal? Perhaps and perhaps not but it does make me wonder. The cocktail party fears M. Rubio, P. Toomey, R. Paul, M. Lee, and Ron. Johnson

      A complete cave in on our national security. All many of us asked was to properly debate this with the newly elected taking office. The best write up I've seen on what happened is over at Red State – have a read and check out the comments while you are there..

      "In his statement about why the GOP folded like a cheap suit, Graham gives away the game. He says, “I can understand the Democrats being afraid of the new Republicans; I can’t understand Republicans being afraid of the new Republicans.”

      As I’ve said for a while, with many people disagreeing, the 2010 election was about moving the Senate GOP right, not moving the Senate to the GOP. This past week makes my case for me.

      The Senate GOP is decidedly mushy on many fronts and unwilling for really tough fights except in odd circumstances. The Senate GOP understands that Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Ron Johnson, Pat Toomey, and Marco Rubio are headed to the Senate as reinforcements for Jim DeMint. They are deeply worried because of it.

      Why worry? Because the Senate GOP wants to cut deals with the Senate Democrats and they know that just Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and Jim DeMint will be able to force deals much more conservative than the Senate GOP is.

      So Senate Republicans decided to roll over on big issues now knowing that next year they will be forced further right than they might be comfortable.

      Here’s a golden truth some of you won’t like, but is true nonetheless: Mike Lee and Rand Paul are worth ten regular Republican Senators any day of the week. They’ll fight. And they’ll win"


    4. sharon clinton towns says:

      Stop Russia now. Stop China now. We must stop supporting, buying from them, and assisting them in anyway at all. What? Is this government really that far gone. Fair trade is what is needed with China. No boats going back empty to China after they drop their junk on American shores to pollute and kill us and our kids. Push Americans to boycott purchasing from Walmart or anything related to China

    5. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Putin's poodle is probably drinking vodka from his water bowl right now.

    6. Barb in WI says:

      Obama will stop at nothing to destroy our strength and sovereignty. With the new incoming Congress, impeachment must be seriously considered.

      We have never had such an anti-American president in all of US history.

      This is all very serious and this administration is taking us all down a very dangerous path. Wake up America.

    7. Charles LABounty Mer says:

      Here it is!!!!

      Dupes: How America's Adversaries Have Manipulated Progressives for a Century by Paul Kengor, ISI Books, 2010

      Ted Kennedy's Treason

      The most explosive revelation in Dupes involves the late Lion of the Senate, Ted Kennedy. On May 14, 1983, just weeks after President Reagan launched the Strategic Defense Initiative, the head of the KGB, Viktor Chebrikov, sent a memo marked "Special Importance" to the Soviet Union's leader, Yuri Andropov. Chebrikov reported that Kennedy wanted to meet with Andropov so the two men could coordinate their efforts to oppose SDI and, perhaps, defeat President Reagan in the upcoming 1984 election. As Chebrikov wrote, "Kennedy believes that, given the state of current affairs, and in the interest of peace, it would be prudent and timely to undertake the following steps to counter the militaristic policies of Reagan." After outlining these steps, Chebrikov goes on to explain that "the main purpose of the meeting, according to the senator, would be to arm Soviet officials with explanations regarding problems of nuclear disarmament so they would be better prepared and more convincing during appearances in the USA."

      Simply put, Kennedy had set out to form a secret alliance with the leader of the Soviet Union to thwart United States policies — an act for which the precise, technical word is treason.

      ere it is!

    8. rockingg says:

      The ambiguity in the treaty is not in the favor of the USA and of course countries around the world know that once the US makes a commitment it will stick to it, neither of which other countries have the integrity to do and have proven many times if they don't like it they just don't abide by their signature. The debate on the Senate right now over an amdendment (Kyle) that will clarify the iffy statements in the treaty is being touted by Kerry and other dems unneccsary and the fact that the amendment will not allow the funds commited to the defense program to be utilitized in some other area if they are not used quickly, especially when the funding commitment was 3 years, as stated by Senator Kyle. Their defense has been mainly one of pandering to what the previous administration didn't accomplish and how much the current administration has accomplished, not what one would perceive as an argument for a defense strategy that will tie the very hands of this nation to protect itself depending upon the broad interpretation or just taking the current administration's word that they will follow through without clarification. If the Kyle amendment is not a part of this the treaty should definitely be stopped.

    9. M. Barton, Virginia says:

      I also understand that Iran will be putting missiles in Venezuela.

      Also understand that somehow Russia has gained control of about 50% of U.S. uranium.

      And if you haven't heard about Chavez' military-backed takeover of over 47 farms, check out Trevor Loudon's New Zeal blog today. The word from tweets and such from locals there (who were protesting Chavez) is that Chavez is using military people from Cuba and other parts of the world.

      Why would the GOP senators sell us out this way? WHY?

    10. Ken, ATL says:

      The START Treaty is secondary. We are 2/3 the size of the EU with twice the military. We are wallowing in debt with no end in site. We have troops in countries that refuse to back us up on the battlefield. WHAT ARE WE DOING? Where is our retribution? When we were in Iraq the press insisted we get out…we were killing innocent…their were no WMD's. We did eliminate a very dangerous dictator. Now we start another war and what is most important? That we have equal rights for all soldiers dying on the battlefield. Oh and we're killing a few Taliban, but we don't know how long it will be until they give up. WHAT ARE WE DOING? WHAT IS THE PLAN? PLEASE DEFINE ONE THING; WHAT ARE WE TRYING TO ACHIEVE AND WHO SAYS SO? Okay, now we get to the point where we pull out with nothing achieved and 2 million civilians die (hypothetical, but with reason knowing from history). We know that will be our fault. Then what…..We wait 10 years and start all over again. That seems to be the scenerio in my lifetime. The Lives of Others…watch it, because it's coming back to a neighborhood near you. Our government is running scared and they're behaving like caged animals. Oh, we do have a Sec. of State who has a reset botton. Let's reset to 1952 and the first congress can put together a meaningful Civil Acts Bill.

    11. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Short term START makes everyone feel warm and fuzzy. Long term it places our country in great peril. I doubt there will ever be a nuclear war. Its the leverage it provides to our country when negotiating national concerns is the reason we need to remain strong. As once said, "speak softly and carry a big stick." Seems to me the stick is now a twig and the Chinese are grinning ear to ear.

    12. Jim Delaney, Rochest says:

      I'm beyond infuriated. Obama's assurances are meaningless, and we all know that. Let's pray the country can survive this insanity until adults occupy the White House 2012

    13. Joseph Ruffino, Merr says:

      Obama took and oath to preserve and protect this nation and it laws. Many of his actions todate have broken this oath. Why isn't he being impeached?

      I know that answer but it needs to be addressed.

      Merry Christmas to all and hopefully a Happy New Year!

    14. Bobbie says:

      It is becoming a normal conduct of this administration to deliberately send hidden messages to the enemy. "reset" "overload." Kind of seems like a clear picture of American government and Russia working together against America(ns.) A set-up and why the new START treaty has to be examined thoroughly!

    15. Mike on Long Island says:

      The first part of this article is very telling. I think it shows why America has sooo much trouble in our international relations. It is because of the demonstrated ineptness and idiocy shown be the government bureaucrats in general and especially by the ones in our illustrious State Dept!

    16. rosemarie douglass says:




    17. Norm Klevens says:

      This vote will give the destoyer in chief another rung on his plan to weaken this country. Peace through Strength, not Weakness. And he has the unmitigated gall to cite President Regan – trust but verify. There is no verification. What there is, is a campaign commercial for the pending run. These are the same republicans who are responsible for Iran's progress and the Bush era spending. They voted with democrats during the Bush years to spend and spend. I agree with G – Man; other than Benet and Voinavich who are gone next week, the rest must be defeated in their primaries. Their DNA is democrat, but like the outgoing Specter, they are in the Republican Party for political expediency. And Scott Brown who voted to weaken the military this week with DADT, has apparently been corrupted by Viet Nam Kerry, must go as well. New START completes the vindication of Gorbachev as it weakens America and a time when the defense budget is being cut.

    18. F.D. O'Toole, N says:

      Certainly, the New Start Treaty will curtail our flexibility to defend the Country. Isn't that the objective of disarmament treaties? Haven't we seen this movie before? After WW I there was a Washington Conference at which the nations of the world agreed to severe limits on naval warships. The US agreed to scrap a number of warships, stop building others already in process, and limit the tonnage in the future. In 1929 the "right thinkers" signed the Kellogg Briand Treaty which outlawed war. Japan, a signatory to the treaty, invaded Manchuria in 1933. Germany, another signatory, invaded Poland in 1939.

      Who paid for the "right thinkers" folly?

      The British and American boys who lost their lives defending their countries which were unprepared for the onslaught from people who cared not a whit for scraps of paper.

    19. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      We all must remember that 9 so called Republicans are voting for the disaster.

      Every day we recognize Amerian conservatives need not only to remember who

      these RINOs are, but proves just how much we need a third political party. As the past Presidental elections and present system shows, the majorty of voters

      has no choice but to hold our noses and vote for the lease offensive canadate.

    20. Judith in Michigan says:

      Anyone who believes this administration is only following the moral high ground are sadly mstaken and are fools. Every single action, without exception, taken by President Obama & Co has been proven to be a detriment to America. And it is deliberate.

      We are under assult from within. If one paid attention to this president's past writings, speeches and history, paid attention and listenede to his associates and those he has surrounding and advising him and paid attention to his actions, this can be the only conclusion.

      The well informed citizen knows this. Now we must do something to prevent a total collapse. Unindate our Congress people with demands that this hostile takeover be stopped. Call, e-mail, visit offices, attend townhall meetings.(I've done all of these things including going to DC) Always be polite and respectful, But NEVER back down. NEVER be intimidated. Find and support pro-Americans who wish to run for office. Fire those in Congress who are anti-American, while we still can

      If we. you and I, don't do this, then who will?

    21. Don H. Reuben, Ranch says:

      Urge in all your literature don't vote for any Republican who voted for the Russian treaty and urge that they be given when they next run for election well financed opposition by a loyal Republican. Nor give one dime to any solicitation that funds among others any Republican Senator that voted for the Russians. They are all traitors to our country and should be hog tied like cattle and branded as such. They either hate our country and seek its destruction or are dumb as stones by agreeing to reducing our ability to defend ourselves. In any event they are not loyal Americans or loyal Republicans.

      Don H. Reuben

    22. Dáithí says:

      You can see how "prophetic" using OVERLOAD (peregruzka ??????????) instead of RESET (perezagruzka ????????????) might be concerning NEW START TREATY (CHB-III). Notice that the newest Topol MS (SS-27) missiles are exempt.


      12. The global financial and economic crises may become comparable to the cumulative damage from large-scale use of military force."

      32. … Increase strategic nuclear forces… increasing pe…rmanent readiness forces (nuclear) and improve operation and training…

      96. ……Russia in the period of this Strategy will take all necessary efforts … to maintain parity with the United States in the field of strategic offensive weapons in the deployment of a global missile defense system and implement the global lightning strike using strategic media in nuclear and nonnuclear."

      Actual Link: http://www.scrf.gov.ru/documents/1/99.html

    23. laurie, Hawaii says:

      Anyone with a brain and even a little history knowledge would understand that having a decent defence program promotes peace. The bad guys do not want to attack someone with guns who can shoot back. Wake up, you "flower brains." Laurie in Hawaii.

    24. toledofan says:

      The Republicans that are about to extend their support for this 'treaty' are, well, I'll just say despiciable and leave it at that. It just amazes me that we never, or at least the Republicans, learn their lesson and always continue to give the Democrats breathing room or politcal cover on issues that they should be just standing firm on. I mean, please, other than the Democrats loosing their majority, why does this treaty have to be radified today? I just don't undertstand why we have to do this without more debate and why on God's earth do we have to go along with this Administrations attempts to further weaken America. How can anyone, after all of the lies over the past two years, trust or believe anything this President or his Administration says? The scoundrels in the Senate should all be tarred and feathered.

    25. Joseph Gerant, Boyne says:

      The right to self defense is inherent in every government. Those which cannot or will not will vanish. Our constitution requires defense, in the Preamble, for the common defense. This treaty is flawed on several items, both technical and administrative. Perhaps the several elected voting for the treaty also cannot read or are merely ignorant. Any elected official in this nation can be impeached. We have the means. God bless and help America.

    26. STEVE, MASS says:

      Unfortunately, Obama has taken on the role of being a King–not a leader of the United States. He has clearly shown , at least to me, that any promises that he made to our Congress in order to obtain their vote on this, will be quickly trampled, crumbled and then burned. The king has his own agenda and the new congress will have a lot of work to do in cleaning up the mess caused by the Dems.

    27. Georgio - an America says:

      the Russian word – neperpyzka – (written here without a Russian alphabet) has two meanings … reset and overload … please don't attempt to create a faux pax for the convenience of demonstrating that the administration is inept … we already know that

    28. RennyG Maryland says:

      Why is no one adhearing to the Constitution???


    29. Richard L. Stapp, Ne says:

      Aiming our fire at Barack Obama and the Democrats is wasting ammunition. Direct your fire at the "Republican" Senators that voted for START with the objective of removing them from office at the first opportunity (primaries of 2012); and let them know what is in store for them and why. Apparently many of the Senate Republicans think the November elections were a joke.

    30. Dave Backs, Nashvill says:

      The 111th can't get out of town fast enough. WITHOUT QUESTION, THE WORST CONGRESS THIS NATION HAS EVER SEEN. DADT and START are both poison to our military capability. Add that to ObamaCare and trillions upon trillions of dollars they paid out to their financial and union buddies and you don't have to think too hard to see why this economy is in the tank.

      Thanks Democrats – you're great American patriots.

    31. Paul Revere II - Bro says:

      We must remove BHO now, for reasons of treasonous actions, mental instability and malfeasance. Where are the Senators with backbone to initiate this? Are they all being blackmailed, threatened, intimidated, extorted?

    32. Virgil Evans Jr Vent says:

      I met my thrill, on Capitol Hlil…..

    33. California says:

      As I've stated before-if it's not broke-don't try and or fix it-regarding the START treaty. We've had peace where it pertains to nucelar arms for several years. The Cold war ended and Russia realized the only enemy that they really had were the Communists. Russia has and will be safe from the USA, and they know it. As the USA goes so goes the world as far as peace is concerned. But the world will not follow in disarming as evidenced by several rougue countries.

    34. Richard M says:

      When you have an out-of-control Congress and WH these Marxists are doing exactly what expected of them. They're not there for us — the American taxpayer — and they haven't been for us in a long, long, time. Where, or where, is Joe McCarthy when you need him?

      There better be some investigations by this new Congress into this WH and expose the anti-Americans in our midst. If you think I'm full of it, then we're really in bad, bad trouble. God help us all.

    35. Tom K Houston,Tx. says:


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    37. Richard C. Clark says:

      Dear Heritage,

      What was the final vote on the Start treaty///RC

    38. Jim Stuart, El Paso says:

      Since we get almost nothing out of START, what's the big deal if we decide (under new management in 2 years) to get out of it? If there's no downside, it should be pretty easy.

    39. The Sherrif of Notti says:

      There was no reason that a lame duck session of this Congress had to pass New START. The ironic slap in Obama's face and the United States by Russia's Dumas delaying the vote for at least a month won't be a concern for those who rushed to and unsound and detrimental treaty. The Russkies growl and our liberal masochists react meekly. What is being done now to whatever is left of our nuclear deterrence is something those we've shielded for years will question .. and eventually pull away from this slapstick approach to our own national security.

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