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  • Morning Bell: Get To Work On Spending Cuts

    On October 15, 2008, well after the financial collapse had begun, President Barack Obama promised the American people during the third presidential debate: “What I’ve done throughout this campaign is to propose a net spending cut.” The verdict is out on how many Americans believed President Obama then, but the verdict is in on his first two years in office: instead of a net spending cut, federal spending has exploded. Since 2008, federal spending has surged from $25,000 to $30,000 per household. And under President Obama’s budget it would reach $36,000 per household by 2020. Even if Congress allowed President Obama’s preferred tax hikes to become law, his budget would double the national debt to more than $20 trillion by 2020.

    With these facts in mind, CBS News’ Chip Reid asked the President yesterday: “Republicans say more than anything else what this election was about was spending. … Do you accept the fact that any kind of spending to create jobs is dead at this point?” The President responded: “I think the American people are absolutely concerned about spending and debt — and deficits.” Good for the President for acknowledging these concerns. But after providing lip service to concerns about spending the President then went on to talk about all the “investments” he wanted to make in supertrains, supercomputers, and Singapore’s airport. The President just can’t help himself: he is addicted to federal spending. And it is the next Congress’ job to make him stop.

    Congress must craft a solution for our nation’s long term entitlement spending problems. But our nation’s economy also needs a strong signal that this Congress is serious about cutting spending now. That will let job creators know that their taxes are not destined to be higher. Specifically, Congress must Get to Work immediately:

    • Stop Digging: Any new unemployment assistance should be offset by spending cuts elsewhere. Any remaining unobligated TARP funds should be rescinded before they can be allocated to new spending. Most important, lawmakers must repeal Obamacare, a ticking spending and deficit time bomb.
    • Freeze Spending: Congress must by law ensure that the total amount of discretionary budget authority for the Federal Government in fiscal year 2011 cannot exceed the total amount in fiscal year 2010.
    • Cut Spending: Congress must immediately cut at least $170 billion from the federal budget (CBO baseline) for fiscal year 2012. This is only a significant and plausible first step – more will be necessary.
    • Ban Corporate Welfare: Lawmakers should reform America’s largest corporate welfare program—farm subsidies, which are overwhelmingly distributed to large, profitable agribusinesses rather than struggling family farmers. Other corporate welfare programs like the Technology Innovation Program should be eliminated.
    • Bring Federal Pay in Line with the Private Sector: Congress should bring equity to federal pay and align federal compensation with market rates. When fully implemented it would save taxpayers approximately $47 billion a year.

    Today at 11 AM, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) will give a special address at The Heritage Foundation (you can watch his remarks live on Facebook, here). According to his office, Sen. McConnell will make his own spending promise to the American people: “We will vote to freeze and cut discretionary spending. We will fight to make sure that any spending bill that reaches the Senate floor is amendable, so members can vote for the spending cuts Americans are asking for. We will push to bring up and vote for House passed spending rescission bills.”

    This is a good start. But it is just that: a start. The conservative movement, the Tea Party, and the American people must be vigilant. We must pay close attention to what this Congress does and be prepared to hold them accountable. That is why The Heritage Foundation has created the Solutions for America: Get to Work checklist. The first item on the list: Freeze and Cut Spending. This is part of a five part series outlining the five overriding actions, representing the BARE MINIMUM REQUIRED for Congress to fulfill its electoral mandate. You can download and print all of the “Get to Work” fact sheets and checklist, here.

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    43 Responses to Morning Bell: Get To Work On Spending Cuts

    1. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      I didn't see – Cut PAY to Congress

      Cut Defense Spending

      Bring ALL the TROOPS Home.

      Replace the current income tax with a NATIONAL SALES TAX – NSTx of 10%

      Raise Taxes on the Wealthy


    2. Spiff, USA says:

      We could start cutting the spending curve by controlling the President and his extravagant life style and trips!


    3. Patrick, New York says:

      "And it is the next Congress’ job to make him to stop." Who edits this? A "to" needs to be removed.

    4. KC - New Mexico says:

      I believe there are two additional areas that HF did not cover – foreign aid and our outdated tax system. Regarding foreign aid, I suggest that Congress quickly plug the dike on foreign spending. Instead, use this funding to rebuild America. Not all funding is bad – as long as it goes to a country that supports America. As an example, Donald Trump mentioned last night how many of our airports look like those in 3rd world countries while China and the Asian airports are modern and clean. Our money helped develop their airports while ours have been trashed. Why did we spend money there when our country is in dire need of funding? Much of our infrastructure needs help and this funding that is wasted on foreign countries would help in rebuilding what we have allowed to fall apart. Wow, what a change this would be for the improvement of America.

      Secondly, our tax system is not adequate, unfair, and very outdated. Why not put a real bi-partisan effort into revising this system to make it equitable and fair for every individual and industry in this country? Everyone is taxed – even those who are provided entitlements for food, shelter, medical, education, etc., would be taxed in some form – possibly not monetary but through civil service. No exemptions are allowed; tax is based entirely on income and would be a flat percentage tax. Religious and non-profits will also pay the same as the business and health industry. We would have more money in the federal budget from this program. IRS would be modified and most of its members would not be needed. The tax form would be gone, no need for the April 15th actions. Wow – what a change!

    5. Patrick Branch, Fair says:

      Your article on cutting spending is right on target. However, there is another area where the nation needs to cut spending. We need a significant reduction in the number of people who are doing the spending and who are directing others to spend through the regulations they pass.

      My recommendation is for a 25% reduction in the budgets of every Federal and State department or agency that regulates the activities of American people and corporations. The 25% will result in obvious savings. In addition it will force the departments and agencies to prioritize their activities so that the necessary work of government is done but lower priority or in effective regulations are dropped.

    6. ThomNJ says:

      How about at the top of thelist for the Congress: BAN ANY AND ALL EARMARKS – FOREVER! I don't want a moratorium on these, I want an outright ban. The politiicans love to say that it isn't really that much money – well, add it up over the last 40 years. It just adds to the death from a thousand cuts. Not to mention a president who will be spending probably in excess of a BILLION DOLLARS on his India/Indonesia trip.

    7. George Colgrove, VA says:

      •Stop Digging: YES! Nothing else to add.

      •Freeze Spending: This goes without saying!

      •Cut Spending: $170 billion – absolute minimum! This figure represents the benchmark for which failure is measured in fiscal responsibility. Coming in under or even meeting this value means congress has failed. Congress needs to exceed this figure. The absolute minimum should be a budget that is not taking America further into debt. I am OK if congress sets a budget that freezes the debt for a period with the eye on cutting further to pay off the principal. I also think congress should halt the Federal Reserve from pumping money into the market. The government seems to want to use inflation as a ponsey scheme to make the debt disappear at the cost of Americans savings and retirements. This is the only result that comes out of the latest 600 billion infusions they want to do.

      •Ban Corporate Welfare: YES! What we really need is a separating between the state and business. All the federal government needs to do to help business is to stay out of it all together.

      •Bring Federal Pay in Line with the Private Sector: YES! Several private sector organizations provide compensation data for job classes and time in service. They also provide data for what companies provide for benefits. Federal employees (or all public employees for that matter) should be protected from being paid too little, and we the taxpayer should be protected from them being paid too much. The GS pay charts can be replaced by connecting each federal position to these published job classes and be indexed to time in service with little cost, obfuscations and meanderings. It will be fully transparent and will not need the added costs caused by federal oversight. A public employee should never be paid less than 75% or more than 100% of the average pay for the job class and time in service obtained from the average of these private sector organizations. Moreover, public employees should never receive benefits that exceed what is average and customary from the private sector. This should be made into a federal law so public employee labor unions will never have the power to bloat compensation ever again. This law will go beyond protecting the taxpayer from federal pay abuse, but also taxpayers in towns like Bell, CA where their employees literally robbed the bank. In addition, public employee unions either should be eliminated or if they remain, should be prevented from donating to political campaigns. I think a very clear look at the Hatch act would suggest that this could be construed as public employees using their collective governmental positions to affect the outcome of an election. I think the Hatch act can be interpreted to make union funding of political parties as being illegal. If it is not, it should be ameded to be so.

    8. Evan, Anchorage says:

      I think it is impossible to make much of a dent in our debt with out some tax increases. In Europe they cut spending and raised taxes. We need to to everything possible not to go broke. We have models to follow, like the late 90's. Like Canada. Like Texas.

    9. VC Geezer, Virginia says:

      I am not sure I understand where the debt per household numbers come from. To me, the per household debt should be much larger. Am I missing something?

      If I do the math, For the 2020 numbers, $20 trillion divided by 315 million (US population in 2008) is $63,500 PER PERSON, so where does this $36,000 per household come from? It would seem to me that per-household numbers should be more in the $200,000 range.

      The national debt, as of today, is $13.7 trillion, so that makes the per person debt at $43,500, so the numbers still don't make sense.

    10. Francis OHare says:

      Now that we are in a position to choke off the presdent's and his liberal cohorts big borrowing we HAVE to act in behalf of the American people who have SAID in no uncertain words — STOP

    11. Don Symank, St Louis says:

      Obama is way over his head on this "leadership" thingy. One need only look at the Oil Spill for questions of his ability to lead.

      Why oh why did he take it upon himself (and us) to pay out the claims. My guess is he was caught staring at $20 bil. (Like a deer in the headlights)

    12. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      In addition to the above I strongly suggest the new Speaker of the House "give back" the jet Pelosi has used and fly commercial. While I admit this is symbolic it does send a powerful message to Democrats and citizens about controlling costs and "sacrifices" we must all make. And on this subject, who paid for Obama to fly around the country campaigning for his party? And who is paying the $200 million a day for the reported presidential trip to India?

    13. Dennis Georgia says:

      Spending is all obama knows, his life is taken care of because of the tax payer. He will make millions after leaving the white house, yet he says no one needs to make 5 million dolars a year. Spending must be froze, and then cut back, we need to take of our own first, not those in another country, we have people here that are hungry. We need to run all the unions out and especially the unions in government. they demand high pay for no work, more people to get very little done. These same people treat those that appear in person or call on the phone, if you get a real person, as if they are dirt. They make more than the private sector, do less and have no fear of loosing their job. The unions own obama and the dems. Pork barrell spending has to stop. Each bill before Congress should be stand alone, not tied in with something else.Term limits need to be instituted sooner than later, 40 years in Congress is way to musch.

    14. C. Hyatt, Albuquerqu says:

      What makes anyone think that this President is going to reduce spending when he is spending $600,000,000 on a vacation? One that I might add will result in even more U.S. tax payer dollars being allocated to overseas interests. Get real.

    15. Randy Dutton says:

      Immediately unfreeze oil drilling permits. Send a signal we will allow business to develop jobs.

      Force the EPA to withdraw its job killing regulations including the E15 authorization, the dirt is pollution declaration, the CO2 is pollution declaration, and the jurisdiction of every hole and rivlette where water collects declaration.

      Decertify public employee unions. The current situation causes a conflict of interest.

      Change government pension rules to directed input, not directed benefit. Taxpayers should not be on the hook for anybody's pension for anymore than the initial contribution.

    16. Randy Dutton says:

      End agricultural subsidies.

      End the co-signing of loans by federal agencies for businesses that can't succeed without subsidies. Such is the case with biofuel, PV, and wind turbine projects.

    17. Randy Dutton says:

      Change most government funding to biennial budgets, from annual budgets. This will cut overall costs, and provide for better contract awards.

      Keep funding bills specific to the goal, and eliminated unrelated spending attachments.

      Most military equipment that has some significant idle time, should have a commensurate protection plan. That is, protect the vehicles, equipment, and materials held in storage with appropriate anti-corrosion means. The payback is significant, often 50:1.

    18. Melba, Alberton, MT says:

      I can cut spending by billions. Take every Senator and Representative's life time medical care benefit away. Make them pay Cobra premiums like everyone else has to do when they loose a job. Make them live with the same medical care or Medicare that they wish to foist on us. They are our servants not our Gods. Why should they eat steak while we eat hamburger.

    19. Randy Dutton says:

      End the wind turbine subsidy that is causing a dramatic increase in the demand for the decreasing supply of rare earth elements (REE). China has a 97% monopoly of REEs and is ceasing the export of much of it to force manufacturing to China.

      Wind turbines require up to 4000 pounds of REEs, and REEs are critical for most modern equipment production. So to protect US manufacturing we must reduce REE demand to allow existing supply to be used for more critical applications such as computers, smart glass, lasers, aircraft, military weapons, etc.

    20. Dusty, Georgia says:

      Looking now at Boehner, who right out of the ball park, is saying we are going to get rid of Obamas' health care bill? WHY? He stands there crying about his poor background working family etc. but then wants to get rid of health care that can benefit so many in this rich country? What is the purpose of what he wants to do, to benefit the health insurance companies who many say backed the Tea Party Movement? Pay back to lobbyist? Come here to Jasper, Ga Sen Boehner but you won't per so far not any Republican here in Ga., that I know of has done this, come to Pickens cty to Good Samaritan and see daily those without health care per loss of jobs and cannot afford any insurance so what are they to do. This clinic supported by volunteer doctors and dentist and staff only one of few in this rich country WHY? Come to Sav A Lot grocery here in Jasper, Ga Sen and see on our bulletin board where 3 people right now need fund raising to be able to maybe get Open Heart, Get a Kidney, pay for $5000 a mo meds for cirrhosis of the liver WHY Sen in this rich country do we have to do this? I am a lifetime Republican a retired RN who knows that health care is way too high when one gets sick and I saw Greed for years in health care? Just now tell me Sen. Boehner what do you propose to make things better for the working middle class today and what does one do when losing a job and can no longer afford the high cost of health care? I feel your comment yesterday about getting rid of Obama care is a pay back to lobbyist to now defeat Obama who is suppose to be a Socialist,& no I did not vote for him or McCain. I was for Romney per his stand on health care in Mass? When do politicians care for the people and not for the big money? Just look at the millions spent on this campaign and ask WHY?

    21. Earl, QUEENS, NY says:

      So the 2010 elections are now behind us. It’s hard to be optimistic here, given that New York voters mostly repeated past errors – voting for the liberal demon-crat party. And it was disappointing to see Sharon Angle lose Nevada. IMO, we should look into that. I suspect flimflam there. 1st, we heard of ballots being handed out in which Dirty Harry Reid’s name was already selected. 2nd, we heard of a major casino company which may’ve broken election laws by persuading its employees to vote for Dirty Harry. Of course, it’s best to look at the full picture – the rest of America, which sent a good message to BHO and his demon-crats.

      Now, all I can think of is 2 things. 1st, don’t repeat past mistakes. 2nd, BE PATIENT!! We still have a ways to go!! Over the past 5 years, the GOP made some mistakes by wondering off the conservative field and siding with liberal demoncrats. Don’t do that again!! DON”T pander to leftwing demoncrats!! I.e., we want Obummer-care repealed and replaced with a better reform bill, such as tort reform, HSAs and other free market solutions. And let’s roll back some of this profligate reckless spending. It’s important to remember that a large % of voters didn’t vote for the GOP, but rather are just against the Demoncrats, who’ve been a disaster over the past two years!!…..Likewise, many voters should heed this advice. BE PATIENT!! The best we can do with a GOP controlled house is to stop the advancement of the BHO/Pelosi radical leftwing agenda. To reverse the damage they’ve done, we still need to win back the White House in 2012, and perhaps gain a 60 seat majority in the Senate to avoid Demon-crat filibusters….And even if the GOP stumbles or makes a few mistakes, be patient and forgiving, as (with a few exceptions, such as Mayor Mike Bloomberg or Colon Powell RINO types) they certainly can’t be any worse, or even as bad as the demon-crats we now have. Remember, to err is human. To really foul up this country and its economy, it means putting demoncrats in power, as evidenced by the disastrous 11/4/2008 election. Anyway, we know that the 2006 and 2008 elections have had serious negative consequences, thus we must avoid repeating such errors in the future!!

    22. Drew Page, IL says:

      All good suggestions, Heritage. Now let's see what happens.

      The President's newly appointed National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility is made up of 16 Commissioners, 12 of which are either U.S. Senators or Congressmen. Co-Chairman Alan Simpson is a former Senator. The other Co-chairman, Erskine Bowles is the former chief of Staff to President Clinton. The Executive Director of the Commission is Bruce Reed, former Chief Domestic Policy Advisor to President Clinton.. The point here is that at least 13 members of this Commission (and possibly Bowles and Reed) are covered under the Federal Employees Pension plan. None of these people depend on Social Security for their pensions. Both Co-Chairmen, Simpson and Bowles, have announced their intent to aim squarely at Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid for slashing government expenditures. This is explained in the October 25, 2010 report from the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare. At http://www.ncpssm.org/news/archives/ss_toolbox/

      This Commission to set to recommend slashing Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid in order to reduce the federal debt.

      The new Congress should resist such recommendations and should instead:

      1. Continue the Bush tax cuts, regardless of income, for at least five years;

      2. Create a Commission of U.S. Chamber of Commerce members, for purposes of cutting federal regulations that are strangling small businesses;

      3. Eliminate 'ear-marks' from all Congressional proposed legislation;

      3. Cut the number of federal employees, except for the Armed Forces, by 25%; 4. Freeze the pay of federal employees for the next three years;

      5. Revise the federal employees pension plan, for all those hired on and after 1/1/2005, to provide only 25% of of an employee's average pay over the last four years of federal employment;

      6. Privatize completely Fannie Mae and Freedie Mac, with no further bailouts;

      7. Eliminate foreign aid payments to countries harboring terrorists.

    23. B. Hall Syosset N.Y. says:

      I can't believe I agree with Ken Jarvis [except for raising taxes on the wealthy]

    24. Freddel, Walnut Cree says:

      House and Senate members should sign the Council of Citizens Against Government Waste (CCAGW’s) "No Pork Pledge"

      Despite congressional reforms over the past several years to reduce pork barreling and increase earmark accountability and transparency, earmarks continue to figure prominently as the “currency of corruption” on Capitol Hill, undermining the federal budgetary process and our democratic system of government. In an effort to encourage more members of Congress and candidates for office to kick the earmarking habit, CCAGW has launched a new no-gimmicks, anti-pork pledge.

      By signing CCAGW’s No Pork Pledge, incumbents and candidates vow not to request any pork-barrel earmark, which is defined as meeting one of the following criteria:

      Requested by only one chamber of Congress

      Not specifically authorized

      Not competitively awarded

      Not requested by the President

      Greatly exceeds the President’s budget request or the previous year’s funding

      Not the subject of congressional hearings

      Serves only a local or special interest

      Clearly, taking and keeping this pledge will not significantly reduce out-of-control government spending, but it sends a clear signal that members of congress are serious about reform of the budgetary process. The pledges for the House and the Senate members are found at:
      No Pork Pledge — House Version

      No Pork Pledge — Senate Version

      Eighty-two members of congress have signed so far.

    25. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Ken – define wealthy. I find Democrats love to spend "other peoples money" The reality is that if you taxed the top 400 wealthiest people in the United States 100% of their worth you would raise 1.25 trillion dollars in taxes. Apply this to the 3 trillion dollars Congress has spent this year and you haven't even covered half of the budget – let alone the $13.6 trillion national debt. Robin Hood is a romantic notion but the fact is that that our generation will leave a legacy of debt to the next and their lives will be worse than yours. Taxing “the wealthy” all of their money doesn’t do it.

    26. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      According to David Stockman, Ronald Reagan's former budget director, who appeared on 60 Minutes last Sunday, it would be better to let the Bush tax cuts expire

      because the Republicans had turned no new taxes into a religion. He called it the Big Lie with a capital "B" and a capital "L." This from the man who gave us the biggest tax cuts in history. Thirty years ago today Ronald Reagan was elected to presidency. 31years ago today, our diplomats in Iran were, in the title of a book about the Iran Hostage Crisis, "Guests of the Ayatollah." Who was the POTUS, (President of the United States), then? Jimmy Carter. And who challenged Jimmy Carter from the left? For those of you who are too young to remember the 1980 presidential campaign, and for whom it's ancient history; it was the late Ted Kennedy. I remember the 1980 presidential campaign. I didn't vote in the 1978, 1980, 1984, and 1988 elections. My first election was Bush-Clinton. That's George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton. Since 1992, I've voted in seven elections. My advice to those of you who say the following: "I don't vote because there's not a dime's worth of difference between the Republicans and the Democrats." It's too late for you to do it now. Next election, get out there and vote. If you don't, you have no right to

      complain. This year, that didn't fly. There was a dime's worth of difference because

      the Republicans, (keep your fingers crossed, or knock on wood), are different. If they stray from the path, write letters, emails, or call. Let's give Speaker Boehner and his Republican legions a chance. Congress, right now, is about as popular as a

      used car salesman although the used car salesman is still slightly more popular than Congress. A word of advice for Speaker Boehner. Don't say "We're going to

      drain the swamp" and turn a blind eye to corruption. Get rid of Barney Frank, Maxine Waters, and Charles Rangle. They're the Corrupt Trio.

    27. Bobby, High Point, N says:

      NO! Mr. Obama;

      We are NOT interested in changing the tone in Washington..we want policy changes !!!


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    29. Carol Trauth says:

      I would want all of Congress to take a immediate pay freeze or cut –

      I would want all of Congress to be subject to the laws they create – why should they be able to cut Medicare benefit and those 65 and over not subject to these.

      I would like forlall of Congress to be loyal to all American groups – my grandparents came from Poland and worked their butts off and learned English because they were in America and they never took a hand out.- did they keep there heritage alive – yes they did – but did not to the detriment of other ethnc groups – we live by the constitution – not someone whims.

      I want term limits for all – no one should have the power Congress has – they are employees of the United States – they seem to be dedicated to being loyal to those that can keep them in power they need to answer to all their constituents not to just a few chosen few..-

    30. Gary Banuk says:

      Republicans should remember that we did not vote them in because they are Republicans; only because it was the best way for us to start changing the government by 1st reducing it's size AND cutting spending and therefore taxes.

    31. William Person says:

      The sleeper in all of these discussions is Federal and state pensions!!! Just like Social Security these pensions have always been underfunded, over sized compared to private pensions and are baout to bankrupt many states. The only group of people who, to this point, have not faced a change in benefits are those with Federal pensions.

      In my mind the first spending cuts would be eliminating pensions to both houses of congress and then reductions in those for those working in Federal govenrment positions.

    32. Don, Livingston,TX says:

      I understand commodities are rising and projected to go higher. America has millions of acres of fallow ground. For decades the government has been paying for this to be so. Is this really necessay……….especially now?

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    34. carole says:

      Yes! I agree with most all; however; the top wage earners in America should be taxed. No, they do not create jobs. If they did, we would have jobs in America. We have more jobs leaving to china, mexico, india everyday. The top earners, do not pay taxes. THEY WRIGHT OFF AND INVEST TAX FREE!

      I could be in office a month and have our budget in order and jobs back in AMERICA. MOST OF AMERICANS WOULD BE EATING RICE AND BEANS FOR YEARS. We would have a balanced budget.

    35. jan, silver spring m says:

      As a labor and delivery nurse in Washington DC I see able-bodied young girls every day who, by virtue of their irresponsible behavior now qualify for Medicaid, housing assistance, food stamps, TANF checks, etc etc STOP this system, we are now on our 3rd generation of government-dependency, with an illigitimacy rate of 72% in African Americans. Students borrow money, make welfare similiar to loans. Also, repeal the 14th amendment—-every pregnant undocumented woman who makes it over the border now gets free medical care, automatic citizenship for the infant, medical and education services for the child. STOP this, like England and other European nations have. It will save billions annually, starting immediately.

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    37. John H Addison MD says:

      I still do not see even the most fiscal conservative advocating the only cuts that will really make a difference: entitlements especially medicare and social security. Are we really so frightened about what we really need to do to regain fiscal sanity that we continue to leave out the biggest contributors to the deficit.

      Simple solution to medicare: cap the total benefit: allow patients to take a coupon or chose a medicare advantage like plan which gets the capped amount. Those individuals can then make a desicision via the market whether they want rich or lean health coverage, Not all of the wealthy retirees in the country need government assistance. JHA

    38. Linda, Louisiana says:

      Yes, all of us, you/me/FOX News/The Tea Party, etc., must stay on top of this. Why should we believe Obama now when he has not told the truth before. If, by any chance, he does cooperate now and work with Congress, specifically the House, and listen to the American People, I'm a little concern about what would happen next – would the World come to an end, would Hell freeze over. IT WILL BE A SHOCK to many of us.

      Tax cuts should be #1; Repeal Obama Care #2; cut the number of Czars and other aides added for the President and First Lady #3. If Mrs. Bush needed only 1 aide (or whatever their titles are) why should Mrs. Obama need the number she has. I'm not sure what that many aides can do. Get government out of Private Business – banking, General Motors, etc. #4. Immigration control and stop public assistance to illegal aliens #5. Eliminating or reducing foreign aide, in particularly, to those nations who are not our friends and control disaster relief (the U.S. went overboard on assistance to Haiti; everyone should read the history of Haiti and why that country is in the shape it is) #6. We cannot be too careful for the next 2 years – so many sneaky things have been done (such as the Czars) without any effort to curtail them.

    39. TeaParty says:

      Obamacare is a death call to the senior citizens! There may be parts of the Obamacare that helps some people, but I think the Obamacare should be abolished and our present health care corrected and perfected where it needs attention. The senior citizens (according to what Obama said on TV) may be looked over when a hip replacement is needed by a thirty-five year old and a seventy-seven (like me) and the thirty-five year old will get the hip replacement because they have "longer useful life" than the seventy-seven year old! The older patient will have to rely on pain medicine. My own doctor says there will be a real shortage of doctors when Obamacare really takes hold! He said 35% of the doctors that attended a recent medical convention said they were either going to change fields or retire. If Puerto Rico becomes a state…more people to insure.

      Not only will the shortage of doctors effect the senior citizens, but those of you who hale Obamacare are going to find yourself waiting for medical care also!

    40. Lloyd Welch in Carol says:

      1.No new government regulations PERIOD

      2.Defund all the president Czars.(I can find nothing in the contitution giving the president power to by pass congress with so called Czars)

      3.Repeal NAFTA and stop all construction on the NAFTA superhighway.

      4.Close the border. Make hireing an illegal alien a felony with a $10,000 fine for each illegal found working.

      5. Cut overall government spending 25%.

      6.Stop corporate welfare(Put an end to this idiots idea of too big to fail)

      7. No government takeover of any private business.

      8. Repeal the Federal Reserve Act. I put this last because it is by far the most important. Even Woodrow Wilson the president who signed it into lawn saw it would destrot America.

      The point is government did not give us our rights. God gave them to us. We gave the government the power to protect our rights. There is more I could add to this list like obamacare, Cap and Tax, TARP, Attacks on 1st and 2nd admendment rights and the IRS but, I was just trying to get started.

    41. Mike, Chicago says:

      You forgot cutting medicaid, food stamps, school lunches, housing and energy subsidies and the earned income tax credit. I've seen the people who benefit from these and it's a scam. The only people that shoud get aid are the disabled.

    42. Charles Siegel, Enci says:

      Recently, a member of the Deficit Reduction Commission said that in order to reduce the deficit, the people must feel some pain. I beleive they have it wrong. It is the people's money. We gave our hard earned funds to Washington and they wasted it. Why isn't it time for federal deparatments and agencies to feel some pain. I found the federal outlays by department and by year from 1962 to the 2015 estimates on GPOAccess.org (the government's budget website). If all federal departments and agencies were required to roll back their outlays from the 2011 estimates to the actual 2008 outlays, we would save almost $1 trillion dollars. If this was done back to the 2006 outlays, the savings would be almost $1.3 trillion dollars, which was the amount of the budget deficit in 2010. How to do that? Experts at both Heritage Foundation and Cato Institute have many ideas on how to do it. Also, what about the $400 billion in cutting fraud, waste and abuse that we heard so much about by the administration during the healthcare debate?

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