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  • So Long 2010! A Happier Year for Families and Marriage in 2011?

    Throughout 2010, a series of studies and surveys did not bode well for the prospects of marriage and the family in America.

    First came a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showing that unwed childbearing has reached an all-time high. Currently, four out of 10 babies are born out of wedlock in the general population (five out of 10 among Hispanics, and seven out of 10 among blacks).

    Then came results from a collaborative Pew/Time magazine survey reporting that four in 10 respondents said that marriage is becoming obsolete.

    Most recently, research by Brad Wilcox of the National Marriage Project at University of Virginia probed further to see just where the erosion of marriage is having its greatest impact. It turns out that it is in “Middle America,” as denoted by education level (those who have completed high school but not college). In fact, regarding non-marital childbearing, divorce, and marital quality, the stats for Middle America have been steadily drifting toward those of the most impoverished and least educated sector. Sadly, that sector has felt the greatest impact of the decline of marriage, which is foundational for social and economic stability and the next generation’s prospects for the future.

    The trends away from a culture of marriage in Middle America are especially troubling, for it is this demographic that has been a longstanding bulwark of traditional values regarding marriage and the family. This was true even as, throughout the ‘60s and ‘70s, the ranks of the college-educated elite experimented with values-free sexual practices and “freeing” relationships from the bonds of commitment and responsibility. Ironically, the college-educated third of the nation’s population is now trending toward a culture of marriage and family stability as other sectors of society founder.

    Wilcox’s study, “When Marriage Disappears: The Retreat from Marriage in Middle America,” should be a clarion call to action among those who have expressed concern that the middle class has borne the brunt of the recent recession. Those who call for initiatives to enable Middle America to regain its economic footing would do well to promote policies conducive to sustainable marriage—a recognized cornerstone of financial stability and upward mobility.

    In other words, as Wilcox urged at a recent presentation at The Heritage Foundation, those in the upper-educated echelon who have turned toward a culture of marriage in their personal lives should incorporate those same values in the public institutions they influence. This would positively affect the lives of the remaining two-thirds of Americans and their progeny.

    With such a commitment on the horizon, there would be good reason to cheer the arrival of the New Year.

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    4 Responses to So Long 2010! A Happier Year for Families and Marriage in 2011?

    1. Soulf2 says:

      For thousands of years, marriage was a business transaction involving the sale/purchase of another human being (the woman). A major hit the “institution” of “traditional” marriage took was when Henry VIII imposed the “Divorce” option (1527?) into the Church of England (but women were still considered property). In the US, the “institution” of “traditional” marriage was destroyed when women received the right to vote in 1929. Keep in mind the biblical verses (especially Genesis 3:16) were used then to fight against woman having the right to vote because if politicians catered to women voters, then the “institution” of “traditional” marriage would be lost (voters don’t want to be considered “property”). Interracial marriages were also considered to be a threat to the “institution” of marriage. That too was changed in 1967 when interracial marriage became legal. Interestingly, a major reason against interracial marriage was that it would “open the doors” to interspecies marriage… Does that sound familiar? The term “marriage” is still a financial transaction, but no longer legally consists of defining a fellow human as property (although you wouldn’t know by listening to most wedding vows). I encourage everyone research the history of marriage and comment what you consider “traditional” if the real “tradition” of marriage has been destroyed almost 100 years ago

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    3. James Schools Washin says:

      I don't disagree with your statement,only with property of another. My wife and I have been married for 35 years and never once did I think she was property. Love and understanding is what keeps people together. Without love a partnership has nothing.

    4. Patrick, Washington says:

      Marriage has become just another form of transfer of wealth from man to woman. No fault divorce has been a disaster for men and a winnfall for woman. The current social/economic model is unsustainable, marriage will continue to wither on the vine. Femminists are to blame for this calaminity, but SoCon's are also partly responsible for not sticking up for Men's & Father's rights. The biggest threat to the US is not Al-Qeada, it is Femminism and Political Correctness.

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