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  • Morning Bell: Get to Work Getting Control of Government

    Remember when Rep. Phil Hare (D-IL) was asked to identify what part of the Constitution empowers the federal government to force Americans to buy health insurance, and he replied: “I don’t worry about the Constitution on this to be honest.” Remember when Rep. Pete Stark (D-CA) told his Hayward, Calif., constituents that “The Federal government can, yes, do most anything in this country.” And remember when Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), famously said of Obamacare: “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.”

    The progressives that controlled the 111th Congress simply had no respect for the limitations on federal government power that the Founders placed in the U.S. Constitution. That is why 56% of last week’s voters told the national exit poll that “government is doing too much.” That is why progressives no longer control the House. But there are still progressives in the White House. In just the past year, the federal agencies under President Barack Obama’s control have already promulgated 43 new rules which the Obama administration itself estimated will cost the U.S. economy $26.5 billion a year. And President Obama is just getting warmed up. The 2,319 page financial regulation bill requires 243 new formal rule-makings by 11 different federal agencies. The 2,700 page Obamacare bill contains more than 1,000 instances where Congress instructed HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to regulate the health care industry. And the Federal Communications Commission is considering implementing, for the first time in the history of the Internet, “net neutrality” regulations that will undermine investment incentives, thereby robbing the nation of much-needed broadband upgrades.

    The federal government is out of control. Congress must immediately reestablish legislative accountability by posting complete legislation, ending earmarks, reviewing all unauthorized programs and respecting constitutional limits on government. Congress must check executive branch overreach with aggressive oversight, roll back recent government interventions, stop unnecessary administrative regulations and sunset new ones, restrict bureaucrats’ rulemaking authority and override expansive executive orders. Specifically, Congress must:

    • Provide Legislative Text: Each House of Congress must adopt a rule requiring the public posting of the text of each bill and major amendment not less than 72 hours before floor debate on that bill or amendment.
    • Stop Earmarks: Congress must permanently end the earmarking process which favors local pork projects over the national interest.
    • End Automatic Funding: Any program (other than for physical protection of Americans) that Congress has not reauthorized must be suspended for review. Committees must not be permitted to create new programs with automatic funding or that specify minimum funding levels to circumvent the appropriations process.
    • Reassert Constitutional Limits: Rather than deferring to courts, Congress must promptly repeal any unconstitutional legislation enacted by previous Congresses, consider the constitutionality of pending bills and assert constitutional limits on the size and scope of government.
    • Stop Unnecessary Regulations: Congress must use the Congressional Review Act to stop new and unnecessary regulations. If the President blocks such action, Congress must use appropriations riders to prohibit agencies from adopting such rules.

    Conservatives must pay close attention to what this Congress does and be prepared to hold leaders accountable. That is why The Heritage Foundation has created the Solutions for America: Get to Work checklist. Getting Control of Government is one of the five essential tasks Congress must complete to fulfill its electoral mandate. You can download and print all of the “Get to Work” fact sheets and checklist here.

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    46 Responses to Morning Bell: Get to Work Getting Control of Government

    1. George Colgrove, VA says:

      Yes to it all! Only four things to add are as follows:

      1) Consolidate and streamline oversight committees. There are over 150 oversight committees for DHS alone!

      2) We should have investigations and hearings on all federal programs that have shown to author significant waste, redundancy and overlap or programs that have significant backlog. We need to get to the bottom of how these programs are being run. We need to determine how to manage the federal employees so they no longer have the power to modify processes, procedures and policies that increase costs. We need efficiency experts to evaluate the remaining programs congress chooses to keep and make them as efficient as they would be in the private sector when profit is on the line.

      3) Speed. We need to act in break neck speed to get the budget on a cash only basis so that we can a) more importantly than anything else – reduce taxes permanently for all classes (I'm poor by the way); b) pay off the principal of the debt; and c) maintain the "physical protection" of the country as efficiently and as cost effectively as possible.

      4) Consolidate the similar internal functions that each remaining department has. There is no reason why for all departments, there cannot be a consolidated federal Human Services service; a consolidated federal IT service; a consolidated federal payroll service; a consolidated federal FOIA service, a consolidated federal public relations service; a consolidated "Open Government Initiative" and so on. Once these functions are consolidated, then private sector contractor alternatives can be easier to obtain and manage for even more savings to the federal budget.

    2. A.L. (Bill) Black says:



    3. Andrew C. Lomp; Bris says:

      Please tell me how we can possibly move forward until we correct some of the basics of our Democratic system. We need the following:

      1. Tort reform

      2. Tax reform(hopefully a flat rate tax)

      3. Term limits(Represenatives 6 X 2 year terms=12 years; Senators 2 X 6 year terms= 12 years)


      5. Balanced budget amendment

      6. Give people a "Hand-Up" not a hand out !

      7. Quit appointing CZARS as a way around Congress

      8. Get the lobbyists out of the halls of Congress(Tehy are the true prostitues of Capitol Hill.

    4. John Shook, Lithia S says:

      Presidential Executive orders should only be for 6 months at a time and in order to continue for another 6 months they should be approved by congress. Executive orders now are being used to bypass congress and the will of the people.

    5. Andrew C. Lomp; Bris says:

      Please tell me how we can possibly move forward until we correct some of the basics of our Democratic system. We need the following:

      1. Tort reform

      2. Tax reform(hopefully a flat rate tax)

      3. Term limits(Represenatives 6 X 2 year terms=12 years; Senators 2 X 6 year terms= 12 years)


      5. Balanced budget amendment

      6. Give people a "Hand-Up" not a hand out !

      7. Quit appointing CZARS as a way around Congress

      8. Get the lobbyists out of the halls of Congress(They are the true prostitues of Capitol Hill.

    6. Bradley Wagoner says:

      My concern is that now the Republicans have already gone back to business as usual. MitchMcConnell as an excellent example. They just DO NOT UNDERSTAND what the people want! If they do not act correctly, the GOP is OVER! Shortly after, there goes America. My faith in the elected public servant is leaving quickly. One World Government will destroy America. Frankly, I am embarrassed with their lack of intelligence. God help us and Bless America.

    7. Dee Glover Virginia. says:

      I would like to know when you people are going to listen up and see just what is going on in Our Country..When are you going to see and realize Obama is a Muslum and he is taking Our Country Down……………..WAKE UP

    8. Jeanne Stotler, Wood says:

      We need to freeze gov't. hiring with the only exception being that there is no one that can transfer into a high needed job. This freeze would also apply to tsars, this means that if John Smith retires, someone in the agengy takes his job and so on, there are many jobs being done by two or three people. Inner agency transfers can occur, maybe we need some early buy outs . Interior audits need to be conducted to find out where cost can be cut, this starting with the executive branch. COLA's limited, if they cannot give SS recipients a COLA than Congress and Fed. employees cannot get a COLA. I have to live within a budget, the Gov't should also, we do not need all these dept.' s that have been added, with a freeze hire they could get inter-agency transfers and gradually trim these bureau's down. The LAST thing that needs to be cut is the military as we need to defend our borders, we could probably shrink some of our foriegn basis over a period of time. Smaller Gov't. is a better gov't. for preserving our freedoms.

    9. Kim, Chicago says:

      All of these issues matter, but none as much as keeping our election process free from FRAUD. After seeing what happened in several races (again) this time around, if the Republicans don't make this a TOP priority immediately, the issues eventually won't matter. It will all be decided for us at the polls—and we'll be a banana republic before we know it.

    10. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      If he would only start – WORKING TO MAKE AMERICA #1 Again.
      The Recovery would BOOM.


    11. gary sheldon prescot says:

      Such implimentation as listed above would be an good start toward answered prayer.

      I wonder if those of U.S. recieving entitlements would be viewed with disdain if the thieves in gummunt had not raided the SSA "pension" and included it in the "general fun – d". All gummunt officials need to participate in the SSA program. My guess is the problems would be soon fixed. Those who claim to represent U.S. are the REAL ENTITLEMENT PROSTITUTES.

    12. Mike says:

      I 'd like to see an evaluation of the "Captains and Kings", especially the Kings like George Soros who is powerful force behind the Progressive Movement in the U.S., if not the most powerful figure.

    13. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      No one mentions cutting the government. We need to cut the WHOLE thing 50% across the board Maybe even eliminate whole agencies that are working for special interest instead of the people. The FDA comes to mind. the FCC and the EPA could be cut two thirds and still do a better job than the are doing now. ALL need to be investigated, and corruption cleaned up.

    14. Sam Rogers, Fuquay V says:

      Add the following to get attention and prepare for real cuts.:

      Role back all government salery and benifits to 2008 leval.

      Reduce headcount of Presidents office and staff to 2008 leval.

      Reduce budget of every federal and state agency by amount they benifited from 2008 oarmarks.

      Put Air Force One in mothballs now that we are not at war.

    15. Brian Benoit, Los Lu says:

      I agree with Glenn Beck's assertion that this lunacy will continue until George Soros and his merrie band have been disbanded and swept into the ashtray of political history.

    16. Johnny Hiott Statesv says:

      There are a number of eminent threats to our Nation , our liberties , our existance. The most prominent of these I believe is the illegal monster created in 1913 known as the federal reserve. Congress MUST act to eradicate this menace totally , completely and forever. It is the sole cause of the destruction of America's economy and citizens survival.

      Secondly, Congress must completely stop any and all presidents from dictates of "executive orders" No where in our Constitution is this authority given to the president. All previous "executive orders" must be eliminated. Along the same line as mentioned in a previous comment. The president does not have the authority to appoint czars.

      Thirdly, The Patriot Act and almost every other law that has been passed since 9/11 must be repealed. It is unconstitutional and has absoutely nothing to do with protecting America from terrorist. It is solely about protecting a fascist government from the Citizens it supposedly represents.

      Lastly, the "gentry class" that has become our government must be dismantled.

    17. Noralee Patton LA says:

      First, you have to get rid of George Soros' influence. It's everywhere and his mission is to destroy the US. It is in print all over the place. People need to pay more attention to this guy. His goal is "global rule".

    18. Roland R. Ilsen, Ran says:

      Excellent article. The problem with Heritage Foundation is that it presents problems and prescriptions of what needs to be done but does not build the mechanism to take action. We as a country are at a point when both long-term view and vigorous immediate actions and measures taking are of paramount importance. We are sliding down the slope and the slide has accelerated under Obama administration.

      The old Republican leadership is concerned with preserving its positions and clearly lacks boldness to insist on constitutional principles. What is the organization we need? What steps we need to take? For example, are our judiciary operating outside the “checks and balances “system. Should we insist that what is “good behavior” during which judges may serve be determined by the votes, as it is done in California judicial system?

    19. Judith in Michigan says:

      All of The Heritage Foundation's suggestions are right-on. And commenters here also have excellent suggestions. But no reform will ever happen until the Progressives that have invaded our government have all been exposed and rooted out. Why is this important?

      Check out the approximately 80 very powerful members of the Progressive Congressional Caucus (PPC), their beliefs and agendas. The American citizens have lost control of our country. The Progressives are very much in control now. Do the research, then you will understand the challenges we face in getting back to the The Constitutional laws of The United States. And sanity in our elected government.

    20. KC - New Mexico says:

      Huge government is the issue. Adding more regulations and rules into the operations only creates greater confusion, opens the door to more fraud, and generally does not get the job done. Business, at least those that grow, learned that a streamlined operational process is the key to success. A highly complex organization can still run efficiently and effectively with simple, specific guidelines. Business also learned that this is the key to increasing margin or profit. Government on the other hand does not have the incentive to save money – just tax more or make more funny money to fund the overhead required to administer the rules and regulations.

      Bills need to be shared with the public – otherwise we are in the dark about the impact from the bill. The representatives in Washington need to take the public’s feedback on these bills into consideration before voting. This is not about party lines; this is about voting for what is right and desired by the public.

      Reducing the size of government, reducing the oversight, rules and regulations should be critical actions taken starting in January. Can’t do this now since Pelosi and Reid do not get it!

    21. Helga Woerner Albuqu says:

      Thank you Heritage for keeping an eye onthe govmt. for us.

      Yes tort reform is of major importance to cut down medical expenses.

      Pork take home for congress is a must reform, items of emergencies must be evaluated first.

      Cut down on entitlements get people to work, no welfare if able to work.

      Tell people to use their own common sense to deceide what's god for them.

      Cut down on unnessesary and dublicated goverment agencies.

      No congress raises in salary for at least till out of our debt.

      Get rid of the zcars make regulary agencies work harder we have to in privat sector.

      Cut down on bureaucracy and red tape.

    22. KC - New Mexico says:

      George and Andrew – right on! Politicians who are generally from the legal function do not seem to grasp these facts. Those of us in business understand the processes needed for success. The private sector could teach politicians a great deal if they wanted to learn.

      Kim – I agree – in this technological age, it surprises me how out dated the voting process is. This should be fixed and would be an easy fix for any IT company. Next fix is the outdated tax system!

    23. Brian says:

      It is difficult to tell if these remarks are shear arrogance, stupidity or an amalgam only possible in Washington D.C.

      Getting control of government will mean making the size of government one which is controllable.

      For decades, we have permitted the progressives in the ruling class to grow the state where they thought if they grew the budget and federal employee headcount commensurate with the objectives, it was controllable.

      This has been dis-proven.

      One need only to review the 75 year lesson of the Soviet Union to underscore the point.

      Smaller government is better government.

      The less a government does, the better it works for all.

    24. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      The follow is the letter I sent Rep. Dingell and Senators Levin and Stabenow – all "D"s", today:

      "You believe that health care is a right despite the fact there isn’t any mention of this in the Constitution. Your belief has caused me to lose freedoms – the right of choice and self determination. You are denying me “the "pursuit of happiness.” Government is not the solution – it is the problem.

      On October 14, 2010 I reached the age of 65. On October 13th my health care costs for insurance I provided my family and myself through Blue Care Network in Michigan was $1104.90 per month. Federal law mandates that I MUST subscribe to Medicare – no choice. In order to subscribe to Blue Care Network Medicare supplemental insurance I must also subscribe to Medicare Part B. The net effect of this mandate is that I now pay Blue Care Network $1280.32 per month for my family and Medicare supplemental coverage, Medicare Part B $115.00 per month AND I am required to continue paying the 15% Self Employment Tax despite the fact that I have paid into this program since 1965. The net effect is that I now pay $3485.00 more a year for the same coverage. I am being penalized for reaching 65 years of age and continuing my passion for my profession. As I see it you are telling me what I must do rather than letting me provide for myself and family.

      The solution is to allow people to make their own decisions and not penalize people like me who wish to continue working. As more and more of my generation discover what I have discovered the voter backlash will be profound."

      And the Democrats wonder why they were dismissed from Congress November 2nd. Lets finish the job in 2012.

    25. Judith in Michigan says:

      All of The Heritage Foundation's suggestions are right-on. And commenters here also have excellent suggestions. But no reform will ever happen until the Progressives that have invaded our government have all been exposed and rooted out. Why is this important?

      Check out the approximately 80 very powerful members of the Progressive Congressional Caucus (PPC), their beliefs and agendas. The American citizens have lost control of our country. The Progressives are much in control now. Do the research, then you will understand the challenges we face in getting back to the The Constitutional laws of The United States. And sanity in our elected government.

    26. Randy Dutton says:

      Review the need for ALL committees, commissions, boards, and panels. Eliminate those that are not critical functions of government.

    27. Carl M. Zapffe, Lake says:

      Three More IMPORTANT Rules:

      1. Ban unfunded mandates to the states!!!!

      2. Outlaw the naming of any public buildings, structures, parks, etc. after any living congressperson, ESPECIALLY the one who obtained the funding. (Murtha Airport…)

      3. Change all federal pension plans from defined benefit plans to defined contribution plans.

    28. Tyler, Texas says:

      That's all fine, but if the people want to get control of government you need to pass legislation regarding campaign finance. Our elected officials are not going to listen to the people, they're going to listen to the money from their corporate contributors.

      And as mentioned above by Andrew, lobbyist and special interest groups need to be limited in how much they are allowed to affect legislation. These people rarely have the best interest of the people in mind, yet they play a large role in how legislation is written and shaped and it's a huge problem.

    29. Evan, Anchorage says:

      1. Term Limits

      2. Public funded elections–keep our government on the job, instead of out taking bribes. Put a lobbist out of work.

      3. Shut down overseas bases and put them on our border with Mexico.

    30. John Eley, Nashville says:

      I suggest one other reform. Congress should adopt a rule that requires a full legislative history or committee report for each act of legislation. This reporting needs to include a full explanation for each of the provisions especially those that impose costs on citizens and/or restrict their freedom of action. It is not enough to know what is in an act we need to know why certain provisions are included.

    31. Chroma41, California says:

      1. Impose a hiring freeze whereby for every two employees leaves, only one may be hired as a replacement.

      2. Wean off and eliminate all, ALL, subsidies. If a program cannot stand on its own, it should go away or be eliminated – this includes Ethanol and farm subsidies.

      3. Cut off foreign aid to most countries – it's being wasted and/or ending up in Swiss banks.

      4. A government wide wage freeze until wages are more in line with the private sector

      5. Consolidate overlapping departments and responsibilities (be ready for major turf wars with that one!)

    32. Lynn, Austin says:

      ………and it wouldn't hurt to have a free press, for without that, a nation cannot be free.

    33. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      The first thing to do is to fire all unnecessary government workers. The second thing

      to do is to abrogate the Cadillac contracts of the government employees. Then we can cut congressional pay and benefits by half and presidential pay half. We could

      turn Social Security into a defined benefit plan for new workers, and have Social Security Classic, for seniors and those about to retire in ten to twenty years. We could

      also cut Defense spending by half. We could start with the M16. We could start by

      reversing Donald Rumsfeld's decision to cancel the XM8. The XM8 was developed

      from the kinetic energy weapon of the XM29 OICW, which was based on a shortened

      version of the Heckler & Koch G36. While we're doing that, we can evaluate other


    34. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      Murdoch's Marching Orders

      are printed daily in the WSJ Editorial page.

      ALL Obama Haters have to do is read it

      and they know what to Parrot.

      From 11-10-10 -

      "Mr. Issa's Investigations" –

      "Our advice

      would be that Mr. Issa start

      by finishing his committee's probe

      of the Countrywide sweetheart loan program that Democrats tried to deep-six.

      Tell us

      which Members and staff of Congress,

      or officials at

      Fannie and Mae and Freddie Mac

      received easy mortgage terms

      as part of former Countrywide CEO Angelo Mozilo's

      VIP program.

      If he lets the facts emerge on Republicans

      as well as Democrats,

      Mr. Issa will build credibility as a fair-minded investigator. "


    35. James Hoyt, Nikiski, says:

      My comment or question is to Heritage that we get your explanation to what Glenn Beck has put forth on this very powerful and dangerous traitor, George Soros, whom has the agenda to take down this country as we are the obstruction to the "stability" of the world!?

    36. George Colgrove, VA says:

      I just read this idea on USA today (article you referenced in the links) and think it has merit. To reduce federal salaries and to revamp the federal workforce, each federal job should be on a 4-year cycle for recompetition at 85% of the previous pay. Meanwhile federal employees should not get any COLA’s. This should continue until the federal salaries are in line with the private sector. The requirements for the job should not change, however the pay will be reduced. The recompetition for that position will continue until the applicant numbers are customary for the private sector. At that point, the salary for that class of job will be set.

      We need to get away from the GS Scale and have all jobs based on what is customary for the private sector. Opening these jobs to the public in these cycles will result in finding skilled people who will be willing to do the job for less. With 100’s and in many cases 1000’s of people applying for a single federal jobs they can easily replace the overpaid people. “As Main Street took pay cuts and wage freezes, the government employees didn't feel the pain. These people need to learn they are there to serve us!”

      Personally, I do not think a federal job should ever be permanent. These jobs belong to the American people and not to the federal employees occupying them. To get fresh ideas we should be rotating people from the private sector into those jobs. And for adequate career growth of federal employees, they should be cycled into the private sector. Obviously, if the federal employee wants to keep their job at the lower rate, I would be OK that they are given first refusal if they are doing an excellent job and their evaluations are superior.

    37. Hermes C Liberty, NY says:

      Right. There are many things that need correction. Repealing the Obamacare being the Most Urgent among them. Heritage should, as vigilent and leading-defender of both the Constitution and the Country, think about INITIATING a PETITION or a Movement, if necesary, that would (Keep alive and) ask that the American People's Urgent need to have this first job done in a reasonable set of time be tackled with by the new Congress.

    38. RennyG Maryland says:

      After reading Heritage comments and all the comments above there was not one mention about "costs" and "problems" caused by ILLEGALS!!!!!!! Our country is being distroyed from within and our own citizens but we are allowing forigners to enter illegaly to help out. God forgive us for not looking to you for help to manage the gifts you gave us!!!!!!!!

    39. Bernard P. Giroux says:

      Most importantly: we need Term Limits.

    40. @ says:

      Appreciate your verve.

      Keep plugging on.

    41. LEE, Florida says:

      All the discussion seems to be on what congress should do. How the influence that George Soro has on the country. He would have Onama rule, with his lackey "Czars", bypassing congress and the Constitution completely, with an authorative government, ingnoring our usual processes. Suggest listening to Glenn Beck for details

    42. Phyllis Bradshaw, Ri says:

      Bills should be written in laymans language. They were in the beginning. That would eliminate a lot of problems and make it possible for everyone to understand them better.

    43. Mike, Chicago says:

      Lose barry now!

    44. Lynn Bryant DeSpain says:

      I agree to all four points!

      Add to that, stop aiding Nations who have not aided us in either War or disaster. No funding at all.

      With the exception of Social Security and our Veterans, stop all "Entitlement Programs".

      Secure our Borders and expell all Illegals, thus opening up jobs for our own millions of unemployed citizens.

      Stop the War on Drugs, by not giving any more funding to Mexico, Central and South America. Simply treat those involved in the War, as our enemies, and shoot them on sight.

    45. Linda, Louisiana says:

      Your suggestons are very good, and, not only do many of your subscribers agree, but they have added other necessary and essential ideas to turn this nation around. It is American Citizens with these kinds of ideas who have help make this Nation great until the Citizens lost control, mostly in the last 2 years.

      Items I emphasize are (1) Setting term limits for Congress, (2) Reduction of Federal Employees at the TOP level (it doesn't take 3 federal employees to screw in a light bulb). (4) Immediately freeze all raises to Congress (5) when Congressional raises are made, raises in Social Security Payments should be made. (6) Eliminate the ability to circument the Constitution and create positions such as the Czars and others we probably do not know about. Many other issues should be addressed immediately, Repeal Obamacare, Control Immigration, Reduce Foreign Aid, Reduce the partisan conflict and decide what is right for this Nation.

      You have allowed us to air our comments, but the real issue is what can you do about it. Are you simply the tool by which we bring these issues to fruition by writing our Congressional representatives. One reader has done this and probably others. The tea parties has been an excellent tool to publicize the American People's feelings about Government. Voting is one of the main tools to display our displeasures, and the American Peope did that, and we must continue.

    46. Jack Hensley says:

      Dear Mr. Carroll,

      Excellent article.

      When giving the Progress-o-crat's arrogant elitist remarks about our Constitution you forgot the one that really makes my blood boil.

      "Nanny San Fran Nan" replied "Your kidding right" when asked if what the were doing was constitutional.

      The real Americans should have had the right to fire this elitist "hired help" on the spot for that "demigod" remark!

      I think waiting for the next election is to long with a rogue adminstration like this.

      How about a constitutional amendment granting every state recall power that can be appled anytime during the politician's term.

      If any politician "goes rogue" and deaf ignoring the will of the majority of his/her voters they should have the right to collect signatures.If enough are gathered the state should be petitioned to hold a vote of no confidence. If the politician looses he/she will go home and the runner up now has the job.

      Arguments aganist this would be it is to expensive; how much have these clowns wasted and how many times have they trampled the Constitution and distroyed people's lives until this mid term election?

      If the people have the right to recall it would never be used becasue all politicians would fear it, (except for the mentally insane politicians.

      Fact is no business can opperate with the hired help doing as it pleases a million fold for a government.

      Fire the damn dead wood!

      Would a national recall amendment be Constitutional? Could it be done?

      If so please consider starting a movement for it.


      Jack Hensley

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