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  • Morning Bell: Don’t Give In To North Korea Demands

    At 2:43 PM local time today, North Korea fired artillery rockets at the South Korean island of Yeonpyeong setting dozens of residential homes ablaze, wounding three civilians and fifteen soldiers, and killing two South Korean Marines. South Korea responded with artillery fire of their own but while they placed fighter planes on alert none took off. For hours North Korea offered no explanation for the attack on the island, which is two miles south of the Northern Limit Line and eight miles from shore, but by late in the evening the official North Korean news finally acknowledged the incident claiming that the South had “recklessly fired into our sea area.”

    This is not the first time the North Koreans have threatened South Korea in the Yellow Sea (also called the West Sea). In August, the North fired 110 artillery shells near Yeonpyeong and another island. And in March, 46 sailors were killed when a North Korean torpedo sunk the Cheonan. Today’s artillery shelling furthers North Korea’s tactical objectives of asserting sovereignty over the West Sea Area. But, more importantly, it furthers the North’s strategic escalating pattern of provocations designed to force the United States and South Korea to abandon pressure tactics, including sanctions on the regime. The White House must not give into these tactics.

    Pyongyang’s actions, including this weekend’s revelations of a covert uranium enrichment facility, are designed to weaken U.S. and South Korean resolve and force the U.S. back to Six Party Talks on nuclear negotiations; which is exactly what China called on the U.S. to do after today’s incident. So far the U.S. and South Korean governments have properly resisted North Korean demands and they must continue to do so. That the Chinese continue to abet the North Korean’s tactics should also make us think long and hard about the sort of partner/competitor we face with China.

    But this incident is also another reminder of the White House’s misplaced priorities. While Obama spends every waking second using Chicago-style tactics to press for ratification of the New START nuclear deal with Russia, North Korea is running amok. New START offers the US no new tools to deal with Iran and North Korea which are the clear and present danger. Instead, all New START does is tie our military’s hands by limiting our capacity to build the missile defense systems necessary to deal with these regimes. The President should spend less time hawking flawed treaties to justify his Nobel Peace Prize and invest more time in fighting for peace against America’s enemies.

    Quick Hits:

    • The $90 billion that Obama administration spent on clean energy technology has not created jobs.
    • According to mortgage research firm CoreLogic, there is a ‘shadow inventory’ of 2.1 million homes that are either in foreclosure, with loans 90 days past due, or taken back by lenders and not yet listed for sale.
    • Lobbyists for body scanner manufacturers have spent heavily lobbying the federal government.
    • HHS issued new regulations yesterday requiring insurers to spend at least four out of five dollars they collect through premiums on “direct medical services.”
    • Don’t fall for Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-NV) amnesty plan for the lame duck.
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    46 Responses to Morning Bell: Don’t Give In To North Korea Demands

    1. Len, Alexandria,KY says:

      Is it Concidence or another Message to the fact that every Time our Exhalted Narcist goes to Asia he gets a "gift" via Noko military actions from the Chinese?Just to show how much they Respect and value him?

      Is it not time perhaps to donate some American Made Nukes to SO ko and Japan along with American Made Delivery systems just to equalize the Playing field in that part of the world???

    2. Len, Alexandria,KY says:

      May be we should give some American Made Nukes and delivery Systems to SO Ko nad Japan to level the Playing field and let China and the NOKO midget that we can play the Game as well???

    3. Barbara, Nevada says:

      It's so obvious it's painful, North Korea, when it feels strong enough with nuclear capability, will cause serious trouble with South Korea. This mini-attack is just a teaser!

    4. Len , Alexandria, KY says:

      Is it Coincidence or Design thatb evrytime our Exhalted Narcist make an Asian Toour, China via NOKO sends out a message of intent to test the Spine of our mettle? May be a "doantion" of American made Nukes and Delivery Systems to SO Ko nad Japn just might level the Playing field???



    6. Jeffrey A Friedberg says:

      This monstrous misfit who was somehow elected to the seat of ultimate Power by sheep and well-meaners, was predicted and explained in the amazingly prophetic novel, LOST RELIC OF THE GODS, available on Amazon.

    7. KC - New Mexico says:

      It is a shame that our great country has become reactive instead of proactive when it comes to defense. Our current leadership is weak and does not stand up to these insubordinate countries. SOS Clinton has done little to help this process and neither has the President. It is time to take a proactive approach. Tighten up the controls on North Korea, stop the economic stupidity with China, tax the companies who do business with China, and pull our outdated and defenseless military out of these areas. Pull out of Afghanistan and completely out of Iraq. They do not need our financial and consultation help. They are hell bent on killing each other anyway – we cannot change a stupid religious war. Take all this wasted funding and future taxes on China and other Asian countries and put it towards rebuilding our own country.

    8. Bruce Davey, Evergre says:

      A prescient and precise analysis of NK and their insane dictator. That we are being led by a neophyte whose grasp of international affairs appears tenuous with regard to detail and ideologically grounded in the southern reaches of Chicago cannot be of encouragement to any American.

    9. Pat-San Antonio says:

      We need to look at our relationship with China through clearer eyes. They are not our friends.

    10. Stephen Oak Lawn ILL says:

      It's time the U.S. sends a clear message to that demented munchkin!!

      Park an air craft carrier on the disputed waters boder.

      If he's idiot enough to make a move toward it, reduce his military too a burning

      pile of scrap metal!

      It would also show that iranian son of a dog what his fate will be!

    11. chyatt Albuquerque says:

      What a surprise. While Americans are busy giving Thanks on Thanksgiving and then marching into the Christmas Holidays, we are being led like blind mice off a cliff. Tipping points are coming as cities run out of money to support massive over staffed government management agencies. We batted a near perfect 0 for 0 on this last Executive trip over seas. I believe that Americans will soon learn that we have allowed (our leaders) ourselves to set down at a high stakes poker table with no money in our pockets. Don't be misled by the rabbit in the hat, keep your focus. How about this: Let's solve some problems at home in our own country so that American Freedom, a concept that so many have died for, can continue to exist. We citizens of the U.S. should first demand that our politicans do no harm to our country and to our way of life. Our politicans should understand that they legislate only by the grace of the tax payer and voter. This is a long lost concept that needs to be pointed out – 2012 is right around the corner.

    12. William Downey, JD L says:

      China may be using North Korea as its agent to determine the mettle of the Obama Administration. The question is will the U. S. actually stand by the South if the North decides to cross the 38th parallel?

      It is important to remember that the Armistice between the U. S. UN South Korea and the North does not consitute a peace, merely an uneasy period of non military action which is frequently broken by the North.

    13. SERVative says:

      Don't "START", let's have an "END"(End N Korean Dictatorship), instead.

    14. Evan, Anchorage says:

      We should pull out of South Korea until they sign trade agreements that we want. We can use those troops on our borders. When are we going to start leveraging our free military give aways?

    15. Bill Grant says:

      How can we expect an Obama Administration too weak or perverse to protect our borders to do anything but appease these implacable enemies. We can only hope our newly elected Senators and Congressmen can press for a wiser plan action to respond to these aggressors.

    16. Glynnda White, Orlan says:

      It is time for America to become a little more proactive against terrorist activities including North Korean aggression. There is too much indication around the world that even nations like North Korea will feel no challenge when engaging in aggressive activities toward our allies. It looks to me as if these nations are viewing us as weak……additionally instead of adding more invasive searches against Americans in airports, we should be taking the fight to the terrorists…..operation hemorrage? Al Quada is the one that should be hemorraging….(did I spell that right?)

    17. Mike Hadaway, Rome, says:

      I believe that NOKO is trying to goad SOKO into a fight so they will have an excuse to drop The Bomb. I hate the idea of this happening because ignorant bullies only understand one thing…power. Maybe we should loan our friends in SOKO a few of our Bombs with no late charge penalty if not returned on time.

    18. Sue Marie, Detroit says:

      The miss guided progressives, Soros and Obama are destroying the planet. Obama and his merry men will set the human race back to the 7th century and the useful idiots who believe their lies and enjoy their destruction are setting their children and grand children up for a life of misery.

    19. Bob S Goose Creek, S says:

      We have to end our high stakes involvement with foreign wars, and put the war dollars to good use here in the United States. We as a country are nearing bankruptcy, and can no longer afford to fight other countries battles, being their saving grace, or continue to feed them from cradle to grave.

      We give away our hard earned tax dollars to other countries like it was water. We need help here in our own country, and no other country has risen to help us during this time of need.

      We can't trust congress anymore to look out for the publics interests, they are all too busy looking out for their own personal gain, if this weren't true, why would they spend millions of their own personal wealth to run term after term , for a job that pays very little in relation to their own financial standing.

      Our involvement in foreign wars, the giving of foreign aide, and the immigration of foreigners should all be subject of direct votes by the tax payers of this country.

    20. Brenda Cregor, CA. says:

      There is a truly eerie similarity if one compares the timeline of North Korea's nuclear program ( from "peaceful" to "forceful") to that of Iran's, only some of the key players have changed, though they all seem to be "allies" with the United States, last time I checked.

      Both begin and end with America's perceived or actual lack of resolve or strength.

      History seems to be repeating itself with "atomic rapidity".

      .I believe 100% in the heart, might, and soul of our military, but I cannot say the same about our current administration's resolve to utilize it. Our government seems bent on reducing our power in the name of globalization and their vision of a eutopic-socialistic-type-equity with countries whose ideals and goals are not as magnanimous as ours are…or used to be.

    21. Hermes Cohen Liberty says:

      Building Peace and fighting America' Enemies and intimately Peace' Enemies can be a sufficient agenda that will significantly elevate its propagator(s) and make the difference.

    22. Spencer says:

      I really miss President G.W. Bush!!!!!!

    23. Alan Miller, Colorad says:

      Article is right on the money – and as usual, it is always about the money.

    24. Russ Contractor, Dal says:

      In 1991 S Korea as a good neighbor to N Korea asked US to remove all nuke arsenals from their land. Two days back on 20 November 2010, after all 19 years S Korea asked US to re-deploy nukes in S Korea. As a result N Korea dictator provoke this attacks.

      Man in Whitehouse has kept silence for last 10 hours about this situation. He should have responded with an emergency call against this provocation.

      Well, like Rush says he is a man child. He is willing to come out and show anger at Fox News but when we need him he hides.

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    26. Harmon Austin , Flor says:

      When are we going to Impeach OBama?

      From all the damage that he has done to America, he should be charged with treason.

    27. Sadie says:

      "We can only hope our newly elected Senators and Congressmen can press for a wiser plan action to respond to these aggressors".

      I would have hoped that one of them would have taken the opportunity today to say something. Their silence is giving me an ear ache.

    28. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Let's look at the facts here: Fact, in 1994, Jimmy Carter, the most despised POTUS,

      went to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, (North Korea), and played disgraced former British Prime Minister Arthur Neville Chamberlain, and returned from Pyongyang declaring that the North didn't want nuclear weapons___all while North Korea was processing uranium for nuclear bombs at Yongbyong. Fact, in 2006, North Korea exploded its first nuke. Fact, in 2007 and 2008, North Korea launched medium range missiles toward Japan. Fact, this year, 2010, North Korea fired an artillery barrage against an island in South Korea for the first time in sixty years. Fact, in 1945, the Korean peninsula was split along the 38th Parallel North, when the United States accepted the surrender of the Japanese south of the 38th Parallel, and the Soviet Union accepted the surrender of the Japanese north of the 38th Parallel. Fact, in 1948, the United States established the Republic of Korea,

      (South Korea), and installed Singhman Rhee as its first president. Singhman Rhee

      was nothing but a tinhorn dictator. For most of its history, until a 1979 coup by the

      KCIA, South Korea was a repressive military dictatorship. Then South Korea democratized. However, prior to its democratization, South Korea was on its way to

      becoming an economic powerhouse. Fact, there's a big difference between North and South Korea. How do I know this? Check the satellite photographs. There are

      lights on in the south while it's lights out in the north. Here's another fact: There's no

      peace treaty between North and South. There's only an armistice which was signed

      three years, one month, and two days, after the war began. These are the facts.

      Here's another one: Fact, technically, there's still a war on and its nuclear. Who has

      the nuclear monopoly on the Korean Peninsula? The North and the Sunshine Policy toward the North has been officially sunsetted. So if there's a nuclear exchange, who'll be the country exchanging the nukes with North Korea? The good

      old U.S. of A.

    29. Assoni in Idaho says:

      Let's all face the facts. The President we are currently and unfortunately stuck with is not a leader. He lacks experience in everything that is necessary to be the leader of the free world. Yet, he is one of the few that apparently does not yet recognize the facts. He is a disaster for this country. More Americans must speak up. The recent election was an excellent indication that Americans are waking up. Stay in touch with your Representative and Senators. Make them hear you. May they hear from a lot of us. God's speed.

    30. steve says:

      we must be careful here guys,are we 100% sure the south didnt fire first,we only hear what they want us to hear

    31. Tom, Pennsylvania says:

      Having served in the Army for 20 years and spending a year in South Korea, I can tell you with honesty that NK is not to be trusted. They have been poking a stick into our eye since the end of hostilities in the early 1950s. During my year there, there were at least 2-3 N.K. provocations, none of which made it to the US news media. (I still wonder why) It is time for the US and SK forces to take a stand and start letting the NKs know we are done turning the other cheek. We should also be pressuring China to get involved before this really blows up. However, I do not feel our current CDR in Chief is willing to call anyone's bluff and will let this action go unpunished. I hope the SKs turn up the heat and let NK know they are done putting up with their garbage.

    32. David A.Lawrence says:

      The little nut falls close to the tree.Father is teaching his son how to piss off the rest of the world.Watch out little one,almost time to get your spanking.

    33. randydutton says:

      North Korea is using Chicago Style tactics on the South. What's not to love?

    34. Edward P.Woolley,Cle says:

      How long do you think it will be before JAPAN feels their security is now jepordized by the"NOKOS'. Question;How long would it take for JAPAN to develope a nueclear weapon?

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    36. Seyoon, South Korea says:

      Your statement said that fighter jets were on alert but none of them took off. This is not true. I am not sure how many jets were flying around the area but ROKAF dispatched the planes and also the U.S. might send its Reptor at the time.

    37. joe kelly says:

      The START Treaty which is backed by distinguished Republican Secretaries of State should be ratified as it reduces both Russia and US nuclear weapons. Whatever ones motivation for not supporting this presidents foregin policy objective it should not be for partican purposes. This is a national security issue and.

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    39. toledofan says:

      The best position to negotiate is when you can actually be in the drivers seat and can set the agenda. The North Koreas have nothing to offer, all to gain. The irony of all this is that if the North decided to jump off the cliff, the Chinese will do whatever it takes to keep their border safe and free from the N. Koreans who would pour over if a conflit arose. Obama will get a pass on this because the Chinese will take the lead. What is really sad is that this is another clear indicator of not only failed policies but of how much damage the left has done to our credibility through out the world. I have never seen, came close during the Carter years, how rapidly we can become a second rate nation and how easy the world view can change. Actions speak louder than words and this Administration just likes to hear itself talk.

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    41. Frederick Hallett, A says:

      The U.S. and South Korea are bound under a 1953 Mutual Defense Treaty which contains the following clause:"It is the understanding of the United States that neither party is obligated, under Article 3 of the above Treaty, to come to the aid of the other except in case of an external armed attack against such party; nor shall anything in the present Treaty be construed as requiring the United States to give assistance to Korea except in the event of an armed attack against territory which has been recognized by the United States or lawfully brought under the administrative control of the Republic of Korea." It seems to me that an appropriate and measured response would be the destruction of those artillery positions used in this attack – no more, no less.

    42. Van Peski, Deming, N says:

      Don't count on China's assistance to curb North Korea's acts of war against the South. During President Clinton's presidency China's top generals were threatening to lob ballistic missiles against several of our major cities. Shortly there after President Clinton proclaimed that China was America's favorite trading partner.

      Bear in mind that during that period approximately twenty-five percent of the Chinese Congress was made up of military officers, ( and probably still is ). It would require some knowledge of Chinese politics and government to define just how much influence their military has on foreign affairs, it is substantial.

      The solution to this problem is not unsurmountable, but it will require a mutual and genuine respect, along with a total lack of incompetence and cowardice.

      Van Peski

    43. Richard Wm. Harding, says:

      When N.Korea Attacked the Pueblo, the second they boarded that vessel, took the crew prisoners, that was an act of war! The president at the time should have demanded an immediate release of the crew and vessel, or declared war. Two atom bombs would have been more than enough then, and we wouldn't be putting up with their bull today. It's time to take out Iran too, They have been killing our troops for a long time. When are we going to find real leaders?

    44. R.G.TARTOOSIE adelai says:

      north korea has to pay something for the damage inflicted over the last year or so what better way than to take out the bridge between china and north korea so they can not steal any more chinese trains.the chinese may be thankfull and it would only take one cruise missile. to pat of san antonio the general chinese want to live a better and peacful life but dont forget they are still ruled by a communist hard line group which i bet is lining its pockets with any thing they can get their hands on be it money or property. we have a problem emerging in ausralia at the moment that our politicions have not stopped any land sales to overseas investors from buying up farmland.some have admitted they are doing this to safeguard future food supplies to their own people.so our land,our water,our infrastructure, but the crop or produce goes elswhere along with any and all earnings and profit.our farmers are raising merry hell over this one but the pollies go on their xmas break tomorrow so nothing now to the new year .

    45. Lynn Bryant DeSpain says:

      Prepare for Nuclear War. Either we start it, or North Korea, China, Russia, Iran, Afghanistan, or Pakistan will.

      Keep in mind, unlike WW11, we no longer have the capability of converting our manufactuing into a War Machine. We have no manufacturing. We do not make many automobiles, basically no farm equipment. No clothes, or socks. No electronics, no tires. Our last light bulb manufacture closed shop this year.

      since we now use the majority of our farm land for growing corn alcohol, we import most of our food, from Mexico, Central and South America.

      Speaking of which, Russia, and China, have made great allies with many of the Nations in South and Central America and Mexico.

      I mean just what do we really manufacture right hear anyway? We have oil and natural gas, but we don't tap it. We have the ability to refine that stuff, but we don't.

      We don't even make tires here anymore, our Commercial Fishing has been regulated out of existence, along with Iron and Steel manufacturing, and the Timber Industry.

      We don't make shoes, stoves, TV's, radios, we don't even have our own "Service people" when we call!

      So just consider what bad shpe we will be in, IF we do not atttack first?

    46. Thor H. Asgardson (C says:

      North Korea thinks it has Lady Liberty’s head in a vise and now it is saying: “Don’t make me be a bad guy” as it tightens the vise, by shelling South Korea.

      Kim Jong Il has been watching too many American mobster movies and he thinks he’s Joe Pesci’s screen character, Nicky Santoro.

      It is clearly time for the United States of America to quit paying Danegeld to this monstrous regime so that it will ostensibly behave.

      Freedom should never suckle tyranny, nor give it any kind of an allowance.

      The United States of America needs to exert some extortion demands of its own, from here on out and it can begin with a full naval blockade of North Korea as North Korea has repeatedly violated the state of armistice in the continuing Korean War.

      Let things get so hot for “Old Pol Pot”(Kim Jong Il) that his own people waste him, just to get the United States off North Korea’s back. Now is the time for regime change in North Korea.

      The winds of war are blowing, with “Dear Leader “giving us just the excuse we need to clean house–by exerting U.S. naval power– in that part of the world.

      There is no more need of joint U.S./South Korean military exercises, as dress rehearsals for the final act, which will rain down the curtain on this Stalinist regime.

      Patrick J. Buchanan has posed the question as to why we are still in the Korean theater so maybe it is time to bring those troops home and put them on the Mexican border, where they are so desperately needed.

      The North Koreans should be notified that the United States of America has issued an arrest warrant against Kim Jong Il for counterfeiting U.S. currency and it is time for him to pay the proverbial piper. Let rogue regimes likeVenezuela, Iran and North Korea find out what happens when they attempt to corner the market as supreme mobster as they also contemplate ending up as a pineapple face in a U.S. penitentiary, like Manuel Noriega did.

      Sic semper tyrannis

      "Like many liberals in the past, the administration has come face-to-face with the reality of the dog-eat-dog world of international politics, where some of the pooches in the doggie playground are nothing more than self-interested pit bulls. Unfortunately, if current trends continue, we're going to end up on the wrong end of someone's canine teeth."

      Peter Brookes

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