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  • Giving Thanks for Freedom

    Between football and pumpkin pie, take a few minutes today to learn about the history of Thanksgiving in America. In this week’s Heritage in Focus podcast, Assistant Director of the Center for American Studies David Azerrad discusses the history and meaning of Thanksgiving in America’s uniquely free and religious society. David Weinberger hosts. Listen here.

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    2 Responses to Giving Thanks for Freedom

    1. Chris says:

      Thank you Lord for our great Thanksgiving with family and friends and lots of wonderful food. We are very grateful for our home, our family, our faith in you and our country. We are excited that so many people are Christian in this country and appreciate what they have. I also thank everyone who has supported Patriotic Christians since our inception in September. It's so great to know how many great people there are in this country, and they you want to make it even better. We are hoping to have support from all 50 states by the end of the year. Thank you again from: http://www.PatrioticChristiansToday.com.

    2. Lynn Bryant DeSpain says:

      Our actual Freedom began with the Pilgrim's experiment of Socialism living. All to share the work and the benefits of that work.

      That did not work out too well for the Pilgrims, as some worked very had at planting and hunting, and others just sat around, to self important to do much but complain.

      Then the stealing began when they found mounds. Uncovering these mounds, the Pilgrams dicovered the local Indians' food catches. The Pilgrims enjoyed the food, the Inians, not so much, they thought of it as stealing!

      This kept happening until the Indians, set on whiping out the Pilgims showed up at a dinner and were invited to eat. Very poor food to the Natives, so the Natives went out and brought in game and corn and potatoes.

      Taught the Pilgims how to plant the corn and potatoes. Each Pilgrim was responsible for what they planted and what they harvested, and that is what they would live on through the Winter.

      Sure stopped the complainers, they learned to live with blisters!

      They also learned Socialism didn't work, but that what a man earned, he got to keep, and that was called "Freedom", and that was the main reason they all left England in the first place.

      Took them three long Winters to figure this out, they never forgot. Our Founding Fathers Never Forgot, and designed our Republic by it through our Constituion.

      For the past one hundred and sixty years, the "Complainers" have come back, loud and clear, and we have slowly been reverting back to that old fashioned Socialism that nearly whiped out the Pilgilms in the first place!

      I'm not so sure if the Indians are going to be much help to us this time.

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