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  • Health Care Voters Overwhelming Favor Repealing Obamacare

    The Kaiser Family Foundation polled 1,502 adults ages 18 and older, including 1,017 adults who say they voted, in the days after last Tuesday’s election. KFF allowed respondents to name, in their own words, the biggest factors influencing their vote for Congress. The top response was economy/jobs (29%), followed by voting for or against a specific party (25%), and then voting for a specific candidate (21%). Health care came in fourth at 17%.

    But among those voters who said health care was the top factor influencing their vote, repealing all or parts of Obama was extremely popular. A full 71% of health care voters either want to repeal Obamacare entirely (45%) or repeal parts of the law (26%). Only 11% of health care voters (and only 16% of all voters) want to leave the law as is. Obamacare is not very popular among the entire population either KFF reports:

    Just a quarter of the public (25 percent) now says they expect their own families to be better off under the health reform law, which is the lowest share since KFF began tracking this question. About a third each continue to think their own family will be worse off under the law (31 percent) or that it won’t make much difference (34 percent). The public remains split on whether the country as a whole will be better (38 percent) or worse off (36 percent) under the law, while 16 percent say it won’t make much difference.

    You can read The Heritage Foundation Guide to Repealing Obamacare, here.

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    7 Responses to Health Care Voters Overwhelming Favor Repealing Obamacare

    1. Michiman says:

      Time to repeal this bureaucratic nightmare before any more damage is done. This ill conceived law will cause the system it is creating to collapse under its own weight – and when it does, who do you think will be called upon to fix it? Make sure you put some of your rainy day fund off to the side for this eventuality. Repeal this monstrosity now and straighten this dreadful mess out with an affordable, sustainable and equitable solution.

    2. kevin h, college par says:

      If 45% of the 17% who listed health care as top priority want it repealed, by my calculations, only 7% of those polled want health reform repealed. Obviously, if it is no even in the top 3 of voters' priorities, it seems more and more americans are buying into it. The economy is the number 1 issue – that is is. Obama and the Dems chances in 2012 lie mainly in how the economy performs in the next two years and how the job growth numbers are.

      Interesting to see more people think the country will be better off because of health reform. I know the Repubs are going to spend the next two years repealing, but i hope their main focus is jobs and the economy – people are tired of health reform talk – they want focus on jobs.

    3. Preston Parsons, Nor says:

      To Kevin H: More citizens are "anti" THIS KIND of healthcare reform than you seem to realize… and it has less to do with the realities of the need for changes in the way healthcare is conducted (all facets) in the US, and more to do with the fact that THIS "healthcare reform" package is oppressively heavy with restrictions, demands, threats, dangerous precedents and more, and has little to do with the wellbeing of our country's citizenry. It's simply another blindside blow against freedom of choice, further empowering a bloated, dangerously self-absorbed administration that has already proven it will stoop to any level to install and inforce its own agenda. This fiasco demonstrates that we are living in some of the most dangerous times in this country's history, and precedent-setting powergrabs such as the one we're wrestling against, now, will not and should not be tolerated. Your attempt to dismiss the whole thing with a flippantly incorrect comment of "people are tired of health reform talk" does not represent reality.

    4. Brian A Rich, Glouce says:

      I am from Massachusetts. People here are really not too smart overall as they love to be abused by a democratic majority they LOVE to re-elect no matter how corrupt. It is a way of life here. We have two state officials currently convicted of taking bribes on FEDERAL charges of corruptuion and the last three Speakers of the House in the State legislature are under indictment for irregularities and STILL, other than Scott Brown, even with good candidates, we elected not a single Republican to national office. Pathetic! However, the rest of the country voted for the change they thought they would get from Obama because they took him at his word. I knew better from his friendships and beliefs in Marx, Bill Ayres,, Bernadette Dohrn and other leftists and KNEW what to expect.I am sure there was a lot of fraudulent voting here but the media won't even raise the issue.

      Nonetheless, we have a healthcare plan as mandatory as Obamacare which was in place long before these elections and has resulted in doctors leaving the

      profession, reducing the availability and quality of care, increasing premiums,

      hardship for the young and old in the new 14-40 healthcare arc associated with Obamacare, rising costs in every sphere of care and, the same can be expected in Obamacare; only WORSE. Government has proven time and again it is too intrusive, spends too much money for too little return, has grown OBSCENELY in size and scope and is now blatantly taking authority not granted under the tenth amendment or the Commerce Clause of the 14th concerning the fraudulant

      MANDATE to purchase insurance or be penalized with fines and prison time. This is NOT a Socialist country now, and it never will be. WE will NEVER put up with it. If Republicans try to go back to business as usual except from a different agenda and compromise at all with Obama, they will be the next to go. WE taxpayers have had enough of disrespect, profligacy, the diminishment of our civil liberties the insecurity of our Borders and illegal aliens and government granted entitlements TO them for violating our laws and expecting the few of us still working to PAY for them when we are having trouble making ends meet. Obama and the democrats got the message at the polls because they would NOT listen and think we are incapable of determining by choice, what is best for ourselves and our families.They were WRONG and we will prove it again by taking out those who we feel need to go in the NEXT election 2 years away. There is going to be government reform; lots of it in the future and, Congress will not be able to exempt itself from what it imposes by law on US; as they did with Obamacare. That is as good a reason as any and better than most for repealing this heinous legislation or at least making it applicable to THEM. It will result in more cost effective and reasonable plans and laws if the legislators know beforehand that they cannot exempt themselves. On another tack, why is it that the President can spend $200million A DAY on his current trip but his Auntie Zeituni is in subsidized Housing with a $700 a month disability, medical care,

      welfare checks and pizza at her command and telling us we OWE it to her to take care of her and make her a citizen because it is OUR obligation to do so. If this is a reward for violating a deportation order for 6 years and then having the same judge who imposed but did not enforce it, grant her asylum for no discernible reason, I guess crime pays. I think it obscene that this is so when our returning veterans get haphazard care at BEST and some, like myself are undergoing evaluations fo claims from 45 years ago because for years, we were deemed ineigible due to a military loss of records in a fire in St. Louis., DECADES ago. Both parties are guilty and both are goinfg to be scrutinized by a united electorate and HELD RESPONSIBLE AND ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR

      PERFORMANCE. Wlecome to the real world, Washington, DC. By the way, for those who may not know but are trying to get the kind of benefits Autie Zeituni has at THEIR expense: President Obama's personal income last year has been published in the neighborhood of $5.5 million. Nice neightborhood! Can YOU afford to live in it?

    5. Hi Desert Ed, On the says:

      The new Republican leadership needs to have a private meeting with the Democrat leadership and calmly and quietly explain to them that the co-operation of the democrats and the president in dismantling this abomination of a "health care" law is a requirement, not a request.

      The penalty for non-co-operation will be the appointment of a special prosecutor leading to the impeachment of Obama. While they are absorbing that let them also know that the "high crimes and mis-demeanors" of staff members will also be on the table

    6. Mike, Tulsa, OK says:

      Preston, You must have a very short term memory when it comes to an administration that will stoop to any level to "inforce" their agenda. Seems to me that the previous administration did stoop to very low levels to enforce their agenda of nation invading and nation building. They also decreased our civil rights in the name of security. In all the years that I've been able to vote (30+) I have yet to hear an alternative proposed by the right which would provide affordable health care for every American citizen. This issue is complex, there are not perfect answers and there would be plenty of money in the coffers if we weren't fighting a "war" that we won't ever win. And if my recollection is correct the Dem's didn't start the "War of Drugs" and the "War on Terror" but they do want to declare a "War on Sickness" Only one of these is even approachable in terms of being successful.

    7. Jude Goss says:

      Obama care is just a smoke screen for the beginnings of autocratic rule in America; where else can one find more control than in the regulation of a nation's physical health? This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg and sends the message to a country hungry for "change" that I "will" because I "can". Fortunately, it appears that America–the sleeping giant–rests no more.

      Every freedom we pride ourselves in owning faces similar threats of control by an overblown leader heady with power. Just because it is not the #1 priority does not mean it doesn't come right behind feeding our families and preserving our individual freedoms; because until we are sick, it doesn't really impact us.

      Yet there is much more to come…just read The Plant if you dare and face the future with full knowledge of where we are heading. It is scary at best…probably catastrophic in all actuality!

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