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  • States Should Not Be Forced to Unionize

    The Senate may soon consider a bill that would force states to allow for the unionization of public employees. In addition to the extraordinary amount of mandates imposed under President Obama, Congress has been attempting to extend the burden of collective bargaining imposed upon every state and local government. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D–NV) recently reintroduced the Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act in an attempt to rush it through Congress before Republicans take control of the House in January. This legislation would mandate collective bargaining for police, firefighters, and emergency medical personnel—even in states that have passed laws to ensure this can’t happen.

    Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty made headlines today with his editorial against government unions. It is no secret that unions have increasingly resorted to government employees to boost membership. Minnesota has 362,000 union members, and Governor Pawlenty has had his fair share of battles to keep taxpayers from footing the bill.

    Government is the easy way to avoid pesky things like efficiency and competition. In September, Heritage expert James Sherk exposed the fact that since last year, most union workers now collect a check paid for by taxpayers. Some of that money is automatically deposited into union coffers to pay for their dues. This is made possible through a taxpayer-funded payroll system.

    The rise of government unions has had many troubling effects.

    • Federal workers already receive up to 22 percent more than their private counterparts, resulting in $47 billion in additional taxes.
    • Many states force government employees to join a union or lose their job.
    • Since the beginning of the recession, private sector employment has fallen while federal employment has risen. Government employees have not faced the same hard decisions that many Americans have confronted during the recent economic decline.
    • Unions are able to take the money they receive from their members and lobby for increased wages in the form of more taxes.

    Congress should let each state decide whether it wants to force its taxpayers to fund overpaid union employees.

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    11 Responses to States Should Not Be Forced to Unionize

    1. Bob, Myrtle Beach says:

      I think every State should be a "free" work State and there should be legislation passed by each State to make sure that citizens and companies have the right not to be forced into Union slavery.

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    3. Shell, Michigan says:

      Michigan allowed for the conscription of day care providers — all self-employed independent contractors — into a union, which has now stripped over $4 million from their state-paid subsidies. Since foster care providers and adoptive parents are also paid by state subsidies, that's a treasure too tempting for unions to resist. This needs to be stopped before the rest of the country travels down Michigan's trashed road.

    4. Bobbie says:

      government unions are a direct conflict of interest to the freedom and dignity of this country. What does that say about those in government running this country if those that work for them need protection because of them? The tax payers should have NO PART IN THIS! What is the BENEFIT? government unions conjure lavish contracts filled with no accountability to acquire raises and pensions and road trips at the tax payers expense! Government unions represent antiAmerica and the leadership to promote, allow such an entity is absolutely despicable.

      Hopefully the President will "change" this unnecessary means and remove all government unions, especially when government is the people, not the corrupt and respected enough by the leadership, not to be the corrupted.

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    6. Don C. Hayward Monum says:

      This will be another expensive litigation and will go to the Supreme Court. This is just one more indication of the intent of this administration to dismantle Constitutional protection piece by piece.

    7. Scot, New Jersey says:

      I agree…clearly unconstitutional…the Federal Government has no business dictating the hiring practices of the States

    8. Spiritof76, NH says:

      The state governors (at least those that aren't drunk on Kool-Aid) should send a strong message to the senate that they will nullify the law, if passed. We must, must, must drastically reduce the power of the federal government to what the Constitution required or else become a banana republic with huge debt and inflation that will ruin the country.

    9. FREMOMT,CA says:

      Were goin to give all the freedom we have left!!!!! VOTE NO on everything, untill jan15. When we have the house, let them cut there own necks, like they have before and always will.

    10. FREMOMT,CA says:

      the BUSH tax, norm as it should be, will speak for itself let the libs or communits party think about. how is it noone has done anything in the senete

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