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  • Morning Bell: Who Should Control Your Health Care, You Or The Government?

    After President Barack Obama installed Dr. Donald Berwick as head administrator of Medicare and Medicaid by recess appointment, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was asked at the daily press briefing if “it would have been politically troublesome in an election year to have all these comments aired out about rationing, redistribution that Dr. Berwick had talked about in the past.”

    Gibbs was ready for this question, though, and shot back: “Did he say things like, ‘rationing happens today; the question is who will do it’? Did he say that?” The bait laid, the reporter responded: “That was one comment.” The trap sprung, Gibbs pounced: “Actually that was Paul Ryan. That was Paul Ryan. He’s a Republican in Congress.” The White House press corps roared with laughter.

    Gibbs may have won that round, but today Berwick is scheduled to testify before the Senate Finance Committee, and conservatives will have their first chance to question the bureaucrat in charge of implementing Obamacare’s many changes to the Medicare system. Hopefully Berwick’s past statements will not dominate the hearings but instead serve as a jumping-off point to shine light on the vast new powers Obamacare granted the federal government.

    For starters, in June 2009, Berwick told Biotechnology Healthcare: “The decision is not whether or not we will ration care—the decision is whether we will ration with our eyes open. And right now, we are doing it blindly.” For comparison sake, here is the full version of the Gibbs-truncated Ryan quote from a 2009 interview with The Washington Post: “Rationing happens today! The question is who will do it? The government? Or you, your doctor and your family?”

    Notice the fundamental difference between these two quotes? Ryan is asking “who” should ration care: individuals or the government. But Berwick just assumes the government has to ration care and is only concerned with how best to do it. And why does Berwick just assume that government should be rationing care? Well, here is what he said in July 2008 celebrating the 60th year of Britain’s National Health Service: “I cannot believe that the individual health care consumer can enforce through choice the proper configurations of a system as massive and complex as health care. That is for leaders to do.”

    And empowering “leaders” to “enforce the proper configurations” of our health care system is exactly what Obamacare does. In a statement to the Senate Republic Policy Committee this September, Heritage Foundation senior fellow Robert Moffit wrote:

    Under [Obamacare], there are 123 sections of the law dealing with various aspects of the Medicare program, ranging from changes in fee for service payment for hospitals, skilled nursing homes and home health care agencies, to major reductions in payment for Medicare Advantage plans. … As noted, under the original Medicare law, federal officials were explicitly forbidden to interfere with the practice of medicine. With the new law, it is not at all clear how physicians will be able to retain their traditional autonomy in the delivery of care, particularly under new compliance and reporting requirements related to the provision of quality of care, as determined by federal officials, and the existing restrictions on private contracting and balanced billing.

    Moffit then goes on to detail how Obamacare’s Independent Payment Advisory Board, the Physician Quality Reporting Initiative, and the law’s directive to move away from fee-for-service medicine all empower Washington bureaucrats at the expense of doctors and patients. Over 60 years ago, Nobel laureate Friedrich Hayek wrote in his essay The Use of Knowledge in Society: “This is not a dispute about whether planning is to be done or not. It is a dispute as to whether planning is to be done centrally, by one authority for the whole economic system, or is to be divided among many individuals.”

    Obamacare is the largest power grab by central planners in Washington away from the many individuals in America in a generation. Health care does not have to be delivered this way. Moffit outlined such a vision in September:

    There is a better way: Bottom up. Under this approach, the key element of health care reform would be to restore the traditional doctor–patient relationship and re-arrange the way in which health care is financed. … If doctors control the delivery of health care, the patients should control the financing. So, the key ingredient in creating a value-based health care system would be to transfer direct control of the flow of health care dollars to individuals. This would create a patient-centered, consumer driven system. It would be the kind of system, based on real choice and robust competition, that would deliver what is of value, not as value is defined by either government officials or third-party administrators in the private sector, but as desired by the patient in consultation with his physician. … Ideally, individuals and families should control every red cent spent on health care, as they do in virtually every other sector of the economy, where consumers make an exchange of dollars for goods and services of value to them.

    We can have a bottom-up, not top-down, health care system where individuals have much greater personal choice because they would control their health care dollar. But that system can never come about under Obamacare. If the American people want to be the ones making their own health care decisions, not unelected “leaders” like Berwick, then priority number one is the full repeal of Obamacare.

    Quick Hits:

    • Senator Jon Kyl (R–AZ) stunned the White House and Democrats yesterday, declaring that New START should not be voted in this lame duck Congress.
    • Representative Charles Rangel (D–NY) was found guilty yesterday of breaking 11 separate congressional rules related to his personal finances and his fundraising efforts.
    • Of the $42 million that 122 health-sector PACs gave to congressional candidates this cycle, 58 percent went to Democrats.
    • A study of an Arizona-style immigration policy in Prince William County, Virginia, has found that it reduced the number of illegal immigrants in the county.
    • Majority Leader Harry Reid introduced a bill yesterday that would raise your energy costs.
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    73 Responses to Morning Bell: Who Should Control Your Health Care, You Or The Government?

    1. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      ObamaCare is Fixing HCare.

      So, don't worry.


      If they had just given Medicare for ALL at Birth.

    2. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Rationing will be a reality under ObamaCare. If you haven't already Google Dr. David Janda and watch his video on Obama Care from Oct 13th of this year. The piece defines how this will happen and the laws that are now in place to impliment rationing. Scary stuff. Dr. Janda HAS read both the Stimulus Bill and Healthcare bill and brings to light the sinister parts.

    3. Dwana Townsend says:

      WHAT ABOUT THIS QUESTION? Who should control my Social Security, me or the government? I say scrap the Health Care Bill and start all over. It has lots of earmarks in it, even Nancy Pelosi doesn't know everything thrown into that bill. Earmarks that have NOTHING regarding Health Care at all.

      When congress presents a new bill the contents of that bill should be just about that topic and not have a bunch non related things stuffed into it. It should be fully transparent and the American Public should have the chance to read the bill before its voted on.

    4. Dan Nordeen, Grand J says:

      Amen! Full repeal! Nothing less. The intent of the Obamacare is to control us by any means necessary and dictate to us how we will behave. This is not my idea of a free Republic nor was it the idea of our founders!

    5. Mary....WI says:

      Absolutely…..Obamacare needs to be repealed. Time to start all over and this time listen to the American people.

      I'm in charge of my body and my life not some bureaucratt. I decide on treatment that works for me. It is between me and my doctor.

    6. Ricardo, Pennsylvani says:

      1. Repeal Obamacare

      2. Send Berwick home.

      3. Send Obama home.

      4. Restore FREEDOM to Americans.

    7. ThomNJ says:

      I would add that Medicare ought to be optional as well. If I get to the point where I retire and decide I can finance my own healthcare out of pocket or through another insurance plan, I should not be penalized and forced to lose my social security payments, merely because I do not want Medicare. THAT is crime, in my view – and that is also FORCED government involvement in one's healthcare that was in place prior to obamacare. I don't believe the government has any right to do that either. The two are supposed to be separate issues.

    8. George Colgrove, VA says:

      Simply put – ME! I know what my needs are. Not some bureaucrat.

      I believe the key factor to lower health care cost is to increase competition. Rather than have the employer provide a set of benefits, allow the employee get their own benefits from the market. With proof of coverage, the employer then can pay a negotiated percentage of those costs.

      Nothing keeps costs in line better than the free market.

    9. jim smith yonkers ne says:

      "Leaders" doesn't have the ominous ring of say, "Death Panels", but if there were a Nobel Prize for vague, it would win, going away. Why do we import outsiders to implement more hard core socialism?

    10. Thomas, USA says:

      The biggest problem with healthcare is its pricing structure. Insurance companies [as a result of fed govt tax deduction incentives] have added numerous layers of murkiness between the consumer and the actual cost of health care services. The fact that consumers do not price-seek for health services leads to numerous inefficiencies in the market, including preventing bad doctors from leaving the profession, raises the demand for services which would normally be used very rarely, leads to surpluses of some health care technology which is not needed and creates an incentive for people to visit the doctor for unnecessary reasons. All of these factors raise health care costs. When consumers start treating health care services just like milk and oil changes, only then will demand come down and prices will move back to a normal level. Do you know how much a simple doctor's office checkup costs? Do you know how much a gallon of gas costs? Which is more important and why don't you know the answer to both questions?

    11. Jeanne Stotler, Wood says:

      The system is only broken in the fact that due to gov't. interference the cost of medical care went up faster than the GPA. With the inaugration of addional paper work meant hiring someone to do it. When I was growing up, and my children were little, we paid for the routine office visits and shots, Insurance was for trips to the ER or minor surgical procedures in the MD'd office, hospital care etc. Now everyone wants routine care, from a hangnail to the common cold covered by insurance, this means Ins. cost more, it's simple math, the more you demand, the more you have to pay. Now comes the Gov't. and says we demand too much care so they are going to decide which one gets what, if they don't like the medicine your MD prescribes they will tell you to take Med. B. Medicine works best when between the patient and the doctor, Insurance companies need to reconize that, and the gov't. needs to stay out of it.

    12. William F. Cavender says:

      While the numerous actions of congress advocated by Heritage are necessary, the fact is they are but taking chunks from around the edges of progressive destructive government without altering the power in place.

      To survive, we need have reform which means returning to the form of government under the Constitution as written and expanded only within its original intent.

      In your messages, tell us where we are in significant detail: how many are employed by the government, what is the cost, by what authority or abuse of authority are such positions as czars and other flunkies created and whence comes the money to pay them, does the executive have unlimited authority to create such positions, is the sometimes annual budget a pot into which the executive and various congressional appointed leaders may dip as they wish?

      Are we now a nation without regard for Constitutional law and overwhelmed by the despotism of little laws which reduces us to "a herd of timid and industrious animals of which the government is the shepherd."

      Without reforming what has been put in massive place since at least FDR, no matter what is done about individual laws, the liberal and progressive despots will only wait for the next opportunity to control the nation and its people.

      Please note, already "government" is usually spoken of as though it is an alien entity functioning of the government, by the government and for the government, an entity apart from we the people.

      William F. Cavender

    13. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      In a word, three people. Me, myself, and I. :)

    14. Nancy, Georgia says:

      Yes, bottom up control is always the best economic decision maker. The progressives have, from their very inception at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th, sought to wrest control from the individual and parlay it to a central planning committee(s). At the lovely age of 50, I'm finally starting to understand thier thought processes. As far as I can tell, after much reading and studying of the issue, they really do believe they are the only ones qualified to make these decisions. They are the ones with the "enlightened" thinking and the lofty education to plan our lives for us. We are simply moronic children who can't think logically past our anger and frustration. Funny thing is, I feel the same about them.

    15. Anne C, NY says:

      Supporters of the law believe that if health care system is centralized giving total control to the government is the key to having more affordable health care. But on the contrary health care as a whole is becoming even more expensive. This doesn't only apply to the increased premiums but in taxes as well. It also leads to Medicare and Medicaid cuts. The government's idea to have full control of the health care system only seems to be a way to get more taxes.

      However, having it repealed is also not the answer. We need the health care reform but the government should not have total control.

      Anne C

      NY Health Insurer

    16. Marjorie D, Californ says:

      AMEN!!! Bottom up……..NOT……..Top down!!

    17. KC - New Mexico says:

      I prefer to manage my own healthcare. I can make a rational choice of coverage offered by the company I work for. I also make sure the yearly preventative medicine check-ups are performed. Overall, my family and I are in good health, and we maintain that by exhibiting good healthy habits, non-smokers, exercising, good diets, etc.

      The healthcare irritation with my family and extended family is the notion by our current administration that I and many others who work for a living must pay for those that do not work or do work but can’t afford to pay the healthcare premiums. May be the healthcare premiums should be the priority for their budgets instead of other expenses beyond shelter and food.

      With the new changes that have happened and the reaction by healthcare providers due to the Obamacare bill, my premiums have sky rocketed for next year. Not only did the per person deductible increase from $150 each to $500 each, but the per pay period premium increased 48% for 2011. That is more money out of my pocket that will not be spent on donations.

      The GOP and Tea Party members have specified strategic changes that are needed for real healthcare reform. This starts with dumping Obamacare and developing reform that is effective and fair. For one, we need to involve experts in the industry who can influence these changes. Professional politicians – generally lawyers, are not the experts in this field. Again – we need real leadership in Washington, not the leadership that just holds their hands out for the highest bidder!

    18. Bryce says:

      The question should not be who should control your health care, the question is really, CAN I KEEP THE FREEDOM TO LIVE MY LIFE THE WAY I WANT TO? Which is garenteed in the constitution under the freedom to enter into a contract with another. If we argue who should manage any aspect of our lives we open up the opportunity for others as well. Remember freedom is "to live and let live" (basically conservatism). Laws are to punish crimes commited, (again conservatism) not prevention of crimes (dictatorships). Obama care is outside of the limits of the constitution, it is a dictatorship practice and hopefully it will be challenged in court and stricken down. The trick will be in dismantalling what has been put in place already.

    19. Brian says:

      I am not sure which is worse, that this question must be posed or that some people would actually consider the state as an answer.

    20. Lea Anshus says:

      I pick businesspeople any day thank you. The government is run by politicians not businessmen. Politicians are in the re-election business hence a short-term bias. They favor parochial interests over sound economic sense.

      Think about it…..Govemments use other people's money. Corporations play with their own money.

    21. Alan says:

      It is a commentary on society that the state would even be considered as an answer to this question.

    22. Larry Chandler, Ceda says:

      “I (Berwick) cannot believe that the individual health care consumer can enforce through choice the proper configurations of a system as massive and complex as health care. That is for leaders to do.”

      R. Buckminster Fuller said, "Free enterprise has the unique ability to transform the selfish desires of the individual into a good for the whole."

      I trust Fuller much more than Berwick.

    23. steve - cleveland, o says:

      Not much left to be said. Remember WE THE PEOPLE not the polititions.


    24. D. Calhoun says:

      The real issue was that once again the Democrat Administration has mischaracterized a quote to infer the exact opposite meaning in order to mislead the American public.

    25. william gilbrech says:

      When I first started my practice we used a super bill. We saw the patient and would check off the diagnosis code and the billing codes. The bill was given to the patient and they would write a check. The patient would then submit the super bill to the insurance co. and get reembursed. This made the patient a much better consumer and the doctor more reasonable with charges. Once the government and insurance co. paid directly to the doctors , the patient had no voice and costs spiraled. put patients and doctors back in control and cost will go down. If patients don't write the check, they don't care what the costs are.

    26. steve - cleveland, O says:

      Remember WE THE PEOPLE!!!! Get rid of OBAMACARE before it gets rid of you.

      Now it's in the open, there are going to be death panels. "your government looking out for you" Everything the government touches turns out to be a big mess. GET OUT OF MY LIFE!

    27. Brian says:

      The more I read this bill (as much as I can stomach) the more it is obvious repeal can be the only way to address this Gordian Knot of social engineering.

    28. Karen, Washington says:

      I agree we need to repeal Obamacare, but then we need to repeal the vast amount of regulation on the insurance industry today. We have a third party payer system in which the consumer has very little choice of the sort of health insurance available. The states regulate what the insurance industry must offer. This means that those people who would truly like to control their own health care dollars can't. If I wanted to buy a catastrophic only plan and then pay the rest of my care choices out of pocket it is unlikely I can find such a plan. The problems in healthcare stem from over-regulation to begin with, so let's start there rather coming up with new regulations, especially massively new ones like Obamacare.

    29. Lil, San Diego says:

      This is the basic problem with Obamacare, the idea that govt. knows better than the individual! This is the basic tenet in Obama's thinking, HE knows better, HE is more intelligent than anyone else, hence his assertion that he, alone, is capable of creating a health care system that will be viable! Unfortunately, he created a monster that will not deliver health care! This monstrosity must be repealed! There are better ideas out there that can create a viable health care system without bankrupting the nation.

    30. Mike, FL says:

      What they call bottom-up care really means that the top (aka private insurers) are required to cover everyone in the name of fairness and caring for the bottom. So these people paying $100 per month and getting $2000 per month worth of care cause the rest of us to pay the same $100 per month even if we spend maybe $1000 every 5 years worth.

      This should be just like a bank and loan system, the money you have paid in covers the bills so far, and then anything over that they charge you like a loan with interest. That way people pay for the service they use and the rest of us do not get stuck with the bill.

    31. Richard ,Philadelphi says:

      Obama care is just a name.Its has nothing to do about our health care or reform.Its all about controlling the individual,you basically lose your freedom.This Bill is a faster way to destroy our economy and the USA.

    32. Pingback: Morning Bell: Who Should Control Your Health Care, You Or The Government?

    33. M. Wade says:

      I aqree wholeheartedly…With out a doubt the biggest power grab in the history of the USA…..REPEAL,REPEAL,REPEAL!!!!!!!!!!!

    34. john arizona says:

      It is more than obvious that the Healthcare Bill signed by the POTUS was NOT healthcare reform, but one in a long line of ways for the government to take over our lives completely.

      Yet, there are those (Ken Jarvis) who believe Obamacare is the greatest thing since Social Security (bankrupt), Medicare (bankrupt), the US Postal Service (bankrupt), AMTRAK (bankrupt) and the list goes on. Does anyone see a pattern here? What do you suppose we can expect from Obamacare?

    35. Johanna Roberts says:

      I think the problem goes back to electing so many socialistically leaning represenatives, that they didn't bring the House down when Pelosi stated, We have to pass the bill, so we'll know what's in it".

    36. Clyde Kirkbride Broo says:

      The administration will make sure that the ''goodies" in the bill come out first, the payments for those goodies much later. It is imperative that implementation be stopped before those who receive the these gifts become used to having them or repealing the bill will become much more difficult.

    37. PippN, Severna Park says:

      There can be no real health care reform until tort reform is enacted. Currently, precautionary measures against lawsuits cost each and every American citizen about $625 per year, or roughly $200 billion annually. Some estimates range as high as $1 trillion, when medical appliances, prescription, OTC drugs and administrative costs are included, however. Under Abominable care, tort reform was taken off the table by Pelosi – bought and paid for by donations – "Political Bribes" – from her low heeled, bottom feeder, Trial Lawyers Assoc. goombahs. See Sec. 2531.

      Prices continue upwards. And they'll continue to climb until Abominable care is repealed.

      This measure is so poorly thought out and so poorly written that it contains too many errors, snags and blind alleys to even attempt a piece meal repair. We need to throw this unconstitutional mess right out the window and start over before it ruins our healthcare system completely and sends us further into bankruptcy.

    38. toledofan says:

      I think the Democrats knew exactly what was in the bill and really didn't care about any of the unintended consequenses. The entire purpose of this bill was for them to gain control of the healthcare system so they could dole out more freebies to buy votes. I mean if you really stop and think about it, what did the bill accomplish other than more government control. I've yet to hear of one person actually give proof that it is making anything better? The real joke of all this, it's obvious from some of the midterm election results, that the Democrats have created a whole bunch of people that actually do want the government to take care of them and they want to do so just so they can keep power.

    39. richwood7 Houston says:

      THE GOVERNMENT without question. Insurance companies ration medicine to an almost obscene state. If we had better care, sooner, Medicare costs would drop like a rock. 50,000+ Americans are murdered in cold blood every year because of lack of medical insurance or in adequate insurance. We pay 20% to 50% more than ANY other industrialized country yet have the lowest life expectancy and the highest infant mortality rate of any industrialized country. God knows how many hundreds of thousands are left, crippled, maimed, or lives destroyed by not having medical care available. The lack of medical insurance kills as many Americans per year as Hitler did in WWII, 80 times as many as the war on terrorism and terrorists attacks per year. In fact those who oppose universal care are responsible for more American deaths than terrorism, homicides and car accidents deaths combined!

    40. Michiman says:

      Passage of HC legislation ran aggressively ship shod over all who opposed it. Repeal is the only 'democratic' solution to such an abhorrent 'power play'. Furthermore, any portion of the bill that is implemented becomes a part of an affront to freedom of choice and the constitution. An awful legacy for those who implemented it. Especially those who did not even take the time to read it before voting! Its timing was also deplorable by injecting more uncertainty into an already fragile economy.

    41. Billie says:

      The "government health care" is what needs to be "reformed." Government intrusion and overreach of mandates and regulations on doctors and private insurance industries needs to be removed. The private sector works for their pay and have the dignity to stand accountable.. Government attracts people with overpaid salaries, lots of cover-up and no accountabilities. It's my duty to take care of the body I was born into. Not government's.

    42. Tom K says:

      We all know the only people that want the government to control their health are the same people sitting at their mail box the first of every month waiting for the mail man to deliver their check. You know the same one that comes out of your check every pay day!

    43. Lloyd Welch from Car says:

      If this disaster called Obamacare is allowed to stand this country will be worse than Nazi Fermany in not too many years.

    44. Tony61 (Kalamazoo) says:

      One problem with the bottom-up "choice" approach is that 52 million Americans choose to forgo health insurance, yet hospitals and doctors cannot choose to refuse care. Under EMTALA (Emergency medical Treatment and Active Labor) statutes, federal law requires that everyone get care regardless of their ability to pay. I hear no conservative lawmakers, except Ron Paul, calling for the repeal of EMTALA. Why?

    45. Barb in WI says:

      Obamacare is not healthcare. It is deathcare and taxes. It is unbelievable that a congress of elected officials and this socialist abomination of an administration has the gall to sit like kings on thrones and dictate to us citizens that for the frist time in our history, we MUST BUY SOMETHING or face a fine or jail time. Further salt in the wound is their own exemption from it as well as the 100+ "special groups" that have to date been exempted which include numerous labor unions, Obama's donors. This is unconstitutional and the beast must be starved and repealed. The people have spoken loud and clear on Nov 2nd yet the Dictator-In-Chief and minions still don't get it. Just wait… the seniors will revolt when they realize that they will not be seen due to Medicare cuts or won't be able to find a physician to care for them. Thus the deathcare begins…………

    46. Denise Tucker, Atoka says:

      Nobody care more about you than you do – health and finance.

      Don't assume people cannot make informed decisions in their own best interests.

      Eliminate the third party payer (government or insurance company) and things will get better fast.

    47. John Eley, Nashville says:

      It is impossible to have both Medicare and individual freedom or choice in the provision of medical services to those under Medicare. The government as a major provider of funds has a major stake in the way that these funds are used. By the same token anyone who chooses to participate in Medicare as a beneficiary has to accept the reality that this participation imposes an obligation to use the service in a responsible manner with an eye toward the total cost of the system to which each participant contributes. The challenge is to get the stake of the government and the stake of individuals in the total system into better alignment. It is going to be virtually impossible to arrive at a popular arrangement that allows both the stakes of isolated individuals, who do not consider the system as a whole, and the stakes of the government into alignment. It seems to me that most of the comments fail to recognize this reality.

    48. Bill Irwin says:

      How is Obama care improving my healthcare. I got no pay raise this year and no pay raise next year and my health care is going up $200.00 and CO

      pays going doubling and perscription co pays going up. Utilities going up. gas going up. property taxes going up. food going up. I'm already in the hole for next year and it ain't here yet.

    49. Bill Irwin, Blaine W says:

      I would like to know how obamacare is making my health care better, I got no payraise this year, no pay raise next year. my healthcare is going up $200. a month in Jamuary, Perscriptions going up. Dr. co pay going up. gas going up. food going up, utilities going up. and I could go on. I'm just wondering where I am supposed to get these funds to make my health care better.

    50. Robert says:

      Obama will completely bankrup this country.

    51. Becky, Michigan says:

      I want control of my own destiny, the money I've earned, the healthcare that I select. I have seen NOTHING that the government has controled that they have controlled efficiently, effectively or without giving themselves the benefit or exclusion, whichever they prefer. They've done nothing to earn my trust………. or my money for that matter. Failing grades all around…. and I do not want to surrender the healthcare for me or my loved ones to their "tender" care.

    52. nana says:

      No one should be in charge of my health care but myself and my insurance company. The government has no business trying to control something they know nothing about. Their plan (deny service to senior citizens, let them die off and LOOK we no longer have to pay out money for them. It is a simple Obama wants control because he is a very controlling person. Most Muslim men are.

    53. B Kain says:

      This very complicated question, boils down to each person being able to chose for themselves.

      This is still complex, because money should come from the person themselves, This means, each person would have a fund to pay the bills. A new kind of structure needs to be set up, so that neither the government, company you work for, doctor, medical company or drug company can dictate the amount for each service, presciptions, and kind of care. Each of the people or service just mentioned, charges the approximately the same amount, just like when you go and purchase anything else.

      Now since the government wants to "control things", they will be the ones giving us this money, so each of us can hav an account. I know this may sound impossible, but we need to restructure how our taxes are spent.

      We know to many times when we give money to other contries because of a disaster etc, the people never see the money. Just like the banks were never given stipulations when the bail out money was given more than once. Our government so well known for not having a real structure with our tax money. It is time we make them responsible and accountable for this money. We SHOULD have vote on where the majority must go, and make sure our own people (citizens) are taken care of. There is also no reason to raise our tax money, When our own governement and "reps" help to satisfy their own state, make a deal, or turn their backs when a questionable act accures that uses tax money.

      We the people need to have more control over the money that we put into our country each year, not hear how everything is falling apart. I myself knew what was going to happen in the 90's with the banks amd people buying homes they could not afford. The people that could have turned this around never challenged it or made people accountable instead of greedy. They had to know that the housing market could not continue this way, something had to give. Nothing last forever. Lets make it a law to check credit and money ratio to qualtify for any large investment. This is not control and it can be voted on. This is putting the power back to the people !!!!!

    54. Millard Huff Largo F says:

      we don't need obamacarewe need to get rid of the whole bill that includes the army that obama wants to form to use agains't the people in the U.S.BELIVE ME IT'S IN THEIR

    55. Reta Aronson says:

      Dr, Berwick is only another appointee in the Obama administration whose idealogy is the radical elistist who is so far removed from American ideals that it is a travesty to everything we hold dear, our liberty and our freedom and to put Healthcare as a government controlled entity is not even an option. Repeal it.

    56. Nancy, Georgia says:

      "ObamaCare is Fixing HCare.

      So, don’t worry.


      If they had just given Medicare for ALL at Birth."

      Really? How can we afford that? I don't want medicare. I don't need medicare. Apparantly 70% of the American population is happy with their current healthcare status. Why do we have to muck things up for 100% of us when only 30% of us want change? Are you willing to work until you're 70 to pay for others to laze about and do nothing? Not many of us are. If you are, I suggest you go for it and donate your entire paycheck to the Feds. You can do it. Go for it. Just don't expect me to. Central control doesn't work. Never has, never will. We are humans, not autobots. There is no Utopia. It's a myth. It's a power grab. It's a hallucination. The many, seeking their own best interests make the best decisions. Not Obama and his crew or any other government.

    57. DAVE, NAPA CA says:

      The rationing is already starting with the cuts in doctor reimbursements, the loss of medicare advantage plans due to Obama Care, and the increase in Part D costs for prescription drugs, which was a deal made with Obama by the major pharmacuetical companies. We still pay for the care, which is slowly deminishing

      under the rationing program with the Medicare Czar.

      IT is all about MONEY. The UNIONS are lining up to be exempt from Obama CAre.

    58. Diane, Louisiana says:

      The only way to UNDO what has been done by the Government is by IMPEACHMENT!

    59. Dave Backs, Nashvill says:


      william gilbrech on November 17th, 2010 at 11:41am said:

      "When I first started my practice we used a super bill. We saw the patient and would check off the diagnosis code and the billing codes. The bill was given to the patient and they would write a check. The patient would then submit the super bill to the insurance co. and get reembursed. This made the patient a much better consumer and the doctor more reasonable with charges. Once the government and insurance co. paid directly to the doctors , the patient had no voice and costs spiraled. put patients and doctors back in control and cost will go down. If patients don’t write the check, they don’t care what the costs are."

      When MediCare was in enacted in "65, our GP refused to take MediCare patients saying quite plainly and accurately: "This program is going to throw too much unaccounted for money at a scare resource and will, eventually, destroy the best health care system in the world." How right he was. What a mess. Thank you goof-ball Democrats.

    60. Michael W. Morgan says:

      The fact is that we already HAD healthcare, No one can be turned away from an emergency room by law. The result is we all paid for the ones who didn't pay. Not good I agree, but what we have done is to turn over OUR free choice to a bunch of token bureaucrats, lead mostly by political appointees. More NOT GOOD. The solution is to get the government OUT of the field all together. Participation of the government in anything increases cost because becausse they are subsidizing the costs relieving the patient of the need to make a decision of whether or not a procedure is cost effective. The Cosmetic surgery industry and the Lasik industy costs have fallen because there is no subsidy by either insurance or the government. The free market will prevail until the government sticks its nose under the skirt of the tent. Costs and healthcare wages will aadjust to the market.

      The federal government cant' deliver the mail at a profit, can't handle medicare without fraud, it can't handle the welfare system ( remembre the War on Poverty?) it can't, and shouldn't do anything but defend the country.

    61. Christa says:

      No one should controll my health but me. No one has the right to controll any ones private live. If they don't want this health care plan, no one else should either. Wait until the people find out how expensive this will be for the people that can't now afford insurance much less then what will happen in the future when they push this monstrosity through. If you ask me, no health plan takes 2600 pages. Maybe that is what they want. All those people who can't afford this so called free health care, in concentration camps that we now already exist. Get rid of Obama. He does not belong in the White House.

    62. Monte new orleans says:

      Wake up any body can opt out Obamacare based on your religious beleifs. the goverment ment can not force God all of god's earthly bodies to buy a products thst is a choice given to us by God' 's and until we all vote the change teh frsot amendment the government is helpless.

      This is the main reson socialist hate religion they can not argueagisnt it.

    63. Gorrdon, Jacksonvill says:

      FINALLY…someone has the guts to admit that healthcare has to be rationed by someone!! AND yes, that someone should be the ultimate consumer/patient. BUT…no one yet has acknowledged the 800 pound gorilla in the room…that for bottom up to work, the patient HAS to be responsible for a significant (to them) portion of the cost of their healthcare.

    64. Carol, Chicago, IL says:

      Although Obama Care must be repealed it is critical that Congress begin with more emphasis on replace than on repeal. Come up with a solution that works and Americans will overwhelmingly support repeal. Replace requires one word: deregulate.

      Health care insurance is too expensive because government regulation has required it no longer be insurance but rather an all inclusive plan that must cover every act of routine health care the most hysterical hypochondriac could ever imagine. Further regulation then doubles the cost with immense bureaucratic control, the defensive medicine and high costs generated by malpractice litigation. and multi billion dollar profits to managed care insurers on every act of medical care.

      The only avenue to appropriate reform is for government deregulation that “allows” the separation of how major medical care is funded from how routine care is reimbursed. The former should be managed by standard major medical indemnity insurance, the latter by individual health savings accounts.

      Routine outpatient health care is managed very differently by individuals. It should not be covered by insurance as it cannot be determined on an actuarial basis (imagine how much your homeowners insurance would cost if it had to cover every act of home maintenance that the most meticulous of home owners could ever imagine). This immediately allows individuals to return to the direct patient-physician relationship and automatically removes the add on costs generated by bureaucracy and managed care profits. Further significant cost reduction results for individuals who opt to choose Alternative Dispute Resolution in lieu of malpractice litigation in the event of adverse outcome.

      Anyone wanting a third party to manage their health care could still buy a managed care policy with their Health Savings funds.

      An in depth discussion of how and why the status quo evolved and can be resolved is offered by going to the link listed below and clicking on the most recent entry:


    65. Ted Wilson Tulsa Okl says:


    66. bob says:

      i want to takecare of my own plan i am not buying buying the government plan, no matter what, let whatever happen!!

    67. Patricia, Norfolk, V says:

      The government has no business telling us what kind of healthcare we should have. That should be up to each individual. The government needs to butt out.

    68. W.P.Koch,San LuIs Ob says:


      Congress and the White House should stop squandering the people’s money and use savings to improve quality of basic invested entitlements. Preserve the 2010 tax schedule. Congress should improve basic Medicare. Vote opponents to this “out”. Citizens come first.

      It is time the U.S. reduces its human rites and police activities for the World by lobbying the United Nations, NATO and Interpol to “take on more”. 800 bases in 63 countries across the world should be reduced. Starting with Iraq, continue training for self reliance. After a surge in Afghanistan repeat above and remove corruption starting with monitoring accounts, substituting minerals mining and food crops for drugs.

      If we train make them pay. Decrease forces in selected areas such as Germany, Bosnia and Okinawa.

      Cut bloated federal bureaucracy. Combine CDC, EPA and FDA. Combine the FAA, NHTSA and Transportation Department. Combine GAO and CBO. Phase in outsourcing. Departments should eliminate “must spend all”. Return “unused” yearly budget to the treasury. Cut consolidated department budgets (other than entitlements) on an average of 10%.

      Eliminate all 32 CZARS Mr. president. Reduce your 469 member staff which makes nearly 39 million per year! Halt first lady $180,000 air force one vacation trips. Cancel $ 20,000,000 executive order (HB 1388) to relocate key Hamas members to U.S. Stop “$200 million per day” presidential foreign trips.

      Contribute to only one of: The World Bank or International Monetary Fund or U.S. Agency for International Development.

      Reduce foreign aid bribery. For example, no aid to oil rich -Iraq. $37 billion and increasing with $8.7 billion of Iraq development funds not accounted for. Halt $150 million aid to Palestinians.

      Charge bailed companies (TARP) for their huge executive bonuses at taxpayer expense. Government should sell its shares to recoup for taxpayer. About $154 billion owed.

      Congress should reduce the “stimulus” and monetary expenditures by halting: over budget projects, non relevant earmarks for vote bribery. Do not pay student loans for congressional staff. Please- no private or military jets for congress including Pelosi’s family of $2.1 million for over 2 years. Congress should set commercial travel cost standards and controls.

      Reduce medical cost by: allowing purchasing anywhere in U.S., “tort reform”, and reducing “red tape”. Trace funds to local medical groups for expediting billing cost speed, doctor/patient verification and fraud reduction.

      Federal government should enforce existing immigration laws. Complete the improved fence. Entitlements or benefits should be for only citizens. Deport criminal “illegals”. Only workers on a Visa Program qualify for needed medical benefits.

      Improve medical expense tax deduction for citizens reaching age 65. Provide corporations tax reduction incentives for hiring with healthcare.

      The savings will improve funding for:” Medicare”, “Medicaid, and “Veteran’s Affairs”.

      Healthcare quality should be at least that for Congress or the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program (FEHBP). Additional benefits are: dental coverage, improved visual coverage, no drug “donut hole”, no deductibles and co-pays except for extended skilled level nursing.

      These actions will allow aid for unemployment compensation and Social Security with reinstated cost of living increases.

    69. Ron, Michigan says:

      I feel that our Government is trying to hard to take over every aspect of our lives and needs to stop with all of that big brother ( bull-snap.)

      Most of us are all grown up and out of the nest and do not need our Government running anything for us, although there are some out there that can't dress themselves, the majority of us are very capable of taking care of our selves and have no need for the Government to control any part of our lives.

      Just because there are those out there that are to lazy to do things for themselves and ask the Government for help, which gives the impression that there is more need for the Government to step in and try to control things, 99% of the Grown up world is very capable of fending for themselves and has no need at all for the Government to step in and give there 2 cents worth.

      The Government was not intended to control and run the lives of it's countrymen and women and it is time for them to put a stop to them playing the role of our Mother and do the things we pay them and vote on them to take care of.

      They need to stop with all of the I am better than you attitude and get down to doing the things they were voted in to do, no more and no less.

    70. Ron, Michigan says:

      There is no reason in this world why our Government should control anything or any part of our lives.

      We have the God given right to govern over our selves without them getting involved with us and trying to force us to do one thing or the other. It is bad enough that we are being forced to wear seat belts when we drive or helmets when riding a motorcycle ( just to mention a few things they push on us).

      The Government is going to far now trying to force us to buy their type of health care and not letting us decide for ourselves what type we want or can afford for ourselves and our family members.

      Health care is something that all of us should be able to decide for ourselves what type we want or need.

      This action by the Government is more like communism then any other form of organized Government.

      We the people of the United States of America choose not to be Governed by the communist way and have fought in several wars to keep this type of Government from being used in this country.

      Obama should stop right now with trying to force us to use this form of health care which has been proven does not work in the first place. Just ask our neighbors in the North ( Canada ) how their health care system is and why they keep coming to the United States for medical attention??

      We should not be forced to do anything we do not wish to do by the Government just because one person thinks it is the right way to Govern over the masses.

      Obama is not a true blooded American in the first place and has no loyalty to the American people he is trying to force this system on. Even if he was born in this country ( which is looking more and more doubtful ) he has no loyalty to the people who have lived in it their entire life time.

      If this system is so great then why is it the members of Congress and the Senate voted themselves out of having to use it for their own health care??

      Like an old man once said, don't piss down my back and tell me it is raining.

    71. Lilly Rabalais says:

      I believe my spouse and I know a much better than the government does what health insurance we need. We've been doing fine for 61 years and will continue to do so if the government stop interfering. If healthcare goes into effect, doctors will stop treating patients and where will that leave the people? Too much government is terrible for the country. Stop sticking your noses where they don't belong. I don't want to pay higher premiums because of immigrants who don't contribute a darn thing to this country but uses all the goodies, like Medicaid, food stamps, low housing, you name it. We are not a socialist country. Let's take back America.

    72. Mike Hinch says:

      A loaded question! The government can't run anything well.

    73. jane hughes, san ant says:

      The first step in bottom-up reform is to get the employer out of healthcare. Put healthcare benefit money back in the paycheck and let individuals shop for individually held, portable, menu priced insurance that meets their insurance needs. Utah has a State web-portal that does just that. It lists all of the available companies and policies allowing individuals to shop for what they want, from major medical bare bones policies, to pre-paid healthcare. The State cooperates by relieving insurance companies of special interest derived mandates that requires all insurance policies to cover x,y,z even if the consumer does not need them. The administrative costs incurred when employers, in seeking lower rates in return for handing over large numbers of insureds, keep changing carriers and plan types. The paperwork, informational demands, and disruption of the doctor-patient relationship are astronomical.

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