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  • In Mexico, Homeland Secretary Napolitano Glosses Over Drug War

    The “readout” from Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano’s November 30 visit to Mexico City constitutes a soothing tidbit of information—bureaucratic Muzak:

    In the face of ever-evolving, multinational threats, the U.S. is committed to working with our international partners to enhance information-sharing and our mutual security. We look forward to our continued partnership with the Mexican government as we forge an unprecedented international security framework that facilitates legitimate trade and travel while protecting our citizens.

    Not once does the Secretary mention the raging war against the drug cartels. Napolitano’s visit comes as Mexicans somberly recall that in December 2006, President Calderon ordered an offensive against Mexico’s drug cartels. This action he vigorously defends. “There are those who think that it would have been better not to combat the criminal actions. Those people are wrong.”

    Since then, citizens of Mexico have ridden a violent rollercoaster of fear and death. While Mexican law enforcement scores important arrests—such as that of Arturo Gallegos Castrellón, leader of the Aztecas, and Antonio Ezequiel Cárdenas Guillén, leader of the Gulf Cartel—there are dangerous signs of deep-seated weakness and growing uncertainty about Mexico’s future.

    Reuters reports, “as the bodies pile up—more than 31,000 across Mexico since December 2006—49 percent of Mexicans say Calderon’s drug war is a failure.” More disturbing news comes with the exposure of the resurgent role of Mexican cartels in the production and export of methamphetamines to the U.S. Drug traffickers are playing dirty politics. Some see Mexico chin-deep in danger.

    The choices for policymakers in Mexico and the U.S. are difficult. U.S. counterdrug strategy must constantly be reshaped and strengthened. New ideas such as Mexico’s membership in NORAD should be put on the table. Defeating the cartels requires cross-cutting fusion of law enforcement, intelligence, and military capabilities. And while force is required against organized crime, there must also be clear pathways out of drug abuse and addiction. A U.S. commander-in-chief for the drug fight would also be helpful.

    What Secretary of State Hillary Clinton saw as a Category 5 threat in September now appears downgraded to a tropical storm warning by Napolitano. Despite Napolitano’s upbeat “readout” from her latest Mexico visit, most Americans are still shocked by disturbing headlines out of Mexico, worried about our porous southern border and spillover violence, and anxious to see solid results from two years of Obama assistance to beleaguered Mexico.

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    15 Responses to In Mexico, Homeland Secretary Napolitano Glosses Over Drug War

    1. TYC, Texas says:

      The drug war keeps the military/industrial complex operating and fully funded. Why would you want to stop it? Are you not a patriot? Four decades and $1 trillion keeps a lot of people working and families fed, clothed, and housed. We must keep the war on drugs going!

      Ending alcohol prohibition was an unmitigated disaster. Lets not repeat that same mistake with marijuana.

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    4. Bobbie says:

      "the U.S. is committed to working with our international partners to enhance information-sharing and our mutual security. We look forward to our continued partnership with the Mexican government… "

      Really, Miss Napalitano? So what you are saying is America's leadership is hand in hand with the corrupt leadership of Mexico? And America's leadership cares for the American people as much as the Mexican government for theirs? what is "mutual security" in the minds of the corruptive leaders of the world?

      Thank goodness you said that. I didn't feel safe yesterday…

    5. John, Rhode Island says:

      Did we learn nothing from our experiment with alcohol prohibition? We need to end the senseless drug war. We have wasted trillions of dollars, while illegal drugs fund drug cartels and gangs just like it did mobsters and moonshiners during prohibition. Legalizing drugs would end the border violence and destroy gang activity nationwide. We would immediately save countless lives and billions of dollars.

      The federal gov't has no place telling me what I can and cannot put into my body. That is for me to decide.

    6. Ace Sez says:

      This tale shows that there is one more reason to point the finger at DC and tell them their agenda sux—absolutely nothing Obama has done in 2 yrs has been helpful to the Constitutional Gov't of the USA

      His destructive administration is so obvious it smells bad all across the fruited pkains

      Will there still be a United States of America by 2012 ??

    7. SA in AZ says:

      Napolitano when she was in Az. was always going to Mexico with her gushing over the Mexican President. So we know where her viewpoints are and it is not to protect our borders from illegals crossing over.

    8. Carol,AZ says:

      War on Drugs?

      " America's shock over the news coming from the corrupt countries south of the border?.

      At least some of the truth is now being published.

      That took about 24 months to overcome Yellow Jouralism blocked for months by our own press and current leadership.

      J. Nap.appointee for HLS, could not protect a sleeping dog in the sun.

      We have NO parnership with MX.

      The country is in anarchy

      .The military that has been sent to protect their own population is often reported by our B.A escorting the drug cartel mules moving product.

      Many of the weopons recovered are MX military issued. According to the press they all come from the States.

      Our leadership is so inept, it won't protect it's own border states that have begged for troops on the 1200 mile border with the corrupt country of MX, for months.

      All the money sent to MX by Obama to help their war on drugs which is their problem not ours, when the checks are written, is as artifiical as, spit in the wind.

      No one is targeting banking on this issue and blocking the millions in transfers that takes place daily.

      No one is allowing the continuation of the fence to be built that is certainly not the only solution, but would offer help and more protection to the undermanned law agencies that do this exceedingly dangerous work.

      No one is telling you there, that the violence has spilled over into every border state and further into the interior of the USA on this issue.

      The states that have told the truth : TX and AZ.

      After all, CA and NV have promises to keep and New MX according to them, has no problem.

      Whom do you think are lining their pockets ?

      And Janet Nap. looks blindly in the camera and tells America:

      "Our borders have never been more secured. "

      H. Clintons uses AZ's little law SN-1070, as an example of "profiling" because we want to arrest and deport illegals living here ?

      WE are NOT on the BORDER with Sweden, America.

      Support your border states that are struggling to protect you . Demand that we protect America and give us the troops we need.

      You all know by now, this is our Third War.

      THANK YOU FOX NEWS for reporting it accurately and also National Geo for the excellent series : Border Wars.

      Thank you other states and fellow Americans that have sent to us here, volunteers to cover the areas that are so under manned in remote desert areas overrunned now.

      It has helped to save lives.

      That's the place we have arrived at, on this issue here in America, and growing worse.

      That's the short list.

    9. Jeronimo Dan, Maribe says:

      Four Words: Napolitano, needs to go!

    10. Carol,AZ says:

      …and Morton

      …and Holder

      …and …..slick Willie

    11. Chris says:

      What is going on in this country? Who are these people in charge, who have no backbone. who are doing nothing to protect our country?? We have to set an example and let other nations know we will not tolerate their actions. Like Mexico, we can't continue to allow drugs and human trafficking to continue across our borders. What part of illegal do we not understand? This is just one of the ways our government is falling down on the job. How could Janet N go to Mexico and not address these issues?? This is crazy!

    12. Mark Btok says:

      It is either the "Banksters" or "US", so hold on to your ass and stand up and rescind this fraud debt the Globalist Banksters are trying to collect from us fraudulently!

      Say No, we did not accure the debt and we will not be forced to pay it and back up your words with a battle for your life if you have to!

      Otherwise there is no light at the end of the tunnel for us!

      Re: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheAlexJonesChannel

    13. malcolm kyle says:

      If you support prohibition then you are NOT a conservative.

      Conservative principles, quite clearly, ARE:

      1) Limited, locally controlled government.

      2) Individual liberty coupled with personal responsibility.

      3) Free enterprise.

      4) A strong national defense.

      5) Fiscal responsibility.

      Prohibition is actually an authoritarian War on the Constitution and all civic institutions of our great nation.

      It's all about the market and cost/benefit analysis. Whether any particular drug is good, bad, or otherwise is irrelevant! As long as there is demand for any mind altering substance, there will be supply; the end! The only affect prohibiting it has is to drive the price up, increase the costs and profits, and where there is illegal profit to be made criminals and terrorists thrive.

      The cost of criminalizing citizens who are using substances no more harmful than similar things that are perfectly legal like alcohol and tobacco, is not only hypocritical and futile, but also simply not worth the incredible damage it does.

      Afghani farmers produce approx. 93% of the world's opium which is then, mostly, refined into street heroin then smuggled throughout Eastern and Western Europe.

      Both the Taliban and the terrorists of al Qaeda derive their main income from the prohibition-inflated value of this very easily grown crop, which means that Prohibition is the "Goose that laid the golden egg" and the lifeblood of terrorists as well as drug cartels. Only those opposed, or willing to ignore this fact, want things the way they are.

      See: How opium profits the Taliban: http://tinyurl.com/37mr86k


      Prohibition provides America's sworn enemies with financial "aid" and tactical "comforts". The Constitution of the United States of America defines treason as:

      "Article III / Section 3. Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort."

      Support for prohibition is therefor an act of treason against the Constitution, and a dire threat to the nation's civic institutions.

      The Founding Fathers were not social conservatives who believed that citizens should be subordinate to any particular narrow religious moral order. That is what the whole concept of unalienable individual rights means, and sumptuary laws, especially in the form of prohibition, were something they continually warned about.

      It is way past time for us all to wise up and help curtail the dangerous expansions of federal police powers, the encroachments on individual liberties, and the increasing government expenditure devoted to enforcing the unworkable and dangerous policy of drug prohibition.

      To support prohibition you have to be either ignorant, stupid, brainwashed, insane or corrupt.

      * The US national debt has increased at an average rate of $3,000,000000 per day since 2006. http://www.usdebtclock.org/
      * The unemployment rate has increased by 7300 per day since 2008.

      * The loss of manufacturing jobs has been 1400 per day since 2006.

      * Without the legalized regulation of opium products Afghanistan will continue to be a bottomless pit in which to throw countless billions of tax dollars and wasted American lives.

      * The hopeless situation in Afghanistan is helping to destabilize it's neighbor, Pakistan, which is a country with nuclear weapons.

      * The mayhem in Mexico has deteriorated so badly that it’s bordering on farcical.

      There is nothing conservative about prohibition, which enlists the most centralized state power in displacement of domestic and community roles. There is everything authoritarian and subversive about this policy which has incinerated American traditions such as Freedom and Federalism with its puritanical flames. Any person seeking to insure and not further compromise the safety of their family and of their neighbors must not only repudiate prohibition but help spearhead its abolition.

      We will always have adults who are too immature to responsibly deal with tobacco, alcohol, heroin, cocaine, meth, various prescription drugs, gambling and even food. Our answer to them should always be: "Get a Nanny, and stop turning the government into one for the rest of us!"

    14. Skippy...New Orleans says:

      It seems that just about any one who knows anything about the border states has full knowledge about this woman…Folks….she could care less about this country, she's got this job, by what means….God only knows, she is no more qualified for this position then her boss is for his. As many posters have stated…She has got to go, if the truth be known….when she was with the State if AZ, they wanted her gone then….LOL, well she went alright….Obama took her and well look at what this bunch has done!

    15. gaetano says:

      It seems to me that the border war is already a losing situation. People on the border trying to defend themselves against the drug cartel from the south and the government will soon be taking your guns so that you can`t protect yourselves.Looks like the people along the border better get the hell out of Dodge.You are trapped between to enemies,with no escape.

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