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  • EPA Can’t Regulate Volcanoes or China

    An ongoing study in Yellowstone National Park seeks to measure the emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) as a response to geologic activity and as a possible predictor of some geologic events. A story covering this study notes that researchers estimate that Yellowstone emits 45,000 tons of CO2 per day. That is about 16.5 million tons per year.

    The EPA estimates that the average car emits between five and six tons of CO2 per year. So natural geologic activity in Yellowstone contributes CO2 equivalent to about 3 million cars. The current attempts by the EPA to limit CO2 emissions would be dangerous for the American economy, but they would have no impact on the millions of tons Yellowstone emits every year.

    More seriously, the EPA regulations would also have little impact on the billions of additional tons of CO2 that China, India, and the developing world will emit each year in the decades ahead. As a result, the regulations would have damaging impacts on the American economy, but just like cap-and-trade restrictions, they would have negligible impact on world temperatures.

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    7 Responses to EPA Can’t Regulate Volcanoes or China

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    3. It's the 1st time I post something: I must say We always learn something here. Go on! Thanks!

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    5. Homer N. Jethro; Gra says:

      Excellent point for the EPA to review!

      I am no scientist but if I remember chemistry from high school correctly C02 is heavier than the things we commonly find in "air"/atmosphere (nitrogen, helium, argon, etc.). So why 1) don't we all die like canaries in a coal mine from C02 concentration and 2) how does it get "up" into the atmosphere to cause the "greenhouse" effect that is claimed by global warming proponents when C02 is heavier than the other elements in the "air?"

    6. Jerry of N.M. says:

      Jethro– You questioned how Co2 gas gets into the 'upper-atmosphere-!? From

      web-site I located on the Internet–where the British Air Minister disclosed their

      "Scientific Study for 2008"–which also named 18,000 commercial Jet-Liners as the top 12% & #1 cause of all Co2 Polutions in the upper-atmosphere-! Here's an

      example–(12% X 5 yrs = 60%)–a 'Solid' majority of that Co2 "Green House Gas"!

      #1–Carbon Dioxide is a heavier gas that usually doesn't "Float-Upwards"-!

      #2–At altitudes above 25,000 ft–temperatures are normally under 40 degrees-!

      #3–Cars are strangely Absent–at this Altitude & Cold Region-! there are no Coal-Fuelel Power Plants, nor Factories in this "High Region"-!

      #4–18,000 commercial Jet-Liners visit this cold thin Atmosphere 2 or 3 times a

      day–Jet-Liners Engines can carry Co2 Gases into this 'Upper-Atmosphere'-! Most of the Co2 Gases here, were transported by Aircraft, not cars or Factories-!

      Our deposits of Co2 Gas, has become a 'majority" in this 'Thin atmosphere area'-!

      #5–Hot Co2 gases heated by Jets normally "Goes Up & gets Stuck" above cold air layers-!

      #6–Can any author & their books on the ground–change any of the above Facts-?

      Southwest Airlines recently stated that their Jets made over 1.5 million climbing ascents to "Cruising-Altitudes"–during one year's time-! (This is like having three

      continuous "Freight-Trains" dumping "Box-Car" Loads of Co2 "Green-House" Gas

      into that 'upper-atmosphere'-!) But Al Gore's Book did not explain it this way, but

      don't worry, he's already got his money from his book–even if he wasn't Right-! I

      understand that the World's Oceans were the #2 source of Co2 emissions, & that

      the World's multitude of Volcanoes were #3, but you can't stop both of those emissions either-! But we can stop the Tax Polutions on U.S. Tax-Payers–by telling the Truth-! We have 5.7 million sq. miles of Asphalt Paved Highways & city Streets in the U.S.–that's enough paving to completely cover the state of Iowa–which is 15% of the U.S. land-area-! A hot-summer sun can easily heat those Billions of tons of Asphalt Weight Mass above 125 degrees, which can heat the air & surrounding ground to a 2 degree temp-rise for Global-Warming, but

      it wasn't that thin Co2 gas that did it-! T'was the Billions of Tons of Solid Asphalt

      Weight-Mass that did IT-!

    7. Billy, Rockville Va says:

      I would like to know how the EPA comes us with the average vehicle releasing 5 to 6 tons of CO2 per year. I am not a scientist, but assuming a gallon of gas weighs about 8 pounds and assuming that the average person uses 18 gallons a week, then the total weight of the fuel itself is ONLY about 7500lbs! How can a gallon of gas put out more CO2 then it's own weight?

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