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  • Big Journalism Exit Poll: Traditional Marriage Out, Same-Sex Marriage In

    Since 2003, the Associated Press, ABC News, CBS News, CNN, Fox News and NBC News have cooperated in the form of the National Election Pool (NEP) to produce one set of nationwide exit poll data. First, representatives from each news organizations form a committee that comes up with the specific question for that cycle’s poll. Then the NEP contracts with Edison Research to conduct the actual polling on Election Day.

    In 2008, as they had done in previous cycles, the NEP asked respondents “Are you currently married?” and “Do you have any children under 18 living in your household?” The exit polling found that 51% of those “married with children” voted for Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) while only 48% voted for President Barack Obama.

    This year, however, the NEP did not ask respondents if they were married. So instead we found out that “Men with Children” preferred the GOP 58% to 40% while “Women with Children” preferred Democrats 52% to 45%. But there is a big difference between “Women with Children” who are married and “Women with Children” who are not. For example, more than a third of single mothers are poor compared to just 6.4% of married couples with children. Single-parent families with children are almost six times more likely to be poor than married couples. How did marriage affect voters’ preferences in 2010? We don’t know because the NEP stopped asking respondents if they were married.

    This is not to say that the NEP stopped asking about marriage all together. Instead of asking respondents whether or not they themselves were married, the NEP did ask them: “Should same-sex marriages be legally recognized in your state?”

    So our media elites do care if same-sex couples can get married, but they do not care if the rest of America is married. Is it just a coincidence that the first year a same-sex marriage question makes it onto the poll the traditional marriage question disappears?

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    9 Responses to Big Journalism Exit Poll: Traditional Marriage Out, Same-Sex Marriage In

    1. Jonathan Alan White says:

      gays are sinners who, if they don't repent and ask jesus into their hearts will end up in eternity in hell. any sinner-murderer,liar theif,adulterer,fornicator, whore,or whoremunger- unless they seek God and repent and pray for Jesus to come in to their heart–all will spend an eternity in darkness,seperated from their friends and most importantly from the love of God!!! In hell, they'll be burning,. tormented in flames,eaten by worms that never die,and tortured forever and forever–that's a pretty long time.if u don't want that, simply open your hearts door and Jesus will come in and give you salvation and the peace you've always been longing for–He'll fill the void and emptiness in your heart and life and give you love,grace,and mercy!!!

    2. KMarx says:

      What about the "white men no college" versus "black men no college" question? That's racist.

    3. Doug Santo, Pasadena says:

      Good write up. I believe it is about shaping news to fit one's views. Americans are not stupid. Americans see data shaping/news shaping and recognize it for what it is. It is an attempt to create a narrative from data that otherwise does not support the theme of the narrative. I think tricks like this are a significant reason why the media has lost the trust of the American people. It is a significant reason why Fox News has become so popular. Not necessarily because folks trust Fox, but because folks want to see and hear all sides. Fox is really the only alternate to AP, ABC, CBS, CNN, and other MSM outlets.

      Doug Santo

      Pasadena, CA

    4. Mike, CA says:

      It's their poll. They paid for it. They can ask any questions they like.

    5. Dennis Georgia says:

      Those that push for same sex marriage just need to read The Old Testament in the first book of the Bible. God says it is a sin for men to love men and women to love women. See what He did to two cities and Lott's wife. Do we as Christans and a XChristan nation want to go down that road, I do not think so. Being a lesbian or gay is a choice that each person makes. God does not create imperfect people, they make themselves imperfect through free choice.

    6. Lowell Finley says:

      Is it just coincidence that Fox News, not known for being shy about coming to the defense of traditional marriage, is one of the "media elites" in the National Election Pool? Or is it an indication that Fox News agreed with the other news organizations in the NEP that views on same-sex marriage are in flux and provide insight into the values held by voters with different demographic characteristics?

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    9. Ruth says:

      Mike, this is the Heritage Foundation blog. They paid for it. They can ask any questions they like.

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