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  • Morning Bell: The Senate's Secret Santa Agenda

    Today the Labor Department released its monthly jobs report, which showed that the U.S. economy added an anemic 39,000 jobs this month and that the nation’s unemployment rate rose to 9.8 percent. That marks the 19th month in a row that the unemployment has been over 9 percent, a post–World War II record.

    So how is this lame duck Congress, a Congress that was thoroughly rejected at the polls just last month, greeting this news? By raising taxes on the American people by $700 billion. Is this what the American people want? Not at all. According to Gallup, only 31 percent of Americans believe the best approach for dealing with the economy is raising taxes. The vast majority of Americans (62 percent) believe that the best way to fix the economy is either through deficit reduction (39 percent) or lower taxes (23 percent). But neither of those items is on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D–NV) agenda.

    So what legislative gifts is Reid planning on giving the American people this Christmas? No one knows for sure, but Reid’s wish list is long.

    New START. Just this week we learned not only that Russia has moved tactical nuclear weapons closer to our NATO European allies but also that the State Department has been negotiating with Russia on missile defense “cooperation.” This after claiming for months that New START in no way limited our missile defense options. But before the ink was even dry on the treaty, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov insisted that “linkage to missile defense is clearly spelled out in the accord and is legally binding.” The Heritage Foundation has identified at least five sections of the treaty that limit missile defense. If the Administration has nothing to hide on this issue, then it should have no problem releasing the treaty negotiation records to confirm what U.S. negotiators were saying about missile defense.

    Higher Spending. Last night the Senate approved a continuing resolution (CR) that will keep the government running through December 18. The Senate could easily pass a CR that would fund the government at current levels through early next year, but that is not want the left wants. A short CR would allow the next Congress to reduce discretionary spending to 2008 levels, thus saving the American taxpayers $100 billion in new debt. But the left wants an omnibus spending bill that will allow them to increase discretionary spending and deliver earmarks to their constituents.

    Higher Taxes. Lost in the debate over personal income tax rates are the slew of other taxes set to rise on January 1. Taxes on dividends, capital gains, and estates are just some of the higher tax rates Americans will face under President Obama’s tax plan. The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Data Analysis has estimated the impacts of the Obama tax hikes and found they would (1) decrease inflation-adjusted gross domestic product (GDP) by $1.1 trillion by 2020; (2) decrease business investment by $33 billion a year; (3) decrease personal savings by $38 billion in 2011 alone; (4) decrease consumer spending by $706 billion through 2020; and (5) kill an average of 693,000 jobs a year through 2020.

    Higher Energy Prices. The left is still desperate to appease its environmentalist base, so Reid has also promised a vote on nationwide renewable electricity standards (RES), too. Mandated renewable electricity necessarily costs more than traditional electricity, because otherwise a mandate would not be necessary to force people to use it. And what would these higher energy prices do to the economy? A Heritage Foundation analysis of 22.5 percent RES by 2025 found that (1) household electricity prices would jump 36 percent; (2) industry prices would rise by 60 percent; (3) national income (GDP) would be cut by $5.2 trillion between 2012 and 2035; and most importantly (4) RES would kill more than 1 million jobs.

    Amnesty. No leftist wish list would be complete without legislation providing amnesty to illegal immigrants. This week Reid introduced yet another version of the DREAM Act, which would provide amnesty to any illegal alien who attended any college for just two years. None of these amnesty proposals has been reviewed by the Senate Judiciary Committee, and none of them has been scored by the Congressional Budget Office. Reid is clearly a firm believer in the Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D–CA) maxim: You have to vote for the bill to find out what is in it.

    This would be an ambitious leftist wish list any time of the year, but cramming it all into four weeks—just one month after the American people thoroughly rejected the left’s agenda at the polls—is particularly audacious. The only way Reid can get all this done before the next Congress is sworn in is to repeat the exact same backroom deals he used to get Obamacare passed last Christmas Eve. The American people can expect to see more Cornhusker Kickbacks, Louisiana Purchases, Gator Aids, and Cash for Clotures.

    Reid should stop playing Santa now and listen to his colleague from Nebraska, Sen. Ben Nelson: “Most of the [legislation] being dealt with right now should be held over until 2011, because we should be focused on jobs, taxes, and debt reduction. … I think we can hold off on START; I don’t want it to crowd out taxes, debt reduction, and jobs.” With unemployment at 9.8% the American people have received enough surprise gifts from this Democratic Congress.

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    51 Responses to Morning Bell: The Senate's Secret Santa Agenda

    1. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      I will give HF credit for one thing


      Their – Ebenezer Scrooge Christmas Agenda is -

      NO MORE Unemployment $$$ for the NEEDY.

      NO Tax Breaks for the Middle Class.

      NO Cooperation in DC.

      Santa will ONLY Put COAL in The GOP stockings

      this year.

    2. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      I forgot –

      The HF doesn't want World Peace

      they oppose the Start Treaty.


    3. Al from Fl says:

      Ken Jarvis certainly has an opinion. Unfortunately, it is not an informed opinion but just an entitlement mentality gone emotional. How many times do we have to read the data that shows that just about everything that the Obama admin is doing above will kill the economy. It is just "spread the wealth" and I guess, when the source of the wealth is no longer viable, then what? Then we get the Greece approach – chaos and entitlement people demonstrating. As Thomas Sowell shows in his opinion piece regarding the experience in 1924/25 and again during Kennedy, Reagan and George W Bush – decrease taxes increases revenue to the gov't etc. What crazy mentality sees any logic in shutting down our oil industry without a viable energy policy, adding jobs by adding gov't jobs that require the continual borrowing of money to fund, appeasment to foreign nations without any obvious gain, continually looking the other way when people break the law such as with illegal immigration etc. ? The people need to finish the job we started this past Nov by getting rid of the rest of the progressives and the Obama administration in 2012.

    4. Double Ace says:

      Ken, Get you head out. I think unemployed people need help but I also think there should be a limit to the amount of help. A friends husband turned down a good job with UPS because his pay would only be $200 a week more than his unemployment check. Should we further encourage people not to take jobs because they continue to receive unemployment? At what point do we start trying to get the deficit under control. These programs cost money and by the way this isn't the governments money they are giving away. It is the taxpayers, and we are tired of going into debt and supporting people who are greedy and lazy.

    5. Jill-Maine says:

      It is incredible to see these Ken Jarvis comments everyday. If you really think like this, why do you read the HF? Start doesn't offer anything good to America. It caters to evryone else. Especially our enemies (known and unknown)

    6. Brenda Roberts, Phoe says:

      World peace will never be attainable because of our human sinful nature. Safety through strength is the answer to aggression from enemies abroad and within. Spending the country into oblivion is not the solution either. Congress has a SPENDING problem. They are like children who do not accept "NO" on any level. Corporations have taken the jobs overseas. Lowering the tax burdens and the endless regulations on corporations which will encourage their return to the United States and provide jobs is the solution, not more taxation.

    7. Double Ace says:

      Al from FL: Good comment.

    8. Don Ballew says:

      It needs telling by those that write: The democrats that control the democrat party and Obama, hate the United States of America. They want America gone. Collapsing our economic system is a goal. Where after that? Who knows. DAB

    9. Seth W - Litchfield, says:

      I wish that Heritage would pound home the idea that we want lower tax RATES not "lower taxes". When people think about balancing a budget they do not think that less revenue, which is what "lower taxes" means, can help balance a budget, and they are right; so the lower tax rates half of the argument gets lost.

      Someone needs to analyze what the results of lower tax RATES in the Eisenhaure, Kennedy and Reagan years actually did do for tax revenues. Conservatives, including Heritage, keep saying that "lower taxes" will make tax revenues go up; they won't. But lower tax RATES may. We need to hear the words "LOWER TAX RATES" more often and actually see the numbers they helped produce.

      A natural analogy is that when one puts rocks in a stream (e.g., higher tax rates) you dam up and slow down the water. When you take the rocks away (lower tax rates) you make it flow easier and faster.

    10. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      The Senate, and Congress in general, seem to play Secret Santa ALL year and not

      just at Christmastime.

    11. ThomNJ says:

      I would surely like to know where our fellow citizens who hate our country so much expect to live their lives after tearing down this land? To what end does it serve to reduce the mightiest country on thie Earth to a third-world hell hole? Okay, so no one is perfect and neither is the USA of A – but I have traveled and worked around the world, and there is NO place that I am more proud of, and I thank GOD daily that I am an AMERICAN.

      When the country is reduced to a third-world wannabe with little or no scientific or engineering ingenuity left and no money to back an idea, then how will any of us help any of our families, our countrymen or our world neighbors? The dictators and oppressors of the world will be all the more powerful in relation to us, and we will not be able to keep them from tearing into others, because we will barely be able to defend ourselves.

    12. gary sheldon AZ says:

      Reid and Pelosi will not appreciate Ben Nelson's "new conservative view". He must have had a "come to Jesus moment "if such an event is even possible for a "cornhusker kickback" recipient.

    13. Bill says:

      Help Stop The Political Traitors In Congress & End Illegal Politics In The U.S

      We must organize as a nation now. Our government has allowed an invasion of over 30 million illegal immigrants of who are habitual lawbreakers, uneducated, criminals, terrorists, gang members, pedophiles, prostitutes, and drug users/dealers. Defense budgets and military bases all over the country are closing down. Open your eyes people they don’t need soldiers they want slaves. Your current lawmakers have sold us out to foreign nations, private investors and the poor south of our border.

      The plan is to replace us with illegal immigrants then leave legal U.S citizens broke, hungry and defenseless to be taken over by rich and poor foreigners with bad intensions. Citizens born in the United States are the target of elimination and are slowly being pushed out of the workforce. Illegal immigrants in the U.S earn an average income of $30,000 per yr with no papers, elementary diploma, high school diploma, or college degree.

      This is our land and civilization we were born here. The people do not have to accept this treason or any new laws or legislation that supports foreigners before it’s own legal citizens. Organize & mobilize join us at http://usmoa.org

    14. Mike R. Las Vegas, N says:

      I had the unpleasant duty to personally test the substance of the unemployment debate regarding how long to leave recipients on the program before cutting them off. I was laid off last Monday from a national company that is going thru more cutbacks.

      I called around to let my customers know that someone else from my ex-employer would be servicing their accounts and to thank them for our several years of working together.

      It isn't even the end of the week yet and I have found three possible new jobs. One of them pays only a bit more than unemployment; one is total commissions and I have to establish the accounts; and the other is doing a job that I am qualified for but haven't done in a few years.

      All of this without an intense search and without a massive resume mailing. I live in one of the top three metropolitan areas with the highest unemployment in the nation and I am in my late sixties. (Double whammy)

      My point: No one but the most inept, socially unacceptable, weak, or persons with legitimate health reasons should ever be on unemployment for more than a couple of months.

      So folks like Ken Jarvis and the 99'ers are making unemployment payments a Sustainable Resource for the bottom feeders of America.

      Congress needs to wise up and quit giving away our money to unmotivated and otherwise healthy Americans and make them get off their butts and get back to productivity and self respect.

    15. M. S. Haden says:

      RE: Ken Jarvis who says;

      NO MORE Unemployment $$$ for the NEEDY.

      NO Tax Breaks for the Middle Class.

      NO Cooperation in DC.

      The federal gov. has no business in unemployment in the first place. Taking care of the "Needy" is the state's responsibility. All of the funds should be returned to the states where they were collected so they can each create a local agency to handle it. Americans are still the most generous people on earth. States will take care of their own.

      The biggest tax break you can give America is to adopt the Fair Tax, my personal preference; or, a 10% flat tax with NO DEDUCTIONS. But until those in charge thoroughly study it, see its value, realize it's in the best interest for America and set their personal affect aside, NOBODY needs taxes increased. The wealthy who wish, can send in any additional amount they want.

      Cooperation is not an issue. It surely has NOT been for two years. The Republican party has this last opportunity to return the Constitution to the law of the land, to VET its candidates, to present candidates with proven, successful executive experience and a verifiable understanding of economics, finance, foreign trade and international involvement, marketing and the American way of life: where it began and where it stands.

      If this majority does not reflect the strong conservative principles America demands, I would wager that the Tea Party will present its own candidate in 2012. And I further wager and pray that this arrogant, liberal, self-centered destructive, socialist, democratic party at that time will fizzle out and the nation will be in true America-loving, conservative hands whoever they elect to office. If so, perhaps George Soros will give up on his power quest to destroy the US and create a New World Order. Maybe the US can return to a nation under God again.

    16. M. S. Haden, Texas says:

      Sorry, I didn't leave my location on a just made post.

    17. toledofan says:

      Logic and reason just don't apply when you recognize that the Democrats under the leadership of Pelosi and Reid are focused on their left leaning agenda and they really have nothing but contempt for the citizens they are supposed to represent. I don't know for sure but there must be something wrong with the water in Nevada for those folks to re-elect Reid. Who knows, maybe, they are the first state of 'V' or another alien population. Anyway, the folks at Heritage are right on the money and now the challenge becomes getting those in power to listen and that will be everyones job for at least the next couple of years.

    18. Argie Langer, Tennes says:

      Where to start:::::::

      Well, we are in a mess made by the false empathy of the left leaning(kindergarten socialists-those who were so educated beyond their intelligence as youths that they don't think for themselves or see reality until it hits them in the pocket book). False empathy is really sympathy. But charity starts in your own house. I am truly sorry the nations of the world are starving and don't have the standard of living we have enjoyed but that is not our problem. We have had folks starving and homeless here for years and most people didn't care about them until they were a weeks worth of unemployment away from real empathy.

      If we were to do what our founders intended we would have taken care of our selves,left and right alike. Political party does not matter. We need to cut the size of the budget by taxing the imports–give the breaks to the companies that manufacture 80% of their items here. Make it more economical to make it here than somewhere else. To do this we will have to trim back our way of life to accomodate a lower pay scale, like the other countries.

      Let the states care for everything, but national security and national crime.

      We, as country, did it once and we could do it again, but it will be painful. Our country is like the victim of an accident that is busted up. Healing is painful but rehab is more so. Citizens will have to think again and problem solve—not just be told what to think. Aren't you folks tired of being led to slaughter by those who think you are so stupid you are Sheeple?

      How many ways do you have to be shown the truth before you accept that you have been lied to for years and duped…. The Holocaust happened and now its us(Americans) in danger of elimination. Slavery happened and it was very wrong but I had no slaves and I should not have to pay for it. Now these socialists/marxists/communists/elitists are making slaves of us.

      It has been said that 126 people really control the world events. They believe that 90% of the worlds population should be eliminated(the great culling) so that the have nots will serve and provide for the haves.

      If you are reading this ask yourself where would you fall? Will you and your family be part of the culled or part of the slaves left to serve because the ones to be served already know who they are.

      Are you going to educate yourselves or be lead to slaughter? Check out the Bilderberg Group (120) who is a part of it and the 6 above them.

    19. Lee-White Tanks AZ says:

      Pelosi and Ried in action.

      The poster children for Cloward-Pivin.

      Example: How many versions of the Dream Act???

      In the grand scheme of things this is probably the lowest in terms of real priority.

    20. Ken Kok Richland, WA says:

      Since energy is my area of expertise I can only say that any RES that is not based on sound science, engineering and economics is folly at best.

    21. Judy S, NYC says:


      How ignorant and irresponsible for our President elected without public proof of citizenship and ObamaCrats in Congress to destroy success, initiative, and enterprise by cursing those who make over $200,000 a year (who could afford to invest in America and hire) with stifling taxes that will be the highest in the world. Nobody elected them to do that…so that it can entrap the rest with freebees.

      Question now is HOW TO STOP PRESIDENTIAL EDICTS & ACTIONS OF CZARS AND DEPARTMENTS from destroying us further. Can he be fired for failure to produce public proof of eligibility or national security?

    22. Judith in Michigan says:

      Well informed Americans already understand that higher taxes and higher spending will further destroy the economy. We understand the carnage the Health-Care bill will cause. We already know the outlawing of our own energy production will kill the energy and multiple other industries in America and we already know The Dream Act and The New Start Treaty will futher devastate our country. We follow the research and publications of The Heritage Foundation and other sources to better understand issues.

      Now it is time for action. We must demand investigations into the ban on new off-shore drilling for at least 7 years in a majority of America's waters even though the results will be crippling while funding drilling in Brazil

      We must demand answers as to why multiple companies, both domestic and foreign secretly received Trillions (with a "T") in taxpayer funds. (Payoffs?)

      We must demand to know why Andy Stern visited The White House at least 22 times and George Soros at least 4 times since Obama's inauguration. Both of these gentlemen are determined to bring down America as it was founded. Both are on record saying as such. As a taxpayer, I have a right to know.

      We must demand that circumventing Congress by Executive Orders and regulations must be stopped.

      Thankfully, Rep Issa (R) Cal has said he will start holding hundreds of hearings starting next year as Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Committee targeting waste, fraud, etc by Dems and GOP alike. Let's hope he will add these questions to his long list of objectives. It is long past time for words and is now time for results

    23. Bill North Carolina says:

      The left only know how to spend other people's money the right only knows cuts on the lower working class pensions and social security will save the country. I'm a postal worker and some of the people on the debt commision more likely raided the off budget pension funds of postal workers, civil service. military retirement funds. Something must be done, but I think the pain should be shared at the top of the federal level. Elected officials should feel the pain also after all they put us in this debt. Reduce their pensions, increase the years they served before they are eligible to receive any pensions and life long healthcare. They should only be in Washington a couple times a year with todays telecommuted capabilities. Their jobs in Washington should only be a part-time job.

      More pain should be felt at the top where the problems originate.

    24. Kevin H, College Par says:

      Conn, you are seriously misreading the poll that you linked to. If you look at the details on how respondants would treat entitlements, 30% of respondants are for raising taxes and not cutting benefits, while only 19% are for cutting benefits and not raising taxes. That's a pretty big difference.

      I'm incredibly baffled by the right when they are calling for the least stimulative provision that adds the biggest amount to long term deficits (tax cuts for top 2% wealthiest Americans) but oppose teh most stimulative provisions that have nearly no addition on long term deficits (UI).

      Pretty telling to want to add the most to deficits for the least stimulative provision out there. Exactly the reason why GOP always gets us into these horrible deficit/debt problems and never know how to create jobs.

      Under Bush's tax cuts, 1 million jobs created. Less than the number fo jobs created under Obama so far. And CLinton created 22 million jobs. Yet some folks think contining the same failed policies is the way to go?!?! What is it Einstein said about not knowing history?

      Conn, you know full well this tax increase to come next year if nothing is done, is purely and soley due to republicans. They are the ones who passed the temporary tax cuts and used reconciliation (same thing they bash dems for using for health care, except Repubs are only ones to ever use it to increase deficit) which requires the law to sunset after 10 years. The repubs are the ones that made it expire next year. They said they wanted to try this temporarily to see how well it would work to create jobs and boost the economy – and we all know how terrible it worked.

      The repubs have a chance to vote for extending tax relief tomorrow (Saturday) for all Americans. Every american will get a break on their first 250k earned. Who could be against that?

    25. Earl, QUEENS, NY says:

      So the unemployment rate went back up – to 9.8%?? Again we see the BHO/Demon-crat Party’s stimulus/porkulus bill from last year in action!! This news should further bury the myth that the recession ended last year!! The unemployment rate has never been this high for so long since the end of the Great Depression. Who should we thank for all this joblessness?? The Democrats, as well as the millions of stupid voters in the 2006 and 2008 elections!! While this month’s election was a step in the right direction, IMO it didn’t go far enough. We should’ve gotten rid of a lot more leftwing liberals!!

      Also, in large letters on its front page, the NY Daily News (Thursday, 12/2/2010) suggests that the GOP is telling unemployed people to “Drop Dead”. Sounds like they’re mimicking the Democrats!! If you’re destitute and hungry, and can turn to one of two neighbors, which would you choose of the following? Neighbor ‘A’ will give you 2 slices of pizza. But Neighbor ‘B’ will give you only one slice of pizza. Of course you’d choose the former!! And although ‘Half the goose is better than none”, it’s important to consider that unemployment benefits are only half of what you’d normally earn in a real job; millions of which have been destroyed due to the democrats’ victories in 2006 and 2008. And of course if the GOP (most of them, discounting a few RINOs and Republi-crats) had its way, there’d be far fewer unemployed Americans, thus no need for these benefit extensions!! For those who still support BHO and his democrats, this means that were it not for the Democrat party, the recession and high jobless rates would’ve been gone by now!!

    26. Jerry Pohl, Long Bea says:

      The argument for more taxation is never framed around "Does the Federal Government deserve the additional revenue from taxing the rich, the poor or the middle class? There exists “mountains of evidence” that United States Federal Government” is in the top five of least efficient entities in the world, if not at the top. The feds continue to ignore it’s waste, its overlap and duplication within the bureaucracy and the states, and fraud committed within the giveaway programs. If you provide more money to the general fund of any public agency, why does anyone think that the agency will now address its competitiveness? Since, by their nature, they are not obligated to compete, providing more tax dollars from the rich or anyone else to line their coffers, simply invites inattention to their wasteful ways. If they have the money, why should they take on the difficult job of making themselves more efficient? The answer is…Clearly they won’t! Only a tight belt forces them to lose weight. I would appreciate it if the Heritage Foundation would start revealing that facts behind this side of the argument. It is never mentioned in the dialog and Democrats are happy that this aspect is ignored.

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    29. Jerome Borden, Layto says:

      I was on unemployment, ONCE! Found out the hard way that Star Parker is right. Complying with the requirements of EDD (California's version of the Unemployment Office) actually hampered my efforts to find work. It turned out I was better off without it. The short term fix was to sign up with five different Temporary agencies, stay in contact, and be ready to roll like a fireman. That kept me in the game until a permanent job became available.

    30. John MacKercher, Flo says:

      These issues are but part of the steps in a continuum to Socialism. I have little doubt this is the most important objective in President Obama's presidency. Then stepping from a socialistic state to global government can be a small leap. George Soros has made a fortune time after time in breaking money standards. He welcomes the demise of national boundaries and sovergnties and his team of Obamoids aspires to spending that can only end up with United States forced into bankrupcy .. thus leaving us groping for a relief none of us want.

    31. M.S. Haden says:

      Clinton walked into the economy turn-around Regan started and just happened to be in the right place at the right time when the .com hit! And Bush sr should NEVER have signed the democrat's bill to raise taxes. The last year of Clintons administration put us into a recession that the next Bush got us out of with the tax cuts. Few people remember why those cuts were made and that they worked. While the .com bubble slid, Bush kept employment up because the tax cuts were in for 10 years and he knew that 80+% of jobs are provided by small business. Remember this: Johnson allowed Fannie Mae to become privatized but left it government "supported" which later gave Wall Street false security buying the Clinton born subprime loans; Carter got Fannie Mae to relax guidelines so the poor could buy houses they couldn't afford; Clinton allowed Fannie Mae to do subprime loans and Acorn badgered lenders to increase the percentage of those loans; Barney Frank said, after Bush and Greenspan went before a liberal congress over a dozen times to regulate Fannie Mae, "… these are republican scare tactics, I can't see any indication that there's a problem with Fannie Mae… I think we should make MORE of these loans" Of course that was when he was still involved with the head of Fannie Mae. He and Chris Dodd had major contributions from Fannie Mae. Our present problems started with Johnson and every time a democrat gets the checkbook, it gets worse!

    32. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      I'd like to go a little deeper into the Lame Ducks. Conn Carroll is absolutely right, as usual. I am a Sovereign American Citizen at liberty under God. That is my legal definition as a matter of Law in America. I am a spiritual being and I can sense falsehoods. Sixteen ways it comes to me, in generalities, ad hominum attacks, smokescreen! Red herrings! Lies! Observable lies. Wrong targets!

      Obama is running government like a bad teenager who hasn't learned the truth will out! I've begun seering him with an increasing black smear across his mouth when he lies on TV. I expect flies to come out like a movie plague! Now it is the HEART part I'm worried about: Health, Education, Agriculture, Representation and Transportation.The Government is putting all these things further out of reach, but it is the Agencies! Infiltrators in the Agencies of the Federal Government are doing the HEART part! There is enough government there to attack individuals perpetually! All of it Constitutionally unlawful!

      RINOs and DINOs put in the Thought Crime, the Zero Tolerance policies, the No Knock! And get this! Somehow it is 'reasonable' to sexually assault a million Americans rather than inconvenience a few profiling victims! Don't you see? That's the R part, "Get used to it Americans!" Crazy repression, and because Americans never wanted that it is crazy Representation! It is all about breaking our hearts! They lock down schools at the drop of a hat. "That's so the little Americans get used to being locked down!"

      If it is Cass Sunstein calling for America's collapse "We've got the Top Down part. Now you've got to do the HEART part!" That is a High Crime in plain sight knowing what he is and who he was talking to. Unbelievable crimes are not exempt under Law. Indeed, criminal Intent is better proven with a plan to get away with it. "Do unbelievable things in plain sight." Under Law it cannot reach Probable Cause because the crime itself is unbelievable, but that is the criminal Intent "We won't get caught!"

      Poll the Democrats! "Is it okay with you Communists usurped your Party?" What is the demographic of the Democratic Party? 10% Communists, 20% Socialists and 70% dupes? The damage is prima facie! If the House doesn't haul the HEART part people in the Obama Administration to Justice? Republicans are complicit and criminally negligent in light of the facts! Every Democrat has a Federal Lawsuit! Representation was usurped with dirty damned lies and Junk Science! High Crimes are evident, millions of victims know it! Justice or violence? Which is it going to be?

    33. John Swint, Magalia, says:

      Not much we can do to stop the "Dream Act" I guess. If they get the votes, It'll be in, however we should insist that at least one and perhaps two semesters of the two years of college must be devoted to Americal history and Constitutional studies.

    34. Bobbie says:

      Ken Jarvis? YOU'RE BRAINWASHED!

      For every rhetorical claim of a person who represents the democrat party wouldn't use their own unearned wealth VOLUNTARILY to help those who can't afford basic necessities! They've created unemployment to influence people not to find a job. They unfairly obligate it on tax payers who already contribute much using their freedom of choice and good will. Government democrats continue to destroy innovation and independent businesses, which means government will be handing out the jobs. Democrats admit no will to be truthful or to help as individual citizens where free people help by using their freedom of choice. They are adamantly against personal responsibilities which is what freedom and who true American's are. They make more than the private sector yet they steal from the private sector and point fingers of greed. When they are the truly greedy and misleading.

      Democrats false accusations and extreme incompetence stir up your unfortunate and distorted imagination. They salivate over the struggles they put on the (no wealth, but) responsible people, desperately trying to get us in the government wagon. It's their will using money they've stolen and look to steal more, to force all on government dependency.

      Democrats have created the problem. stealing from those who have prospered on their own (no infringement on government or the people) instead of opening the door so everyone has an opportunity. Thanks to them, there will be NO OPPORTUNITY TO PROSPER FOR ANYONE!

      Please open your mind, Mr. Jarvis. I know you have one of your own.

    35. Paul Terry Stone, Su says:

      Good summary of a bad agenda. It's a shame when the Congress and the President are the worst enemies that this country has.

    36. Bill says:

      People who oppose the Dream Act so much obviously haven't read it. The latest iteration says that these people have to be here for 13 years before they become citizens. Only a citizen is going to be able to file for his parents. No one who isn't already here is goig to qualify. They'll have already had to have been here for 5 years. They have to have clean record, graduate from high school, and go to college or go in the military to get this. They are not eligible for a bunch of government aid either while all this is going on. And these people are going to be here anyway and if they've been here 10 years even if they are caught a judge is likely to let them stay anyway and not even give them a conditional green card, meaning they could start filing for relatives right away and file for citizenship in 5 years and be able to file for more relatives and get them here quicker. It's kind of dumb not to pass this. It makes Republicans look heartless and like they hate Hispanics. And all Hispanics know aabout this. We've got millions of Hispanic citizen school children who all have friends who are illegals because their parents brought them as children or even infants. These kids will grow up and vote and they will not forget Republicans killing the Dream Act.

      Like it or not, we have a huge and growing Hispanic population and most are actually citizens or on their way to becoming citizens. By 2050 over 30% of our population will be Hispanic and most will be citizens. From 2010 through 2030 it is projected that something like 49% of our population growth will be in the Hispanic population. Republicans had better wise up and had better start courting the Hispanic vote. The Dream Act has been toned way down to a pretty benign piece of legislation and could be negotiated into something even more benign. Instead, Republicans won't budge, say they'll fillibuster the thing. They're nailing nails into the party's coffin. This is really dumb, and it's going to have serious implications for the Republican party in the future. If Republicans don't start winning over the Hispanic vote, they're going to pay dearly in the future. Instead of trying to win the Hispanic vote though they keep doing things that come across as anti-Hispanic, making Hispanics hate the Republican party because they feel like Republicans hate them, and with the Dream Act they're even turing off Hispanic children who are US citizens who see this as just plain mean-spirited on the part of Republicans. Turning off such a huge portion of current and future voters is no way to keep the Republican party viable.

    37. jim hoerauf says:

      What happens to stockmarket before January when you don't know capital gains tax for January1 2011 hasn't been voted on. I won't leave my money on the table if I don't know tax rules.

    38. dave san antonio says:

      Fina atricle, however, no mention is made of the 7% loss of the usd

      since the economic collpase, of whch retirees are losing their fixed

      income purchasing power. The federal government has no businness

      printing paper currency for the unemployed, which futher lowers the

      value of the usd.

      the social security was enacted by F.D. Roosevelt to counter the

      lack of income during the depression. Now, Obama's committee

      to slash the budget seeks to refix the CPI to eliminate COLA's

      of whch is countracy to the the philosophy of the enactment

      of social security and moreover the private pensions funds

      for railroads whom contrubute 33$ more than ss contrubutions.

      Arthur Levitt, the former SEC chief warned the FED, under the administration

      of G.W. Bush about the mortgage scam only to fall on deaf ears.

      Now Mr. Greenspan recently said 30% of his information to Congressional

      committes were false. Mr. Medlow now in prison for 150 years could

      not have succeeded without the flacious commentary of Alan, of which

      these lies were more a felony than the acts of Mr. Medlow. It would

      seem Alan should havea cell adjacent Mr. Medlows as the motive

      to deceive primarily was that of the Fed cheif, obviously not any

      less innocent that Mr. Medlow. It is dissapointing the the article herein

      has no mention of the theft against retired Americans, as the 2009 COLA

      has been decremented by the deflation of the usd plus 1.5% now bringing

      the devaluation to 7.5% per month of purchasing power.

      When $43 billion is printed for the unemployed, however having my greatest

      empathy, is this not Robyn Hood paying Paul by robbing Peter. The sound

      investment thru SEC investment by workers contrubuting to pension plans

      are now being raped to print currency for the unemployed. This being a

      kind act to the unemployed it also steals the retirement funds for workers

      retired whom for decades placed up to 33% more into investment plans

      of which now are being raped to pay for other bailouts, and free checks to the


    39. Ellen King says:

      I would hate to see what would happen if they were REALLY trying to destroy the country!!! Nothing like putting a target on your back!

    40. DennisG, Sacramento says:

      M.S. Haden

      Your historic review is dead on accurate. I know. I was there for most of it.

    41. Linda, Louisiana says:

      Just when one begins to think that we are making progress, here comes Harry Reid. God help us all if he tries to push through the things you have mentioned in your newsletter. He did not learn one thing from the past election, and, for the life of me, I don't know how he got re-elected. No, I take that back. He's in the hip pocket of a major tourism business – gambling. Tacking on items to a major bill is what the people have complained so about. Whoever heard of voting for government to continue for a few weeks, ten turn around and vote another continuation just so Reid will have time to tack on the earmarks. Most Americans, except those in Nevada, know what needs to be done in Washington to stimulate this economy and it's not what Harry Reid is proposing. Goodness know, where did he get his education on economics. Oh, yes, I forgot, he skipped class that day. No wonder he does not know what to do. If we could just trust Obama with what he says, e.g., ear marks, extending tax cuts, maybe he could control Dirty Harry and Sneaky Nancy. I just hope those in Congress will be on their toes.

    42. Pingback: Morning Bell: The Senate’s Secret Santa Agenda

    43. Jackson - Denton, Te says:

      We the people, and that includes everyone NOT in congress, are at the mercy of big gub'ment. The more they dole out freebies, the more people become dependent upon the government for support. Case in point is the person turning down a job to remain on unemployment.

      The dems are pissed because they are getting a dose of their own medicine: "we won, you lost" so choke on THIS bitter pill. In actuality, neither of these sparring contests is good for the real people of this country, you know the folks that take pride in contributing to society, not sucking off of it. These idiots in congress still do not get it, even after the tsunami of Nov 2, 2010. This includes many of the newly elected people – you children – ALL of you kintergartners, need to get out of the sandbox and do what you were elected to do: serve the people of this country, you do work for us in case you forgot: "The government cannot give to anyone something that is does not first take from someone else"

    44. Howard Reed says:

      The smartest thing for any moderate to conservative Democrats left standing after the November Massacre, with a modicum of common sense, which libs are not known for is to switch their party alliance if they want to survive 2012.

      There are a few states whose electorate are as big a 'meatheads' as their Democrat representatives, but the heartland and West, save maybe for Rocky Mountain High Colorado are not among the number. Sen. Nelson and Lieberman should seriously consider flushing the Democrat party loyalty.

      The stakes have become to high under B. Hussein to continue voting for a party that has become synonymous with EVIL. The winds of change are ah blowin' and uh changin' . . . go with real winners congress.

      The Turban Torpedo

    45. TomA, Miller Place, says:

      I follow the news closely everyday. Not broadcast news, but Fox News. Each day, they present the same left leaning usual suspects answering the call for their fair assessment of a particular topic. I am wondering who picked the economists and where they were educated or indoctrinated. Earlier tis week, the talk was the economy was picking up. Late this week, it's the opposite with unemployment up. Obama has the best idea, take a vacation. Wouldn't we all feel better if the government took a break also. The people would pay for their vacation and we would come out ahead since the government won't be spending our money. I also find the weekly job statistics puzzling. When the number of new applications for unemployment insurance is down, the so called experts call this good news. If companies are running with the bare minimum employees, wouldn't you think the number of new unemployment applications would drop. If the last worker in the Country locks the door on the factory on a Friday and files for unemployment the next week, the headlines would indicate that new filings dropped substantially! At that point, the Government is the only employer or basically, those working for the Government are self employed. They work, pay taxes and pay themselves from those taxes. Is this what Obama has in mind?. There doesn't seem to be any sense of urgency to address the problems at the root cause nor to listen to reason from bonified experts and logical minds. The people get it. The Governmnent doesn't.

    46. David, Washington St says:

      I would like a strong DEFENSE. However, the money continues to be diverted to middle east OFFENSE.

    47. Pingback: » Sunday Weekly Summary MySquawk

    48. xfactor says:

      "NO MORE Unemployment $$$ for the NEEDY" – Ken Jarvis

      Your beloved leader signed Paygo in FEB 2009. How are we going to pay for this extension? obama spent $787 Billion to create 3 to 4 Million jobs by 31 DEC 2010 and we need to extend UE benifits again?

      "NO Tax Breaks for the Middle Class"

      They are already in place thanks to GWB. All your dear leader has to do is not let them expire.

      "NO Cooperation in DC"

      Republicans dont have the votes to do anything until the start of the 112th Congress on 3 JAN 2011

    49. xfactor says:

      "Under Bush’s tax cuts, 1 million jobs created. Less than the number fo jobs created under Obama so far" – Kevin H

      1.08+ Million over 8 years. Bush had created 4.598+ Million over his first 6 years with Republicans controlling Congress. It all went south when Democrats took over the 110th Congress on 3 JAN 2007. What did JR Senator obama do to stop the job loss?

      obama has lost 3.01 Million jobs in 22 months, verifiable at http://www.bls.gov/

      What Clinton policy created any of those jobs?

      "you know full well this tax increase to come next year if nothing is done, is purely and soley due to republicans" – KH

      How, it's the exact same Congressional makeup that passed obamacare, "stimulus", "son of Stimulus" with nary a Republican vote.

      obamacare is not going to increase the deficit?

      How does a Tax Cut create a deficit?

      "The repubs are the ones that made it expire next year" – KH

      Nice strawman! Only temporary to overcome a parliamentary hurdle.

    50. Jim B says:

      The Democrats agenda is to bring America to it's knees.

      27 million Americans can not find jobs and their main focus for the last 2 years has been AMNESTY to replace as many American workers as they can. This is a dangerous agenda and America is suffering. 2012 can not come soon enough for this ex-Dem!

    51. Pingback: life rosa santa spam 46am

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