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  • Only Peace Through Strength Makes the U.S. More Secure

    Much is at stake for President Obama in the lame duck session. New START, an offensive arms control treaty with the Russian Federation, is capturing the stage as the most important foreign policy issue before the new Congress is sworn into the office in January. However, concerns with New START are real and transcend the accusations that Republicans seek to obstruct the vote in the lame duck for political reasons.

    Gary Samore, Special Assistant to the President and White House Coordinator for Arms Control and Weapons of Mass Destruction, Proliferation, and Terrorism, said Thursday he feared that putting off the treaty until next year would mean it “could be delayed indefinitely.” As a result, the U.S. and Russia would not resume nuclear inspections that lapsed last year, which he said would fuel distrust and lead to “a greater likelihood you could get into an arms race.”

    It is unclear how the U.S. could get into an arms race given the obsolete state of U.S. nuclear infrastructure. Furthermore, practical experience runs contrary to the notion that U.S. nuclear disarmament is the example of the leadership that can help rid the world of nuclear weapons.

    To test the underlying hypothesis of the Administration’s arms control strategy, The Heritage Foundation conducted a nuclear gaming exercise. During the Cold War, such games were primarily between two sides, reflecting the realities of a then largely bipolar world. Today, however, we face a world in which nuclear weapons are sought by several nations, including states that could smuggle them to others or cause others to acquire them in a classic security dilemma scenario.

    The results of the gaming exercises are clear. Arms control treaties should be negotiated from a position of strength. After all, Ronald Reagan’s “Peace Through Strength” maxim brought about the end of the Cold War. This enduring principle suggests an alternative path to New START. Pursuing nuclear disarmament in a proliferated world without employing missile defense and maintaining credible nuclear deterrence increases instability, which can lead to nuclear war. There are more than 30 countries with ballistic missile capabilities all over the world. The threat of missiles launched from Iran, North Korea, or coalitions of hostile parties grows, as does the need for more robust defenses—particularly when no matter where on earth a missile is launched from, it would take 33 minutes or less to hit the U.S. target it was programmed to destroy.

    New START would fail to protect the U.S. and its allies from attack, to provide verification of existing programs, and to prevent nuclear proliferation. Pursuing an arms control strategy of “protect and defend”—in other words, fielding missile defenses and maintaining a modernized, credible nuclear deterrent—appears to be the best option for pursuing arms control and nonproliferation policy while limiting the potential for conflict.

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    8 Responses to Only Peace Through Strength Makes the U.S. More Secure

    1. Jim, Philadelphia says:

      Obama doesn't get it. Defense is mandated by the Constitution!! The Union's aren't and the Department of Education isn't and the Department of Energy isn't, but the Department of Defense IS!!

      They should freeze spending immediately, hold all voting in congress on treaties until the next congress, and recover all unspent allocations of TARP, etc to reduce the budget. Finally, disolve the two above Departments as they aren't doing anything anyway and are not mandated by the Constitution.

      This would start us on our way to a balanced budget without tax increases.

    2. Will S., Illinois says:

      How Ironic, the same President who gave the Chinese a monopoly in medium range missiles (INF treaty), the same President who made it very clear that he desired a world without nuclear weapons, is being hailed as a "peace through strength."

      The fundamental flaw in the "Protect and Defend" tactic is this: are you willing to bet Seattle against the GBI interceptors working 100% of the time? The stakes are incredibly high with nuclear weapons, I remained unconvinced that any interceptor, short of a divinely created 100% accurate one, can be effective enough that politicians will make strategic choices with that interceptor in mind. (ie feel they can get away with attacking North Korea if, say, there was a squadron of NK ballistic missiles which could hit Seattle) Those are high stakes and, I believe, no missile defense program can fix that fundamental problem. It should be pursued, but primarily as a military tool, in terms of strategic weapons missile defense just has too high of a hill to climb.

    3. William Evans says:

      We have a leader that believes that his sweet voice can talk the the world powers, made up countries that have or will soon have long range nuclear weapons, in to world peace. I worked on the headquarters staff of the Air Force Security Service from 1952 through 1975, years of the cold war. There was not weapon fired and it was obvious that our strong position with the best armed military and great Presidents that stood up to threats by a country ready to take control of our country.

      I think that President Obama let the Nobel Peace Prize, awarded before he had time to demonstrate his worth to The US and the world, affect his diplomatic words to nations both friend and foe.

    4. Dan, McKinney, TX says:

      What a fantastic speech. 2012 is beginning to look a whole lot like 1980. I am looking for someone to champion those values in the next presidential campaign.

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    6. Smee McPhee says:

      Peace through strength. Prosperity through fair and open trade – then leads to peace AND mutual strength.

    7. Gary, Milledgeville, says:

      This is simply ludicrous to accuse the Conservatives of blocking a bad deal "for political reasons," when the bad deal was put in place by a president, whose politics appear to include a desire to destroy the American way.

      So, along with Obama's demands that we allow the rogue Muslim countries to walk over us and, with his demand that the God he, personally, doesn't know, somehow is no longer the God of America, the liberal media wants me to believe the Republicans will block Obama, et al, as they try to strengthen the murder of infants, try to allow the blatant sin of homosexuality and continue to push for more and more money to do as they please.

    8. Arline Bailey says:

      Ronald Reagan's wisdom lives on.

      It would be well if our Representatives and Senators would listen and relisten to his "Evil

      Empire" Speach !!!

      Arline Bailey

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