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  • Obama Hits the Trifecta of Failure in Seoul

    Even the most ardent Obama supporter should be embarrassed by the collapse of bilateral trade talks with South Korea. President Obama had correctly hailed the South Korea-U.S. free trade agreement (KORUS FTA) as critically important for the United States. The U.S. International Trade Commission estimated the agreement would increase U.S. exports by $10 billion—a jobs stimulus package that wouldn’t cost the federal government a dime.

    But once again the trade accord was held hostage to narrow-minded demands by Congressmen and lobbying groups. Clearly, for the Obama White House, special interests trump national interest.

    The media repeatedly mischaracterized the trade discussions this week as close to achieving an agreement. Sorry, but the agreement was already reached—over three years ago when the United States and South Korea signed the completed document. But the Administration adopted North Korea’s (and Speaker Pelosi’s) negotiating strategy—no agreement is final, even after signature.

    What makes the debacle in Seoul painfully ironic is that the Obama team was pushing for concessions on beef that go beyond even what industry groups were advocating. The major beef exporter groups have publicly declared they are satisfied with the existing KORUS agreement and argued against further changes.

    Several years ago, South Korea closed its market to U.S. beef after a few cases of mad cow disease were discovered. But American beef returned to South Korea two years ago and sales are rapidly climbing. U.S. beef is regaining market share and is on track to resume its position as the largest foreign importer.

    The United States appears to have torpedoed the trade talks with last minute demands to force the Korean market open to U.S. beef over 30 months old—a minor category that would only provide a few percentage points of potential sales at best.

    Pressure by U.S. automobile manufacturers and auto unions likely also played a part in the disintegration of the talks. One demand was to exempt U.S. cars from Korea’s more stringent emission standards—an odd request given the congressional leadership’s May 2007 demands that Seoul adopt stronger environmental standards.

    Obama’s decision to allow the talks to collapse—and make no mistake, the decision was made at the presidential level—was a colossal blunder. It reflects serious shortcomings in his strategic thinking since it will have dramatic repercussions for U.S. foreign policy. Not only does it show the emperor has no clothes when claiming he favors free trade, but unless he can get this back in the very quick order he referenced in Seoul, the U.S. will lose all credibility in pushing other trade issues, such as the nine-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.

    Walking away from the KORUS will hurt U.S. economic recovery, strain relations with a key U.S. ally, and undermine American trade objectives—a true trifecta of failure.

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    26 Responses to Obama Hits the Trifecta of Failure in Seoul

    1. Michael L. Blair, Co says:

      This President is the worse President in all of the United States history.. We the people of the United States would be far better off with no President. My 11 year old Granddaughter would make more sound decisons than this buffoon. He embarrasses all U.S. Citizens…

      Retired USAF

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    3. George Prentiss Selb says:

      whats new .?. the policy of this administration have been and are tearing this great country up.

    4. Richard Guarini, Ham says:

      How do we make congress follow the 10th amendment?

    5. william white says:

      Perhaps the strategy is to disabuse the Koreans government of the notion that the US foreign policy is in sync with Korea both economically and militarily and stands with Korea aganist the agressor North korea. If there is no US strategy, other than ego and payback to the auto union workers for their support during the 2008 and midterm 2010 elections, then this exposes obama's ineptitude in foreing policy as well as his failure in economic domestic policy. He must have some of the clumseyest foreign advisors and I'm sure that it will be made their fault. G-20 will also be a disaster and I wonder why we subjugate our domestic economy to foreign nation states that do not have or share our economic goals.

    6. NORMA LEE says:

      Apparently the man has no business sense!!!!!!

    7. Jon - Delaware says:

      The Obama Nation has rapidly degenerated into the Abomination. Corrupt politicos and the arrogance of incompetence from our purported president have laid siege to America. The gauntlet of Socialism has been thrown across our nation. If ever an American president must be impeached, it is Obama. And for the sanctity and security of our nation it must be now rather than later.The co-conspirators, Pelosi, Reid et al must also be convicted of crimes against the state.

    8. Erik Osbun says:

      "Obama’s decision to allow the talks to collapse—and make no mistake, the decision was made at the presidential level—was a colossal blunder. It reflects serious shortcomings in his strategic thinking since it will have dramatic repercussions for U.S. foreign policy."

      Are you really sure this was not his plan all along?

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    10. Bob Renes, Winston, says:

      And you expected something different?

    11. Mac1960 says:

      "serious shortcomings in his strategic thinking"? I could see this 2 years ago. He's a small time community organizer that thinks he's king of the free world. But time and again he continues to show just exactly what he is by his actions, lack of forethought and failure after failure in dealing with the real world and the bigger picture of what needs to be done. This will continue and until he either leaves office or is kicked out by more rational minds, the destruction will never stop. The biggest issue is that he can't seem to realize his own shortcomings. He thinks he is royalty or all powerful….and doesn't recognize his own narcissism. He's a stooge….and not a very good one. It's too blatant and it touches everything he does.

    12. Susan, Ca says:

      What a waste of tax payer money! The U.S. would have been better off (and saved alot of money) if he just stayed home and put the trip off untill someone with America in mind could go instead. Sad fact is we only have people in power who are trying to destroy America and take our freedoms away. Hopefully in Jan we can correct some of the wrong things that have been done by the present idiots in charge.

    13. J Roberts, Californi says:

      Obama’s decision to allow the talks to collapse was a trifecta of failure, unless one happens to notice that everything Potus does is to totaly destroy America.

      The OWO or some other such scheme seems the only possibility he has in mind.

    14. Lizzie says:

      What else would you expect from a neophyte? Special interests reign supreme in this administration and the public be damned…

    15. Gary says:

      Like I have always said, Obama is trying to destroy this country!

    16. rhurt, California says:

      I just refuse to believe that Obama could be that naive. I believe that Obama is still following his agenda-to destroy Capitalism-specifically, the US economy. It doesn't matter at this point whether it is a Muslim agenda, or a Progressive-Liberal-Facist-Communist agenda; the end result is the same from Obama. Obama is systematically destroying our allies and US agreements by doing stupid things that only a child would do.These acts are clearly evident to about 40 % of the American people. The Republicans had better get busy in curtailing Obama's agenda, or they will be punished one way or another.

    17. Ginger, Tampa, FL says:

      This isn't the only ally he's caused strained relations with for our country. He's doing it purposely. I believe that there are at least two supposedly elite groups of people vying to over-run America. We are the last free, gun-toting people on the planet. Probably between the Queen in Great Britain and some obscure, terrorist leader from the east, but living here. Either way, I for one, want No part of either. Live Free or Die!

    18. James G. Borden says:

      Here is a comment from the American Patriots' Movement of America


      November 13, 2010

      The American Patriots’ Movement announces that in the best interests of the American people that President Obama immediately resign from the office of the President of the United States of America should he continue to publically refuse to declare America’s military support for Israel when Israel is attacked by Iran's President Mahmoud.

      The American Patriot’s Movement is demanding the resignation of President Barrack Hussein Obama.

      The American Patriots’ Movement position is that President Obama is a Muslim, and for this reason President Obama is refusing to publically announce America’s support for Israel’s right to exist as a free and independent sovereign nation in the world.

      The American Patriots’ Movement does not want a president in the White House whose religious faith and practices decides American foreign and domestic policies.


      Headquarters: Hilo, HI. 96720 U.S.A

      Newsletter Editor: James G. Borden

      Tel: 808-938-0973

    19. JH Um, Seoul, Korea says:

      This was a great chance to come to terms on KORUS. The US auto industry should have made them themselves flexible for the stricter Korean greenhouse measures. I think many forget that Korean consumers would buy a car that is well-made, well-designed and abiding by local emission standards. Just look at the sales of German cars here, which is much higher than American cars.

      I am hopeful the USA and Korea can quickly close this ever important deal, which is beneficial to both countries' economies and political ties.

    20. Steven, Alaska says:

      Just goes to show how much he really wants to shut down America and put us all in the poor house of everyone is equal except him and his kind. I think it used to be called communisiam. Oh well folks wanted change and they are getting it shoved down the gullet with a 2×4 too bad they didnt think to ask what kind of change is he talking about.

    21. Larry Noland says:

      How can God's blessings be upon one who does not adhere to His principals.

    22. Tom, New Hampshire says:

      Just another example that his ignorance of issues and how they affect business and the economy. Sorry, but this guy isn't qualified to be the President of the United States.

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    24. Tim AZ says:

      This was intentional sabotage of an existing agreement that was working very well for all involved. How many more international agreements will be sabotaged to collapse the American and world economies? Behold the cruelty of liberalism. Had enough yet?

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    26. Al, Knoxville TN says:

      I've always maintained that Obama was incompetent, and in far over his head. But this means he is an Incompetent Super Hero!

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