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  • VIDEO: Senator Kerry to Incoming Senators: "You don't count."

    Today on the Senate floor, John Kerry (D-MA) informed 15,304,498 voters from 16 states that their democratic voice is better left unheard. Kerry’s remarks came during a speech in which he urged the ratification of the ill-conceived New START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) with Russia. Kerry and other Senate liberals are striving to ratify the treaty during this winter’s lame duck session, the last chance for Senators who have received their walking orders from the voters to pass the kind of legislation that got them kicked out of Washington in the first place.

    In a recent Heritage Foundation report, Dr. Matt Spalding writes, “the ratification of New START by a lame duck Senate would not only ignore the message sent by voters in November but also break a significant precedent, consistent with the principle of consent, maintained by Presidents and Congresses since the passage of the Twentieth Amendment in 1933.”

    Kerry seems to take a different view. Today he remarked on the Senate floor, “[the incoming class of Senators] may have been elected in this election, but they haven’t taken part in the year-and-a-half-long effort of preparing to deal with this treaty. Every Senator here has. All 100 of us walked up to the well, raised our hands and swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States, and that constitution gives us the specific responsibility of advice and consent on a treaty.” Kerry seems to forget that many of his colleagues have felt the other edge of the democratic sword: voters have already spoken on what they think of those Senators’ ability to fulfill their oaths. Senators only have power over the people so long as the people give them power. When the people have spoken against their representatives and replaced them, those that remain would be wise to respect both the Constitution and the American people it protects by allowing the incoming Senate to decide this crucial issue.

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    48 Responses to VIDEO: Senator Kerry to Incoming Senators: "You don't count."

    1. Terry, Texas says:

      What a gift it would be for the taxpayers, if Senator Kerry could spend 5 years as a regular Joe, snagging their own jobs, performing them and being paid what they are worth. Being paid what you are worth is a foreign concept in government.

      However , Kerry probably thinks he's worth a few thousand regular Joe's. He hides his yacht to avoid taxes, while telling us we don't pay enough.

    2. Nancy, FL says:

      Excuse me Mr. Kerry, you stated that you all took an oath to uphold Constitution of the United States well you haven't been doing that.

      Another point I would like to make is you have a problem with newly elected Representatives (their election should tell you something doncha think?) You say they are not Senators because they haven't been sworn in yet WELL then explain to me how terrorists are given rights under OUR CONSTITUTION when they aren't Citizens???????

    3. Mr. Apathy from Mars says:

      You tell them Lerch!!!

    4. Carol, San Diego, CA says:

      The Heritage Foundation is ignoring the wishes of the current Secretary of Defense and all of the Joint Chiefs of Staff by advocating for a delay on the ratification of this treaty. It is your organization that is being obstructionist and out of the mainstream. This treaty is "ill-conceived" in YOUR opinion only. Most foreign policy experts are advocating for its ratification – now.

      In fact, ratification of this treaty is way past due because certain Republican members of the Senate have been deliberately delaying going to debate on the treaty.

      Senator Kerry is right. This treaty is the business of THIS Congress. Their term does not expire until noon on January 3. They have time to complete debate on this treaty, as all of the senators have had access to its contents since April. It was voted out of committee in September. It's time to take action.

    5. Bobbie says:

      It's funny, senator Kerry, that you and 100 others, would work on a matter of protection and safety of America and lives of people for a year and a half, yet you rush it through a Lame Duck session? hmm… It's real funny how democrats uphold the American Constitution when it's at their convenience, otherwise they uphold everything but the Constitution. It's funny how you would want it rushed through and trusted instead of respect the dignity of others to want to take the necessary time for assurance to the people since democrats represent something other than America and haven't been trusted for over two years. EXAMINE THE TREATY FOR THE PROTECTION OF AMERICA. too many representatives, have much up their sleeves…

    6. Chris , Baltic CT says:

      If you take the first 2 letters of John Kerry's first and last names, you get JOKE. He is a sick joke.

    7. Jay Hill, Massachuse says:

      John Kerry is an embarrassment to the United States – he needs to retire now!!!!

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    10. Dick Mc D, Glen Elly says:

      The arrogance of this man is astounding. Massachusetts, you deserve better!

    11. Dick Mc D, Glen Elly says:

      The arrogance of this man is astounding. Massachusetts you deserve better representation. Jay Hill's comment hit the target dead center.

    12. Forest Wilson, Flori says:

      I look forward to the day Senator Kerry Doesn't Count! Maybe when he has to run to save his Seat, he will find out who counts. How arrogant can a Politician get? Has he forgotten we are governed by consent? He does not have mine, along with the vast majority of the current Congress. Forest Wilson.

    13. Pragmatic in Texas says:

      Of course foreign powers want the treaty ratified now – because it has no teeth. It gives all the power to Russia, with none for the United States.

      I really would prefer a Russia who still respected the U.S. They and most of the other foreign powers have zero respect for this administration. It's Deja-Vu all over again – 1977 to 1981.

    14. Dick Mc D, Glen Elly says:

      The arrogance of this man is astounding. Massachusetts you deserve better representation.

    15. Carol, San Diego says:

      By the way, the 2010 election did not give new and old Republican Members of Congress any sort of mandate on foreign policy. That election was about the economy and seniors wanting Republicans to protect their Medicare from ObamaCare reforms.

      The type of foreign policy advocated by Heritage Foundation was defeated in 2006 and in 2008.

    16. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      What else would you expect from someone that lied about not only his service in

      Viet Nam, the medals he fraudulent received, the actions of brave troups, but the fact that he is one of Obama biggest lackeys that has the same agenda.

    17. Timothy Schiel, FT. says:

      Nice to hear Senator Kerry is concerned with upholding the Constitution. Where was that concern when it was time to establish a budget? He didn't seem to have a problem putting aside that constitutional requirement for election concerns.

    18. Mike Gabel. Westfiel says:

      Senator Kerry – cease and desist.

      Go home and enjoy Christmas with your family.


      We the People


    19. Dee Glover Virginia. says:

      Well now Senator Kerry, We the people have spoken and you have been put out to pasture so best you go now….We the people do not want this NEW START it is a BAD THING FOR OUR COUNTRY…………………

    20. Greg Clements, Round says:


      Please explain to everyone how limiting our ability to both defend ourselves against, and respond to a nuclear attack is a good idea. The START treaty assumes that Russia is our biggest concern, and they are not. If it covered every country that has nuclear weapons, or is developing those weapons, then it would make sense, but as it stands, it does not. The "experts" that support this are pasifists, and pasifism has never worked, and never will.

    21. Dennis Georgia says:

      Anything that kerry is behind is bad. It is hard to believe that he is a senator, the people of Mass. should be ashamed for having him as a senator.

    22. William Boring says:

      Thank you Mr. Country Club Kerry for knowing that the newly elected senators are NOT Part of your do what you please club ! EXCUSE US !!

    23. G. Law JR, TEXAS says:

      "To seem, rather than to be…" This is Mr. Kerry. John Kerry is an elitist, patrician-poser living off the wealth accumlated by his wife's (wives?) dead husband(s). He is a disgrace. [required disclaimer: John Kerry served in Viet Nam]

    24. Steve Sapp, Jacksonv says:

      Mr. Kerry, Every Citizen has the right to weigh in on this treaty or any matter befor Congress! You and your colleages seem to forget this. We the people have spoken and, in your arrogance, you choose to ignore us; Your Senate seat along with many others will be next.

    25. Bree says:

      THIS congress has done more to destroy this U.S.A. than any before.

      Kerry needs to get on his yacht and hope the Russians don't blow him out of the water.

      Who among us wants to trust the countries who want to destroy us, Russia among them. We have a naive president with a fairytale dream.

      I pray the Senate stops this New Start treaty. It is not worth the power to blow it to kingdom come.

    26. Dinah Garrison Fairb says:

      Are you certain about the Joint Chiefs of Staff? I think there might be a bit of "the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth" involved in that statement. And since the House and Senate have both been heavily controlled by the Democrats, how on earth can this be the fault of Republicans? Have you read the treaty? Did you see what we are giving away? What are we getting? Even the Russians have said openly they have the ability to make changes that we keep hearing are forbidden and controlled by the treaty. This needs much more study at the very least. I don't see how we can possibly give away any more of our defense. Remember when the President cancelled the missile defense in eastern Europe? In return we got Russia's effort to control Iran's atomic development. That went well, didn't it? Who went into Iran and helped them set things up?

    27. Indy Voter says:

      Advise and consent does not mean rubber stamp as Sen. Kerry has implied in some of his comments. There is no reason to rush this through in December. I have called my senators and urged them to wait until the 112th, Americans have had enough jammed through without proper time to read documents and debate.

    28. Marnott, Tx says:

      The liberals of the ilk of John Kerry would have us denounce and divest every vestige of sovereignty of the United States of America. Apparently they make more money in a global economy with the U.S. delegated to a subservient role among the nations so that is what they will pursue. I do not believe in the religious, moral, political or civic views of most of the rest of the world. Why should I want to join them and trash the "One Nation under God" that I know and love? The best offense is a good defense. God bless America and protect her from all enemies foreign and domestic.

    29. Sandy, UT says:

      Senator Kerry you got a lot of nerve telling the new congressional leaders they don't count. If your wife Teressa and Sugar Momma ever sobers up long enough to see what you're really about your lifestyle and HER money will come to a screeching halt.

    30. AWM -NW Indiana says:

      Bargaining with the Soviets? With our defensive capabilities on the table?

      Seems to me, that would be like negotiating with one of the enterprising criminal groups/gangs found in the urban areas of our country…

      They will promise not to steal our cars, or break into our homes, if we would just promise not to lock our doors….or have dogs….or guns….and by the way, could we leave the keys in the ignition, too?

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    32. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Sen. John Kerry served the Foreign Interest in Vietnam, he went to Congress and continued to serve the Foreign Interest. I don't remember Kerry coming clean and telling us "Yes, we intend to fundamentally transform America into a Communist Dictatorship and puppet to the New World Order!" He didn't say that, but really he did little but embarass his fellow soldiers! I don't call being a stooge for Karl Marx distinguished service of his Country! All these DINOs are pathelogical liars. It is perfect that this piece of work Kerry does the sell job for the Russians! How revealing!

    33. SV Larson, Illinois says:

      This video illustrates why it is imperative that lame duck Congresses be totally eliminated. They were once necessary because difficult travel delayed newly elected members of Congress from getting to Washington, DC. That problem no longer exists. The newly elected can now get there within hours. Let's get rid of lame duck sessions, period.

    34. Stephen, Wilmette Il says:

      For those of you inflamed about Sen. Kerry's "remark" that "You don't count," he never said it. That's the interpretation of whomever wrote this post. Just look at the embedded video clip.

      Yes there was an election last month. And, yes, the Democrats, in the president's words, got a "shellacking." But according to the Constitution, the members of the 111th Congress remain in office and responsible members of the legislative branch until January 4, 2011. Government does not grind to a halt and members who were legally elected in 2008 don't suddenly become legislatively impotent or irrelevant just because the political tide has turned.

      As Sen. Kerry said, it is the members of the 111th Congress, specifically the Senate, who have held many hearings (20) and been briefed repeatedly about New START (including while the treaty was being negotiated). The responsibility to ratify or reject the treaty is theirs.

    35. Robert, Edmonton Alb says:

      Can someone in the media please ask Kerry or other supporters; If Russia is our friend and not a threat to us why would they suddenly start (pun intended) to re-arm and re-build their strategic weapons against the US if they don't get this treaty?

    36. Denise, Utah says:

      John Kerry is pompous!

    37. Dee, Ventura,Ca says:

      John Kerry, you and your friends are mentality ill! You hate this country and all it stands for? Go somewhere else and live in the tyranny you seem to love and embrace. We the People love Liberty and will fight for it like our forefathers did.

    38. Norma in Nebraska says:

      Don't you just love it when the Progressives bring up the Constitution when they need to reinforce that they have the "authority" to do something; then they throw it back in the drawer under a pile of dusty papers until the next time they need to use it as their shield??? Or how about when they rail against a bill they don't want because the deficit is too high and the expense of the bill is not paid for . . . where was their concern for the past two years while they were racking up trillions of dollars of debt???

      Shame on you, John Kerry. Those newly elected senators, without having sworn to uphold the Constitution, are MORE reliable than the self-serving officials they will replace. So go cry a river of tears for the next two years will be a new ball game!!!

      Thanks to the tea party, we conservatives will live to fight another day!!!

    39. Norma in Nebraska says:

      For two years the Democrats held the power in the Senate, the House and the Presidency. They could have passed this bill anytime in the past two years that they chose, and yet they didn't!

      One has to ask the question . . . WHY??? If this treaty is the best thing since sliced bread and our world will end tomorrow if we don't pass it today, what have we been waiting for? I would say that there must be a significant number of Democrats – will wonders never cease – that have reservations about this treaty as well or it would have been done by now!!! That should tell us all something.

    40. Tom Driscoll Lyman M says:

      kerry has an agenda of his own but is so screwed up even he does not know what it is. I wonder if he thinks the "Constitution" is the ship in Charlston. I doubt if he has ever read past the 4th or 5th line.

    41. RDJ,KY says:

      John the hard cold truth is if this problem does settled its gonna end up in our backyards…………..Do we really want this to happen ? Wake up Johnny boy .Ky has had enough non-sense. No matter what is you and your follower's try do change it will ot work. We the people want uor coontry back. Back the way it used to be back in the old days…………………. P.S. John Ky made the VOTES this last time and our country heard us, every vote counts and they should be counted for ! geee grow up !

    42. Linda J. Sullivan, K says:

      Kerry and Reid have both recently stated that the Constitution gives them the right to govern however they wish. Obviously the American people are too stupid to realize that these elites are far better equiped to determine our destinies than we are, we don't even need to know how they came to the decisions that they did. As a resident of Mass., I am ashamed of the majority of our elected officials and the corrupt way they do business here in Mass. Kerry is right about one thing the majority of residents here don't pay attention to what is going on around them (A liberal mental disorder I suspect) that is how Kerry and his ilk continue to get re-elected.

    43. Don Lanpher........ says:

      Truly amazing, the caliber of this man besmirching a seat in the senate. I wish the federal goverment had shut down over Bush's tax cuts….went home and not come back…….Power to the states……Power to Prosper

    44. Nicholas says:

      In Missouri, Harry Truman ran for the Senate. My grandfather helped and was a close friend of the family. He returned and said this of being in the

      Senate," The first two years, I wondered how I got there, the second two years I wondered how every one else got there." Kerry is a good example, look at how many men and women are there because of "daddy". Dodd, Kennedy,Murkowski,Gore, this is not a total list but the House has a list as well. Beyound the list, look at the type of people they represent. Horse D…….

    45. Lyle Ware says:

      Many have forgotten that John Kerry visited with the viet cong in Paris, and turned on his own American Service Men while the conflict was going on. He in effect gave himself a purple heart for being injured by a blown up bag of rice. He gave false witness at a congressional hearing describing items that never happened in the war. Yet the people of Boston keep him in office along with other that are sicking to most Americans. He is a lier of major proportions and it comes easy to him. No it is John Kerry that shouldn't count, and he should be labeled correctly. Traitor!

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    48. Great American, Flor says:

      Unfit for Command.

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