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  • Presidential Mojo No Substitute for Understanding America

    Almost two years ago, after President Obama’s obsequious bow before a Saudi prince, many Americans began to wonder whether this “citizen of the world” knew what he was doing with America’s foreign policy. The passage of time has revealed a stunning lack of diplomatic sophistication and a dangerous misunderstanding of America’s role in the world.

    In a new issue of Foreign Policy magazine, foreign policy experts offer President Obama a “Plan B” to supplement the White House’s incoherent and ineffective foreign policy agenda – in their words, to help the president “find his mojo again.” But has Barack Obama ever had this certain je ne sais quoi when it comes to American diplomacy?

    As a presidential candidate, Obama so resolutely criticized American foreign policy and expressed such confidence in his persuasive abilities that many people came to expect that he held the secret to global harmony, a secret that had eluded so many of America’s past statesmen. But two years of apology-based diplomacy have revealed the failures of a foreign policy that refuses to see the world as it is.

    President Obama and his closest White House advisors also fundamentally misunderstand America, so it is no surprise that they misunderstand the role of American diplomacy in the world. According to Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell’s remarks at the Heritage Foundation on Thursday, the biggest foreign policy difference between Congressional Republicans and the Obama administration hinges on a basic question: “Whether or not America is an exceptional country.”
    Responding to a journalist during an April 2009 trip to Strasbourg, France, Obama declared:  “I believe in American exceptionalism, just as I suspect that the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism.” In essence, President Obama does not believe that America is exceptional among the nations of the earth.

    This understanding signals an historic shift in how U.S. presidents talk about America, and has real-world ramifications for a host of U.S. foreign policy issues. Despite multiple overtures to the Iranian regime, Iran is moving rapidly toward nuclear armament. Despite an exhilarating and hopeful speech in Ankara last year, Turkey (America’s NATO ally) now seems determined to undermine U.S. interests in the region. The administration’s actions in the Middle East have also alienated the United States’ close partner in the region, Israel. And despite good intentions, the reset button with Russia appears to be disconnected from reality. In a reversal of Ronald Reagan’s peace through strength policy, Obama has embraced a foreign policy of peace through apology.

    In a show of weakness this summer, the U.S. remained remarkably silent about government crackdowns on Christians and Shia Muslims in Morocco, one of America’s closest Arab allies. The Moroccan government kicked out Christian aid workers who ran an orphanage in Morocco, on the grounds that they were converting orphans to Christianity. The sound of America’s voice in support of religious freedom for persecuted religious minorities should be just as loud as the President’s apology for America’s past imperfections. Actually, it should be much louder, since America’s voice can actually make a difference in remedying current injustices.

    But such assertions require the confidence that America’s principles of religious, political, and economic liberty are fundamentally superior to those of nations that practice oppression. This confidence in the superiority of America’s principles and history of promoting those principles abroad is apparently not held by the current president.

    For a robust diplomacy that represents American interests and ideals, U.S. officials have to understand the essence of America. In a new series published by The Heritage Foundation, Matthew Spalding offers his own advice – stop misunderstanding America! Consider his piece a primer for anyone – including sitting presidents – who can’t quite wrap their mind around the idea that America has had and should continue to have an exceptional role to play in the world.

    Apparently one needs more than a tropical birthplace, a stamp-filled passport, and a cosmopolitan flair in order to successfully represent the United States among the world’s different countries and cultures. One needs an understanding of the impressive history and principles of American statecraft and the humility to see the world as it is.

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    12 Responses to Presidential Mojo No Substitute for Understanding America

    1. PippN, Severna Park says:

      How can O'Bama convey American principles when he doesn't believe in them? The O'Bama vision is one that subjugates America into the fold of mediocrity worshiping automatons to whom government is their benefactor, their ruler, their God.

    2. Bob says:

      The guy is a bungling , ignoramus, conceited walking disaster who should stay in India and never come back……. Same goes for his three thousand freebie loving friends who accompanied him.

      This is not a personal attack. It is a necessary action that would save us, him and our country a tremendous amount of grief, time and money.

    3. Jeanne Stotler, Wood says:

      Just listening to his press conference yesterday made my stumach churn. BHO just does not get it, it is US the people of USA who are his boss, he thinks he has power to dictate to us and tell Us, "the People" how to live, what to eat, what car to drive, he just doesn't get it. His answer to the election showed that he doesn't know his roll. Let's hope that those who won and those who are veteran law makers realize what the people said and want.

    4. Armin Geist, BG, Ohi says:

      When I follow all the different happenings with the Election speaches and Press Meetings I can not belief what I see, The arrogance in witch Washington thinks the rest of America is stupid. Specially the Whitehouse. We should put effords towards making sure that our representatives in Washington are working for us, if not get them out! We are not supporting an elite witch thinks they can do what they want and are getting fielthy rich doing it! Health care, They should have the same and no more as other Americans.

    5. Dennis Georgia says:

      America made a huge mistake in 2008. We will pay for this mistake in countless ways in the future. As obama goes over the world he has seen fit to destroy this country, the other world leaders know he has no back bone, they know he will not come to their aid in a fight, he has turned America's back on Israel, the dogs are growling at their door and the door's of America. Even as these dogs growl and fight harder he still does not show any concern and they smell blood, we as citizens must take up the fight and work to change the obama style of "guvment".

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    7. Chris says:

      Its still hard for me to look at him, he is so arrogant!! He certainly doesn't have the best interest of our country or us, Americans at heart!! He has no interest in what we the people want or need, or how to protect us from our enemies. He is constantly getting air time, and going on trips and vacation, when does he have time to do anything for this country? He is forever talking down to us, calling us idiots and now, enemies. When he doesn't have a telepromptor, which isn't often, and he just talks, he tells us what he really thinks. He also said that America, is no longer a christian nation!! Let's prove him wrong, go to; http://www.PatrioticChristiansToday.com get your wristband and show what and who you believe in. Hope you will support this effort.

    8. dannyroberts Phoenix says:

      the republicans now have their second and their very last chance to get it right.by now you would think they would realize that the silent majority

      has finally found it's voice, they had better do their job and do it right or

      there will be hell to pay!

    9. Dee Glover Virginia. says:

      I dont think Obama will ever get after all he is out to dictate what we are to do and say other wise why he he put the clause in Obamacare saying ( if you dont buy it then you will be find ) now isnt that something for a President to say…What kind of a man is he when he doesnt even salute our flag or recite the constitution the way it was written…..It is WE THE PEOPLE he is to work for..We the people arent suppose to bow down to him………

    10. lee striegler salado says:

      Observation: Barrack H. Obama cannot possibly lose his "mojo" since he never had it in the first place. What he had was a well schooled "Community Organizers" rabble rousing strident vocal delivery designed to ignite emotion without intelligent thought required to separate the wheat from the chaff. The man does not have the experience of running a business. He has never had to put his all on the line to meet a payroll. He has absolutely zero knowledge or experience about what it takes to run a productive enterprise. His work experience has been funded by liberal foundations who in turn are funded by private enterprises and or wealthy patrons. Law firms are in reality a legalized toll system who charge big bucks to make the law say whatever their well helled clients want it to say. Again, a system that does not engaged in productive enterprise. Government cannot give to any party without first taking from the producer. The only free lunches, if such exist, are obviously found within the DC Beltway where the political elitist (lobbyist, lawyers, think tank operatives, Media wingnuts) all feed at the public trough of the tax payers. "Ye have made the peoples houses a din of thieves." A pox on all your houses.

    11. Dr dbiggs,CA says:

      Pres OBOZO: "Tea Bagger-in-Chief"

      You Can LIE but can you READ?

      Invasion by illegal ie "Criminal Aliens"

      Obviously you have never read the United States Constitution or

      else feel that in your ivory tower and wealth that it does not apply to you!!

      I feel you need to read the following and act according to the peoples wish

      not your wishes or special interests wish list!

      There are three references to the words "invasions," "invaded," and

      "invasion" in our U.S. Constitution:

      Article I, Section 8: "The Congress shall have Power To Provide for calling

      forth the Militia to execute Laws of the Union, suppress

      insurrections and repel Invasions."

      Article I, Section 10:"No State shall, without the Consent of Congress, lay any

      Duty of Tonnage, keep Troops, or Ships of War in time

      of Peace, enter into any Agreement or Compact with

      another State, or with a foreign Power, or engage in War,

      unless actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as

      will not admit of delay."

      Article IV, Section 4:"The United States shall guarantee to every State in the

      Union as Republican Form of Government, and shall

      protect each of them against invasion, and on

      Application of the Legislature, of of the Executive (when

      the Legislative cannot be convened) against domestic


      Your Oath of Office and sworn duties as referenced mean you must Act and

      put a Stop to the Invasion of all the Illegal immigrants we are experiencing.

      Our U.S. Constitution mandates that invasions shall be repelled by Congress.

      and that means the persons in the House of Representatives and the U.S.

      Senate. Our nation's sovereignty must be protected.

      How can you even stand in front of a mirror and even look yourself in the eyes

      knowing you are a "Bought & Paid Hoe" for special interests and the

      Democratic Party Hacks? Tell me I am wrong, please because I fear for the

      future of our country as you certainly don't care about the people or our


      You go to the SAME PLACE for LYING as you do for STEALING!!

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