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  • The Zombie Campaign for Higher Energy Prices

    The American people know that cap and trade energy policies will lead to higher energy costs and fewer jobs. That is why even Democratic candidates like Sen.-elect Joe Manchin (D-WV) famously shot President Barack Obama’s cap and trade bill in a television commercial this fall.
    But the progressive campaign to force Americans to pay higher energy costs did not die with cap and trade. The New York Times reports today:

    Deals to buy renewable power have been scuttled or slowed in states including Florida, Idaho and Kentucky as well as Virginia. By the end of the third quarter, year-to-date installations of new wind power dropped 72 percent from 2009 levels, according to the American Wind Energy Association, a trade group.

    And why are these utilities canceling their renewable energy contracts? The NYT again:

    Electricity generated from wind or sun still generally costs more — and sometimes a lot more — than the power squeezed from coal or natural gas. Prices for fossil fuels have dropped in part because the recession has reduced demand. In the case of natural gas, newer drilling techniques have opened the possibility of vast new supplies for years to come.

    In April, for example, the state public utilities commission in Rhode Island rejected a power-purchase deal for an offshore wind project that would have cost 24.4 cents a kilowatt-hour. The utility now pays about 9.5 cents a kilowatt hour for electricity from fossil fuels.

    So how can the left get Americans to pay higher energy prices for alternative energy? By forcing them to. Specifically, The New York Times cites and Ernst and Young analysis recommending a national renewable energy standard to increase renewable energy investment. From the NYT:

    “One of the problems in the United States is that we haven’t been willing to confront the tough questions,” said Paul Gipe, who sits on the steering committee of the Alliance for Renewable Energy, a group advocating energy policy reform.

    “We have to ask ourselves, ‘Do we really want renewables?’ ” he said. “And if the answer to that is yes, then we’re going to have to pay for them.”

    And how much will Americans have to pay if the left passes a renewable energy standard? A Heritage Foundation analysis: 1) household electricity prices would jump 36%; 2) industry prices would rise by 60%; 3) national income (GDP) would be cut by $5.2 trillion between 2012 and 2035; and most importantly 4) RES would kill more than 1,000,000 jobs.

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    9 Responses to The Zombie Campaign for Higher Energy Prices

    1. jerry lynch says:

      Please take a leadership role and advise the new politicians to forgo the inagural balls etc. and go straight to work like we do… and when they truly accomplish taking America in the right direction we as a people will throw a ball for them that they could never imagine!

    2. Denise, CT says:

      I don't want to pay more for energy than is necessary. I don't want to be forced to buy CFLs. I think the free market should decide what kind of energy we use. Wind and solar are not practical everywhere. Mr Obama should take note of the poor air quality while he is in India. I visited there and experienced it first-hand. Our air is vastly cleaner here. I also remember the 70's when we still had major air pollution. Let's be realistic. Unless electricity is afforadable you will have people going back to burning wood in their homes to keep warm.

    3. Steve Holben, Denver says:

      Colorado's democratically controlled government last session passed HB08-1164 which allows utilities to factor in "carbon" costs in their rates even though there is no law to collect such a tax. The Indepence Institute here call it a "phantom" carbon tax.

    4. Phil, Plymouth Ma. says:

      "So how can the left get Americans to pay higher energy prices for alternative energy?" Hello Cadillac Deval Patrick and his pet project "Cape Wind", he is delivering high energy prices to us. Common sense won in RI and the other states you listed, but apparently we don't have much of that here in Mass, especially on Beacon Hill. And the sheeple re-elected the left wing here across the board. We could get renewable energy from Quebec for 1/3rd of what we will be paying for "Cape Wind" in this banana republic. The public utilities commission won't be walking through that door to save us either, they were appointed by Cadillac Deval. Somebody please follow that money for us, please save the 41% sane people stuck here in Mass.

    5. ron l11, nikiski, al says:

      Steve, then sue to remove those costs. they weren't voted on and surely must violate the state constitution.

    6. MisterG, MI says:

      Michigab has a 10% RES as initiated by PA295.

      It contained a new fee (energy optimization) tacked onto both electric and natural gas bills, started a net meter program, created rebates for weatherization and efficienct appiliance purchases. You could get a "free" curly cue bulb and caulk. I believe participating in any of these rebates/freebies counted towards the ulitities achieving the 10% RES.

      About 9 months later, (just before christmas) the public service commision approved an electric rate hike so the government sanctioned monopolies could afford the alt energy systems. Basically, everyone was mandatorily volunteered into thier "green currents" program.

      Two rate hikes in a year. The RES is supposed to save money through "stabilization", and reduced use. It does not.

      Its not the "evil capitalistic utilities" either. They are forced into the standard by law. They can't do boo without government approval (PSC.) The rate hikes is completely government created.

    7. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Green energy jobs don't work. Just ask the Spanish people.

    8. Cynthia Z, San Diego says:

      Why don't we take the incentives and government subsidies from the dirty polluting petroleum industry and apply them to the clean green renewable energy industry. Then we will see which one costs more. In the long run, dirty energy costs us a lot. Our health for one!

    9. Greg says:

      Great work avoiding mentioning anything about the recession and the negative effect that it has had on these industries, most of which are in their infancy. The one-sidedness of this post is laughable.

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