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  • Morning Bell: Liberals Leave The Reservation

    Any piece of legislation must be both constitutional and improve the condition of the American people. When President Obama and Congressional Republicans first announced their tax deal early last week, our reaction was to hold our noses against its bad elements; on balance, we thought the extension of the current tax rates was laudable. Now, however, the full text of the bill has been released and we see all the bad things that were in the original deal. Meanwhile, liberals in Congress are walking away even from that deal, and are holding the country hostage to their hatred of those they call “the rich.” The tax cut deal, we now know, has been so freighted with liberal special interest tax giveaways that true conservatives cannot support it in good faith.

    The blame for this state of affairs will be on the left. Tax rates will go up on all Americans on Jan. 1, hitting a country beset with 10 percent unemployment and a stagnant economy. It’s baffling that, two decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the left has held fast to its belief that penalizing success will somehow incentivize hard work and produce wealth.

    If House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority leader Harry Reid engineer this massive a tax increase in a faltering economy, they will join two Republicans — Reed Smoot of Utah and Willis Hawley of Oregon — in the pantheon of economic fools. Before they do so, Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Reid should consider that history has still not forgiven their predecessors for the Smoot-Hawley tariff that led to the Great Depression.

    Of course, the pain of an Obama-Pelosi-Reid tax hike would be somewhat lessened by the fact that they would hopefully be temporary. As Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) said on Fox News Sunday yesterday, the first order of business next month for the incoming Tea Party House of Representatives will be to undo the tax hikes the Lame Duck Congress may be about to pass this week. (We would have preferred to have seen that first order of business to be the repeal of Obamacare, but given the circumstances, throttling that unbearable act must move to the second spot.)

    We recognize that having taxes go up, and then down, will increase volatility, which never helps businesses, investors and families. It was that concern that led us to be initially open to the extension of the current tax rates, even though it was only for two years and was accompanied by other onerous measures such as a 35 percent death tax. All along we have shared the concerns of such friends as Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC), who said in a Thursday speech at Heritage that the line “this is the best deal we can get” has been used to justify too many bad deals in the past.

    Now that we see what is in the full text of the bill, we have serious reservations even about the original deal.  So just to be clear, what The Heritage Foundation wants is a plain extension of the current tax arrangements. Congress should have a straight up or down vote on full extension, including the AMT.  It can have a straight up and down vote on the unpaid for unemployment benefits, too, if progressives want that.

    If this cannot be had without other hurtful additions, it is time to look forward.  The new 112th Congress will have to pass new tax legislation that holds the line against all the other negative provisions of the current deal, such as yet another unpaid-for extension of unemployment benefits (which perversely only helps perpetuates long-term unemployment).

    Ditto for all the goodies progressives in the Congress are now busily adding, such as subsidies for windmills in California  (already in the tax extenders – or you need to say even larger ethanol subsidies). All this came on the back of the extension of stimulus tax credits, which expanded the refundability of the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Child Tax Credit, and created the new refundable American Opportunity Tax Credit.

    And, to be sure, including goodies for the whole liberal power base that were already there as part of the annual tax extenders package: the Indian employment tax credit; the railroad track maintenance credit; the seven-year recovery period for motorsports entertainment complexes; the expensing of environmental remediation costs; the deduction allowable with respect to income attributable to domestic production activities in Puerto Rico and the tax incentives for investment in the District of Columbia.

    Is there a progressive protected group that hasn’t been laden with pork in this deal?

    The new Congress that assembles in January should give enactment of the permanent tax relief top priority. The recently elected conservatives, who will arrive in January with a commitment to cut spending, deficits, debt and taxes, should provide the foundation for building momentum in Congress to make the tax relief permanent. But, of course, in the absence of tax relief, the Pelosi-Reid tax hikes will be in effect, doing their damage to the economy, while the conservatives work to get legislation through Congress to make the tax cuts permanent.

    Do they hate successful Americans more than they profess to love the jobless and others who need our help?

    You can follow Mike Gonzalez on Twitter @Gundisalvus

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    77 Responses to Morning Bell: Liberals Leave The Reservation

    1. Bill Lee, ArkLaTex a says:

      RNC needs to have a big press conference to explain to the public why their taxes are going to go up. Also to explain how the Republican Party will work on fixing this situation ASAP in 2011.

      They need to show how the Dems are adding so much "pork" to the bill that it would not be good for the country.

      I am sure the Dems will do the same.

    2. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      I wish the HF wanted to HELP THE NEEDY

      as much as they want to HELP THE RICH.

      Tax the Rich – They have the $$$

    3. PJM, South Carolina says:

      Mike, thank you for the article. Listen, I am SO weary of hearing about "the rich"…that unknown group of individuals the liberals love to villify because they have no face….It's about time "the rich" started stepping forward to bring a reality to who they really are…for the most part, small business owners. Typically inconspicuous men and women who go about their daily lives without pretension (ref: The Millionaire next door; by Dr. Tom Stanley, 1996)….They should be more visible to dispell the myth of who the liberals want Americans to believe are "the rich"…the robber-barrons of industry, smoking fat cigars and riding around in limousines. Today's millionaires are more often than not, driving in Ford Explorers (paid in cash, by the way) and wearing jeans and plaid shirts…I could go on, but you get the point….

      God bless America

    4. Alan says:

      While I think the tax rate structure should be continued with out any earmarks, I think they should be permanent.

      This Congress may well be willing to consider the rate structure, but, the next Congress is quite another matter.

      The state of spending and taxation makes it clear that both must be reduced, cut, cleaved dramatically.

      Warnings of Armageddon over spending cuts are unsubstantiated and I think the people need to insist that our government confirm to its Constitutional mandates and not the altruistic proclivities of too many politicians.

    5. Double Ace says:

      The system is broke. The fools of the world continue to elect people like Barak Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid, just to name a few so that they will deliver on the entitlements they feel they deserve. CA and NY spend like fools on entitlement packages, and projects nobody wants, or needs, and now the rest of the American taxpayers will be forced to bail them out. Why should someone living in VA or OH be forced to fund a state where they have no vote? We need to get the Feds out of the business of state issues. Let the states sink or swim on their own merits. We would all like to spend like there is no tomorrow but fortunately we don't because we accept the responsibility for our own finances. When will the state and federal governments accept their responsibility? I will tell you when. When the American taxpayers refuses to pay taxes that provide them with the funding they need to create foolish cabinents such as the Department of Education, Department of Justice, Department of Labor, etc. I think you get the picture. These cabinets accomplish very little except to employ union workers. It's time to stop the madness!

    6. Clearhead -- U.S.S.A says:



    7. Rob Page, Saint Loui says:

      Today's Morning Bell states, "So just to be clear, what The Heritage Foundation wants is a plain extension of the current tax arrangements." Why doesn't The Heritage Foundation want the current tax arrangements to be be lowered? How can one be against an increase but not for a decrease? Why are we still appeasing the left by assuring that we won't lower taxeswants when we know that lowering taxes will truly stimulate the economy? Why do we talk about how much leaving the tax rates the same costs the government versus raising the tax rates? Taxes do not cost the government anything, they cost the tax payers. The Tea Party is a referendum on the Obama administration's policies and the american people voted for lower taxes and smaller government this past November, they did not vote for keeping tax rates the same. To have The Heritage Foundation, which I consider my one-stop site for all the pertinent information regarding conservative thought, propose keeping tax rates the same kind of saddens me. Please let me know what I'm neglecting to consider here.

    8. toledofan says:

      No only is what is going on in Washington despeciable and disgusting, it clearly shows the real distain the Democrats have for America and it's people. For the past two years it's been spend until there isn't anymore and then spend some more. What is really hard to swallow is the fact that there are still people who think the fab three, Obama, Pelosi and Reid are doing a good job and actually are doing things to make everyone life better. It would have been best for the Republicans to just let the tax rate incresae and fight the battle when they at full strength. It looks like McConnel fot sucked in again.

    9. Dave Backs, Nashvill says:

      The wonderful about this "lame duck" Congress is they're down to their few days of laying eggs. The 110th will rightfully pass into that good night with the knowledge that they were "deemed to pass" by the American public as "the worst Congress in history" since polling began.

      Think of it! That's no mean feat. Fortunately for Republicans, they kept the same "leadership team" we can enjoy hearing for the next two years until we also take over the Senate.

      God does, indeed, work in mysterious ways.

    10. Lizzie says:

      Why in the world cannot the Congress pass a bill ONLY on the tax cuts without adding in pork and all manner of spending or "member items" and sundries??? The members seem focused only on adding all kinds of spending projects to each and every bill up for vote… Enough already!!

    11. George Colgrove, VA says:

      "Do they hate successful Americans more than they profess to love the jobless and others who need our help?"

      It is not just Peloci or Reid, it is the whole federal government. They rule as if the American population is the enemy. Their primary function is to punish us and to divey out meager sustanance to keep the masses poor. If it were not for poverty, crime and crisises, there would be no need for the federal government.

      To stay employed at the very high salaries and lucrative benefits, the federal government needs America to be in a failed state. The household incomes in the greater District of Columbia Area went up by 32% since the terrorist attracts on America on 09/11/01. America was told we need to sacrifice and we did. Our household incomes dropped by 5% in that same time.

      Rahm Emanual stated that he needed to take advantage of a crisis to get things passed that otherwise would not. Where did this idea come from? Well it is the normal business operations of a government employee. They see death and crisis within the country as a means to their ends. They desperately need crisis to justify their positions. The greater DC area gets its income from taxpayers. There is very little industry that goes on here. If private company is here, it is because they get their revenue from the federal government.

      DC has become a heavy weight and a drain on the American economy and livelihood. People in the DC area have had their incomes grow faster than ever in history. This income has been forcefully taken from helpless taxpayers who when given a choice would not pay for the thing that has become the federal government.

      There is hope though. We vote and they can lose it all. As more of us wake up to the realities of federal corruption and the lies they tell we will seek other alternatives. We have already started this push. Federal obfuscations, lies and self glorification is coming to an end. Their evil grab on what little we have for their own wealth is nearing its end. Stealing from generations yet to be born is nearly over.

      The most feared weapon by anyone in the federal government is our voices and our votes. Things they are dead set on destroying – either by clamping down on the internet or flooding the towns with illegals and Acorn volunteers. The federal ruling class seems like they are on a final run for the cash and guaranteed future privalege as they get out of town.

      We the People are no longer buying it. Do they hate American success – you bet-cha! Their growing wealthy livelihoods heavily rely on that we fail.

    12. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      Last week I stated Obama is again lying to the Republicans and the American people with this "tax cut" deal. I also stated that Obama and his lackeys in

      the Democrat party have no honor and cannot be trusted to do anything beneficial

      for this nation. Now finally, others on our side are starting to understand just

      how "slick" these socialist/communist are and that they have an agenda to

      destroy this great nation. When is every citizen going to realize just how divisive

      and dishonest Obama and the Dems are? These people must not be allowed

      to be in any part of our government.

    13. Joanne Walczak says:

      Thank you for the great work.Unfortunately it seems the only way to reach my senator/congressman is to go to Capitol Hill and camp out at their offices as it is impossible to call them.Busy/mailbox full!!! Hello? They must take the phones off the hook. So I continue to pray for my Country. Thanks Jo

    14. Roger, St. Charles, says:

      We did not elect conservatives to office to obtain compromise, we want leaders that consistently stand on principle!

    15. Charles LABounty Mer says:

      Washington does not get it. "Big government will always bget big government".

      Extending unemployment for another year is riduculous. Too many people are using it as a second income or to protect their personal savings. If someone needs another year on unemployment to "put food on the table" then they should be elbible for welfare.

      Congress needs to show us some spending cuts through leadership. They should

      first cut their pay and benefits then cut their paid staff.

    16. Charles Nystrom Summ says:

      That the Republican leadership would agree to anything like this deal is a travesty by itself. That they are likely to also agree to the additonal spending tacked on by Pelosi and Reid is to shred the promises stated in their "Pledge to America" last fall.

      If the legislation is enacted, and contrary to Paul Ryan's assertions, nothing will be repealed or defunded. You never go into a deal with the idea you are going to try to get out of it. Just do not do the (bad) deal in the first place.

      Woe to America.

    17. Richard D. Brinkley says:

      “I’m not willing to let working families across this country become collateral damage for political warfare here in Washington,” opined President Obama, after agreeing not to raise taxes on the American people.

      Too bad he didn’t think of collateral damage to the working families of this country when he signed the bogus health care bill or the financial regulation bill, both of which were packed with onerous taxes and fees adversely impacting the working families of this country.

      On November 18th, Mr. Obama warned that if the government piled up too much debt it could lead to a double dip recession. On December 7th, Mr. Obama claimed “we don’t have the danger of a double dip recession.” On December 9th, Lawrence Summers, Mr. Obama’s chairman of the White House National Economic Council, predicted an increased risk of a double dip recession if Congress does not pass the “tax deal.” It is obvious confusion reigns at the White House.

      And what is the “tax deal? “The “tax deal” has nothing to do with tax cuts. The only issue was whether there would be a tax increase on the highest wage earners: another act of discrimination and hatred against successful Americans by progressive-socialist Democrats. Divide and conquer: pit black against white; pit Hispanics against blacks and whites; pit the poor against the successful; transfer wealth from those willing to work to those who are not. This is the standard playbook of the Democrats.

      Yesterday, the tax rates Congress passed under President Bush were a bad thing because they did not encourage work. Today, the same rates are a good thing and without continuing the Bush tax rates the economy could stall. Confusion is the one constant at the White House.

      Democrats in Congress are furious that Obama agreed to a tax package with Republicans. Democrats hold that not increasing taxes on those taxpayers making above $250,000 annually will cost the government $700 billion. How so?

      As a government of the people, for the people and by the people, how can a tax savings to the people be a cost to government? It can’t. This fact reveals the utter tyranny underlying the progressive-socialist strategies: government is superior to the people, and the government is not of, for and by the people, but actually works against the will of the people.

      Extending the tax rates to all Americans means there is no change in current tax policy. The people avoid a tax increase. The government cannot lose what it did not have: there is no increase in the deficit. There is no cost to government. And since there is no change in tax policy, there is obviously no stimulus in the tax deal.

      Capital gains tax rates are extended. Again, no tax increase to the people. No cost to government.

      Dividend rates are extended. Again, no tax increase to the people. No cost to the government.

      What is the cost of the “tax deal?” It is not even near the $1 trillion hyped by the Democrats; it’s closer to $200 billion based on the payroll tax deduction ($120 billion), unemployment insurance extension ($60 billion) and miscellaneous tax credits, all offset by $11-30 billion in estate tax revenue.

      What does this bill actually do for the American people? Nothing! The uncertainty of the business community about the economic outlook has not been resolved. The economy is not helped. Unemployment is at 9.8%.

      So why do we see such political theater? It is a function of progressive-socialist class warfare against successful wage earners. It is also a function of House Democrats being kept out of the negotiations between Republicans and Mr. Obama.

      The House Democrats, in reaction, have spent two days adding billions of dollars of waste to the proposed tax deal, stating they will not bring Obama’s proposal to the floor of the House. The end result may well be no tax deal in December and a major tax increase in January, which may be preferable in the long run.

      If this scenario occurs, the Democratic Party will be irreparably damaged and the Republican majority in the House will have to act quickly in sending a bill to the Senate permanently extending the existing tax rates in order to avoid sending the United States into a double-dip recession: a “tax deal” Mr. Obama cannot refuse.

    18. Allen Stevic says:

      The Republicans better/must now walk away from the "Tax Deal".

      It wasn't a good deal when it started but it is now redicules thanks to Pelosi, Reed and their Progressive buddies.

    19. Robert, North Richla says:

      I agree completely. All true conservatives, Americans and Constitutional republicans should vote NO against these bad deals. Then we will know who to support – and who else needs to be thrown out.

    20. freedom says:

      I wish the tax extension were only one year. Then let's see Obama raise taxes with a rep congress.

      Anyway, I hope this deal fails. Otherwise what was the point of electing the new guys?

    21. Vern Nordman (Coving says:

      Why aren't the unemployment benefits sunsetted like the tax bill. These extensions of unemployment benefits should be returned where they started from and frankly 6 weeks ought to be enough!

    22. Jim Roumeliotis - Hu says:

      It is unbelievable that our politicians can ignore the voice of the people, yet alone the voices that have been crying out for two years.

      How will they feel, in latter years, when the damage they created and forced on the American people is completely revealed and simplified for all to view?

      This Democratic group must be the most ignorant collection of representatives ever assembled or the most self-centered, selfish and greedy mass of idiots that care less what the American people think of them…….feather their nest and let others fend for themselves.

      The state of affairs in this country now puts the burden on the Republicans. Put up or shut up. The opportunity is there to fix this mess or cave in to the left and take their place among the other spineless politicians who have sold the American working class down the river.

      With a Republican failure will come a Third Party movement…the choice is theirs.

    23. Mary............WI says:

      Nothing but a political mess instigated by the left because of their total lack of understanding or disregard for why the United States of America was truly founded. May they all have a most unjoyable holiday. I pray they all learn what this country is all about before we lose it all to China.

    24. Aaron, Grayslake, IL says:

      The blame falls on the left? I think not. The blame falls on every politician who thinks that "compromise" is what everybody ELSE has to do. There are plenty on the right who are unwilling to compromise.

    25. Norm Klevens says:

      Heritage is absolutely on target still. The deal was a palatable one, until the Libs started putting their ear marks on it. And it proves, once again Obama does not have the slightest glimpse on what a business person faces. Two years is temporary, [just like Obama's remaining reign all over this country, I hope]. Mr. De Mint should be the majority leader. And thanks Vermont for Bernie Sanders. At least that excuse for an American Senator admits who he is. I'd ca

    26. Michael from Long Is says:

      This tax bill is "another witches" brew of all the bad things that Congress does when making modern legislation. They have forgotten the old KISS rule,"Keep it simple,stupid!" If I was a Republican Congressman,I would be yelling to let this abortion of a bill crash in flames and wait until after the New Year to re-instate the original expired tax cut legislation and make it retroactive . The only way to deal with these liberal politicians is from a position of strength. They (like the North Koreans) don't respond to anything less than pure force.

    27. KC - New Mexico says:

      May be the Tea Party conservatives will push the smart thing to do – establish the flat tax. No more tax credits, no more exceptions and multitudes of deductions. No more letting 50% of America off the hook from paying taxes. Instead, promote the flat tax and decrease the need for IRS, tax attorneys, and the complications of the tax forms.

      Using a simple example of 10% income flat tax (I am sure the real number is much less), the millionaire who brings in an income of one million would pay $100,000. (This should make the liberals happy) The family who brings in an income of $250,000 would pay $25,000. The family who brings in an income of $50,000 would pay $5000. Religious organizations (all of them) would pay on the revenue or income made. All businesses (profit and non-profit) would pay tax on revenue. Even the poor who are receiving all the benefits from those who pay a lot in taxes would pay the flat tax based on the equivalent amount of benefits received. They would pay in a monetary form or through civil work provided to their communities.

      State income taxes would be based on the same principle. The additional taxes would be FICA, and Medicare. If you want these entitlements, then you pay into the system. Gross receipts tax would be added where needed.

      We can no longer survive with an America based on entitlements. Everyone owes and everyone pays in one way or another. The flat tax is simple, fair to all, and would provide financial stability for the government. There would be enough tax based money to adequately fund our failed schools and failing infrastructure.

    28. donna tuscaloosa ala says:

      well said ditto !!!!!!!!

    29. Stow, Utah says:

      If nothing gets done until the cavalry arrive that is a good thing. Good riddance libtards and RINO's. We will see who is really holding tax cuts hostage come January.

      Barry's idea of moving to the center is laughable. What an idealog. What a narcicist, the fool will go down as the ONLY anti-American President.. Makes Carter look almost acceptable.. (rolleyes)

    30. David, Roanoke says:

      If Republicans vote in favor of this, they will have 1) missed the message of the last election; 2) gotten "rolled" yet again by the Democrats and 3) already have begun to lose the next election.

    31. Lorraine Carson, Flo says:




    32. Geezer840, Snohomish says:

      Thanks to Heritage!

      I was beginning to wonder if the entire conservative world had already abandoned the electorate. I've listened to and read all of the Washington Elite Conservatives say how Republicans must support this tax "compromise". A pox on them!

      The American people tried to let those in the national government know that we've had enough of their deals and pork apending. We will now see which Republicans still don't get the message.

    33. Barb in WI says:

      The Republicans should be shouting from every media hilltop to all Americans "When your paycheck is net smaller in Jan, be sure to thank Obama and the Democrats for what should be really called the Obama TAX INCREASE"! That is precisely what it will be. And it will affect ALL tax brackets and all working wallets. The leftist progressives have become insanely shrill with their constant class warfare and bashing of success and productivity. Americans do not want socialism! Hard work, success and wealth should be applauded not vilified. We are a land of dreams and opportunity. The left has lost most of America in this last election and remains in delusional denial that they, Obama and their radical bunch are not in sync with mainstream American values. They are crashing and burning before our very eyes and I must say it is well deserved and cannot happen fast enough. I say to the progressives — do us all a favor. Stop all the whining and move to Venezuela please!

    34. jlo, Montana says:

      Let me see if I have this right. The Republicans have agreed to allow the Democrats to extend unemployment benefits by borrowing more money rather demanding that expenses be cut elsewhere to pay for the extension. In return, the Democrats have agreed to allow the Rebuplicans to extend the Bush tax cuts for wealthy Americans by borrowing more money rather demanding that expenses be cut elsewhere to pay for the extension (the Bush tax cuts were never tied to any commensurate reductions in spending).

      What are these Bozos smoking in Washington DC?! Didn't the newly elected Republican legistlators and the Obama administration both recently decry the out-of-control deficit and the dangers it presents to our economic security? Will those inside the Beltway ever truly govern or will they forever use their power to purchase votes from their respective constituencies? If we are ever to tackle the ballooning budget deficit, we must be willing to seriously consider raising taxes and cutting expenses at the same time, and painfully so. Someone has to pay for the drunken spending spree our elective officials have embarked upon for the past 8 years, and that mean all Americans.

    35. Amy (San Diego) says:

      Where can the full text of the bill be viewed?

    36. Rich - Carlisle PA says:

      To progressives it seems that the constitutionality of legislation is optional. As for improving the condition of the American people that is also optional so long as the legislation (a) satisfies the progressives’ notion of good intentions and/or (b) transfers wealth to a supporting “group” or a favored, campaign contributing crony capitalist.

      For Jo Walczak – for what it’s worth try emailing the bums… go to each respective reprobate’s Congressional web site and find the link to email them… just keep emailing the bums every time the line is busy or as often as you would like. It’s a lousy email system in that you can’t send a copy yourself or save a copy of the email (intentionally designed that way of course). What I do is create the text of my email in Word document and then paste it into the message window on the Web site so at least I have a copy of what I sent. Fortunately my congressman, although probably not a purebred constitutional conservative, is not a total waste of time and actually treats these emails as if they were letters and will respond to the email with a letter if requested to do so.

      As you may recall back when they were getting ready to vote on TARP so many people tried to email the bums that it crashed the servers that host Congressional web pages. I recall that clearly because I checked the site for hours that evening hoping it would come back up so I could send a fire mail.

    37. Rick74 says:

      Republican war-cry: "At least we held the line at on-line poker!"

      Unless they caved on that, too?

    38. B. Hall Syosset N.Y. says:

      This is for K. Jarvis. If you think $250,000 is rich let me shou you the numbers if you live in N.Y. as I do. The Federal State ans Local authorities take about 70% of that income in taxes.That leaves aboue $75,000. Then you have to live somewhere, the real estate hit is among the higest in the nation. If you rent in NYC the yearly amount could easily be upwards of $30,000. If you own it could be even higher. That leaves about $40 to $45. Now admittingly %40 to $45,000 in disposable income is more than enough it is certianly not great wealth. Forthermore you have to educate your children as well as pay the higest sales taxes in the country. So now you want to add to this confiscatory tax burden. The unintended consequences will be more and more of the 2% of the highest taxpayers will simply leave the country,for more tax friendly places around the world and leave a greater burden on the rest of the population to make up the difference. Raising taxes will depress the tax revenue not increase it.

    39. Henry says:

      The rich do not pay taxes. Government could put taxes at 50% for the group above 250,000. The rich have wright offs, deprecation and bank accounts on foreign soil. The middle class continue to pay the burden of government, rich, and poor. The middle do not have the money for wright offs and deprecation. If they are lucky perhaps mortgage on a $100,000 dollar home.

      The rich have all been screaming about their taxes. That's all I have heard for months. It will not hurt the economy if they have to wright off more and deprecate more of their money.

      America needs to reduce half of government and slash the pay for the rest of government workers.

      Give any company a tax deduction on any manufacturing plant that stays in America of 50%. The democrats have put the American worker (middle class) in third world pay., and paid the rest to stay home.




    40. ROY S. MALLMANN II S says:

      The Liberal Democrat Party and their followers have essentially been waging war on the average American Citizen and in particular the conservatives. Maybe it is time that we react with a tough love type of response, used fairly and constitutionally to nuetralize it before it is too late. The corrupt Obama Administration brought this country so close to socialism saved only by Scott Brown's election which gave us time. We need to nuetralize the unions by making union dues payment voluntary so it can sink or swim on its own. How fair is to to demand payment as a condition of work? Bringing back the draft combined with an option of two year military-like public service would insure that every U.S. citizen had skin in the game, and would instill discipline in the young while reducing crime. Making sure that all working people, even those who flip burgers, pay at least a 10% income tax would guarantee that votes were cast would impact their taxation. We need to reform the voting process by mandatory prison time for any and all registration or voting abuses including false ID, dead people voting, bribes, bus rides, etc. Voting is a sacred function and has been marginalized and perverted by the liberals.

    41. Mary Gregory, Ohio says:

      Thank goodness there are other people out there who understand the deterimental results of decisions by Obama, Pelosi, Reid and other misinformed liberals. We have to keep speaking up and educating those who are unable to understand economics, globalization and the need for our country to support businesses and entrepreneurs.

    42. Drifter, Utah says:

      OK… So, nobody wins this round… Will the next version of our insane government have the cojones to fix this?

    43. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      The rats are always the first to desert a sinking ship. That said liberals are scared.

      However, it's not all good news and sweetness and light. Moody's has threatened to

      downgrade our AAA bond rating if the tax cut and unemployment extension goes through. Let's make sure that it doesn't happen now.

    44. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      The "rich" don't pay taxes is another myth some continue to believe. The "rich" pay way more than their fair share – something like the top ten percent pay 80% percent of the income tax. Its the bottom 50% don't pay taxes income taxes – do your homework Henry.

    45. Elsa Bandi, Glenview says:

      Strange, but I feel this "tax cut" business has been a hugh success for the Democrats. The " death tax" has been reinstated, earmarks added and the only benefit was not raising taxes on those making over $250,000.00 Had an increase of 4-5% been added to the highest tax bracket no earmarks added , no tinkering with social security we would be in a strong Tea Party position.

      Did the Republicans understand the November election results?

      Republicans, don't pass something you can rewrite next year. Tax tables etc have to be resent just to cover the SS change.If there is time for this; it's time for a proper continuation of the Bush tax rates.

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    47. Peter Gillen Minneap says:

      When is there going to be pressure put on the sparkling teeth newsreaders who know absolutely nothing about these bills other than what they read – THERE IS NOT TAX LOSS. Everyone is going to continue paying the same amount. There is a tax loss because the DEMS had plans to spend the increase before it happened

    48. Linda ONeal, Cheroke says:

      So wouldn't you think that the way to solve the tax problems of this country (from taxing the rich, to excusing the poor) would be solved by a flat tax. Everyone would be charged a percentage of their income. In this manner everyone would pay his share – 10 percent is 10 percent of what ever your earned income happens to be. Then set another rate for unearned income: social security, inheritance, windfall profits, disability, farmer subsidies, etc.

      Even Pelosi and Reid would then have to pay their share!!

    49. Paul Rinderle says:

      Will someone tell us Seniors how happy we should be with your tax cuts given they are to be financed out of our kitty?

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    52. Lee-White Tanks AZ says:

      It is fairly obvious that the Republicans that survived 2Nov10 and those that will come up for election in 2012 did not get the message.

      The only acceptable "compromise" is no compromise. There should be an up or down vote on the current Tax Rates, to retain them or not to retain them.

      All the Liberal window dressing must be simply disallowed. If this can not be accepted by the Democrats then let the tax rates go back to pre-Bush levels and let the Democrats rightfully shoulder the responsibility for raising taxes in the midst of a sever recession.

      As for the "backsliding" Republicans, 2012 is just around the corner.

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    54. LizH, Oxford, MD says:

      The current method of governing has produced too much power in the hands of too few. Time to toss them all, and start over,.

    55. nancy j. shank live says:

      I don't understand the wanting to have the rich wealth be redistributed when most of the Congress is in the upper income bracket. It seems more like they are trying to do away with the middle and get back to only the elite and the very poor.

    56. Mike, Chicago says:

      Shut up, Jarvis. The "rich" already pay a disproportionate amount. Make the people who have jobs and don't pay taxes start paying and get them off public aid.

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    58. Denise, Utah says:

      I am always amused with Ken Jarvis and his liberal rants. If he feels so passionate about helping the poor and needy, he should write a check to the Federal Government. Ken, the government should get out of the charity business because they have proven that they are lousy at getting people out of poverty. It has just become too expensive to dole out. Last I checked it takes $1.00 to get 5 cents to the poor. In my opinion, that is an utter failure. Besides, I am a very generous giver to charity with out being coerced. I give 10 percent of my income to charity every month and I know that 100 percent of it goes to the poor. How much do you give? My last point is this, I worked hard for my money, I am an educated adult and I don't need the Federal Government to coerce money from me to give to charity, that is LEGALIZED theft. And stop with the class wars!! It makes you look like a fool!!!!!! Instead go read a book like Atlas Shrugged. It may help you see the light. Socialism really is a philosophy of failure. It's ONLY inherent virtue is the sharing of poverty, just ask any Russian citizen.

    59. CHyatt, Albuquerque says:

      Flush. We need a reset on Congress. All of them. Much like a magician we all have been tricked. Charity starts at home, not at the hands of a politican who wants to redistribute wealth.

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    61. Chet "Ski,&quot says:

      All that Jarvis can see, is rich, rich,rich.Where did you work at jarvis? for some poor person, who couldn't even pay their own way, but have to depend on food stamps, and the like. Get a life, old man(even though you are only 4 years older than me. I wised up, and was a Reagan democrat, however, I can see that you have a one track mind, and that is no "common sense"

    62. Linda, Louisiana says:

      Well, it;s time to vent our frustrations again, and it seems that is all we do. I have the feeling that our views are fuitless; what happens to them. Are they utilized in any way? As much as I would like to have a reduction in my taxes, I am opposed to compromise and having the add ons. On the issue to taxing the rich, those people are already being taxed in a higher tax bracket. To put more and more burden on the rich, does nothing but destroy the incentive to achieve, making this nation a welfare state, more and more.

    63. Dave & Lily Dwye says:

      This is a disgusting piece of legislation. Pork-filled, as usual. Up or down vote, what's so hard about that?! Will these clowns ever learn that they work for "we the people"? We're standing with Senators Bachmann and DeMint.

    64. Pingback: This Week in Washington – December 13, 2010

    65. Wendell V. Fountain, says:

      Will the TRUE Republicans and conservatives please stand up? Doesn't anyone get it? This is not an extension of the Bush tax cuts. It really is an Obama tax hike!

      Get it? Why "compromise" with the Democrats and Obama on anything? I know November 2nd was a century ago, but if I'm not mistaken Republicans took back the House to the tune of 63 new members–not a change of this magnitude since 1948. The Democrats are still in denial, and they are very good at it. God save us from the RINOs, liberals, and progressives.

    66. Barb in WI says:

      I must give out a great big heavy sigh. The democrats are still in delsuional denial about the Nov 2, 2010 election sweep and the republicans appear to have certainly NOT gotten the message either. Here they all are back at it, playing "let's make a deal" with our hard earned money and adding more pork to another compromised bill in which the weak kneed republicans did NOT have to negotiate about at all! Gosh darn it Repubs! Play hard ball now that you have the ball and just LET the tax rates go up! Let the economy tank again and then we can blame all of the destruction on the OBAMA TAX INCREASE of 1-1-2010 and use it as advantage for the 2012 election! This is not brain science!

    67. hal metzger` says:

      "Kill the Bill"– I firmly believe that the business community understands that this new 112 Congress will seek permanency to the existing tax rates. This will finally give them the confidence that a predictable future can be used to plan their expansions and investments for the long term; something they have not had for the past two years with the mentally challenged and corrupt 111 Congress.

    68. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      Ken Jarvis must hate the self employed, My son is a surveyor in Fl. and after the overhead of his company and occassionally paying for day help he needs what he makes to keep a reserve. In case you don't know so. Fla. is really h urting and his business is 1/3 of what it was five yrs. ago, any more taxes will break him.Geo. Colgrove, Dems don't hate all Americans just those who work hard and are successful, they love the ones who sit home and grovel for the medicaid, food stamps etc. Rep. agreed to a plain bill, extension of the unemployment, and keeping the taxes the same for all WORKING Americans, then came along Reid and his cronies and this was added and that was added and death tax was reinstalled until teh whole thing oinked. We need Congress to put a simple bill out, one that can be read in a short time, NO PORK and hidden adgendas and vote on it up or down.

    69. The Sherrif of Notti says:

      Ah, Ms Pelosi is at it again. Actually, she has outgrown her name .. Nancy no longer befits her station. I thought Bella might be an alternative, but Bela is more appropros. Bela Pelosi as in Bela Lugosi equates well. You may not remember Bela by his name but fame was Bela's as the blood-sucking vampire .. Count Dracula. Perhaps a poll of the Obamoids could be the determinant.

    70. John, Cincinnati says:

      I'm a conservative who thinks that the breaks on the top shouldn't be extended, although the trigger should probably be at $1M, not 250k.

      Under current law, the "super rich" often pay lower effective rates than the middle and upper middle classes (as well as just the plain old "rich"). Thus, Warren Buffett was accurate when he observed that he paid lower rates than his secretary.

      I'm not in favor of so-called "confiscatory" taxes, but people with families to support who work hard and play by the rules to earn their 100k, 250k, or 500k shouldn't be paying more than Buffett and Gates.

      It's just not right.

    71. val in Pa says:

      I see alot of good reasonable comments here. I for one can't wait until the new congress comes into power. Not that there's alot they Can do, but, there will be ALOT the Left CANNOT DO. Thank God for small blessings. It took a LONG time for the U.S. to get to this point (of near ruin) and it'll certainly take a long time to get this train turned around. I sure hope folks can see and stick with the plan as it will surely be a long-term-plan for us to get back to the values which made this country great. The constitution must be the law of the land and WE THE PEOPLE must be the ones to make sure that our elected representatives remember this and, if they don't we will certainly remember at the next election. We do have some power, (although with the cheating and voter fraud I hear about ?? I wonder if we should be more worried over this issue) at the ballot box. No need for term limits – we already have that set in place by the founders. Hey one thing that bothers me and it may be that this will come up soon as it's possible to really do something about the issue, is the fight Col.Larking is enduring. No Tea Party comments or position being publically stated. WHY NOT??? The eligibility issue we all know is valid, then why sillence on the subject?? Are we afraid of ??? I realize there's not alot that can be done with the dems in control and they retain a good amt by holding onto the senate, but, don't we have any principles? What are we afraid of? Yea I know, it's so politically wrong to pick on poor barack obama bkz why – oh yea he's of a minority – keep forgetting that bkz he acts just like any politician on the left. Just do and get away with as much as one can.

    72. Elaine, Florida says:

      People, instead of venting here on a public site, we all need to EMAIL every rep you have in D.C. and demand they dismantle this bill to the original state, that being the Tax extension bit and the extension of unemployment. You can get your reps email addresses and email them regularly about this horrible thing the old timers of D.C. have added to this so called tax extension bill. Nothing else to be on the bill, no pork, no nothing else. We have got to stand up for our rights or this demoniac govt. will have us under their thumbs for the rest of our lives.

      Email, call their local offices and send them the message that we the people are up in arms about how they are doing no good to us at all and we just wont take it any longer.

    73. Schweizer says:


      By now we have debated OBAMA and his Henchman for two years and this Omnibus Bill should tell us all where we are headed (another 2000 page takeover that no one will read). My feelings on the matter are simple and straight forward:

      They have shut us down already, the hard working American middle class, the good People of this Country who have made her the exceptional place it is, and now we must shut them down!

      Shut down what they represent, before it is too late!

      Do not pass this Omnibus Bill!

      They say it can't be done – I beg to differ – we must come together and do this now – take your Country back!

      It will only end when we show that we are willing to shut them down!

    74. Maggie, Weymouth, MA says:

      I just want to let you know…all of you are doing one fine job on reporting the many many news items. I think you all are awesome! You speak the truth..out loud! That's great to read…& so needed in this day!!

      So aptly do you fill in all the details I don't have from the local newspapers, and other parts of the media. I am very grateful that you are stand up for what is right…for what is truth…for the betterment of those in America, who deserve to know what the polecats on the hill are

      up to…

      Thank God for all of you … Keep it Up….Blessings, Morning Bell xo xo

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    77. guenstige uebernacht says:

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