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  • Midterm Meltdown: A Story of the Youth Vote in 2010

    When I look back to the election of 2008, one of the main things I recall is the excitement on campus for the Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama.  Staff and faculty donations for the Democrats outnumbered Republicans 3 to 1.  Obama-Biden campaign signs covered the campus, and chants of “Yes We Can” could frequently be heard around the University.

    Yet two years later, the enthusiasm is gone.  No longer do students speak of Obama as the answer to all their problems. Some even have turned against his ‘progressive’ agenda, in favor of the more conservative approach of Republicans.  In spite of recent ‘big’ achievements then, where has the adoration for the President gone?

    The answer is simple.  College students have realized the ‘change’ promised during the campaign has resulted in nothing more than big government and increased deficits.  Instead of managing the financial crisis, Obama decided to pass a trillion-dollar ‘stimulus’ loaded with pork projects.  To combat rising unemployment, he passed the largest entitlement in the history of our nation (Obamacare) which will result in nothing more then higher taxes and a further encroaching government.

    Many proponents of the President’s policies argue the increased Pell grants in the stimulus or the option to remain on parental health care until 26 under Obamacare are the silver lining of these two bills.  Yet we as a generation are smarter than this.  College students know there is no such thing as a free entitlement.  We recognize the hidden costs to these so-called ‘benefits.’ If these two programs are enacted, health care premiums will increase 45% for the 18-24 age group and the Pell Grants will add $1.5 billion to the debt.  This is not the change the youth voted for.

    According to an AP/MTVU poll Obama’s approval rating in the 16-24 Demographic has dropped from 60% to 44%, nearly a 20 point shift since the start of his term. College students left the liberal camp in droves during the midterm election, and it’s easy to see why.  It used to be exciting to graduate from school, earn a reputable job, and settle into a rewarding career. Our generation has none of those luxuries. Instead, young people in the workforce today are faced with the difficulty of finding employment and are forced to pay high taxes for government programs we don’t want to be a part of.  The Obama thrill is dead and gone.

    Travis Korson is currently a member of the Young Leaders Program at the Heritage Foundation. For more information on interning at Heritage, please visit: http://www.heritage.org/about/departments/ylp.cfm

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    10 Responses to Midterm Meltdown: A Story of the Youth Vote in 2010

    1. Bobbie says:

      Guess that union, government, public education didn't work, eh Mr. President?

      Thank goodness my own are growing more fonder of freedom and the true history of this country and knowledge of the strength and greatness of the peoples Constitution, high respect and regard to the founders and the founding documents, than Barrack Obama's hope and somebody elses change.

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    3. Pragmatic in Texas says:

      I certainly hope you are right, Travis. The "youth vote" was to be expected, it seems to happen with each election of a conservative (relatively) as POTUS.

      It happened after the fall of Nixon when Ford ran against Carter, and after Clinton was in office for 8 years.

      With age comes wisdom. The only difference this time is that we have elected an unabashed socialist as POTUS. I don't think our Republic will survive another one.

    4. Ace Sez Bishop, Cali says:

      Bobbie, sounds like sensible parenting to me–good for you and how fortunate for your off-spring. History of the USA has to be taught at home anymore–the schools (union tools) are sadly taking the low road and its tuff for youngsters to overcome the deceitful educational system.

      Hopefully the incoming T-party electees can begin to turn things around for the actual good of the Country??

    5. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Travis, congrats and all. Twenty percent is one Hell of a shift to experience in just two years. It should be breaking news! If the students could not perceive the Liberal Bias, the sheer number of lies, I'd say students have lost their American souls. I think the young people hate big government, and Obama is the poster child of Dictators of the New World Order. Glenn Beck talks about the Top Down, Bottom Up, and Inside Out, the "HEART part" is when Health Education Agriculture Representation and Transportation are used by our first Communist American Government to break American's hearts. I would have thought that students have already been turned Inside Out and would Hate America like they are supposed to.

      Thank you for bringing light and hope (the real stuff) to us embattled Cold Warriors! We need to hear that it is not too late for young Americans. You have not been totally brainwashed! Horay! Is it possible the Indoctrination doesn't stick? Obama will fail to take over if the young people rebel against the Progressive takeover of American Education. Do you agree that the Curriculum is Anti American?

    6. Tughluq, USA says:

      College students didn't become more conservative in 2010 – they didn't vote at all. Not sure where you're getting that idea.

    7. Sandra Lea Schell, T says:

      Thank you for this excellent insight into the youth vote for 2010. I have been wondering how younger voters cast their ballots during the midterm elections.

      I also appreciate the other four comments so far posted. As a mother of eight and grrandmother of twenty-four, I simply have to be involved with how the younger voters are leaning. Truly, with age comes wisdom. Wouldn't it be great if younger voters were wise beyond their years?

      Merry Christmas, everyone. God bless you all.

    8. Sandra Lea Schell, T says:

      This is off the topic for today, but I have a question: Did Barack Obama say, "We are not a Christian nation?", or did he say, "We are no longer a Christian nation?"

      I ask this because of another blog comment (found elsewhere) wherein the contributor states that BO said, "We are no longer a Christian nation." Just trying to set the record straight for my own peace of mind. Thanks for any input.

    9. Tughluq, sw USA says:

      Young people didn't become more conservative in the 2010 elections – they didn't vote at all.

    10. Bobbie says:

      Thank you, Ace.

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