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  • Climate Change Is Still About Chinese Coal

    The climate change conference starting in Cancun Monday is doomed to failure. Many factors contribute to this, such as a healthy skepticism about how much should be spent to remediate climate change, but one alone guarantees failure: Chinese coal production and policy.

    When climate change soared up the American agenda with the election of President Obama, those not swept up in blind optimism were doubtful China could be convinced to go along. The debacle of the Copenhagen summit last year finally brought the administration and its supporters back to reality.

    Prior to Copenhagen, it was already clear that Chinese coal was an insuperable obstacle to an international agreement on greenhouse gases. The past year has made the situation that much starker.

    In 2000, the official figure for Chinese coal production was 880 million tons. In less than a decade, it more than tripled to 2.96 billion tons for 2009. In the first quarter of this year, coal production jumped another 28 percent. China, which was a net exporter of coal as recently as 2008, was the world’s largest importer of coal in the first three quarters of this year and far more in the way of imports are on the way.

    China is spending a good deal of money on “green energy” and it is constantly praised for doing so. The praise is somewhat strange: the supposed switch from “black” to “green” has done nothing at all to stop coal: production growth was faster in 2008 than 2007, despite the financial crisis, and steady in 2009 before accelerating early this year. It very well may be that the PRC now accounts for half the world’s coal use.

    This is the other facet of Chinese coal policy and is just as disturbing. “It may very well be” that China accounts for half the world’s coal use because there is no longer an easy way to know. China stopped publishing coal production figures in March, possibly because it was about to cross the threshold of half of global consumption and certainly because the coal figures are embarrassing on a number of dimensions.

    The PRC has been at odds with the U.S. and other countries about monitoring and enforcement of any international environmental treaty. But how could anyone trust China to monitor itself when it is no longer even willing to provide the most basic and critical piece of information?

    The answer is that no sane person could. Cancun will be as useless as Copenhagen was, and for the same principal reason: Chinese coal. This time, however, no one will be surprised.

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    9 Responses to Climate Change Is Still About Chinese Coal

    1. Axel, Geneva. says:

      Yes I agree with all of the above, but the entire edifice of anthropogenic global warming is naught but a fallacy, and a fraudulent one at that. See over a hundred, long feature length videos and many textbooks and scientific lectures which explain why this is the case. Those videos may be viewed free of charge or subscription at the collection of the Fraudulent Climate of Hokum Science website.


      Please do youself a favour and find out the real agenda of the carbon control zealots. I thank you for your time in reading this message. – Axel.

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    4. Jeff, Ohio says:

      I agree with you Dr. Scissors but you are missing the point of the Cancun conference. The conference is simply designed to give the attendees an opportunity to display their self-importance to their colleagues in a warm tropical vacation resort. When these people begin having their winter conferences in Winnepeg, Canada, then I'll begin to listen to their blathering about Global Warming….I mean….Global Climate Change or whatever they are calling it now.

    5. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Yeah, since Global Warming was Junk Science (proof is they had to change its name to Climate Change). I do not credit Carbon with any part of the problem. Chinese coal is like Russian oil, we just stepped aside and let our enemies go beyond us. As if that were an American Interest! It is all about taking down America and nothing more!

      Our 'compelling National interest' is the destruction of everything American. Giving the Carbon/Global Warming any credibility is a RINO style mistake. It is falling for the smoke screen while the Commies take over everything. Nobody else in the world is going to ruin their Energy Sector over this Junk Science, not China, certainly. So who cares how much coal China mines? The plain fact is Progressives are squashing our American coal industry, and oil industry.

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    7. sue,tallahassee,fl says:

      I'm new to this website, but have managed to live for sixty years on this planet and not through ignorance.At this point whether or not anyone believes in "global warming" it smply doesn't matter. We have already passed the point of no return as far as our future on this planet. We spend more time and waste more energy on disputing our global situation. In the end, it won't matter what religion, race, country or even what planet you are from, we won't be able to escape from our gluttonous lifestyle.This is not a chinese,american,russian or any other nation problem. If we don't wake up and stop expecting our government to take care of us we are already doomed as a planet and the human race as we know it will cease to exist. My case in point for global change is in the june issue of National Geographic's article on "Greenland, ground zero for global warming".

    8. Lynn Shwadchuck says:

      Pointing the finger at China's coal use is a false fragmentation of responsibility. As long as economic growth is regarded as a more crucial priority than mitigating extremely dangerous climate change, China will continue to burn coal to generate electricity to make the products the West outsources to its under-regulated industrial regions. And as long as American business-boosters pay PR pros to confuse the public about climate science people won't believe there is an urgent need to reduce all kinds of consumption. If you would read this Royal Society paper being presented in Cancun, you would understand this logic.


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