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  • Morning Bell: Freeze Taxes, Freeze Spending, and Go Home

    Last night, President Barack Obama emerged from negotiations with Congressional Republicans and told the American people: “For the past few weeks there’s been a lot of talk around Washington about taxes and there’s been a lot of political positioning between the two parties. But around kitchen tables, Americans are asking just one question: Are we going to allow their taxes to go up on January 1st, or will we meet our responsibilities to resolve our differences and do what’s necessary to speed up the recovery and get people back to work?”

    President Obama spoke because he had come to an agreement on extending current tax rates for two more years, rather than impose a job-killing tax hike, falling short of a permanent extension needed for economic certainty. The President defended this compromise by finally stating the obvious: ”Make no mistake: Allowing taxes to go up on all Americans would have raised taxes by $3,000 for a typical American family. And that could cost our economy well over a million jobs.” It’s great that a leader of the progressive movement is willing to recognize the link between higher taxes and lost jobs.

    But, as the President also said: “I have no doubt that everyone will find something in this compromise that they don’t like.” Specifically, in exchange for extending the current income tax rates, Republicans agreed to reinstate the death tax (at 35% with a $5 million threshold), 13 more months of non-offset unemployment benefits, and a temporary 2 percentage point reduction in the payroll tax to replace the failed “Make-Work-Pay” stimulus tax policy.

    These are bad policies. Heritage has long opposed any return of the death tax, which is bad for small business and wrong on principle. The unemployment benefits are not only bad for job growth but increase spending at a time when we need to be reducing it, and, as economists have long recognized, perpetuate long-term unemployment. As for temporary tax holidays, they have proven to be completely ineffective.

    To truly freeze taxes, Congress should completely abolish the death tax instead of raising taxes. And to truly freeze spending, Congress would need to offset the spending increases for unemployment benefits.

    While the Republicans were busy negotiating with the President at the White House, Congressional Democrats were busy plotting a last-gasp massive spending surge back on Capitol Hill. Written by the Senate Democratic majority in backrooms, a draft omnibus spending is circulating that will fund all federal government agencies not just through fiscal year (FY) 2011 but into 2012 as well. Heritage Foundation Distinguished Fellow Ernest Istook details the spending spree:

    • Handcuffs the ability of newly elected Representatives and Senators to de-fund Obamacare
    • Restricts the new Congress’s leverage to rescind unused “stimulus” and TARP spending
    • Has the outgoing Congress dictate spending for more than the usual one year
    • Bypasses the normal appropriations process of public committee votes, floor debates, and the ability to offer amendments on the floor of the House and Senate.

    Since the FY 2010 budget expired on September 30th, the federal government has been operating on a series of continuing resolutions (CR) with just the most recent one expiring December 18th. A responsible Congress would have passed a budget resolution and all the necessary appropriations bills months ago. But this 111th Congress is anything but responsible. For the first time in the history of the budget process this Congress failed to even vote on a budget for next year.

    Now, after they have been thoroughly rejected by the American people at the polls, they want not only a second chance at setting spending level for next year … but the year after as well. Now that’s audacious. Conservatives should hold firm and reject any omnibus spending bill. This Congress has forfeited their right to spend. The next Congress should be as free as possible to set spending priorities. The 111th must pass something to keep the government running, but it should do so with as short-term a CR is possible.

    Then after the 111th lame duck has frozen taxes and frozen spending, they should just go home. They have done enough damage already. Yesterday, Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) filed for cloture on a brand new DREAM Act, the fifth version of amnesty introduced this year. This bill has not gone through committee or been scored by the Congressional Budget Office. Senate Environment and Public Works Chairwoman Barbara Boxer (D-CA) is demanding votes on over 100 environmental bills. And, thanks to Constitutional violations, Congress has to take up their expansion of the Food and Drug Administration again. The American people have no appetite for another round of progressive social legislation.

    And then there is New START. Over the past two weeks we have learned that: 1) contrary to past statements, Russia moved tactical nukes closer to our NATO allies; and 2) contrary to past statements, the Obama administration did kill missile defense in Poland to appease Moscow. There is no good reason to rush New START through a lame duck session. If it is a good treaty (one that does not limit our missile defense, provides adequate verification, and does not limit conventional global strike capabilities) then the White House should be confident they can make the case to the next Senate.

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    46 Responses to Morning Bell: Freeze Taxes, Freeze Spending, and Go Home

    1. Double Ace says:

      It is becomming increasingly clear that America now has a Royal family. This family is made up of the many Socialist congressmen and women. It is also becoming increasingly clear that America may have to resort to another revolutiion to rid ourselves of this dynasty. We are tired of the games being played by the many politicians in Washington. We are also tired of representatives like Nancy Pelosi (being elected by a degenerative society in San Francisco), and Harry Reid (being installed to his position by union thugs who steal from the poor and use the money to install there power broker in Washington. We are tired of the foreign influence in our politics, the George Soro's of the world who try to install socialists and bring our nation down. It is time for the citizens to take charge of their nation again. Now you can understand why they want to change, or ignore the 2nd amendment. If we are to have net neutrality than shouldn't Moveon.org be targeted as well, or does this apply only to conservative Christians? I am tired of this government making rules that they refuse to obey. Look at Rangel, and Daschle. Any ordinary citizen would be in prison for similar violations. Let's turn out at the ballots in 2012 and get rid of all these people. If we can't eliminate them let's remove enough of their cohorts so we can take their power from them.Goodbye Queen Nancy. Prince Harry, you are the next to lose your power.

    2. Larry, Ret. Military says:

      Congress and the rest of Gov. need to learn how to live within a budget. If the American people acted the same way then everyone would be living in multimillion dollar homes, with big boats, large cars or trucks, vacationing around the world; and being able to leave all the debts of it for their grandchildren, great grandkids, etc. etc.

      Being in the military, they do NOT need to do anything that lowers pay, COLA, the various supplements, et.; they do need to stop all the pork projects though. Large businesses that ensure their products are made outside the US because of profit making, ensuring Americans are jobless, giving bonuses or golden parachutes out to the very few in a company while handing out pink slips need to be heavily fined, and not just fined as a business, but the heads of the companies fined heavily.

      Congress itself needs to cut back, and if what they do for the American public is deemed good, then they themselves need to live under the same care, treatment, and standards as what they say is good for the average American.

      And remember that illegal is illegal, do not make those in the country illegally receive goods and services that are paid for by those here legally or born here from legal American citizens. Legal immigration is a good thing, keeping those that came here illegally, for any reason is NOT!!!

    3. RogerC says:

      So, its business as usual. Welcome third party in 2012. It appears as if this is a repeat of the past with the Republican "compromise theme". Worked so well in the past.

    4. Dennis Georgia says:

      I do not believe we will ever see an end to the spending by the liberals. They lost the elction and now will determine spending for the next two years. This country is going to hell in a hand basket.

    5. Bob North Carolina says:

      This is so clear! cant we or any one stop this crap! This is ridiculous. All I can do is vote. make phone calls.

    6. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      There should be only one ideology under which ALL politicians should function and that is the Federal Constitution. We have alien-thinking ideologs in the likes of Reid and Pelosi, not to mention Socialist Obama, who not only turn their backs on the Constitution but are hell-bent on doing away with it in favor of World Socialism. These people, and all who think like them, are really traitors to the America our Founding Fathers gave us. Yet how can we hope to survive when ignorant voters allow themselves to be seduced by the phoney rhetoric of the Socialist progressives?

      They have infiltrated themselves into every institution of our Country and like all cancers, they must be removed or we will die as a nation.

    7. Ted Stein, Maryland says:

      All as the result of the failed trickle down policies of the prior eight year terms of Ronald Reagan, and later retested by George W. Bush. As has been proven, responsible policy combining reasonable expenditures paid through a progressive tax policy combined with well thought out economic policies leading to growth, as experienced during the eight years of the Clinton administration, are more effective than the insanity of the current idealogical discourse. If a Democrat in the White House needs a Republican majority, so be it. Previous combinations have proven to be ineffective and damaging to our ability to maintain our international economic and geo-political responsibilities.

    8. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      Obama, and the main stream media is again playing Republicans and conservatives like a cheep fiddle! Anyone that actually believes the far left progressives are outraged because their guy (Obama) actually "compromised" with the Repbs is a fool. When will we realize that the Obama led socialist have no sense of honor. They only make "deals" when it benefits them. Unlike the normal manner American treat their opponents, these people cannot be be allowed to get up. They should be kicked and punched until they can no longer stand. Obama has an agenda and will never stop until we stop him or he

      completes his dream of a socialist America.

    9. JohnP says:

      Obama it seems is trying to take credit for something he opposed and when congress did come up with a deal to extend tax cuts,as lousy as it is, as par for him it was his deal. If memory serves me right he was in Cancun trying to push another global warm treaty through while congress did a fast take on the old thing LETS MAKE A DEAL.

    10. B. Hall Syosset N.Y. says:

      As much as I would have liked the "death tax" at zero permantly, the compromize at 35%and a 5 million exemption seems like a good solution in that most estates would not reach that level. The extension of the current tax rates for 2 years gives the new congress time to revise the grossly over complicated tax law.

    11. toledofan says:

      Oh, to be a Democrat today must be a glorious thing, I mean no new ideas other than to spend more money promoting socailism, more government and less freedoms for us all. This administraion and the Democrats in Congress are despiciable and there is nothing they are doing that benefits the country and in many instances the legislation they propose actually will do more harm than good. The sooner these people get out of Washington the better.

    12. Evan, Anchorage says:

      My number one concern is not me going broke because my taxes will go from 36% to 39%–but that our country will go broke. Taxes should go back to Clinton rates and spending should go back to Clinton rates.Those rates didn't kill anybody.

    13. ThomNJ says:

      My big beef from this article is the fact that the current Congress wants to try and dictate the funding for 2012 – that is patently ridiculous. Thta must be stopped.

      Also Ted Stein, you are quite incorrect that the supply side economics practiced under Ronald Reagan were a failure. Those policies brought us quite successfully out of a recession and stagflation that were killing the country and gave us boom years well into Clinton's presidency. Clinton was a wise man to keep them going as long as he did.

      George Bush's mistake was not in his tax polices but in his approval of all the Republican spending and then the even more outrageous Democrat spending when they took the House and Senate. Tax receipts reached record levels under George Bush, and the rich had never before paid so much in taxes. That is a fact and can be verified. The problem with our government is their incessant interference in our lives and markets – and most critically now in their ever desired quest for more money from us all and their absurd over spending.

    14. B. Hall Syosset N.Y. says:

      This is for Ken Stein. It was progressive policies that led to the depression in the early 1900,s and again in the 1930,s. Thats right there were 2 depressions {read your history}. And it was a republican congress under Gingrich's Contract with America that led to the Clinton good economy not progressives. The progressive starting with Wilson the wanted to fundamentally change America {sound familliar}.

    15. B. Hall Syosset N.Y. says:

      I.m sorry I got Stein's first name wrong.

    16. Larry Welch, Idaho says:

      The proposed omnibus bill is an outrage! If if it becomes law, the time for pitchforks and axes has arrived.

    17. Tom Hill, Mahwah, NJ says:

      It is apparent Republicans have learned nothing from the midterm 2010 elections. The message to DC and the goal of the American people was clear to all, stop the taxes, stop the spending & reduce the debt.

      The money is not yours to spend. It is ours, the citizens, and the ease and haste of the Republicans to compromise at our expense again demonstrates their craving to score political points without regard to the goals of the electorate.

      First, Estate taxes are immoral. Any individual's lifelong toil to improve their condition is already burdened with lifelong taxation and for Republicans to acquiesce to a principle that government should become a partner in person's ambition to improve the lot of his or hers family and heirs is confounding to me. I care not whether the exemption is $5 Million or $50 Million. It is not your money. It belongs to the heirs and for the government to declare itself better then a 1/3 silent partner along with the intended heirs is confiscatory, tyrannical and just plain immoral. It is as immoral as breaking into the house of recently deceased and stealing their possessions.

      Extension of unemployment benefits is a companionate cause and we should all support it – right? There are two issues that warrant evaluation before accepting the compassionate argument. How much responsibility should governments assume toward supporting the chronically unemployed? Should governments borrow further and increase the indebtedness and the commensurate interest penalty it entails in order to maintain support of the unemployed.

      In 2010, the people said reduce the debt and by not insisting upon a corresponding spending reduction by the government, the Republicans are again acting in conflict with the desires of the American people. I am one of those over 50 white guys hit hardest by the unemployment and I have been looking for work now for almost 1 year. I'll benefit from the extension of benefits, but I don't think it is governments place to support beyond some limited period of time. A year is an exceptional amount of time.

      Further, to increase the debt and push the burden of crushing interest costs onto others (read as younger taxpayers) is not a job building solution. It gets we unemployed money and makes us a drag on the economy. It does not make us a producer in the economy. But that is personal opinion.

      What annoys me the most is the absence of debate and consideration of alternatives. Why not cut the spending? Can we cut Federal spending without a massive layoff of government employees? Should the extension of benefits be a reduced level, say 50%? A shorter time period?

      It is the very absence of debate by the Republicans that leads me to my conclusion the Republican compromise was to achieve the political point that Republicans is the party of not raising taxes. The compromise did nothing to improve the prospects for better employment, it adversely affected debt levels and the burden of interest, and it was accompanied by an immoral act of stealing from the dead.

      I hate "shoulda's" but here is one nonetheless. Do nothing, especially if political points are your only motivation. Let the tax cuts expire along with the unemployment extension and take them up in the next session. Don't consider the death taxes at all in the next session. Offer up the retroactive Bush tax cuts with no compromise and let Democrats and Republicans alike cast their votes under the scrutiny of increasing active electorate.

      If you think 2010 was a significant political event, wait for 2012. Republicans are not immune with compromises such as this.

    18. BOOTumALL says:

      Hopefully there are enough holes (as usual) in the death tax that anyone with more than $5M can figure out how to avoid it. Symbolism rather than substance IMHO.

    19. William Downey, JD L says:

      No one has ever to my knowledge considered me to be a socialist or a liberal. However, I have to disagree on unemployment benefits. Unemployment stands at 9.8% and has exceed 9% for over a year. What no one talks about is the shadow rate which is estimated to be 15% including under employed and those who have just given up.

      We are not creating new jobs and are still shedding jobs.

      The administration that seems intent on following an agenda that is killing jobs in the off shore oil and gas industry, preventing the development of new jobs in that industry.

      These actions spill over into local and state economies and impact everything from employment in other sectors to tax revenues.

      The implementation of new technologies has made it possible to produce with fewer individuals.

      Those unemployment benefits may be all that are keeping some of the those unemployed from being homeless and ending up in soup kitchens.

      May you never experience the devestation that those people are going through.

    20. Bobbie says:

      No doubt, this president showed his disappointment. All for show of course. I didn't see him, I heard it through his voice.

      I will continue to have faith in the maturity and honesty of the elected in congress, who respect and honor the goodness of this country and her people. May they protect us through and through.

      if Obama had good intention of being president of America, he wouldn't expose such weakness to need tax funding for social programs. Divisive in a country of unity.

      Tax payers paid their taxes throughout their life. Let them rest in peace and let their money go according to their will. Whatever reasons???? this government wants ungodly amounts of money, the government can do without or admit they are so incompetent, their productivity is actually counterproductive. Unconstitutional acts of obama.

    21. Herb-Smithfield, VA says:

      Power gone mad, traitorous intent….do any of these despicable individuals remember their oath of office as reps of "the people" !? Narrow-minded, evil- intent….are they doing for the common good or their own good…like we have to ask. Turning them out at the ballot box is almost too good for them. As one senator recently said, the American people need to take up their pitchforks, and in this case their poles, feathers and tar and go to DC and clean out this den of thieves….many of whom masquerade as reps of the people. Jefferson was right all along, a little revolution now and then is a good thing. We are due !

    22. Bernard P. Giroux says:

      I am currently appraising an estate for a family that developed a small business over nearly fifty years into something worth about $10 million. With the estate tax, if it not graduated and equal to all dollars above $5.0 million, the family will have to come up with $1.75 million of confiscatory funds for the federal government, not including the 16% they may owe their state. So, after working for 50 years or so, the feds and the state will confiscate about $2,550,000.00 of this family's estate. Since most people don't have that kind of cash laying around, the chances are very good that in order to pay taxes, this old, closely held company, will have to be dissolved, thanks to the pirates in Congress. Why work?

    23. John P. Squibob says:

      Cut Taxes, Cut Spending and Stay Home


    24. Rachel, Auburn, WA says:

      I am glad that Obama had the first (and probably only) smart move of his presidency by not raising taxes. I earn a decent living and if I lived without a roommate, I could not afford much extra beyond paying bills because of all the taxes that are taken from my paycheck, and I don't even live in that nice of an apartment!

      A lot of people I know, myself included, would love to scrap the current tax code and replace it with a national sales tax for everything but groceries. Liberals like to argue against it, saying it is unfair because the rich should pay more, but it will in fact be fair because the rich buy more (and more expensive) things, which means they will be paying more. And no one can escape paying their taxes because you will be forced to pay it at the register.

      We should, however, rope in spending before we even think about changing the tax code. Unfortunately, it sounds like the Dems are trying to spend every last dime on this planet!

    25. may says:

      It was a very stupid idea to allow another 13 months of unemployment to continue in addition to the two years. It is up to us and the churches who are taking up the cause in feeding and clothing each other. It is going to cost us billions to continue this spending. And to create more jobs by allowing a 2% payroll cut shows how little they understand or care about the American job makers. For example, we are debating whether to move forward in purchasing (by loan) a machine that costs over $300,000. To think a 2% payroll tax will encourage us to take that risk to grow is idiotic. Our gas costs have already doubled so how is that going to encourage us to create jobs???? This is a further example how these Ivy League idiots have no place directing our economic future!

    26. David Bess, Carson C says:

      None of this is suprising. The lame duck democrats will try to shove forward their socialist agenda up to the last minute. They still have ability to do this. Our new conservative congress needs to keep the American public aware of just what the Dems have planned for them. Then in january when they have the power to actually effect change they must do it with absolutley no compromise. They need to study and learn how the Dems used little known rules, proceedures and laws, or out right constitutional violations, to force unthinkable laws and programs on to the backs of the American people.

      I assure you that people like Harry, Nancy and Obama are terrified of the next congress. However they will not give up their agenda. The will seek what seems to be reasonable compromises with the conservatives. But these will surely contain portions of their liberial agenda. They will slow the progressive movement but will not stop it. Conservative compromise is playing into their hand. The consevrvative congress must realize this and fight it at every turn.

      The Bush tax cuts is a clear example. Obama wanted them gone, not adjusted or extended. When he realized that he couldn't accomplish the end of the tax cuts. He compramised and got the extended unemployment benifits putting more people on the government dole and creating a greater debt.

      Although the new congress will still have to fight the veto power of the whitehouse it can slow down the progressive advance by tying up congress and refusing funding of the progressive programs already in place. This must be done to insure that there will be a country to save after the 2012 elections.

      GOD bless and save America

    27. TomA, Miller Place, says:

      Once again, the people lose. The Republican victory in Novenber was short lived. The Republicans sold us out. Who's not listening to the election results? Obama wins in this one. He wanted to continue the Bush Tax breaks for the middle class, he got it. He wanted exrended unemployment insurance, he got that too. Can these Republicans see past the nose on their face? Isn't it frustrating that the Republican leaders jump on the Tea Party band wagon when it's convenient to their agenda, yet they continue to avoid taking a stand in the name of the people. Unfortunately, a third party is not the answer. It would split the votes and allow the Left to sneak in. We need to continue to "throw the bums out." This is going to take longer than people realized, but we Americans are strong and patient. Shame on those who try to fool us.

    28. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Conn Carroll I agree, this package is letting Obama get away with blaming Republicans. He is lying, defaming Republicans saying "They had one thing 'tax breaks for the rich' and that's all they care about!" Catastrophe Theory has worked so well for Progressive Communists the Omnibus Bill Catastrophe is no bargain for Republicans at all, at all! Obama and his gang have crossed the Constitutional line a thousand times in the last two years. He has established Unconstitutional Forms of Government! If the House funds him, de facto they have acquesed to Totalitarian Government!

      Obama is in it for the long fight! He has Unconstitutional Powers from all those unreadable Bills (usurped Representation) and he is digging in to do what Glenn Beck exposed, the HEART part. I am not at all in favor of Funding the Feds two years! These idiots haven't funded this year and now the Lame Ducks are stealing the power to Fund the Government for Two Years? The House of Representatives should immediately shut down the Government, defund Obama like American Liberty depends on it!

      I think a Fort Sumpter shot has crossed the bow of the Ship Of State and the new Revolution is Class Warfare! The Communists are going after Americans again! That is what the Lame Ducks have said in their Acts. The 111th Congress put a lot of Unconstitutional power in Obama's hands, that's a crime in and of itself! Every effected American ought to swear out a Complaint and send it to the House Of Representatives. In 2011 every effected American should swear Damages against Obama's Communist coup! That is what it is! And the House should say "No!"

    29. Jeff, Fountain Hills says:

      As usual, Heritage Foundation logic is flawless.

      The picture presented here only underscores the necessity of keeping the rhetoric high among conservatives and keeping the pressure on elected officials to be conservative in their thinking and their voting. The Democrats are down, but they can still do serious damage and we must not allow a sense of "noblesse oblige" to arise again in our representatives as seems to have permeated the Republican party in recent years.

      We need to keep educating people on the real issues and the real meanings of the various policy questions as we nurture a conservative legislative body which will roll up its sleeves, get down in the gutter (because that's where our opponent lives), and fight the fight that must be fought to drive out liberalism and its wasteland of falsehoods. That said, I can't help believing that a group who thinks Julian Assange is worthy of being called "Man of the Year" by a magazine sympathetic to their views cannot long survive intact.

    30. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Now that Queen Nancy and Prince Harry have been toppled, it's time we did the same with King Barack in two years. We have no way of knowing if Obama is crazy

      or crazy like a fox. Obama didn't compromise____Obama caved. Although, in his mind, he thinks he'll get the better of the Republicans in two years. As Obama said

      last year when the Republicans tried to offer their suggestions to make his health care plan better, "I won." Mr. President, we won, you lost, deal with it.

    31. G. K. Weber Port St. says:

      Why must we,as citizens of this Republic, sit idly by, wringing our hands and tossing worthless verbage at one another and all the while NOTHING changes ?

      Is there not one among us that has the knowledge and the articulate ability to rally this nation to a convulsion of demands that will reduce this pitiful group of thumbsuckers in Washington ? Why can we not DEMAND/FORCE, a national referendum to do the following:

      Demand 4 year term limits in all houses of Congress

      Demand the reduction of ALL elected officials salaries by 50% (retroactive).

      Demand that ALL elected officials live with the same insurance and retirement benefits that they have so judicially ensnared the taxpayers with. (retroactive).

      Demand that ALL elected officials provide certified documentation of legal U.S. birth with no exceptions, and that said documents be made available to the citizenry for evaluation 6 months prior to any election to public office.

      This, in my humble opinion, would effectively eliminate the lifetime poiticians, as the power and financial incentives will be destroyed, leaving the positions open to those individuals that possess only the clearest intentions of serving their rightful constituents. To simplistic an option? The last demand would be to dismantle and eliminate the I.R.S. and in it's place create a fair tax or flat tax system.

      IT CAN HAPPEN ! we simoly need a voice of reason to begin the convulsion.

    32. Dave, Raleigh NC says:

      We need to draw the hard line here. We need to stand up and flat out say that we will not support anything but extending, or better yet, introducing permanent cuts to the taxes on EVERY American.

      I'm all for Republicans making a stand here and not supporting this in an effort to get more conservative legislation in front of Obama and let him veto it. America has to see what must be done to turn this country around.

    33. Bill Lee, ArkLaTex a says:

      Well Obama has shown he is afraid to take the heat on a double dip recession if he didnt agree to keeping all of the Bush Tax Cuts. This way he is less likely to be blamed if there is a major dip in the ecomomy next year. I think it will slowly come back, but more tax cuts would make the economy move faster.

      Obama is trapped into reality now and he will either move right or he will move out!

      My guess is he will move out as he hates to move right. He might lose his Liberal Card so he will not move too far to the right.

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    35. Hal Metzger, Scottsd says:

      Now that you have added this horror story of the Dems actions in the closing moments of 2010, what do we do about it all? You know that we will want to communicate with the newly elected House Republicans who control the purse strings in these matters. Give us direction about this latest Reid charade and we will see to it that their remedial actions are substantive and timely in addressing these last minute sick Democratic machinations.

    36. MN J says:

      The right must ALWAYS be on guard for the sly, sneaky, socialist agenda being driven by the billionaire democrats. Their ultimate goal is power, control – of everyone, everything, all the time. If this awareness of the leftist mindset could be "seared" into the brains of the conservatives and Republicans in DC, then something even better could be accomplished.

      Obama probably has never been told "no" in his life. That's why he's depressed – he didn't know the word existed as it might relate to him.

      However, he has $$$$$$$$$$ and very controlling people behind him. (Though George Soros and Bill Clinton are holding fundraisers this week for Mark Dayton, the probably next governor of MN). But O cannot make decisions on his own. It would be very interesting to see who "let" him compromise on this.

      The Rs must stay vigilant – we have no choide.

    37. Denise, Utah says:

      I am furious about the death tax. That is legalized theft, straight up. These hard working, tax paying citizens have already paid taxes on their estates. The death tax means they will be taxed twice for the same hard work and money spent to build capital in those businesses. I am surprised there is not more outrage. As far as the unemployment fiasco, I see this as vote buying, pure and simple. I know of some people where I live who got jobs and then complained that they made more off unemployment that working a job and then some were getting unemployment benefits (this isn't a benefit it is WELFARE) and were working odd jobs for money under the table. If the bleeding heart liberals want to "take care of everybody" let them write a personal check to the Federal Government to fund this silliness. Don't force me to, that's coercion! Let me be free to give to charity without government interference.

    38. Dan From Missouri says:

      Two points. One very bad bill no one seems to want to talk about is the 911 Firefighters Bill. Might as well add …and puppies. This outrageous bill says it spends $7.5 Billion for less than 55,000 victims.. But if you read the bill it is $13.2 Billion and appears to be payoff to lawyers and a NY BAILOUT bill..

      I would like to see a 5% across the board cut for starters. Simple to understand and let's the world know we are serious. Same thing Chris Chrisie and the Brits are doing, getting serious. I say they should just Go Home.. We can fix the mess in Jan. I mean what if unemployment rises to 15% as I think it will! just Go Home..

    39. The Sherrif of Notti says:

      Were I to read the tea leaves regarding the outrageous posturing of the outgoing Democrats from Congress, I see a wedding between George Soros and Ms. Pelosi with a tag-along Harry Reid as an usher. Otherwise, this rush to legislate anything and everything against the wants and expectations of the 2010 electorate doesn't have a rational explanation. The President in announcing the tax issue claims more credit than he deserves, but that's politics. Hopefully, he learned something in the November experience. And is Princess Nancy really doing this out of vengeance or is she reinforcing herself in her alliance with billionnaire Soros. Do what can be done even if it isn't prudent, constitutional or even legal, that's the game strategy. Make the 'enemy' as coined by Mr. Obama prove what it is .. blatentcy beyond explanation.

    40. Linda, Louisiana says:

      It seems we can't win for losing. We voted out many of the liberals, but they are still there and plan to do serious damage before leaving. I know how the majority of the Republicans feel about these issues (and I hope all of them); I just hope there are enough sensible Democrats that will agree with the conservatives to vote against this reckless spending that Reid and Pelosi are proposing. I like the comment made by someone else regarding the across the board sales tax. Those who spend the most money, which will be those with the most money, will pay more taxes. That way, everyone pays. The Estate Tax needs to be abolished, and Spending halted. If Social Security Recipients have to do without a Cola increase, then many federally funded programs can survive with a reduction in funding. Too, the Government should be able to do without many of the employees on their payroll. It doesn't take 3 people to screw in a lightbulb.

    41. Edward Cartagena says:

      Interesting that all week long I've been hearing that this tax cut was for the rich/wealthy. Yet, by the Presidents own words, " Allowing taxes to go up on all Americans would have raised taxes by $3,000 for a typical American family." I didn't know the definition of "rich/wealthy" included "typical American family". What they don't get is that this is our money, not theirs. If you want to increase government revenue, stop trying to take the "typical Amercian family's" money and start creating policies that will promote job growth.

      Thank you and God bless America

    42. Jay says:

      BHO has been mixed up all his life and he will continue with his destructive dream vs our culture.

      I wish he would take his hatred and followers to his father's country and leave us alone!

      Why does he insist on making us miserable,just leave already and live with goofball Marxist principles in some place that likes it!!


    43. Scovell, Jonathan, C says:

      The montage putting the American people asleep each night, provided to you by Democrats, is Republicans being against middle class tax cuts. The Republicans support tax cuts for every American without discrimination towards income. It's fiscal insanity to raise taxes on any income level during a recession. The media willingly ignores the President by stating the American now eligible for a tax cut is the "million billionaires." President Obama has seen the real Bush Tax Cuts and would have raised taxes $3,000 for a typical American family. Fox News reported it being $2,900; source unknown.

      Expanding the middle class tax cuts will give employment a boost but it will not recover a damaged economy. With the still unknown results of Cap and Trade and Obamacare, businesses will still be hesitant to endeavor into new factions of their business including hiring additional workers.

    44. Pingback: » Sunday Weekly Summary MySquawk

    45. Sandy, Illinois says:

      Ok, I am sick to death hearing about the unemployment rate. It's a sham. They want to give numbers of people that have lost their jobs because of down sizing and company closings and then another number of people that have been fired because they are just lousy employees and deserve to be fired, I'll accept those numbers. As long as we continue to subsidize people not to work nothing will change – tax breaks or no tax breaks. As a retired H.R. Director I understand how difficult it is to keep good people employed. That is another subject all together. Truth is, individuals would rather sit home, draw unemployment insurance than get up every morning and go to work. During my time as a H.R. Director I interviewed way too many individuals that wanted a job because "their unemployment was about to run out." Nothing has changed. The one thing that will incentivise people to find a job is hunger. Way too many people would want to work and work just long enough to draw unemployment then do something stupid they knew would get them fired. So let's not only stop extending unemployment but let's put a cap on it about how many times you can draw unemployment insurance.

    46. How in the heck would many of us do without the presence of the wonderful ideas you write about on this website? Who else has got the perseverance to deal with essential topics for the health of common visitors like me? My spouse and i and my girlfriends are very lucky to have your blog among the kinds we frequently visit. Hopefully you realize how very much we take pleasure in your efforts! Congratulations through all of us.

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