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  • Morning Bell: Call Reid's Bluff

    Gallup released a poll this morning showing that the American people dislike this 111th Congress more than any other Congress. Specifically, a full 83% of Americans disapprove of the way Congress is handling its job while only 13% approve. That is the worst approval rating in more than 30 years of tracking congressional job performance.

    Why do Americans so despise this Congress? The reckless way it spends other people’s money, for starters. One would have thought that after getting “shellacked” at the polls this November, Congress would have gotten the message. No luck. Majority Leader Harry Reid introduced a $1.27 trillion 1,924 page omnibus spending bill last night that contains 6,000 earmarks worth $8 billion. Oh, and all this has to be approved by midnight Saturday or the government shuts down.

    Defending the trillion dollar spending bill, Sen. Daniel Inouye (D-HI) told the USA Today: “Who among us believes we should base our spending recommendations for defense, homeland security, and veterans on whatever level was needed last year?” This is a morally repugnant statement. Defense, homeland security, and veterans can all be funded at current levels for one month through a continuing resolution, and then the next Congress could adjust our defense needs. Inouye is attempting to hold the troops hostage? And for what? Taxpayers for Common Sense reports that among the 6,600 earmarks in the bill is $6 million for parkland acquisition in Hawaii. No wonder Americans hate this Congress.

    Other vanity projects buying votes in the bill — there are plenty of Republican earmarks in the bill too — include $18 million for groups named after the late Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) and Rep. John Murtha (D-PA); $349,000 for swine waste management; $2.9 million for Grand Forks International Airport expansion; and $3.5 million for termite research in Louisiana.

    But as bad as the earmarks are the spending increases are even worse. The bill adds $5.4 billion in new labor, education, and health spending including money for the failed Head Start program, the failed Race to the Top program, Pell Grants, and $1.25 billion in spending on Obamacare. No conservative who promised to repeal Obamacare can possibly support this bill.

    By waiting until late yesterday to unveil this 1,924-page monstrosity, Reid is playing a high stakes game of chicken with small government conservatives. Since the FY 2010 budget expired on September 30th, the federal government has been operating on a series of continuing resolutions (CR). The most recent CR expires on midnight Saturday. If the Senate does not pass a bill by then the federal government shuts down. Reid believes that conservatives do not have courage to back up their spending cut convictions. Conservative Senators should call Reid’s bluff.

    This is the first Congress, in the history of the budget process, that failed to even vote on a budget for next year. A responsible Congress would have passed a budget resolution and all the necessary appropriations bills months ago. By failing to even bring a budget resolution to a vote, let alone the actual spending bills, Majority Leader Reid has already proven he is completely irresponsible. He has no legitimate claim to be dictating spending terms to the American people.

    The American people thoroughly rejected this Congress’ spendthrift ways at the polls last month. There is no reason this business-as-usual omnibus should be the only spending option. The 111th Congress has forfeited all rights to set spending levels for the next year. A one-page continuing resolution that keeps the government funded at current levels, for a month or two, until the next Congress is sworn in, is the only way to go.

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    120 Responses to Morning Bell: Call Reid's Bluff

    1. Double Ace says:

      Any Republican that supports this piece of crap can count on not receiving any support from me. In fact they can count on me supporting anyone who runs against them, regardless of the state. This bill is garbage and it deserves to be thrown in the trash can. We all want the tax cuts but to compromise with the losers on the left is wrong. The Democrats will take the blame for higher taxes and they will pay yet again in the 2012 elections. If Republicans want to jump on the boat that is sinking they do so at their own peril.

    2. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      I HOPE people understand about MURDOCH'S POWER

      He is the MOST Powerful man in the History of the World.

      For example – look at the Polls and Murdoch Dictates =

      83% of Americans disapprove of the way Congress is handling its job while only 13% approve. That is the worst approval rating in more than 30 years of tracking congressional job performance.

      The REASON is that 24/7 Fox News and WSJ push BAD BAD BAD

      The ONLY thing that HAS Really Changed in the Last 30 years is

      Murdoch took control of the WSJ.

      The WSJ and FOX NEWS are the Voice of the GOP.


    3. GM Carver says:

      A CR is the only way we can close out this year of "memorable" congressional efforts. Anything more would be truly tragic.

    4. Doouble Ace says:

      It would be one thing if we had the money to support this pork bill, but we do not. We will have to borrow yet more money to support such a bill. We are already in such a state that the rest of the world wants to change from the dollar as a world currency.It used to be the dollar was king and could be used anywhere. Today there are many places the dollar is not accepted, because it is being devalued by our own government. That's what happens when you print money. Don't these guys in Washington study history. Our economy is on much the same track as it was just prior to the Great Depression.

    5. Idarae Stockton, CA says:

      I can't imagine ANYONE voting for Reid's reelection, yet he was so sure he was going to win…I think he should be investigated for FRAUD…They are all out to destroy the US and that goes for the rest…Boxer, Fienstein and Pelosi I can understand, as I live in the land of the FRUITS & Nuts and it is hard to turn it around with the Unions.

    6. Rick74 says:


      So, will this happen?

      Or do we suffer another bout of Republican acquiescence with a runaway piece of … legislation.

      The "tax cut" agreement with the President, as adjudicated by Senator Reid, has already be acquiesced to by Senator McConnell and will soon pass with add-ons for new spending and give-away baubles.

      With this whirlwind of activity, how can we truly expect things to get better when the old bums leave and the new bums arrive?

    7. Donald, Sugar Grove says:

      I sent my three U.S. Congress representatives in the House and Senate from NC an email message this morning emphasising STOP SPENDING AND TO STOP ADDING PORK TO APPROPRIATIONS. I also reminded them that we voted for going back to our Founding Father's plan for a Republic form of government and free market economy! I think we must begin pressing them (GOP & Demo) for term limits even if we have to accomplish this by Referendum per Article 10. We need citizen lawmakers with two 6-year terms maximum and all their salaries & campign funding paid by State taxpayers and not from the federal general fund or contributors. All pay and benefit changes must be authorized by their State's taxpayers and all other income from lobbyists and/or other special interest individuals and groups become unlawful! PERIOD!

    8. Mary............WI says:

      Whoever votes in favor of this proposed bill and added earmarks, be they democrat or republican, MUST be tried for treason! I hope the republicans stay strong and don't vote for this bill so the American people can get at least a few weeks sleep without worrying what congress will do next to destroy this country. Shut er down until the new congress convenes in Jan. …… The states can take of their people :o).

      This country doesn't need anymore debt!!! STOP SPENDING!

    9. Joseph C Moore Cpo U says:

      Shut down the government for a month. Give the voters a break, All congress can seem to do is increase spending, which is what the public decried at the November election.

    10. Bill Lee, ArkLaTex a says:

      Yes Call Harry Reids bluff. Shutdown of Governemnt except the defense and police and heathcare workers. Forces all the others to take vacation now for a month until next year. Use their 2011 vacation allotment, if necessary.

      Think of all the electrical power and other utlilties savings.

    11. David Bowdre Califor says:

      Call Harry's bluff it's time to stop this nonsenes. Every Republican should reject this and put the Democrats on notice that business as usual is over.

    12. Lizzie says:

      These dolts have learned nothing…NADA!! It's most evident that more Dems and RINOs need to be sent home to ignonimy in 2012…

    13. Charles Rino E. Nort says:

      Can this spendong destroy our economy? Can this action by the Democrats have a seditious intent? INTENT is the key word. I still can't understand any actions proposed and enacted by a Democratic party controlled congress resulting in any thing positive to create jobs and improve our economy.

      Is Obama and his congress following the Cloward/ Piven strategy? IF not by intent, is it stupidity?

    14. Paul Terry Stone says:

      It seems that our government is this country's worst enemy, therefore maybe it's better to let it shut down for a long while and see if this country gets along better without it.

    15. Scott Hammond, Saint says:

      Termites are a major problem in Louisiana, they do millions of dollars in damage each year to homes, businesses and to the live oaks that are such a signature feature of the state. Researching ways to fight them and mitigate their damage may not qualify as emergency spending, but it's hardly comparable to "vanity projects" named after Kennedy and Murtha that do nothing to forward any real public interest.

    16. Mike, Chicago says:

      The vast majority of the US wants to see the tax breaks for the wealthiest expire, universal health care and wants to end the 2 unjust wars that are bankrupting the country. The belief that the US is exceptional enough to avoid dealing with these issues is just helping to bring the empire to an end, and the opposition of the Heritage Foundation is doing it's part to speed up the decline of the US empire.

    17. Dr. Joseph Foster/ F says:

      Shut it down. Send them all home and wish them a Merry "Christ"mas and a Happy New Year. We'll take it from here. The worst part about the Omnibus bill is it attempts to usurp the future prerogative of the people expressed through the new elected members of the House and Senate.

    18. Mary............WI says:

      Whoever votes in favor of this proposed bill and the added earmarks, be they democrat or republican, MUST be tried for treason! I hope the republicans stay strong and don't vote for this bill so the American people can get at least a few weeks sleep without worrying what congress will do next to destroy this country. Shut down the government until the new congress convenes in Jan. The states can take care of their people :o) This country doesn't need anymore debt!!! StOP SPENDING!!!!

    19. Kendrick Suter, Summ says:

      I concur . . . a one-page continuing resolution that keeps government funded at current levels for one or two months . . . is the 'way to go'. I am more than disappointed in our members of Congress who would continually use the credit card even in the face of November elections in which a majority of Americans said 'no more'.

    20. Larry White says:

      Shameful is compliment to this 111th Congress; I am calling my Senators and Congressman now and screaming your simple resolution- CR!

      Thanks again Heitage

    21. Bernard Mulvaney Fos says:

      May I suggest a New Year's resolution? Eliminate the screed on Congress and enlarge the valuable space to identify poor policy but even more so to be specific about solutions. Encourage people to try to understand that poor policy creates enormous challenges for the future–like how many realize that each dollar of spending produces a debt service cost of 42 cents. And I think Admiral Mullen's comment THE GREATEST RISK TO OUR COUNTRY IS THE NATIONAL DEBT needs to be repeated OFTEN. Congress is a disaster but let us remember they got there via our votes.

    22. Michael , Minnesota says:

      Wow I wonder how thoose in Washington would make it pn my pay.

      Have not gotten raise in part in over 3 years, mean while the cost of everrything has gone up. If we common folk have to put up with it it is about time that thoose in Washington have to.

    23. LibertyAtStake, Alex says:

      Memo to Conservatives on Hill: A vote to shut the government down on Saturday is a vote to shut up Reid in the 112th. This will be useful to the cause of liberty.

      "Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

    24. Victoria Trinanes Mo says:

      what a sad state of government recklessness we all have to clean up when they are done with their insane spending tyrade. If ONE republican votes for any of this theivery in this lame duck congress, I am DONE with that party completely, I have been a Registered Republican since 1983! Save the nation and shut down the government PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! I am sick of being mugged by my own government!

    25. Jim Dunlap, Yeringto says:

      Harry Reid should have faced public hanging for his treasonous remarks ("The war is lost") when he gave aid and comfort to the enemy. Now he is betraying his solemn oath of office to protect,defend and preserve the Constitution of the United States. As a Nevada I can say this man is an embarrassment to most Nevadans. He represents Harry Reid's interests more than Nevada's interests.

      He should be imprisoned for malfeasance of office and stripped of all benefits illegally gained while in the Senate.

    26. Dayton, OH says:

      I agree, call Harry Reid's bluff. Wait until next year with the one page carryover is the answer. Stop them in their tracks NOW.

    27. Homer N. Jethro; Gra says:

      One can only hope the small government conservatives have the courage of their convictions and shut down the government. It will last only a couple days but once it happens MR. Reid will be much more interested in a 30-90 day CR and then the new congress can do the "work" his failed leadership did not do for the citizenry of the USA.

    28. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Prince Harry Reid, King Barack I, and Queen Nancy, still don't get it. We may have

      stopped the Pelosi, Reid, and Obama Agenda, but it's only temporary. If we become

      cpmplacent, the Democrats will take back Congress and Obama will win re-election.

      We should be vigilant and not allow that to happen. Obama's trying to be the second

      coming of Bill Clinton. He'll fail in his attempt to triangulate. Bill Clinton he ain't.

      Who is he? Welcome back, Carter. :)

    29. Bob Golenkow - Flori says:

      If you expect Boehner or McConnell to demonstrate backbone, I have an island to sell for $24.00 worth of beads and trinkets.

      It is far past time to remove ALL spineless Republicans from office. This past election was demonstrably against the so-called "Elites" in Washington and their corrupt ways as well as the go along to get along mentality of the Republican "Elites" otherwise known as the Old Guard. Apparently, elections are meaningless to the "Elites".

    30. Bernard P. Giroux, S says:

      Let the government shut down.

    31. Ed Brown - Louisvill says:

      The Treasury Secretary under Franklin Roosevelt was Henry Morgenthau Jr. Morgenthau believed in balanced budgets, stable currency, reduction of the national debt, and the need for more private investment. "We want to see private business expand…. We believe that one of the most important ways of achieving these ends at this time is to continue progress toward a balance of the federal budget."

      We have tried spending money. We are spending more than we have ever spent before and it does not work.

      They have never made good on their promises. . . . I say after two years of this Administration we have just as much unemployment as when we started. …And an enormous debt to boot.

    32. G. Hugh Bodell, New says:

      "Oh, and all this has to be approved by midnight Saturday or the government shuts down."

      Years ago I was Chief Financial Officer of a division of a global bank. Each day we would produce hundreds of reports (print) and distribute them to executives and managers in various locations in headquarters. One day I woke up with a brilliant idea (I thought so at least). Since we had no idea if these reports were being read/studied and we could not trust answers to the question ‘Do you use this report?” I decided to just stop producing about 90% of them and see who complained. The associated reports only for those complaining would be put back on the distribution list and we would have an efficient process.

      The result…over 90% of the reports that were stopped that day were never re- introduced.

      My solution then was considered radical…until it worked.

      Let us take a bold step and let Government, except the military, shut down and let’s see who misses what

    33. Bob Hoffmann, Oaklan says:

      I could not agree more with today's Morning Bell piece. The Heritage Foundation should be really forceful in their support of this position with all Senators that will listen. This is exactly the type of irresponsible legislation folks that voted for conservatives last month do not want. Please do your best to inform the right Senators that a simple CR is the way to go!

    34. Peter Harrison - Aud says:

      This is absolutely deplorable! To think that after the recent vote indicating the dissatisfaction of Congress by the American people, that they would try to jam this bill down our throats. I continue to be disgusted with our politicians, and I know that many friends around me feel the same way. This tone and action must change. They (the politicians) work for us, not themselves, and we have said we have to cut spending, reduce the size of government, lower taxes and show fiscal responsibility. Let's get with it 'Washington'. We have to change!

    35. John Olofson, Graeag says:


    36. Paul Reid, Lockport, says:

      Senator Reid may be irresponsible but the voters of Nevada just elected him to a new six year term…………..makes one wonder.

    37. KC - New Mexico says:

      When not so smart folks re-elect someone like Reid in Nevada, what you see is what you get. Crap politics!

      I have said this many times in comments – we need individuals in Congress who really care about this country, not just themselves. We no longer have true representation. We need individuals who come from the business sector and from the education and healthcare sectors to make decisions in Congress. It is time to get rid of the professional politician! Reid and Pelosi are horrific examples of America's worst!

    38. BD says:

      More Heritage lies….8 billion in earmarks? prove it. …

    39. rcraft says:

      There are many ways to bring this country into line again. Vote out any who are willing to spend OUR money as if there were no end to it. The other way is to quit giving money to countries that hate us even though we support them in many ways. SSI can become solvent by just stop giving it tp people who NEVER paid a dime into it. Send ALL illegals back to counr ry of origin and secure the borders. Try creating jobs with all that earmark money instead of trying to get re-elected again. This country better wake up or we will be a THIRD WORLD country soon.

    40. RogerC says:

      This was all predictable. Most of those remaining after the bloodbath are hardcore leftists that have nothing to lose now that the elections are in the past. We will see if there will be solid conservatives that said they learned their lesson or more of the same. STAND your ground! If the government shuts down and the tax cut extension goes into the next year, so what? All can be remedied after January 4th. Most damage that can be done as far as forms and tables is complete and will, in all probability require taxpayers to file revisions to their 2010 forms. Show us that that the Republicans really learned from the past or there will be a 3rd party for the 2012 elections, That would be chaos.

    41. LTF says:

      Let's defeat the 'tax bill' and let the Congress learn what it means to be uneployed. -LTF

    42. George Pajunen, Bett says:

      The poll was absolutely right and Sen. Reid really is out of touch with what the American people want. I know in my community I always here we are getting this grant or that grant from the federal government. I say these grants are from the taxpayers of these United States. It's time to cut these grants and live within our means as taxpayers. It's time to stop expecting extra money from our fellow Americans. It's time to hold our city and state governments accountable for there wasteful spending too. Here we knock a business off the river front to build green space. A business that pays taxes,wages for a green space that will probably cost the taxpayers either here or through federal grants millions so we can mow it and pay to keep it pretty. Stupid, stupid stupid !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    43. Ellis Peak, Baton Ro says:

      AMEN Heritage HELP, stop this stupidity.

    44. TaterSalad says:

      Republicans who support and vote for this Pork Barrel infested Omibus Bill will be targeted in 2012 by the TeaParty AND libertarians alike. Evidently these morons did NOT get the message in November. They will become…….unemployed. We are watching a taking names! Tea Party Nation!

    45. Sunny A. says:

      OMG! I feel like I am living in the twilight zone. I am so violently disgusted with Reid and ALL whom claim to be Representatives for the people.

      God help us all.

    46. Bear, Ohio says:

      This 111th Congress is a total JOKE. They only think of themselves and not the US citizens. They get high dollars in salary and pensions after leaving office. They do not care, especcially the far left socialist liberals and a sprinkling of Rino's. The American people are waking up to this current Administration's reckless spending and mendling in our private lives. Obama is a one term President (sic).

    47. Bill, Tulsa says:

      Can you even imagine who the 13% of the people that like this congress are? Conservatives must vote against this bill and stand up and tell the American people what the liberals are doing and explain all the spending they added as "pork".

    48. B. Hall Syosset N.Y. says:

      Kill the bill. If the Gov't shuts down al least they won't make things worse. After all one, it was one of the founding fathers who said " government that governs least least governs best"

    49. Suzan Money, Arizona says:

      What can we do and who can we call? I have written to my senators. My conservative friends and myself do not want anything signed. I say let it shut down. I also think we should not pass the tax bill. Let the conservatives in the new congress take care of it next year. I do not believe in the "death tax". I think people have the right to do with the money they have earned through their life to pass it on as they wish. It does not belong to the government. It is all so sad to see our country be changed by 1 socialist and his admininstration. Please do what you can to stop all votes before the end of the year. I think the tax bill is too much compromising. We did not take that vote in November to let more spending go on.

      Tell me what to do??



    50. Charles Nystrom, Sum says:

      The Senate must vote NO to the omnibus bill and do nothing more than pass a CR through the end of January, 2011.

      Senator McConnell has done enough damage for one congress by assuring cloture on the tax extension legislation which, now, is a Christmas tree. To partially rectify that egregious error, he must simply say No to Harry Reid.

      How many time does a conservative have to go through this fight before the GOP gets it?

    51. George M. Reston, VA says:

      Call for a vote quickly and vote it down!

      Make them get it right. They're trying to hold us hostage!

    52. George Colgrove, VA says:

      Tea Party Congress Task List for day one – it can be done:

      1. Abide by promise made by John Boehner – cut pay and budgets of congress by 5% as initial token move. This bill should be no more than a single 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper – single side. “Compensation and office budgets for all Congress members shall not exceed 95% of the total sum allocated for fiscal year 2010. This bill shall go into effect immediately upon the signature by the president. This bill may be succeeded by additional bills that call for further reductions.” This needs to be done with the knowledge that more cuts will be made later on when more study and thought has been applied.

      2. Repeal Obamacare. Again, a single 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper – single sided. The text should be limited to “[Resolution number and title for Obamacare] is hereby repealed in its entirety.” This bill has to be issued weekly to the senate and to the president. Force the democrats to defend it.

      3. Repeal all legislation passed in the lame duck congress in the same manner as in #2.

      4. Pass a budget that calls for a 10% across the board cuts to the allocated dollar amounts of the passed budget for the year 2009 (since there was no real budget for 2010) with the exception that all programs that have ended since are terminated. Just use the 2009 budget as a base. The bill should include verbiage that require that all departments, agencies, program offices to cut 10% of each of their federal employees. This task is to be done by June 2011. This cut shall be applied evenly and blindly to all offices in the federal government with a bias on upper management. This bill should be focused on reducing the number of SES, GS 13, 14 and 15 in top heavy organizations. Department officials who do not comply should be fired.

      Doing this will go far in raising the hopes of the suffering American Taxpayer. This represents a beginning. By year’s end, a clear plan has to be in place that will result in a reduction of the federal government by 36%. Early estimates show that we may need to cut even more. 2011 debt spending is nearing 50% of the budget!

    53. Mike Sheahen says:

      "(Entirely) truer words hath not been spoken" often enough, even here!

      Alas, although it sure would be nice for the people (for a change), if the good healthy common (now uncommon) sense recommendations here would be implemented before it's too late, but the things done by the Democrats and too many Republicans, up to and including recently with the so-called "deal" struck with Obama (which, as bad as it is, is being made worse, as in packed with ever more "Pork", daily, as we speak), doesn't exactly encourage hope that such common (now uncommon) sense will be implemented before it's too late.

      Like the farmer said "There ain't much hope for what needs to be done when the jackasses are bein' jackasses and too many are helpin' 'em do that".

    54. T. King says:

      The paper that the bill is written on is valuable. Each and everytime that democrat, especially dingy harry says a word for the next four years this bill should be shown over and over. The names of the signers should be publicized in or on every form of communication that we can find and those who sign it should be a household names to Americans(the real Americans) as any name in our history. Recognized only as traitors to America.

    55. Mike Sheahen, Hickor says:

      Like the saying goes, "Truer words have not been spoken"!

      Alas, unfortunately for us, the people, the track record of the Democrats, and too many Republicans, so-called "Independents", and others, such as those in Congress and the White House, up to and including as in the recent so-called "deal" struck with Obama, doesn't exactly encourage belief that the good healthy common sense (now uncommon sense) recommendations in the article "Call Reid's Bluff" will be implemented before it's too late.

      Like the farmer said "There ain't much hope for what needs to be done when the jackasses are being jackasses and too many are helpin' 'em do that".

    56. Dave - Manteca, Ca says:

      The Dems have been in the majority for the past 4 years BOTH in the House and Senate. They have spent like there is no tomorrow and when they want to raise taxes they start whining about the deficit. After this 1.1 trillion dollar bill the next time a Democrat mentions the "deficit" honest people should burst out laughing. It is obvious to the mentally sane people that they could care LESS about the deficit.

    57. Dave Provo, UT says:

      Never in my 60 years of following our congress have I been so ashamed and disapointed in their shenanigans. Any one who votes for this monstrosity of a bloated spending bill should be pilored and made to do hard labor on the Mexican boarder. We who have been robbed of our social security (I worked and paid into it since I was 15 until 73) need to stand up and never let such carpet baggers get into office again. Most of them have a severe case of nincompoop logorehia.

    58. Dave Provo, UT says:

      BD Even the most liberal news outlets have reported 8 billion. My guess is its much more when you read the fine print.

    59. toledofan says:

      The Republicans should just walk away, what these Democrats and Congress are doing is despiciable. There shouldn't be one Republican that votes for this, but, I fear, the usual suspects will do their normal crossing the aisle and extending their hand to help their friends and simply say it's the best deal; take it or leave it. I'm ashamed that our man Voinovich, and all the others like him that are leaving, or were voted out will leave giving everyone one more slap in the face before they say good bye. We had better wake up real soon, our countries economy is slowly slipping into obivilion and we still can't pay for the first couple of Trillion spent in the past two years. I think we may be at the point of my grandkids kids paying for this. Pathetic.

    60. T.J. O'Hara, Ra says:

      Back in July of 2007 and with a brilliant display of intellectual insight, Nancy Pelosi dismissed a Congressional approval rating of 14 percent (with more than 70 percent disapproving) by blaming President Bush. The Speaker said, "Everything I see says this is about ending the war — 'I disapprove of Congress' performance in terms of ending the war.’” Now that President Bush has been out of office for two years and the war in Iraq is allegedly over, I wonder what the reason could be for the dip in approval and the rise in disapproval this time? Let’s see … from a continuity of leadership perspective, the Speaker of the House and the Majority Leader in the Senate have remained the same. No, that can’t possibly be it. It must be Bush’s fault! It’s too bad that Nancy’s tour of duty as Speaker will be coming to an end. If the trend continued, we might have seen a perfect score … a 0/100 percent combo.

      I’m the Common Sense Czar, and I approve of this message.

    61. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      I agree 100% that Republicans should call their bluff! These guys are worse than irresponsible, they are disloyal opposition. The definition of the word 'loyal' is faithful to the Sovereign and the American People are the Sovereigns to whom our "Representatives" have sworn loyalty. These Progressive Communists do not Represent us, they Represent the Foreign Interest! So Hell yes! Pull the plug on Obama's Dictatorship. I say Obama has created ACORN style, an illegal and Unconstitutional Form Of Government. His Czars usurp Congress while DINOs in Congress pass one Unconstitutional Bill after another.

      I see High Crimes in plain sight! Obama's Shadow Government is going after Americans, Criminalizing Americans, false prosecuting Americans and generally destroying American Industry. If you work in the Foreign Interest then even 'legal' things you do are illegal, like passing Unconstitutional Laws. The Criminal Intent is perfectly visible in the way our fake Representatives cover their own butts with a Captive Media.

      Glenn Beck's HEART part (Health, Education, Agriculture, Representation and Transportation) involves Obama using his Unconstitutional new Powers against Americans to turn them against our Representative form of Government and to install Totalitarian Government! I do not kid! The Republicans must stop them, give them a very short Continuing Resolution and filabuster everything else.

      Thank you so much Heritage (Conn Carroll?) we depend on you!



    63. Jeff Evans, Jacksonv says:

      I agree. Reject the bill, shut them down and send them home.

      Jeff Evans

    64. R Holland, Chandler, says:

      Lame Ducks, stop what you are doing and walk away. Walk away now, start fresh next year.

    65. Pingback: Morning Bell: Call Reid’s Bluff

    66. David Bess, Carson C says:

      The feds have been shut down before but always managed to find enough money to keep running. The Conservatives need to to stand their ground, give into nothing. Make the 111 congress bow to the needs and wants of the American people. The 111 has an approval rating of 13%. What ever happens in the 112 congress the ratings can't get worse. Stand your ground on every issue and promise made.. Make Bonner's promises come true and the conservatives will own the 2012 election. Don't and they'll be gone.

      We need George Colgrove in government. His comments are to the point and must be allowed to become the republican"s major agenda. Good work George

    67. Georgia Flynn, Texas says:

      When are we ever going to put a stop to these ridiculous montrosities of bills with 2000 pages of verbiage that no one reads? There really needs to be a limit on the number of pages per bill and anyone voting on any bill has to sign an affidavit that he/she has read the darn thing BEFORE they can VOTE!! Truly this Congress is laughable. They are all idiots as far as I am concerned and as far as stand-up comedians, I have say they are NOT in any funny or entertaining!I say SHUT THEM DOWN before they do anything else except, maybe, self-destruct? There is always hope.

    68. Pingback: ADF Alliance Alert » Republicans should call Reid’s bluff on spending bill

    69. Bill Hall, Williamsp says:

      Enough is enough and already way too much. To every elected official out there, (and I am one of them), the voters meant what they said in November. No compromise on the tax extensions and a NO vote on this garbage. No to healthcare… repeal it… and NO to anyone who votes on any measure they have neither read nor understood.

    70. Al from Fl says:

      I thought that the republicans were going to stand fast on the tax deal and a CR before any other issue is addressed. Looks like Reid, playing hardball, is more than the current republican leadership knows how to handle. Too bad. We need new leadership in the senate also. The repubs should have shut down the senate for good after seeing this disgusting spending bill. The nerve of the 111th secular progressives is only matched by the lack of principle in the republican leadership of the 111th. Pres Obama and the dems are smiling.

    71. Scott Stevens says:


    72. Mary-Louise Kirk, La says:

      I've been bombarding Congress for weeks now! Sherrod Brown's aide said yesterday that "The Senator" is voting "No" … today, he voted "Yes" after allegedly

      discussion w/his Minister!! George Voinovich voted "Yes" bc he thinks it will force

      discussion on new Tax Laws!! As Toledofan knows, we never know how George will vote.Thank God won't have to worry when Rob Portman is sworn in!!

      The issue is that our R's must show grit until R's take over in January!! I agree that they should vote NO on everything & especially this & the Dream (Nightmare) Act!!

      which has been voted down several times!! THIS MORNING, ANOTHER BORDER


      90000 illegals live in the open only now some are in danger of deportation! Get them back to where they belong & straighten out that ANCHOR BABY garbage! Fix it!!

      WE are held hostage by this Administration! The UN Human Rights Committee being asked to determine, if Illegals' human rights are being violated crossing our

      Border?? It's past time to take back America &, if it includes shutting down the Government, so be it!! May be the only way to get their & their owned media to pay attention!! Shame on them for not telling the truth!! Come on, Patriots!!

    73. Pingback: COACHEP » Blog Archive » News about Harry Reid is a failure issue #44

    74. thomas Goodrich, edi says:

      Ireally hope we didn't lose our vote for this kind of waste I read every one's comments and if I get the picture why don't they? guess why you lost you job, this is why!!!! Iagree shut them down and send them home, let the new congress get it done! at least give them a chance at it!!!!!!

    75. Pam, Los Angeles says:

      To: Leon Lundquist, Durango, CO

      You brought me to tears with your post. Thank you for saying everything I think and feel. Especially, "I see High Crimes in plain sight." That's when I "lost it."

      Same kudos to T.J. O'Hara and toledofan! And, the many others who agree with this view. Takes some true courage to observe this and point it out.

      And, of course, thank you, Conn, for mentioning this in the first place. Keep it up!

    76. Pam, Los Angeles says:

      George Colgrove, VA

      Sorry I neglected to mention you in my former comment! Thank you!

    77. Marilyn M Morris says:

      I have been working off and on in politics for nearly 50 years! Never in all of those years have I ever seen such a rotten congress as is in power the past few years and up until now! ! feel much as Marie Antoinette felt when she said "off with their heads!"

      The majority all seem to be more crooked and tell worse and more lies than I can remember in all of those years. With "their" president in power and with their majority

      they feel incomparable! I feel like they are more incomprehensible, and in fact just

      plain crooked!!! We can only hope that when January comes things will improve!

      It seems to be a wait and see thing!

    78. Marilyn M Morris, Hu says:

      It seems as though Harry Reed is only interested in doing as much damage as can be done before he leaves with his very destructive congress! If the Republicans cannot do better we will be in really big trouble!!!

    79. Bobbie says:

      What the heck are the republicans doing? Get rid of the (obvious special interests) earmarks!

      I can understand why no appropriations bills were passed, there's nothing appropriate!

      America needs jobs that are permanent. not government Jobs with certainty not government overreach and overtaxed into uncertainty and out of this country. Americans need careers with opportunity to advance. Not government make-work. America needs freedom to conduct businesses responsibly and independently without the teat of government.

      American's don't deserve the corruption of the incompetence of government oversight either. This is the job of honest people who know the difference between right and wrong, who respect the right and hold accountable the wrong.

      Cost is a cost. the less government uses, the more competent they are.

    80. matha, Taxachusetts, says:

      I agree with Jeff….see how they like being without a job, healthcare and pension……..let them stay home. Just once, I'd like to see them have hot dogs and beans at their congressional get togethers, or maybe mac & cheese?

    81. Dave from Indiana says:

      I see Head Start working pretty well in my area, why do you call it "Failed".

    82. Paul Duncan says:

      This is truly beyond the pale!

    83. Mike, Chicago says:

      The democrats don't care what the taxpayers want. They want to tax them more to give to people who don't pay taxes and receive public aid even though they have jobs.

    84. Lebo, Idaho says:

      Why should the Ruling Class give a hoot what we, the people desire. The consequences for their continued bad behaivor is laughable. Gee, I didn't get re-elected so now I get a golden parachute retirement with health care and also get to keep my "re-election war chest, go on the lecture tour, write a book etc…….While the rest of us in the middle class get slaughtered.

      Folks, get a clue….the ruling class does not care what we want. The system is being "gamed" by those on Capitol Hill.

      Our only hope is Article Ten regarding States Rights and nullification of unconstitutional laws at the state and local level as well as collecting all taxes (Local, State and Federal) at the state level and passing on to the federal government only what the people in that state agree to. True, the Federal Government has the Constitutional authority to collect taxes….but it does not say how much. That decision needs to be made at the state level.

      We will not succeed in changing the ruling class in Washington DC, but we can cut their funding drastically and make their day to day practice of institutionalized corruption more difficult.

      We have the power, we just need the will to exercise that power. Stop being such sheep.

      Nuff said,


    85. Al Proud - VA. says:

      this administration can't handle the economy any better than they did the Gulf Oil Spill. Is any one impressed with the after-math of that one? Just hand the ball over to the next congress!

    86. BOOTumALL says:

      The Omnibus bill is a payoff to all the dems who went over the cliff for the Mob

    87. Pingback: Here Comes the Omnibus–Batten Down the Hatches! | Con Games

    88. Paul M. Wilson says:

      There were eight Republican traitors in the Senate who voted in favor of the huge, earmark-infested RAT budget, including the RINO Brown from Massachusetts. What is the matter with these morons? I'm beginning to lose hope for the Republic that is being destroyed before our very eyes by the liberal idiots now in power. Stop the insanity and shut down the government until we see some adults running the show who truly want to preserve the Constitution, cut spending, stop the illegal invasions and reduce big government!

    89. MICKEY, FEDERAL WAY, says:


      Since the old Congress could not pass a budget in a timely fashion, let them continue passing CR's until the Elected Congress can take control and pass a responsible Budget. If they can not or will not pass another CR, let the Government SHUT DOWN.

    90. Paul St George, UT says:

      Eight Republicans, including the RINO Brown from Massachusetts, plus the usual leftist Pubbies, voted in favor of the RAT budget monstrosity. Are they insane? Will the Republic survive two more years of this administration and leftist Senate or are we to assume defeat by the radical minority now in charge and the end of the Constitution, the economy and our liberties?

      After watching 13 presidents during my lifetime, I believe we have finally attained a state of national insanity resulting in the present truly awful administration, a far-left Congress plus law-making judges. I am so depressed I cannot predict what will happen next to this once great Nation.

    91. SandyfromMO says:

      Did you see this? Rep. Emanuel Cleaver Earmarks $48 BILLION to Pal Who Runs Child Day Care Center From Home With His Wife? Go to google earth and see his fine established day care center.

    92. Pingback: » Morning Bell: Call Reid’s Bluff | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News. MySquawk

    93. Mike R. Las Vegas, N says:

      I'll add my recommendation to call Harry's bluff. It can't hurt any worse than it already does.

    94. Pingback: Conservative Senators should call Reid’s Bluff!!! | Just Piper

    95. HawkWatcher, Mi. says:

      Ken may be right! I feel as though Rupert Murdoch has control of my thoughts! He has forced me to become a conservative with his incessant mind altering newscasts that are tailored to subliminally force one's thinking to the right. He rules the world! Look at the comments here from the Murdoch drones! He is so powerful!

      Bwahahahahaha! Brain chemistry out of whack!

    96. T. Miller says:

      Call Harry's bluff…pass a CR if needed but do not pass the bad bill with all the silly pork projects…it is the pork that has helped to get us into this bad financial situation…it needs to end now.

    97. laurie, Hawaii says:

      When corruption has reached the depths so deep by the Poison-losi, Raid-ing and The Bomber, Caviar licking blood-thirsty political terrorists (the elite Harvard brainless and heartless ones)……the only hope is to STOP every bill that this shameful lameful Congressional pigs gunpoints at us with every page pounding nails into the coffin of the American Freedom Dream. One of the few politicians left in office with a brain and heart who sees the horror of these bills and disaster is John Boehner. If others could see this reality, we would all be crying and revolting against these shameful acts of theft and ruin. We must contribute to the rescue army, Heritage and pray for God's help in this nightmare. Laurie

    98. jim falls church va says:

      What the hell goes? We fought long and hard AGAINST forced unionization and

      secret ballot. NOW we are going retrograde on freedom of action and privacy?

      Isn't this the same as forced insurance?

      Bad enough that our "wealth" is confiscated.

      And how about those rich democrats? Shouldn't their wealth be taxed too?


    99. Pingback: Call Reid’s Bluff : USACTION NEWS

    100. John L. Tyndall says:

      I was curious if yall know the dollar amount of ear marks for the past 5 year and 10 year periods. They keep talking about it being only 1 or 2% of the bills etc. My question is how much would the elimination of these ear marks would have affected the 13+ trillion debt this country has amassed?

    101. Rev. Rick Stoneking says:

      None of them deserve the Republican label. Maybe we can get rid of the rest in the next election. These so called "Republicans" are RINO's!

      It is time real Republicans woke up and got rid of these remaining Democratic moles.

    102. Jackson, Denton, TX says:

      What do we have to lose? Stand fast and stick this abomination bill up scary harry's nose. Unfortunately he is not one of the lame ducks, just plain lame. My only concern with a major pushback on the omnibum bill is the wrong people will be blamed at the hands of the socialist media outlets (We Distort, You Abide) but I believe it is our only chance of stopping this madness in its tracks and worth the risk. Now more than ever we need a balanced budget amendment like those in the constitution of several states.

      Hopefully things will come back around to sanity after the "flaming lame duck" bbq in January.

    103. Surprise, AZ says:


    104. and2therepublic, ill says:

      "It will be of little avail to the people that the laws are made by men of their own choice, if the laws be so voluminus that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood; if they be repealed or revised before they are promulgated, or undergo such incessant changes that no man who knows what the law is today can guess what it will be to-morrow."

      "Another defect to be supplied by a Senate lies in a want of due acquaintance with the objects and principles of legislation … no small share of the present embarrassments of America is to be charged on the blunders of our governments; and that these have proceeded from the heads rather than the hearts of most of the members of them. What indeed are all the repealing, explaining, and amending laws … but so many monuments of deficient wisdom … A good government implies two things; first, fidelity to the object of government, which is the happiness of the people; secondly, a knowledge of the means by which that object can best be attained. Some governments are deficient in both these qualities. Most governments are deficient in the first. I scruple not to assert that in the American governments, too little attention has been paid to the last."

      "It is a misfortune incident to republican government, though in a less degree than to other governments, that those who administer it, may forget their obligations to their constituents, and prove unfaithful to their important trust."

      James Madison – Federalist No. 62 – 1788.

    105. Carl, Omaha, Nebrask says:


      I don't doubt termites in Louisiana are a problem but that's something the fine folks in Louisiana need to take care of. We have corn bore in Nebraska but that's our problem and something we have to take responsibility for. Government isn't the solution to all our problems.


    106. Klaus Gainesville, V says:

      I am totally disgusted with this Conmgress, and especially this miserable excuse for a Senator, or American for that matter, Harry Reid. I wonder how the fools in Nevada the re-elected him think of him now?

    107. Sharon, Lakeport, CA says:

      Was planning a trip to Alaska. Then decided it was Murkowskiville. I can see that here in Pelosiville. So I cancelled it.

      Harry Reid isn't rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. He's tossing them overboard so he can get new ones. DemLib "E" Ride ticket holders get them Monogrammed. To make sure no one stops him, Reid has put Conservative Americans out to sea on all the Life Boats.

      As Obama fiddles and Reid & Pelosi buy blow torches…the GOP needs to show some guts and shut this insanity down.

    108. Shanna, Ca says:

      This is unbelieveable – I guess the Nov elections were just a figment of our imaginations. Seems to me that if you are voted out on a Tues. you should be out of your office on Fri and the new congressperson be in the chamber on Monday morning, This lame-duck congress is a pathetic ruse on the American people. If you lose, get the HELL out of Washington. I can't wait for the new crop of legislators to get into office. All this crap needs to be repealed, whatever

      passes and, as for the RINOS.. you are all TOAST in 2012. As an addendum, Scott Brown is a total asshole, what a fraud he turned out to be..

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    110. Barbara Russell, Kan says:

      According to my count there are about 88 Senators getting earmarks. Some of the worst Republicans are Grassley, Bond, Bennett, Voinovich, Collins, Snowe, Murkowski, Graham and then we can always count on Brown of Ma. If they are not taking earmarks, they are voting with the Democrats.

    111. Pingback: NEW VIDEO: Pork-filled Spending Bill Just More of the Same | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.

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    113. The Sherrif of Notti says:

      Harry Reid is among the poorest choices in history for the U. S. Senate much less being the Majority Leader. He appears to lack a moral compass and doesn't lead, he follows the likes of Bela Pelosi. He is short of stature, lacks the instinct for the intellectual probing of national problems and is singularly vested in his personal interests. Aside from that, he dresses in suits too broad in the shoulders and shirts with collars ill-fitted. On the other hand, his mother loved him until he graduated from puberty at 21.

    114. Pingback: BlueRidgeForum » Harry Reid’s Xmastime Menaces: No Rest for Conservatives

    115. Jerry Alexander USA says:

      The "Founding Father’s" are DEAD,I hope nobody is waiting for them to show up to fix things.

      For the most part;Americans just talk,send faxes,e mails,and carry little signs while the rest of them have no idea of anything that is being done to overtake their country…very Ignorant people,the Americans.

    116. Pete, Salem, SC says:

      I know from personal experience, that government employees love it when congress doesn't pass the CR to keep government going. They basically get a paid vacation that doesn't count against their vacation time. The ones that are needed for security such as the secret service and the military will still be there. They will still get paid, just a little while down the road.

    117. Cyborg says:

      For the most part I have lived by the rule of thumb "if it's not broke don't fix it." Over all this has worked pretty good for me over the years. I have seen over the years that the government has lost sight of this and began a policy of, it's if not broke, break it. The 111th Congress has made this their "holy grail." I say shut this gaggle of boobies called the 111th Congress down and send them home before they break anything else.

      A lot of time has been spent in an attempt to blame someone, anyone for all the bad things that have happend in the last ten years. Well I want to say it is our fault. We can lay theblame directly on our own backs because we sat by and allowed it to happen. The people of this country elected Bill Clinton as we did the Bush boys and Obama. We have lost our boarders because we have allowed it to happen. After Bush Sr. famous speech on "the new world order" did we expect any less from Bush Jr.? After Obama voted for the Patroit Act did we really expect him to allow it to expire? We lost more freedom in the five seconds it took G.W. Bush to sign this so called Patroit Act than Obama could possibly take in the next fifty years.

      If one good thing has happend from all this it has been that the sleeping giant has awakened, or at least hopefully so.

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