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  • Podcast: 33rd Thwarted Terror Plot

    A couple weeks ago a bomb destined for the United States was stopped just minutes before detonation. This marks the 33rd foiled terror plot against the United States since 9/11.

    Heritage Foundation deputy director of foreign policy Jim Carafano talks about the thwarted plot with Heritage in Focus:

    We’ve had four near misses in the last year….we got lucky. So, on the one hand, these plots are nothing like the sophisticated 9/11 plot was, and that’s good and that’s because of all the effort we’ve done over the years to fight al-Qaeda. The other lesson is you’ve got to be on your game 24/7, 365. You cannot afford to be complacent…

    What does the United States need to do to continue its vigilance? And how does this affect the broader war on terror? To find out, click here to listen to the full podcast.

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    3 Responses to Podcast: 33rd Thwarted Terror Plot

    1. FZ, Florida says:

      Notice the time frame for those four lucky near misses. That's Obama's Homeland Security plan: do nothing and hope that the terrorists screw up.

    2. Maria Keown, New Yor says:

      with all due respect to the pod caster..but occurances such as described continue to erode our freedom and liberties…just visit the TSA website and read the complaints about the enhanced security procedures, which, oddly enough, were implemented after the mailed bombs were discovered..not sure how they intend to discover explosive on ones body, if such had been mailed and were found in a cargo plane..there is not one shred of evidence that there is any truth about explosive implants..we go by the 'splatter" british intelligence picked up…..the more I hear about these foiled attacks and rumors about new possibilities, the more I can picture Al Quaida leaders sitting somewhere and laughing their heads off, all the while our own government now terrorizes it's citizens, while being apologetic and pc , refuses to profile ..the terrorists have won…they run our lives, control how we travel and move, because our security personnel is either not willing,or not capable to be preemptive instead of responsive…We've become predictable with our behavior, which will be our downfall….most of these attempts did not happen on american soil, if I recall…yet our women and children get treated like criminals at airports these days….something is not right….

    3. George Colgrove, VA says:

      It is clear to me that the Heritage Foundation is more of a military industrial complex cheerleader than an organization fostering and promoting responsible governance. HF seems to feel the wasteful spending that occurs in DC is bad only when it occurs outside the Pentagon. The organization seems to be pushing the “win at all cost” mentality.” From its past writings, the sense is the Pentagon’s waste is OK, even if it eclipses all other departmental waste combined. We will never have the credibility to convince the left to eliminate their wasteful spending if we do not control our waste (in defense spending). This is not an unpatriotic position; the king of Conservatism, Rush Limbaugh and Tea Party Star, Rand Paul recognizes that the DoD will need to see significant cuts to make government cuts possible.

      The hypocrisy inside the HF is abundant. Though I am encouraged by the calls for school choice, cutting federal waste, getting federal employee compensation in line with the private sector and for cutting departments like education and energy, I am completely baffled with the HF seemingly not being concerned about the wasteful spending at the Pentagon. I look to the HF for consistency with their opinions on the size and scope of the government. I look for consistency with how we approach federal waste. What would it cost to have your excellent team of analysts get to work on the defense budget and processes? I feel you have more than what it takes to pin-point the waste and help convince the people to eliminate it.

      Our founding fathers saw evil in standing armies, yet they did put into place a mechanism to obtain an army in an instant in case one was necessary. Yes, we do live in different days and we need some sort of standing army. We need a way to defend the union on a daily basis. Promoting the need for a strong defense is like preaching to the choir. We all get it. The need for a strong security system in place is obvious. However, we are currently spending ourselves into oblivion maintaining this.

      The federal body is now practicing that which Thomas Jefferson warned us about at the founding- such things concerning a standing army and having a strong central government. Today, at the price tag of over a trillion a year I feel we are killing ourselves just as the USSR killed itself. I fear that our defense spending will kill us before any terrorist will. All they need to do is make idle threats and watch as we scatter in panic and end up spending ourselves into oblivion. Just look back at Rome. We are the new Rome. With all that Rome had to fight off in its last days, we are now fighting off – at all cost.

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