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  • Morning Bell: There is No Tax Deal

    On Wednesday, Vice President Joe Biden reportedly told House Democrats that the tax deal cut with Republicans was a “take it or leave it” proposition that could not be changed. But by last night, after fierce opposition from his leftist base, President Barack Obama was singing a different tune, telling NPR: “My sense is there are going to be discussions between both House and Senate leadership about all the final elements of the package. Keep in mind we didn’t actually write a bill.”

    Well now Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D–NV) has submitted a bill, and it is clear that negotiations are still very much open … at least for the left. Politico reports that in order to buy the votes of Senators Maria Cantwell (D–WA) and Barbara Boxer (D–CA), Reid added cash subsidies for wind and solar corporations that were originally part of Obama’s first failed stimulus. And Senator Tom Harkin (D–IA) was also able to trade his vote for more ethanol subsidies. Other “sweeteners” added to buy leftist Senate votes include subsidies for energy-efficient appliances and mass-transit benefits for employees.

    And the legislation can only get worse. Yesterday House Democrats voted to oppose the Obama tax deal, with Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D–CA) telling Politico: “In the caucus today, House Democrats supported a resolution to reject the Senate Republican tax provisions as currently written. We will continue discussions with the president and our Democratic and Republican colleagues in the days ahead to improve the proposal before it comes to the House floor for a vote.” And by “improve the proposal,” Speaker Pelosi can only mean higher taxes and higher spending.

    The deal originally cut by Republicans had some good economic policy in it, but it also had a lot of harmful provisions. The temporary two-year nature of the arrangement did not provide the long-term certainty that businesses need to make long-term investment plans that create substantial economic growth and jobs. Allowing the death tax to return, even at a lower rate, did not give small businesses the relief that a permanent repeal would provide. Finally, the original deal provided a costly $57 billion 13-month extension of unemployment benefits that was not paid for. This extraneous spending should have been stripped out of what should be a clean tax bill; instead, the left is only adding more spending and subsidies into it.

    This fall, President Obama campaigned around the country promising to raise taxes on America’s job creators. By contrast, conservatives across the country campaigned on promises not to allow the left to raise taxes on anyone on January 1st. The American people chose the conservative position in what even President Obama himself described as a “shellacking.” The tax bill introduced by Reid is not what conservatives promised they would fight for during the elections. And the legislation will only get worse as more and more liberal votes are bought off with more and more deficit spending. Taxes should not be raised on the American people. Congress and the President would do well by the American people to jettison all the other side issues from this debate and focus first and foremost on preventing tax hikes.

    Quick Hits:

    • Instead of using it to pay down the debt, the Obama administration is taking unspent stimulus funds from failed high speed rail projects and giving it to bankrupt states like New York and California.
    • Responding to reports that Republicans were caving on their earmark ban, Majority Whip to be Eric Cantor (R-VA) tweeted yesterday: “There will be no earmarks in the 112th Congress. Period.”
    • Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) pulled his DREAM Act before a vote yesterday, but promised a vote on the House version of amnesty before the end of the year.
    • U.K. students protesting tuition fee increases attacked a car carrying Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall yesterday.
    • Roger Helmer Conservative Party Member of the European Parliament reports from the UN’s Cancun Climate Conference.
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    115 Responses to Morning Bell: There is No Tax Deal

    1. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      The EASY Fix

      it to Tax the Rich – They have the $$$.

      The problem is –

      HF Writers and Readers are all Rich

      and BOO HOO -

      Don't raise our taxes.

      What a bunch of Cry Babies.


    2. Richard H. Irish, Ed says:

      Now the "election" is over, you didn't expect the RINOs to actually stand for less spending, lower taxes and smaller government, did you? If so, McConnell and Boehner would be out looking for REAL jobs!

    3. Mary Gregory, Ohio says:

      I find it hard to believe that some are so insulated or ill-informed to think that taking more from our business owners makes sense. Tax breaks must be extended for all, and further extension of unemployment benefits should be stopped so that business owners can afford to stay in business, hire more of us and further support our economy.

      It is said that many do not pay taxes, yet that is who we are catering to…those who want handouts and want others to take care of them. That is not fair to me and to business owners who work hard, yet watch government take our monies and then redistribute them to those who lack initiative (if you received 99 weeks of unemployment, you're not trying to find a job).

      It frustrates me to think that my kids are inheriting a country that no longer prides itself on work ethic and supporting oneself.

      By the way, everyone who recieves unemployment should be out there picking up litter, cleaning up their neighborhoods, or otherwise contributing to society. They did not earn those unemployment benefits – business owners pay into that insurance mechanism, not individuals…..

    4. L.A. Burnham, Odessa says:

      All I can say is that this shows that the House and the Senate, combined with the President, cannot do a simple extension of the Bush tax rates without totally corrupting the passage of this bill with handouts to favorites to buy votes. To add on provisions(unemployment extensions) that there is no room for in the budget,

      This government is out of controll. When will it ever occur to them that it's time to think of the country, not themselves?

      There needs to be a large electronic display of the national debt on the wall in both the House and the Senate, such as they have on news channels and the internet, that shows the national debt, and how fast it is growing.

      Maybe, if it was in thier faces, they may start using their heads to controll it.

    5. James Collis says:

      It's time to get the Tea Party involved again. Even thought the election is over legislators need to remember that people (including the tea party) are watching and in a few months they will have to answer for the way they vote

    6. Len, Alexandria,KY says:

      What is it that has Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi not getting the idea that as of 2 Nov 2010 they are now a minority and as such need to tuck their Tails and fall in line with what We The Public have Voted For???

      it seems that evn the Narcisstic one is starting to "gei it"… even though he still does not get the Idea that deficiots are caused by his Overspending and NOT by Stealing more cash to waste in the form of Tax Increases…Oh well on to 3 Jan 2011.. and pergaps atotal rewrite of Tax Codes and simplified way of taxation…On we go Boehner!

    7. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      Once again Obama is playing the Republicans like fools. This is another set-up

      by the Dems to give Obama his second "stimulus bill" that would cost the

      tax payers almost another trillion dollars added to the present Obama defecate.

      The problem is the Republican are fools! They continue to believe Obama and the

      Dems have the interest of the citizens of this country at heart. When will they

      ever recognize these people are Progressives, i.e. socialist/Communist. The have

      an agenda for this nation and will do or say anything to reach their goal. They have no honor and should not be trusted. But the Repbs are just fools enough.

    8. Crystal Quiring Chas says:

      The Republicans are as deaf and out-of-touch as ever. Conservatives gave them power this fall. But that power is on loan. Putting off Obama's tax hikes for two years will do nothing to change things. And paying people not to work for almost three years? Between Welfare and Unemployment, I don't even want to know how many people are being sucked in to supporting this out of control government! If this bill is approved, Obama and his supporters will get everything – and once again, WE THE PEOPLE will be ignored.

    9. John Klein, Sterling says:

      The Republicans should stick to their principles and deny the Democrats their Ear Marketed rendition of the same old song and dance routine of favoring their friends and business interests.

      We can all wait for the 112th Congress and cheer the enactment of a fair and equitable law that favors the United States of America as a whole and not just a few select individuals, states, or specific subsidies.

    10. JME, Indianapolis IN says:

      Why can’t you those people just do their job? This business of taking advantage of a bill or “package” by adding other “non-pertinent” personal agenda items in order to “get your own way” is tiresome and we are sick of it! Adding “sweeteners” to buy votes is disgusting! There is another election in 2 years, I hope all incumbents are voted out!!!

    11. Karen Donley, Irving says:

      I haven't been this angry since before 11/2/10. We need to take notes and call names! Can't wait 'til 11/12.

    12. Dale Bruhl, Toledo, says:

      Sounds like the newly voted Congress is being soured already. How will they survive in such a basket of sour fruit?

    13. Barbara, Charlotte says:

      Can we not demand a flat tax and be done with it??

    14. Frank Spatafore says:

      Republicans should not Vote for any bill, that has any attachments by Mr. Reid.

      The voters in Nov. said no too increase spending,

      It's time to wait till January 2nd, to pass this bill.

    15. jerry betts, Garland says:

      Thats' not what we voted for. So what do you recommend? Democracy, whether we like it or not, entails compromise. Apparently you are not willing to accept compromise. So I ask again, what do you recommend?

    16. George Colgrove, VA says:

      Thank God! This bill got bad really fast. The federal government cannot be trusted to do a simple task.

      We need cuts made in spending not add spending to the tune of $200 billion! In 2010, the irresponsible federal government overdrew OUR checkbook by 32%! The arrogance of the federal government is troubling.

      First, we need to preserve the 2008 tax code and make it permanent (including a zero percent death tax). Over three years we need to phase out the tax credits calculations that result in people getting more money from the IRS then they paid in.

      Then we need to cut 32% of the federal government to balance OUR checkbook. We can start with a 10% across the board cut to be completed by June 2011. However, more WILL have to be done. If that is all we do, we will still be going deeper into debt. We cannot allow the federal employees; congress and the administration to obfuscate the issue by making us think a 10% across the board cut is all we need and that it can be done by spreading it over several years. The federal government is a bullying, dishonest and unprofessional institution as can be seen by the hundreds of thousands of documents leaked by federal employees. These cuts has to happen at once and quickly. We the people must keep our eyes on this institution. With all the oversight the corrupt federal government has, it still cannot be honest with the American taxpayer. To stay afloat we need to cut a third of the federal government. To start paying down the debt, we need to cut even more. It is what every household has done since 9/11/01. During the time the uncaring federal government went into a spending overdrive.

      We trusted them when they asked us to. They said they would clean up the mess. Well America is a mess because of them. We were betrayed.

      Keynesians say adding debt – adds wealth. I suppose all the Keynesians live in the Greater DC area. Since 9/11/2001 the greater DC area took "advantage of a crisis" and garnished a 36% increase in household salary paid mostly by extorted taxpayer's hard earned money and enormous deficit spending. During this time those American Taxpayer lost 5% of their household incomes. Keynesians are right so long as they look at the small scope of their small privileged worlds. Individuals connected to or employed by the federal government are getting extremely wealthy compared to the rest of the nation. They are wrong however when the scope gets much bigger and starts including the rest of us.

      The United States Federal Government is killing America and they do not seemed to be concerned in any way. This legislation is an example of that.

    17. Dick Baxter, Arkansa says:

      Recently I was a TEA Party poster that reminded Congress that this country was founded as part of a rebellion against taxes. Perhaps they didn't get the message.

      I believe it's time to destroy the Democratic Party. They seem hell-bent to destroy this country and it's time to stop it.

      Throw all of them out of office, make sure they can't ever occupy another government job, and stick to it…don't give in to whining.

    18. JohnP says:

      This a typical Democrat run around they are losing control of Congress January 5,2011.They hem hah until the last then put blame on conservatives in congress when taxes go up January 1,2011

    19. Brian, Pennsylvania says:

      Why is it that $57 billion in extended unemployment benefits for those people who have been unemployed for an extended period of time must be "paid for", but $700 billion in extended tax breaks for the nations wealthiest 3% don't have to be? Seems to me we're trying to help the wrong people here.

      Seriously, look at the numbers…the tax increase on a couple making $212,600 – $379,650 would rise 3% netting an increase in yearly taxes of $5,011 (assuming all lower tax brackets stay the same now and do not rise). That's the income group of most small business owners according to the GOP. At that savings, keeping rates lower won't buy another job folks!

      Consider that a $10/hr employee will cost about $22,400/year not including benefits and you can see that the average "small business owner" would have to have an income of $757,672 for the tax savings to create that one job.

      [For those of you who are math deficient, the 3% tax savings for income between $212600 and $379650 would result in a $5011 savings. Tax savings for income over $379650 is 4.6%. So to make up the difference of $17389 for that one employee ($22400-$5011), you need additional income of $378022 so the 4.6% reduction in taxes nets you the $17389 needed for your new employee. $379650 + $378022 = $757672.]

      Seems to me that there aren't many "small business owners" making that kind of money in one year such that it justifies a $700 billion hit to the national debt that is, in essence, "unpaid for".

      See: http://www.smartonmoney.com/bush-tax-cuts-set-to-

      Now, consider that most wealthier Americans will save the money they get from the tax cuts (http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2010-09-13/rich-americans-save-money-from-tax-cuts-instead-of-spending-moody-s-says.html). That mentality would result in 0 jobs created. Now consider that most people receiving unemployment compensation will spend it (if they want to eat), it seems like the better way to encourage the economy would be to spend money on unemployment. If the unemployed guy buys a can of beans, he's helping to keep the can maker (and steel worker), the label printer (and ink maker), and the bean grower (and John Deer tractor maker) employed.


    20. Sandy, Illinois says:

      I think it’s obvious why the tax issue was raised at the last minute. Now the bill can be signed before the public can review it – another crisis situation for which this administration is so famous. The Republicans should walk away from the bill and do whatever they can to stop it. Take it up in the new session. It should be a clean bill with no new spending. NO PORK. As far as the unemployment issue – extend it 3 months or 6 months at the maximum and then stop paying people to NOT work. Also, I am so sick and tired of individuals that don’t pay taxes getting money back, especially if they use government services. EVERYONE should pay SOMETHING! As for waiting until after the new session and causing additional expenses to the IRS if the Bush tax cut stays in effect – well so be it. I am sure there are enough government employees in the IRS to handle the situation. Hey, we are all going to have to “bite the bullet”. I would rather my taxes increase than to increase the deficit. Time to make choices. No one said they would be easy.

    21. Stephen Cafaro says:

      Are there any politicians, liberal or conservative, Democratic or Republican who really care about America? America is suffering and declining in every possible way, while our LEADERS dance to the music of special interests. It's past time for a genuine REVOLUTION!

    22. John Fleet, Dallas, says:

      I for one would just as soon skip the lame duck session and let the new house pass a clean tax relief bill. Then when the Libs start adding and subtracting, the spotlight can be put squarely upon them for all to see.

      My message to my party (Republican) is – don't give an inch!

    23. Jack Maclean says:

      There has never been a worse Congress in our entire history than this 111th. Republicans should block any bill in this lame duck session except the continuing budget bill, and GO HOME. Let the 112th Congress try to undo the travesty wrought by this non-representative legislature.

    24. Monica, Slatington P says:

      The Democrats should be ashamed of themselves and we should not stand for this nonsense of attaching all kinds of other spending to ANY bill, let alone one as important and urgent as this one. This wheeling and dealing has got to stop!!!

    25. William Sitter says:

      These democrats are so dumb they just shot themselves in the foot when the new congress comes in they will get nothing. I am happy this did not pass, yes the tax cuts need to be extended but his was far from a true conservative bill. Warning to the republicans you had better vote on what you ran on or you to will be out.

    26. Thomas Curtis, Apple says:

      Don't forget the funding of Obamacare included in the deal. It appears the RINO are in a hurry to get it done before the tea party elected reps arrive.

    27. LeRoy says:

      I have never seen such stupidity within our governmnet!! They won't be happy until they made us all destitute! Hopefully we won't let this happen.We must get rid of the Democrats and the like up there!!!!

    28. charles g atkins fel says:

      The current compromise to extend unemployment benefits another 13 months in exchange for a 2 year extension o the Bush tax rates is not in keeping with the conservative/tea party mandate that swept new members into the house, come January. A 2 year extension is likely not enough time to build confidence in small business to invest on such a short term basis. Better to hold the line and make the Bush rates permanent – in all respects.

      And who would not rather have 13 months paid without working rather than putting 'real dollars work' dollars back in the economy?

      The Democrat Party is not going to prevail on this – and if by some chance it does – more new house and senate members of the Republican Tea Party stripe will be forthcoming in the 2010 election.


    29. Don Garrison says:

      As the politicians get carried away whether they are republicans or democrats, or conservative or liberal a huge number of citizens would like them to be concerned with being American or anti-American. Reducing revenue going into the Social Security fund is a dumb no-brainer. It won't change for me but surely some legislators are a "little" concerned about the future of our young citizens. The arguement that each individual can save for their future security is wrong. That is why SS was implemented decades ago. Most people have no idea how to save money and think they can work forever without sickness or major castastrophe. I say this after 40 years of counseling and helping people with financial management problems.

    30. Rose, Ohio says:

      Here's what most people want. Just pass the darned thing with no additional tweaking and get it over with. No More Earmarks For Votes!

    31. Judith in Michigan says:

      The American people are of no consequence to the gang currently in power in Washington. We already know that. We send messages to them by our votes, we call their offices, send e-mails, hold rallies, etc. But still, they ignore us.

      Power is the name of the game. Raw power.

      Pass the bill as currently written or pass the goody-laden bill Mr Reid & Co favors, or let the tax cuts expire 12-31-10 with the intent of redong when Congress reconvenes in January.. Either way, The United States citizens are the big losers

      The goal is not the recovery of America. Never has been

      It is all about Power And both parties appear to be infected with this disease

      Cynical? You bet it is. Look at the dismal approval ratings of Congress."Politics-as-usual" has taught us well.


    32. Bill Stewart Greenvi says:

      The extension of unemployment benefits only cause the people to stop looking for jobs.

      I know of two companies that say they cannot find anyone that wants to work.

      When I needed work I took two jobs to make ends meet. Is it a sin to flip hamburgers anymore.

    33. John Monk, Frederick says:

      More of the same, more earmarks, wasteful spending, special interests, pork, complex provisions; the politicians are not listening.

      We need to cut wasteful spending, special interests, stupid programs that just transfer money to unproductive areas, overhall the tax system, implement a flat tax, do away with this nonsense.

      Should we not be concentrating on the basics? Strong economy, strong efficient government, strong military?

    34. Mac Osmer Pine Bluff says:

      Is there a difference between vote buying by Congressmen and Senators and vote buying by a pokitical party at a general election?

    35. Wayne, Florida says:

      Republican don't seem to get it. We want principled leadership, not negotiators who almost get us what we deserve…lower spending and fewer taxes. If these pork filled bills are accepted by the Republicans, we need to start funding a third party and get ready for 2012.

    36. Dennis Georgia says:

      I do not think the American people will ever learn, they keep sending the same ones back with the same plan, tax and spend. We are so deep in debt now, yet the dems, reid and pelosi still want to spend more, we are barley able to pay the interest now. I think we need to throw the whoe crowd out, send in a new bunch, and remind them they work for us.

    37. Joseph Yarberry, Gut says:

      They are out of their minds. Looks like it is a fight to the finsih or the end. May get the taxes increased when the 1 Jan comes around. We will see if that happens and all the taxes are raised. I would not go for Reids bull anyway. He needs to just get out of the way and leave.

    38. Rick74 says:

      Either pass legislation that matches exactly what was hammered out with the President or pass nothing until the new Congress convenes.

      The Republicans need to maintain the backbone they have demonstrated thus far.

    39. Evan, Anchorage says:

      I got excited for our country when the president's budget commission came out with their budget plan. It was the first time that I got excited since 1994 mid terms. With the talk on taxes now, I see that we have thrown it out the window, probably for good. I am sad and disgusted.

    40. Bruce J. Kolinski says:

      Unfortunately the U.S. has already driven off the financial cliff. Brakes won't slow down the free fall. Too little – and way too late. The question is not "how do we prevent the crash"? The question is "how are we going to rationally pick up the pieces and put America back together again over the forty or so years"?

      I'm sorry, but it's going to take thirty to forty years to fix the damage already done…and that's IF we start doing something intelligent. Anybody seeing "intelligent" anywhere on the horizon? I don't.

      I love John Boehner, but his courage, diligent persistence and hard work will only be used against conservative principles as the new Congressional conservatives are blamed by treasonous progressives for our inevitable collapse…and I haven't even mentioned World War III, which is just around the corner.

      We can have a Merry Christmas anyway – I certainly am – but further denial isn't going to cut it for our children's future. It's time to wake up and go to work.

    41. Giuseppe Gori, Gunte says:

      The new Congress should stop EARMARKS and DEALS.

      Legislation should voted on with no strings attached. No more deals, such as: "I will vote to maintain the current tax rates only if the Unemployment Insurance period is extended". These are two different issues and each should be voted on its own merit. When a "deal" is struck, it is done for the interest of politicians, not the interest of the people.

      Please see the PROPOSED LEGISLATION of the Facebook Page: "Self Government Foundation" on the Facebook Discussion page:


    42. DGHarrison, Minnesot says:

      Republicans had better stock up on No-Doz, because they're going to need to filibuster this thing all the way to January 1. There is no room for compromise! I don't give a damn if the government does get shut down; at least that way it won't be harming anyone. Look what's happening in England right now — REVOLUTION — and it's coming our way if these "gimme brats" continue pilfering their neighbors' paychecks. The thing is that we will fight back. We're not going to allow a bunch of communists/socialists/Marxists/fascists/hedonists/narcissists/idiots/etc. to destroy America.

    43. F.D. O'Toole, N says:

      You are absolutely correct!

      Let's hope the Republicans don't wimp out once again.

      I hear noises already that, regretfully, we have to pay down the deficit.

      The Republicans should resist their traditional and mistaken role – becoming tax collectors for the welfare state.

    44. Tom, Michigan says:

      This is one major reason our government is so messed up…buying votes with pork barrel spending. If it is illegal to buy a vote with cash, then it should be illegal to trade (buy) your vote with incentives.

      We need public SERVANTS, not public panderers. Either the bill stands on its own merits and garners enough votes or it should be trashed… no more pork barrel. One bill, one vote.

    45. toledofan says:

      I say enough already, no more wasted spending, so, let the Democrats craft the bill, they have the majority right now; make them either put up or shut up. This is one of the most ridiculious things I've seen these Democrats do, healthcare was really bad, this may be even worse; not only are they buying votes they are giving away our money that we don't have. Why would anyone in their right mind even consider raising taxes now, especialy when the stimulus and everything else they've tried doesn't work. I don't know about you but these Democrats are a worthless bunch, even in a lame duck session they still can't do what's right for America. McConnel and Boehner should just walk away and let America again see how the Democrats are in it for themselves.

    46. donna tuscaloosa ala says:

      dear heritage,

      please keep the "conservative"politicians feet to the fire. every inch that is given is truly the beginning of a chasm., i.e. more and more debt and less and less individual accountability and responsibility. we have severe problems in several areas that need to be addressed: immigration, states rights. intrusive federal government. creeping socialistic values, etc. i am mailing my questionnaire in that you recently sent me. there is also an enclosure from me i hope you will read and circulate.

      keep up the good fight thank you donna burrage

    47. scboy bluffton sc says:

      Time to fold the tent and come back next year when we can strip all this dem junk out

    48. Clarence De Barrows says:

      We all know that a "lame duck congress" is an affront to reason. These people have been advised by the electorate that their method of governing is unacceptable, yet they continue, with a diabolical vengeance, to assert their unwanted influence over our affairs. This situation should be corrected so that the "lame ducks" can use what time they have left, until the new congress takes over, to clean out their offices and nothing more!

    49. Double Ace says:

      We need to get these leftist progressives out of office. We are talking aboout a bill that will cause everyones tax rates to rise significantly in Jan 2011, and all they are concerned about is how much pork they can get stuck to the bill. Listen this isn't their money, it belongs to the taxpayers and I for one am tired of paying for all these earmarks. IO am tired of them thinking they have some special right to my money. They can all go to He&&! I have been paying taxes too long, and am tired of them misusing my money. It's time for a revolution. We had phase one in November now let's move to phase 2.

    50. Clara H.Sciartelli says:

      no to the tax deal ! no to extending the Bush Tax cuts for only 2 yrs..wait for January and the new Republicans better do this and repeal the Health Care Bill or they will be voted out!

    51. Roy Nelson League Ci says:

      And so the sausage making continues.

    52. They just said slow says:

      Y'all keep your eye on the ball now! The SPENDING BALL! If they'd just knock off the BS spending like sending money out of the country to build/re-build or just spruce up Muslim mosques. (huh?…right, check it out) we wouldn't be distracted by all this talk of tax/hikes/cuts/breaks for the rich/extended unemployment benefits crap. What is it they don't understand about "We're BROKE, damn it!"????

      Stop spending my grandchildren's future!

      Damn, who's running this place?

    53. Charles Robertson/Ro says:

      When is Harry Reid and the liberal democrats going to realize what the conservatives said in winning the November elections. The proposed tax bill by the republicans should stand on its own merit without any earmarks added to it. The spending on earmarks has got to stop!!! Reid will spend this country into oblivion!!!

    54. Don Carr-Grants Pass says:

      Leave it all for the 112th congress–The new TEA PARTY congress-They will do it RIGHT

    55. John Olofson, Graeag says:

      It's about time we "all" come to our senses! ("All" includes Republican/Conservative senators, especially.)

      Let's wait until January 3rd and let the newly comprised senate take care of business… taxes first.

    56. Todd Christian, Klam says:

      The original deal between Obama and the Senate leadership was a turkey. Keeping tax rates exactly where they are is not a tax cut; it is status quo. Giving 13 months of additional unemployment insurance eligibility without reducing spending is adding to the debt problem facing the 112th Congress. The Reid Senate bill is a progressive Christmas tree, loaded with earmarks to buy votes. It is exactly what we voted AGAINST in November.

      How can we get the message to the Senate leadership to keep this bill from ever seeing the light of day? Let the taxes go up and fix the problem in January, based on the principles that were advocated in November: limited, smaller government; fiscal responsibility; and constitutional integrity. Use the 42 votes to filibuster the Reid bill into oblivion!

    57. George - an American says:

      You write "Politico reports that in order to buy the votes of Senators Maria Cantwell (D–WA) and Barbara Boxer (D–CA), Reid added cash subsidies for wind and solar corporations that were originally part of Obama’s first failed stimulus."

      So you mean to say that "left-over" stimulus money is nothing more than a political slush fund?!?!?!?!? That's outrageous! Is it legal?

    58. gary bryson Fallbroo says:

      There should be no dealing, and to plan a business you need it to be more that 2 years. As far as i am conserned, the Republicans are on the stove as well. This country has to go back to strong values and high morals___GB

    59. Don Lisa says:

      The Republican-Conservative block has the necessary 42 votes to block any changes to the negotiated deal. They should hold firm, as Senator DeMint and Michelle Bachman have said, and if the deal goes down, then blame the House Democrats and come back in early January in the Republican-controlled House and quickly pass a clean bill that (1) makes all of the Bush tax cuts permanent, (2) eliminates the estate tax permanently, (3) reduces Social Security taxes to 4.2% for both employers and employees for 2 years, and (4) pays for any extension of unemployment benefits by reduced spending. Such a bill is what the American people want to see and it would cause small businesses to re-start hiring, reduce unemployment, and surge the economy immediately. With 48 Republican Senators, and help from numerous Democrats already on board plus the fact that the Democrats would not dare to filibuster such a bill after the December debacle, the Bill would pass the Senate and Obama would have to sign the bill or see his Presidency dissolve in front of his eyes. Don Lisa

    60. Vietnam Vet, Watchun says:

      Forget the whole thing! Stop the spending and PORK! Let the new Congress deal with it in January 2011. If the President & Congress fail to act in the new year, let it all sit status quo until a new President and Congress comes in and let the vorers take their revenge!

    61. Paul Rinderle says:

      Mass transit benefits! I know of a couple pulling down $250,000 in the Government and getting these subsidies to boot.

      Most of this money going to Union Employees whose dues go to Union thugs that either rip them off or give to Democrats who legislate more subsidies for them. Gaming America by the Democrat Party, that ought to be in jail. Traitors!

      Outrageous use of money while people are in food lines.

    62. Paul, Colorado says:

      The tax extension bill currently being considered by the Feds is a sham. The earmarks and other additions or changes MUST be left out or it is nothing more than additional pork laden legislation being sought by Obama and his congressional henchmen. It is better that the tax extension legislation be left for completion until after the new congress takes effect, made retro-active to January 1, 2011 and ALL of the current law be extended as is, permanently, or preferably further reduced as spending is brought under control. Then, the feds must do everything possible to cut excess spending, including defunding most of the Obama era legislation including Obamacare, overriding many, if not all, so-called executive orders either already issued or being attempted with regard to control and spending by the EPA, FCC, FDA, and all other agencies that are trying to control our lives at the expense of our God given freedoms. Yes, I know this is a tall order, but it is vital to the future of our country. The argument that the rich don't deserve to have the extensions apply to them (and I am NOT among them) is a bunch of hooey. The argument that raising taxes on the rich will cost the government anything is nonsense. The money doesn't belong to the government to begin with therefore there can be no cost to the government for extending current rates to everyone. I am not in favor of a flat tax because it would be too easy for Congress to raise flat tax rates whenever they want to, nor is a national sales tax worth considering because Congress would add it to the current income tax, (which they are already talking about). We don't elect representatives and a president to spend our money, we elect them to administer the country in a fiscally responsible way for our common defense and so we can use the opportunities available by virtue of being citizens of this great country to provide for ourselves and families according to our individual ambitions and capabilities. In order to achieve the above in Justice, we must return to our Christian roots as stated in the Declaration of Independence and the writings and deliberations of our founding fathers.

    63. Charles R Guenther says:

      Allow the liberals to kill the deal, be sure they get "credit" and let the next Congress deal with it.

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    66. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      I knew it when Obama called it a "Framework" and so now it is like negotiating with the Mafia, either way you look at it the Republicans lose. We cannot afford to alienate our TEA Party folks by horsetrading the American soul with the likes of Obama (Chief Two Tongues). Guess what, Republicans? You guys are enemies of the State to these fools. You guys are trying to take over the Government. Methinks they doth protest too much, and Republicans cannot afford to be played by these gansters!

      Isn't it clear that the 111th Congress is chock full of nuts, list all the crazy Unconstitutional things they have done! Massive unreadable Bills in the dark of night. Just look at the Heritage Website on Overcriminilization. Clear to me Obama plans to govern through all the new Unconstitutional Powers given him by these crazy people. You cannot get any good deals out of these Democrats, they are clearly Unamerican, they set us up with a Dictator and a whole Shadow Government (running out of the White House.) Fine if it were legal but it isn't!

      Do not bargain with criminals, and I say they are criminals just judging by how much Unconstitutional crap came out of the 111th. Make Obama Veto the Republican Tax Relief of 2011, otherwise it'll be the Obama tax cuts paying off the Unions and probably nobody else! (and cost us a Trillion Dollars of new spending!)

    67. Wayne Brady, Salem, says:

      This bill has too much pork. We should encourage the Republicans to oppose this bill and pass a good bill in January.

    68. e. cown carson city, says:

      So the Republican leadership is giving us RINOs for committee chairmen.

      They have caved in on demanding that the latest extension of unemployment payments be paid for out of the already appropriated 'Stimulus' funds.

      They are adding subsidies for ethanol. Every ear of corn that goes for fuel is one less in the food chain and raises the cost of groceries for everybody – so the favored few can make a fortune on "bio-fuels" – which a free market obviously will not support.

      Apparently they are adding subsidies for solar and wind also.

      The Senate's version is probably worse!

      The republicans are cut from the same – we-know-best-shut up-and-pay-your-taxes cloth as the democrats.

      There is NO incentive to vote for these beltway autocrats in 2012!

    69. Chris, Texas says:

      So, the crooks went to spending more money to buy the votes they need to steal even more money from the people! Oh, for all of those Democrat Lovers and Supporters out there, "Do you still believe that they are the party of the people?" They are not only wanting to double the taxes that you pay, but they are also wanting to use your money to pay for the votes of the senators that they did not have the support of. I would say that they are not really looking out for your best interest! For those of you who simply voted for Obama because of the color of his skin, you are welcome and you are getting exactly what you deserve for making a poor choice based on that! Some may take that as a racist comment, but it is not. I love people of all color and consider myself color blind. In fact, my first and second choice for the President this last election were black, but neither chose to run. I am just saying that I personally know of a number of people who could have cared less how much experience Obama had and have said that, but voted strictly based on the fact that he was black. OBAMA DID NOT HAVE THE EXPERIENCE NEEDED TO GET THE JOB DONE! He and this democrat ran congress has spent more money then all of the other presidents combined and divided this country quicker and deeper than any other past president! Now, I do understand that it is the democratic party in congress that is making most of these bad decisions and that it does not all fall into his lap, but the people have spoken and it is time to move them out!!!!!

    70. Ohio says:

      I have written regarding this So called Bill trying trying to be passed when totally


      TO cover some of the topics that I have written Congress/House regarding if this passes then to describe just my situation my husband and I worked hard to keep life insurance so that if one of passes the other would be able to live not solely off SSN since that will not do it, but added money to live so what oomfortable, not enough to go crazy with but comfortable. Well he passed and

      since I have had that money the IRS has found ways to get the NON TAXABLE money since life insurance is to be non taxable DO NOT BELIEVE that statement at all, that it is non taxable!!

      Well what the IRS did not get, then the stock market due to DEMOCRATS poor

      mishandling of the our money crashed and took nearly 100,000 from me, then

      the meager amount I have/had left I placed in BONDS, now if this bill passes they will take the remainder as has been stated by financial outcomes from this Bill and if it passes. Yeah they will give us relief from smaller SSN amount to be taken out of our checks but, when we go to retire just means lesser we will receive to live off since any savings has already been eaten up by government.

      The DEMOCRATS still are totally looking out for a Bill passage for the RICH only

      not for us lower/middle class workers who are really paying all the taxes.

    71. Debra Reisiger, Vest says:

      Let this deal go down in flames. This is not what the tea party conservatives were talking about when they voted for transparency and fiscal responsibility. Republicans should not vote this turkey through! This reminds me of Obamacare.

      The lame-duck Congress should not be allowed to deal with something so important.

    72. James says:

      I feel so hopeless. No matter who we sent to Washington as soon as they get in the beltway they loose their minds integrity. I actually hate these people. We work for them in the way have paying of taxes. We vote them in then they screw us big time and we have no way of changing the this countries going. We will all end up being muslims and reading the cor-an before this is all over. Obama is the evilist man ever to hold the highest seat in America. I guess we deserve what we get. Only God will be able to get us out of this fix. Thank you for free speech. At least until the left steal that from us too. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    73. johnnywood-Texas says:

      Does anyone know how to cure the disease that Republicans suffer from called "democrat- lite"? If so please share it with the Republican leadership. P.S. Long live The Tea Party!

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    75. Sue Stanford--Arizon says:

      While I am definitely not wealthy, it seems to me, the wealthy are the ones who help provide jobs for the rest of us. As long as the wealthy are honest and ethical (I know there are some who are not), tax breaks can help them create jobs for the rest of us. I do believe the wealthy are still the ones who pay the most in income taxes. I know I never got a job from a poor person.

      Are the Republicans and Democrats ever going to become true Amaericans and stop doing things for their own aggrandizement? Seems not.

    76. GenEarly says:

      Just Go Home! ALL of You Lame Duckers! We the people can survive with out you. Please leave us alone and No more Help for the love of God. Government and "Help" are oxymoronic.

    77. Wayne, Louisiana says:

      It seems that the best alternative is to let the government do everything for us. Buy us new cars, new homes, health insurance, college educations, food, clothes, phones, televisions, dental care, vision care, maids, butlers, recreational facilities, lawnmowers, work tools, housewares and boats.

      Oh, I forgot that they are already buying some people phones, cars and new homes. It's just that they are taking away homes, cars and phones from other people.

    78. Wayne, Louisiana says:

      The government should pay for everything. They need to buy all of us new homes, boats, phones, work tools, housewares, garden and lawn tools, health care, college educations, food, clothes, trips, dental care, vision care and gas.

      Oh, I forgot that they are already buying some people new homes, phones and health care while taking it away from others.

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    80. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Obama raised the white flag. Or to put it another way, he rolled over and let the Republicans give him a belly rub.

    81. George Payne, MAryla says:

      Extend the tax cuts and no spending

    82. Nephew Sam says:

      There are quite a few comments here indicating disappointment in our Republican congressmen and women… Let me remind you: The results of this election year do not take place until the 3rd of January, 2011. (the beginning of the 112th session of Congress) The Republicans we have now are from the last session of congress. So don't judge the actions of the GOP too much until our more conservative representatives have a chance to take office.


    83. Bart, Southfield, MI says:

      Let it slide until the new congress takes over. Then we'll see what our 'conservative' newly elected are made of! 2 years isn't long enuff. No ear marks! Regardless of what you call them, NO EARMARKS! We're not STUPID! Get REAL! If congress doesn't get their act together, they'll have tons of people VISITING THEIR OFFICES cause WE'RE MAD AS HELL AND NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!

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    85. Fre Mateski/ Califor says:

      NO DEAL! This deal stinks to hi heavens. Here is the only deal we conservatives will go for.

      #1 Keep Bush tax cuts for all tax brackets. Maybe increase them for congress.

      #2 The only way unemployment gets extended is the Democrats have to cut it out of one of their programs. NO MORE BORROWING! Tell them take it or leave it. The public will fry the Dems if taxes go up. Republicans grow a set! The time is NOW! to fight or we lose it all. NO COMPROMISE!

    86. Danny, Homewood AL says:

      Dang! When are these fools going to realize that if they make us (U.S.) into Europe, that there is no where else to go? If Jimmy Carter had this congress behind him from 76-79, there would be no U.S. today. God help us until January 2013.

    87. James Howard South B says:

      Please vote no on the extension of the tax cuts for the rich.

    88. EdwinB - N.CAROLINA says:

      The american public has spoken and the white with the GOP are not listening to them. 65% of the americans polled,DO NOT WANT TO EXTEND TAX BREAKS FOR PEOPLE MAKING OVER $250,000. 66% DO NOT WANT TAX BREAKS FOR PEOPLE MAKING OVER $1,000,000. These tax breaks do not work,its been proven time and time again. It didn't work under REAGAN, BUSH1,or BUSH 2.The "trickle down effect does not work,20 years of failed proof ( 8, 4, 8 respectfully ).

    89. Debbie Clark says:

      I do not support extension of Bush tax cuts for the rich. This adds to the deficit & reneges on Obama promise. There has been no compromise by republicans even on things they wanted if introduced by the president. Stand firm & let tax cuts expire. Go Bernie go!!!

    90. Cat - Michigan says:

      This is what is so frustrating in all of this. People sure have a lot to say, but don't know what they are talking about. Too many are SO wrongly informed. But let me guess -they get their news and or opinions from Rush or some other ONE sided entertainment source INSTEAD of a NEWS source and a reliable source.

      The tax break the Repubs wanted isnt' about small bus. owners at all. It is for the TOP 2% of the wealthiest Americans. Furthermore – these people do NOT create jobs. If they did – we wouldn't have lost over 7 MILLION jobs during the last 8 years in which they had these SAME tax breaks !!!! Come on – have thoughts of your own and some common sense – stop believing the hype and spin of ONE sided ranting idiots.

      Also, these comments and views of unemployment these days is just as pathetic and stems from listening to the rants of lunacy. Countless people unemployed today are NOT lazy, stupid or those that " milk " or live off "the system". These are working Americans who have LOST their jobs. Also – You can't QUIT and collect unemployment. Anyone who is "lazy" and who fit in the category you are talking about wouldn't GET these benefits and don't qualify. You have to have been WORKING recently and lost your job !!!!

      See? this is the problem with listening to the ONE sided rants and media outlets that only CATER to ONE side and OPINIONS – instead of FACTS and NEWS. They have an agenda and they are ONLY going to give that ONE side exactly what they want to hear – which is usually B.S. !!!

    91. sid brown, Bouse AZ says:

      What a bunch of ball breakers, stop and look at what you are writing….

      The election results are not in till the next congress, period…forget and forgo the lameduckers, they don't mean anything..

      Let the government shut down, and recess congress now… you know they all will be paid "retroactively anyway"

      Let the Dumbocrats take the heat…shut it down and save the Republic. Change the law, vote in Dec and have no government till Jan with a new slate of elected officials ( I use the term with tongue in cheek, Thanks to EIB)

    92. bob harless k.c. mo. says:

      the republican party would risk bringing untold harm to middle income earners to support their rich supporters. seven hundred billion dollars added to the national debt. pray for our country the dollar has become our idol and god has allready said dont do that. the greatest civilizations have fallen to greed and we are heading that way. i pray for our country and the young who will inherit this debt.

    93. Ginger Florida says:

      I want a clean bill. Vote this down it is too laden with cost. Re-vote in January when the republicans will have the power to make it a clean bill.

    94. Norma in Nebraska says:

      After the election in November, conservatives, with a measure of trust, handed the Republicans a position of strength from which to start making some positive changes in Washington. What the conservatives forgot is that in order to make those changes the remaining members of the Republican party needed to have some moral character as well as a strong sense of loyalty to the Constitution and the American people. Obviously we misjudged a majority of the remaining Republicans in Washington, wanting to believe that when given the opportunity, they would prove to be a positive force for good, leading by example and with courage.

      I think Mitch McConnell should have stood firm and proposed what the conservative Republicans in this country want when it comes to the tax bill – take it or leave it – and demanded a straight up-or-down vote. This President and the Dems must have shouted with glee when they heard about the opportunity to take his "negotiations" as a sign of no-holds-barred earmarking, and we are off to the races again. These people are not stupid, and it is to our own peril that we underestimate their ability to get what they want. This whole mess is truly a gift to the President and the Dems . . . they are getting another stimulus package and they didn't have to do a thing but wait until the Republicans walked into the trap? How pathetic is that?? We haven't learned a damn thing in the past 6 years!!! Perhaps Mr. McConnell will wake up before it is too late and say all bets are off until after the first of the year, but I'm not holding my breath!

      So what do we need to do? Come 2012, the conservatives in this country are going to have to continue the fight to clean out the rest of the "good old boy's club" and encourage our new members to hold fast because “we have only begun to fight.” That means that the tea party movement, on a daily basis, must continue to build and support the newcomers who really do want to make a difference. The trick will be to see if they can hold on until we can replace enough of the “spendaholics” with conservative folks who really believe in the American dream. We didn’t get to this place overnight so it is going to take several election cycles to become truly effective.

      I had hoped that the November election would have stopped Republicans in their tracks and made them realize that we mean business, that we are serious about LESS government, LESS spending and LESS debt. To say that we are disappointed is an under statement because the people who should be leading and teaching the newcomers are part of the problem, not the solution!

    95. Woods Allen, Jackson says:

      I don't think it is rocket science. Do we need the government to take our tax money and decide where the economy needs stimulus (political favors) or should we leave those dollars in the hands of those that earn it to decide where they need it. The governments doesn't want to save your job, they want to save the jobs their programs create.

      The best worst program that the government should abandon is the whole corn, ethanol, and gas pump scam. Why would any one develop a program that subsidizes corn to supplement gasoline that costs more to make and delivers poorer performance? Surely this is just a scam for votes forced on the public.

    96. Chuck E, Clearwater, says:

      Why do the articles (especially this one) have to be sugar coated? It is time for the fight against the socialist revolution to begin.

      Compare the all there actions to their socialist agenda.

      If we don't start standing up NOW it may be too late.

      There next major agenda is to totally control the media, which also means the internet. Heard of Net neutrality?

    97. George Boyles - Pete says:

      I'm really confused. For the past two years we have heard that ending the Bush tax rates was a Dem must-do item that would hurt nobody and stave off all sorts of government calamities. Now it's the opposite: If we don't extend them there will be calamity.

      Another point of confusion is liberal claims of the "cost" of extending the reduced tax rates. If extension "costs" government, then that means the dough stays in the private sector. Is it ok then to impose that "cost" they claim onto the backs of the private sector.

      Government has never had a good rate of return on money spent to supposedly create jobs or help disadvantaged groups. If private sector experienced government's rates of return or cost/benefit it would cease to exist. Evidence some of the porkulus money that later was shown to have incurred ridiculous costs per job created. Evidence the "War on Poverty" from the mid-sixties. Since government's idea of productivity or job formation is the creation of another warren of offices staffed with cluless drones who cater to another new-found entitlement group, I would opt for leaving the money in the hands of its rightful owners who, under a tax and regulatory code that encourages domestic investment, will use it to invest or buy or build.

      H-m-m-m, maybe causing the private sector to cease to exist is the grand finale after all!

    98. Donald says:

      This process is going much, much too far. I say that the Rebuplicans should stand with the original agreement (without additions, modifications) and tell the Democrats to pack sand. I believe that the people would accept such a stand against an addition to the debt. The Republicans must show confidence that they will be able to stand against additional spending. The alternative would be to add a half trillion spending cut. The additional spending they want only serves those so called "green activities" and other garbage.

    99. Hope Deferred, Flori says:

      The trouble with our politicians, Democrats and Republicans alike, is that they have come to believe America is immune from the laws of economics. They act on the belief that government expenditures will restore the economy when there is not a single example in the entire history of the world that will demonstrate that it works. Not one. On the other hand, there are many examples that show that it not only will not work, but will exacerbate the problem. The most recent example is Japan, a country that now refers to the 1980s and 1990s as the "lost decades" because it attempted to spend its way into prosperity.

      The current plan to reduce payroll taxes by a third, maintain the Bush tax cuts without cutting spending (actually will increase spending through earmarks such as $5 billion for the ethanol program), and extending unemployment benefits, will drive the dollar down. Another pressure on the dollar is rising interest rates (not the arbitrary rates set by the Federal Reserve which affect mortgages and short term loans but the rate on Treasury Bills – the rate the government pays for borrowing money). Combine the "compromise plan" with the Fed's new practice of printing money which automatically devalues the dollar. Historically, printing money always leads to inflation, usually hyperinflation. At first it can lead to higher stock prices but that will a balloon as it will be for increases in commodities. As the Fed makes more money available to banks hoping the banks will lend it out to job creators, the money will go instead into commodities, causing the price of corn, wheat, soybeans, and oil to rise because no one is lining up to borrow the money because it is usually borrowed to create jobs but nobody wants to do that with the looming health care regulations and the threat of cap and trade. Anyone who thinks printing money and devaluing currency is a good idea should ask the old-timers in England what they think of it. Britain was a world power for about 200 years until it devalued its currency after World War II. Now it is not far from being a client state of the United States.

    100. Glenda - California says:

      "Republicans want to move this country back into the 1920s when essentially we had an economic and political system which was controlled by big money interests; where working people and the middle class had no programs to sustain them when things got bad, when they got old, and when they got sick; when labor unions were very hard to come by because of antiworker legislation. That is what they want. They do not believe in things like the Environmental Protection Agency. They do not believe in things like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Federal aid to education. That is the fight we will be waging."

      "this greed is an issue that we have got to deal with…. we are now faced with the issue of what we do with the Bush tax cuts of 2001 and 2003. And if you can believe it, we have people here, many of my Republican colleagues, who tell us, “Oh I am so concerned about our record-breaking deficit. I am terribly concerned about a 13.7 trillion dollar national debt, terribly concerned about the debt that we are going to be leaving to our kids and our grandchildren, but wait a minute, it’s very important that we give over a ten-year period 700 billion dollars in tax breaks to the top 2%. Oh yeah we’re concerned about the deficit but we are more concerned that millionaires, people that earn at least a million dollars a year or more, get on average $100,000 a year in tax breaks.” So you got a 13.7 trillion dollar national debt growing, you got growing income inequality, top 1% earning more income than the bottom 50%, but the highest priority of many of my Republican colleagues is to make sure that millionaires and billionaires get more tax breaks. I think that is absurd."

      Yay Bernie Sanders! Thank you Thank you! You are the filibest!

    101. Glenda - California says:

      Oh and one more very important thing – more American jobs are created by everyday middle class people who start small businesses than by all these rich people Republicans want to give tax breaks to.
      2. How important are small businesses to the U.S. economy?

      Small firms:

      • Represent 99.7 percent of all employer firms.

      • Employ half of all private sector employees.

      • Pay 44 percent of total U.S. private payroll.

      • Generated 65 percent of net new jobs over the past 17 years.

      • Create more than half of the nonfarm private GDP.

      • Hire 43 percent of high tech workers ( scientists, engineers, computer programmers, and others).

      • Are 52 percent home-based and 2 percent franchises.

      • Made up 97.5 percent of all identified exporters and produced 31 percent of export value in FY 2008.

      • Produce 13 times more patents per employee than large patenting firms.

      Wake up.

      I repeat – more American jobs in the past 17 years have come from small business. not big. So stop with all your trickle down rhetoric, it is absurd.


    102. Annie G. - Californi says:

      Dear Sue – More American jobs in the past 17 years have been produced by small businesses, not big. All these tax cuts for the rich are not going to stimulate the economy. Tax breaks for small business? Sure! Tax breaks for billionaires??? NO! The larger the business the more likely they will outsource.

      How important are small businesses to the U.S. economy?

      Small firms:

      • Represent 99.7 percent of all employer firms.

      • Employ half of all private sector employees.

      • Pay 44 percent of total U.S. private payroll.

      • Generated 65 percent of net new jobs over the past 17 years.

      • Create more than half of the nonfarm private GDP.

      • Hire 43 percent of high tech workers ( scientists, engineers, computer programmers, and others).

      • Are 52 percent home-based and 2 percent franchises.

      • Made up 97.5 percent of all identified exporters and produced 31 percent of export value in FY 2008.

      • Produce 13 times more patents per employee than large patenting firms.

      So please stop with all the trickle down nonsense. It doesn't work, it hasn't worked, all it does is send us into a financial tailspin of deficit.

    103. Peter, Tiverton,RI says:

      The democrats want the rich to pay higher taxes and the republicans don.t.

      People like Senator Kerry still hasn't paid his sales tax on his $7 plus million dollar sail boat, yet he supports higher taxes. A typical democrat liberal who wants others to pay taxes and not himself. Please get a clue. If rich liberals want to pay higher taxes the likes of Bill Gates, Warren Buffet or Michael Bloombery, then write out your check and send it to the Federal Goverment immediately.

    104. Anita Pogany says:

      I have to pay $3400.00 inheritance tax for a run down non rentable house.What do you do about that? Anita Pogany

    105. RennyG Maryland says:

      The "Alinsky" theory in play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    106. Richard Pierini, San says:

      Not sure who is worse, Obama, O'Connell, or the rest of the tone deaf and blink criminals running this government…

      We may not be so nice in the next election…

    107. Rich says:

      @James – I'm with you – feel helpless in that no matter who we send to Congress, we have no real representation as they get sucked in to the corrupt machine that is run by backroom deals in the dead of night. Is there no end to this?

      Not only do we need to extend the current tax rates – we need to CUT THEM MORE. Get rid of the death tax ONCE AND FOR ALL. Reduce captial gains taxes even further. Provide REAL incentive for investors and create economic confidence for businesses to begin hiring again.

      And, for all you "tax cuts for the rich" whiners – so what? Don't the wealthy pay taxes too? Who are you to determine how much is enough when you didn't lift a finger to help earn that $$ anyway? When the wealthy are confident, they spend more too, which creates more jobs. Stop perpetuating class warfare, get off the couch and get a job so you can contribute to society instead of sucking the life out of it one unemployment/welfare check at a time.

    108. jerry decatur, il says:



    109. Mike, Chicago says:

      Ken Jarvis, you are a punk. I'm not rich, but I believe that people should be able to keep what they earn. Furthermore, the "rich" already pay disproportionately. If you want more revenue, start by making everyone pay their fair share. Too many people work and pay little or no taxes because of the EITC. This is discriminatory. A lot of these people also receive public aid even though they work. This is discriminatory as well. Stop bitching and get real.

    110. Stow, Utah says:

      I am glad to see that the Libtards still dont have a clue. Pinko Harry and Nazi Pelosi are completly tonedeaf and the Alinskiite in chief looks like the raging Narcicist that he is. Now that the left are doing what they do best, adding pork by the ton, I think Boehner and McConnel will tell them to take a hike. And it is certian that they are not making progress which means that their Nightmare act and repeal of DADT will remain on the back burner until the cavalry arrives in January.

      When Obama scurried away to Indoneisia to lick his wounds and visit a Mosque he was forced by the election to do some soul searching. And after his "damn the torpedoes" attitude for the first 2 years and throwing scores of his own cacus under the bus, NOW he finds it expedient to try HIS notion of compromise. This bill is about one thing, SAVING BARRYS POLITICAL BUTT!!! Thats it!!

      I am so sick of no one on the right standing up to this jerks accusations of blaming the right. "Drove the car in the ditch" my arse! Who was in charge of congress when the housing bubble popped? Who was on the comission to oversee freddy and fanny? Who has now spent the country into fiscal oblivion? The same schmucks who are once again pointing the finger at conservatives over a bill they dont like, thats who.

      To hell with the radicals in office and to hell with this bill. Let the Bush tax cuts expire and wait until the newly elected conservatives arrive, then show the nation who REALLY wants to rase taxes on the so called "middle class"..

      Up yours Barry, Harry and Nazi!!

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    112. Bob Mallison says:

      No deals, please. Republicans stand your ground. If you give on this bill, Obama will have his desired second stimulus package, neatly given by the Republicans who may think they are getting a deal. Think it through men. Deal with the tax issues from strength after the first of the year.

    113. nickyboy---nj says:

      stow,you nailed it….its pretty hard to have a voice,if you have no means of showing it except for your vote……the commiecrats and commierinos,own the msm,and have for decades….taking advantage of the middle class family value people..you know ,both parents work,and ya still have to get the kids to there after school activities..no, time to stop this cancer.i mean im retired,and this is my thing watching the criminals do what they do best…{whats good for me,and not for thee}…steal.and loot,and of course lie,and the ballsy part is they dont care…they blatantly,lie, even if they are caught on video…WOW WHAT CAJONES……..when will the feces hit the fan,thats the question…but, i do think know whats coming,or the end game for the satanist's………..the dollar tanks,and for the good of the old usa,will have some kind of global currency..YES THE BEAST THE BIBLE SPEAKS OF IN REVEALATION…….i think thats the end game….this country 's economy can ever recover….not with these hardcore, leftist,and satanist 's….they have been lickin there fanged chops for decades for the power they crave,and nothing will stop there evil deeds,and lets not forget poppa satan soros…………there is only one entity that can stop this evil.and i think most of you here at heritage know of whom i speak….and if you dont,were in more trouble than i could imagine

    114. harold tilley, Many, says:

      As much education as there are in the House and Senate, why don't someone listen to the peoples wont's.

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