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  • New START And America's Role In The World

    With the nuclear New START Treaty causing waves in Congress, President Obama’s recent overseas trips drawing criticism from both supporters and opponents, and the upcoming NATO heads-of-state summit in Lisbon this month, a fundamental question arises: What is America’s role in the world?

    In the newest installment in the Understanding America series, Marion Smith looks to the words and intent of the Founders themselves in order to understand their view of American foreign policy.  Liberty, he argues, is the defining principle of American policy, both domestic and foreign.  As an unalienable right, it must be fostered, advanced, and protected at home and abroad.  After all, the Declaration of Independence proclaims that all men – not just all Americans – are created equal; they therefore are equal in their right to liberty.  This unambiguously illustrates the responsibility of American foreign policy: “The Founders understood that America’s principles must be reflected in its relations with other nations.  For them, diplomacy was not merely a means of negotiating America’s interests.  It was also a tool for advancing liberty.”

    America was not intended to be a disinterested island, or a meddling neighbor. Our past foreign policy actions cannot be simplistically termed either “isolationist” or “interventionist”, for the Founders intended each foreign policy decision to be a prudential result of measuring both the situation at hand and the enduring principles of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  This is a challenging balance to strike, but it must be upheld – as it is the very essence of statecraft.

    Indeed, “America does have a special role in the world—one that is morally and philosophically grounded in the principles of human liberty, and in its sense of justice.”  Those in authority must remember this as they represent America – from Washington, D.C. to Lisbon.

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    3 Responses to New START And America's Role In The World

    1. Dr dbiggs,CA says:

      Pres OBOZO: "Tea Bagger-in-Chief"

      You Can LIE but can you READ?

      Invasion by illegal ie "Criminal Aliens"

      Obviously you have never read the United States Constitution or

      else feel that in your ivory tower and wealth that it does not apply to you!!

      I feel you need to read the following and act according to the peoples wish

      not your wishes or special interests wish list!

      There are three references to the words "invasions," "invaded," and

      "invasion" in our U.S. Constitution:

      Article I, Section 8: "The Congress shall have Power To Provide for calling

      forth the Militia to execute Laws of the Union, suppress

      insurrections and repel Invasions."

      Article I, Section 10:"No State shall, without the Consent of Congress, lay any

      Duty of Tonnage, keep Troops, or Ships of War in time

      of Peace, enter into any Agreement or Compact with

      another State, or with a foreign Power, or engage in War,

      unless actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as

      will not admit of delay."

      Article IV, Section 4:"The United States shall guarantee to every State in the

      Union as Republican Form of Government, and shall

      protect each of them against invasion, and on

      Application of the Legislature, of of the Executive (when

      the Legislative cannot be convened) against domestic


      Your Oath of Office and sworn duties as referenced mean you must Act and

      put a Stop to the Invasion of all the Illegal immigrants we are experiencing.

      Our U.S. Constitution mandates that invasions shall be repelled by Congress.

      and that means the persons in the House of Representatives and the U.S.

      Senate. Our nation's sovereignty must be protected.

      How can you even stand in front of a mirror and even look yourself in the eyes

      knowing you are a "Bought & Paid Hoe" for special interests and the

      Democratic Party Hacks? Tell me I am wrong, please because I fear for the

      future of our country as you certainly don't care about the people or our


      You go to the SAME PLACE for LYING as you do for STEALING!!

    2. Dr dbiggs,CA says:

      Entitlement Leeches:

      Blacks should demand reparations from African blacks for selling their "own" into slavery. African kings sent representatives to Pres Lincoln to try and persuade him not to free the blacks and end the slave trade in America. Why did the black kings want the slave trade to continue? Because black kings were the biggest supplier of slaves to the white man for transport and black kings were making fortunes selling off their surplus population and the captives they took raiding other tribes!! Look it up as the truth hurts!! Black nations in Africa should be the 1st to pay reparations !!

      Proof: Pull up footage of the "line-up" of people that had money to come from other states and travel many mucho miles to line up to get an "application"

      for subsidized Section 8 housing vouchers. Please I beg of you, scan the line-up for a white man, if you do find one please take a picture of it because you will be hunting a long long time to find another!!

    3. Aaron, TX says:

      This is the thought process that needs to be consciously used for all political decisions. We can not continue to think along the lines of what are we providing for those in need, but instead should base each decision on if we are helping to enable the needy to make their own decisions and providing support for those who choose to help them selves when given the opportunity. Whether it is a nation, group of people or an individual; are we protecting their right to decide for them selves?

    4. Jeff says:

      Maintaining a strong national defense is very important. We must first defend our own country, within its borders, from terrorists both foreign and domestic. This requires an enforcement of our laws, something has not been willing to do for a long time. When our country has the integrity to enforce its existing laws, then with a strong military are we ready to help our allies. My opinion is we should only go to them when invited, or a threat is posed to us and we must defend ourselves.

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