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  • UPDATED - NEW VIDEO: Pork-filled Spending Bill Just More of the Same

    Update – 9:00PM: Earlier this evening, Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) decided against proceeding with the omnibus bill, promising instead to pursue a short-term continuing resolution.

    As we reported this week, Congress is considering a new $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill. This 2,000 page monster is the result of a refusal by Congress to pass a budget and a partisan desire to bind the hands of the next Congress with an expansive spending bill rather than a short-term continuing resolution. Sen.  Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) office has demonstrated how a simple, one-page spending bill could suffice. But despite a sharp rebuke of out-of-control spending from voters during the last election, and promises from President Obama himself, members of Congress are determined to push forward.

    Our short, new video highlights President Obama’s own promise after last year’s $410 billion omnibus bill that he does not support the very sort of massive spending bill that the White House is now endorsing.

    Please take a moment to watch the video and share it with others. Yet another bill that increases spending, funds Obamacare, contains nearly 6,500 earmarks, and generally pushes our nation further into debt is not what we need.

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    7 Responses to UPDATED - NEW VIDEO: Pork-filled Spending Bill Just More of the Same

    1. Bobbie says:

      Why can't this be stopped? The American people are not FOOLS! But the American people want the FOOLS held accountable, WITH REPRIMAND! He sets standards so no business can conduct in the private sector otherwise known as destroying the ability to build an America where freedom, opportunity, prosperity, and civil society used to flourish! This is deliberate as there have been many common sense, logical, well thought solutions he dismisses or agrees to but not without throwing more in the mix that trumps the intent. He lies, cheats and steals. He puts more burden here and a free ticket there. NO PORK. OPPORTUNITY! He needs to be stood up to. America needs protection and the door of opportunity walked through by the people, not nailed shut by government WASTE WORK!

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    4. clarence clark pough says:

      why every time a budget is put together everyone in the house and senate have add something to the bill. to help get our people back to work we have to start making budgets that by the bills not go into someone pocket who gave money to elect some one in office. another thing we should is get our boy home and stop the killing.(that would save a lot of money) fight the thirst on the hole country they are hide in. have you people who voted in office not seen the writing on the wall we the voters want a change on pork spending, cut the money sent to other countries by 25% and that would help save a lot of money also. make the fat cat prove to us the people whose grandchildren will be pay the interest on the money gave to them, that they are using it for what it was lent to them that is so they stay in business and to they the big shots of these companies big fat checks and big parties. we have people who don't have enough money to live even if they are working two or jobs per family. also the people who are retired and have a fixed income i don't see any help for them,on cola for the second time in a roll, then i hear the government wants 15 cents a gallon for gas where to they get the money to go and by their food. i could go on there a lot thing i know i have missed but we the common people are p—-d off and will have to make the changes by voting everyone out of office and if they don't to their jobs vote them out too…. clarence m. clak

    5. Andrew, Washington D says:

      Why does it matter how many pages are in the omnibus bill? Clearly it will be large due to the amount of programs that it needs to address. Why do conservatives use the size of bills as a means for denigrating them? It is a transparent rhetorical device.

      • Brandon Stewart Brandon Stewart says:

        This Congress neglected its responsibility to create a budget, opting instead to try and pass a massive spending bill filled with pork at the very last minute. Pointing out its size may be rhetorical, but it doesn't change the fact that it was a bloated, irresponsible bill. And considering that it was pulled by the Majority Leader, we weren't alone in thinking so.

    6. Carole Miller Baltim says:

      Where can I find what all was in the bill for 9/11 first responders .I know there was much more to the bill but cant find the truth. I need to respond to the Libs on FB

      thank you if you can help.

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