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  • Seven Years of Bad Policy: Government Maintains Offshore Drilling Ban

    As the rest of the world continues to drill off its respective coasts, the United States is heading in the opposite direction.

    The Obama Administration announced that the eastern Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic and Pacific coasts will not be part of the government’s 2012–2017 Outer Continental Shelf program, effectively banning drilling in those areas for the next seven years.

    The decision is a reversal from the President’s announcement in March in which he opened access to waters for offshore drilling in the Atlantic and eastern Gulf of Mexico. But even that decision did more to tighten offshore oil and gas explorations than open it. That proposal canceled four lease sales in Alaska that were already pending. And it was just last month, when the Administration lifted the six-month ban on deepwater drilling, that Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said, “There will always be risks associated with deep-water drilling … [but] we have reached a point where we have significantly reduced those risks.”

    If that’s the case, and the industry demonstrates that it can drill safely, the government needs to step aside and let companies determine whether these projects are economically feasible.

    Offshore oil and gas drilling would create jobs and increase energy supplies without cost to the taxpayer. In fact, it would create revenues for financially strapped state governments and increase revenues for federal governments. But the United States won’t fully realize those benefits.

    The Wall Street Journal reports:

    In other parts of the world, however, deep-water drilling has continued at a frenetic pace. The industry is moving full speed ahead in places like the Gulf of Guinea, the Mediterranean and the Turkish Black Sea. But nowhere is that more apparent than in Brazil, where state-run Petroleo Brasileiro SA, known as Petrobras, last month began production in one of the largest oil fields discovered in the Western Hemisphere in 30 years. And a recently discovered field nearby could contain the equivalent of 15 billion barrels of oil, say Brazilian regulators, equal to almost two-thirds of the total proven deposits of crude in the U.S.

    If the Administration were rationally governing by weighing the economic benefits of offshore oil and gas drilling versus the risks of doing so, this decision would be a no-brainer. But instead our government is catering to the demands of environmental groups, and the companies that want to create jobs will go elsewhere to drill.

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    24 Responses to Seven Years of Bad Policy: Government Maintains Offshore Drilling Ban

    1. Bobbie says:

      Let history read: the neglect of BP and the government's neglect of proper evaluation is the American presidents punishment to all of America, who are innocent to all accountabilities.

    2. Earl Tallahassee Flo says:

      We don't need jobs!!!!!!! If I worked for a company and performed like Obama and the democrats. I WOULD BE FIRED. Get the illegal immigrants out of this country and put the unemployed back to work ( I know for a fact that they are getting trained and getting jobs that Americans can do) more taxes for Obama to spend.I know that.

    3. EJJ, Fort Worth, Tex says:

      Energy independence is a noble, moral cause. Being held hostage to fossil fuels with America's addiction to oil and the companies that produce it is not noble or moral. Instead of government mandates and grants for research, how about "Reaganomics For Renewables" – eliminate corporate taxes and capital gains taxes on all renewable energy companies? It would create more competition in energy production, contribute to energy independence, create renewable energy jobs…everyone is a winner — except those die hard oil industry supporters that want to see America held hostage by oil. I think it would make America energy independent in 10-20 years.

    4. RK Missouri says:

      Well, so much for moderation. Dick Morris has suggested that Obama will go Left over the next two years. According to Morris, he is afraid of being primaried from the Left, and the Left is mad over lots of stuff.

    5. Corey Mann Leavenwor says:

      where did common sense go

    6. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      Let's get it right. It's not "our government" that is stopping offshore drilling in certainb areas for 7 years. It's this socialist fool in the White House that is

      determined to destroy this country economy to drive us into his socialist pit.

    7. Ronald Ayers, Blue I says:

      In all honesty, I belive that the Obama Administration is making a conscious effort to bankrupt the United States via its economic policies.

    8. Tim AZ says:

      Mao-Bama's decisions have no basis in protecting the environment. If they did no other countries would be drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. The policy of this regime is any economy but America's should benefit from natural resources. Break America's economy and then exploit her natural resources to benefit the elites through out the world. It will be quite the sporting event to see who wins the battle for control? Will it be the marxists, the socialists, the communists, or maybe the Maoists? Just maybe the Americans will pull the rug out from under them all.

    9. Nettie, Phoenix says:

      This is a sure sign that the Obama Admin. is NOT on the side of the American people and wants to weaken our country. He should be impeached for all his Constitutional oversteps. He is a National Socialist in an "man of the people" clothing. a lot of us see through his shady ways. We are going down a road that needs to be stopped and return to our freedoms, not hand outs.

      And, if oil companies follow the guidelines, they should be able to drill oil for our people to use and for their lively hood. Please ,Americans wake up!

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    11. Jim, Mesa AZ says:

      This is all about President Obama implementing his radical ideology. He believes the rest of the world needs to be given a chance to "catch up" with the USA. We have been hogging all of the resources and it is time for us to step aside and let the rest of the world to have a chance. He believes we are arrogant and need to be humbled.

      What is happening with oil and drilling is also going on with coal. Try to open a coal mine. Try to use coal to fuel utilities. How terrible. Yet, who is mining and building utilities? China. Well, after all, they need a chance to catch up.

      There is a master plan being executed in all of this and it is anti-US. It is designed to destroy the USA economy and to force us into a global socialist order.

    12. Karen, North Carolin says:

      This is not surprising from this major elitist. It's OK for him and family to jet all over the world on vacations, etc., and ride around in large gas guzzlers; however, the people who are responsible for paying his salary are expected to continue to lose jobs and become more dependent on the government. This man is a major joke on the country and to the world! What a disgrace! When will all people wake up to realize his major goal here is to DESTROY this country, in whatever way he can.

    13. ROSEBUD, BOCA RATON, says:

      There is no end to what Obama will do to bring this country down. Everything he does loses jobs. are you getting the icture yet? All over the world they are drilling so he stoips it here & refuses to drill in Alaska. Howlong willit ake to rid ourselves of this marxist in the WH? Thisis all part of distributionof wealth. Ours is going to Europe. They got trillions of us dollars while we are going broke. Don't believe a thing he says, they are all lies. He is being led by Soros & the New World Order where we become one government. Prepare yourself to move out of the country while they become richer & we become poorer. It started with the Euro, we are next as our dollar diminishes. Watch! it's happening now!

    14. ROSEBUD, BOCA RATON, says:

      Ken Salazar pushed for deepwater drilling as senator in 2006. Obama was in the senate then & voted for it. He put him in charge of deep water drilling when he appointed him Secretary of the Interior. Salazar approved of BP in dw w/o proper permits or restrictions. He is to blame for this mess. After the spill, Obama waited 72 days before reacting, he didn't know it's our responsibiity to clean & preserve the coastline from spills while BP is responsible for cleanup. He allowed it to become worse by not responding & waiting over 2 months before making a move or talking to BP. This administration doesn't know what they're doing & it's one botch after another. If this had happened on Bush's watch there would have been hell to pay. Where was Obama & what was he doing about it?,,,,Nothing, oh yes, he put a moratorium on drilling for 6 months & wouldn't allow the skimmer boats to aid the cleanup because they were not UNION. We lost the rigs in the Gulf who moved on to other lucrative fields & our Gulf Coast lost the entire tourist season, jobs & put people out of business along the Gulf Coast. Screw the environmentalists, people have to work to live! What is wrong with this picture????

    15. State of Louisiana says:

      If this is the move, Obama wants to take, Then Louisiana oil companys need to shout off the Oil and Gas supply, up North and Texas needs to do the same. We can show this admin, we mean business when it comes to jobs and lower Taxs, let them frezz this winter. Why should we pay $7.00 a gal for gas,at the pumps, and be depend'ent on Oil and Gas from, Countrys that hate America. This Admin, has got to go, they have cost the Tax payers, more money than we can pay out, We need to DRILL DRILL DRILL, = JOBS JOBS JOBS.. WARREN WEEMS Louisiana Rep.

    16. Janiew says:

      The hypocrite in Cheif is at it again. Obama can no longer talk about: Jobs,Jobs going overseas, Companies going overseas, Energy Dependence,Price of Oil/Gas, The Economy and last but not least Main Street.

      After virtually killing all jobs in the Oil/Gas Industry and the ancillry companies that depend on it for the next 7 years on the East Coast as well as the Gulf he has lost all credibility on the above. Who does he think he is? Does one person really have that power; to destroy by fiat, and entire industry and the people that depend on it with absolutly no scientific data to back it up? Yes, I'm angry.

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    18. Dennis, Utah says:

      Eric Holder along with the Obama administration a re trying to bankrupt the oil companies and take them over. We need to stop them now!!!

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    24. Ed Darrell says:

      So, here in 2011 now we see the results:

      1. In February 2011 the U.S. became an oil exporting nation again.
      2. In each year of the Obama administration, domestic oil production has increased, a stark contrast to the Bush administration when domestic oil production decreased each year.
      3. According to figures from the Federal Reserve, in three years of the Obama administration, drill rig counts (a key measure of the health of oil exploration) have risen twice as fast as in the Bush administration, and oil and gas exploration is healthy. Deepwater drilling is down slightly, in the Gulf of Mexico — but that’s understandable considering the disaster there in 2010.

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