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  • Christmas Tree Plot an Inside Job

    On Friday, a Somali-born man attempted to blow up a van full of explosives at a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland, Oregon. The FBI, however, had supplied him with a fake bomb and was able to arrest him immediately as part of a well-orchestrated string operation.

    Kudos to the FBI for taking this plot down. Similarly to the recent D.C. Metro plot, the public was never in any danger—and that, of course, is a good thing.

    What isn’t a good thing, however, is the recent focus on throwing security measures at airports. This isn’t the right way to tackle terrorism. Terrorists have proven—and this plot is one example—that they don’t just stage attacks against airports. America has an endless array of potential targets, each with their own vulnerabilities. Protecting every potential target or trying to child-proof America is unsustainable.

    Conversely, this isn’t an excuse to throw in the towel on countering terrorism. We have been successful at stopping plots. In fact, there have been at least 34 foiled terror plots on U.S. soil since 9/11. The right formula, based on the lessons learned of these plots, is to stop terrorists before the public is in danger. Friday’s plot confirms this data even further.

    In the next few days, there will be a lot of talking heads commenting on how the threat of homegrown terrorism is uncontrollable and can’t be stopped. Don’t be misled. Activities aimed at sharing information among local, state, and federal law enforcement—as well as between U.S. and its allies and using law enforcement tools to find and track down leads in local communities—is still the best way to stop terrorism, whether domestic or international.

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    6 Responses to Christmas Tree Plot an Inside Job

    1. TSA Certified, Portl says:

      Would it kill you to find a picture of Portland? Most of America does not look like New England.

      Also, you pooh-pooh our counterterrorism efforts while also supporting them. Is that the new playbook? Cover all bases by saying nothing while saying everything?

      • Brandon Stewart Brandon Stewart says:

        What specifically do you disagree with in the article?

        Also the picture is from Portland. It's from Pioneer Courthouse Square.

    2. George says:

      I dont think this was a "terror plot" avoided. This guy was trying to find a job to support himself and OUR government enticed him to do something he probably would have never done. OUR government put the idea in his head. UGH this just makes me sick. People are desperate for jobs and money. Just look at our economy! People risk their own lives to support their families all the time, and now we're going to support government sponsored terror? UGH!

    3. Bobbie says:

      this man must be held accountable to his uncivil conduct and his terrorist attempt.

      As the TSA seeks to investigate every person as a potential terrorist, the president should necessarily have to go through every type of scan as he is simply untrustworthy at various levels. Every member of government showing less than 50% approval, should constitute investigation. Especially the one in the highest leadership role.

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    5. Carol,AZ says:

      What part of this foiled plot don't Americans understand?

      1. His owm father reported that his son was dangerous and would do harm if he wasn't stopped..

      2. That other people from within our own country do want to kill us

      3. The FBI did supply a fake bomb and perhaps the ACLU prefer they give him the real deal so we won't have to hear them screaming about entrapment.

      Thank you FBI and other agencies that broke this case.

      Thank you my fellow Americans.

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