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  • Senate Republicans Set to Bargain Away Our National Security

    One month ago today, millions of Americans voted to reject big-government and the backroom deals that defined the Obama presidency.  Now, some of the same Senate Republicans who rode that momentum to electoral victory appear to be on the verge of ignoring that message by striking a deal to trade passage of the dangerous New START treaty for an extension of the current tax rates.

    To be crystal clear, we will view any deal on the extension of the current tax rates followed by Senate consideration of the New START Treaty, during this Lame Duck session of Congress, as the worst kind of quid pro quo. 

    Recent backroom deals like the Cornhusker Kickback, Louisiana Purchase and Gator-Aid were met with ridicule and disgust on November 2nd.  But this shady deal is far, far worse.  It is unthinkable that any Senator, let alone any who claim to be conservative, would use our national security as a bargaining chit.

    Senator Jon Kyl (R-AZ) is acting as the key negotiator for Senate Republicans on both the nuclear treaty and the Obama tax hikes.  To borrow a metaphor from the President, Senator Kyl is driving this car and he and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) should convince their fellow members to throw it in reverse. 

    For months, The Heritage Foundation has articulated serious and substantive policy concerns surrounding this treaty.  We have explained, in detail, how the treaty limits our missile defense capability, why the verification provisions are inadequate and what restrictions are placed on our non-nuclear weapons – all to the great detriment to our ability to defend ourselves in an increasingly dangerous world. 

    During the past couple weeks, news reports suggest our concerns were well founded.  America has learned the Russians were moving tactical nuclear weapons closer to our NATO allies.  Senators learned that Secretaries Gates and Clinton were less than forthcoming when it came to a side deal on missile defense.  And further press reports suggest more damaging information may be forthcoming.

    Yet, despite all these new questions and many unanswered questions, Senate Republicans appear headed toward a deal.  We at The Heritage Foundation obviously do not support raising taxes, and we do hope the Senate reaches an agreement to keep the current rates in place, but that debate should in no way be tied to ratification of the New START Treaty.

    The case against the New START Treaty is built on principle, not politics. If Senate Republicans continue down this path, they will lose the goodwill of conservatives around the country and justify the skepticism of the American people.

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    30 Responses to Senate Republicans Set to Bargain Away Our National Security

    1. Chris, Wausau WI says:

      On target. The two issues are, and ought to remain, completely separate. I fully agree that this sort of convoluted deal-making is part of what disgusts and dispirits a large number of Americans, especially those of us on the conservative and Constitutionalist side of things.

      One might explain it as years and layers of Washington political culture that puts 'nuance' above principle and common sense. To be sure, the "it takes a long time and a lot of sustained effort to turn a ship this big around" analogy applies, but that hardly changes the facts of the matter.

      Republicans have a long shameful history of allowing themselves to be cowed and bum-rolled by the liberal left and linguini-spined of their own party, and for failing to live up to their principles. Heritage, it's many thousands of supporters and members members, and dozens of like-minded groups deserve applause for working tirelessly to keep the pressure on and to help keep as many of our public leaders as possible from dancing themselves off the cliff.

    2. Doug Weise, Florida says:

      Republicans need to know their votes are being watched closely. Any deviation from conservative principles will be punished at the ballot box ASAP. They have been given a second chance and had best not waste it. Remember the Whigs, anyone?

    3. ed badgett , fayette says:

      We need to cast off the old guard moderate republicans. They are actually more dangerous than Democrats because we have no idea where they will sell their vote next. A moderate by definition has no principle. That is why they bargain away their supposed stands on issues.

    4. Mike Nobis, Quincy I says:

      My fear with the Republicans is, they are not tough enough to lead this country. As a group, they don't have rock hard convictions and the leaders are too quick to compromise rather than stand firm and lead. They really don't take the American people seriously. We voted to throw the bums out who don't listen to our voices. The Republicans are next if they continue to do these things against the will of the people. This deal will cause America to lose.

    5. Ron M , Duluth Ga says:

      We will keep tabs, and those who support this will be published and voted out. This is crap.

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    7. Mark Lietzow says:

      Bargaining START against the tax extensions are a pathetic joke! The Republicans will wind up looking as foolish as Bush I after making his deal with the Democratic Devil on taxes.. hence no new taxes bit him in the election!

    8. Steven Jacobs Watson says:

      Thank you Ed, We are all so sick of politicians on both sides that bargain with our money, safety, and future, then judge there own work as a job well done, and give themselves a big pat on the back. They all operate on too long of a leash, and they have stretched our Constitutional Safety Net so far that they just walk right through the holes whenever they feel like it. As fast as they are moving, the next elections can't come soon enough for me. It just scares me about the amount of damage they can do between now & then. It takes way to long and too many election cycles to weed these traitors out. Keep up the good fight !

    9. Gary Gustafson, Mn. says:

      All legislation needs to rise and fall on its own merits! Back room deals are NO good! Be people of integrity and stand for what is right!

    10. Jim Henderson says:

      START Treaty will sell out American Nuclear deterent and set the Jackels loose!

      Passing the Obamanation appeasement is very wrong!

    11. terry callahan says:

      What will it take to make these folks get in line with America and stop trying to hold hands with the devil? They should, from this day to the next election simply say HELL NO to anything this administration tries to do so that we can slow the bleeding. Right now conservatives are watching EVERY move from the GOP and for the most part are already planning to boot the rest of the RINO's out for playing games with our future. If the GOP allows ONE item to pass which is contrary to the ideals of conservatism and the Constitution, Obama WLL NO LONGER be completely and totally responsible for the disaster which his PROGRESSIVE AGENDA has wrought.

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    13. firewalker_49504, Gr says:

      just goes to show that no one in Washington is immuned to the greed created by that city. Put an M-16 IN THEIR HAND AND MAKE THEM DEFEND OUR COUNTRY ON THE FRONT LINES AROUND THE WORLD. They all make me sick. May they all rot in Hell.

    14. Linda Rafkin says:

      I feel like we are sinking and we are on the Titanic dancing to the music of the band while we sink! This government is changing our America and the people are starting to wake up to what Obama is doing as President. This has been on the back burner for some time. Bill Clinton helped achieve this fiscal atrocity. I know, Bill Clinton was wonderful. We had a surplus when he left office. But, he also is a progressive along with his wife Hillary. Obama has just moved the progressive agenda to the front for all to see. I feel like we have been duped and way too trusting. We didn't stay informed of what our government was doing and now I can't see the forest from the trees. I stay involved as a patriot. I write letters. I sign petions. I call my senators and congressman. I e-mail all our elected officials. We have had success and wins but this is larger and more poweful than I ever could have imagined.I can-not talk about this with my family. They don't want to know. They socialize on face book and frivalize their lives at the peril of my grandchildren and all our future children and grandchildren. I won't stop. I pray, pray,pray and will continue to try to hold back the demise of our great country for as long as I can. God help us!

    15. Juliana Cheng says:

      "During the past couple weeks, news reports suggest our concerns were well founded. America has learned the Russians were moving tactical nuclear weapons closer to our NATO allies. Senators learned that Secretaries Gates and Clinton were less than forthcoming when it came to a side deal on missile defense. And further press reports suggest more damaging information may be forthcoming."

      Such as that Twin Lakes Church in Aptos, California just started a ministry to donate musical instruments to Russia….I email Pastor Rene asking him to give me a baritone if there is one donated because I cannot afford to buy one; I am driving a twenty years old mini-van; I have not had a full time job since 2004 and I still owe a bunch of medical bills etc…I also mentioned that the Russians will melt down the musical instruments from the U.S. and turned them into weapons. Communists are communists although they claimed to be socialists now adays….Pastor Rene, he, did not give me a reply except that so and so came up with the idea first….

      I am glad that I came across this article!

      http://www.tlc.org to contact, enforce my opinion to the senior Pastor…

    16. Suezenne Fordham says:

      In my bones, I feel the whole of Washington is corrupt and clearly delusional! Each day brings more atrocities, and takes our Country further from the Great nation we call home.

      It should be apparant to the whole of our citizenry that it is the goal of this administration to bring down all industry, and give our resources andd manufacturing to a "global community"… A goodly percentage of us are becoming more and more alert to these daily changes… and things like the passage of SB 510 is cause for total alarm!!! And even that bill had a secret earmark that said that earmarks are still to be allowed1 This in a so calledd "food safety, Bill. There was an amendment which would have softened it somewhat, but yesterday, the senate overwhelmingly REJECTED it, along with two other amednments1 And further I'eel strongly that This bill goes a lot deeper than you would think at first glance1 By rereading the bill[which I doubt any of the politicos did] you will see the impact this will have on small farming, earmarks… and the amount that will be spent sending out 1040s by the ustomers to super,arkets that spend more than $600 a yea… Food will skyrocket, the Markets will have to hire way moreaccountants… and they have to send those forms to everyone they do business [of over $600! This is mass insanity!


    17. Marvin of Denton, Te says:

      We did not elect republicans to negotate away anything. Hang tough on extending the Bush tax cuts forever. Be statesmen with fundamental American principals and values.

      There will be fewer demorcrats to work with in the next congress. Then you can make the tax cuts retroactive.

    18. Roger Simpson, Charl says:

      The START treaty – a document which requires the U.S. to reduce its nuclear arsenal, while not requiring Russia to reduce its own from current levels – does not, in any way shape or form, improve our national security, and opposing this unilateral commitment to disarmament may make Russia feel better, but it guarantees nothing in the way of their commitments to us. Giving Obama a fig-leaf political victory at the expense of our security in exchange for not raising taxes is worse than blood money. It is a protection racket in reverse.

    19. Bobbie says:

      Being brainwashed by obama. Some republicans are the only ones that show respect and decency. Why are you bending?

    20. malcolm fields fayet says:

      it makes me sick that these elected officials do not respect the feelings of the citizens. security is important to our country.i live near ft. bragg and here we get it. no one seems to care but time will tell.

    21. Melissa, Valdosta says:

      It would be in everybody’s best interests if they didn’t compromise themselves and us like that. Supporting the START treaty is not a very bright move on the part of ANY representative, let alone representatives who already find themselves on thin ice with the American people. They are replacable. Every one of them.

    22. daniel says:

      put a petition up for us to sign

    23. Henry Felter says:

      When will the Rinos and Conservatives learn their is nothing benign or safe from any Progressive proposal. Don't go along with anything fellow Congressmen or this President propose, as just like the Health and Financial bills there are gotchas contained within that bode no good for the American people.

      Be the party of NO, revel and rejoice in it, for the sake of US citizens and some instances for the sake of the rest of the world.

    24. Janet, Colorado says:

      We constantly hear that the way to stop the corruption and the rampant out of control big government is to VOTE. We did this in near-record numbers because we wanted our voices to be heard. If this group of Republicans fails to deliver and caves in to the Washington Power trip, you can bet the Progressives will win hands down in the next set of elections and you can say goodbye to America as a freedom-loving country.

    25. Ace Sez says:

      Never in my 87 yrs has there been so many elected officials sooo eager to sell out the USA—there has been so many negative commentaries on the 'New Start' treaty that I fail to understand why even Democrats much less Republicans would even consider ratify'n this sorry azz'd piece of legislation ??

      The Republicans still in office during this lame duck period were not threatened by the Nov. election and remain the pussies they have been all along—gutless wonders and dangerous to the Conservative thinking and behaving constituences

    26. Mark says:

      The 3rd world nation Russia cannot afford to arm up and compete. This is a non issue. Why should we even be having these talks? We had to pay Russia to disarm, since they don't have the cash to pay for it themselves. With this the norm, why are we even thinking they can compete? Let alone giving them any leverage in what we do with our nukes!

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    28. Suzanne Chimovitz, M says:

      "The will of the people!" I'm a tax paying American citizen. Taxing the richest people like Warren Buffet implicates (he pays 16%, I pay 25%) would not hurt him. He is proud to pay his fair share. Remember the Bush cuts helped get us into this trouble in the first place. Do we have our blinders on? So we should allow the really rich, who wont suffer if they pay more, get the tax break. Then we should cut social security, take money from those hard working elderly Americans who rely on Social Security to survive. And you call yourself a Christian.

    29. Spiritof76, NH says:

      Republicans can not be trusted any more than the Democrats. It is abundantly clear that the Democrats now are mostly socialists or communists. In the 60s, they used to chant, "better be Red than dead". Sen. Kyl obviously is in the same league. Between gropings at the Airport in the name of security to selling us out to the Russians, Americans don't need any external enemies. The real question is what the Americans (those that still love the Founding principles anchored on individual freedom and responsibility) are going to do about it other than go through the motions of electing alternate set of anti-Americans every two years. Judging by the indolent and indifferent response of the population to the overt destruction of freedom, it must be concluded that Americans prefer slavery.

    30. Denny Fox, Macon, Ga says:

      I have sent a total of four (4) emails to each, Senators Isakson and Chambliss, from Georgia requesting that they vote against the New START Treaty and asking for answers to questions posed by the Heritage Foundation. As of this day, I have not received any response from the Senators. This tells me that they are in support of it. I have placed calls, also, to no avail. I'm serious in saying that I will not vote for either in the future and will do everything in my power to influence others not to vote for them, A case of two RINO's that need to be replaced.

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