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  • Morning Bell: Libertad!

    The Heritage Foundation has never been one to rest on laurels. We know that if we want to live in a country where freedom, opportunity and civil society are to flourish, we must remain vigilant and heed Ronald Reagan’s words that “freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”

    That is why today, we are excited to launch Libertad.org, our new Spanish-language website. Libertad.org will communicate the message of conservatism to a Hispanic audience that prefers to read news in their first language. We are a country of opportunity, one where Hispanics have the opportunity to become the latest in a long list of immigrants from the world over who have realized the American Dream.

    It has never been more important to reach out to new audiences and constituencies. Liberals are relentlessly pursuing an America where a permanent Big Government rules nearly all aspects of our lives through an intrusive bureaucracy supported by a victimized constituency.

    The progressives’ appeal to Hispanics is clear, if ham-fisted and pernicious. They offer a basic quid pro quo that boils down to ‘you are victims in this unfair, racist society and have no hope to get ahead without government handouts. Join our coalition, help us grow government, and we’ll make sure that you, too, become a protected group.’ It’s a bargain that would only consign Hispanics to permanent underclass status and contribute to making the country they immigrated to more like the one that they left.

    President Obama was not shy about these designs in the weeks leading up to the recent midterm elections, when he pleaded with Hispanics to “punish our enemies”—a comment so maladroit that he had to apologize for it almost immediately.

    It is for this reason that we at Heritage will make sure that Hispanics who read their news in Spanish will hear the other side of the argument. In Libertad.org, Spanish-speakers will be able to read the opposite of the progressives’ message of gloom and doom. It is called Libertad.org as Liberty is what our country offers and cannot be taken away.

    This site will not be designed to pander, but to share and educate. It will offer some of the same cutting-edge research and analysis available on Heritage.org with additional resources for a new readership. Libertad.org will not reinforce the idea that cultural assimilation is a bad thing; on the contrary, our success as a unified country depends on it. We offer these perspectives in Spanish, because we simply want Heritage to be accessible to all citizens.

    Those who cherish American traditions because they intuitively know that they are intricately linked to America’s success are likely to prefer policies that conserve the culture. Those who understand that the family is the fulcrum of the good life and a bulwark against decadence will, like so many immigrants before them, strive to keep their own household intact and choose pro-family policies.

    Embracing such policies would almost be a self-fulfilling prophecy of success. Those who rise earlier, work harder and constantly seek opportunities to improve will want to see their hard work rewarded with material possessions that are beyond government’s confiscatory power.

    Libertad.org will also reach out beyond the pages to communicate directly with this new audience. On Facebook and Twitter (@LibertadUSA), we will listen to, and engage with, new voices on the American landscape. We will also produce and share Spanish-language video and interviews. We are excited to start this conversation.

    The progressive agenda is clear. The Obama Administration is bent on a relentless pursuit of policies that over-tax, over-regulate and over-spend Americans. The government has ignored every warning sign to reduce the size of government and government spending by passing one inept law after another, including the onerous and intrusive health care bill with an estimated cost well over 1 trillion dollars.

    We are undertaking this effort because we think our message of opportunity, self-reliance, patriotism, responsibility and civility resonates with all Americans, including Hispanics.

    We firmly believe that this country is exceptional and its underpinnings of liberty are worth preserving and defending. We ask for your support as we seek to ensure that our conservative movement is alive and well for generations to come as we embark on this new chapter for The Heritage Foundation.

    Quick Hits:

    • The Obama administration announced yesterday it would not allow any natural gas or oil energy development off the Atlantic Coast or in the eastern Gulf of Mexico.
    • President Ronald Reagan’s attorney general Ed Meese and assistant secretary of defense Richard Perle said today that Reagan would not have supported the New Start Treaty or the tactics being used to pass it, in a Wall Street Journal editorial. (subscription required)
    • According to California’s own Public Utilities Commission, Gov-elect Jerry Brown’s renewable energy standard plan will increase energy costs by 14.5%.
    • The left’s effort to massively expand the power and size of the FDA ran into a Constitutional problem when conservatives pointed out that the Senate bill creates new taxes which only a bill originating from the House is allowed to do.
    • The eight Republican Senators who voted to protect earmark spending are already enabling $100 billion in higher government spending.
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    83 Responses to Morning Bell: Libertad!

    1. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      That is EASY

      "The Heritage Foundation has never been one to rest on laurels. "

      HF has NO "laurels" to rest on.

    2. Linda in Long Island says:

      Bravo! Genius! I am forwarding to all my Hispanic amigos!

    3. Bonnie, The Villages says:

      Libertad.org, what a great idea

    4. ThomNJ says:

      Smart move. Too bad that it is even necessary in this context.

    5. Stephen DAgostino, H says:

      The Latin speaking people need to know the truth. Progressives have been less then their partners and friend.

    6. Marie Rybicki, Cleve says:

      I am an American-born Hispanic but I am thrilled to learn about Libertad.org Even though English is my first language, I have friends who associate with many immigrants. As a side note, I spoke Spanish growing up.

      I have forwarded this e-mail with the expectation that it will reach many in the Chicago area.

      Thank you for expanding your reach. I know it will do wonders.

      Marie Arcelia Rybicki

    7. Vicki Reynolds Schad says:

      This is an amazing breakthrough. I'm constantly encouraged by your proactive, positive approach to conservatism. Hats off to you!

    8. Scott Harcourt, Hous says:

      I have mixed feelings about this. Anyone in the country interested enough to work and live here should learn English. However, with the influx of immigrants (legal and otherwise), I am all in favor of disseminating the conservative message so that as many people as possible are reached.

      TS Harcourt

    9. R Holland, Chandler, says:

      Although I applaud Heritage Foundation for it's outreach to the Hispanic community. I would hope that our citizens of Hispanic origin would learn English well enough so that all citizens will communicate in a single language that provides another sense of unity.

    10. Karen Donley, Irving says:

      Education! Education! Education!

    11. Miriam Evergreen,Co. says:

      I have very mixed feelings regarding this new out reach to the Spanish speaking population, first of all I do encourage the conservative message, but doesn't it defeat the pursue of integrating to the "melting pot"? using English as the native language is to the betterment of all from school, work to culture. My husband and I speak several languages and English is The United States one.

      Catering to a population who refuses to merge and be part of the country is not what I had expected from you folks…I do understand your purpose hope it works.

    12. Ricardo Escudero, Li says:

      ¡Excelente iniciativa!

    13. PJM, South Carolina says:

      Brilliant!…It's about time someone shared the positive message of conservatism to Hispanics…Kudos, HF!

    14. Bud (northwoods of W says:

      Brilliant idea! Congratulations! Freedom is not a cultural or racial thing, it is a human aspiration and need.

      You can count on our continued support for all you do.

    15. Ron Salsbury, San An says:

      While I fully understand and appreciate what your doing with this new avenue to get the conservative message out, I do have a question. Are you going to stress to our hispanic friends the need and importance for this country to maintain a uniform method of coummunication, and that being english…?

      The continuous pandoring to the spanish language, makes it seem difficult for this unification to ever materialize. It simply continues to separate us a country. How do you propose to address that issue, or does the Heritage foundation not deem this to be an issue..? fyi…I am a huge advocate of your organization and read your news letter daily.

    16. Harriet, Washington says:

      God bless you always at the Heritage Foundation for having the foresight to reach out to the Spanish population with the TRUTH. If all they receive is the liberal side of politics, THEY ARE IN A WORLD OF HURT. May you be blessed in this new endeavor.

    17. Elliot Johnson, San says:

      Great idea. We should have beat the Libs with this idea a long time ago. Looks like we will have a Hispanic section at the Heritage Foundation. Good Deal !!!

    18. Warren Norcom, Oklah says:

      I think it is commendable that you are reaching the Hispanic speaking people with your excellent essays on truth and conservatism. I lived in a Spanish speaking country for 23 years and am very familiar with their culture. Interestingly, in all those years never once did a national organization print articles in English to reach out to this ex-patriot American.

      I will be very interested to read how you communicate that we are not only a land of opportunity but one of laws and justice when you treat the very serious situation of illegal immigration. Of the Spanish speaking people who live in the U.S. and who do not read English easily the huge majority are illegal aliens. The conservative stance does not set well with illegal aliens who blatantly ignore our laws and take advantage of our system causing a huge drain on our economy at the cost of taxpayers (me).

    19. Laura K, Pennsylvani says:

      Kudos to you, MB! I am pleasantly glad to receive this great announcement. I love this country and read the news in English. However, for the purpose of reaching out those who read in Spanish, specially those who are the targets of the left wingers,this new Spanish site is the counter force that will eventually educate the Hispanic population in a more effective way. Once again, congratulations and keep up with the outstanding job you do everyday. From my part, I will email the site to my parents that constantly ask me about the things I explain to them and do not speak English. I hope this initiative spreads to cable new channels like FOX, Mises Institute and The Daily Bell as some of the brilliant sites of education and knowledge.

      Muchísimos éxitos y cuenten conmigo como parte de una de sus lectoras,

      Laura K

    20. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Obama just doesn't get it. Does he? He thinks that we're stupid and need to be "guided." If anyone needs to be guided, it's the Democrats not the American people.

    21. Dinah Garrison Fairb says:

      This is a truly wonderful undertaking! Best success to Libertad and to the USA.

    22. Pamela Shubert says:

      This is fantastic! I recently suggested to my state's conservative Public Policy Institute that they reach out to our local Hispanic population.

      The Latinos I know and work with are conservatives just waiting to happen. You absolutely have my support.

    23. Hilda (Los Angeles, says:

      Congratulations on creating Libertad! This is absolutely a giant step int he right direction. Immigrants have to be engaged and informed about the ideas that have made this country possible. Immigrants need to understand if it were not for liberty and free markets they would not have a country to immigrate. I would very much like to join you in this endeavor. Please contact me should you need a professional translator.

    24. BJM, high plains of says:

      This is the best news I've seen today. I hope the news spreads like wildfire because I believe that this is something that's been needed and wanted for a number of years.

    25. Laura G. in AZ. says:

      Very cool and novel idea!

    26. Barry N. Schmidt says:

      It's about time! I only hope that there are enough Spanish-speaking persons who tune in to the website to make a difference. It makes me wonder how libertad.org will market itself so as to get out the word to the millions of Hispanics, illegal or not, that there exists an opposite stance to the myths and misinformation that has been spread by the liberal media and government sources.

      I would imagine that educated Hispanics tend to own computers, while the vast majority of illegals don't. I hope I am wrong, but the former group are not the ones who are charging across our borders illegally, so they are not necessarily the people who should be the target of the conservative message.

    27. Ken Starr, Albuquerq says:

      Mixed feelings. While I understand your intent, this appears to be just another step toward surrendering our national heritage and culture. We are rapidly losing many of the things that made our country great. Not the least of which is a common language.

    28. Manuel, Florida says:

      Great initiative to expand expand consevatives base, correcting the misconception that we are extreme and elitists. There is probably a great number of citizens with conservatives beliefs that have not been given the opportunity to express them. rember Harry reed's famous statement catizing hispanics for not been democrats / liberals.


    29. Chad, Lewisville, TX says:

      !Ay que buena idea!

      Yes, while it is most profitable and advisable that ANY type of migrant to the U.S learn English, I think this is a great step in the right direction at reaching out to Hispanics/Latinos. It is said that some 80% of Hispanics tend to lean towards liberal ideologies. They seem to have an impression that conservatives don't give a crap about the poor because liberals have done such a good job of "advertising" and lobbying for them. I commend Heritage for such a task as this, and it's great to see you reaching out to a typically non-conservative constituency with a message of proven excellency and functionability in conservatism.

    30. Barbara, California says:

      This is an excellent idea and might inspire other organizations to reach out to Spanish speakers. There are countless Spanish-speaking Americans who have lived in this country for decades within Spanish-speaking communities and haven't needed to learn English. It will be an interesting challenge to attract Spanish speakers of all ages to Heritage's new site.

    31. John MacKercher, Flo says:

      This can be a significant bridge to Hispanics' understanding of our political process. It also should be pointed out that if those who don't speak our language seek to learn our language, this is a means to that end. Congratulations for your efforts in this respect.

    32. John Howard Vancouve says:

      I hope this will give all the illegals incentive to speak English. I'm tired of helping pay the illegals way and I'm sure other Spanish people that are here legal wish that the illegals was legal. Maybe this will lead to the Spanish being printed on food items, directions and explanation on everything we buy go away. All this happens because the Government refuses to enforce laws on the books and secure the borders to keep America safe. We just keep raising taxes to spend to cover up a problem so we don't have to address the real problem.

    33. Mike Hadaway, Rome, says:

      I applaud your actions and believe it will yield long term benefits. Letting them know the real truth will eventually convert them to the conservative way of thinking.

      I hope that you should will encourage them to learn English so that they can better integrate into our society. So many are left behind because they cannot communicate. I have known several bright men and women who are still suffering financially because they cannot communicate.

    34. Andrew, VA says:

      This is a terrific idea — and long overdue. A humble sugestion: Perhaps offer Heritage online products in other languages such as Arabic, Chinese and Russian?

      I chose these languages specificially because many people who speak them live under various levels of oppression. Think of it as Heritage's version of "Radio Free Europe."

    35. Don G. Dinsdale, St. says:

      Good idea…

    36. Anita, Texas says:

      If you think there should be a conservative blog in Spanish to enlighten our Spanish speaking friends…should there not be an Arabic venue for all the Muslim aliens? Some of those folks are much more of a threat to the US than the Mexicans.

    37. Diane, Masschusetts says:

      This is so important. I have always been bothered by the way the liberal community organizers just assume that all Spanish speaking people will want to vote for Democrats. Even the well meaning ones. This is such an elitist, condescending viewpoint. I think most people would prefer to make their own way when that is a possibility.

    38. Jack M., Cibolo, TX says:

      I don't have any problem with your altruistic endeavor to converse with the Spanish-speaking people in this country. I do, however, have a problem with using my donations to pursue this effort. At what point does Libertad become self-supporting, if ever? If they have put forth enough effort to become a US citizen, they should already know English. If they don't know English, they are either illegal immigrants or people who have no interest in becoming naturalized citizens and shouldn't be voting anyway.

    39. Aida (Portland, Or) says:

      Congratulations, it was about time!

      I came to the US when I was 18 years old. My mother had lived here for many years already and barely spoke English, but she never asked for a hand out, an interpreter, never got in debt; she worked very hard, paid her taxes and was able to buy a house all by herself.

      I am so discourage that the liberal voices of Univision and the others are so bias. People like Jorge Ramos, his coleagues and the radio media are the most hypocritical because they push the liberal's agenda, support the institutions such La Raza and the like and play over and over the "poor me" mentality…(Nikki Diaz as an example) and do a diservice to their listeners…. they enjoy all that the capitalist system can offer and live like rich capitalists

      There's a big difference between the "educated latinos" and the "poorly or non educated latinos"..Obama and the liberal democratas tend to them because they can be brain washed easly. Fortunately, I am very glad to see that some conservatives are starting to come up politically, the best one in mind is Marco Rubio.

    40. Grace Tillinghasat - says:

      Una buena idea para que los hispanos residentes en este gran pais, que por cultura y tradicion son conservadores, tenan un medio que les permita leer, compartir y promulgar sus ideas.

      Y que mejor nombre que Libertad, un vocablo que nos une a todos los amantes de este gran pais donde tenemos libertad de expresion, libertad de credo, libertad de movimiento, libertad de accion … Una libertad que lamentablemente no todos entienden o que no saben valorar, excepto si han emigrado de paises donde eso es solo un sueno.


    41. James in Houston says:

      There goes my donations…

      I have loved Heritage Foundation for many years, however, I will NOT help finance an effort to continuing the division in this country by catering to those who REFUSE to learn THE language.

      How much of our donations will this take to continually translate and update a duplicate website?

      I'm guessing it will be a full-time staff of at least 6 people; for starters.

      Well, even if only 3 that's too much.

      Will they dare post my opposing views?

    42. Eric (Independence, says:

      Great idea. I will pass this on to all of my Amigos!

    43. B. Hall Syosset N.Y. says:

      I know that this is idealistic and perhaps even utopian but wouldn't it be terrific if we could live in a country that didn't need all these labels of all the different cultures the live here.We should all simply be known as Americans.

    44. C.J. Kallis---Ventur says:

      I really like you folks at Heritage Foundation.

      That said: If this was an introductory article about "Libertad" designed to let English speakers know of its existence–a couple things need addressing:

      1) Where was the word "illegal" in the article? I saw the word "immigrants", but if I want to see the 'broadbrush' usage of that word, I can turn on MSNBC.

      2) Who's your audience? Are they Hispanics, illegally here? Are they Hispanics legally here but who sympathize with the illegals? Or are they Hispanics, legally here, who see themselves as American FIRST, and who realize America is being told, not asked, to accomodate the entire poor classes of other nations?

      3) Finally, yes , the underpinnings of liberty are worth preserving in our country—and in the context of our current situation, I'd think that you would agree that that means shutting down our southern border and then, and only then, dealing with all the folks here who aren't supposed to be here. Will you be willing to communicate this action of liberty with your audience? Because certainly the newly found liberty of one group is NOT contingent on the diminishing of the quality of life of another.

      Heritage, you are a great organization. Just know that we're thinking alot more surgically than what this article presumes. A little reluctant about this—especially with the Dream Act rearing its ugly head……again.

    45. Jean, NC says:

      I see your logic in trying to appeal to Hispanics…the liberals seem to feel they have the exclusive on that demographic . But frankly, this seems more like "throwing in the towel". I believe that anyone who moves to this country legally should plan to become an American and learn the national language, which is English. And anyone who comes here illegally, has no right to expect Americans to communicate in their native language at all….they should go home. We're supposed to be a "melting pot"…not a smorgasbord of cultures with separate languages. I have no problem with a family being proud of their native country's heritage, and passing it along to their children, but they should learn English, and pass along a pride in being Americans too. Printing Spanish versions of every communication is a disincentive for immigrants to learn English, and serves to keep them isolated from, and less able to integrate into, mainstream society…as well as basically ignorant of our founders, our history, and what America is all about…a bit like the liberals who pander to them.

    46. and2therepublic, ill says:

      "Enlighten the people, generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like spirits at the dawn of day." – Thomas Jefferson – letter to Dupont de Nemours – April 24, 1816.

      "The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant." – Maximilien Robespierre.

    47. Clearhead says:

      Thank you, Heritage Foundation !!! This initiative will doubtless do more good than 100,000,000 ken jarvises could do bad. Keep up the excellent work, and rely on our constant support as true Americans !!!

    48. Lynn F. Lamm.......C says:

      I too have mixed feelings about this program. Your reasons are certainly admirable and could in fact help support the conservative movement. There is no doubt that Spanish speaking Americans should be exposed to the conservative agenda and even more so to the founding documents of our great Nation. The issue is, we are an English speaking Nation, and I truly believe we should maintain that heritage. If we don't, I see a division of cultures in America, with the end result being "divided we fall". Supporting the idea that Hispanic immigrants (American citizens or those striving to be American citizens) should have the right to continue with their language of origin, have public funded Hispanic libraries and Hispanic TV, Radio and Newspapers is a recipe for dividing the country. If we play into that, as we seem to be doing more and more…well…I think I have made my point. This is America and we speak English here…if you want to live here then learn the language. We have always made exceptions for the elderly and rightfully so…but the young and middle aged…let them learn English,

    49. Jill-Maine says:

      It takes a while to learn a new language. Meanwhile whiole Hispanics are still juts speaking Spanish I am sure the socialist message is being given to them in Spanish. Remember! The purpose is to keep the Hispanics from really becoming Americans and keeping them isolated and dependent on government.

    50. Nancy Bruce says:

      Congratulations on a terrific idea! Heritage Foundation is not only solid as a rock, but innovative and creative as well. I am thankful for you! Nancy Bruce, North Palm Beach, FL

    51. Lew says:

      What a great idea. The Hispanic population is generally hard working with good family values. They have never expected something for nothing (sounds like ready made conservatives) and it's only after they arrive here that they become dependent.

      We can't let them be seduced into a permanent dependent underclass and if HF can reach them they will be a real asset to the US.

    52. Edward Jarrett says:

      All immigrants came to America,where the language is ENGLISH. why should we make it easy for them, I do not intend to learn Spanish just because they are here.in our country. Live by the rules and speak our langauge and if they are not smart enough to learn., they do not belong here in the first place. Ed Jarrett Granbury, Tx

    53. Muriel- PA says:

      A requirement for American Citizenship is to speak and understand English.. Catering to those who refuse is just doing an injustice to us all. America is a one flag, one language country,

    54. Tom Pritchard, Sun C says:

      The idea is OK, NOT GREAT, as it enables these illegals to continue going about their business in the same way as before. Since most are uneducated and school dropouts, they won't understand what they're reading, if the use the website, anyway. You're doing the same thing that our Fed. Gov. is doing when providing them with a venue that again keeps them from learning ENGLISH. No other nationality was ever given forms, newspapers, websites and TV programs in their native tongue. They had to learn to speak, read and write English, and they did. You are enabling the illegals and should be ashamed of yourselves.

    55. Steve Cable - Knoxvi says:

      I hope that one of your first offerings to the Hispanic community will urge them to learn English.

    56. Mike, Chicago says:

      I like reaching out to other groups, but putting it in Spanish does not help with integration. Perhaps only on a temporary basis.

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    58. Ruth Hartje, Tulsa, says:

      Great…finally the Conservative movement is on the offensive. Hopefully one day we won't need Libertad because The Heritage Foundation will have convinced the Hispanic population that assimilation (English will be their 1st language) means a stronger, unified nation. And they will see that the Liberals are not on their side, but just want their vote so they can retain their undeserved and abusive power.

    59. Hal Metzger, Scottsd says:

      MUCHO BUENO! This website will go along ways to counteracting the seditious thrust of La Raza that we've been subjected to since AZ passed SB 1070. What a benchmark event for conservatives. It has been my observation lately that our Hispanic community is not following in lock step the Democratic enslavement policies that they foisted on the African-Americans. Will Marco Rubio from FL be a steady contributor? That conservative electee for the Congress of 2012 has raised the eyebrows of the Democratic Party and rightly so!

    60. Fountainhead, Illino says:

      I'm sure that most of the posters are being polite when they state that they have mixed feelings. I understand the need to pander but not the abandonment of our values. Political correctness is alive and doing well at HF…

    61. RONALD BELL says:

      'President Obama was not shy about these designs in the weeks leading up to the recent midterm elections, when he pleaded with Hispanics to “punish our enemies”—a comment so maladroit that he had to apologize for it almost immediately.' Stop and think this is the message of a President of the UNITED STATES sworn to uphold the Constitution, Protect and serve the People, all the People. A Man does not utter these words, without Malice aforethought, and this is the very Cancer of the America he is trying to Dismantle, Disrupt, Destroy, to make everyone slave to a governing body of fools on Rocket to nowhere.

    62. Bobbie says:

      This is wonderful! Heritage, you're awesome!!!

      One thing that is hard to stomach is the disrespect of the American government to specify by race, creed or culture, the government's view of any human life being inferior to the American way.

      It bugs the heck out of me when the government voices distortion of who the American people really are when it's the government themselves. Every human has the ability to be self reliant (without government's hand) and America HAD THE ESTABLISHMENTS NECESSARY TO BE.

    63. Linette, Boise says:

      Thankfully this stupid idea of having everything translated into everyone's "native" language wasn't around when my Welsh speaking ancestors came across the pond. To survive, they had to learn the language. As a result, my family is as American as the proverbial Apple Pie. My husband, who is from El Salvador, didn't learn English by speaking, reading and writing in his native Spanish language, nor did I become fluent in Spanish by speaking English. I guess if the Heritage Foundation's intent is to spread conservative thought throughout the Spanish speaking world (which I would be greatly in favor of – and is greatly needed) then it makes sense. If, however, the intent is for Hispanics residing in the USA to read it, it's pandering and doesn't do the Spanish speaking population any favors.

    64. ted Holowatz says:

      I am very excited that you are doing this for the Hispanic population. They left their country because of freedom or lack of liberties. They understand libertad and all they need is more information about our culture and our government. We can help them by giving them information that they can understand. I'm very excited with what you trying to do. Thank you.

    65. Ana María Fos says:

      Congratulations for the new website! It is a great idea to reach the ever expanding spanish speaking audience

    66. Paul - Nashville, TN says:

      I hear the idea of Libertad. I think I understand your intent. But I do find it disturbing, pandering, to some degree offensive. Who truly is the focus? Are you trying to reach the illegals? You think they have internet? If it is for an American citizen they should already be able to read from The Hertiage Foundation in English, thus, are in no need of a Spanish website. I already have to put up with being given a choice between English or Spanish everytime I call somewhere. Is this not enabling those behaviors that we speak out against supported by the progressives? Are you planning other languages as well? How about Sephardic Hebrew, Vietnamese, Chinese or Egyptian Arabic or Fairuz. You want to do this? That is certainly you option and right. I don't have to approve or support either.

    67. Danielle Gleason says:

      Like many of the respondents, I applaud the effort to reach the Hispanic population here. Who knows, maybe some illegals will be motivated to seek citizenship. Also like many of the respondents here, I am not happy that it has to be done this way. Assimilation is a MUST for Hispanics. I guess this comes under the heading of "fight fire with fire."

    68. DAVE, NAPA CA says:

      If the "Dream Act" is shoved through congress by the lame duck crowd, at least some of the Heritage information will be available to all the illegals that have computers and are willing to read political information.

    69. Linda J. Sullivan, K says:

      Excellent idea! Good forward thinking Heritage!

    70. Jose A. Mendoza, Ala says:

      Thank you for all the work that you all do for the country. I know that it takes a lot of research and hard work to bring the truth to light and shed light to the lies of the Liberals. I am thrill to know that Libertad will give Latinos the same news that we read in English in Spanish. Libertad will open up may eyes and change many minds and hearts. I cannot wait to tell many of my liberal friends about this new way of learning the truth. Thank you all again for your relentless persuit of the Truth. Muchas gracias por su trabajo. Estoy listo para dar la pajina a mucha gente que nesesita oir la verdad.

      God Bless.

      JAM SR.

    71. Maria says:

      Something to consider – posting articles on Hispanics who came to this country legally, learned English and became productive citizens.

      My loved one came to the US to go to college, learned to speak / write English better than most Americans. After becoming PhD, turned to teaching at the graduate level and made a significant impact on many students. Voting was a cherished privilege, 4th July a favorite holiday, it's so annoying to assume that all Hispanics vote D, not at all true, they are many who are conservative.

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    73. Sal DiGrande, Portla says:

      Sir, Launching you Spanish language web site just adds another push in the direction of balkanizing the US. It basically says that an American citizen (our nation is based on citizenship not on race) will not understand key issues in English. Also, keeping a citizen enmeshed in Spanish just delays the process of assimulation: Culture is tied closely to language.

      One last point to ponder: The Heritage Foundation has just diluted scarce personnel and cash resourses as it panders to Hispanics, This is a poor use of Donor Funds.

    74. ADSmith, Denver says:

      Esto es excelente!

    75. Fred Lehrer, Jupiter says:

      The apologetic tone of your announcement is quite appropriate. What a shame that a stalwart organization like Heritage has adopted "Press 1 For Spanish". The tortured logic by which you defend the new venue is not persuasive.

      While the damage done by your new initiative is merely symbolic, it is a shame nonetheless. Fortunately, no substantive harm is likely. Nor any gain possible.

    76. Andrew (Andres) says:

      To avoid the slippery slope towared the further Balkanization of our country (that would be America, for those of you in Rio Lindo – hee hee!) I suggest putting the English translation of each line below that line. This would reinforce the opportunity to continue to learn the English language in a contexual manner, as well as encourage other Spanish-speaking-only readers to start learning English. This would be a kind of written-emersion approach to prevent this Balkanization.

      Gracias, mi amigos.

      (Thank you, my friends.)



      See how easy it is!

    77. Eric Kentucky, says:

      I don't agree this is a good idea. Why are you catering to one minority by offering this in any other language besides the language of this country which is engligh. Before anyone jumps on me for being racist, understand that if you offer it for one foreign language than you are in effect saying they are more important than all the Vietnamese, Korean, German, Japanese, Chinese, etc… that are just as much a part of this country as the hispanic speaking peoples. My family came to the US and learned the language of this land. No one catered to us because we were a minority but now we are catering to one group of people over all the others. That to me is racism. You can't give special treatment to one minority group if you aren't willing to extend this same treatment to all the other fine people from nations throughout the world that have contributed to building this ONE Nation.

    78. HawkWatcher, Mi. says:

      Ken: From the free dictionary: Idiom:

      rest on (one's) laurels

      To rely on one's past achievements instead of working to maintain or advance one's status or reputation.

      In reality, HF has contributed mightily to the current sweeping political shift among informed voters, and will advance conservative ideas further with Libertad. Your post demonstrates great ignorance of the language.

      Heritage is reflecting a national conservative movement that embraces reality. Yes, English is our language. Does this mean we should ignore an opportunity to explain conservative solutions to those with a second language? Whether we like it or not, there are many who prefer to read Spanish, and they will be reached by this effort.

      James of Houston, I'll pick up your slack by joining Heritage this week. This is conservatism in action, and a most worthwhile endeavor. I hope you change your mind. We can't afford to let up.

    79. Josefina Munoz says:

      WOW! What a forward thinking idea. We in El Paso, Tx. are planning the same type of outreach to the spanish speaking community through the media. It's incredible how the democrat party uses latinos/hispanics, and how they lie to us, and how many hispanics/latinos believe everything the d-party says. GREAT JOB AND GREAT LUCK TO YOU!

    80. Richard Devall says:

      I don't like this. There are many others who would like to read this in their own language. It angers them when you knuckle under to spanish speaking people but make them learn english.

    81. Todd Ganser, Boynton says:

      I am very disappointed in the Heritage Foundation for launching its new Libertad web site, which is written in Spanish. The costs to our local and federal governments to produce information in languages other than our national English language have skyrocketed. The confusion felt by Americans who speak English, but have to turn packages around to three different sides just to find the directions listed in English is insulting at best. Adding to this insult is listening to instructions repeated in several languages prior to the requirement of having to go through an exercise of pushing numerous buttons, to elect customer service in English on the telephone. Many prior generations have passed through Liberty Island to become part of this society legally, and took special pride in learning how to speak English. We are doing this current group a disservice by pandering to their lack of initiative. While on active duty in the Marine Corps I had the opportunity to visit Germany. The beer is fantastic there, but if I didn’t try to utter a few words in German when ordering, I would have died of thirst. I would venture to say that American influence in Germany far exceeds Hispanic influence in America. Marketers across the nation have sold out our American values with this precedence. DIVIDED WE SHALL FALL!

      Please reconsider the value of this new site, charge a premium and create a new web site separate from our main site. I find the current design so distasteful that I will be forced to reconsider renewal of my membership next year!

    82. Debi Delaware says:

      Bravo! I do like Andrew's (Andre's) idea of presentation in both languages providing an additional opportunity for English language education. My immigrant great grandmother remanded that her children speak only English though her native language was Italian. I have often wished I had the opportunity to learn both. Yes, the language of the United States is English and everyone who desires to be part of our exceptional republic should learn our language. Meanwhile, we all should support every effort to educate every immigrant about our real history, our real laws and our real exceptionalism. Thank you Heritage for this excellent endeavour.

    83. Joan Phillips says:

      I received an article from Townhall (Conservative Solutions for All http://townhall.com/content/a706c652-e074-4958-bd… which I have posted to Tea Party sites along with the following comment):

      This information should be put out more often for all to see and they may not look at Hispanics in such a negative light. Of course this is the goal of this administration–to divide us thus weakening our cause with these insinuations. There are just as many Hispanics who are as disillusioned with the Obama administration as well. If we joined forces rather than listening to statements such as "we must punish our enemies," from the mouth of Obama, we would be a force to contend with. And they cannot have that so will do their best to divide and separate us. I have talked with many Hispanics who are just as knowledgeable and disgusted with this administration as we are. Do you believe these people who have been here legally for generations and are hard-working, family orientated neighbors would agree with Obama on amnesty? No way, Jose!! I am going to check out the Heritage site mentioned in this article — Libertad.org. I believe the goal of this administration is their Socialist agenda — "divide and conquer." But we must realize if we unite in our beliefs and stand together only then will we have the power to change history and the path they are so determined to lead us down!! It is a path of destruction and we can do nothing to stop it unless we unite. Remember, "A house divided cannot stand." Imagine what a nation unted will be able to accomplish!!

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