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  • Morning Bell: Just Another WikiLeak On An Already Sinking Ship

    There is nothing positive that can be said about the release of more than a quarter-million confidential American diplomatic cables by the rogue hacker organization WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks has recklessly and inexcusably put lives at risk. Any U.S. person who cooperated with WikiLeaks has committed a crime and should be prosecuted to the maximum extent of the law.

    That said, WikiLeaks is not the end of the world. The fundamentals of U.S. relationships with other nations remain unchanged. Leaks are not going to stop nations from cooperating with the U.S., or for that matter sharing secrets with us. Nations cooperate with the U.S. because it is in their interest to do so. And no leak will stop nations from acting in their self-interest.

    But what is in our best interest? This has not been a good month for the Obama Doctrine: The President came home empty-handed from Asia, North Korea fired artillery at South Korea just days after revealing nuclear facilities no one knew they had, and Obama failed to get the G-20 to take any action limiting trade imbalances. It was not supposed to be this way. After apologizing for all of our nation’s sins, the world was supposed to swoon at President Obama’s unparalleled charisma. As American military power withered away, President Obama would use soft power and the United Nations to manage world affairs. But like Woodrow Wilson and Jimmy Carter before him, this progressive foreign policy vision has failed.

    That is why it is so important for the Obama Administration to change course on foreign policy. Heritage Foundation Foreign Policy Studies Director James Carafano advises:

    The president should dump the New START treaty—its one-sidedness makes the U.S. look like a lousy negotiator in the eyes of the world … and a patsy in the eyes of the Russians. He should also reject out of hand calls to gut the defense budget and just flat out declare that America will stick it out in Iraq and Afghanistan until the job is done. And while he’s at it, he could stand up to China and stop extending the hand of friendship to regimes interested in a world without freedom or America.

    The President should also make it a publicly top priority to hunt down any American connected with these leaks and prosecute them. This is not the first WikiLeak. This is, in fact, the third time that WikiLeaks has undermined our nation’s national security, and the Obama Department of Justice has been silent each time. Nobody gets more cooperation than a winner. The Obama Administration can begin to right its foreign policy ship by stopping and successfully prosecuting the WikiLeakers.

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    71 Responses to Morning Bell: Just Another WikiLeak On An Already Sinking Ship

    1. Neil, Taylor Mi. says:

      The Federal Government is shutting down web sites selling counterfeit Prada but WikiLeak publishes on. Am I missing something?

    2. William H. Hefner, W says:

      When is our Congress going to stand up to the President and telll him enough is enough? Any American associated with WikiLeaks should be tried for treason.

    3. Alan Swanson - Chand says:

      Why is not these releases from WicikLinki not a Federal crime!?????!!!!! No one

      has menioned that.

      Releases jeapordizing our national security????

      Why isn't the FBI all over this guy ????????

    4. TaterSalad says:

      The Boy President Obama has really exposed his "True Colors" to the world with these Wikeleaks memos. His tactic of using "Bait & Switch" with world leaders, by shaking their hands and then stabbing them in the backs is the same tactic he used on the American people during the healthcare debate. He promised Americans that if they voted for him he would be transparent. After he gets elected he then closed the doors of transparency (C-Span) on the American people and crammed the socialist healthcare bill down our throats. This regime can not be trusted and in 2012 he will become unemployed.

    5. David,Reno NV. says:

      I take particular issue when those of you would hide goings on in our government. It is these "back-door" deals that have been going on that has placed Americans and America at risk in an already sensitive world. How about some "open-door" policy that the scum in office promised when he got placed in office. Point… no hiddedn agenda, no need to worry.

    6. Amy Powhatan VA says:

      Exactly…where is the DOJ and Holder on this mess? What is the FBI doing about investigating these "leaks" and who is involved inside? What do we have here..the Department Of Judas? and the Fumbling Bumbling Idiots? running the show?

    7. Terry Herring, st Pe says:

      Concur with evrything said in this article.

      My questions: (1) Just what id the Obama Administration doing to track down and prosecute the source(s) of these "leaks". (2) What kind of encryption security do we have — or not have that has allowed access to these communications?

      I find it incredible that the key source of the "leaks" is still identified as one lower grade Army enlister person. He would have to have incredibly broad access to sensitive and classified material — and be a very busy person to have provided this volume of information to Wilileaks.

      It is time for a serious "house cleaning" in our State and Defense Departments as well as thorugh out the Administration.

    8. James A Glasscock says:

      Scholars and curious readers have access to priceless cables and the thoughts, or non-thoughts, of America's finest diplomats. America's finest it turns out are white trash when it comes to reasoned argument or finesse. The language is awful.

      The Saudi king appears like a prince of the desert, hardly a surprise. Sand and sheep remain in spite of oil. Nothing has changed in the Middle East.

      H. Clinton and B. Clinton appear reluctantly but they are there. What a swarmy bunch from Ivy League educations and trailer trash backgrounds. Arkansas is not to blame for the Clintons. They are their own worst enemies: simpletons in a way.

      I imagine the next diplomat reception will not require any ice for the drinks. The air will be chilly enough. Every diplomat will use hand signals rather than words to communicate.

    9. Mark Florida, USA says:

      All of this assumes that the goal of the Obama foreign policy is to strengthen America. I agree with everything you say, but the globalist agenda to which our current administration bows does not have America's best interests at heart.

    10. Dwight Bawcom, Austi says:

      The odds that Obama follows the advice in this article are about zero! He has shown himself to fully committed to his ideology, whatever that is, which seems to be tied into his ego. He does not have the capacity to make large changes and admit to doing that. In lieu of making any changes you would think he would be pursuing the source of the Wikileaks documents full force and being public around it.

    11. John K. Ottley, Jr. says:

      If we have the resources to try Arizona for trying to enforce immigration law, why can't we sue Wikileaks for treason?

    12. ThomNJ says:

      Since the wikileaks people seem to be ideologically the same as obama and his cronies, why does anyone expect him to have the justice department do anything in the interests of the United States?

      An Army private stands accused of leaking the Afghan and Iraq communications, etc. – so who else is involved? It seems that Embassy communications that go straight to the State Dept were out of the purview of this traitor – so who enabled the leak?

      I also have a difficult time believing that we could not have captured – disappeared – this Assange guy or physically struck their servers if we really wanted to.

    13. Dave Taylor, Kingman says:

      Have to disagree somewhat.

      Wikileaks is the product of disrespect amongst the ranks of the military and diplomatic core–that's where these leaks originate. And what do these people disrespect? The way top officials (President, Congress) are running the Country.

      Fix the core problem and the leak problem will probably go away.

    14. Roy, Westerville OH says:

      I could not agree more! The Failed Policies of the Obama Regime are coming home to roost.

      The Treasonous Traitors who leaked to WikiLeaks must be caught and punished to the fullest extent of the law.

      Perhaps it is time for us to learn a trick or two from our Enemies and declare a Fatwa on WikiLeaks.

    15. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      Obama is a nothing president. He has done nothing good for the Country nor for its citizens. The sooner we are rid of him and ALL progressives the better things will be.

      Hopefully the 2010 elections will prove to be the first step in returning the USA to its Constitutional roots and the intentions of our Founding Fathers. This Country did very well when it functioned this way and it has done poorly under Liberal Progressive Socialists.

    16. Clearhead says:

      Sheeple –

      Two questions: 1. Who would come up with such a scheme to further discredit our nation, toward the obvious goal of eventual destruction? 2. Why has our State Department remained silent and presumably detached from these attacks?

    17. Bernard Goggins, Nas says:

      1) We cannot detect Earth's thermal loss, but it is undeniable. We are in equilibrium — thermal gain equals thermal loss.

      2) The Green Movement will kill crops, livestock, and people. Carbohydrates require carbon — carbon from carbon dioxide.

    18. Dr. Derrin Smith, D. says:

      Prosecute for Wikileaks, absolutely. Jam and disable the sites and arrest all the officers, directors, employees of Wikileaks. More importantly, investigate where and how so much information was compromised to Wikileaks from the U.S. and make sure that everyone who was involved gets jail time. The fact that the New York Times would celebrate Wikileaks is a grim indictment of the liberal Media…

      We can only hope that President Obama learns from revelations of the short-comings of his policies and that he changes course with the New Year.

    19. Erik says:

      Woodrow Wilson's progressive foreign policy failed?

      I have to disagree here…Wilson succeeded and the Republican Senate failed to have the same forsight that would have ratified the League of Nations Treaty. Voting against such a measure opened the door for an increasingly splintered Europe, Hitler, and eventually World War II. All of which could have been avoided by the GOP controlled Senate at the end of the first World War.

      Wilson knew of Republican isolationist views and their resistant to the League of Nations which is why he barnstormed the country after returning from Europe on a speaking tour aimed at rallying public support. Unfortunately a stroke forced him to return to Washington and spend the rest of his Presidency as a virtual recluse instead of leader. In the meantime the Senate voted down the bill.

      Upon hearing the news of America's political support for the League of Nations dying on the Senate floor President Wilson was remarked as saying "they have shamed us in the eyes of the World." He was right, and we all suffered because of it…

    20. Babs CA says:

      Great Analysis of the Current Administration. Of course, they are too busy with their own Agenda to do anything positive for America. Obama Hussein is using the United Nations to handle Domestic Matters, i.e. Arizona Border Protection, the Rights of Americans to have guns et cetera. And the Justice Department is busy with implementing Civil Trials that whould be under the Jurisdiction of the Military.

    21. Kevin, Savannah says:

      I agree with Mr. Carafano's position in principle, but does he suggest a way to proceed without turning this into a witch hunt? If the TSA is any indication of how the administration is prepared to deal with threats to national security, then we might be in for a rough round up.

    22. Beth Blevins, North says:

      Well said! I couldn't agree more in tone and statement of facts. I don't know that the Republic can withstand two more years of treachery from within our ranks. Never in the history of our nation has there been such an orchestrated effort from every sector imaginable to tear down Lady Liberty and destroy her. This hatred of the U.S — .from within — is so heartbreaking because these people cannot tell the truth from a lie. How can we persuade them? How can a nation be so politically correct that it cannot come against treason???

    23. margie oregon says:

      Has anyone noticed that the word, Communist Country, has not been used in print or on National TV in the last several years?! Have people forgotten that China, Russia, etc. are Communist Countries, their way of thinking is nothing like ours. Our once strong, free, country is losing it's power, since 2006 and even more so when Obama came into power. He needs to step down but that would take an act of Congress plus a miracle. WE NEED GOOD LEADERSHIP AND JOBS BEFORE WE CAN EVER THINK ABOUT GETTING OUT OF DEBT, WHICH BY THE WAY CONGRESS IS RESPONSIBLE FOR.

    24. Dan, SC says:

      so, the government is doing these things

      in our name,

      with our money, and

      you don't want to know about it?

      I personally like the 'government in the sunshine' method,.Generally the nasty bugs run away from the light of day.

      Is it OK for the government to view and search our computers, genitals, and families, but

      not OK for us to know about what they are doing in our name?

      Just throwing that out there….

    25. gary home says:


    26. Ernie Lane, Trinity, says:

      When I was in the Army there was a concept called "need to know." Obviously, that isn't followed with any kind of rigor if one guy — a low-ranking soldier no less — could access all that stuff.

    27. Dave - Stillwater says:

      Why not publish a couple clear pictures and the names of the leadership of the Wikileak organization and also frunish their office address so that some of our citizens can express their views directly to these people. This would fit right in

      with the present administration's intent to be more transparent.

    28. Donald DeHoff, Major says:

      There has to be more to this issue than just a couple of "free thinkers". I sense a conspiricy between that group and those who have repeatedly and clearly stated that they are going to "take over the U.S. and the rest of the world"; the Muslim/Islamic pseudo religious fanatics. A couple of persons would not have the "wherewithall" to accomplish this. We need an immediate new law that provides for the death penalty, by "firing squad", for all direct and indirect acts of treason, sedition, killing of innocent civilians, honor killings, or killing for "abandoning ones faith". Unfortunatly, I believe we have several persons in high places who may fall into one or more of the catagories. Congress and other leaders appear not to understand that this problems is getting worse every day and if we let it continue, there is going to be major "blood in the streets". Not only that, if Islam bvecomes the "law of the land", congress and the courts will all lose their jobs (and probably their heads). "They" might let them stay on for "PR" purposes but their duties will be reduced to settling family squabbles and traffic tickets.

    29. Ed Way says:

      Do you really think that Obama isn't doing this according to his and his puppet-master's plan? He's not going to do ANY of the above.

      This is very much like the English 'Appeasement' movement in the early 30's when everyone but the few, Churchill being the center, would surrender everything for 'Peace.' The Fascist and Communists were coming out of the woodwork to take advantage of their weakness. The ascent of both was enhanced by such weakness and the successes of totalitarianism and the destruction of tens of millions of people in the 20th century hinged on these irrational people. And here we are electing another sellout.

      Everything Obama and his malicious crew, including the Democrat party, have done has been carefully planned and executed. Do you think that the thousands of pages contained in the Health and other bills materialized overnight? These instruments have been in back of some traitor's desk drawer for years waiting for the moment, and two years ago the American people provided it.

    30. Dave Provo, UT says:

      It is apparent that Obama and Holder are dead in the water when it comes to national security. After the first leak they should have gone after Wikileaks with every law on the books. What will they do now threaten to try them for not holding to the fairness doctrine? The primary responsibility of our president is the security of our country but he and Holder continue to follow the policy of trying to make terrorism and thode who aid them the same as a traffic stop. Wake up folks, as my dad used to say, fool me twice and its shame on me.

    31. kerry cornelius says:

      it is hard to prosecute your own complicite croonies all the stuges !are in places of management [govt] and all need to be weeded out and banned from any govt . service and let the chips FALL /who has the guts to do it ? sadly I see no one!!!

    32. Jack Willoughby says:


    33. David, Cuero Tx. says:

      My folks taught me, that if you can't say something good , be quite. Enough quite, the no-nothing lazy liar that is in the highest position in our country is only going to try to word our enemies to death.

      But, I guess this is good, because if this idiot actually new how to do a days work; he'd accomplish a complete dismantling of our Democracy!

    34. Richard Ebeling says:

      If someone, when being employed by either the government or a private firm, has signed a "confidentiality" agreement not to disclose "insider" information and proceeds to "go public" with such information, is certainly (and should be) liable for breach of contract.

      Having said that, I believe that it is healthy and useful for the general public to know and understand how those who have political power over us think and act in their dealings with their own citizens and the leaders and agents of other governments.

      We too often fail to see and comprehend the cynicism, manipulation, and hypocrisy of the men "behind the curtain" whose actions can threaten our freedom, our wealth and income, and, indeed, our very lives.

      Most of these people are what Adam Smith once referred to as the "man of system," who views us as pawns on the "great chessboard of society," to be moved about as they wish, with little regard for the choices and wishes and liberty of the individual human beings they consider to be expendable "collateral damage" in the pursuit of their visions of the "national interest" or the "general welfare."

      Looking behind the curtain of political power is essential to the long run preservation or restoring of a free society.

      Richard Ebeling

    35. B. Hill WA says:

      Never let a Crisis go to waste says;…Rahm Emanuel

      The situation with the WkkiLeaks will give President Obama a good reason to censure web links on the internet. All they will do is wait a little bit and get Americans up in arms around the leaks, then Obama will institute a law, putting WikkiLeaks on the Terrorist list then some Americans will be happy, until he begins to censure other web sites

      Obama then has us eating out of his hands again.

      I always say, that it takes a good investigator to catch a crook. You have to think like a crook to catch one.

      Why don't we start thinking like a crook so we can know where Obama and his cronies will strike next?

      Getting ahead of the crook is the best way to subvert their intentions..

    36. Tom Wood, Hickory Hi says:

      T agree with your ideas for obama, but alaso agree he will not take one piece of advice. EVERYTHING he does, it's the wrong thing and only hurts this great country even more. I don't understand why he is not impeached, look at all the damage he's done already, we can't take another two years of this inexperienced guy.

    37. TC, Loveland, Colora says:

      Wikileaks is hiding behind the "free speech" argument while committing treason against the United States and its citizens. They should be shut down, closed up and thrown in jail swiftly, decisively and boldly. The principals should be tried as traitors and treated as such by the rest of us. Our "leadership" in Washington pledged to "defend the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic".

      "We the people" should be demanding this action now. Wikileaks is an enemy of the United States and its allies around the world.

    38. Doug Phelps, East Jo says:

      Why would Obama change course on foreign policy when he is accomplishing what he set out to do? He's reducing America in wealth, stature, and power so we can be merged into the global plantation for the benefit of his globalist elite bosses.

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    40. don h. reuben, ranch says:

      Why should any body try to tell Obama anything? Even you people can't make a silk pursre or good sense out of a fool who is egotistical and knows nothing about anything other than to bloviate

    41. Jan Morgenstern, San says:

      If we survive this Administration and all its mistakes, it will take a miracle. It was a dark day when Obama was elected President. He doesn't know ANYTHING about managing an organization, let alone a country.

    42. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Doesn't Hillary look awfully Presidential closing the State Department barn doors after everything, even the mice have escaped! Boy! This is funny! This is entertainment! It gives me so much confidence knowing Hillary is the one making sure it never happens again! Gosh! Maybe instead of two million people having access to Government Secrets there will only be a few thousand Communists with access. That will help an awful lot!

      Secretary Clinton is busy saying "We didn't do it! See how we are fixing the problem? We couldn't possibly have done it!" I am not at all fooled by this crazy business. I am suspicious of any new 'man made disasters.' The question of the hour is "Why did you Dummycrats let the first six Wikileaks go by unhandled?" I'm sure they can find some Republicans in the State Department to blame, so they can say it was apolitical! I know better. This is more of the HEART part that Cass Sunstein was promoting, indeed breaking our American hearts!

    43. STEVE, MASS says:

      If Obama and his Chicago cronies weren't so ingterested in destroying the U.S. as we have known it, then shutting down Wiki leaks and declaring them terrorists would be quick and efficient. However, Wikileaks is playing for Obama and ……do you really believe that Obama is really going to go after W.L.? If you believe that, that you really believe that there is a Santa Claus

    44. Jay, Seminole FL says:

      Is Wikileaks a terrorist organization now?

    45. John MacKercher, Flo says:

      The current discomfort with the diplomatic messages' leak will pass. Perhaps, there are advantages to such 'insider' information. It's possible our undercover shenanigans might make the likes of Iran and North Korea a tad unsure of what we might do.

      Our State Department has managed in the past 65 years to ease us from an earned status as a superpower to a predicable bumbler. When a nation is too easily scoped out from what it could do but won't, the deterrent value of our nuclear armada is seriously jeopardized.

      Since 1945, State has been rock-like dependable. It's patience is boundless. No insult is too great. Our apologies are immediate and are treasury always in play.

      So without reference to our diplomacy's consistency in giving rather than receiving, how does the scoreboard read?

      Are our United States loved? No! Are we admired? No! Are we even liked? Not really! Are we put up with? Only if there's no alternative with lots of $$$$ involved. Are we disliked more than liked? Overwhelmingly? Are we, at the very least, respected? Not even by our neighbors!

      We can be respected without using our military armada, but diplomacy should facilitate keeping our powder dry .. but always on alert to protect ourselves. We must recognize purchased friendships are fragile .. and especially so when those so-called "chips" are down.

      So what is our problem? Simply stated, our diplomacy has run aground. Two factors are working against us. We are recognized as wanting to be loved rather than respected and our diplomatic crowd's seems incapable of thinking 'out of the box..

    46. Wallace A. Streich says:

      If this had happened in 1943, what do you think FDR would do? I'm pretty sure that there would be some people who would be eliminated.

      So much for being an nice Guy BHO.

    47. Mike Prax, Fairbanks says:

      I spent a couple of hours looking for what appeared might be the more damaging diplomatic cables that were published by wikeleaks. I also followed the link to the regulations that are supposed to govern classification of documents. I didn't find any that appeared to warrant their 'confidnential' or 'secret' status, but I will allow that it could be argued that if takes only one or two of the hundreds of thousands to cause a security problem. However, I think that Mr. Carrol 'missed the boat' on this one.

      The documents do reveal the duplicitous nature of our foreign policy, but the threat to our national security interests is that duplicitous nature. The abuse of confidentiality statutes is an inevitable result of our flawed strategy and indeed necessary to maintain it. Wikeleaks revealed the problem, they didn't cause it.

      President Washington wisely advised against becoming entangled in the affairs of foreign governments. These diplomat cables illustrate why.

      It is extremely difficult to understand all of the cultural nuances that drive behavior in other parts of the world and even more difficult to change those cultures. Our national interest is best served by adhering to our own cultural standards. We proclaim to be a beacon of liberty. A beacon is designed to guide others to it. It doesn't make others come to it.

      On the other hand, overreaching foreign policy that attempts to control events rather than respect rights has been the downfall of dynasties throughout history. We are foolish to think that we are an exception.

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    49. Mary (London) says:

      Your article almost took my breath away:

      Obama 'should stand up to China and stop extending the hand of friendship

      to regimes interested in a world without freedom or America'.

      Simply and almost beautifully said. The poetry of clarity can shock the dead souls and thick tongues of appeasement into remembering what we had and how quickly America as we have known it can slide out from under us and into the dark sea.

      Obama has always meant to bring about America's and freedom's end.

      His duplicity, arrogance and subtle tyranny have nourished our enemies

      and blinded our own.

      His political correctness has held us hostage in our own land and demanded

      a self-censorship in which we risk various levels of retaliation if we dare to

      enumerate facts, for example, about Islamic terrorism and the majority of

      Muslims who practice and/or condone it, That the State Department is now appeasing tyrants because of the leaks instead of hunting down their perpetrators is just the latest indication that Obama has weakened America and

      encouraged the security-loving, freedom-hating world that yearns for our


    50. Mario NJ says:

      Dave Provo, UT etal, …. it is not just Obama that fooled us. Read the wikileaks.

      Hilary does not even feel shame! What are they doing in our name and from whom are they taken orders from? Need transparency, Glasnost is coming with some delay in our land. Wake up America! Who will save you?

    51. fredrik rusch, Campb says:

      It is very important that on vital items, the new republicans in congress do not negociate anything with the democrats before the next election. An nutralized agreement is like a contract and cannot, anymore, be used as arguments before or in the next election.

    52. Joan of Snark says:

      Follow the money. Then ask yourself why Soros is involved. Votes by the FCC on net neutrality and by the lame-duck Congress on the DREAM Act are pending; what better way to distract the people from those evils than another leak of information?

      Yes, all involved in these leaks should be prosecuted; from bottom to top to include those funding it. But consider the timing here very carefully and don't let what is little more than gossip fodder be the hill on which we die today. There are much more serious matters coming at us than this.

    53. Joan of Snark says:

      The FCC is going to vote on net neutrality. The lame-duck Congress is going to vote on the DREAM Act. Both of these are horrible, wicked attacks on American liberties that the progressives desperately need to regain their majority power.

      But wait! What better way to distract the people than another round of WikiLeaks? Follow the money, boys and girls. This is but another Soros-funded operation and therefore is not being done for the good of anyone but the progressives. That is why the contents are little more than cocktail-party gossip fodder; but the progressives are counting on the fact that because they come via the military and are things to which the average American is not privy makes them somehow "special" and will therefore capture the people's attention.

      I would argue they are just a distraction. The perpetrators (emphasis on "traitors") should be ferreted out and punished to the full extent of the law but there is plenty of time for that.

      It is far more imperative we focus our attention where it belongs. Right here on the legislation they are going to attempt to shove down our throats. Again.

    54. Condor says:

      This smuck keeps getting portrayed as an activist hacker superman, when in fact he was given the files by a US Army traitor (who will pay for his crime). This guy is just an opportunist with a hate for America.

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    56. Chuckwagonchuckie2u, says:

      The LEAKS have allowed the average person in America who can read get a better understanding of the real way the Elites in Washington carry on in their circles. Above all else these conversations were among President Obama's friends and he cannot blame President Bush.

    57. MN J says:

      It's not just that the O and his Chicago gang that wants to control everything, but they are so dense when it comes to human nature that they cannot see that they are destroying themselves in the process of destroying our nation.

      Add to that their cowardice, all we can do is hope that we get rid of the entire lot in 2012, that the R House develops a titanium backbone and sticks to it, and that no major attack occurs until O and his gang of mindless, control-oriented, weak bureaucratic thugs are ousted.

      What a pathetic crew.

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    60. pablo says:

      its really just an honest website, exposing all the lies and curruption, the USA really has involved within. Carry on Wikileaks!!! no more wars!

    61. TNSteve, Nashville says:

      Why hasn't the US government declared Wikileaks a terrorist organization, sized their assets, blocked the web site and arrested or issued a warrant for the leader? The soldier should be prosecuted for treason and executed, if found guilty, as we are at war.

      I realize that this administration does not like America much, so Congress should start doing their job as an equal branch of government and make the right things happen at every level. Starting with review of all czars, ( Shadow government), control of the EPA and every other agency or Federal law that exceeds its Constitutional authority. The way this issue and all of the others exposed by these leaks just demostrates how incompetent and/or destructive this adminstration is and why 2012 can not come soon enough.

    62. David Seattle, Wa says:

      Once the cat is out of the bag, it is very hard for it to be put back in. Most of the analysis, aside from continual political cheap shots, carries almost a fundamental lack of understanding of how information can be easily be kept safe even if a web server is taken down. What Wikileaks does, and does so well, is distribute information quickly and in such a matter that it is hard for the government to 'shut it down.' This is not taking into account the laws within Sweden where the website resides.

      Sure you can kill a web server, but that does not mean another one, with a new domain name will carry the same content. Then it becomes a wack-a-mole situation. It might provide a warm feeling deep within your soul to know that a website has been taken down but it does not mean that information hosted on it is gone as well. If the information is hosted on a system which is not attached to the internet then how is one to reach it or know where it is located. It is very easy to place information on external hard drives with very complex encryption schemes which would take years to crack even if it is found, since you are not required by law to give up any encryption keys.

      This also does not take into account that the information may be stored in more then one place, since peer-to-peer file sharing methods such as bittorrent and others which makes the disemination of information easy, and if done right, almost impossible to track. So, with more systems that have the information, the harder it becomes to remove all of the information from the public sphere.

      It does not matter what the Obama administration, the DoJ, or anyone else wanted to do once it was found out that the information was leaked, it is a matter of what is actually possible. A lack of actual technical knoweldge allows for such posturing and statements as seen here even though such big words could never have happened.

      This is the double edged sword. On one hand it allows oppressed persons all over the world a voice in order to stand up, but on the other it allows for information that some might not want to get out, to get out. There is no way of completely destroying it, as it is cached somewhere on some server that can be found if you know how to look.

    63. JohnC. Freeport, NY says:

      It's not just the Congress, the FBI, and the CIA that should be looking into the source of the WikiLeaks. The people have to demand an investigation. We are the soverign power in this Country. If the administration will not act, they should be removed from office and prosecuted. Remember, they work for us at our pleasure. We do not work for them.

    64. Anthony Colon - Flor says:

      Hey, Heritage Foundation, the WikiLeaks is a good thing for exposing our corrupt Government about another war that we should not be involved in, in the first place. I can't believe your article is so far-left that you've fallen from grace. Hurting our military personnel because of the contents of the leaks is a ridiculous analysis because they are already dying for a war that is financed for profit, not peace. Wake Up Heritage!!!

    65. GreatScott says:

      Wow, listen to the sheep on this website call for treason charges for telling the truth. What a bunch of two bit hypocrytes. Yeah, they want all of Obama's dirty laundry out in the open, but when it comes to Adolf Bushler, they want no part of the truth. I hate Obama just like the next Patriot, what you moron's don't undersatnd is 911 was a lie to have an excuse to invade Afghanistan and Iraq. WikiLeaks exposes the Governmment lies.

      Fox News call for Treason charges against the founder of WikiLeaks, but give's Obama, Pelosi and Reid a pass. Can't you idiot's think for yourslef instead of believing everything Faux News tells you???

    66. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      If somebody had the expertise, he, or she, would be able to fake government documents and then they could be dumped on WikiLeaks.

    67. Barrack Muslim Obama says:

      shame u America, country full of Hippocratic and mindless people.

    68. Ronald E Bell Spring says:

      Enough already, why do we fall for the distractions, It is time for this to stop, OUR country is the only country, that has the freedoms granted by the Constitution, the founding of this nation, introduced the very first President, in the world, The President we all have now may very well be the last, at least for US, It is time for all good men come to the aid of OUR country, Stop the BS, cut out the heart of the problem,TERM LIMITS NOW, follow the Constitution, Honor the Bill Of RIGHTS, and clean up WASHINGTON DC, and take out the Garbage.

    69. Dale Sporleder, Carm says:

      In May 1972, the Pulitzer Prize was awarded to reporter Jack Anderson for national reporting of his disclosure of the Nixon administration’s covert support to Pakistan in its conflict with India over Bangladesh while publicly officially standing its neutrality. Anderson’s information was based upon files stolen from the National Security Council and given to him. The judges stated, “The Anderson Papers brought to light facts that would not have been available through any other channels. It is this kind of exposure to the sunlight of public opinion that contributes to the integrity and ultimate success of the democratic process.” (“Report of the National Jury,” by the Pulitzer Prize jurors, March 10, 1972)

      Will the Pulitzer Prize judges now consider awarding a Pulitzer Prize to Julian Assange for his similar disclosure of stolen documents about American diplomacy?

    70. Laura X says:

      I reviewed Hon. Paul Ryan's "Roadmap" and found the map to be one that did not lead nor provide a real coverage for all Citizens of the United States Of America. I have all background information leading up to this. Health Care Reform, is necessary. However, upon review of the ensuing protests for the budget, I found that the only Health Care mentioned was in relation to "Finance" and, what demographic "should" get coverage. To contain Health Care .. Reform or otherwise to numbers only, is irresponsible. By not including this with studies of population use of insurance, leaves a generous, and.. guarantee of dates of coverage to the category – Baby Boomers. Mr. Ryan's writing .. coverage 55 and older, in regard to Medicare is not only misleading, but deceptive to those in that age range. The guaranteed date(s) of coverage? In today's financial environment? This is a long period of time where many aspects to Health Care Use by both providers and patients will be determined. Also. I shared this with some seniors who did not welcome this "generous guaranteed coverage" that Mr. Ryan puts in this gratuitous, theist grand gesture. They said that it was exactly what the Baby Boomers demanded. But, they, in the same age group did not! Looks like Mr. Ryan is granting the demographic a "no sacrifice" present! Why are they exempt from cutbacks? I know the answers and they have nothing to do with Health Care. Or… do they? With the other two groups Mr. Ryan gets right to work .. cutting and somehow bringing these folks into a more equitable position. How this is done is by defining "Medicaid" as a source of "drain". On the backs of the poor justifies this as the "Oh well" "shucks" position that Mr. Ryan is at the mercy of the "debt"
      In context, without any concurrent studies demonstrating patient use of health care as well as studies that are available both in the Public Health, Private, and Community based models. If is then that I must take exception with Mr. Ryan's "caring" about the demographic that is affluent and most able to afford to contribute their fair share if you will. It is the demographic that is, historically has refused to pay any extra monies that would have little impact on their lifestyles. Claude Peppers, Florida Ombudsman Health Care Act is one example. Enacted by the Florida Senate in 1988, this bill was welcomed by all. From senior citizens, patients with tbi, providers. I remember getting a copy from then Rep. Bill Chapel's office and literally jumping up and down for joy. This bill expanded coverage for the two populations that Mr. Ryan, not only restricts but, places a financial burden "Health Care Savings Accounts" that is neither "helpful" nor realistic for a population where bridge coverage is a matter of life or death. The third category with its ensuing Savings and "Block Grants". I had to read this one a few times before I could continue in an objective manner. Really? I wondered if the Hon. Ryan's education was for other reasons ..Perhaps the Hon. in front of his first name … with the message that He was an authority and beyond reproach?
      He "relieves fears" for a demographic that in 2011, will have an estimated 78 million entering the Medicare and SSA rolls. And, it is serendipity that this coverage is inclusive for this demographic, in writing until 2021! This is the demographic, by numbers alone will impact the retirement, Medicare and health care systems now and in the future. Systems are preparing. The AMA has begun to require "gerontology" as a requirement for those in residency. Community based models are being developed or, are ready for the surge. The basis and budget use current Health Care Reform legislation. They are excited..or perhaps were. The reductions in reimbursement, certainly were dramatic. And, I believe they exist for many reasons..not related to Health Care. Mainly either to create a false AND I do mean false "environment" of lack. Oh man.. I can't help but shake my head at what many see as blatant and in place not as a budgetary line item. Not at all! The physicians/providers are taking a rather marked cut in what is already a reimbursement system that is less. Yet, one that can be accepted with critical outcome and community studies with the patient.. included! This has a travesty! Using the "gotta make the cuts" as they are penalized somehow under the Current Legislation? Oh yes they are! By limiting $$ physicians lose focus as they recoil from the impact that is felt in the overall day to day operations.

      This alone .. the cuts.. may or may not be justified and, workable in management discussion groups. I have not only developed medical models to absorb the cuts while continuing to deliver quality services based on patient practice and disease models. I am sure you have thrown this in the trash already and are on the way to the Heritage Foundation to "work numbers" so that the demographic that this Foundation includes in their papers will breathe easy … right?

      Patient use of medical treatment with health insurance models including Medicare shows this demographic meeting "irresponsible use" consistently. Unaffected by education, self care or community support endeavors. This population consistently will go to their physician's office with requests that may or may not be related to any current medical management in place. I'll just say it like it is. The anti-social personality traits and "bully mentality" which can be agressive.. until a "get what I want when I want it" is given that is directly related to the intimidation, and mob riot tactics that are guaranteed to instill a real and very probable fear to a Physician .. who does not give in so much as give what is wanted to preserve life. I can say this with certainty. Spouses play a learned passive role which supports this. I have seen women do the same. This is systemic in this demographic. And, used in all situations to..get what is wanted or else.
      The CDC 2009 data demonstrated that this demographic had a 41% use office physician services listed as highest delivery of services. There was no denying that this would have a deleritious effect on the current health care models. Medicare expenditures alone would drain the current system by sheer numbers of people. Add to this the irresponsible use of Medical Services and this will drain current resources already stretched by numbers. This demographic if there is any cognizance of impact on population as a whole, is not observed. Demonstrated lack of concern for anything outside of themselves is consistent across life experiences. It always has been. So far, there is nothing that demonstrates this narcissistic behavior will change.
      This demographic's estimated portfolio's average around $300,000.00. The markets have had little impact. They have not suffered as many of our citizenry has. This has not one thing to do with planning or work ethic! On the contrary. These people want "guarantees" their investments are low risk. Which, they want in exchange for return that is reasonable for most investors with similar incomes. Their overall "contributions" to society is consumer driven. As one grandchild posted in a "I hate you for the mess you leave me" forum. Prevalent both in the US and Canada. A Canadian forum has a "estimated deaths per age group" counter. It is run by a pastor without malice. He also includes the burden that is placed on children. Financial is included but the overall burden on this generation has detrimental impact in what is a natural progression .. employment, socially, and their "family" system in general. Infirmity is not the issue. It is the constant demands placed upon them for "anything".. living independently of them. The "drop everything" to attend to trivial matters is expected and has consequences if the parent(s) subjectivly make that conclusion. Not shared with them.
      This dynamic meets criteria for Parental Abuse. Ambient but ever present. It is controlling and leads to deterioration of physical health and maintenance of a healthy system that was.

      The Selfish Generation is associated with this demographic. They know this .. it does not bother them. The reality goes far beyond selfish in it's pathology.

      The two groups that Mr. Ryan, and which the Heritage f

    71. liahgakwhdj says:

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