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  • Morning Bell: It's Time to Stop the FCC Internet Czars

    Imagine a future where the Internet is governed by unelected bureaucrats in Washington, DC, who rule at their own whim, regardless of legislators’ demands or judicial rule. Sadly, that future is now. Today, the Federal Communications Commission is poised to make an unprecedented power grab and assert the authority to regulate the Internet, despite opposition from Congress and a contrary federal court ruling. And while it’s a story that has gone largely unnoticed amid Congress’ big-ticket lame duck decisions, it’s a tale of unchecked government expansion that must be told.

    Meet FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski, a political appointee and Harvard Law classmate of President Barack Obama. Genachowski is leading the FCC’s charge for new powers over the Internet so it can enact a policy known as “net neutrality,” which would allow the commission to regulate how Internet providers like Comcast or Verizon offer their services. If you’re someone who is suspicious of big corporations, that sounds like a great idea. If you’re someone who is fearful of big government, take heed. In reality, the policy will limit consumer choice while granting the federal government unprecedented power over the Internet. As Heritage’s James Gattuso describes:

    The net result [of net neutrality]— a slower and more congested Internet, and more frustration for users. Even worse, investment in expanding the Internet will be chilled, as FCC control of network management makes investment less inviting. The amounts at stake aren’t trivial, with tens of billions invested each year in Internet expansion.

    There are those, too, who argue that those regulations are not even necessary. FCC commissioner Robert McDowell (who opposes the net neutrality policy) wrote in Sunday’s Wall Street Journal:

    Nothing is broken that needs fixing, however. The Internet has been open and freedom-enhancing since it was spun off from a government research project in the early 1990s. Its nature as a diffuse and dynamic global network of networks defies top-down authority. Ample laws to protect consumers already exist.

    And while the threat of unnecessary and harmful government regulation is worrisome, the way in which the FCC is pursuing its expanded powers is flat out alarming. Federal agencies like the FCC only have power as granted to them by Congress under the law. In this case, the FCC is charging forward full steam ahead, ignoring both Congress and the courts in order to act as it pleases — in effect, making the FCC commissioners self-proclaimed Internet Czars. But it wouldn’t be the first time the Commission has pushed the envelope of its power.

    In 2008, the FCC tried to enlarge its authority when it ruled that Comcast violated net neutrality rules. The Commission based its decision on a broad reading of its powers. In April of this year, a federal court smacked down the FCC’s actions, ruling that the Commission had no authority under the law. Then in May, when the FCC flirted with another set of net neutrality rules, members of Congress from both sides of the aisle stepped in and told the FCC to cease and desist until Congress took action.  And now, after a failed attempt by Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA) to muster-up net neutrality legislation in the House, the FCC is back for another bite at the apple and is ready to grant itself the power to rule. Apparently neither courts nor Congress matters to the FCC Internet Czars.

    So what can America say about it? Very little. For starters, FCC commissioners are, by their nature, unelected appointees not subject to the democratic process. And over the weekend, just before the FCC decision, visitors to the commission’s website couldn’t even access the 1,900 pages of documents pertaining to the net neutrality ruling. Ironically enough, the very Commission seeking to regulate the Internet saw its website go down due to “scheduled maintenance.” As galling as that is, it’s no more shocking than what Commissioner McDowell says we will witness today:

    On this winter solstice, we will witness jaw-dropping interventionist chutzpah as the FCC bypasses branches of our government in the dogged pursuit of needless and harmful regulation. The darkest day of the year may end up marking the beginning of a long winter’s night for Internet freedom.

    For the time being, it looks like the FCC will succeed in sinking its regulatory claws into the Internet. Now it’s up to Congress and the courts to put the FCC monster back in its cage and remind the self-proclaimed Internet Czars that the only powers it has are those granted to them by law.

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    92 Responses to Morning Bell: It's Time to Stop the FCC Internet Czars

    1. Pete Kleff says:

      Fascism is run amuck!

    2. C Hyatt, Albuquerque says:

      Yes, we need to go back to "no law shall be passed except by Congress". Congress is rapidly allowing themselves to become extinct. Where has the Republic gone?

    3. jeff holloway southa says:

      so in the U.S. we have decided to be like Venezuela,going against congress and the courts,is this not illegal,have we,as Americans,not had enough of our rights and liberties trampled underfoot.Is the government trying to start a civil uprising?

    4. Richard Cocoa Beach, says:

      When does the unconstitutional abuse of power cease in the case of this administration? No one that I know has asked the FCC to do ANYTHING; much less eliminate an aspect of free speech, i.e., free & unrestricted use of the internet..

    5. Roy L Ferree says:

      Defund the FCC!

    6. GenEarly says:

      De-fund them,revise their charter,prohibit their actions. Congress has the power, but power unused dissipates and withers away, like The Constitution itself.

    7. H Wood, Newnan, GA says:

      One liberty at a time and before you know it we will be under the total control of our so called government. Remember Russia and Germany. This seems to be the course of the present administration. Wake up people. Stand up and hold Congress accountable.

    8. redmeat, CO says:

      Defund them. If Congress strips every single dollar from their budget without exception the threat will be neutralized. Partial defunding will not work, only the complete and total zeroing of the budget.

    9. Hugh, St. Helens, OR says:

      We must campaign to remove any funding from this monster. Keep feeding them and such always turn into the wild nature of the beast devour the "owner."

    10. toledofan says:

      This is just another indication of how big the government has gotten and how out of control several of these agencies have become. The EPA is another agency that continues to overstep it's bounds and should be defunded as well. What is really at the root of all this is the extent to where the liberals will go to keep their power and thumb their noses at the Constitution. Sooner or later the Republicans need to stand and fight for the principles or the Constitution or they, will again, be made irrelevant.

    11. Barb USA says:

      Yes this government is trying to cause a civil uprising. The pushing is in the big plan. Also they have to grab as much as they can before the new Congress.

    12. Walter, cornwall on says:

      Its almost comical that a government that still has you enter WWW for their sites thinks its going to control the internet. Go for it FCC, you dopes.

    13. Tenn Slim says:

      A Review of the Leftist sites.

      "not enough FCC action, control, or impact."

      A Review of the Conservative sites.

      "Too much FCC action, control, and impact"

      As a Net Web user, I opt for:

      Less FCC Control, Less Corporate control, and Faster Net access.

      Nuff Said.

      Semper Fi

    14. Paul Wolff, Easton, says:

      What are the legal and/or legislative remedies to stop this?

    15. Hugh, St. Helens, OR says:

      Funding is the nutrition that keeps this monster growing. Such wild beasts always turn on the "master" when the master tries to control. If not destroyed through force or starvation it will destroy us.

    16. migaluchi, IL says:

      i suppose the next step is for janet of homeland security to take over the fcc as part of her hunger for big brotherness…or is it big sisterness?

      soon, i imagine, governmental subliminal propoganda will be perfected…and every store, school and home will receive messages for 'see something…say something–(or its equivalent thereof and pertaining thereto)' will innundate our children…

      sound familiar? (fill in the blank) youth groups

    17. Frank, Kingman, AZ says:

      Think of the bureaucracy it will create ! New employees to bog down the government. And it would be something we probably will never be able to get rid of. Don't let it get a toe hold !

    18. Doouble Ace says:

      Stop the Gestapo now! What's next? If we allow them to strip us of our rights one at a time at some point we will run out of rights. Congress needs to reign in these Czars and the President. The President has no power except what we allow him to have. Vote his sorry A$$ out of office. Jimmy Carter was a moron but at least he was smart enough to realize he was useless and set back and waited for his term to expire. Obviously this moron isn't that smart and we need to take action against him and have him removed or stripped of his power. If the FCC Czar is reading this he can kiss my American backside. It would be convenient for Obama if there was a civil uprising then he could declare martial law, stop any future elections etc. We need to legally remove him. That is the remedy.

    19. Ty, RI says:

      If Net Neutrality goes away, you can kiss goodbye the internet that you now enjoy. Instead, it will be replaced with one where you can no longer access netflix without paying more, but if you want to go to Comcast's version, then suuure, thats all good.

      Crying about government regulation seems ok at first glance, but it seems like you're missing the entire poin,t that the govt wants all content to be treated equally, and that no ISP can tell you where you can & cant go (or the govt. the govt is trying to protect YOUR right to choose where to go). Without NetNeutrality, all innovation & competition on the web will be squashed. I really hope you know what youre fighting against. If you're a web user, then honsetly, theres no way you can be against net neutrality.

      Dont buy into the anti-govt hype, sure big government is a bad thing, but look at the details before a knee-jerk reaction. Letting the ISPs tell me where I can & cant go, setting up toll booths & roadblocks wherever they have competition is far worse than the imaginary "big brother regulation" you think will come with Net neutrality.

      • Conn Carroll Conn Carroll says:

        You have your facys wrong. There is no government regulation now. If "Net Neutrality goes away" then nothing changes. You get to keep your Netflix! At least until the FCC takes it away from you.

    20. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      Why the surprise? Anyone with half a brain should have seen this day coming after the past two years of Obama. Why do you think Obama appointed this

      guy who just happens to be one of his classmates from Harvard Law? For his good looks and charming personality? It's because just like all of his other appointments, they are not subject to the oversight of Congress or the people

      of the United States. Obama has deliberatly put into place his "framework" of

      socialist, communist, and radicals to take power away from the people just like

      so many other thug dictators throughout history. This is not the FCC or Genachowski. It's pure Obama. What will it take before those people that love freedom and liberty realize just what Obama is and what is his final goal is for

      this nation? The people have better understand real fast that their are those in this country who call themselvies "Americans" that want to see this nation distroyed. And they have better understand that Obama was put into the White House to complete their goal they have been working to achive for almost 100 years.

    21. James - Longdrycreek says:

      Remove the money for the FCC and EPA and Education and Transportation and Energy. Starve the beasts. No other recourse, as the courts and the Democrats are unable to restrain the big cats.

    22. Al from Fl says:

      Nothing this administration does is about anything other than raw power and an abuse of the constitution. It fits the vision for America that Pres Obama has that the MSM will not discuss. Having sold America Hope and Change in 08, they're now busy selling "comeback Kid" with a blind eye to what this administration is doing to our constitutional republic.

    23. G. Hugh Bodell says:

      With over thirty Obama Czars and the election 'shellacking' given to Mr. O's agenda look forward to more of this method of 'Obama Dictatorship' in the next two years.

    24. George Colgrove, VA says:

      I think this is by far the scariest thing I have see coming from the criminal federal government. If they succeed in clamping down on the internet, those who oppose the federal government will have difficulty in raising funds and getting information out. The internet is not broken. It was not the “INTERNET” that leaked the millions of documents from the federal government – it was federal employees. It is similar to the reporting done by the ignorant drive-by-media who constantly states that it is SUV’s that caused an accident or a gun that shot a person. They never look at the “who”.

      The second thing that was frightening was going to WalMart this last weekend in Fairfax, VA. DHS in cooperation with WalMart over the last month or so has started to install federal DHS surveillance cameras in all of their stores. There had to be over 40 cameras pointed down at the front entrance and the parking lot of the department store. Inside there had to be over 50 black domes in the ceiling. I have been in secured facilities, but I feel there was more surveillance in that one store then I have seen anywhere else in my life. This is our future I am afraid. Funny thing is the neighboring Target and Best Buy and for that matter, all other stores in the plaza had nothing on their buildings. Hmmmm.

      It is becoming painfully clear the federal workers are afraid of us Americans. As reported by the Washington Post yesterday, we are now under a police state with just about everyone being watched by our federal government. They have no problem scourging our wallets and pocket books in a rage of greed for their own benefit. However, when they start using our cash to put up this kind of police state so they are protected (from what I am unsure) this is signs that the cancer has fully consumed the body.

      The feds are in a dangerous state of denial and are avoiding the truth. Their problems are inside the federal government. There is so much criminal activity and corruption within the walls of every federal office. To survive, they have to lie, they have to deceive, they have to withhold information, they have to obfuscate, they have to build high cost fortresses to further separate themselves from the people they work for. They need high pay to live in luxurious high-rise apartment building also with extensive security systems in place to even further separate themselves from the masses. The failures in this country are due to the federal government and that is due to the institutions ineptitude, their laziness, their wealth, their privilege and so on. They are a class above all and have the power to maintain that class.

      Now it seems they will go to all extents possible to protect their class. We are seeing the dawning of the full implementation of the government class that so many socialistic and communistic nations have and had throughout history. And we are seeing the police state that must be in place to protect that class. If this continues as it is, one has to start to ask, what did all of our soldiers die for. What about all the innocent lives that were lost on 09/11/01? We have become what we have fought against so many years – so many decades. What angers me more than anything else is that it is “Americans” who are imposing this government on us – people whom live side by side with us. What happen to these people to cause them to do such evil against us? This baffles me more I guess, than any of the clamping down this government seems to want to do.

      If you can get it, there was an old ABC miniseries called AMERIKA (backwards K). It was about the United States that fell from within. At the time of the movie, there was the USSR and America fell to the USSR by legislation. It was intense to watch it but I felt it was just hyperbole at the time – I was also just a kid as well. However, there are so many parallels with how the government is being run today. When they start dividing America into regions with separate “Governances” we know we have been had. The soviets to subdue America created a new reagion they called "Heartland" (north-central USA) and planted an attractive family man as the governor (Robert Urik). This guy had the logic that at least if we do this, everything will be OK – capitulation. The movie ends with the Hero, the patriotic Kris Kristofferson, being killed in a last effort to save America. It was rural “red state” Americans daring to wave the US flag that fell to the US Military led by the Governor played by Urik and run by the corrupt soviet planted government.

      The most patriotic person in the movie other than the character played by Kris was the Russian Governor of America. He was the only one who knew what the world lost. His lines were the most profound. He essentially said “you let it all go to your personal greed.” The politicians, the military, the elite and the celebrities were tripping over each other to grab what power they could garnish. To all you power players, the movie did portray the piece de resistance. Once Russia got control of America, the congress members were killed along with capital hill being burned to the ground. They staged the attack and blamed it on a patriotic militia group. One thing that dictators hate more than freedom is the people who will sell out their freedom. Why? Because they know, they will just as easily sell them out. In the end only the dictator and his personal Hench men wins.

      This year in congress we have been legislating our liberties away, one bill at a time. It may not be to Russia, it is something worse. It is our own.

      We are still in the game. To you in congress and to you in the federal government, find some morals and end this power grab now while there is still time and restore America. The winds of a US dictatorship are blowing and the scent is near.

    25. Rich - Carlisle PA says:

      Genachowski has support of like minded commissioner Michael Copps. See my post on about the FCC also making an end run at a Fairness Doctrine under the guise of Copps’ idea of “Public values test” for talk radio content.

      Time to do a “public value test” on the FCC and their attempt at Fairness Doctrine by another name

      When the calvary arrives in January these gentlemen need to be hauled before Congress and directed to cease and desist these efforts. Sent same to my Congressman and I suggest other do so as well. A copy of the email/letter I sent my Congressman is included in my post referenced above if anyone needs any ideas as to what to say to your congressman but by all means let them know what that this has to be stopped.

    26. GDRN, FL says:

      These FCC Czars who appear to only know how to act in like manner as "The One" who appointed them, need to be arrested and fired and jailed for contempt of Congress as well as contempt of court. Why is this not happening?!? Is anyone above the law? If so, I would like to know how and why they are above the law, and what good can ever come from people at any level of society being able to ignore the law and do as they simply feel like doing. Is that not what happened in Nazi Germany?

    27. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      The Internet Bolshevik Revolution begins now.

    28. Chip says:

      This is very wrong. Sadly I see no one in this or the next Congress with the backbone to stand up to the FCC. We can all call for defunding of the FCC but Obama and his gang are well ahead of the curve for any Republican /RINO to impead him completing his transformation.

      Look at the Republican turncoats today in the Senate who have slid alongside Obama for his START treaty. Obama just going to regulate his way around Congress .Until I see Darrel Issa and his committees stop this corruption of the will of Congress I will hold this opinion, I hope he proves me wrong and very quickly. Obama has had a wonderful Lame Duck session!

    29. Mary............WI says:

      Another step closer closer to facisim. Can this go to the Supreme Court?

    30. Megan Wa state says:

      keep them away they already have too much control over us as it is and just to let them know my voice will be herd weather they want it or not who I M is not dictated by those in the government but by a loving GOD now tell me would anyone on capital hill sacrifice HIS son for me to allow me to live I think not so just tell them that we as a ppl dont want them to control us just them to be behind the sceens doing the government stuff that needs done like keeping other nations away and keeping us at peace and in support of isreal

    31. Monk, Cincinnati says:

      De-Fund and Shut-Down these Departments. FCC, Energy, Education, etc.

    32. Mike R. Las Vegas, N says:

      Other than the comments here I've heard most folks say that they welcome Net Neutrality because it will keep big biz from playing favorites. That sounds innocuous enough, but a proposed regulation of 1,900 pages has to contain a lot more that.

      Government without oversight is not to be trusted as this administration has proved many times.

      That a regulation such as the "Fairness Doctrine" existed is proof enough that the FCC could easily have an agenda that is contrary to the good of American internet users.

      Congress must step in and negate this intrusion before the FCC uses this as precedence to gain further influence.

    33. VC Geezer, Virginia says:

      I question one statement: "The Internet has been open and freedom-enhancing since it was spun off from a government research project in the early 1990s." Is this when Al Gore invented it?

    34. Scott Huffman, Charl says:

      It is clear that this article is so far from the truth and skews the real reason the FCC needs to regulate the Internet. The FCC is attempting to keep the MONOPOLIES from becoming gate keepers on the Internet. The Internet was created and designed to treat all Internet Traffic the same. This argument that the Telco's won't invest is a bunch of HOGWASH. Right now, the Telco's only cherry pick the areas they can deploy broadband easier, while ignoring the rural areas of our country.

    35. Liz, PA says:

      Yes, it's long past time to stop the Internet czars, but I certainly haven't seen anyone standing up and making a real issue of it. Yes, both the federal courts and Congress have told the FCC to cease and desist, but why are they not on TV, radio and Internet making a huge deal out of what they are trying to do? Why are the opponents of this power grab just standing meekly by? If I were them, I'd be dragging Julius Genachowski in front of the cameras every week and have him to explain what so-called 'Net Neutrality' means. Then I'd have someone else explain the purpose of the FCC and why it is not authorized to be doing what it is doing.

      We cannot continue to play nice with these people. We must show at every opportunity that the real reason this is happening is because they are power-mad and are looking to destroy this country any way they can.

    36. tom walsh lubbock,tx says:

      who can we contact>? what can we do ?

    37. Sam Adams says:

      I can't imagine the FCC being allowed to insert itself into control over traffic on the Internet. First off, the Internet is International in scope and seems to me that much of it is out of the jurisdiction of the FCC. Secondly, the internet is made up mainly of fiber optic cables, the FCC is really only allowed to regulate stations transmitting over the airwaves which is what they are given control over by the Communications Act of 1934, how does the FCC arrive at being able to regulate anything that is not broadcast over the air?

      We know that Barrack Obama is totally involved in this, he, and his handmaidens want to ultimately control all that is communicated to us, the consumer. Obama can't take crtitcism very well and they have been told by "Boss Hogg" George Soros to get control of any means of communication especially that which is crtical of his agenda. That is totally what this is about, control over what we hear on the air or the net.

      You're darn right the FCC needs to be muzzled back into doing what it is mandated to do and that is to regulate broadcasting and do licensing to broadcast signals on the air, not to be starting to regulate content of the broadcast message, that is way out of their scope and needs to be looked at and determined by Congress, not a bunch of political hacks at the FCC.

    38. Wayne, Louisiana says:

      I guess that our country is finished.

    39. Bill In Colorado says:

      THey better back off…they'll have the American people on there back!

    40. Barb in WI says:

      Welcome to living in a fascist state. Congress and the courts have said no to this action before and deemed unconstitutional as a violation of free speech. Yet Obama and minions proceed this grab nonetheless. It's another stick in the eye to our Constitution and processes. Soon we will be fed the propaganda that Obama wants us to swallow. All opposition will be silenced in time with a last whimper. Conservative blogs and talk radio are the next target. We no longer live in a free country. What has happened to our Congress and Republic? Next, Obama is poised to appoint Andrew Traver as head of the ATF without Congressional confirmation. He is among the most anti-gun folks out. So as we lose our 1st amendment rights above, so too will we lose our 2nd all over the blessed Christmas season. Germany in the 1930's becomes more frightening reality replayed.

    41. Richard Chiarelli says:

      The action from the FCC, is not what those that landed on Omaha Beach and Iwo Jima, and those that are currently serveing. Certainly not me. This adminstration, to me, is more dangerous than any of our current foreign foes.

    42. Ken and Denise, Ohio says:

      Funny the solstice connection, isn't it? This may be more like the early stages of the last emergence of the old German Statist fascism than we typically realize or discuss: rising pantheism & panentheism; despising the Light & Jesus –& His witnesses, the true, Confessing Church; circumventing & usurping law & every limit 'for the greater good'; perversion of sexuality & family; the Youth Corp & the scientific 'education' takeovers with the remaking, redefining, and relocating of the locus of 'authority' …

    43. Therese Kelly El Caj says:

      Is Chavez leading our once free Country?.I am sick of,and deprssed with what is going on.A pox on all of them.Two more years of none elected pieces of you know what,and we`ll never get America back.

    44. Bebebarnett says:

      When you elect officials because of a promise or because of a media blitz at election time, you get people in congress who are more interested in their career advancement than the welfare of our country and its people. What can you expect from a congress like this one we have? Vote their record, it is not that difficult to look up a politicians record. DO NOT TAKE NETWORK TV's word on anything, especially where politics are concerned. The media are expert at manipulating the public, thats what they do…..use your brains people!!! Do a little research and you will be very surprised at what those politicians have voted and not voted for.

    45. Pastor T. J. McLaugh says:

      No to this bill!!!!!!


      the term czar has no place in AMERICA.


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    48. Henry in Illinois says:

      "How fortunate for the governments that the people they administer don't think" I am certain that I do not have to give the name of the tyrant who was responsible for this statement many years ago in Germany.History is repeating itself, but unfortunately it is happening today in America and majority of the people here DO NOT care enough to do anything about it.

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    50. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      George Colgrove – well said. Excellent post. I remember the series and VCR'd the episodes I missed. I remember the scene of the slaughter of Congress and the message it sent. For us tryanny is not far away. Those of us a little older have watched our freedoms slip away little by little. The youth of today are going to wake up as adults and realize what they once had. If only they would listen.

    51. gary bryson Fallbroo says:

      It seems to me that this administration is bound and determined to screw this country up, and do it while thumbing there nose at us. I for one am getting tired of it and if we have to clean the slate lets do it___GB

    52. Wilhelm in Arizona says:

      I was born 1936 in Cologne, Germany. Until 1945, my life was subject to the National Sozialistische Partei , (Nazzi) and now I see Our present Government in the U.S.A., applying more and more ideas of that era in an effort to control the American People……..Not only must these socialistic ideas be stopped and whoever advocates them , but we, as the People, must elect Officials who live by Our Constitution and Laws in words and deeds…..We must defend and protect our Constitution and hold our elected representatives (at any level) accountable to the oath they took — Always – ..God bless Our beautiful Country – God bless America and its People. ——-

    53. gerald skey, princet says:

      My sense is that so few people understand the internal dynamic of the Internet that much of what is written sounds like a foreign language. I do know that there is some legitimate concern that the giants in the area, AT&T, Verizon and perhaps a few others, have the financial muscle to, in effect, corner the market on broadband. Those who concern themselves with how rural areas will evolve are not crazy. So, from a perspective of fairness to all, I can understand why there needs to be a degree of oversight. However, and this holds true of virtually all regulatory bodies, the question is not whether there should be regulation but how much. And that is a question very few can answer.

    54. Wilhelm in Arizona says:

      No moderation of my comment should be required nor should The Heritage Foundation feel I was too harsh in my opinion!

    55. Redduke, Tampa says:

      None of this is a surprise. From the moment you wake up on your Federally regulated bed, listening to regulated airwaves; through your breakfast labeled in accordance with Federal regulation. The 100% control of that dollar you just spent on import regulated coffee at a Regulated franchise. You traveled to work in a finely tuned transportation system all by the good graces of your Federal Government to your job under the watchful oversight by the Government lawyers with pressure from the Unions. Your day ends with your family, happy in the comforting warmth that no matter what happens to you that food, health care, shelter and even internet access will be granted to you as a rightful citizen of the United States of America. Would make our founding fathers and ancestors proud, wouldn't it?

    56. MaryAnne Tebedo, Col says:

      Mike, if we cannot get through to the FCC on their website, with coments urging them to stay away from regulating the Intrnet, no mater the social benefit they may envision, can you find us another method to contact the proper person?

      Sure would appreciaate that.


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    59. Dwana Townsend says:

      Remember Mr. Orwell's book 1984??? Big Brother's watching.

    60. William Wallace, the says:

      It is past time to chop-down all of these agencies with no Constitutional authority. New Congress, day one, cut-off all of their funding. They won't obey Congress or the Courts, time for a smack-down.

    61. Bob Godwin, Jarretts says:

      Defund!!!!! FCC first, then EPA and then Dept of Education. This has to be done. There is so much to undue that this president has directly enabled. Outright ignoring of representative government and the public will. Sickening!

    62. JohnC. Freeport, NY says:

      I sent some e-mails to the FCC Chairman telling him I was against him messing with the Internet. Lo and Behold, I received a response from him telling me he received my e-mail and would look into it.

      Shall I hold my breath?

    63. Florida says:

      Well they passed it and every day I see our freedoms falling away faster then a politician can lie!!!

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    65. John Roane, Sarasota says:

      Wake up, we are no longer living in a Free State, this administration is only the latest of many administrations to remove our freedoms, pretty soon we won't even be free to leave.

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    67. Jim Delaney says:

      First they threaten reinstatement of the Chavez-like Fairness Doctrine, now this. These power-hungry Socialists are absolutely, shamelessly and relentlessly committed to crushing our freedoms. CONTROL is their goal. Nothing loftier than that. I'm sick of having my life and my country subjected to such tyranny by unelected neo-Marixist bureaucrats. The new Congress needs to INVESTIGATE and rake these neo-Marxists over the coals. No hold barred. This poison and these alien Czars must be STOPPED! If Congress doesn't reverse this tyranny–and fast–Americans will.

    68. Barbara Stephens, Ne says:

      Heritage Foundation: Please urge the 112th Congress to defund the FCC as soon as possible. Please urge the 112th Congress to prioritize the undoing of Pres. Obama's czardom.

      These regulations, mandates et. al stipulations by Regulators of the Executive Branch make a mockery of our laws and institutions.

      It is up to the 112th Congress to uphold our Constitution. Please use all your influence to see that this is why we elected them!

    69. Pingback: World Spinner

    70. Lee-White Tanks AZ says:

      What we are seeing here is nothing more than what should be expected following 50 years of allowing the untrammeled growth of Mussolini style Corporate Fascism in this country and abroad.The resulting Fascist structure consists of an unholy menage a trois made up of Big Business, Big unions and Big Government.

      Some examples. example:

      1. The recent collapse of our financial markets brought on by the collusion of the Big Finance Businesses and Government operated financial lending and underwriting agencies.

      2. The recent attempts by the EPA to move ahead on Cap and Trade by declaring CO2 a dangerous pollutant thus creating a need for Government control in a collusive environment of huge money transactions engendered by this blatant con.

      3. Then there is this FCC grab for the internet while government enjoyes a romp in the sack with Google. Coincidental, I think not.

      4. The current activities of the Big Government Unions like SEIUand NEA along with the conscripted UAW and AFL/CIO speak for themselves.

      The door must be slammed on these and other things like the recently passed ObamaCare bill They must be defunded, deactivated and discarded. And, the people who had anything to do with these Fascist enterprises removed from office be they CEOs or Politicians or Czars/Bureaucrats.

      These Fascist weeds must be uprooted and burned.

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    72. AD - Downey CA says:

      Boehner and Company need to zero-out the FCC budget in the FY2011 budget that has yet to be passed; and zero it out again in FY2012.

      Let them try selling pencils and apples along with the good folks from NPR.

    73. john h reed says:

      hang onto your hat in 2012 obama czars, because we will slam dunk yours using ours[conservatives] if enough people get off their comfy cushions in the next elections and vote these liberals out out out !!! think positive rr john

    74. Pingback: Sme Owner or Manager, Accounting Students, Accounts personnel | BlackBerry Bold Accessories

    75. Jerry Porter, Freder says:

      In the beginning of the 20th century the federal government began a trajectory of out of control growth and usurping of powers rightfully belonging to the states; today it has wandered far beyond its legitimate powers as specified in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution—powers rightfully belonging to the states where 'We the People' have more and better control. James Madison said it succinctly in a speech givene on June 16, 1788:

      “There are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.”

      James adison, in a speech on June 16, 1788

    76. Alan T. Fluck Sr. Ma says:

      Guys, can anything be done besides continuallly reporting on the illegal things Barack Obama and his ilk have accomplished or are trying to accomplish? We need policiticians to stand up and stop this madness. I have a socialist senator in Ben Cardin who blindly follows Obama and could not have an intelligent debate with any of his constituents and will do whatever he can to avoid that situation from arising. Our soon to be majority leader in the house has gone underground (I would assume to buy a new stash of tissues for his future interviews) and our Minority leader McConnell can't seem to garner enough support from his own party members to help him keep his promise of stopping Obama and the democrats. Would this be our Majority leader in 2012??? It is one thing to profess you will stop Obama and his socialist agenda. It is quite another thing to be able to say it and then actually do something about it. Where oh where is the outrage and the logical confrontations that would show this administration for what it is. Americans want action not words. Do it or lose it should be our new model for our party.

    77. Brian says:


      Here are some Bible verses that Pres. Obama avoids:

      Proverbs 19:10 (NIV): "It is not fitting for a fool to live in luxury – how much worse for a slave to rule over princes!"

      Also Proverbs 30:22 (NIV) which says that the earth cannot bear up under "a servant who becomes king."

      And Ecclesiastes 5:2-3 (KJV) advises: "let thy words be few…a fool's voice is known by multitude of words."

      Although Obama is not descended from slaves, he may feel that he's destined to become a black-slavery avenger.

      Or maybe an enslaver of all free citizens!

      For more on the Obamas, Google "Michelle Obama's Allah-day" and "Obama Supports Public Depravity."

      PS – Since Christians are commanded to ask God to send severe judgment on persons who commit and support the worst forms of evil (see I Cor. 5 and note "taken away"), Christians everywhere should constantly pray that the Lord will soon "take away" or at least overthrow all US leaders, including Obama, who continue to sear their conscience and arrogantly trample the God-given rights of the majority including the rights of the unborn. Do we need a second American Revolution?

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    79. Johnthew, Miami FL says:

      Wish all the commenters would quit being cheerleaders here and learn to think. Net Neutrality is a good thing.

      Companies are currently blocking certain sites, or slowing down access to certain sites so that you give up and wont go there. In effect the internet is being censured. Net neutrality would end this censureship.

      I understand ATT wants to fight this. They dont want you to be able to even see the competions ads, deals, home pages, etc from Comcast, Verizon, and letting any up and coming company get a piece fo the market. Of course Comcast feels the same way. But, we need to keep an open internet and a free competitive market, where everything you see and read is not filtered or approved by some corporation.

      Net Neutrality insures no censureship. The Heritage Foundation is wrong on this one. Where are you consertives, how about preserving our freedoms of the press… net neutrality=yes, censureship=no.

    80. Ken New York says:

      If the FCC actually grabs control of the Internet, how do we reverse their action? We must have some means of being able to openly and legally express our views without our so called Government having a need to control every aspect of our society and our lives. Now they want to monitor/control our speech as well!

    81. Pingback: Must Know Headlines 12.22.2010 — ExposeTheMedia.com

    82. Norma Leach, Ft. Mye says:

      Feedom, I have FREEDOM OF SPEECH because I live Iin a country where our Armed Forces past , presentand future fought and died forit. their blood was spilled and sealed those freedoms that gave us those rights .Anyone that comes to this country, you don't like what our country stands for, go back to where you came from, don't try to change ours !! We like it just fine the way it is, " ONE NATION UNDER GOD." GOD BLESS THE AMERICA. !!

    83. Daniel Nelson, WRJct says:

      Jeff Halloway asks "Is the government trying to start a civil uprising?" Perhaps. In fact, that would be 'required' for them to institute martial law and actually take control of our country. Do I think this will happen? Don't know. Do I want it to happen? If it's going to, let's get the show over with. But history never unfolds that way. So … one action at a time, things develope, and become "the history" of this United States.

    84. Adam says:

      It is truly amazing that 71 people can be misled by this The Heritage Foundation blog, just inside of 24 hours after it was posted. If Heritage told you the earth was flat you would believe it. You guys are too much! Nobody is taking your freedom, your liberty or your INTERNET. Your being lied to on a daily basis! Heritage and conservative media is lying to you. WAKE UP!

    85. S.Lunsford, Fayettev says:

      There are several monsters that need to be put back in their cages. We can start with the FCC and then move on to Education, National Endowment of the Arts, etc. They are nothing but money grabbers. The teachers unions are killing us. There is so much wrong with our country right now you can't even began to make a list. If the new congress doesn't make some big moves right away I am seriously thinking of moving to Australia or New Zealand. I can't believe how fast we are going down hill. I am scared to death of the future.

    86. Ken, Columbus, OH says:

      Net Neutrality: U.S. Congress – Stop funds for Czars in the Administration! Then, abolish them.

    87. GEORGE ROBBINS says:

      What will happen when Comcast tells you you can no longer receive Hulu or Netflix because they do no wish you to view their competition?

      Since when has the internet been free? We all pay a service provider for the use of it.

      What happens when Wall Street tells you what you can and can not see.

      Any one heard of the Sherman Anit-Trust Act?

    88. C Smith, Washington says:

      I thought the Federal in the FCC meant our government, , Down boys, you are treading on our Constitutional Rights, if you want to track someting, track Porn and Drug Trade and keep it off the internet. a concerned Great Grandmother.

    89. Pingback: Rep. Marsha Blackburn Promises to Undo FCC’s Internet Regulations | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.

    90. Hugh, St. Helens, OR says:

      The government has shown no restraint from taking away personal rights unless forced. The founders knew this, thus the Bill of Rights.

      I don't use, nor believe anyone should use, profanity. It is an afront to God and demonstrates a mean spirit and empty head. People get to thinking nothing produces something which becomes man and learns to think organized thoughts in an organized brain without an Organizer! I know ignorant superstition when I see it work! So I don't want government telling anyone what they can think or say. I won't read their thoughts because I don't fill my mind with poison. I certainly won't let them control my communication.

      I taught my children to believe and obey God's law and made certain they would learn how while they were young. They honor me as adults. They do it because I didn't leave their morals or education up to teachers who think that filth is thought. I would trust a skidrow bum to educate them before an empty headed Ivy League grad that thinks he knows it all but can't read the meaning of the Constitution because he was uneducated at Harvard and works for the government. He has no business telling people what is good or bad. He does not know.

      There is no place for regulation of the net among a free people. If criminal speech or pictures, as prosecutable under the Constitution, prosecute under the Constitution when a participant seeks protection. Do not over ride the Constitution. Keep out of private communication. Don't mess with U.S. Mail including on the net. HB

    91. I am glad I found this site, it is the correct information, I have beenlooking for! .?

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