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  • The Omnibus Text

    Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has just released an omnibus spending bill that will lock-in 2010 spending levels through the next fiscal year (ending September 30). The 1,924 page bill (pdf) contains unknown thousands of earmarks and will prevent the next Congress from making spending cuts until fiscal year 2012. Sen. John Thune (R-SD) released the following statement:

    The attempt by Democrat leadership to rush through a nearly 2,000 page spending bill in the final days of the lame-duck session ignores the clear will expressed by the voters this past election. This bill is loaded up with pork projects and should not get a vote. Congress should listen to the American people and stop this reckless spending.

    For the first time in the history of the modern budget process, this Congress failed to even vote on a budget for next year. This Congress has forfeited their right to spend. The next Congress should be as free as possible to set spending priorities. The 111th must pass something to keep the government running, but it should do so with as short-term a continuing resolution as possible.

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    25 Responses to The Omnibus Text

    1. Chadwell says:

      This sounds like an episode of "Intervention" – the part when the family-man-turned-crackhead agrees to go to rehab but "not until tomorrow," trying to get "one last hit" before reality sets in.

      We all know what the Democrats stand for, but shame on the Republicans who support this. May they meet their political deaths in the nearest primary….

    2. Patrick Joy, Emmitsb says:

      They are hiding all the earmarks. Check out section 4


      7 The explanatory statement regarding this legislation,

      8 printed in the Senate section of the Congressional Record

      on or about December __, 2010 by the Chairman of

      10 the Committee on Appropriations of the Senate, shall have

      11 the same effect with respect to the allocation of funds and

      12 implementation of this Act as if it were a joint explanatory

      13 statement of a committee of conference.

    3. EJJ says:

      The bill really is INSANE, but it has obviously been crafted for the lame duck congress, not the new congress.

    4. sbenard says:

      Tyranny has found a home in America!

      Here are the figures released by the U.S. Treasury last Friday for just the last TWO MONTHS:

      Fiscal 2011 deficit so far (Since Oct 1, for just TWO months): $290.8 billion

      Spending for fiscal 2011 : $585.7 billion (2 mos.)

      Debt as percentage of budget: 49.65%

      In other words, HALF of what we're spending is DEBT! We're BORROWING half the budget! This is no longer merely unsustainable! It is unmanageable and it is unimaginable! Based upon this figure, simple math ($585.7 x 6 to reach a full year) suggests a much larger deficit than what is mentioned above:

      Projected ONE YEAR fiscal 2011 deficit: $1.744 trillion

      And this figure doesn't even include the cost of the new tax deal, which includes an additional Social Security deficit of $120 billion and the additional $56 billion cost of the extended unemployment benefits through the end of 2011! That's another $176 billion! That's nearly a $2 trillion deficit for just THIS YEAR! The entire Federal budget is $3.55 trillion. We're spending nearly TWICE the money we take in via taxes!

      We don't need a meat clever! We need a CHAIN SAW!

      This is why, in all honesty, we can't possibly grow our way out of this mess nor can we cut a few pieces off the roast. There are only two ways to eliminate the deficit without raising taxes:

      1) Cut the budget by 50%!

      2) Print enough money to pay the debt! This is a 100% guarantee of a hyperinflationary depression!

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    6. George Colgrove, VA says:

      Reported by the New York Times this morning:

      “The counties with the three highest median household incomes are all in the Virginia suburbs of Washington. Falls Church led the pack with $113,313 per household, an increase of 17 percent since 2000. Falls Church, Va., had the highest median household income at $113,313. The national median income was $50,211”

      Falls Church,VA , is a newcomer to the top three riches counties bumping out counties in Maryland. Which now puts Loudoun, Fairfax and Falls Church (All VA counties neighboring DC) in the richest territories in America.

      Further reported this morning by Bloomberg:

      “The Washington suburbs are home to government contractors such as Bethesda, Md.-based Lockheed Martin Corp., the world's largest defense company, and General Dynamics Corp., the Falls Church, Va.-based maker of Abrams tanks and Gulfstream business jets.

      “ "Not only does the federal government itself have highly skilled and highly paid jobs, but the growing number of federal contracts also offer that kind of employment," said D'Vera Cohn, a census analyst at the Pew Research Center in Washington. "The flip side of all this is that the Washington area is less dependent on sectors like manufacturing and construction, which have had losses during this recession." “

      It is clear, continued spending like the kind in this bill is aimed at helping only those in the greater DC area. Where is the outrage? The United States federal government is robbing us blind. In 2010, the federal government overspent revenues by 36%. 2010 receipts were 11% down from 2009. 2009 was down from 2008. Incomes for 2011 are projected to go down further, and more people are out of work. If the irresponsible nature of the federal government is not brought under control, we will collapse.

      It is as if we are powerless passengers on the Titanic, only able to watch a bunch of incompetent congress people and federal officials leading an overly massive team of redundant and mostly needless and very expensive federal workers – all seemingly dead set on sinking the ship for their own gain. It is not an iceberg (external event) that will take down the ship. The ship will go down due to the heavy weight of the huge mass of people who operate it. DC is far too big in every way imaginable and it is getting obvious that DC is getting richer because of it. There simply is not enough room for the rest of us.

      We have taught them that they can spend to oblivion, and we the taxpayer will come in and bail them out. Everything the federal government is doing goes against wisdom and intelligence. All of them seem to be operating out of a vengeance against the American will and now seem to be on a money grab. How can Reid say this is “good legislation”?

    7. George Colgrove, VA says:

      "Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has just released an omnibus spending bill that will lock-in 2010 spending levels through the next fiscal year (ending September 30). The 1,924 page bill (pdf) contains unknown thousands of earmarks and will prevent the next Congress from making spending cuts until fiscal year 2012."

      If this bill passes – the audaciousness of the democrats and republicans who wrote it, supported it and who will eventually vote for it will be a slap in the face of the American people who literally voted against this legislation before it was written. The lame duck congress is stealing the American peoples desire and chance to cut the size and scope of government by locking spending until the next election. This is criminal! When the economy tanks under this legislation, the republicans will get blaimed The federal government will obfuscate the facts to the point where Americans will vote more democrats in. This is a fraud and it needs to be stopped!

      Congress – What part of STOP SPENDING do you guys not understand? What part of CUT SPENDING do you guys not understand? I just read an article that said the DC area was the most educated and most paid region in the nation. I agree that you are the most paid, but where is all that intelligence?

      If the reason to support this bill is to prevent a government closedown, then I say close it down. They are in the holiday “taper-time” anyway. If you know a federal employee, they will admit to you privately that during the holiday season – little gets done anyway. There are little office holiday parties and other festivities. All fun and games on the taxpayer’s broken back. People are on either their many federal holidays during this time or are using some of their multitudes of vacation days. Not much is getting done right now anyway – so let’s close it down and not pay for it. When more mature people get into town, we can start on a budget that provides across the board budget cuts of 36% that is currently not being paid for by cash receipts.

      Any of you in congress and in the federal offices needs to get hearing aids. We are screaming and you barely hear a sound. It is hard for you congress people and federal employees in DC to know exactly how hard it is for the American people when your incomes are as high as they are. We have nothing left to be taxed. Moreover, it is not too much to demand that we want our children and grandchildren to have a chance at a life – not one dedicated to pay back your incompetence and arrogance. At some point the spending will need to come under control. Are we to wait until we need 75% of the budget to be paid for by debt? This is getting crazy.

      Congress – let this go to the next session. All we asked for was to keep the 2010 tax in place and you proved you cannot do this simple task without taking another greedy grab for our hard earned money. You have no shame. All of you in DC are running this country into the ground for your own personal gain. Just go home – you failed.

    8. Barbara Russell, Kan says:

      I am keeping track of the bills, and how they vote. I think it is time to get the TEA PARTY EXPRESS on the road again. They don't GET THE MESSAGE of the American people, and don't think they ever will. I just tracked the bill S.510, and when it got to the House of Representives they changed the H.R. 2749 and then changed the BILL NUMBER TO H. R. 3082 then called a Dead Shell Bill,

      Making appropriations for military construction. The original Bill S.510, or Food Safety is still in this bill heading back to the Senate.

    9. Bill Lee, ArkLaTex a says:

      Here is proof why no one should ever vote for a Democrat.

      I also want to thank the people of Nevada for reelecting this wreckless man to the Senate. His goal I think is to destroy America. Thanks again Nevada!

    10. Tim AZ says:

      Shutting down the govt. is the only affordable option we have. Make it so. I suggest you have a barf bag ready when the newly elected officials take office and discover what their predecessor have left them fiscally. These newly elected officials must be honest and report their findings to the American citizenry. So that the American citizenry understands why most govt. agencies must be can no longer be allowed to exist. How's that Hope and Change working out for you?

    11. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      Why would anyone not expect exactly what the Dems are doing? This is nothing

      new for Reid, Pelosi, or Obama. Despite all evidence, millions of Americans still

      do not recognize what the Obama team is attempting to do to this nation. People had better understand in short order that this a just more of the Dems plan to

      destroy the America we know to replace it with socialism.

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    13. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      Where is the transperancy that BHO promised?? Another 2000 page bill trying to sneak in on the paying Americans, full of PORK

    14. Wayne Stickles says:

      Everybody keeps saying the horid left by the people leaving Congress, but the 'things' causing the problem are staying in Congress, and the Liberal Democrats from CA stay in office! It is all part of the Socialist aim to destroy the USA!

    15. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      It proves to me the 111th Congress is full of actual criminals! They have absolutely no intention of Representing the American People. The DINOs and RINOs want to usurp the 112th Congress with the Omnibus Bill! You cannot bind another Congress! I think it shows Criminal Intent on the part of these fake Representatives to harm America (and serve the Foreign Interest)

      These guys know no bounds. It is criminally negligent the fact they have not passed a Budget! That is their very mandate! Ask me that's a Constitutional crime, a failure to Represent the American People intentionally! Also, the corrupt Union Officials who bargained on behalf of Government Workers Unions have bargained in bad faith with the Intent (a criminal intent) to harm our Nation. I'd like a 30% Federal Pay Cut across the boards, now! The Omnibus would stop that! That is like breaking off the brake handle on a runaway train! It is evil!

    16. mike lockhart, mendo says:

      This is typical of the left's approach to governing. THEY KNOW BEST. Regardless of the will of the ignorant and inept people.

    17. Sandy Olnhausen says:

      Obama pulled the wool over all our eyes with this one!

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    21. John Swint, Magalia, says:

      Where is John Galt, now that we need him?

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    23. Donna, AZ says:

      Where is our money for social security retirement that they stoled from us because they thought there was to much money in the reirement fund? They had to put the money in the general fund and spend it. Now they have no money for ss. They down right stoled from us like common criminals. Why are they not putting the money they stoled from us back into ss? They seem to print money for everything else they think is important. Why are we, the american people not being given back what we paid for, and expected to be there for our retirement? Now there is not enough money in the ss fund and they want to reduce the ss tax from 6.2% to 4.2% so there will be even less money for our retirement. Why does our gov't help every other country except their own? ? ? ? ?

    24. Mike Goetten Sr. Hou says:

      Kill this bill. Fund and lock up Social Security so it will be there for future generations. Fund our Military fully. No dead or wounded Military because we waist money on frivolous trash pork and do not fully fund our Military. Prosecute Politicians who do not abide by the Constiution, listen to the will of the people, create pork and are not honest and transparent in all of their duties and actions. Kill all earmarks. Secret meetings and bills hammered out by a few behind closed doors are criminal actions should be prosecuted. The Death Penalty should be an appropriate sentence for the most eggregious offending Politician's actions and the bar to qualify as an offense should be very, very low. Term limits for all Politicians. No career Politicians. All illegal aliens should be sent home after being fined and prosecuted for breaking our laws and entering our country illegally. Pass Amendment 28 that no Politician or person gets any benefit, health care, retirement or exemption that does not apply to every citizen. No lifetime or spouse benefits for any Politician after their service and once you have given the maximum term of service to our country you go home and get a job and live as an ordinary citizen. No more political positions or lobbying. Lobbying is a crime unless it is done by one citizen alone. No PACs, corporation, business or groups of lobbyists as these will be recognized as the criminal element that they are. Fire all the Czars and prosecute them. Ask Obama for his birth certificate and then IMPEACH him. This would be a good start. There is much more to do. Muslims and Islamic entities are not a religious group but a cult that needs to be dealt with severly and immediately. We are a Democratic Republic and want to stay like that and not move toward any Socialist, Communist, Marxist or Fascist principles. Generations have tried these ideas and found that they do not work and are terrible failures. That's why we fought in WW1, WW2 and Vietnam. In GOD we trust.

    25. Chris, Charlottesvil says:

      You say, "The 111th must pass something to keep the government running, but it should do so with as short-term a continuing resolution as possible."

      I ask, why the congress "must pass something to keep the government running…"

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