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  • UPDATED: Senate Omnibus Bill: Nearly 2,000 Pages of Runaway Spending and Pork

    As recession-weary Americans continue to tighten their belts, not even trillion-dollar deficits can persuade Senate Democrats to stop their spending spree. In a single 1,924-page bill—which was crafted in secret and will be voted on before anyone has read it fully—Congress is set to spend a staggering $1.1 trillion on discretionary programs for fiscal year (FY) 2011, plus an additional $160 billion in emergency war spending.

    To put this in context, non-emergency discretionary spending has already surged by $217 billion (25 percent) in the past three years—plus an additional $311 billion from the failed “stimulus.” Rather than pare back those unsustainable spending hikes, this bill would pile on a $17 billion increase that exceeds even the House’s massive spending bill.

    This is exactly the kind of secretive, pork-laden, massive spending bill that induced a voter revolt last month. This brazen rejection of transparency and fiscal responsibility is a major reason why federal spending has soared to $30,000 per household (a post–World War II record of nearly 25 percent of the economy) and created trillion-dollar deficits as far as the eye can see.

    The Ugly Details

    The Senate omnibus bill’s offenses go well beyond its overall cost and size. It would spend more than $1 billion to begin implementing the unpopular and unaffordable Obamacare law, which a federal court has ruled unconstitutional. The bill also includes a number of anti-energy policies that make it unnecessarily difficult to tap into America’s domestic energy supply, wastes $1.5 billion in taxpayer dollars on climate change initiatives, and defunds activities for vital nuclear waste storage at Yucca Mountain.

    And, in what has become a grand holiday tradition, the Senate stuffed the bill with more than 6,000 earmarks, including:

    • $450,000 for the World Food Prize in Des Moines, Iowa;
    • $500,000 for the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate in Boston;
    • $100,000 for YouthCare in Seattle;
    • $550,000 to rehabilitate Beacham Street in Massachusetts;
    • $300,000 to renovate the Josephine Bakhita House in Wilmington, Delaware;
    • $150,000 to renovate the Tibbits Opera House in Michigan;
    • $500,000 for streetscaping in Porter County, Indiana;
    • $200,000 to install solar panels at the Community Food Bank, Inc., in Arizona;
    • $700,000 to reconstruct Norwood Drive in Pennsylvania;
    • $500,000 for Denver Bike Sharing;
    • 100,000 for the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway Transportation Museum in Columbus, Mississippi;
    • $3.5 million to research Formosan Subterranean Termites in New Orleans;
    • $1 million for peanut research in Athens and Tifton, Georgia;
    • $500,000 for oyster safety in Florida;
    • $600,000 for the Lewis and Clark Legacy Trail in North Dakota;
    • $750,000 for the Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail Project in California;
    • $125,000 to develop a walking trail in Mississippi;
    • $2 million for an Ice Age National Scenic Trail in Wisconsin;
    • $250,000 for Pigeon Point Lighthouse in California; and

    While fully funding Obamacare and earmarks, the Senate once again failed to find to room to adequately fund defense. This risks leaving our troops ill prepared to defend the nation at home and abroad.

    What Congress Should Do

    Congress should end the era of massive, pork-laden omnibus spending bills and finally bring runaway spending under control. They can start by passing a continuing resolution that (at the most) freezes FY 2011 discretionary spending at the FY 2010 level. The next Congress can then immediately get to work enacting rescission bills for 2011 to cut spending and adequately fund defense and quickly move to writing a responsible FY 2012 federal budget.

    In the meantime, the FY 2011 continuing resolution should be one page long, stating that current spending levels shall continue. Prior to a vote, the Congressional Budget Office should verify that the bill does not (a) shift funding to new Democratic priorities, (b) include advanced appropriations binding future Congresses to spend money, or (c) include unrelated government expansions and regulations. Anything less represents a return to the irresponsible politics of usual and continues the federal budget down the road to crippling deficits and tax hikes.

    Update: The Heritage Foundation has posted the full text of the bill.

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    96 Responses to UPDATED: Senate Omnibus Bill: Nearly 2,000 Pages of Runaway Spending and Pork

    1. John Gillen, Mount H says:

      Cut out the pork and earmarks.

    2. Roger Kirchner Eflan says:

      Why are you ( the house/Senate ) treating us this way? For heavens sake enough is enough with all these earmarks and pork spending. Just remember all voting records all available so we will know in 2012. If you think this is threatening, think again, its a promise!!!

    3. Rick Lane says:

      Will you find out the names of the senators who submitted earmarks and publish them on this website?

    4. Ray Stephens says:

      Congress still has not received the message from last November!!!


    5. Ray Stephens, St. Lo says:

      Congress still has not received the message from last November.

      Stop the spending – - we are broke now and into the future.


    6. Noel Sunderland says:

      My question is this doesn't the House have to approve spending first before it goes to the Senate ?

    7. Paul Baioni says:

      Kill the whole bill. Now we see where they want to spend the $800B they want to steal from the taxpayers. They don't understand that its not a revenue problem for the government, its a spending problem. Weiner on Hannity last night proved that. Never did he address the spending problem. All he could do was argue that the government needed more money and "THE RICH" should want to pay it… its the only patriotic thing to do… don't you love your country… aren't you thankful for what is has enabled you to accomplish, yada, yada, yada? Republicans must be tougher on spending… really tough.

    8. Wak1 baltimore, md. says:


    9. Dave - Manteca, Ca says:

      Can they get any lower? Probably. They're Democrats.

    10. Hubert m Blanchard j says:

      NO MORE EARMARKS! NO MORE EARMARKS! NO MORE EARMARKS! NO MORE EARMARKS! NO MORE EARMARKS! NO MORE EARMARKS! What is so hard to understand about this. The people voted in Novemvber for NO MORE EARMARKS! Do not vote for this bill. Wait until the New Congress if you have to. Call THEIR bluff.

      Hubert Blanchard

    11. Russ in Anchorage AK says:

      How can a person find out how each of the 100 Senators voted on this bill and all bills for that matter?

    12. Matt Stull, wa says:

      it's the tax payers money not theirs enough is enough

    13. Bobbie says:

      None of this should be put on taxpayers. The cost goes to those that use their free will to choose these things. The free market has to run without government or FREEDOM IS GONE!

      Earmarks promote nothing but government wastes of tax payers money for unions, temporary work, uncertainly, inefficiency and results in government: overreach AND desperation when the jobs are done.


    14. Bobbie says:


    15. Marge says:

      necessary services only

      cut the pork

    16. Lee Garlan Tx says:

      The Republicans should do whatever is necessary not to allow this Bill to pass with earmarks.

      The deceit of Harry Red and the Democrates should be recorded and used to defeat them in 2012. Do not allow the Democrates to demagogue and seduce the republicans. Shut the government down through the holidays, don't we believe in a smaller limited government? Man up and defeat this Bill!

    17. Lyn says:

      All this is, is payback to the American voters for throwing the worthless bums out onto their collective asses! I can only imagine what would be happeneing if they had remained in their positions… Can't wait for January

    18. Fast Eddy in San Fra says:

      " Fifty miles south of San Francisco, you can relax in a hot tub with panoramic views of the Pacific, and then fall asleep gazing up at one of the tallest lighthouses in America. This one-of-a-kind getaway is available only at the Pigeon Point Lighthouse Hostel. …" – Added Pork: "$250,000 for Pigeon Point Lighthouse in California" … Been there, done that, doesn't need it.

      "[Monterey County] Transportation Agency [already] provides approximately $1 million from state and federal funds each year for bicycle and pedestrian projects, which are constructed by local agencies. …" – Added Pork: "$750,000 for the Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail Project in California" … on top of existing, reoccurring state funding from bond issues of years ago.

      "$450,000 for the World Food Prize in Des Moines, Iowa …" – so long, and thanks for all the fish.

      "$500,000 for the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate in Boston" – should be put into that Big Dig hole and buried with the rest of the clan.

      "$550,000 to rehabilitate Beacham Street in Massachusetts …" – It's the Boston Metro bus service yard! Fed subsidies on top of state, county and city subsidies!

      "$500,000 for Denver Bike Sharing …" – Free bicycles for Fat Tire beer drinkers?

      "$3.5 million to research Formosan Subterranean Termites in New Orleans …" – please explain this?

      …. WTF?

    19. Maureen Hannley, Tuc says:

      Who's holding whom hostage now?

    20. scott moore choctaw says:

      we must keep this monstrosity from passing . i also say lets call ol harrys bluff and shut it down . NO MORE SPENDING

    21. MJF, CT says:

      We should call the Democrats to task and let the government shut down! Funny, the only place you even hear about all this pork is through Heritage and Rush. Where is the news media? How is the rest of America going to hear what the terrorist Democrats are doing in their last hours? The Democrats are like spoiled children who are not getting their way so they are stamping their feet. Unlike a spoiled child, however, the Democrats are costing all of us our futures!

    22. Jim Andresen says:

      I am looking for a complete list of earmarks. Could you report a link to the sorse.

    23. Mark, Texas says:

      There you have it America. Same Song, Different Band Members.

      All this talk of Change in 2006, talk of yes we can in 2008, talk of change again in 2010.

      It Does Not Matter Who is Running Washington. Waste, Fraud, Coruption, Lies, Secrecy, Deceit.

      The entire system is broke. We need massive changes.

      We need term limits.

      We need the lobbyist run out of Washington.

      We need more than a two party choice.

      We need a revolution of the mind.

    24. Paul R. Erickson:. says:

      What ever happened to the balance of powers, Checks and balances between the 3 branches of government? Although the Executive and Legislative branches are in cahoots to pass this monstrosity. Where is the Judicial, where is the Supreme Court's say in this? Although traditionally the Judicial branch doesn't get involved in crafting and passing legislation, the Judicial branch IS RESPONSIBLE for enforcing and upholding the U.S. Constitution! Whenever and wherever it's attacked!

      Where is their voice in this matter? Shouldn't the Judiciary come out of the shadows and declare this whole process Unconstitutional? Who is left to defend the foundational roots of our law as embodied in the Constitution, if the Judicial branch doesn't? The Judiciary branch has lost it's voice and chooses to remain mute, Where's the pressure to get the Judicial branch to stand up to the Executive and Legislative branches. It is too late once the bill is passed by Congress and signed by the President. Where is the Judicial review? The voice of the Judiciary must be heard, The U.S. Constitution is under assault and must be defended by the only remaining branch of government, The Supreme Court, the Judiciary, before this is allowed to go any further!!

    25. Nassau County Civic says:

      It is apparent that many in Congress failed to get the message of the November elections. The blind effort of Senator Reid and House Speaker Pelosi to ram through a reckless fiscal redistribution scheme validates who they really are, arrogant socialists. Considering their extremist social policy, the Dream Act, Repeal of DADT and the START treaty, their utter disregard for the institutiions of America move dangerously close to line between policy differences and evil.

    26. Robbie Burns, Macon, says:

      When will the Republicans get some guts and put a stop to this? Why did DeMint back down on the reading of the bill and McConnell not tighten the screws? Would like to know which Repub Senators and eventually, Reps, ended up voting for this. I'm so sick of these people that do not have the courage to stand up for the people!

    27. Andy, San Diego says:


    28. Tony Bonaro, Palm Sp says:

      Is it possible to examine all the earmarks to see which law-makers are supporting which earmarks? I'm sure my math is a little off but it seems the earmarks listed equal about 1/10 of 1% of the Omnibus bill. Please show us a break down by district or party so we know which crooks to vote out of office.


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    30. James Holt Henderson says:

      Wasn't the message sent in the last election clear enough ? Cut out the pork, stop the earmarks, do ONLY what the Constitution calls for the Fedral Government to do and NOTHING MORE. Thank You

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    34. alyce goldstein- New says:

      If this bill is passed may both political party members be voted out of their seats in Congress. "We, the people" are being robbed by the biggest thieves around!

    35. Bob Carr, Downingtow says:

      I am appalled that, in the aftermath of the elections, such a bill should even be contemplated, much less introduced and discussed. I realize that there are legitimate concerns about a government shut-down in the absence of a spending bill, but any legislator who does not (at the very least!) insist that the earmarks be eliminated from the proposed bill has no business in the Congress. I do not comprehend how some of our representatives and senators sleep at night, or look at themselves in the mirror without shame.

    36. Owen Rockett, Rayvil says:

      Senator Reid and Speaker Pelosi, we would much rather know what is in a bill before it's voted on than afterwards. And no, we are not kidding when it comes to the Constitutionality of it.

    37. Owen Rockett, Rayvil says:

      Obviously, they just aren't listening!

    38. Bob Peck says:

      The democratic congress is out of touch with reality. They view the American taxpayer as the golden goose. There will be no stopping the stupid spending in this country. Our society will be in a slow decline due to the excessive spending and lack of leadership from congress. I truely feel sorry for the next two to three generations…Life liberty and the persuit of happiness is being erroded away by the liberal democrats in congress.

    39. Bob Hickstein says:

      Remember this treachery and don't reelect ANYBODY!!!

    40. W. Brewster, Boston says:

      Comment for Brian,

      In your research look for some sort of economic development grant to American Samoa in the tax bill…I think there is one there….I also remember something similar in the major Stimilus Bill of $787 B earlier this year. Perhaps relative to relief from minimum wage legisation or the like… I am very suspicious of anything going to America Samoa because it is usually aimed at helping Starkist Tuna, who is a major employer and operator there. My issue is that I believe that Starkist is owned by DelMonte and one if Del Monte major shareholders is Paul Pelosi, husband of the Speaker. If this is true, I believe this is a major conflict of interest and case of self dealing on the part of the Speaker. Check her financial disclosure statements for her husband's position in DelMonte. I could be wrong, but have seen this before relative to funds going to American Samoa.

      Thank you, W. Brewster…

    41. John Martin Kansas says:

      I agree that the continue spending and pork insertion is pathetic and to me it is clearly evedent that congress has not heard the voters or they don't care.

      How can (other than calling, and emailing our Congressmen and Senators) we stop this??

      The President should (but won't) say "I will veto this bill unless all the pork spending is out of it. I heard the Amercian people."

      Fat chance.

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    43. Iris VanDeventer-Whi says:

      The cause for all the ear marks stems from funds which have been appropriated by congress from way back. Why it was started I don't know. However, in order to keep the President from having it at his own disposal congress uses it on earmarks.

      We must get the appropriations stopped.

    44. Helen B. Parker says:

      The Lame Duck congress/Senate having been told by the American people to "change their evil ways" are basically flipping us (the American people) off. These 'representatives' are out of touch with the American people, the American Dream and the Constitution. 2012 will approach fast, lets keep a tally of how our representatives vote and represent us. We have hired these people, lets do a job performance review every 90 days and vote according to their performance at that time.

    45. Jon, Commerce,Tx says:

      I would like to answer several questions made on this blog.

      The results of votes in the House and Senate may be found on C-Span.org. The following is the web page with the results:
      Go to Topic Links and click on either “votes for the house” or “votes by the Senate”.

      You may find the earmarks in the Omnibus Spending Bill at the following webpage:
      This web site shows that both Democrats and Republicans have earmarks in the Omnibus Spending Bill. These earmarks were requested by both parties during the year.

    46. Ralph Gardner, Sunse says:

      Do not vote for this Omnibus bill unless all the pork is taken out of it.

      Repulicans were voted in because they promised they would fight againt bills with pork. Here's your chance to stand up and fight for what your constituants want!

      $1 of pork in this bill is too much!

      Let the Government shut down and address the the situation in January when you have the power!

      Ralph Gardner, Sunset Beach, NC

    47. and2therepublic, ill says:

      "We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge, or gallantry, would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."

      John Adams

      Presidential Address to the First Brigade of the Third Division of the Militia of Massachusetts – October 11, 1798.

    48. Jon, Commerce,Tx says:

      I have tried to research the Omnibus Spending Bill issue from an unbiased, but, conservative point of view. I believe that all of the people posting to this blog are totally against the Reid jam it down everyone’s throat process in the Senate. I believe Reid’s and Pelosi’s actions were a very significant factor in the November shellacking. In my research I found the following:

      The web site for researching this year’s earmarks is http://www.endingspending.com. I found that earmark requests were made by both Republican and Democrats. According to the web site, the Democrats requested $106,550,703,534 in earmarks, whereas, the Republicans requested $23,153,842,170 in earmarks. During a press conference several days ago, Republican Senators Thune and Cornyn were asked if they would remove their earmarks from the Omni Spending Bill. Their answer was no.

      The Omnibus Spending bill contains over a billion dollars for the implementation of Obamcare. The Republicans promised to defund Obamacare. If the Omnibus Spending Bill passes, the Republican House will have no control over this funding. Obama will have over a billion dollars to write Obamacare regulations and procedures. With the Omnibus Spending Bill money, he will be extremely had to stop in the first several years.

      Senators Graham and McCain said that the American People are giving the Republican Party a second chance and that if the Omnibus Spending Bill is passed, the American People will start up a third party. Senator Graham also said that at least three of the Republican Senators will vote for the Omnibus Spending Bill. If you look at the numbers, the Republican currently has 42 members. Sixty votes are required for cloture. If three Republicans vote with the Democrats for cloture, the Omnibus Spending Bill will be approved by a simple majority of Democrats.

      Everything centers on the cloture vote in the Senate. If the Republican Senators can block the cloture vote, the Democrats will be forced to consider a continuing resolution for funding. If the Republicans cannot block the Omnibus Spending Bill, I believe that the American People will have a very strong adverse reaction to the passage of the bill and take it out on both the Republicans and Democrats. The reaction may be severe enough that a third party is formed.

    49. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Brian, thanks for the update. Sure enough, the Attempt by the 111th Congress to secretly pass all this Pork in the dark of night, it just has to be criminal. Funny, if you read Brewster from Boston, there may very well be a traditional Corruption Pay Off on the part of Speaker Pelosi. I knew Nancy, and she is a Socialist, athiest and I believe a Communist Infiltrator of the U. S. Government. If there is any chance of putting her in jail, Oh! Happy day! She is a piece of work and I say she was rewarded with her House Seat for doing Farenheit 451 as the San Francisco Library Commissioner. Yes! She burned books! These Progressives believe that the old ways of thinking have to be rubbed out!

      Have you noticed how much the Obama Administration looks like the Org Board of ACORN? Fifteen plates of spaghetti with lines going everywhere and multiple layers, duplicative functions and skitzophrenic 'responsibility'? Yeah! I think Obama got his Seat in the Senate for his work against Representation with ACORN. I say the Administration is the New Shadow Government. This crazy Omnipork Bill should be shut down and carefully examined for Pay Offs.

    50. George, CO says:

      Contrary to popular belief, there is not an Obama Hiking Path from Chicago to Springfield, nicknamed "Slippery Slope".

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    52. Jean Johansen - Anah says:

      I am told that in 1996, there were 300 earmarks attached to the budget – in 2006 there were 12,000, currently there are over 32,684. There is something terribly wrong. We are drowning in debt, what is wrong with our lawmakers? See what is happening in Europe – we are all falling off the same cliff.

    53. Karen M., Florida says:

      If you want to know whose is earmarking what visit this website:


      They publish factual and non-partisan information about what our elected officials are doing with our taxes; from earmarks to salaries to trips. Useful information on EVERONE.

    54. Simon, Ohio says:

      What is it that will make those in Washington understand that what they are doing is irresponsible? If this bill is voted on in the Senate then those responsible for forcing it to a vote, the Democrats, are not fulfilling their oath of office. It is not enough to say that "I will not vote for you in 2012." The damage that this Senate can do in a 24 month period is beyond logical thought. Everyone of these Senators, Democrat or Republican, who vote for this bill should hauled into court and charged with dereliction of duty for failure to fulfill the duties entrusted in them as Senators.

    55. Marty from Dublin Ga says:

      I remember back in the 60's we had all those demonstrations/protest and it caught a lot of people's attention. Maybe that's what we need now. Imagine 300,000 to 500,000 people in Washington D.C. for a few days during the week during rush hour times. It would lock up the whole town.

      All the politicians would not be able to go to work or if they did they wouldn't be able to go home. Imagine 3 or 4 days of this. I wonder if they would understand. Imagine if we did this every month and when elections came we would not vote for them. They would be forewarn so when they lost they would be embarrass. We should volunteer to move them out!!! If we treated them like crap maybe they would know how we feel. They have it made easy. You can send all the emails you want to these politicains and they might have someone read every 1 out of a hundred and might have someone answer you back. I say its back to raising mayhem and letting them really know how we feel

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    58. Russ, Elkins, WV says:

      Would like to know how Sen. Manchin voted, he has already broken one of his promises. His time in the senate will be up in two years if he goes along with all the democrats. He should listen to the people in West Virginia. No more pork like Sen. Byrd or Rockefeller. They give us a bad name because of all their bad votes.

    59. Larry Sparks, Cannon says:

      Senator Harry Reid is a recarnation of Karl Marx and with deep philospohical ties to George Soros and Sal Alskinsky that want to bankrupt America. After America is bankrupt, make plans for a complete Socialist nation.

      The citizens of Nevada must seriously consider a recall petition, they don't understand the man they voted for!

    60. Gerald Leonard says:

      I am beginning to wonder if we have a congress of gangsters running us into the ground.

    61. Diane Forrest Mount says:

      Thank goodness we live in the U.S. and the common ordinary people have a say about what happens. There is a nation under God here and we do intend to be governed by the people & for the people. You mention respect in your note about writing our comments. Don't you think the people who are elected to the Senate should have respect for its' citizens and put a stop to this nonsensical spending on pork issues? We have to budget our money and live within our means…why do they not have to do this? How about the exorbitant salaries and benefits they receive? If all of them donated a few thousand dollars to shore up Social Security they would actually earn some respect!

    62. Eddie Allbritton, Ve says:

      What about the FAIR TAX issue. We need to take a good hard look at this.

    63. Under-employeed in O says:

      I think the Republicans should spend just as much pork putting people out of work! O yea they did that 2000 – 2008. Wow that was great! Now the Young Republicans Living in Mc-Mansions are now working fast food need some else to blame!

    64. Wisconsin says:

      We already have many Ice Age Trails in Wisconsin used by hikers and skiers year round .I was not aware we had a shortage nor needed a trail to walk in the woods and see where the glaciers retreated from.

    65. David Cambiano, Conw says:

      A billion here, a billion there… Vote these traitors out of office.

    66. Barbara J Noddings says:

      Thank God we WON this round!!!

    67. Angela Garthright We says:

      Am I to understand that this outlandish bill is defeated?? How can any one in their conscious vote for utter waste of monies. Nothing struck me as urgently needed. If that be the case, let each state pay for these projects.

      Continue to put the Congressmens' feet to the fire. Do not allow wanton

      spending. As for our security this is top priority.

      Thank you for keeping us appraised of these "deals".

    68. Toolmakers Daughter, says:

      I wouldn't start celebrating just yet. Harry Reid is a sneaky, dirty pool, playing creep. He will find a way to slip this bill back in just before the new Congress takes over. MARK MY WORDS. They did it with Obamacare, they will find a way to do with this spending bill. Keep calling and writing and e-mailing your Representatives. Stay vigilant!!!

    69. Marilyn Lavan Barrin says:

      What a narrow escape!! Thank God for Mark Kirk!

    70. Cliff, Georgia says:

      The Democrats are going to keep this up until only the true liberal extremists/socialists are their only supporters.

      Party death.

    71. Art Unbehant Corneli says:

      Some of these spending requests like building a walking park for people can be paid by these people who want it instead of spending taxpayers dollars for it. Also this stupid funding for termite exploration under ground. Let the goofs aho want funding come up with some fundraising instead of our money. Also let the politicians who own business and want more money get out of office and work for it.We have furnished these spoiled brats a free ride long enough.

    72. Don Rubin says:

      Keep up the great work. Persistence is the the key to success.

    73. Steven in California says:

      Every Senator and representative that vote for this legislation should be held accountable. Better yet, all outgoing legislators should NOT have a vote….. they clearly don't get it. Don't go away mad, just go away! I agree!……NO MORE EARMARKS!

    74. Marion Hart says:

      When our represenatives spend billions of dollars I believe they really dont comprehend just how much a billion dollars really is. It is like menoply money to them. They are so used to throwing out billions here there and every where it just means nothing. If Obama is so willing to share the wealth , why does his Aunt in Kenya still live in a hut? He wont share his own even to help a family member. They want America poor and a few elites like himself to have all the money,guns, food, land and control over us, the poeple of the US.I say drill our oil and coal now. Global Warming and the environment issues are just made up excuses to keep us dependent on our enemies and friends of Obama his Czars and progressive friends.

    75. gene Alaska says:

      Please remember in 2012 and vote out all Damocrats and Rinos and incumbents. We need a new government, Then have the new ones make laws that if a politico makes a statement then votes the other way he is immediatly removed from office. Draw a line in the sand and enforce it with a 50 cal.Term Limits, Term Limits, Term Limits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 No one should be allowed more then 6 years public service from the City on up!!!!

    76. George says:

      When are our representative going to get the message that we want them to represent us the majority of the people of these Unioted States and not curry favor to world opinion. It's past tiime to stop the "political correctness" and get down to the real issues.of Government…follow the Constitution, protect the country, and put America FIRST!!

    77. Oscar Wilder Jr says:

      In this of high unemployment and taxes being levied when we make it, when we spend it, when we have property, when we save it, and even when we receive a check from the government who take the money from us.

      Our so call government has the nerve to use our money for omnibus. I believe that not only should our government curb their spending but that there should be some salary cuts, closing of federal building, and a reduction of employees that do the same job in some departments as others. Meaning that our Federal and State are doing the same jobs over and over.

      Our tax dollars fund the employment of such employees and even though they are tax, is there their taxes breaking us even. I would think not, our government may be the biggest employer within our country but we will always be upside down as long as our government is using our tax dollars for unnecessary projects such as the one's listed in this omnibus bill.

      Even though they say the people have had a chance to look for six months, may be its time that the people have a chance to vote on government spending Federal and State.

      Oscar Wilder Jr.

    78. Delores Baber in Bir says:

      I'm confused. Is the bill that Obama is signing today the nearly 2,000 page Omnibus bill or is he signing only for the extension of the Bush tax cuts?

    79. Kathy NY says:

      How do you find out when the Senators submitted the pork request? Today, my husband and I heard that there were pork items from Mitch McConnell in the Omnibus bill. (I found that offensive, I am a conservative.) We both questioned how they got there. I called Mitch McConnell's office and spoke with a woman. I asked how did HIS 38 items get into the bill. She told me it was written by the Democrats. I told her that did not make sense that the Democrats would put a benefit to Mitch McConnell in the bill unless he negotiated it. She kept repeating it was written by the Democrats. I asked if someone would call me back that had knowledge as to how these 38 items would have been part of the bill.After I hung up I called Harry Reid's office. The woman there explained that the bill was written by Congress and that every item that was added in the Senate was by the office of each Senator. I then called back Mitch McConnell's office and asked her if this was true and she said she would not discuss the matter. I told her it was a simple question- did his office submit these items for inclussion or not? She refused to answer. I told her that her refusal answered my question and it is clear to me that Mitch McConnell does not understand the mandate from the American people. Can you foil the legislative history of this bill? How do you find out how the stuff got in there and, more importantly, WHEN it got in there.

    80. Dale Fort Worth says:

      They want earmark money so bad how about they have bake sales , oh yeah the Dems are against that too, bunch of freaking D.A.s

    81. Gretchen Gosselin, T says:

      I have thriteen grandchildren and three greats.

      Please for patriots to come forth and put your time and efforts or we well if we are not already socialistic.

      Death to all we hold dear as a nation.

    82. Dee Miller says:

      I say we google and get the names of thoes that have their names on passing bills that put more debt on America. I think a first grader could do as great a job spending as the lists where money will be spent. In my opinion we need to spend on the defense program number one and only number to give money to for this earmark. When money gets tight in our home we stop spending. Or try to make more money how ever we can. Not keep spending , spending and spending. With so many iou's in different pockets the government has bowered from we are like a ship starting to sink fast. I say fix the leak and get out of debt.

    83. Virginia Porter, New says:

      I'm a Republican, but I'm aware of earmarks that Republicans have added to this bill. I encourage you to publish a complete list of earmarks, including the names of the Congressmen who asked for it!

    84. Les Hunkele, Hawaii says:

      Is there a list, by member, of what earmarks they sponsored? In Hawaii we have, I have heard, the biggest "porker" in the Senate — Sen. Inouye. Having real data miight help to combat this tactic.

      We are about to build a $4 to 6 billion rail project here – -mostly with Federal money, Does that make Hawaii a "net taker"?

    85. Lorri, Michigan says:

      I'm glad to see that we can fight and defeat "big government". Let's keep the pressure on .

    86. JOYCE SUN CITY, ARIZ says:

      We have all let this go way too long — we all need to help each other and start making some waves in the broken system.

    87. Wendy Shipps Hatchel says:

      All of the so called higher paids need to look good at what is really going on instead of lining their own pockets and work on getting our money issue straightened out and keep our troops as safe and protected as possible. They need to get their heads out of it ASAP.

    88. James says:


      I am under the understanding that the "earmarks" in the bill were eliminated. Is this true?

    89. Mike, North Carolina says:

      a plenty not to like, all right, but angst over this issue shouldn't springboard into the usual blind support for the right wing agenda. For instance, supply side economics is trickle down at best and has never been any more. Suck ut up, Righties. Quit giving the human race a bad name. Abhor the politics of Karl Rove's whopper lies. In other words, be about the truth and vote accordingly. 'not saying any persuasion has a lock on this, but we all need to be about the truth and not about respondeing to having your button pushed.

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    92. Sandy, UT says:

      "•$1 million for peanut research in Athens and Tifton, Georgia;"

      It sounds like the past peanut president Jimmah Carter had his hand in this. He's like a bad dream that comes back week after week.

    93. Pingback: Wonder What Newt and Mitt Think; Bob Bennett to Vote for Trillion Dollar Omnibus Bill « Sago

    94. Bobo Abundagus, Cali says:

      I've been doing some research on this Omnibus bill and there seems to be some discrepencies on this article. First of all it was not created in secret it was created by the House Appropriations Commitee which is a bi-partisan group. The "surge" in spending I assume is the TARP and ARRA bills. The TARP has actually been successful and more than paid for itself. The ARRA is debatable and hard to pin down but a large number of respected economists believe it has saved millions of jobs. So to call it a "failed stimulus" is debatable. The term "Obamacare" is derogatory. Health Care Reform is really what it is and Health Care does need to be reformed. It was ignored by the previous administration and health care is now toxic. It is not unpopular amongst poor people who need it. Only one part of the Health Care Reform has been found by right wing judges to be unconstituitional and that is the part of people being forced to enroll. That is actually a republican idea carry over from when Mrs. Clinton tried to get national health care. It's the same premise as forcing drivers to get car insurance and it makes sense. Health Care Reform is another debate so I digress. The $1 billion dollar number was actually a number that a republican Mitch McConnell wanted. If anti-energy includes fossill fuels why would we want to continue down that path. Fossil fuels are outdated technology. Climate change is another debate as well. Global warming may be natural but to think cutting down forests and polluting the air with carbon emissions is not speeding up the process is like having your head in the sand. Again another debate. The main point I think of this article is anti pork and while the article does not necessarily point out who put the pork in the other comments tend to point to Democrats. The truth is both Democrats and Republicans have pork in this bill. If I counted correctly 83 of 100 senators had pork in this! 35 Republicans had pork and the Republican senators from Mississippi win 429 items. Finally if we are serious about curbing spending Defense has to be one of the items cut.

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