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  • O, Christmas Tree! O, Taxing Tree!

    The tax bill (still being drafted in secret) is becoming a lobbyist’s dream, just in time for Christmas. The Democrat opposition to President Obama’s compromise has increased the negotiating power of every Representative and Senator, especially the Democrats.

    The vote by the House Democrat Caucus to denounce the unwritten bill “in its current form” is a negotiating ploy; it gives them leverage to bargain for sugar plum pork.

    Now they’re the ones holding the bill hostage.

    The ultimate bill will likely have more ornaments than the official 67-foot Capitol Christmas Tree that Speaker Nancy Pelosi lit up earlier this week. But it’s not nearly as brightly-lit, since nobody’s provided the public with a copy of the proposed text of the legislation.

    And with martial law already declared in the House—enabling bills to rush through on short notice—few will have a chance to read and understand the bill before a vote occurs.

    What will be added to buy more votes? Ethanol subsidies? Online poker (run only by the politically-favored)? Renewal energy credits for wind and solar? Special interest tax breaks that are more obscure? Maybe things on the spending side rather than the tax credit side?

    Santa Claus should be jealous over how quickly Congress can now stuff their favorite stockings.

    The final product may blur the lines between Democrats and Republicans, as it gives equal gifts to both the naughty and the nice. And the more decorations that are hung on the Christmas-treed bill, the more conservatives who may fall off the bandwagon. After all, the job-boosting benefits of temporary tax help won’t be nearly as strong as permanent extensions of the Bush tax cuts.

    It remains important and urgent not to increase anybody’s taxes, but the way this is unfolding may increase the national disdain for the way Washington works — if that’s possible.  Happy Holidays it ain’t.

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    13 Responses to O, Christmas Tree! O, Taxing Tree!

    1. James Kapp Harrisvil says:

      I am frustrated that we as taxpayers do not seem to have our will enacted by our represenatives. The whole tax system and IRS should be eliminated and replaced with a flat tax. No deductions, no forms, and most of the IRS employee's eliminated. It seems like this would eliminate very large governmental expenses. This should be put to a vote of the people because we cannot trust our elected representatives to take action.

    2. Bobbie says:

      All I want for Christmas is AMERICAN thinking leadership, who have the dignity to be honest, decent and reasonable. Who knows not to add anything where nothing needs to be added.

      Some in government always need more time to corrupt the situation. Please don't give into it. Tough love makes a stronger people all around.

    3. Mark Montgomery NYC, says:

      What is a Republican? A Republican is a person who hates the middle class, the poor, minorities and all immigrants. The Republicans want the entire population to be homeless, powerless and without medical insurance. The new big Republican project is to kick public school teachers out of the middle class and leave them destitute. The Republicans are seething at the amount of power the teachers' unions are exerting and they won't be happy until the unions have been destroyed. When is America going to wise up to the Republicans? We should be fighting them in the streets, not compromising with them. Mark Montgomery NYC, NY boboberg@nyc.rr.com

    4. Daryl Cluka Boise,ID says:

      This tax cut extension pork piling on is a HUGH slap in the face of ALL the tea party conservitives and honest working Americans. We voted in this house to Stop the insanity and theft of this nation, but No, just like an addict you keep on pilfering us, they disgust me. They could vote on this next month with a simple up or down vote and easily be sucessful. Republican party, don't Ever ask me for another dime again. There is no difference anymore … between Dem's and Rep's

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    6. Jon Sartz from Madis says:

      Thank you, Ernest! Maybe, national disdain for the way Washington works is just what the doctor ordered for our side, in order to hold the new Congress accountable. Is this the Democrats' last dance? It may not be such an unhappy Christmas after all!

    7. ron ohsner columbus, says:

      The Conservatives/Republicans should walk away from this Bill. The Dems are presenting things the Conservatives/Republicans did not agree to with Obama. This is now a spending bill not a tax bill, Let the new Congress handle it.

    8. Bob DeBiase says:

      Am I the only one that wants to know what egregious earmarks or pork is in the new Tax Bill . What is wrong with these politicians . ???? The American people do not want any more lobbyist pork spending or tax credits for Big corporations . Let us know what the earmarks are and WE WILL MAKE OUR PHONECALLS ! Bob DeBiase

    9. John, Wisconsin says:

      Sirs, " For God shall bring every work into judgement, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil." Ecclesiastes 12:14. Where are the true patriots who will do what is right regardless of special needs?

    10. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      If you want to understand just what the Dems have in store for America just

      read Mark Montgomery comments. "fighting them in the streets". Spoken like

      a true Democrat anarchist. Any questions?

    11. AWM -NW Indiana says:

      The legislation (as described) is unsupportable by any calling themselves conservative. Republicans who support it do so at their own peril. We will work even harder in 2012 to rid the party of any who would compromise the principles upon which this country must stand….

    12. Tommy Gioscia, Bonit says:

      Why even bother to vote on an unwritten and incomplete bill based on press reports, presidential speeches and political hype. Why not just abolish congress and let even fewer people, whose views don't agree with most Americans, call all the shots, write all the legislation, and tax us more than 50% to pay for it. Oh! That is exactly what's happening. We better wake up soon, or the dream that is America will vanish before we know it. This great country must stand or all men everywhere who desire freedom will lament its fall.

    13. Judy S, NYX says:

      - Q. Are O's 'big deal' legislative initiatives with hidden structure building provisions of the 'must approve it to know what's in it", "nothing is worth agreeing to that can't be agreed to tomorrow", "Inverton Window" style ploys – that Congress is irresponsible and subject to peer pressure to fall for?

      - Q. Should there be a rule for lame duck and next year's Congress – DON'T SIGN ON TO ANY PROPOSED LEGISLATION THAT ISN'T POSTED IN FULL LEGISLATIVE TEXT ON THE INTERNET – WITH TIME FOR WE THE PEOPLE TO READ AND ADVISWE and a list of provisions with referenced provision and page numbers indicated?

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