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  • Morning Bell: Stop Treating Everyone As An Equal Threat

    The Associated Press reported yesterday that “cabinet secretaries, top congressional leaders and an exclusive group of senior U.S. officials are exempt from toughened new airport screening procedures when they fly commercially with government-approved federal security details.” The article goes on to report that while the rest of the public is still subject to either a body scanner or “an intimate personal pat-down,” as of Friday the Transportation Security Administration had exempted pilots from the procedure, and then on Tuesday they added flight attendants to the exemption list.

    Americans have every right to be upset about this double standard. But the solution is not ending the exemption for government officials, pilots, and flight attendants. The solution is ending the blanket body scanner requirement altogether. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano says the TSA is taking a “risk-based, layered security approach.” But the TSA’s continued policy of pat-downs or body scans for all suggests otherwise.

    Our nation does still face a real threat from terrorists intent on attacking passenger air travel. But that threat simply does not justify the indiscriminate use of body scanners for primary screening. The TSA should not be targeting all passengers equally. Instead, the TSA should be practicing “focused security” that directs the most resources against the greatest risks. Programs like Secure Flight could be used to allow low-risk passengers about whom a great deal is known to pass through unmolested. Leisure travelers like families traveling together would receive cursory inspection. Then the TSA could focus the lion’s share of its resources on high-risk passengers about whom either nothing is known or there is specific negative information.

    The best security is intelligence and law enforcement that finds and stops the bad people before they get near the plane. Pretending that everyone is a risk, as the TSA does now, is a weak substitute for intelligence. Most of this physical screening going on now has no place in primary inspection lines. There should be some common-sense screening at the airport, but let’s stop pretending that that is the best line of defense. The TSA must back off forcing all travelers to go through body scanners.

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    102 Responses to Morning Bell: Stop Treating Everyone As An Equal Threat

    1. Corky, Howey in the says:

      There is NO reason racial profiling cannot be used in a case of aircraft security. The ONLY ones who will complain will be the ACLU and they DON'T COUNT!

    2. Twister says:

      Just like Obamacare – always their special exemptions – pretty soon it will be all registered democrats who are exempt.

    3. Tom Wood, Hickory Hi says:

      I thought a law was law for everyone, no exemptions. What makes ythem better than us? Same as raising taxes, what do they care, they don't pay their taxes, they just take from us!

    4. toledofan says:

      It's all a ruse to get everyone to go through the scanners. It's like the kid that takes his ball and goes home because he didn't get his way; we don't want the scanners so guess what we'll do this until you say uncle. The government is out of control and is whittling away at our 4th amendment rights; where is the ACLU, where are all the left wing nuts that screamed about the Patroit Act and the wiretaps. Isn't it just a bit ironic that all of a sudden everybody is considered a threat? I thought that we didn't have a terrorist problem? Did I miss something, was the alert level raised, are we in more danger today that a year ago, did we catch some 'terrorists'? The whole mess is a left wing approach to how big government acts; our way or the highway dude, and don't forget it. Pathetic.

    5. Clarence J. Angelett says:

      A frog fell in a container of cold water that was on a fire. As the temperature of the water increased the frog had only a slight discomfort until he was boiled to death. Americans who do not disaprove of the air security of this country, which violates our fourth amendment rights, will one day find that their and our rights will have be volunteered away. Obedience of the law, even when we acknowedge the loss of our freedoms, will produce the same result as playing Russian Roulete with an automatic pistol.

    6. James - Longdrycreek says:

      Mark Steyn observes that TSA and Homeland Security looks for "things," not the profile of a terrorist. In Israel, their security forces look for terrorists first.

      After 26 years with the FBI, Slow Draw Pistole and Arizona's gift to the Republic Janet N[apolean] go after things, not terrorists.

      Give the cabinet and high profile Kremlin [D.C.] officials a pass while the rest of the unwashed [infants and cripped grandmothers] are rousted about like peanuts in a barrel. So intelligence indeed.

      I have no confident in the US Government. Not in a long time. We are a Nation governed by fools!

    7. Neil Goeckerman, Tay says:

      You're kidding right? The reason for the full body scan is to remove responsibility from the TSA. The agency in charge of security says,

      "How can I make my job easy? Should I rely on good intelligence work and trained screeners or rely on an invasive humiliating (to some) scan or prison inmate style frisk?"

      The former requires hard work. The latter transfers the responsibility on to the equipment. Have you heard you sometimes have to wave a paycheck in front of a government employee to see if he/she is dead or just sleeping? And in the case of death a spasmodic clutching may occur? Which choice do you think they make? Oh sorry, they already made it.

    8. William E. Baer says:

      It appears to me that for travel within the United States and Canada it is past time

      to heavily promote high speed and even moderate speed rail travel versus air. It

      is time that the tempo of Americans in general was slowed down a bit…partake of a little more of the "stop and smell the roses" so to speak. Too man people "RUNNING to and fro…"

    9. Tom Pritchard, Sun C says:

      In my opinion, they treat everyone as equal because of all of the dissidents and just plain idiots that live in the USA. If a bomb gets through and an airplane blows up, They'll scream "where was the security", so let them groan and moan now and remain safe. If they don't like it, too bad!!! Maybe some of the procedures can be slightly altered but it's better to be safe than sorry.

    10. Brian says:

      I just want to set the record strait. Everyone is not subject to the body scanners. They are only a secondary screening process after suspicion or an alarm was caused by the metal detector. I agree that something has to change but I wish people would get that fact correct when complaining.

    11. Gail GR MI says:

      Thomas Jefferson hated a monarchy………..we have created one!!

      We are here for their service, not the other way around!! Pay your taxes, let them scan your bodies, give up any thought of rights as we formerly knew them.But most of all shut the hell up and sit down!

      Bow before the Kings and Queens of Government? Maybe they need to get down into the huddled masses again!

      Do you feel safer today? I do not! I feel abused!

    12. G.W.MacLaughlin says:

      EVERYONE should be included!!!!

    13. John Ellis - Matthew says:

      It is time all Americans, the presidant, congress, all goverment employees must be included in all laws – no exceptions. If they pass any health care reguations they must come under the same law and coverage. If they break any law they will go to jail the same as any citizen. Cheating on taxes, bribes, and any law they pass – they may not be exempt under any reason.

      Term limits of max. 18 yrs. to any elected office. They may not be hired under any govermnent agency and be allowed to collect retirement pay from a govt. agency until they reach at least 65. This would apply to all federal or state employee's.

    14. Double Ace says:

      Comments that are disagreed with will be censored by the heritage foundation web administrator and will not be posted.

    15. Kathleen Hamburger, says:

      Just change the word "Profiling" to common sense. In the world of law enforcement, they use information, intelligence and M.O. (mode of operation) to put the case together and narrow the search for a guilty party. Israel has a very effective security plan, learn from them.

    16. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

      Here is my belief/opinion. It is based on everything political that has been happening since Bush 1, Clinton, Bush2, and now Obama and company to hammer in the final nails into the coffin of the U S A. I want to be wrong, but my "gut feeling" my "sixth sense" tells me I am not.

      This T S A "thing" has little to do with airport or passenger security, but more to do with making the American people compliant with government intrusion, along with unConstitutional means of enforcement. All in the name of "safety and security" Start with a high profile menace, then work your way down to high profile corporate buildings, then to the streets of the U S A. Yes this will take a few years as long as the "sheeple" are willing to accept it.

      It seems that millions of Americans are prepared to give up their liberty, in exchange for "safety and security" If "we" continue to do this, one fine morning we will wake up, only to find that "we" have neither safety, security, and liberty.

      Oh sure, there will be an illusion of a democracy, an illusion of "freedom" via sex drugs, rock "n" roll, all the sports a person can handle, possibly the use of foul language on mainstream radio and T V, but basic freedoms and liberty will be gone, in order to protect you, and to take care of you.

      It might be a good idea to pop these trial balloons before they get too high.

    17. Steve Miller, Rockvi says:

      The government always sends out an elephant to squash a fly which they have done with the body scanners requirement. Those of us who travel more frequently would be willing to be cleared before we leave for our trips to avoid the hassles. Why can't the frequent flyer obtain the same type of clearance capability as Pilots, etc. El Al Airlines and the State of Israel do not use the invasive tactics that we are now employing and they have not had the issues that that country would certainly be as a target for terrorists.

    18. Linda, Indiaina says:

      If this is about security, how about "securing" our border between US and Mexico. How about "screening" these illegals as they enter our country! This is about control…..conditioning us as more liberties and constitutional rights are being taken from us day by day. Wake up folks, we are in a heap of trouble.

    19. Turner, Massachusett says:

      This is part of Islamic chaos, instead of being allowed to put our fishing lines into the right pond with profiling, we are being made to fish in puddles on the sidewalk. They will be strip searching for Islamic terrorists at churches next. We are avoiding all the proper and correct ways to deal with this matter.

    20. Joe Couture says:

      This is just another excuse for the Feds(HLS) to hire more government workers.

    21. Robert, North Richla says:

      I agree completely. When people stop flying (in significant numbers), then the airline lobby will take care of this problem. This problem exists with every single branch, agency or department of our government. A lot of expense, and virtually no results with a very high cost. Unfortunately, most major corporations are run in a similar fashion.

    22. Barb Lennox FL says:

      "Focused Security" is the right approach Try focusing on travelers without luggage, with one way tickets, paid in cash, who look nervous! But the truth is those who wish to do harm have cargo, ships, stadiums and lots of other ways. We flew safely for a year after the underwear bomber incident so what is the point is scanning for him now. We need leadership that refuses to act scared not leaders who appear to be accomplices to the terrorists. TSA workers should strike over inhumane working conditions.

      If focused security is another name for profiling well great then profile. It Letting muslims opt out of scanners and pat downs negates the whole point of the security system.

      Somewhere out there we can hear the terrorists giggling at how they have disrupted our lives. If everyone stops flying because of this and the airlines fail they will have won. Economic destruction is what they want. Anyway to bring America down, And this administration is helping them. Can't wait to read the history books on this presidency. .

    23. Ted in San Leandro, says:

      I believe that this Transportation Security Administration (TSA) action to strip ordinary law-abiding citizens of their rights to privacy, dignity and respect as they travel is nothing less than the American Citizens' 9/11. In taking this action, our ruling elites have essentially "thrown down the gauntlet". They are challenging us to resist their relentless campaign to neutralize the rights guaranteed to us by the United States Constitution and to impose their will upon the American people in utter disregard for the peoples' wishes. Once rights are taken away, it is nearly impossible to get them back. Therefore, I believe that it is critically important for the American people to begin resisting this campaign immediately, by all legal means. Otherwise, we risk a slide into totalitarian rule.

      Over the past two years, I think that it has become abundantly clear to anyone who has been paying attention that the current Administration and the Congressional Majority have been utterly contemptuous of the will of the majority of Americans, and that they regard the United States Constitution as merely a collection of pesky rules that need to be circumvented; especially those rules having to do with citizens' rights. But I think that most Americans do not agree with them on these points, as evidenced by the trouncing that they received in the 2010 elections. And now the TSA has unleashed this latest outrage upon the American people, shortly before a treasured American holiday, as if to say to the American people, "Here is what we think of your so-called Rights! Oh, and by the way, Happy Thanksgiving."

      Undoubtedly, some people believe that the new airline passenger screening rules are truly necessary. I certainly respect their opinion, but I disagree. As far as I know, no other western country indiscriminately subjects airline passengers to this treatment, not even the Israelis who are certainly no strangers to terrorism. Other people might be highly uncomfortable with the new rules, but will be tempted to rationalize their acquiescence. To those I say, don't acquiesce, or you will likely regret it, and you will do a disservice to yourselves and to your fellow citizens.

      We clearly need a change in Government. The 2010 elections were a good start, but we will need to finish the job in 2012. We need to put some better people into the government who know that their job is to serve us. It is not the other way around. That way, we hopefully will no longer need to be constantly looking over our shoulders to see if someone is creeping up to try to take away our rights.

      Oh, and by the way. Happy Thanksgiving!

    24. Greg A says:

      Wow a Common sense approach.

      Here Here !!

      So Just another thing the leadership does not have to do, but they know that is is good for us!

      Social security, health care, travel perks!!

      How do I get and do everyday without the government telling how to do it??

      Happy Thanksgiving

    25. Len Johnson, Wilkes- says:

      The trouble with any bureaucracy is that all employees must follow procedure, and every procedure is written down: individual judgement is NOT allowed.

      Since we know black people are not a greater threat than any other group, maybe we can get Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson on board for Behavioral Profiling.

    26. chyatt Albuquerque says:

      It's time for more change in 2012.

    27. Paul Stratman, Cold says:

      Before we cast these exemptions in stone, perhaps we should examine more closely these Hollywood productions in which disguises (including duplicated retinal lens) rule the day, e.g., Bruce Willis and his retired CIA pals breaking security at the Langley headquarters in the movie "RED".

    28. Adr, California says:

      What is wrong with random search? Profiling? ultrasound instead of CAT scan? canine bomb sniffing? Remember underwear bomber went through scan, even if he had a pat-down, I doubt if he would be discovered carrying that package. That case is perfect example for dog sniffing and profiling.

    29. ds harris says:

      If the TSA cannot develop a screening protocol of guidelines or rules, perhaps someone could start a contest (like netflix) did, and offer a prize for the best screening protocol.

      Surely those who have been flying for 50 years and have racked up over one million miles should be screened differently than other passengers.

      The screening process should start when the ticket is purchased, or before. Not when someone gets to the airport.

      Maybe TSA should be issuing flight permits, with photo ids and fingerprints, with background checks for those who want to purchase airline tickets.

      By allowing members of congress, government employees, and others to avoid the checks, there is an implicit acknowledment that indiscriminate searching of all others violates the constitutional safeguards against unreasonable search and seizure

    30. laurie, Hawaii says:

      Yes, Heritage! This is a horrific destruction of individual freedom only to feed the pockets of the real enemies of our country, the George Soros gang and all the others getting big bucks out of the scanner "investment" This must be stopped immediately and kick out these government gropers and stand up for the American flag and freedom, to keep our country out of the hands of slave state power tyrants. We need sanity, honesty and integrity back into the government! We are fed up with the Feds!!!

    31. G. Young says:

      Gee, we would not want a pilot to sneak through security and get control of a plane! Of course pilots should be exempt. They are one of the most important links in the chain of aviation security. So a $10 an hour new hire TSA employee can stroll around a security checkpoint but pilots can't? There is ZERO benefit to forcing pilots to go through pat downs. What is a pilot going to sneak through exactly? A gun to hold to his own head? Get real.

    32. Dan Hanlon, St. Paul says:

      Correct this is over the top for 99% of Americans, the use of full body scanners and the recent increased pat-down searches are invasive and continue the government's encroachment into our lives. Where does it stop? Those that are creating these decisions need to be identified so the American people know who to respond to. Which government officials? Why is this being done to the American people, they are not asking for it? The rhetoric that the TSA is only doing it's job is dismissive, as one could argue that's exactly what those in the Nazi ranks said too, they were just doing their job… Problem is, it's not the right job and if they ought to also be protesting the government for requiring this of citizens. Most Americans I know are not fearful people, and it's offensive that the government continues to indicate Americans are fearful. BS. Talk to a few Americans and you will find them the opposite of fearful. Intelligence gathering is routine and you're correct in stating that information should be used at the airports along with some common sense so 99% are prefiltered prior to the more invasive approach. What a waste of intellectual capital, and accordingly the continuing dumbing down of not only America, but the world. Frankly, we the populace are not that dumb.

    33. John Ellis - Matthew says:

      It is time to have a constitutional ammendment that requires all citizens – including the president, all of congress and all federal employees to be required to have all laws they pass be applied to them 100%. Any health car policy would replace all coverage or policy they have in effect. Their retirement policy would not take effect until our SS or Retirement policies could go into effect 62 or 65 yrs. of age. (except for military) No one can colledt pay and retirement from any federal agency at the same time unless over 65 yrs. of age. Term limits of a max. of 18 yrs. total to all state and federal elected office (combined). (The president is limited to two terms – 8 yrs.)

      They would face the same crime rules for any law broken. Taxes not paid, Bribes, – all laws as any citizen. Also only American Citizens are covered by our Constitution. No payments of any money can to given to non-citizens.

    34. Donald J. Cole - Cyp says:

      What is most troubling to me, is that we Americans, collectively, have, for the most part, stood idly by as our Nation and our revered institutions crumble before our eyes. I am certain, however, in my heart and mind, that there remain enough true Patriots in our beloved America to save her. The November 2 elections were a good beginning . . . but just a beginning. There is much to do and, perhaps more importantly, much to Undo.

      As for the TSA's ludicrous and abusive airport searches and assaults in the name of security, (I will do all I can to be as civil as possible) there is one "old fashioned" word that completely describes the charade: Poppycock! In light of the juvenile level of management skills with the organization, what the TSA acronym communicates to me is: Total Stupidity Abounds. God help us,and God bless America.

    35. ROY S. MALLMANN II S says:

      It is totally amazing how a country like the United States could be held hostage by a small group of minority activists who dreamed up the concept of "racial profiling" to subvert the U.S. Constitution. This is pure and simple bull puckey. Given that only one group of people are committing acts of terrorism and hijacking aircraft to cause mass caualties, why in the heck are we searching everyone else? Have you lost your minds? Do you realize how much crime could be eliminated if enforcement was concentrated on the two groups that committ over 75% of violent crime? So-called "racial profiling" is not prohibited by the Constitution like these liberals want you to believe. Hopefully, the Republican Congress can address this issue and return this country to a true nation where the rule of law is enforced.

    36. Mary Vewnice FL says:

      The whole thing is ridiculous! While waiting to be screened one day amid thousands of fellow travelers it occurred to me that right here would be a perfect place to detonate a bomb. I mean there are thousands of people lined up waiting. We need to do something different! Your suggestions are good but is anyone listening?

    37. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      Holy Cow!!!

      I can NOT believe the HF would post -

      "Stop Treating Everyone As An Equal Threat"

      I AGREE

      I am NOT a Terrorist, and Resent being treated like one.

    38. gary sheldon AZ says:

      I am reminded by the phrase"weak substitute for intelligence" re: TSA policy is very much like "today's leader of the free world" is a weak substitute for for a decisive American president whose only decisive goal seems to be the destruction of this Republic.

    39. LAWRENCE WATTS, GREE says:

      your information on the full body pat down and search is not complete without telling us who the body exray machines were produced by and who is making the profit from the governments purchse of this equipment. There is no reason why TSA should not extend the search to government buildings. Some one in the government is making a pot full of money on this program. Who is it? Surely your staff must know who is making the profit from the sald of this ewuipment.

    40. Corey, Perrysburg, O says:

      Although I do agree that a step in the right direction is "focused security", I personally think that the best solution is to disband the TSA altogether and allow (or even require) each air travel provider to supply their own security measures. This would allow for competition in the air travel security game and would, in turn, make travel easier and more enjoyable. Also, there could then emerge certain airlines that would require little to no security; kind of a "fly at your own risk" airline that could be discounted or at least focus on other amenities. That's just my two cents.

    41. Robert Nelson-Nianti says:

      Of course your plan makes sense but you will quickly be accused of the heinious crime of "profiling". To me, when a particular group of people are the cause of the things we are trying to prevent, that group should be "profilied" for particular attention. When white haired grandmothers start commiting crimes, they should be identified for extra attention.

    42. Ron Roberts says:

      TSA does profile. As a recipient of two total knee replacements, the buzzer goes off, & I have received the very unpleasant pat-down for several years. Even with the full body scan, I still am forced to endure the severe body pat-down.

      So, if you have new knee joint, hip replacement or other medical metal in your body, you are automatically signaled out as security risk, & forced to endure pat-down.

      While waiting for my tortuous pat-down, I have observed an 85-year old grandmother being patted down, while a suspicious looking middle easterner waltzes through security, untouched!!!

    43. DAVE, NAPA CA says:

      It is a problem to explore every stick of straw in order to look for the needle in the hay stack. TSA seems to react to each oncoming threat with an answer or new trick every 12 months afterwards. Now the terrorists are putting explosives in their body cavities. How will TSA figure this one out? Stop spending money on the entire body of travelers and look at those who are the real threat, just as the Israel security does.

    44. Ron Derry NH says:

      I think when a government instills a program so blatantly offensive it is designed to be just that.

      China and Russia are moving to dump the dollar, our economy is not growing, and Obama is a skilless leader.

      Our country has no leverage on the world market as the dollar is a shadow of its former strength while the game to use debt to leverage China into the world monetary fund has failed at a price America can barely recover from….so why not? So why not harass the American public and create a diversion? Why not act as though a real and present threat exists in flying when the real threat is Washington's inability to manage its allegiances to who controls the purse strings of America;s destiny?

      Obama and his administration look as though they have no sense because the game they are playing serves another purpose.

    45. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Yeah, right! As if that'll happen. The reason for it is simple. It's political correctness.

      Why treat everybody equal? Because we can't do what the Israelis do___mainly so-called "racial profiling." If we had that here before 9/11, then Mohammed Atta and Co., wouldn't have been able to board the first flight, Flight 11, out of Logan, and crash it into the World Trade Center. The other flights wouldn't have crashed into the World Trade Center's South Tower, the Pentagon, and a field in Shanksville, PA. (United 93, which was probably on its way to Washington to be crashed into either the Capitol, or the White House, like something out of the last pages of the Tom Clancy novel Debt of Honor). Why doesn't El Al, Israel's state airline, have any problems? It profiles passengers. ""Why are you here?" "How long do you plan to be in Israel?" Those are the questions that are asked. In Israel, they don't give you the federal fondle, they don't require you to take your shoes off,

      they don't require you to go through scanners that don't work. They have a series of

      questions that are asked by questioners who are rotated out every two weeks. Why

      couldn't we be more like Israel?

    46. Al Franz, Walpole, M says:

      It is my understanding that the country most hated by terrorists is Israel & they have the safest airline. They practice a focused method of security. Why don't we? Why mess with success?

    47. Earl, QUEENS, NY says:

      I saw an interesting comment posted on CNSnews. (Boehner: GM Bailout Hurt ‘Tens of Thousands’ of Americans, Friday, November 19, 2010) The commentor suggested a possible motive (for this outrageous unconstitutional action by the TSA). First it was the bailout and government takeover of GM, and perhaps airlines next?? He said many people making trips under 300 miles will drive instead of fly. My reply to him was: I read it here first. I should’ve thought of that myself!! The only correction I could make to it is the “….300 miles or less….” Make it 1,200 miles. I haven’t traveled by plane in 17 years. All of my trips between Florida, New York and Connecticut since then have been by car. Of course we know the most regulated industries are the ones that are hurting the most. First the auto industry. Now the airlines, which have already been hurt by years of government regulation. Labor unions have also hurt these industries, and have benefited from government takeovers.

      It seems the airlines will soon lose so much business because of the TSA, that they will talk about bankruptcy. Then Voila!! The BHO regime will step in, bail them out, and take over the industry!!And of course everyone should know that these new TSA rules won’t keep us safe. If they really cared about our safety, they’d stop the politically correct BS!! If profiling is needed, then they should just do it. Target those who are a real threat!! Further, as for protecting us, if they really cared about our safety, these BHO Administration miscreants would also start securing our national borders!!

    48. Scott Boise ID says:

      The hijacking of planes on 911 occurred for two reasons: 1) Cockpits were accessible. 2) The unexpected element of surprise, leading to passenger passivity. Neither of these two conditions exist today. 911 cannot be repeated. Potential damage is limited to the lives of those onboard a plane at any one time. Yes – a plane could be blown up. But let's stop pretending (stupidly) that one can commandeer a plane with fingernail clippers or a pocket knife.

      Right now, the biggest threat to passenger security are plastic explosives – and these can easily be concealed in the rectum. These scanners do nothing for that – nor do pat downs or wands. Dogs would work. So continue the procedures used for the last 10 years; add canine units to check for plastic explosives – checking bags and people – on a high level but random basis; Then add behavioral and situational profiling to narrow the threat and recheck those people twice. This would add one extra layer of security that would better insure passenger safety.

    49. Judith in Michigan says:

      The exemptions being granted to specific groups such as senior government officials, flight attendants etc from being subjected to the TSA extreme screening sounds an awful lot like the policy of many exemptions this administration is handing out to other specific groups from participating in certain rules and regulations.

      111 industries have been granted a waiver from implementing parts of Obamacare. Congress is exempted from the Healthcare bill altogether. Unions have been bestowed with various exemptions, too.

      This appears to be either a gross ineptitude in creating laws and regulations, bowing to intimidations by groups such as CAIR and George Soros & Co, or it is "business as usual" in granting perks to those who "play ball". or are the "favored".

    50. Matt Bierek, Oregon says:

      We should follow the lead of Israel where airport security is concerned. The real damage caused by the terrorists is not from hijacking and bombing, it's from the disruption to our way of life through these intrusions into our freedom. The terrorists are exploiting the legal web the liberals have spun as a weapon against all Americans.

    51. J. Boyd Louisiana says:

      Something is wrong with our security picture – we have to search, scan, grope, and otherwise humiliate everyone within the US for safety reasons, but we don't have a system that can even discover a North Korean nuclear plant under construction until North Korea tells us about it and where it's located? Our Congress and Administration need refocusing and need to get out of the political correctness and vote gathering mode – for our own safety!

    52. teyetus says:

      Right on! Focusing on high risk passengers is the only wise way to solve the problem. Any expectation of 100% success is unreasonable but, by using the same or similar methods as used in Isreal would most likely work. They are the most challenged of any because of the threats they face. Is the focus on high risk passengers "profiling"? Yes, and properly so. We need to get over the idea that profiling is a bad thing when it comes to security.

    53. Leon LOngchamp, Rusk says:

      How many terrorists have been apprehended by the magnetic scanners? I doubt that any have. Most scanners go off when a person forgets a piece of metal.

      I have a pacemaker and am body seached every time I fly and have no objection.

      But we need to stop indescriminate full body scans and focus on those who are potential risks. For example a woman with her child cannot be considered a risk, just as a prominent American politician. Anyone who has a record as a proud American should be exempt from this intrusion on ones privacy.

    54. Lee-White Tanks AZ says:

      Does anyone else see this TSA thing as nothing more than a trial balloon in terms of organization and what "will" the public stand for in the guise of "Safety".

      Secretary Napolitano has already tested the waters with comments about using these Scan Devices for Games, and for other transportation forms such as trains, subways and buses. A work force in the hundreds of thousands would be required for such a screening endeavor.

      Nobody moves anywhere without the watchful eye of the TSA. Talk about Owellian! Only one sentance away from the Gestapo or the KGB and "may I see your papers"!!!!

      It just seems to me that this could easily become a "Civilian" quasi military organization answerable outside current chains of command and Congressional oversight. It sounds eerily like Obama's urban Brownshirts dressed up in blue.

    55. Phil Ficarra says:

      I'm curious as to what would prevent a terrorist bomber intent on killing the passengers of a plane from just detonating an underwear or shoe bomb in the congested security lines. In bigger airports those security checkpoints sometimes hold several hundred people all snaked thru the roped off lines. I know the dramatic effect of blowing up an airborne plane is preferable to terrorists but they could bring the airline industry to a grinding halt simply by detonating prior to security scans and pat downs. What's the TSA's plan for that I wonder?

    56. Lee-White Tanks AZ says:

      Does anyone else see this TSA thing as nothing more than a trial balloon in terms of organization and what "will" the public stand for in the guise of "Safety"?.

      Secretary Napolitano has already tested the waters with comments about using these Scan Devices for Games, and for other transportation forms such as trains, subways and buses. A work force in the hundreds of thousands would be required for such a screening endeavor.

      Nobody moves anywhere without the watchful eye of the TSA. Talk about Orwellian! Only one sentence away from the Gestapo or the KGB asking "may I see your papers"!!!!

      It just seems to me that this could easily become a "Civilian" quasi military organization answerable outside current chains of command and Congressional oversight. It sounds eerily like Obama's urban Brownshirts dressed up in blue.

    57. Andrew Luck, AZ says:

      I have recently read books by Michelle Malkin, Dick Morris, Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck,Sean O'Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Gov Palin,David Limbaugh, Karl Rove, Newt Gingrich and just finished President G.W.'s most fascinating book. Knowing that knowledge is power I pulled up these books on Barnes and Noble to see "what readers who purchased this book also purchased" and found "Don't Take My Lemonade Stand" by Janie Johnson. After doing my homework I found her book to be praised by Steve Forbes, Ambassador John Bolton,David Asman, Coach Lou Holtz and David Limbaugh. What an impressive list for a first time author. I picked it up yesterday and cannot put it down. Here is what Steve Forbes said

      If kids had read this book a generation ago, we wouldn't be in the mes we are in today"

      Here is a comment written on it:

      Understand what makes America great . . . read Don't Take My Lemonade Stand Customer Rating See Detailed Ratings

      Posted August 5, 2010, 2:43 AM EST: Don't Take My Lemonade Stand is a must read, especially for children, who want to know what really makes the American economy the envy of the world. The liberal U.S. media does not give an accurate report or picture of what really works to keep this country prosperous and strong. Don't Take My Lemonade Stand will help everyone understand the principles that provided the foundation for our past economic growth and success. This understanding is vital for anyone to be able to chart a path into the future that will lead to continuing growth and prosperity for future generations or Americans.


      "If We Do the Posible, God Will Do the Impossible"

    58. Jim Lyon says:

      Isnt that just like the govt,tax us to death,control are every move including telling us how or what we can do with the property we own or pay on.Then they are not playing by the same rules baah hummbug.Know all that has to happen is a radical get through an airport scan and blow up an airplane and kill alot of people.I think then the people who bend the rules should be put on trial for murder according to the body count,period.By the people for the people nothing less,only govt

    59. Lee-White Tanks AZ says:

      Just an exercise in connecting the dots

      Does anyone else see this TSA thing as anything more than a trial balloon in terms of organization and what "will" the public stand for in the guise of "Safety"?.

      Secretary Napolitano has already tested the waters with comments about using these Scan Devices for Games, and for other transportation forms such as trains, subways and buses. A work force in the hundreds of thousands would be required for such a screening endeavor.

      Nobody moves anywhere without the watchful eye of the TSA. Talk about Orwellian! Only one sentence away from the Gestapo or the KGB asking "may I see your papers"!!!!

      It just seems to me that this could easily become a "Civilian" quasi military organization answerable outside current chains of command and Congressional oversight. It sounds eerily like Obama's urban Brownshirts dressed up in blue.

      Just a Thought

      Have a really great Thanksgiving.


    60. Lil, San Diego says:

      Is it possible that those poor souls who make up the Obama Team still don't quite grasp who it is who hates us?!?!?? It is truly amazing to witness the stupidity of this approach, the pat-down, wand-down, and scan of a 7-year old with all the seriousness of "security" blazing forth from the TSA person! This govt is so out-of-control that it will take, more than likely, decades to recover from this level of incompetence!

    61. Ron Wilner, Newburgh says:

      All law-abiding American citizens have been reduced to potential terrorist status. These TSA representatives couldn't identify a real terrorist if they tripped over them. No one can convince me that the manpower required for these absurd practices makes anyone feel safer especially when cargo is a more likely terrorist alternative.

      Ron Wilner

      Founder and Creator of the Taboo Party

      Throw All Bums Out of Office

    62. Ed Ross says:

      I don't agree with those critics who say the United States has too man airports and too many flyers to implement an Israeli-style airport-security system. TSA has become an enormous bureaucracy. We could implement the Israeli system with one third less employees and use the cost savings to pay for the additional training required. Unfortunately, it's going to take another 9/11-scale terror attack or a Republican president before we do that.

    63. Donald DeHoff, Boone says:

      Too many Americans, still "don't get it". They bitch and complain about everything, but ignore the realities of life, especially when it comes to the terrorist problems. I see very few serious constructive suggestions on how to solve these issues. Terrorists have studied and tested for years the methods of getting their fanantical pseudo religious ideas and conceipts into place, world- wide. They have and will continue to place bombs on and "in" children, women and men and use any other method(s) necessary to accomplish the task. Exempting pilots and crew is dumb, as it takes relatively little effort to dress appropiately with fake ID and go thru the system, and while in the covered ramp on the way to the airplane, remove their crew hat and jackets and set in a coach seat. All crew members and aircraft support people should only be moved through seperate entrances, with one or more "personal recognition" crew members granting access. All this ranting and raving will come to a screeching halt when the next airplane blows up as a direct or indirect result of reduced screening—"the silence will be deafening" in inverse proportion to the "finger pointing". I suggest the government declare a limited "Martial Law" for just the airline industry and have congress review it every 6 months for revisions and adjustments.That will get most everyone involved. And yes, the problem is going to get much worse before it gets better.

    64. Julie, Minneapolis says:

      For an administration with a societal view that is so for equaluty and against bullying, this is exactly what they are doing. They preach peace and understanding using education and psychology to understand and deal with sociatal issues but in the issue of airport security have put all education and common sence aside and now have taken on the practice of bullying passangers. We need an infusion of common sence here, let's start using our brains to figure out who might be the real risk, profiling is the necessary to keep Americans safe. We need to stop abusing our nonviolens citizens for the sake of not offending the terrorist who wants to kill us.

    65. Gene Fluker says:

      Please ask why if security is so important why, don't the oboma administration start with securing the border./

    66. gENE fLUKER says:

      If secirity is so important why, don't the administration secure to borders first.


    67. Al Reasin, Conowingo says:

      My questions sent to FNC for TSA's Mr. Pistole

      Question 1: Has the TSA ever tested the enhanced pat down process and backscatter x-ray machine with a replica of the underwear bomber's explosives to see if it could be detected? Reports are that the reps of the manufacturer of the backscatter x-ray machine have said it would not have worked. If this is correct, why are we doing this?

      Question 2: You have publicly said you will not use the Israeli system of checking for weapons/terrorists because the USA doesn't profile. The Israelis profile behavior which every law enforcement officer in America does as the Capitol Police did to me on December 1, 2009; so why isn't that allowed by the TSA?

      Question 3: It has been said that Israelis have so many fewer passengers their system wouldn't work in the US. The actual judgement has to be based on comparing our airports to the Israeli airports, not total passengers that fly. So other than the profiling question, why would their system not work in the US?

    68. Judith in Michigan says:

      The exemptions being granted to specific groups such as senior government officials, flight attendents etc from being subjected to the TSA extreme screening sounds an awful lot like the many exemptions this administration is handing out to other specific groups from participating in certain rules and regulations.

      111 dustries have been granted a waiver from implementing parts of Obamacare. Congress is exempted from the Healthcare bill altogether. Unions have been bestowed with exemptions, too.

      This appears to be either a gross inepitude in creating laws and regulations, bowing to intimidations by groups such as CAIR and George Soros & Co, or it is "business as usual" in granting favors to those who "play ball". or are the "favored".

    69. Judy, New York City says:

      Q. Isn't US law supposed to be for one and all?

      Q. If our President, Congress, diplomatic corps, special interest unions, banks, businesses etc. get special treatment of any kind (not having to suffer with ObamaCare medical care coverage, not having to pay interest on back taxes like Gaithner & Rangel, not having to be nude scanned or patted down, or getting a bail out) like the rest of the 'little people' and US middle class making over $200,000, isn't that unfair, unAmerican, bad government law or policy that skirts the Constitution of this Constitutional Republic?.

    70. Charlotte O'Har says:

      This TSA policy reminds me of the failed defense tactic deployed by France in WW1, the Majinot Line. While TSA is focusing on all of the innocent people waiting to get on their flights, the real terrorist are busy circumventing the system by coming over the Mexican border where security is a joke.

    71. Marge, New Jersey says:

      Just heard on the news this morning: "We have to start looking to secure the rails." Like I didn't know that one was coming. Penn Station, Ny,NY already has TSA agents, bomb sniffing dogs, and armed military personnel. I guess they'll have to hire some more groin grabbers.

      It has also been announced that the x Ray machines cannot detect bombs, that peoples images are able to be saved; and, the screeners haven't learned how to use the machines.

      Pretty soon we will have to walk or ride our bicycles.

      This government intrusion into our transportation is unconstitutional and takes away our civil liberties, dignity, and trust of those who impose this treatment on American citizens.

    72. Ardath Blauvelt says:

      The average American majority is tired of being targeted, harrassed, picked on and insulted in the name of sensitivity! Every minority: racial, religious, socio-economic, or whatever someone can dream up is protected, while everyone else is assaulted. We are just plain sick and tired of it. This wouldn't be happening if we profiled — and we all know it. Now, in fact, we are being profiled. All the time, every day — by our race, our religion, our socio-economic status or some other imaginary difference that is presently politically incorrect.

    73. john Arizona says:

      When will this country wake up, and do the correct thing instead of the politically correct thing. The basic answer to security is profiling, and no one has the cohones to step forward and declare it. Of course, why should anyone expect the Obama administration to do anything but what is politically coprrect?

    74. Bill Schnitzer, Kihe says:

      If law enforcement officers can profile a serial killer, why can't the TSA profile a terrorist?

    75. Shannon, Chicago says:

      The Republican Congress will do the right thing when they take office next year and repeal Obama Care as well as these shenanigans the TSA is pulling.

    76. David Bess, Carson C says:

      It is time to realize that profiling is the first defensive sense. We all do it everyday in everything we do. It helps to protect us from danger, harm or evil.

      We profile people, actions, events, situations and objects. We casually walk by a cocker or a kitten but give a wide path to a pit bull. Is this not profiling. We profile entire neighborhoods as bad and avoid them in favor of nicer areas. Is this not profiling. We engage well kept people and shun the more provocative types. is this not profiling. We chose our frinds because of their character and attributes. is this not profiling.Your senses either accept or reject a situation or person by the appearence you preceive.

      Profiling is a great tool that helps to insure your safety. The problem with the TSA is that it only profiles objects. Objects are neither good or evil. They only become good or evil in the hands of good or evil people. It is time that we forget, preferably bury, political correctness and attack the problem head on by profiling people. Find the evil ones and leave the innocent ones alone.

    77. RennyG Maryland says:

      Another part of our “freedoms” gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      He is doing a good on us!!

    78. Theodore Brindisi Ha says:

      I really don't understand what all the fuss is all about. I want everyone to go through these security procedures at the airport. I want to feel safe and not feel it is like Russian roulette every time we take a flight. In fact, if I were a Muslim I would want all my fellow Muslims to be searched as well. It is radical Islam that is the problem. Incidentally, when these haters blew up the World Trade Center they did not spare Muslims. I would rather be persecuted than prosecuted.

    79. randydutton says:

      DOGS and HOGS. Use their great sense of smell to detect explosives and drugs.

    80. Abigail Adams says:

      Use common sense to screen people; look them in the eye; observe them; speak w/ them; ask questions and listen to answers. Arm the pilots and lock the cockpit door. check people rather than things. None of the "things" being checked presently would've prevented the 2001 attack; no incidents have been prevented by these methods. none. To the contrary, plenty of innocent people are violated.

    81. Jskyking,Washington says:

      I'm not going to argue the point that the TSA system should be re-engineered. However, I take immediate issue with the author's comments regarding pilots "Americans have every right to be upset about this double standard. But the solution is not ending the exemption for government officials, pilots, and flight attendants".

      Think for a moment, who is the last line of defense in the airplane? Secondly, who has faced the most rigorous background check, finger-printing, and psychological testing on the airplane ? Lastly, who has to be subjected to the screening process arguably more than anyone else over the course of a year, just to go to work ?

      Like it or not, good money says that TSA screen checkpoint manning levels is driven by the # of passengers that transit the checkpoint aver a certain amount of time. For one demographic strata to be removed from passenger screening means either one of two things, less screeners or the screeners will have more time to focus on passengers.

      So what is wrong with this big picture……….it's the uninformed critic. The foundation should be better than this. Unsubscribe me.

      I'll let the author answer the question. Hint: the answer is the same for all three questions.

      • Brandon Stewart Brandon Stewart says:

        I'm not sure you understood our point. We said "the solution is NOT ending the exemption" (emphasis mine).

    82. Sue Marie Detroit says:

      So typical with the left. They are the Keystone Cops.

    83. J.FORT SMITH JR. CAM says:

      Here we examine the haves from the havenot’s. Rank has it’s privileges but in a case such as this — the sheep may be in wolf’s clothing, all 535+.It’s time to rock these players out of their castles, bring them down to the working persons level.Do we have any particular reason to trust washington d. C.?????Not hardly…

    84. Larry, Utah says:

      I hardly ever fly since I retired, but I agree with your assessment of the security system at airports. The emphasis and the use of resources needs to be placed on gathering intellegence and focusing on those who are potentially the greatest risk to air travel safety.

    85. Michael Laborde , Ma says:

      These New scanning devices accomplish nothing that the metal scanners do, plus radiates you. They don't detect what has been the favorite use of terrorist; plastic explosives. They can detect metal, which metal detectors already do. They and the pat downs violate constitutional our constitutional rights. Profiling is the answer, like the Israelis do, which "detects" the best results. Searching grandma and 3 year old produces nothing and makes us less safe. Travelers are feeling a false sense of security when thanking the "searchers" for keeping them safe because they are searching the wrong people. The whole thing is a charade and the terrorist are way ahead of the T.S.A.. It's a waste of money and time that could be used more wisely. This is government making like it knows what it is doing.

    86. Ted in San Leandro says:

      I am truly fearful for our nation's future, but it is not terrorists that I am afraid of. Who needs Al Queda when our own government is hell-bent upon neutralizing America's greatness? Many people will undoubtedly scoff when I say that our nation is headed down the road to totalitarianism. But think again. It is the standard tactic of totalitarian governments to increasingly and incrementally depersonalize and dehumanize their citizens, little by little, and always with a plausible-sounding "good" reason. But scratch the surface and the excuses can be seen for just that. Consider this: Even if we went back to pre-911 security practices, the likelihood that you would fall victim to terrorism while on a flight would be infinitesimal, probably much lower than the likelihood that you would choke to death on the in-flight meal, and certainly much lower than the likelihood that you would die in an auto accident on the way to or from the airport. But a totalitarian government would greatly exaggerate the risk in your mind so as to try to frighten you into surrendering some of your constitutional rights so that they can "protect" you. But they won't stop there. Once you go along with that, they will surely find new "threats" to "protect" you from, which require further surrender of your rights. After all, if terrorists bullies find that it is too difficult to attack civilian aircraft, they will simply change their tactic. For example, they might attack civilian rail travel. Then the government will insist upon subjecting rail passengers to so-called "enhanced security". And it won't stop there either. I think you can see where I am headed. Shopping malls, all Government Offices, etc.. Terrorists are essentially thinly veiled bullies and nothing more. The way to deal with them is to do what we have been doing for the last several year. Find out who sent them, who they represent, and go after those and pound them into the ground. That's what we have been doing and it works. That is the only real "protection". We are supposed to be the "Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave". You will surely die some day. While you are on the surface of this planet walk proud and free, not cowed and "protected".

    87. Lloyd Revalee says:

      It appears to me that the American people are being treated in way that is usually allowed in a dictatorial type of government. We are protected from such illegal searches by the fourth Amendment to our Constitution:

      Amendment 4 – Search and Seizure. Ratified 12/15/1791.

      The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

      Emphasis on "The right of the people to be secure in their persons ——

      —-shall not be violated —-

      Under the present practice, every citizen is being treated like a criminal.

    88. Ralph Sinamon says:

      This is a glaring example of government assuming the role of Lord & Master. These people do NOT seem to know for whom they work…..but then again, maybe they do. They do NOT work for me. This kind of behavior lends a great deal of credibility to the notion that this event was an inside job. Our government has been out of control for WAY TOO LONG. These actions by our employees, whose attitude is one of entitlement and deserving of special dispensation is what the 2nd Amendment was written for. We need to clean house and install people that do OUR bidding. I don't need or want an employee telling me how high to jump and being immune to their own decrees. This last election should have been Correction Day, but the sheeple have spoken.

    89. Bill Newman, USA says:

      Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. – Ben Franklin –

      Bill Newman

    90. June, NH says:

      What happens when a terrorist decides to blast off at the check-in line before the waiting line for body checks and scans?? Where will the TSA set up their check points? Pretty soon we will be checked at the Mall with car scans. When does it stop and we give up on this PC junk??

    91. tpo, lakewood, wa says:

      Janet Napolitano, current Secretary DHLS, is a "Napoleon." John Pistole. TSA Chief, would no doubt sanction abridgement of your 2nd amendment rights to bear "pistols." And Michael Chertoff, former Secretary DHLS, is panhandling xray security equipment so air travelers may avoid having their "shirt off." How did "unwarranted search and seizure" Amendment guarantees turn into patdown and grope, resp.?

    92. Paul, TX says:

      People like to complain rather than say, "FOLLOW THE MONEY!" Who's making money off the full-body scanners? How is that entity tied to Homeland Security and the Obama Administration? Is there much money to be made by selling those scanners to the govt? Is there a less expensive way to screen EVERYONE? Of course there is! But, what about all that money that wouldn't be made off of full-body scanners if the less expensive method were used? We still have time to prepare for extending our CHANGE in 2012! Use it wisely! The advantage to you of changing in 2012 is that you can have more personal freedom and less personal cost at the same time, and that would be OK, wouldn't it?

    93. paul Agostino wilmin says:

      The first step in brain washing as I recall is too get the people to allow strip searches pat downs etc because the goverment demands them, maybe our leaders should all be subjected to this indignity with their wives and children and their forms be put on facebook no faces just alist of our leaders who do not consider themselves above the American voters

    94. Daniel Davis, La Jun says:

      Totally agree that our citizen rights are being trampled on by over zealous dictatorial power mad bureaucrats in Washington DC. The American people once an upright and proud strong people are now little lambs bowing under the iron fist of statism (could be called socialism, totalitarianism, communism, or state controlled capitalism – whatever term floats your boat), This cannot be allowed. Where are civil rights protestors when you actually need them. This could be undone in 3 days by Americans refusing to fly under these conditions. Stop flying America – we are not a nation of sheep, are we?

    95. William Harrington, says:

      Contrary to popular belief, as publicized by the liberal media, profiling is NOT a dirty word. Use of profiling would minimize the need for the present 'one size fits all' security check. Use profiling and only subject those who meet the criteria to the full body screening and/or the personal, hands on search.

    96. Gary C, Waxhaw, NC. says:

      I want group responses to this with facts/examples:

      What makes you folks think this will all be eliminated or repealed when the Rs take over in January? You think all this can be undone? Answer is… no.

      If the Dems are a speedboat to statism, the Repubs are a barge. They'll all get there; just one group before another.

    97. Mike Hadaway, Rome, says:

      One size fits all is the mentality of labor unions. What would you expect from the Obama administration? This fits with their overall approach to just about everything. It also fits in with the scheme of a "community organizer", and somebody please tell me what that is, who never did anything. Your plan is much more sound, but that might mean that workers get laid off. And, by the way, your plan would reduce the number of union employees…the TSA is set to convert to union card carrying pat down folks.

    98. ckirkland says:

      while we scan & pat down babies to gramma's those we should be profiling are already coming up with plan B. They use intelligence by seeing how we react and we stick to "stupid" instead of using intelligence. They could be using these TSA folks on the borders!!!!

    99. Jenny, North Carolina says:

      If the government of the United States were truly interested in keeping Americans safe, then they would secure the border between the United States and Mexico. When they do that, then we can begin to beleive that they REALLY do want to keep us safe!

    100. George C, Ga. (Ameri says:

      So many complaining, so few doing anything. Even when 90% of our population are upset and steaming mad about what our gov. is doing TO us and about what they are not doing FOR us, all we do is complain. As Dr. Phil would say "How's that working for you"? Then when someone comes along with the guts and determination to do something about it, they are labeled as a nut case most of the time. We are a nation of followers without any leaders so nothing changes. The only ones you can blame for our situation in government is the American citizens. We put them in office and we continue to allow them to run over us, and all we do is complain. Nothing changes by itself, if you want things to change you have to DO something besides whine. If you look back over history, most of the serious changes in our country were the results of what the majority called "radicals". Perhaps it's time for some "radical ' action again, to get people stirred up enough to get involved..

      BTW, I'm a supporter of the Heritage Foundation.

    101. Michael, Ohio says:

      Pat downs for everyone are so obviously a violation of the 4th ammendment, its amazing there isnt more of an uproar. Freedom from "unreasonable searches and siezures" means that to search you they have to have a specific reason to suspect you (as an individual —all the ammendments protect the rights of individual people.) of illegal activity. ANY form of random or all-inclusive search is strictly forbidden by the constitution: thats what the British had been doing just prior to the revolution and the writing of the Bill of rights. searching everyone or at random admits a lack of reason. A "reason to search" here is not synonomous with "excuse to search", it means having specific information to cause suspicion… of the individual. Oh, and by the way… the Supreme law of the land doesnt specify a specific place these searches are prohibited, so we can assume that it is EVERYWHERE! Neither does it specify WHO is prohibited from searching people… NO ONE can do it. Common people, has anyone even READ the bill of rights? its written pretty clearly.

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