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  • Morning Bell: The Ghost of Broken Promises Past

    Last week, on the vote to begin debate on the New START treaty, the White House got the nine Republican votes they will need to ratify it: Senators Bob Bennett (UT), Scott Brown (MA), Susan Collins (ME), Lindsey Graham (SC), Dick Lugar (IN), John McCain (AZ), Lisa Murkowski (AK), Olympia Snowe (ME), and George Voinovich (OH). So now that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D–NV) has filed for cloture, is Tuesday’s vote a foregone conclusion? No.

    This Sunday, Senator Graham (R-SC) told CBS’s “Face the Nation” that he will vote against the treaty. Graham explained his mostly procedural objections to New START: “If you want to have a chance of passing START, you better start over and do it in the next Congress, because this lame duck has been poisoned.” And Graham is not the only member of the New START Nine rethinking their support. The treaty’s preamble contains language that links our development of missile defense to Russian nuclear weapons. The White House had claimed that the language was not legally binding, so Senator McCain offered an amendment to solve the problem by just removing the language entirely. That amendment failed, and now McCain tells National Review he has not made a decision on the treaty.

    The White House is still confident that, despite losing Graham and possibly McCain, they can still muster the nine Republican votes needed for ratification. Yesterday, President Barack Obama issued a letter pledging to fully develop missile defense in Europe. In the letter, the President claims that New START “places no limitations on the development or deployment of our missile defense programs” and promises that he “will take every action available to me to support the deployment of all four phases” of a missile defense system in Europe. Senator Bob Corker (R–TN) took to the floor welcoming the President’s letter: “A number of people on our side of the aisle have asked for it.”

    These are some real nice promises that President Obama is making in this letter. But what are they worth? Did Senate conservatives believe President Obama when he said he would close Guantanamo Bay? Because it’s still open. Did these Senate conservatives believe President Obama when he said the individual mandate was not a tax? Because his lawyers have been claiming the exact opposite in court. Did these Senate conservatives believe the White House when they said the stimulus would keep unemployment below 8 percent? Because it is currently at 9.8 percent.

    Senators should keep in mind this Administration’s hostility toward missile defense to begin with. Within months of assuming office, the Obama Administration announced a $1.4 billion cut to missile defense. The successful Airborne Laser boost-phase program was cut, the Multiple Kill Vehicle and Kinetic Energy Interceptor was terminated, and the expansion of ground-based interceptors in Alaska and California were canceled. Adding insult to injury, President Obama then installed long-time anti-missile defense crusader Phillip Coyle as Associate Director for National Security in the White House Office of Science and Technologyby recess appointment. That’s right—this President not only appointed the “high priest” of missile defense denialism as his top adviser on missile defense, but he did so in a way to purposefully avoid Senate consultation on the matter. This is the President some Senate conservatives want to trust? On missile defense? Really?

    New START is a bad deal for national security at any time. The Administration still refuses to release the treaty’s negotiation records. The Congress elected last month has a far more legitimate claim to approve this treaty than the one sworn into office two years ago, despite Senator John Kerry (D-MA) saying new members don’t count. The tax rates have been frozen. The spending has been frozen. This Senate should just leave New START to the next Congress and go home.

    Quick Hits:

    • Cuba’s communist government plans to lay off 10% of the country’s workforce.
    • President Obama told Big Labor Friday: “I’m on your side.”
    • The 2010 Census will likely take away 6 electoral votes from states won by President Obama.
    • Fulfilling one of their most prominent campaign promises, House Republican leaders unveiled a new rule requiring that all bills filed in the House “cite its specific constitutional authority.”
    • The Senate has agreed to a continuing resolution that will freeze government spending at current levels through March 4th.
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    36 Responses to Morning Bell: The Ghost of Broken Promises Past

    1. George Colgrove, VA says:

      Tea Party Senator RINO Watch List :

      Bob Bennett (UT)

      Scott Brown (MA)

      Susan Collins (ME)

      Lindsey Graham (SC)

      Dick Lugar (IN)

      John McCain (AZ)

      Lisa Murkowski (AK)

      Olympia Snowe (ME)

      George Voinovich (OH)

      We need to start mounting opposition activities against these Senators. They should not win their next elections. Job one, find new replacements and start promoting them. Then raise money to get their campaigns floating.

      We should not give in to these people who will sell out this country for personal political gain. We need the flexibility to protect this country albeit in a cost effective and efficient manner. Right now we need the deterrent. To succumb to unrealistic idealism is not advisable.

      John McCain is a great example of someone who will talk the talk, but when it comes to walking the walk he can’t even crawl. By voting to continue the debate on START, he went back on everything he campaigned for in his last Senate election. Arizona was duped – and thus America was duped.

    2. toledofan says:

      So, it seems really simple to me, if this big is so good why wasn;t it passed sooner? The other part of this is why would any Republican believe or support anything this Administration says. I remember the letter the President wrote during the healthcare debacle that said no government funding would be used fopr abortions, that was like a lead balloon. I guess the point is that I'd rather we debate something like this for some time before we jump into another treaty that favors the bad guys. If we can't call a radical muslim a terrorist or an illegal an alien or jihad a bad thing, how can we expect our Leader to even know what he's gotten us into or how can we tell he negotiated from a position of strength versus weakness?

    3. LibertyAtStake, Alex says:

      "…because this lame duck has been poisoned" = why every right-thinking Senator should vote NO in the 111th.

      "The treaty’s preamble contains language that links our development of missile defense…" = why every right-thinking Senator should vote NO in the 112th.

      "Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

    4. Tom Comella, Naples, says:

      We continue to be governed by "politicians" with the morals and values of rodents. Even a dog understands the concept of self preservation; any constraints put upon missile defense (our ability to defend ourselves) is a vote for suicide–and a pact with the devil And anyone who places confidence with a piece of paper negotiated with the completely amoral and self worshipping Russians is an even bigger fool, and for sure, no student of history.


    5. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      All of those nine "Republicans" are RINO's. Voters should oust them in their next elections. They are fools. The biggest phoney has been Scott Brown. He must have learned his BS ability at the feet of Obama. No one should take Obama at his word. He has never told the truth since appearing on the political scene.

      Americans must wake up to these two-faced charlatans and take back America. After all, it is OUR Country not theirs!

    6. A redneck in Waco, T says:

      Promises, promises, promises! We've read about them, heard about them and sadly, have not seen many come to pass (though that is good in most cases here). But the promise that we seem to have accepted, though the averages of reliability are quite low, comes as a personal and ultimate promise from the Commander and Chief of our nation, "I am a citizen of the United States". With more promises of this and that, how can we be sure that he is truly a legal President when, in most states when "authority" asks for "proper ID", one must present it or face the rath of government officials and laws. I am for closed borders, legal immigration, and pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness, but if the poorest people are "required by law" to identify themselves, then who in our government has the "nerve" to do his/her duty and ask for ID from our leader? To think that he has not and probably will not identify himself, makes him a common, if not a felon criminal. Now, about the promises in the letter concerning START, who knows?

    7. Mary............WI says:

      Let the newly elected deal with this. It's nothing to be rushing through…..we're talking about defending our country.

      I would NEVER trust BO and his liberal co horts on anything. They LIE!

    8. Joseph Gerant, Boyne says:

      Fool me once—Shame on you. Fool me twice— Shame on me.

    9. Jim Delaney says:

      I am so sick of the Democratic Socialist Party and their go-along lackeys on the right. The breathtaking litany of unconstitutional, irresponsible and, yes, unpatriotic actions this leftist Administration and its Progressive minions in Congress have championed and imposed over the past two years should enrage us all. Just whose interests are these shameless socialists advancing? Certainly not America's. Senators Snowe and Collins must be retired in the next election. Maine voters, please wake up! These lovely ladies are unabashed RINOs who would gladly surrender America's security and way of life while patriotically wrapped in the flag. In truth, they're feckless, witless Progressives, only slightly less odious than their Progressive allies across the aisle. They make me sick!!!! And John McCain, our oft praised quintessential patriot, should also do us all a favor and retire. For me, his romance with Progressivism is inexcusable. When a representative no longer clearly and consistently represents the best interests of America, s/he should do the honorable thing and retire from "public service".

    10. larry elliott ashevi says:

      if we disarm america we had just a well start looking for another country to live in because what we have here will only be spoils for our enemies

    11. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      How many times and in what language must it be said and written before the

      people of this country understand that Obama is not to be trusted? How many time must people be reminded what Obama and his comrade has stated over and over again, "they will do or say anything to get their agenda passed". Joe got it right the first time. Obama is a "liar"!

    12. James - Longdrycreek says:

      Democrats may read the START treaty but the nearly 2000 Obamacare and tax bills are just too much to read.

      START needs to STOP. Restart and review and THINK. Read the notes on negotiation.

      Act as a Senate . . . "advise and consent." Rubberstamp is not mentioned.

    13. GenEarly says:

      Republicans are weenies, Constitutional Conservatives is the only answer, Quit debating "Issues" and debate whether it is a legitimate action for the Federal Government. The 10th amendment. This Treaty is a legitimate Federal action, but it is flawed as the current president is flawed, do not cooperate or approve anything from this dimicrat government.

    14. Blair Franconia, NH says:


    15. Frank, Maryland says:

      I feel that President Obama is ill equiped by training or attidude to handle our national defense. I believe he thinks America should serve a more submissive role on the world stage. And in word and deed he is trying to bring this about.

    16. Anna says:

      Believing Obama with his track record of voting "present" and his hollow words backed by no action is foolish. Anyone who votes for the Start Bill is foolish and show they believe in false promises. I guess to make it easy for themselves and look like they care.

    17. B. Hall Syosset N.Y. says:

      The old saying comes to mind. :Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice, shame on me. What about fooling us 4 times?

    18. Doug Whaley, Lake Ha says:

      A vote for START is a vote against the safety of the US. Any senator voting to approve this treaty should be and will be labeled anti-American by me. If the Republican Party cannot convince these wayward senators to vote the right way on a piece of legislation as important as this what good is it? NONE. They won't be getting any of my money. My money will be going to support anyone and I mean anyone who runs against them the next time they have to run. I already will give money to anyone willing to run against Graham. He and McCain have a history of doing the wrong thing. The rest of the liberals from New England are a lost cause already anyway. If the Republican Party had any guts it would be looking for people to replace all of them anyway. They are nothing but a bunch of worn out old women. I include Scott Brown with them. New England states along with California, Oregon and Washington are exactly alike the social democratic states in Europe now.

    19. F.D. O'Toole, N says:

      Heritage is absolutely right.

      What is the matter with the Republicans?

      For that matter, don't the Democrats care about limiting our national defense?

      Why would we sign a treaty with Russia, just one bad actor, when this is a multipolar world with many bad actors?

    20. jim smith says:

      Remember, an Obama "promise" is twice as effective as Fairy Dust, sometimes, as high as three times.

    21. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Again, China is the real concern, not Russia. The Chinese are supporters of N Korea and have supplied Iran with our military technology ("stolen" from the University of Michigan – simply ask Professor Kuafman). Where does China fit into the START treaty? Twenty years from now we will be crippled and at their mercy. Not a pretty picture for my eight year old daughter.

    22. Patriot California(b says:

      This is exactly why the people in the list above should always and forever give up any aspirations of having the title President in front of their name.

    23. Doc Hilliard says:

      "Language not Binding" ? WRITTEN "Language not Binding"?

      There ya go, Obama caught still lying.

    24. Voter, Conservative- says:

      These Republicans (in name only) are not completely stupid, and don't even believe BH Obama any more than we do. There is simply something in it for them. They are dirty sell outs. Thank you for publishing that list of names, we will just have to keep an eye on them and pressure them to do the right thing or kick them to the curb like they deserve.

    25. Roger / Clarence, NY says:

      Beware of any man with a "Silver Tongue!" First, seriously consider the source, e.g. Politicians (not to exclude a host of others outside this arena). Second, always remember that if it sounds too good to be true, then it is too good to be true. Third, "Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge HIM and HE will direct your path."

      Proverbs 3:5-6

    26. Dwana Townsend says:

      That's right. Any politician (Rep or Dem) decides to cast a vote for this Treaty are only thinking of their own personal political gain. I am so sick of bribes, back door deals, etc. If the contents of the Treaty as well as the negotiations are not fully disclosed before hand then there should be no vote at all. It astonishes me that anyone would consider letting it pass without knowing all of the facts. Whatever happened to TRANSPARENCY???? Maybe the American public at large shouldn't be privy to this information, but our Senate should have full disclosure!!

      They need to realise that this country has become more united than ever before, to fight against this very sort of thing. The message has been sent. We the People will not tolerate this sort of politics anymore!!! We the People are also saying, "We don't give a rats *** about your own political future, we want you to represent US, not yourselves or your strictly your individual states. We the People want each of you to do what is right for the whole United States, all of the people, under one nation!!!

      Kill the Dream Act as well. We need to resolve our border issues as well as the Amnisty issue first!! I am a very angry American right now, to think that our tax dollars will go to give children born in the US to undocumented workers and our own children can't have the same. Before you know it, those children will be considered ahead of our children at universities all across this country. Shame on anyone who casts a vote for this Act. We need to get our act together as a country before we consider such a thing.

    27. KC - New Mexico says:

      Agree – the list of Senators in this article need to be monitored and voted out if they do not meet the feedback and needs of the majority of Americans. Our administration is already weak with little to no leadership. Our country's defense is not something for a novice President to determine nor by just professional politicians.

      Here are two more for the list – Senators Bingaman and Udall from New Mexico will only vote the way Harry Reid tells them to vote. They do not listen to their constituents and only reply with form letters. In New Mexico, the losers will be Sandia and Los Alamos National Labs and the many employees supporting these labs.

    28. Jerry Porter, Freder says:

      Where do these Lib Demos grow anyway? With idiots like Reed and Kerry, just roll over and sign away the USA sovereignty to the Russians or any other corrupt criminal element that sanders along; then say goodbye to our hard fought tradition of liberty and freedom. My, oh my, the next two years will the most the trying and difficult this nation has faced in many, many, many moons!

    29. Paul Revere II - Bro says:

      The problem is "PC" – political castration, not 'correctness'.

      Meanwhile, MOVE ON (!) to remove BHO quickly, legally and completely.

    30. Wes Brown says:

      When you vote for nothing but lawyers what do the voters expect ?We have no broad spectrum of the population to represent us in high

      offices. just those that are trained in one profession to think a certain way …..

    31. Dan Harvey, Oxnard, says:

      If I remeber right, right after taking office, did Obama cancel the funding and indicated that the U.S. would cancel the deployment of a defense missle system to Poland that President Bush had agreed too??? If I remember right that really made the Polish government and people mad because we were leaving them hanging.

    32. Pingback: AntiObamaBlog.com » The Ghost of Broken Promises Past

    33. Ryan Colpaart, Austi says:

      The media debate is in full swing about the President’s huge lame duck session, and what it will mean for his poll numbers. Now as we sit on the precipice of the START treaty ratification, I felt it was important to glance back in the history of this President and see why exactly we are here today. A kind of struggle through the white noise if you will:


    34. Dan Christian, Bullh says:


      Some of us tried to warn the rest of Arizona about McCain, alas..we fell short. Just wait until the next time they bring up Amnesty..McCain will be right there pushing it AGAIN!! The only surprise was that McCain didn't vote for the Dream Act, but keep you eyes on him in the future.

      START is the scalpel they will use to cut of our manhood in the world of Nuclear Deterrence. "If you want peace, prepare for war."

    35. Dan Christian, Bullh says:

      Correction …..keep your eyes….

      ….. cut off our …….

    36. Dale R. Suiter - Atl says:

      Senator Scott Brown received national support and was successfully elected – because the nation wide support. He lied – flat out – no middle ground! I urge the Republican Party in Massachuetts to support and Republican in 2012. Scott Brown is in lock step with Senate Democrats. His possition on the military is an insult to the line grunt. He betrayed them. This guy has no longer has a moral right to lead men in the military! He has been an elected disaster for freedom in American. He must be sidelined via the vote. I urge Americans that love freedom to support his opposition in the next Massachuetts senate election. Better and honest Democrat than a liberal in Republican Clothing.

      Dale R. Suiter

      Atlanta, MI

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