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  • Senate Presents an Acceptable Continuing Resolution

    Following the Democratic Senate’s recent failure to push through a massive, 1,924-page omnibus spending bill stuffed with runaway spending and pork, cooler heads seem to be prevailing. The Senate now appears poised to pass a basic continuing resolution that would freeze fiscal year (FY) 2011 discretionary spending at FY 2010 levels until March 4, when the next Congress will have the opportunity to pare back spending.

    Last week, a Heritage Foundation analysis stated that an acceptable continuing resolution should (a) spend no more than last year’s level, (b) not shift funds to new Democratic priorities, (c) exclude additional advanced appropriations that bind future Congresses to spend money, and (d) exclude unrelated government expansions and regulations.

    While not perfect, the new legislation roughly meets these criteria. The major exception is the bill’s underfunding of defense and its provision using some of the savings from an expiring program (the 2010 census) for new spending rather than deficit reduction. On the plus side, the bill contains language freezing non-military government salaries for the next two years.

    The March 4 expiration date will provide the 112th Congress with time to examine the 25 percent hike in non-emergency discretionary spending since 2007 (not even counting stimulus funding) and write new spending bills paring back the growth of government. Taxpayers will be watching.

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    6 Responses to Senate Presents an Acceptable Continuing Resolution

    1. LibertyAtStake, Alex says:

      Breathing a sigh of relief, and looking forward to a 112th session that measures productivity by dollars denied to the Leviathan.

      "Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

    2. George Colgrove, VA says:

      "The March 4 expiration date will provide the 112th Congress with time to examine the 25 percent hike in non-emergency discretionary spending since 2007 (not even counting stimulus funding) and write new spending bills paring back the growth of government. Taxpayers will be watching."

      Paring back does not mean freezing the current size. It means taking layer after layer of government off – eliminating it forever. And yes, we are watching.

      For this year (this is not ambitious – this is minimal effort):

      - Consolidate programs that do the same thing.

      - Eliminate redundancy

      - find and eliminate avenues of wasteful spending

      - Completely redo the entire pension program that takes away the imaginary funding. We cannot fund the bad deals made so the deals have to be rewritten – do it!

      - Go through every federal website and make a list of the many functions each department, program or agency does. If there are similar, functions consolidate all these functions into a single function and put it under the GSA.

      - Consolidate all the many payroll sections of the separate departments under a single entity and contract it out to one of the many private companies in the DC area.

      - Bring the federal employee's income and benefits to be indexed to the private sector for job class and time in service.

      - Require a minimum reduction of 10% of federal employees to be spread evenly throughout the federal offices along with a reduction of non-employee related budgets.

      - Consolidate the physical location of federal employees to fewer buildings and sell of all vacant federal lands and structures.

      - When using contractors, give them autonomy and provide incentive/disincentive clauses to allow them to self manage projects.

      - Simplify Simplify Simplify Simplify Simplify Simplify Simplify Simplify Simplify – it should not take a hundred feds to change a light bulb.

      - Legislate that officers who spend down unspent portions of budgets will be fired – no questions or appeals.

      - All contracts will be open bid and fully transparent – put an end to no-bid contracts.

      Finally, all oversight functions shall be consolidated under the GAO. The GAO shall be reconfigured to be a non-federal entity with private sector status. Funding for the GAO shall be part federal and part private via fee schedules with matching federal funds. People working for the GAO are inherently non-governmental and as such can be effective watchdogs as they should be. The new GAO shall have be independant and have its own pay structure and not be part of the federal payroll. They should not have a stake in government affairs. The GAO should be the people’s direct line of contact to get information from the federal government about budgets, open governmetn issues, privacy concerns, freedom of information requests, bills, laws and so on. This entity should be biased against the government and biased towards the people. It needs to emphasize Accountability. GAO should stand for Government Accountability and Oversight. The federal government should not be trusted in doing oversight. The GAO should be fully transparent and accessible to the people upon demand. If implemented correctly, the GAO will be the only necessary Open Government Initiative that needs to exist. This leaves the departments to work on their core missions.

      If the federal offices hate this idea and the concept of this office, then it is structured correctly.

    3. Maria says:

      Was this the trade off to ratify START?

      I have no confidence in the GOP, I see more and more comments with people heading the 3rd party route. The GOP does not have what it will take to cut spending. I predict they cannot get rid of funding low hanging fruit such as National Endowment for the Arts, NPR, PBS let alone tackle big hitters.

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    5. sharon twombly hiawa says:

      I have a few things to report to your club of people that think a like. Guess what? the democrats also have a whole lot of people that think a like. I would suggest that you all recall living in america includes all americans not just your club. I would like to have all of our opinions heard but the problem is only the rich clubs and people will get to talk. that is what got us in this mess in the first place. If there had been a wefare mother as the dept of spending you would have had that dollar stretched so far you could not imagine. every person that holds responsibility in government is so far removed from the lower income people you all need to stop making decisions for and to them because you all have no answers. the poor people of this country does have the answer but no one cares to hear it let alone use it. so leave us poor people out like always and you all go ahead and spend fed dollars on yourselfs cause in the last century you have proved it by your laws and rules you expect all of us to fllow like sheep but you all want to run everything. i dare you to run a poll on that subject? I double dare you? signed sharo twombly

    6. Bobbie says:

      Sharon, I'd like to understand your complaint? In America, the land of free people, government should be encouraging self sufficiency, not government dependency. Government dependency is not freedom. But you are right about democrats thinking alike as they do love and comfort all weakened cries for government's excuse to control and grow as the government will keep the weakened dependent while the actions of government goes out of their way, destroying all opportunity to be self sufficient and take away self sufficiency of those who are.

      All this mess is related to everything GOVERNMENT!

      I'll tell you the poor people living off government driving around in a Mercedes Benz (exaggerated/nice vehicle) getting free housing, going to the food shelf every week just to add to their tax subsidized food stamps, programs that pay their housing costs and maintenance etc.,just doesn't muster sense. Government isn't holding equal expectations of people. They go by skin color and immigration status and reveal government members own low expectations thereof. Not the representation America stands for!!!!

      I nor my family want anything to do with the unconstitutional acts of government and want government to have nothing unconstitutional to do with us! The actions of government will eventually force us to depend on them as the government's unlimited, outrageous expenses to coddle those that can help themselves, increases all costs to our basic LIVING necessities. Government eases qualifications for welfare dependency and they will continue for a crisis. Too many Americans allow government to speak, think and feel for them without question.

      Government isn't promoting self sufficiency, government is pampering inner weakness eliminating accountability of the weak and force obligation to the expense, on the tax payer, who is self sufficient. Sure would be the American way if all levels of income had the dignity to live self sufficiently.

      Are you really happy living off government? Wouldn't you rather the government broke open the door of opportunity they've nailed shut, so you can walk through if you choose to? So you can take it upon yourself to figure out for yourself the necessary steps to earn your own riches? Like the rich people of today, did? People work for their wealth, they weren't always that way. Why would you steal from them, when your freedom is to work for your own? I'm not sure what you mean by using the term "club" Heritage is open to all opinions.

      You say the poor has the answer but no one will hear it? Many people read comments and I'm one of you.

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