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  • Morning Bell: A Failing Agenda Fails

    President Barack Obama returned from Asia yesterday, and the headlines greeting him home are not kind. “Obama’s economic view is rejected on world stage,” reads The New York Times; “Obama, weakened after midterms, reveals limited leverage in failed S. Korea deal,” says The Washington Post; and ABC News declares, “President Obama Falls Short on G-20 Goals: Failure to Deliver on Key Trade Goals Reveals Limits of American Influence.” These headlines are only half-right: Yes, President Obama did fail to deliver on his agenda in Asia, but the culprit is not declining American influence. The problem is a losing agenda set by the President himself.

    Let’s start with the South Korea–U.S. free trade agreement (KORUS). Typical among media outlets, The Washington Post referred to KORUS as “the nearly complete South Korea deal, which Obama inherited from the George W. Bush administration.” This is just plain false. KORUS was completed and signed three years ago. All the agreement needs is leadership from President Obama to get it approved in the Senate. But free trade is not a priority of President Obama. Instead, he unilaterally reopened negotiations on two items: beef and autos.

    Yes, South Korea did temporarily close its market to U.S. beef after a mad cow scare, American beef has been back in South Korea for two years, and sales are rapidly climbing. The major U.S. beef exporter groups have publicly declared they are satisfied with the existing KORUS agreement, but President Obama is demanding more changes anyway.

    While there is pressure from domestic automakers for more concessions from South Korea, their demands keep changing. In 2007, U.S. automakers were demanding that South Korea adopt stricter environmental standards on their cars. But now, three years later, President Obama is demanding the opposite: that U.S. cars be exempt from Korea’s more stringent emissions standards. The only consistent principle here is hostility to free trade.

    And hostility to trade will cost an already ailing U.S. economy. The U.S. International Trade Commission estimates that U.S. exports would increase $10–11 billion annually if KORUS passed, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that KORUS would lead to an increase of 250,000 jobs. Meanwhile, failure to enact the agreement would lead to a loss of $35 billion in exports and 345,000 jobs.

    After he failed to get a new deal with South Korea on trade, President Obama then failed to get the G-20 to take any action limiting trade imbalances. Again, policy was the problem: Efforts to limit global imbalances run headlong into huge American budget deficits and extremely loose money that are explicitly intended to increase American demand, which is the single biggest factor in imbalances in the first place.

    Heritage Foundation analyst Bruce Klingner comments: “Obama’s decision to allow the talks to collapse—and make no mistake, the decision was made at the presidential level—was a colossal blunder. It reflects serious shortcomings in his strategic thinking since it will have dramatic repercussions for U.S. foreign policy. Not only does it show the emperor has no clothes when claiming he favors free trade, but unless he can get this back in the very quick order he referenced in Seoul, the U.S. will lose all credibility in pushing other trade issues, such as the nine-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. Walking away from the KORUS will hurt U.S. economic recovery, strain relations with a key U.S. ally, and undermine American trade objectives—a true trifecta of failure.”

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    67 Responses to Morning Bell: A Failing Agenda Fails

    1. Turner, Massachusett says:

      You just can't fix stupid.

    2. Lizzie says:

      It's no wonder this administration is such a failure on so many levels. He could have saved himself from abject failure, but he's not interested or, more likely, does not have the knowledge or experience to complete what has to be done to get this country back on track. He does not understand business and wants to interject his trademark on every facet of foreign trade and domestic issues…to the detriment of the people of the United States. He tinkers with everything and is like a person putting together some furniture which requires assembly who ends up with too many unused screws at the end. Is it on purpose?

    3. Brian Gambrell, Colu says:

      Obama's Democratic allies (protectionist unions) spent millions of dollars in the midterms attacking Republicans for voting for free trade agreements (even going back as far as NAFTA.) Obama is too beholden to union thugs to push any free trade agreement.

    4. TL Riggs, Colorado S says:

      If it ain't broke, obama will fix it 'til it is. "Colossal Blunder" is an understatement. How much longer will the American people allow this poser to trash the economy and usurp his position?

    5. JC, Tooele UT says:

      “President Obama Falls Short on G-20 Goals: Failure to Deliver on Key Trade Goals Reveals Limits of American Influence.”

      Obama must have fallen significantly more than "short" if ABC (the All Barack Channel) used both his name and "failure" in the same sentence.

      How refreshing to see reality taking hold again…

    6. len says:

      Obama wants America to fail and become a third world country. Just read the book Obama's rage and it will tell you exactly what he thinks and why he wants American influence to decrease. This has been is plan all along……and the media just does not get it.

    7. Barry Kurth, Arkansa says:

      After Obama spending the first two years of his presidency apologizing to the world for what he regards as the sins and shortcomings of our nation, we Americans are going to have to spend the next two years of his presidency apologizing to the world.

    8. Fuzzy, MA says:

      For some reason known only to himself and his team, Obama sincerely believed that he could work his mojo on the South Koreans into a fat deal for his (Obama's) union backers. It's a mystery to me why anyone thought that possible given the problems involved in obtaining the treaty in the first place, and as for the G-20 . . . well, what can you really say? We all saw that coming days before he got there, every major player in the global economy was sending signals (and large cartoon-style anvils) that they were not happy with QE2. They'd already rejected more stimulus at the last G20. How he imagined he could waltz in there . . . and what? Tell the world not to do what he's doing (well, the Fed)? After they've all said in various ways (Sarkozy even going so far as to say Obama may be insane) that they have little regard for him and reject his economic agenda.

      I'm beginning to believe that there is something deeply wrong with Obama. This isn't just naivete or inexperience (though it is both); he honestly sees himself as some sort of larger-than-life historical figure. Right now. In this moment, in his mind, he's as great, as historically-relevant as any former world leader throughout the ages. History, however, will be no kinder to Obama than foreign leaders or the American people, for we all see there's no there there. The bigger question is what do we do about the obvious strain that Obama is putting on our world standing, our economy, our peaceful society?

    9. STEVE, MASS says:

      Unfortunately, this type of news about the white house and its decisions are quite commonplace. We expect more of a president. However, what we have in the White House is not a president, but a career politician. It can be said that we now have economic terrorism at the highest levels in govenment. The sooner that Obama goes, the better off our country will be.

    10. Betty Huyssoon, FL says:

      It certainly appears that President Obama continues on in his scheduled plan to destroy the country and put it on a 3rd world level and so it is in keeping the attempt for another example of nonsensical ideas which add to an already heavy load of lack of leadership which apparently is what he must do to fulfill the real purpose of his actions!

    11. steve - cleveland, o says:

      I thought he said it was a success. The man, (and I use that term losely) is a bum and lier. America WAKE UP we can not afford to give OBUMMA another term. He has done damage to our economy that will take years to fix.

    12. Eugene, Johannesburg says:

      From this account it seems clear that this failure was not just a failure resulting from poor judgement; it was a deliberate failure. What possible explanation can there be for this? Well, the most plausible (it seems to me) is that Obama is at heart a radical Muslim and in fact an islamist who hates America and wishes for its destruction to be replaced by some kind of 'caliphate'. I see no other hypothesis that will explain so much of his behavior that seems to be obviously against America's interest.

    13. Marty Ramos Chico, C says:

      I wonder how long it will take for We, the People, to understand that this president has a deliberate agenda to take the United States of America down. Everything he does HURTS us instead of helping us. He is not inept, he knows exactly what he's doing.

    14. Michael, Texas says:

      After Obama took all those staffers and half the U.S. Navy for a body guard and spent,…what was it ? 250,000,000, a day of monies we don't have to begin with, then came back with a say-la-vee attitude, people are supposed to just take it with a grain of salt !, i think this country needs an enema, BIG TIME ! and hey let's start with a bit of reading shall we, it's called, "Rise of the Fourth Reich"look it up on the net if it's still there, thank you

    15. steve - cleveland, o says:

      We can not afford to give this man another term. Our economy has been destroyed by Obama and will take years to repair. He has screwed up health care to the point that he has to give wavers to companies just so they can CONTINUE giving health care to their employees. Obama's big trip for trade is a failure. Even Korea is turned him down laughed at his idea of trade and the America economy.

    16. ken says:

      i hate to say this because i'm very strong supporter of the president!!!, but i think that the reason the president is having so much trouble is because there are still a lot of people who don't want a black president. these people won't admitt to this. they should all be ashamed of themselves for even thinking something like this.

      We shuld all supprot the president. We can't expect to climb out of this mess in a very short 22 months after it took 8 YEARS of FAILED George w. bush poloicies.

      George w. AND the republicans took us down this path of giving their rich buddies the tax breaks and letting the middle class pay for thoes tax breaks.Under republican/ tea party rule we will return to the policies of the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. It's sad that rich people have to be so greedy @ the expense of the middle class.

    17. Judith in Michigan says:

      This should remove all doubt that Socialist policies just do not work. Never have and never will. And isn't it ironic that the majority of nations are now freeing their economies while President Obama and Co. are rushing the United States toward the prison of Socialism?

      The big lesson here is that US citizens should never hire, as president, a person who is anti-American and totally incompetent. It will take decades to undo all of the wreckage this administration is causing.

      Today, all of the new congressional members are in Washington DC. Remember the famous line, "Trust but verify". We will be paying close attention now to what the politicians are up to.

    18. Bonnie, The Villages says:

      This President is a total failure…..

    19. john arizona says:

      What can the USA expect from a community organizer with absolutely zero experience in industry, economics or foreign affairs? But, he does have the unions telling him what to do, and with that, the country can expect more of the same.

    20. Roger, OH says:

      Could it be that he knows that KORUS is on the door step of passing and the good that it will do. But if he tries to change just a couple things in it then he can say that HE did it. Of course, if it is a good thing, he wouldn't want to give GW the credit.

    21. Jim Lyon says:

      Thomas Jefferson,once said that it would be good for a revolution every five years.No one listens.My country is not a free nation where the guy in the garage was the light to success in this country.That guy cant build anything any more without a premit or some knothead saying its unsafe.Gods blessings on this country have left because of a few who could stand looking at themselves in the mirror.because they knew they were wrong and the bible was right.Want the schools to run in the black put prayer back in schools.Want govit run in the black put god back in charge,put the people back in charge stop extrorting from the people.It says for the people by the people,back to basics,back to basics,back to basics.

    22. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      GOP believe we can NOT afford HCARE for all,

      but we Can afford $700 Billion for a Tax Cut for the RICH.

      Tax the Rich – They have the $$$.


    23. Chroma41, California says:

      There goes Obama's dream of being the leader of "The New World Order".

    24. WR Johnson, Sunrise, says:

      Wait. You don't understand. Now that BHO is the President, they ALL love us and will adopt his thoughts as soon as they've had time for it to sink in.

    25. rosemarie, fresno says:

      i was not shocked that O B had lost

      hi is a idiot

    26. Marty Sorensen, Gold says:

      The upcoming general election will be as important or more so than the election cycle just concluded. Of course the Republicans must show they can lead and manage their newly acquired influence.

    27. marilyn adams, Clyde says:

      Thank you for thoroughly reporting on these complicated

      international issues. There is so much mis-information, outright bias and blame-game in the general press.

    28. Al from Fl says:

      Was his apparent blunder really bad judgement or a continuation of his agenda to fundamentally change America? Everything he does is harmful to our economy and world prestige it seems. I do not think that some of his efforts to diminish our influence is recoverable. Once nations move to alternative relationships and realize that not all roads lead to the U.S., they will not return to the U.S. as before. As for his stand on taxes, they have little merit and appear to be political. If he is worried about how to fund the .7B tax cuts for the rich, how does he intend to pay for the much larger tax cut to those under $250K? He isn't worried about how to pay for anything at this point or else he wouldn't ask the question. He would be angling for spending cuts in areas that he, rather than the congress, want.

    29. Douglas Harrison, Mi says:

      It occurs to me that one quick way of abrogating an existing agreement (KORUS) is to reopen negotiations. Is it not a standard principle that any agreement to which both parties have reached an agreement can be ripped up if either side returns to the table to ask for changes?

      Can we just write an open letter from the people of America to the people and leaders of the rest of the world and in it suggest that they simply ignore the ignoramus currently occupying the White House? Come to think of it, why don't we all just ignore the Marxist-in-chief? He expects us all to ignore immigration law and the Constitution; and in return, we should all ignore him. Some societies practice "shunning," which requires that members remain silent and simply turn their backs on the shunned individual. That ought to make the super egotistical narcissist's head explode.

    30. KC - New Mexico says:

      I like the comments from Donald Trump – America needs to tax products that are manufactured and brought into this country. Yes the price will go up but this might discourage the big companies only looking for profit and approval from Wall Street to consider bringing the jobs back to this country.

      We need progressive and business like leadership is Washington. Paid for and professional politicians do not get it.

    31. gorio says:

      The POTUS trade failure appears to be part of a pattern of "punishments" the POTUS feels that we deserve for not supporting his "principles" the trashing of the korus agreement was fore-ordained as it had several strikes against it in his mind. Number one was it was brokered under Bush, the second is that the Koreans have been very successful in marketing and selling Korean cars in the US which the President sees as threatening his domestic carmakers and thus his friends the unions. He is arrogant enough to believe that other world leaders will be willing to sacrifice trade policy just to give him a good photo-op. He seems confused at their lack of co-operation. He is slowly coming to the realization that we actually have lost a lot of influence in other nations affairs but he probably won't see it as a result of his actions, or he doesn't care.

    32. rosemarie, fresno says:


      it dos not mater if OB is black ore pink ore he has pocker dots,

      he is a man that likes to destroy the USA, he detest`s AMERICA,

      i`m from a country that is socialistic , man europa is going away from that and you americans heading taward,

      wy are americans so dum and listening to a froud , you have so mutch freedom and you are misusing it , WAKE UP BEVORE YOU DONT HAVE ANNY FREEDOM LEFT

    33. Thomas Dittmer, Norm says:

      Reading the previous comments proves that everyone has his/her own opinion. Some are better educated than others, and there are those who wish to play the race card without understanding what they are saying. Very unfortunate! From my perspective, many of the ills of today's society are born from an attitude "of something for nothing". Many in our country would gladly stand in line for many hours to receive a stipend for not working. The educators in the schools tell our youth that is the way it should be. They believe it. However, the chickens are roosting and the cows are coming home. The budgets of government are exploding on a daily basis! Unions tell workers(?) they are entitled to more because the company is hiding profits and doesn't want to pay them. (less work for more money = something for nothing). The US Government and particularly the Fed are guilty of operating a "PONZI" scheme on a scale that is hard to imagine. The legislators of our country are at best common thieves. The worst? Try murderers and dictators etc. It is time for the American people to demand of the legislators and career politicians – THEY WORK for US! It is time to advise the governments they are servers not DICTATORS. Stop giving money away. I work hard for mine. Let those who stand with a open hand stating "gimme" learn this lesson or starve. The politicians that create envy or jealousy by stating a person is rich is bad and needs to share with you because they have it and you don't, but are entitled to it – should be removed from office – IMMEDIATELY. Hard work and effort should be rewarded – not thwarted.

    34. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      TARP may have begun under Bush but it continued under Obama. Under Obama, we've nationalized student loans, GM, (which now stands for Government Motors),

      Chrysler, copied the Weimar Republic's disastrous debt monetization, which like it did

      in post-World War I Germany, led to hyperinflation, and ultimately, to Hitler. Where else did we have hyperinflation? Argentina, and the rest of Latin America, in the 1970s. In Argentina, the inflation rate in the 1970s was over 100%. Where do we have hyperinflation today? Zimbabwe. In Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe's authoritarian

      regime has driven the inflation to rate to 2000%. Could hyperinflation happen here?

      As Sarah Palin would say: "You betcha!" According to the Inflation Institute, an 11.5 oz. can of coffee will go to $77. A loaf of bread, $15. How about gas? If you thought $4-a-gallon gas was too high two years ago, be prepared for what they pay in Europe for gas. What do they pay in Europe for gas? About $10-$20 a gallon.

      Sound too high? Well, it is. In 1979, during the second oil shock, after the Iranian Revolution, gas went from .50 a gallon to $1.00 a gallon. The big gas guzzlers were

      slowly phased out. Who remembers the Buick station wagon, Pontiac Parisienne

      station wagon, Ford LTD station wagon, and the Plymouth Volare`? When I was in

      junior high and high school, my mother had a Volare`. We had it until 1979 when we

      traded it in for a Subaru. Then we had a K-car. The K-car evolved into the minivan

      in the 1980s. What else did Obama nationalize? Remember healthcare? It's not called Obamacare for nothing.

    35. Don, Texas says:

      As far as Obama is concerned everything is going as planned. His blueprint for the destruction of America (to him) so far is a success.

    36. G. K. Weber Port St. says:

      No matter what history has provided us in the way of proof…. that taxing and spending will not….. can not……. bring this country to solvency any more than finding that your paycheck has been reduced by 10%, so your remedy for your personal financees is to send the wife out to buy new furniture for the entire house ! I refer to Ken at 11:22 a.m. and Ken Jarvis at 11:56 a.m. Please, please, guys, get a grip!

    37. Ron French - Oklahom says:

      Your "Presidents" stategy is precisely what he intends it to be — the ongoing

      process of "tearing down" America as rapidly as he possibly can.

    38. Frank says:

      He is having trouble because people do not like his policies. Only a very, very small number of people, black or white, care about the fact that he is half white/half black. It's amazing that some people can't get beyond the color to actually look at the reality of this President's policies.

    39. bough, houston,tx. says:

      Ken, you my friend are an idiot and wouldn't know the truth if it slapped you in the face.

    40. Bruce, Gator country says:

      We do not need *free* trade; we need *fair* trade. Our trade policies should mirror those of our trading partners – if they want unfettered, minimally regulated, untariffed access to American markets, then by golly we should, in return, demand identically unfettered, minimally regulated, untariffed access to their markets.

    41. Randy131 in Florida says:

      There's that change that Obama promised to get elected in 2008. A change from an already approved and signed expertly negotiated treaty agreement to an inept attempt to re-negotiate a treaty in favor of Obama's creditors, the Unions, and failure now to have either. People didn't know at the time of his campaign that the hope he also promised was a hope that he has no more of these types of changes, but he proved that to be wrong too on this same trip. I guess the rest of the world refuses to kow-tow to someone who is constantly bowing to everyone and apologizing about all of our victories and accomplishments, like he's going to make sure there won't be any more that he might also have to apologize for in the future. More hope that he'll change his method of foreign policy, or should we call that wishful thinking? This is the hope and change that we were promised.

    42. KARIN SUE says:


    43. Dexter60, San Franci says:

      Correcting Bruce Klingner comment: “Obama’s decision to allow the talks to collapse—and make no mistake, the decision was made at the presidential level—was a colossal blunder"

      Obama *caused* the talks to collapse — THAT is the agenda.

      Capitalism can be made to fail by conversion to crony-capitalism and then government reneging on all deals; squandering assets, building debt, and imposed scarcity – with a multitude of crises for added instability, gives free-reign to the installed looters. See: History – WWII.

      TSA is now an official arm of al-Qaida.

      It will certainly all be ended before cavity searches are required before being allowed to buy a $6 quart of milk, you can Hope. Look out for the next Change!

      The US government begging the govvernment of Mexico to help influence our elections and promote civil unrest here; when will that be in the news?

    44. David Bess, Carson C says:

      For ken, Just who are the rich. A man making $5.00 and hour beleives that the man making $10.00 an hour is rich. If you truly beleive that we should extract the blood of the rich thenYOUR solution to the problem should be that any one making more than the minimum wage should be taxed at 55% of every dollar above the minimum wage with no deductions or write-offs.

      This would insure that we drag the achievers down and stiffle all growth and prosperity in the country.

      In january of 2007, the day before the democrats took over the house and senate President Bush's administration had the following. 1. An unemployment rate of 4.6% 2. The gdp growth rate of 3.6%. People were working and the country was growing. The disaster was created by the Democrat senate and house.

      I welcome back the stability of the Bush years and I am not one of the rich, just and American that beleives in my country.

    45. B. Hall Syosset N.Y. says:

      This for Ken who thinks that the rich prey upon the middle class and thats how they become richer. The fact is that wealth is not a zero sum game. If someone earns a great deal of money he or she does not take it from someone else. You seem to think that there is only a fixed amount so that wealth is earned at anothers loss. If you earn 30,000$ and someone ealse earns 200,000$ your life is not improved at all if he earns less,nor is your life changed in any respect if he earns more. Ans as far as the Bush tax cuts are concerned all taxpayers got a tax cut. The rich got a bigger tax cut because they paid so much more in taxes.

    46. Constance, Vernon, C says:

      Gee, Ken! Then what about the blacks who are conservative and/or don't care for their president? It's not his color (he's biracial). It's his policies and actions that are weakening our country. Get out from under your rock. If he is given more time, we wll be a third world country. Andl I think that is what he wants. I don't believe he loves America. At least Bush did. I can't respect my president because he lies so much. I've looked back at videos of speeches and things he has said. He is not fond of America, nor of the whites. But, that is not why I want him out of office. It is because he is taking us very far left and a country can't sustain itself on the policies he advocates. He passes his signature policy-Obamacare because he has a woman with her head cut off doing anything she can to get her colleagues to vote his way. And others needed back-room deals which are illegal because a policy for all the states must be equal. Reid and Pelosi are catering to their king and our dictator, Obama. He is grabbing power and he is doing it illegally. I am not even sure he went to college and learned anything about the Constitution. This could be why he is paying a lawyer millions to keep his records SECRET! I am surprised that no one has asked him why he won't let us see his records. It is a simple question and other presidents have shown us their records. McCain did.

    47. Dave Provo, UT says:

      Obama in Wonderland or is it wanderland. When I learned that the Korean trade agreement only lacked our senate approval i looked up what other agreements await senate approval. Do it you will be shocked. Then study waht they are and the shock goes away. Used to think Glenn Beck was a nut job but after beginning to check out his claims he is more on track than any of the leading pundants right along with HF. And Ken your just jealous you can't pay the taxes the rich already do.

    48. Chris says:

      I'm not sure how to comment to Ken from this morning. Unfortunately, there are still a few people who want to fall back on the "race" card. Race has nothing to do with the majority of Americans disliking our president! The list of reasons we are dissatisfied with the president, is so long, there isn't concern for race.

      First of all, this man was not elected because of his previous experience or accomplishments, because there are none. He is clearly not qualified for the position. He has never provided the paperwork to prove his citizenship or eligibility to be president. As a former Human Resource Manager, he would not be eligible for a position without showing the necessary requirements. These are just the 2 biggies on the list. I think Americans are just more knowledgeable today. they have access to much more information and are putting all the information and 2+2 just doesn't add up to 4 where he is concerned. This is a good thing, that we are not being fooled. We need to stand together to get things back in order n this country. I am just 1 person, but I created a website to encourage all Americans to stand united for our God, our country, our families and our faith. Return our country back to its former greatness. Please join us to: http://www.PatrioticChristiansToday.com and get the wristband that will unite you with all other concerned citizens. They are red/white/blue with an American flag and the message: Patriotic Christians Still Trust GOD.

    49. rhurt, California says:

      Poor Ken and people like him. People are so delusional about Obama and his Muslim attempt to destroy this country. A person in the Presidency has very compentent and experienced advisors and Obama has rejected their sound advice. Obama has got to be stopped by Impeachment procedures before he accomplishes his agenda, His agenda is fashioned after the 2009 agenda approved by several Muslim Jehadist groups; destroy Capitalism-especially the US economy. There are probably a minum of 20 to 30 reasons-proof of Obama's Islamic support, actions-statements, and sworn allegiance to the Muslims and Sharia law. Obama has committed High Crimes and Misdemeanors.

    50. william schmidt new says:

      i believe all he wants to do is let every thing fall apart and run with the money because he is clueless on any thing he do or will do. the reason for this is he listens to other people on what to do and not trying to do it himself

    51. Tom Jackson, Weed, C says:

      When I was working and I had failed this bad, I would have gotten my walking papers. It is becommikng more and more evident to me that this man we have for president is highly incompitent and should gracefully put his giant ego aside and resign while nthere is still something left of our country to work with. We have too great a nation to let someone so incompitent be in such a place of power. It's time too get seriuos about where this nation wants to go and start impeachment procedings on Obama.Enough talk, now lets see some action.

    52. Denise, Utah says:

      Jimmy Cater must be feeling euphoric by now. We now have a worse president than he was!!

    53. Lloyd Welch in Carol says:

      To Ken:This is the most ridiculous comment I have ever read. No one wanted Obama or the democrat controlled congress to fail. Who in their right mind would want something like this. I am a life long republican but, to believe I want my nation to fail just because we have a black president is moronic.As I said I am a life long republican but have on many occasions voted for democrats when I felt they had the qualification to do the job. I didn't vote for Obama but him being black had nothing to do with it. I didn't feel he was qualified. I felt he would lead the country to ruin, which he has done. I would have voted for Alan Keyes had he been on the ballot in my state because I still feel he would be a good president, but to even suggest anyone wanted Obama to fail for any reason is showing such a racist attitude I am shocked.

    54. william mcgarry lanc says:

      OBAMA WAS AN IDIOT WHEN HE WAS A SENATOR,HE WAS AN IDIOT WHEN HE WON THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION AND HE IS STILL AN IDIOT. get the dumb ass out of the whitehouse because he doesn't belong there.

      It is simple the leaders of other countries are laughing at him.

    55. G. Hentzschel says:

      Wow! Doesn't the President have any competent advisors to consult with him about the correct path to take?

      Looks like everyone in his administration is acting like him. They are all asinine Knuckleheads, and he is acting more and more like a dictator with no regard to anyone!

    56. PippN, Severna Park says:

      Democrats who still blame Bush or play the race card are too stupid to understand that that dog doesn't hunt any more. They keep dragging the poor critter to the fore while it lies there sleeping. Why do they keep embarrassing themselves?

      It's not because Bubbles for President is a half breed that people have turned against him. It is because he is too inexperienced and completely incapable of performing the job of President of the United States of America. Now, the liberal MSM is tired of covering up for his many blunders. He has no one to support him beyond his close knit, closed door supporters. Even socialist countries take one look at his policies and know better than to follow suit. In fact, he is to socialist for the socialists.

    57. barry, newtown, pa. says:

      Obama is not failing! He is accomplishing what he has set out to do, the transformation of the United States and the destruction of our economy. This has happened so many times when will you guys understand it's purposeful.

    58. JW says:

      Anywhere this president goes, the United States loses, he would be more prductive if he would visit his brother in the mud hut in kenya and maybe stay.

    59. tallbouy, NJ says:

      Korea is not a mistake. Obama's agenda is to collapse the American economy,while giving the appearance of working hard to improve.The whole trip

      was a fiasco and a disaster, with the exception of a few Harley Davidson bones for us to gnaw.He has been doing this collapse the economy routine a long time and

      hardly attempts to disguise it anymore.

      I can't wait for his removal from office.

    60. tallbouy, NJ says:

      Watch the other hand behind the curtain. While Obama was merrily destroying deals which

      would have led to more solid jobs for America, The other hand was showering union

      pals with Obamacare waivers, latest count 111 but certainly hundreds more

      applications issued at this writing.Go ahead get the waivers! It will make it easier for ordinary non-union enraged Americans to persuade him to resign or Impeach.

      We can't wait for completion of his term. He can do the Devil's destruction, running amok feeling the creaking the ship sinking beneath the waves.

    61. Joe from: WA says:

      Can anyone say IMPEACHMENT! Mr.Obama has repudiated the Oath of Office he took when he swore to uphold the Constitution and protect this nation from all enemies foriegn and domestic. I truly believe that Mr. Obama is our enemy. He hides behind slick rhetoric and lies but his true nature comes to light in his actions. He has no desire to be a true American President, power is his goal in any form he can get it. He lacks the maturity, character, humility and LOYALTY to occupy this position. Is he loyal to the U.S.A.? It was a real issue for a while for him to don an American Flag lapel pin, or place his hand over his heart during the pledge of allegiance or produce school records or birth certificate or, or, or. He was "Mystery Man" all through his campaign and now we're surprized when he acts mysterious? He was never properly vetted and now we're surprized when the snake oil salesman is really the snake? He does not have American aspirations for the postion of President. Obama is traitorous and treacherous. I truly believe his personal agenda is to desecrate this nation. He cares nothing for the economic security or the people of this country, He's a opportunist come to wreak havoc and schmooze his congregation of willfully ignorant supporters. He can't let a good crisis go to waste now can he? I believe it's more accurate to say that Mr. Obama can't pass up the opportunity to "create" a crisis. The easiest thing in the world to do is wreck something valuable, ask any two-year old. Priceless possessions, documents, relationships even nations are easily destroyed in the wrong hands. It takes tender loving care and vigilance to preserve something precious and valuable like our Nation.

    62. billb wyoming says:

      when michelle oblie shook the hand of the leader of indonesia and the world media made note of it but the usa media totally missed it –then it proves that we have only state run media in the usa — no woman publicly touches a male muslim especially a male muslim leader.

      u would think that she would have been previously caustioned on protocal since she is married to a muslim

    63. ThomNJ says:

      Ken, you lost me when you started yoru comment with the lame rac card – if it's all about race, then just how did he get elected.

      Scondly, for crying out loud, do some research. EVERYONE got a tax rate cut under G W Bush. EVERYONE. It's a fact. The other fact is that under GW Bush, the so-called rich paid the highest percentage of the nation's tax receipts. It was not a war on the middle class.

      Man, I am so sick and tired of reading and listening to the same old mis-informed (or willfully ignorant) lefties. I am happy to hear a different point of view, but jeez, can you bother to collect the facts?

    64. Barry S, says:

      How can we expect the Messiah to make intelligent decisions on trade matters when he has had zilch experience in World Trade and zip experience in the world of international economics? His decisions are based on his political aspirations, not on the long-term economic health of the country. The former supersedes the latter. I would love to hear the jokes made by the leaders of other countries about the President.

    65. JohnK says:

      Actually, for someone who is set on destroying America, as Obama & Soros are, that is exactly what I would do if I were they.

    66. Jeanne Stotler, Wood says:

      there is more behind this POTUS than meets the eye, he has spent thousands to keep his school records etc. from the public. When the next Congress is sworn in there will be so much revealed and PROVEN that will set this country on it's heels. After the initial shock wears off and justice is done the country will turn around and start on a path to a new Republic while those who took us down the path we are on now will be given their just punishment. I am no physic just sit and read and listen and come up with the answers I am sure others have and are waiting their turn to expose the truth.

    67. Jim Schollaert, Arli says:

      The Korea Free Trade Agreement signed by Bush was a travesty. As was Bush's entire trade policy. Not that Obama's is much better. Our trade policy sucks, and has for decades. Witness our chronic, trade deficits and the enormous debt hole we have dug for ourselves. It is our dyfunctional trade policy as successfully lobbied for by Wall Street and corporate America that has destroyed our job base and ended the Ameraicn Dream. Not that The Heritage Foundation and the bulk of the GOP have a clue!

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