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  • Morning Bell: You Have To Pass This Amnesty To Find Out What Is In It

    The nation’s unemployment rate stands at 9.8 percent, a post–World War II record 19th month that unemployment has been over 9 percent. President Barack Obama is 7.3 million jobs short of what he promised his failed stimulus would deliver. The American people are staring down the barrel of the largest tax hike in American history. So what do Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D–NV) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D–CA) have Congress voting on today? Amnesty. Specifically, the House and Senate will be voting on the fourth and fifth versions of the DREAM Act, which would legalize anywhere between 300,000 and 2.1 million illegal immigrants.

    Supporters of the DREAM Act claim the bill would provide citizenship only to children who go to college or join the military. But all any version of the legislation requires is that an applicant attend any college for just two years. And if President Obama wants to reward non-citizen service members with citizenship, he already has the power to do so. The Secretary of Defense already has the authority under 10 U.S.C. § 504 (b) to enlist illegal immigrants in the military if “such enlistment is vital to the national interest,” and 8 U.S.C. § 1440 allows such immigrants to become naturalized U.S. citizens, with their applications handled at accelerated rates. The military component of the DREAM Act is a complete red herring.

    Neither of these bills has gone through their respective committees, and only one has been scored by the Congressional Budget Office. As a result, they are chock full of loopholes designed by open border advocates to make an even wider amnesty possible.

    One bill would even grant Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano the power to waive the college and military requirements if the illegal immigrant can demonstrate “compelling circumstances” and the immigrant’s removal would cause a hardship to the them, their spouse, their parents, or their children. When exactly would removal from this country not cause a hardship? What other loopholes are in these bills? As Speaker Pelosi might say: “You have to pass this amnesty so that you can find out what is in it.”

    The DREAM Acts are also an invitation for fraud. All of the bills would make it illegal for any information in an amnesty application to be used to initiate removal proceedings against an applicant. Law enforcement agencies would be forced to prove that any information they used to find, detain, and try to remove an illegal immigrant was already in their files before an application was received or was not derived from the application. If an illegal immigrant lies about his age to qualify for the program, and the lie is never detected, he gets amnesty. And if the lie is found out, no worries—law enforcement is forbidden from using that lie against him.

    The real goal of the DREAM Act is to make it even harder for our nation’s law enforcement agencies to enforce any immigration laws. And Congress is not the only forum where amnesty advocates are working to undermine the rule of law today. Right across the street from the Capitol, the U.S. Supreme Court is set to hear arguments over an Arizona immigration enforcement law. This is not a hearing on the controversial SB 1070 law that passed earlier this year. This case, supported by the usual amnesty suspects (La Raza, the SEIU, the Chamber of Commerce, etc.), challenges Arizona’s 2007 E-Verify law, which penalizes employers who do not verify the legal status of their employees. This challenge by amnesty advocates to even common-sense immigration enforcement measures should send a clear measure to anyone wavering on the DREAM Act: Any enforcement mechanisms that DREAM Act supporters agree to today will be immediately challenged in court tomorrow. Enforcement is fickle; amnesty is forever.

    Our country does need immigration reform. We need smarter border security, stronger interior enforcement, and a more efficient naturalization system. But amnesty plans like the DREAM Act undermine real reform. The DREAM Act encourages people to ignore our borders, undermines our law enforcement across the country, and makes fools of law-abiding immigrants who play by the rules.

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    54 Responses to Morning Bell: You Have To Pass This Amnesty To Find Out What Is In It

    1. Stephen says:

      The perverse logic of the DREAM Act:

      Illegal alien advocates and the open borders lobby have been successful in blocking enforcement of our immigration laws. Among the beneficiaries are parents who entered illegally and brought their children. Since they were never sent back to their home country due to the federal government’s non-enforcement, we now owe the children citizenship who in turn can bring citizenship to their parents through family reunification. Presto Chango! Citizenship granted to the entire family because they have successfully remained here even though operating illegally since their illegal entry. But, not to worry if any illegal alien gets overlooked. The DREAM Act sets the stage for Comprehensive Immigration Reform amnesty for all! Ridiculous? Bizarre? Ludicrous? Nuts? Crazy? Feeling Played?

    2. Stephen says:

      With unemployment at 9.8% (in reality 18%) and staying well north of 9% for the last 19 months (thanks, Barry!) what are the Dems interested in doing? The traitors want to pass the Dream Act and dump immediately 2.1 illegal aliens newly minted as 'legal' into the workforce. Do you think that might have a NEGATIVE effect on the job situation for American citizens? Not only that but the DREAM Act nightmare will cost at least 6.2 billion per year to the American taxpayer in just educational subsidies for those illegals choosing college to qualify for the amnesty! Do you think by flooding colleges with illegals that it might have a NEGATIVE effect on the number of American citizens attending since college slots are limited and competitively sought? Remember, ‘minorities’ have preferences and set asides. Wanna bet that newly minted legal (formerly illegal) aliens won’t get special preferences by the wildly liberal college administrations. Wanna bet that they won’t get special considerations and funding?

      CALL and FAX Congress to stop this nightmare travesty in its tracks!

    3. ThomNJ says:

      Maybe it is time the democrats just stop the game playing and offer a bill that will vote on splitting the USA into two territories: the USA and the Socialist States of America. This is clearly what they want; so let's do it before we get to another civil war and save all the bloodshed. Once we have that; we will guarantee that our border will be enforced, and we don't want them trying to sneak into our side of the country.

    4. George Colgrove, VA says:

      What about a fed-free solution. Allow the border states – who “have skin in the game” control the borders. The federal government has been unwilling, incapable, and inept at protecting the borders of the nation. Let the state controlled National Guard patrol the borders. To spread the costs of this program, each state will provide National Guard Soldiers on revolving 1 month stints (more if the National Guard Soldier volunteers for the mission.) This will eliminate a redundant layer of thousands of ineffective but higher paid federal DHS boarder guard employees. We will not need to add personnel since the National Guard soldiers are already on a state/DoD payroll. Thereby reducing both the size and scope of the federal government.

      Let the states come up with competing border control technologies as they protect their stretch of the borders. This can act as a market control on the cost and effectiveness of the many available technologies that are necessary to aid the State controlled National Guard in border control. Right now the corrupted federal government uses non-bid contracts with large companies who provide large campaign contributions to politicians or are employing or lobbied by former federal employees or administrators. This has resulted in very expensive and non-effective technologies and procedures. Letting the States control their own domain like Arizona would like to do will have far reaching benefits at much lower costs. The one size fits all approach of the federal government offers little at a tremendous cost to the nation. Moreover, it can be seen that everything the federal government has its fingers on either fails or is failing to do the job that is intended. With all the money invested in the National Security, the only thing that has improved is the pocketbooks of federal employees. The country is less safe and currently being terrorized by its very own government.

      As for paying the bill, there should be a very small federal office with 100% transparency whose only job it to take money collected from taxes from the entire nation and distribute it to the states that have to protect the boarder. That is all. As for oversight, the border control business should also be 100% transparent to ensure states are not engaging in the same corruption the federal government is engaged in. Any private organization shall be able to have access to the entire business to provide oversight. It has become painfully apparent that federal oversight protects federal corruption – not expose it. All contracts should be open bid and the accepted proposals should be published for public review and the justifications for accepting the bid proposal should be published. This business need not be secret as I feel this is where much of the federal corruption is hidden – as can be seen within the documents recently leaked by federal employees to Wikileaks.

      If we are going to protect the borders we need to do so at the local level. It needs to be administered at the local level. It needs to be efficient both in costs and implementation and it needs to be transparent. 100% transparency will aid in low cost and enhanced readiness. The citizens should not have to wonder where the money is going and what is being done behind the scenes to get the job done. I do not believe the federal government has been honest with America. The failure to protect the borders sets in the lap of the DOJ, the DoD and the DHS who are run by political entities of both parties and not the people who “have skin in the game.” They with their boss at 1600 Penn Ave. have been very effective in preventing the state’s ability to protect themselves.

      You want to have effective border control – just let the states do it. This is not hard and can be implemented today on a single order by each boarder state governor. It can also save the nation tremendous amount of money and significantly reduce the size and scope of the federal government. Just get it done.

    5. Judith Taggart, Arli says:

      How do we stop this Dream Act? What is the Congress thinking? Or are they thinking at all!!

    6. Jim Delaney, Rochest says:

      I honestly don't know what I'd do without your objective analyses on so many critical issues.

      Frankly, I was beginning to waver in support of the Dream Act, this despite my justifiably deep-seated distrust of Progressive legislation. Based on anecdotal evidence of some very deserving youth (up to 29), who have lived here all their lives, done all the right things and who, in effect, have fully acculturated, it was difficult for me to understand why they shouldn't be allowed to adjust their status and be granted US Citizenship. I still think that in some special cases that is the correct thing to do. However, as it is written and as you have so carefully explained, the Progressives' Dream Act goes far beyond appropriately rewarding this small, deserving group. And as you point out, without the Dream Act many can still avail themselves of amnesty under existing law. Thanks to your timely and well-considered analysis, I waver no longer. Thanks a million for your thoughtful and insightful research. I hope our so-called representatives have been duly apprised of your analysis and recommendations on this issue. Again, thank you for your public service.

    7. Russell,. Spring Tex says:

      The idiocy of this 11t1th congress is absolutely amazing, why don’t they just put a gun to our heads and knock us off one race at a time… has anybody noticed that really the only states that will in fact be bankrupt are the states that the Corruptocrats haveing been in charge of and have been draining for so many years…

      The country is center right and capitalist based w/ a supply side economic need. So can somebody explain to me how we can have Federal, State & Local politicians who claim to be socialists take an oath to uphold the constitution that mandates small government and individual freedoms… I just don’t get it…

    8. Double Ace says:

      This shouldn't surprise anyone. Harry Reid is a socialist who wants to destroy this coountry. Nancy Pelosi is just dumb and is being duped by people like Obama and Harry Reid. What needs to happen is that the Senate needs to remove him from his position, and then take actions to have him removed from the Senate. He has violated so many articles of the constitution starting with his big push for the mandatory Obamacare, and his unwillingness to support the will of the American people. He needs to be removed. If Nevada can't send someone who is a serious senator then they should loose the position in the Senate. Since Harry reid doesn't think he needs to follow the Constitution then why should any of the rest of us follow it?

    9. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      This is ridiculous! Ridiculous! We don't need the Nightmare Act. Harry Reid is dumb.

      Do we need comprehensive immigration reform? Yes, we do. Do we need it now? No,

      we don't. Why? Because we have more pressing business now.

    10. Gabby, OH says:

      I am a naturalized citizen and I have zero problem with immigration through the front door. I do object vehemently to illegal entry into any country (esp. the U.S.A.) What really terrorizes me is the unbridled Federal Government in this country. The Constitution is not just set aside, it is totally ignored. I feel desperate to stop this "runaway" central government and its minions, but feel helpless to stop it DEAD IN ITS TRACKS. I love the American vision of our Founders: LIBERTY; FREEDOM; THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS FOR ALL. It is and has been a journey with twists and turns and many teachable moments, but our government has taken many wrong turns and learned nothing from its errors.

    11. Ed Sizemore, McKinne says:

      My wife, though born in Maryland, is a Canadian citizen. She has spent ten years and at least $10,000 on attorneys to regain her U.S. citizenship.She has spent considerably more than two years in college, but she is legal, so would not qualify for the Obama amnesty program. Go figure!


    12. Cindy, Massachusetts says:

      It would be nice if you put links to action pages where readers of your posts can do something other than read your articles and get frustrated.

    13. Bette, NJ says:

      This whole administration should be impeached for not protecting the legal citizens…they are willing to sell us out just to win the 2010 election with hispanic votes. Is there no recourse for their actions? The world has gone insane !

    14. Tom,MA says:

      My wife and her 3 kids are fools(but I love them just the same). We played by the rules.

      Filed all the necessary forms, no matter they are so poorly written, and difficult to understand.

      Paid hundreds of dollars(one form alone, the I-751, is almost $600).

      Drove hundreds of miles for 'biometrics' (Photos and fingerprints).

      Managed to secure original documents for all, from original sources overseas(photocopies of originals are not acceptable, and the originals are never returned).

      Tolerated the imperious and offensive tone of all communications from USCIS.

      So, I am not surprised that many foreigners opt for illegal entry, and avoid all the hassle and expense.

      I think both things have to change. The legal way has to change, and the illegal way has to change, also.

      We definitely need immigration, to stabilize our population. Without it, we would have a growth rate below replacement, like most of Western Europe.

      As a nation, we need to figure out who we WANT to come here, from where, and how many. These questions have always been around, and require regular review.

      Then we can figureout who we can ALLOW to come here.

      But everyone must come through the same door.

      I think the process paperwork definitely needs a review, as far as the information gathered. Every applicant's situation is different. Take for example K-2 status(child of K-1, or fiancee from foreign country, which is my situation). The process of obtaining a Green Card without conditional status is so long, that by the time we file the I-751, two of the girls are married and moved out. There is no provision in the procedure for handling this situation. So, by default, you are left to fall back on the same standard form for gathering information, even though the new male spouses have taken on responsibility for their K-2 wives. I'm sure that the system is equally incapable of dealing with other various permutations in the lives of immigrants.

    15. jck, CA says:

      thanks for all that you are doing to report the truth.

    16. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Obama and his gang have crossed the line a thousand times the last two years. He has established Unconstitutional Forms of Government. If the House Lame Ducks fund him (unthinkably 2 yrs!) De Facto, they have acquiesed to Totalitarian Government. So, yeah sure! The Dream Act is more illigal power for Obama's Administration, and yeah! Pass it blindly like all the rest!

      What does our new criminal Government look like? ACORN! It has layers and layers of duplicative functions. That way nobody can figure it out! Fifteen plates of spaghetti with lines going everywhere! Cover and counter cover! Real Committees and fake Committees! And crazy Public Policies going after Americans! Dictatorship, bypassing the Congress and breaking American hearts by the millions!

      Defund the HEART part! Unplug Obama now! Any deal with a Dictator is a bad deal. This guy is the worst we have ever seen! The "Framework" is a 2012 time bomb! Private Payments to pay off Voters by the millions! Two years is no help to Business, especially when Obama gets funded for Two Years! (IT has never been done!) Two years of unstoppable Dictatorship! Lame Duck Republicans should stop the 111th Congress in its tracks! We know it is crazy! Shut it down! Obama has declared Class Warfare, going after Americans!

    17. Kerrie Rochon Billin says:

      This Dream Act is anything but a dream….in fact,its a nightmare!

      I AM DREAMING OF GETTING MY COUNTRY BACK!!!! I am afraid to even give my true name and contact information out on the internet now–WHAT does that say? I don't even recognize the government that I grew up with..WHO are they? WHERE did they come from–they certainly did not grow up next door to me!!! I have never been so disheartened with my elected officials in my life! I thought they were supposed to protect us.

      I feel like a redheaded stepchild! I just watched FOOD INC. if you want an eye opener–just watch that video, if you can find it–the gov. does not want us to see it… like most of what they are doing these days!

    18. Bernard P. Giroux, S says:

      Spoke French before I spoke English; went to parochial schools paid for by my parents; went to college; worked through it; served as a Naval Aviator during Vietnam; used the GI Bill to get a postgraduate education; worked for corporations and then for myself. Legalize immigration; over my dead body and those of my parents and grandparents. What si wrong with this country? Where are the real American Patriots? Certainly NOT in Congress, and particularly in the Democratic Party. These people are psychotic.

    19. roger w. rohe, antig says:

      why do you not have a link on these reports to our congress?

    20. Donald DeHoff, Major says:

      All of you with connections to congress need to get the following out to all congress persons and conservative causes, "If the Amnesty Bill is passed, no present or future Democrat (or others supporting the bill), in the foreseeable future, will ever be able to look their children, spouse, constituents (or themselves in a mirror), in the eye and honestly say, "I won my election fair and square"—not with the millions of "bought votes" resulting from this bill. Most present illegals allowed to vote in the future will feel obligated to support those who permitted them to become citizens. Damm it, illegal is illegal, no matter how you slice it or dress it up!

    21. Broken Arrow, Oklaho says:

      My own children who are american citizens didn't get such a sweet deal, they had to work and go to college on their own. I didn't get such a deal either, and I had five brothers who all served in the military, my husband is navy retired, but we had to pay our dues, what ever happened to self reliance and the rule of law?

    22. Martin/Georgia says:

      I read about this lunacy on the left daily and think what a laughing stock the US must be in the world's eyes. I equate the left to the "walkers" in the series

      "Walking Dead".

    23. Evelyn Reed, Granbur says:

      This seems to be another step on the road to a world government plus the

      redistribution of money. This administration has had two years to work on the economy and jobs, and the only accomplishment is a massive increase in the U.S. debt. Never again can the American public be apathetic about voting and about learning as much as possible about the people running for office.

    24. Barry N. Schmidt says:

      Frankly, I supposed you can't "fix stupid." I feel stupid for failing to understand why Obama and his leftist crowd are doing everything they can to drive this country even further downhill…and at a much faster rate than ever before. There must be something missing in my brain that causes me to think this way. Each day I review the conservative-leaning pundits and articles written about what the federal government is doing wrong, and I feel I am in a bad dream. Please…..someone…..tell me it's only a dream, not reality.

    25. D.T. Radmilovich, CL says:

      The DREAM Act is the final nail in the coffin of the late, great United States of America. More of the wrong kind of immigrantrs swarming our borders like ants will overwhelm our system of government and destroy us from within.

      Whether it be the Dems looking for a voting block, La Raza and their filth, weak-kneed politicos, or the U.S Chamber of Commerce continually looking only at short-term results……, all 4 of these advocates sounding their unilateral clarions have guaranteed America's demise.

      God forgive us for killing your precious gift: The United States of America.

    26. Delaware Bob, Smyrna says:

      This DREAM Act is nothing but amnesty! If this passes, will they deport the parents for bringing them here ILLEGALLY? Will they get rid of EVERY OTHER illegal alien in this Country? If your answer is yes to those two questions, then pass the damn bill. If your answer is no, then I say no to passage. ENFORCE the damn laws! GET RID OF THE ILLEGAL ALIENS! GEEEEEEZ!

    27. Anthony, Illinois says:

      Ugh, so many more pressing issues than immigration. But since the Speaker has deemed this to be priority legislation I would like to know their plans towards issuing me and my family a refund. I am an Active duty service member, my spouse was a S. Korean National. She is now a US Citizen after we spent thousands of dollars in filling fee’s, having to drive a state away to get the right finger prints, don’t want to remember the hours on long distance, the time it took, and all of the other nonsense the INS makes you jump threw to get in front of a federal judge. This is a total slap in the face to everyone who followed the rules.

    28. Dennis Georgia says:

      Oh well!!! REID will have his way and the illegals will be given all they want, the tax payers will be on the hook for the bill. We all have to admit that this country has gone to the dogs, we have allowed those in washington to believe they exist for one purpose, to have power and controll. We as voters have sent the same ones back term after term, then complained because it was business as usual. Change only comes when the driver is willing to change directions, we are the drivers, but have allowed someone else to do the steering, remove the driver get a new one or better yet we act as real drivers from the start.

    29. Tess. Drexel Hill, P says:

      Be It Known: '…We will no longer pass

      any bill unless it is Read, Reread and

      Explained to the public…'

      What a silly notion to think that the Democrats

      want the congress, the senate and the people

      to 'ok' legislature that they don't have any

      idea what it is all about.

      I don't think this type of political chichanery

      is fair to either Democrats or Republicans!

      It is our country – speak up and tell the

      politicians what we want and not what a

      certain politician or party wants.

    30. George Colgrove, VA says:

      As for centralized coordination of my previous proposal, the border states could form a non-federal, private association with a focus on the participating states and their security concerns which will act as the central governing body and be populated by members from the states, security experts, academia, private sector security companies, media and more importantly private citizens who wish to be paying members. This organization by virtue of being open and fully democratic will be fully transparent to the public and decisions made will have to hold to scrutiny to the several states that will walk away with the resulting guidelines they need to use to implement security solutions.

      This organization will be paid for by membership fees and the sale of guidelines and specifications. It will not be funded by tax dollars directly. Employment will be small just to take care of administration of the organization. The primary work will be done by participating professionals already employed elsewhere. This form of central self-governance is efficient and very cost effective. It is how the engineering field has governed itself for hundreds of years. As for transparency, it cannot be topped.

    31. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Uh, Double Ace, I met Nancy Pelosi in San Francisco. She dumped me, probably because I was Republican and I believed in Spirit and God. She did not, it stands to reason Pelosi still doesn't believe in God nor in Spirit. I ask "How can an atheist Represent Americans?" We are Sovereign Citizens defined 'Under God' (and no one else)! Let me tell you the story on Nancy Pelosi. She was a Progressive hero for doing their Ferenheit 451 on American Libraries. She was the Library Commissioner. The hippies went ape about dumps full of books, and how they were burning books. So the SF Library put the books out at 6 AM and burned them at 7:30 AM. Or, if they were 'bad old books' they were out at 12:30 AM and burned before 6 AM. Nancy was such a Progressive hero they gave her a seat in Congress. Everything she has done benefits the Foreign Interest and virtually nothing she has done has actually benefitted Americans.

      I hate to tell you this, Nancy Pelosi is not dumb, duped nor anything. She comes from old Boston Communists with big money. Gosh! How did she become DINO cratic Leader? Yeah! Usurping the Democratic Party! Well! Gosh! Isn't that nice! Usurping Representation, this has been going on for a hundred years. There aren't any Real Democrats left!

    32. Major Man, Houston T says:

      As my location indicates, I live in Houston Texas, and it hasn't been that many years ago that I supported those that wanted a "better life," I believed the lie repeated over and over by our government and their supporters…"good family people" Bush reminded us often. Illegals provided the "cheap labor" that his financial contributors demanded for their support…was the honest truth.

      I was oblivious to the failed 2006-07 amnesty bill, but all of that changed painfully and dramatically when human/drug traffickers moved in next door. Other than fearing for my life every single day, I was struck by their arrogance, their no-fear attitudes (“living in the shadows” is another lie…loud and proud of their illegalness) and their hate for this country, our laws and our citizens.

      I learned from them to hate illegals, the Spanish language, but by far, the most painful fact learned was that my government was not trustworthy that many including the Hispanic Caucus, Rep Gutierrez, and Martinez, et al only cared about their fellow Hispanics and illegal aliens…no allegiance…none to the legal citizens of this country…regardless of our skin color, our religion, our ethnic heritage…this great nation's ideals compromised by the unworthy!

      Did you know that several illegal alien students are on a hunger strike in Austin, home of UT? They are blackmailing Senator Kaye Bailey-Hutchinson into submission. If any of them showed one ounce of appreciation and allegiance for this great country; if their efforts were sincere instead of the continued bullying; if any had made any effort or at least had begun the process of legalization; if I never had to see another Mexican flag…some are beginning to show signs of the effects of starvation. I wished that I cared; I wish that I still felt compassion for their cause; I wish for once that one politician would stand up for our citizens; I wish that the likes of LaRaza, LULAC, etc would be demonized as the racist organizations that they are and not our citizens, our victims of this invasion! I wish that our Houston Police Officers murdered and maimed by illegal aliens could have dinner with their families tonight…

      No sitting on the fence or making excuses…contact your senator and make your disgust at their continued supporter of these alien invaders known and will get them fired!

    33. Jackson, Denton, TX says:

      Thanks HF for keeping this type of govt debacle in the limelight. For starters: immigrants, by definition are LEGAL, so the term "illegal immigrant" is an oxymoron. People that enter our country illegally should be aptly dubbed what they are and treated as such: "illegal aliens." They violate the sovereignty of our country without regard for our borders, rights, and national pride. If they were truly good citizens of their own county they would respect and abide by our laws.

      Try this: sneak across the border of ANY other country on the planet, especially Mexico then try to coerce their govt into providing you with shelter, food, work, and force them to produce all their official documents, including driver license in ENGLISH. See how that works for you. Illegals are a huge drain on our society and are multiplying like rabbits. All socialists need is a warm body able to strike an "X" on a ballot – get the picture? Compassion be damned, these charlatans want and need a "dependent and ignorant" base from which to draw support for more socialst agendas.

      For my part, I am sick of the hyphenated-american BS. You are either an American or some other nationality, PICK ONE. When asked my heritage I just say "American" since my ancestors were here when the white europeans got here (my folks had turkey with them). The point is, go ahead and be proud of your ancestry, but remember: your folks picked this country over the one from which they immigrated so embrace it and make it better, don't try to change it into wherever they came from…(or you can always go back there).

    34. Stephen Roseberry says:

      From National Republican Trust:

      • The DREAM ACT does not prevent relatives or persons responsible for illegally entering our country from gaining citizenship and all of the economic benefits to which citizens are entitled.

      • The DREAM ACT does not prevent persons with criminal records, including juvenile criminal records, from gaining citizenship.

      • The DREAM ACT prevents the deportation of any applicant, even if they have falsified information on the application, thus encouraging and leading to widespread fraud.

      • The DREAM ACT ignores crucial data that has been gathered for decades on the relationship between illegal immigration, drug-related crime, violent crime, and gang violence.

      • The DREAM ACT does not provide a way to screen out youth who are susceptible to radicalization and willing to engage in terrorist activities. Thus our national security and citizens' safety and property are at risk.

      Sign the National Republican Trust petition to stop the D.R.E.A.M. act and don't let this happen!


    35. Carol,AZ says:

      So America what do we call the new age Jim Crow laws "separate but equal" that will splinter this counrty right down the middle?

    36. Dave, Port charlotte says:

      Obama is planning on having the Mexican citizens choose our next president. He can just as easily send a bunch of mail-in ballots to Mexico…who's going to know? His goal is to destroy America by taking the Capital out of our Capitalist system. (By any means necessary). Fortunately, the American population has many sources of "up to date" information, and can respond effectively. Don't "take the bait"!

    37. Eduard, Illinois says:

      Mr.George Colgrove

      Your plan for border security is brilliant.The problem(s) is that there are NO democrats in Congress with intelligence above eighty in order to understand it, but most importantly it is TRANSPARENT and COST EFFECTIVE and that is why it would never be implemented.God forbid that the federal government be transparent and cost effective.

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    39. Los Angeles says:

      Instead of commenting I would like to know how to stop these lame duck Congress maneuverings.The New Congress will have to9 spend all their time repealing these ridiculous waste of money and time

    40. Georgia says:

      If the dream amnesty passes, who is going to take care of them since our unemployment is 9.8%? Are we going to just let them in whithout knowing who they are (if they are some of the people who want to kill Americans? Who is going to take responsibility & accountability for the war between the races? Also when our military come home where are the jobs? Who will be in the bread lines,as we are headed for yrs like pre & post WWII? The youth need to read their history in order to know what happened in the past.

    41. Mike, Chicago says:

      They wouldn't be paying for their college so it would cost even more. Public aid is discrimination. Don't increase it.

    42. los angeles, ca. says:

      Our borders are wide open to anyone. Laws on the books already exists to address the problem. Enforce the laws! I don't like the fact that illegals can come here and within months if not weeks have access to social services that I have paid into all of my life just like many of you have. I don't like it that my hard earned money taken from my paychecks over the years now go to the illegal population easier than it does to those of us who have contributed for years and now need assistance. I did not work so that we as a nation could support illegals through our social programs. The system allows for illegals from any country to get some form of support when they have never paid in to the system. The system allows " the anchor babies" to become the provider of the family as far as the social welfare system is concerned and through the baby the entire illegal family gains food stamps, housinf, medcaid/medical, etc. Lets make our voices heard louder than ever about this and other issuess. Speak up to your representatives regularly

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    44. John Sample, Littlet says:

      With all the great point made here, there is a big one missed, that this lady Kemmer nails.


      "You notice, the illegal alien children who choose to follow their fathers into construction– an area of the economy that is still lightly regulated at the federal level, ie, a place where a poor man can still DREAM of starting his own business, someday– are left out of the mix. Yet, someone wanting to major in "identitiy studies" in college is included.

      The REAL danger to the Democratic Party is a bunch of construction trucks with "Martinez & Sons" emblazoned on the side. Once the "hispanic vote" starts making payroll, and dealing with the convolutions of the tax law & regulations, it will quickly turn against the "we want a hand-out" class.

      (We should note that Cuban-Americans are not "authentic" hispanics, as they descend from a middle-class that fled when Castro decided to confiscate… er… "redistribute" their property.)

      It's better, for the Democratic Party, to "privilege" young hispanics who want to get a degree in "identity studies," and then move on to "civil-rights lawyer" status, with an eye to getting a good job with the government. The hispanic guy who bought himself a cement-pumper truck so he could strike out on his OWN represents a clear and present danger to the Democratic Party.

      That's why those hispanics– the ones who want to start a business, instead of going to college– have been eliminated from the special privilges contained in the "Dream Act." They get nada, under this bill.

      And, yeah, my opinion is colored by own socio-economic status. I was born blue-collar, and I still feel blue-collar. Hubby did right well by our family, starting out with nothing but a blue-collar work-ethic and building himself a "niche" in the construction/remodelling trade. He has many satisfied customers, and he didn't need an expensive degree to do it.

      I purely LOVE seeing a construction truck with an hispanic name emblazoned on the side… that's how new Americans move themselves into the "mainstream.''

      Why should The Law privilege "college" over, "I'm going to work hard, and use the carpentry skills my father taught me to OWN MY OWN BUSINESS, someday?"

      IMHO, the Dream Act is a slap in the face of blue-collar America by an elitist class that waves its advanced degrees as some kind of "divine right." We should slap it down just on the basis of its unvarnished elitism."

    45. Christopher Popham S says:

      Well, it's Dec. 9th and the House barely passed the Dream Act (nightmare).

      It will likely fall flat in the Senate. Be sure to send your senator a message indicating

      that you DO NOT approve of this legislation.

      Illegal entry into America is ILLEGAL. Case closed. The American taxpayer is not

      obligated to 'reward' illegal immigrants and their families with citizenship, just because they have been here for some period of time. They broke the law.

      They entered our country ILLEGALLY. We must return to the proper, fair and just

      procedures of legal access to America IE: Ellis Island, turn of the 20th century.

      On so many levels, it is insane to suggest that we integrate a possible 2.3 million

      illegal immigrants and threir respective families into our society without proper

      immigration procedures.

      Good luck, America.

    46. toledofan says:

      The dream act is another despiciable act by the Democrats to weaken America and forge their left wing agenda further. I mean where are the new Democratic ideas rather than just give aways. More unemployment, more minimum wages, more spending, more entitlements, more taxes less military, what's new and interesting? It's always the same old stuff, the same plays, and who pays for it, us. I think that, by now, if it isn't obvious to everyone, the Democrats have really become the Socialist Democratic Party of America and they really don't care about the country, only if it benefits themselves; you know they can keep all the money they have but we can't. We are the ones responsible, I mean how could anyone vote a guy like Reid back in or Boxer or Murkowski? You get what you pay for.

    47. Carol,AZ says:

      America , What do you call the "separate but equal " revision of the Jim Crow laws in SP?.

      THINK !

      You are witnessing the rewriting of American history from this day forward.We are splintering this counrty in half based on the Chamber of Commerce powerful lobby and the leadership of Harry Reid, who will be remember as the most corrupted Minority in our countries history.

    48. satch says:

      Another fine mess the Democrats want us to swallow. Fast track citizenship if they serve a few years in the Military or go to College while some Citizens of our Country can't even get their kids in College because of the cost or closed enrollment. When did being a Citizen make us second class Citizens in th eyes of Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid,and Illegals are the salt of the Earth and the nations new hope.

    49. and2therepublic, ill says:

      "It is a misfortune incident to republican government, though to a less degree than to other governments, that those who administer it, may forget their obligations to their constituents, and prove unfaithful to their important trust."

      "Another defect to be supplied by a Senate lies in a want of due acquaintance with the objects and principles of legislation … no small share of the present embarrassments of America is to be charged on the blunders of our governments; and that these have proceeded from the heads rather than the hearts of most of the members of them. What indeed are all the repealing, explaining, and amending of laws … but so many monuments of deficient wisdom … A good government implies two things; first, fidelity to the object of government, which is the happiness of the people; secondly, a knowledge of the means by which that object can best be attained. Some governments are deficient in both these qualities. Most governments are deficient in the first. I scruple not to assert that in the American governments, too little attention has been paid to the last."

      James Madison – Federalist No. 62 – 1788.

    50. The Sherrif of Notti says:

      The Dream act is so porous it will become a nightmare. Latinos have proven themselves in combat and the military in general. It should be mandatory that if they are in the country illegally they must apply within two weeks for recruitment into one of our armed services. By so doing, they join our citizenry in protecting our national security. Upon successful and honorable completion of their enlistment, they are sworn in as a U. S. citizen. In addition, they have earned the current G.I. benefits including college or technical training.

      This is an earned dream by which illegals serve the country in which they wish to live. That's a period on the extent of the Dream Act. It is sensible, affordable and an opportunity to serve these United States honorably.

    51. Tucano Fulano, USA says:

      The Troika of Pelosi-Reid-Obama speaks with forked tongues and try to keep quiet the fact that if/when the illegal aliens become US citizens they, themselves, will surely import any and all relatives they have and help secure citizenship for them as well.

      Adding some 10 million currently illegal alien criminal foreigners to the US citizenship base will mean yet another 30 millions will be imported. That 40 million on top of the 25 to 35 million illegal aliens already in the USA will swamp the heritage, culture, language, average hourly earnings, crime statistics, level of health care, and public safety in their own homes, just to mention a few items. But the Troika wants exactly that as they work toward the destruction of the USA and marginalization of Americans

    52. Linda, Louisiana says:

      I am disgusted with our government and feel so helpless. It is very depressing to read all that I do about the things Obama, Reid, and Pelosi are doing. I just can't imagine that an American citizen could do what they are doing, disobeying laws, disobeying the Constitution, having no loyalty to the United States. What can be done? We need answers.

    53. Linnea, Minnesota says:

      According to the Rule of Law, THE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION REFORM AND IMMIGRANT RESPONSIBILITY ACT, 8 U.S.C. 1623, which states, "Notwithstanding any other provisions of law, an alien who is not lawfully present in the United States shall not be eligible on the basis of residence within a State (or political subdivision) for any postsecondary education benefit UNLESS A CITIZEN OR NATIONAL OF THE UNITED STATES IS ELIGIBLE FOR SUCH A BENEFIT." (EMPHASIS MINE) "Note that this does not allow for exceptions for people who have lived in a state for 4 years or graduated from a state's high schools. It may not be those peoples' fault that they are in this country illegally, but it's not the taxpayers' fault either. Where's the compassion for Arizona taxpayers forking over $6,000 each student to subsidize in-state tuition for these people who are prohibited from receiving it by federal laws?"

      This not only applies to Arizona (whose in-state tuition is probably more now) but it applies to all states. If they do pass the Dream Act think of what this will do to colleges who count on out-of-state tuition. Any student could go to college in any state and pay in-state tuition.

      I've tried to get our Democratic Senators and Congressmen from Minnesota to see what this will mean for Minnesota, but they won't even respond to it. I think they want to get this passed before the people know how ILLEGAL this Dream Act Amnesty bill really is.

      Illegals and their supporters cry about how these "Children" were brought here at a young age and they don't speak their native language. Well, their parents that brought them here don't speak ENGLISH either, so that is a lie. If their parents speak their native language the kids do too, and they also speak English, so send them back to their native country with their ILLEGAL ALIEN PARENTS. The parents aren't supposed to be here in the first place working ILLEGALLY at low paid jobs that used to be high paid jobs. They are low paying now so "WE THE TAXPAYERS" can subsidize their wages with welfare, food stamps, housing, healthcare, free lunches, etc. all the while corporations are making profits off the backs of us LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS.

      Kepp calling your senators and congressmen and telling them, "NO DREAM ACT AMNESTY", and repeat 8 U.S.C.1623 to them until they listen. It will be another nightmare just like the 1986 AMNESTY was. Tell them to ENFORCE THE LAWS, not change them!!!

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