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  • Nelson on New START: "I think we can hold off"

    National Review Online reports that Senator Ben Nelson (D–NE) does not buy into the Obama Administration’s heated rhetoric that the New START nuclear arms control treaty must pass through the Senate immediately. Senator Nelson is quoted as saying:

    Most of the [legislation] being dealt with right now should be held over until 2011, because we should be focused on jobs, taxes, and debt reduction. … I think we can hold off on START; I don’t want it to crowd out taxes, debt reduction, and jobs.

    Senator Nelson is only saying what I imagine the vast majority of Americans are thinking:

    • We are suffering under almost double-digit unemployment;
    • Our tax rates are uniformly going up on January 1; and
    • We are no closer to figuring out how our debt should be reduced.

    Yet for some reason the Administration and Senate Democratic leadership have prioritized a deeply flawed treaty with an unreliable and corrupt nation that has threatened to start a new nuclear arms race if it doesn’t get its way. And they are demanding that the treaty be passed by the Senate in a “lame duck” session of Congress.

    This doesn’t seem to be the optimal time to have a legitimate debate over the merits, or lack thereof, of New START.

    Just ask Senator Nelson.

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    7 Responses to Nelson on New START: "I think we can hold off"

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    2. Richard Watson-Cypre says:

      I'm confused as to Madam Secretary's motives for ignoring,"glossing over" or otherwise minimizing the southern border crisis. her political-corectness will ultimately cause many lives to be lost. i fear an ultimate overthrow of the existing Mexican government with a resultant evolution of an army led by madmen to invade our country. with as much anti-american sentiment there is in the world it is not too far from reality to envision hordes of folks pushing northward with small arms and even modern equipment supplied by our long-time enimies to try to take the nation over. A bad dream? I don't know they're only a small river away.

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    4. Bobbie says:

      Leave out the “I think” part. None of this would’ve come to be if it wasn’t for the deceit of authority which sets the traps leading to the collapse of the freedoms of this country! If honesty and common sense lacks, intelligence is WORTHLESS!

      Common sense severely lacks at every level of government and especially at the presidents level who holds no one accountable to their choices that consequentially effects America, turns around and calls it a crisis!

      if a free people have a business they can’t run on their own, common sense tells them not to be in business, but now it’s government unfair regulations destroying all independent businesses and if this isn’t stopped, it will all be controlled by obama and his bunch. For anyone in government that cares, STOP THIS CORRUPTIVE GOVERNMENT! PEOPLE OF INTEGRITY ARE PRODUCTIVE!

    5. Ron says:

      Everything Obama wants must be done immediately or life as we know it will end. There is never anytime for intelligent debate because he is afraid Americans might find out what he is trying to hide. The Obama administration is the most corrupt in our history.

    6. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      I take the New START treaty as further proof that the Obama Administration's actual priority is to weaken America. They are serving the Foreign Interest as usual, but the remarkable Lame Duck Session proves to me that Obama is going to use the Administration Czars to do the HEART part domestically, fomenting violence that will give them a crisis (not to be wasted!) Obama will go after Americans to break their hearts by attacking Health, Education, Agriculture, Representation and Transportation. The telling signal from the Left comes in this kind of example, talking strong National Defense while they gut us (like Jimmy Carter did.) There is a big disconnect from what Obama says and what he does!

      Republicans can feel some hope from the 2010 Elections, but have some compassion for the Democrats. They have got the full treatment, the whole HEART part. And look! They really hate America! The Democrats have already been turned Inside Out. Glenn Beck can probably talk the Right out of violence, but the Left is primed to go pyrotechnic! That is the opposite risk assessment of what Eric Holder said when he warned about anti government violence coming from the Right. They hate America on the Left for all the things the Progressives have done and blamed on Republicans (or newly, 'all politicians.) They engineered the Housing Crisis. "Government caused disasters! Now that's a terror you can believe in!"

      Take Holder as true to the opposite of what he says, the true threat is from the Left! That is where the anti government violence is going to come from, just like it is in Europe. The New START Treaty is the opposite of what Obama and Powell say! The "strong National Defense" the Progressives talk about, believe the opposite meaning. Proof here, they fully intend to weaken our Military!

    7. Pete, Carson City, NV says:

      It’s the same ole bum’s rush they gave us on obamacare…vote for it first, read it later. It will be GOOD for us, trust me.
      Suuure I will, when pigs grow wings!!!!

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